Saturday, April 30, 2011

No sympathy for TSA Workers When they Get Cancer from the Full Body Scanners.

                 When I hear about the poetic justice when a police officer gets testicle cancer putting that radar gun right between his legs. He got what he deserved squeezing the people generating revenue in an dishonest way fining people going one mile over the speed limit. We might see it again with many TSA workers when they start getting cancers from these full body scanners.
                  This will not be like the Desert Storm sickness and agent orange that killed our veterans. This is not the people who got lung diseases breathing asbestos.These are not the Iraqi war veterans sick getting poisoned by depleted uranium. These people who worked in ground zero were the World Trade Center stood now sick because the air was not safe to breath. Many of these victims deserve a lot of public sympathy because what risk they took and the government refused for many years to act on it.
                  Now with the TSA and these full body scanners. When they all get sick and try to use the media with sob stories to gain our compassion saying they are ill because they were keeping us safe.They will not get my sympathy. The truth is these TSA employees were told how harmful these full body scanners are and ignored the warnings from  countless resources. They chose to believe their bosses instead of many independent sources confirming these machines are unsafe.
                  The other reason with all the groping and violating basic human dignity reaching into people's pants with unreasonable searches of their person and the theft of their effects out of their luggage.With all the mental and physical cruelty this agency bestowed on air travelers. I do not see them getting any sympathy from the public no matter how many sob stories they will portray in the media to gain our sympathy will not work. These people know better that what they are doing is wrong. They had the right to say no to all these polices that violate people's personal dignity.If many get cancer.That will be their consequence with no pity from the public. I know in the years to come when all this come to a head. I hope they sue Michael Chertoff along with the company selling these machines along with Janet Napotitano till they become paupers to pay for the treatment to all the people who worked for the TSA instead of the tax payers. No sympathy from me like I said.

Can not Find a Job?Create Your own Job. There is no time waiting for Washington to fix things.

             There is always opportunities to make money to keep a roof over our head and food on the table . All the skills I learned were I can help support my family comes from what I learned in taking wood shop and other vocational classes in High School and Middle school. I even took home economics too. There is no shame as a male taking this class. I comes in handy learning clothing repair were I save money shopping for clothes. I learned Beekeeping taking agriculture and growing a garden too learning these skills too . If we applied ourselves we can be the alternative services compared to the corporate giants.
            If anyone drives around in the well to do neighborhoods and see a dryer out on the curb.Instead of replacing the belt that broke. They buy a new dryer instead and throw the old one away. Well you can take that dryer and buy the $20 belt change change it yourself and see that dryer for a good price and still make a profit. I learned to rebuilt small gas engines in middle school. I am rebuilding these gas engines on lawnmowers and selling them for a profit too. Being self employed does have a freedom that we do not get working for someone. Much of the junk in these affluent nieghborhood throw away many things that can be fixed and resold with little effort.Another mans junk is another persons treasure
            We all have a marketable skills.Many of us took wood shop and auto machanics. We all learned these vocational skills that can be used to produce a living. There is opportunities even in the worst of times to make a modest living to stay afloat. Life is too short to wait on Washington DC to fix things. If a person is waiting on politicans to save them. They will sink and not swim. Economic recovery starts with us in our comminities rebuilding our beloved nation from the bottom up. If we are waiting for a solution to come from the top down. We will get left behind in the mire. We can still find a way to live and more than just survive if we use our heads and apply ourselves instead of waiting till next election.

Instead of Blaming Vaccines for Seizures. They Falsely accuse the Parents of Shaken Baby Syndrome

One of the biggest cover-ups and injustices is vaccine-induced injuries. Parents are threatened and coerced by Doctors and Social services if the child does not get these shots. They are breaking the law they are told. The truth is there is no law requiring parents to vaccinate their child. This is one of the biggest frauds of the century were the parents is damned if they do by allowing their child to get shots knowing of the fatal side effects. The Parents are damned if they do not if they do not know their rights and risk social workers removing the children from their custody for child neglect because the parents did not vaccinate the child.

Another reason the parents can be damned if they don't is if they parent submits and gives the child their vaccines as recommended by the state, The side effects can be deadly or have permanent damage to the health of the child for the rest of their life. When the child is experiencing a side effects of the vaccines hours after getting the shot. The parent will be blamed for something they never did instead of blaming it on the vaccine. One of those possible deadly side effects is going into seizures after the child being inoculated. Medical staff will falsely accuse the parent of shaken baby syndrome as the cause of the seizure instead of the vaccines.

Usually these infants went into seizures hours after getting vaccines. Doctors will blame shaken baby syndrome for the cause knowing full and well the vaccine caused the seizures. Falsely accusing parents of shaking their baby as the cause is their way to shift blame away from vaccines because the Doctor can be sued if the truth came out he knew this could happen when vaccines are injected into the child. Shaken Baby syndrome I believe is a fabricated accusation to deflect blame away from the vaccines being the cause.

 Many prosecutors and police officers arrested and imprisoned people for shaken baby syndrome without any clear evidence and the possible cause of the vaccines being the blame is left out as evidence. This is one of the biggest injustices were innocent people are serving jail time to cover up the vaccines being the cause using shaken baby syndrome as charged.  The evidence is mounting against this shaken syndrome accusation as a cover up of vaccines being the cause. This could be one of the biggest scandals of the century that can destroy the government’s and big Pharmaceutical companies credibility all together.

This country has a problem. When our government fails to protect people from the reckless actions of the pharmaceutical companies. When congress passes laws shielding these mega corporations from any liability were parents could not sue them for damages caused to their children taking these shots. Instead of holding the drug companies accountable for these additives, they put in the vaccines that cause seizures and even death to children. They fabricate shaken baby syndrome when a child goes into a seizure hours after taking the shots. This is how they cover up and shift blame away from these vaccine makers being culpable using the myth of shaken baby syndrome.

We no longer have people of courage and character-holding office today that will do what is right. Police and prosecutors are so quick to convict people using shaken baby syndrome to get an extra notch in their belt or get on the front page of the newspaper hoping for good publicity. Over zealous prosecutors and detectives, looking for brownie points is not justice at all. What ever happened to doing what is right? If a person done, no wrong is found out. Why pursue prosecuting if they know a person is innocent?

This country is at a fork in the road where it will be either them or us. The these shot defines the real meaning of the government-corporation fascism complex. Government does the bidding of who will pad their wallet at the expense of the innocent. Seeing how the drug companies collude with government covering up the real side effects and long-term damage done by these vaccines. What has been done to children harmed by these shots and the parents in prison for a crime they never committed is a clear injustice. They day of reckoning will come for the government and the pharmaceutical companies if they do not change their ways soon.


Friday, April 29, 2011

Open Carry Could Be Legal in Texas?

               The Texas House Homeland Security committee approves legislation to open carry in the lone star state. That is all fine and dandy people carrying out in plain site their side arm. I can see people getting a permit for conceal and carry permits because people are asking permission from the government. In reality people always had the right to open carry under common law.It is the concealment of a weapon is illegal unless you get permission from the state.That is a definition of a license is asking permission from the government to do something that would be otherwise illegal.
                 What has me concerned is only people who have a license will be the only ones who can open carry when it was legal always in the first place. Why is a right being converted into a privilege. It is our alienable right to keep and bear arms. Back in the early days of this country. A man always had his rifle close by to defend himself against hostile Indians and wild animals traveling on the trails all the way home. He never had a license or a permit. It was expected back then for people to be armed. If a person was not armed. It was considered taboo because the militia was considered every able body male. The right to self defense was never questioned.
                   I would prefer an unconditional right to open carry than asking permission to do something that is a common law right under the state and federal constitutions. It sounds good on the surface about open carry. When looking a little deeper. It requires permission from the state that is already a common law right. This legislation seems like a good idea. In reality it is an infringement on the right to keep and bear arms.Why not pass legislation recognizing a person unconditional right to open carry? Asking for a license to exercise a secured right is not freedom. It is tyranny hiding in a Trojan horse using the deception of open carry laws.
                    The government has no place passing laws infringing on the right to keep and bear arms. This is an unconditional right under the law of the land. It sounds good,But still infringement on the right to keep and bear arms. Take a second look before we go cheering. This is not a victory for the right to keep and bear arms.

My Take on the Royals and the Wedding.I wish William and Kate Well.

                I watched a little bit of the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton. Prince William the son of the late Princes Diana and Prince Charles. I can tell the two sons of Lady Diana was very different than the traditional royal protocol in her influence on her offspring. If you look at pictures between Prince Harry and Prince William next to their father Prince Charles. You can see the body language that the two sons have no respect for their father when you see them in photographs.
               When Diana funeral was taking place in the streets on London in 1997. The two sons of Diana ignored Royal Protocol and walked behind their mother's casket all the way down to Westminster Abby. You can tell in how Prince William carried himself and what Prince Harry does. We can tell how much influence the mother had over their lives than the old royal traditional confines. I have more respect for these two people in the Royal family than all put together. I have no respect for the Queen and her ilk. I have no affection for Prince Charles at all. He is the poster child of all the dysfunction inside the royal family. I can see when former Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gorden Brown were not invited was a indication I see as a possibility of Prince William's lack of respect for these men and what they done to Great Britain.As far as dictators being invited. They are considered Heads of State. The Queen had much to do with sending out the invites to the ceremony.
                I hope when Prince William takes his place on the throne. I hope he learns from history. I hope he reads and studies about the good monarchies when the people were prosperous and the king had the affection of the common folk. He also sees the failed kings were the people revolted because the past rulers who sat on the throne were so despotic.I can see were people hate royalty and can see that even in monarchies there has been success too. I hope Prince William just learns to be himself and not be a stuffed empty suit like his father following mindless protocol.
                  I wish the newlyweds well with my blessing as a couple.It is my hope they have a stable and loving family first above everything. It is my prayer that Prince William will always put the well being of his wife and future children first because his ambitions being on the throne. Being a family man first he can not only be the king. The King and Queen will become the moral leaders again instead of all the dysfunctional scandals of the past among the royals. The royals maybe have a bunch of reprobates and also not everybody in the monarchy is dysfunctional. I hope Prince William finds that sense of purpose and duty to the people of Great Britain and preserving its identity. That he restores dignity and decency to the throne. Not all Kings and Queens were bad for the English people. There were kings and queens that did have the admiration and loyalty of the people. These are the rulers who brought the greatness out of the people than suppresses it and defined the character of a nation. It is a shame we hear about all the bad and despotic monarchs who brought the people to ruin.We never hear about the kings and Queens who were loved and made their nations great.
                As far as Monarchies. I have no opinion if they should exist or not. I want no king here in Texas or in Washington DC. The people of the United Kingdom. It is their choice to have a monarchy or not.As far what I think of Prince William and his new wife Kate. I know William is not his father and more his mother in personality. I wish them well as a couple. I hope they have a good marriage that will restore dignity and stability to the throne.All we can do is hope for the best.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

If We Oppose the President.We are Enemies of the State or Al Quiada?Mr Authoritarian.What Label is it?

                  In our history.We have never seen a brazen display for disdain for our personal liberties by these Maoist thugs like this before in history. When the founders added the Bill of Rights to the Constitution. It was placed their because the objections by the anti federalist crowd who raised concerns about a central government walking all over the people's God given liberties. The first ten articles in the Bill of Rights was a restraint on government power. The first amendment protects political speech and unpopular speech from government intrusion and reprisals.
                  The present occupant in the White House has been the most authoritarian we seen since Nixon and Lincoln. All these Presidents trampled all over the Political opposition. Abe Lincoln incarcerated the whole Maryland legislator from voting on secession and jailed Journalist opposing the President's policies toward the southern states. President Nixon instituted the Fairness Doctrine to silence his critics on AM talk radio. Before their was Conservative and Patriot Talk Radio.During the Nixon era. It was the Liberals dominating the airwaves and the Fairness Doctrine succeeded in using the arm of the FCC to silence his opposition. It was not till the late 1980s.The fairness doctrine was lifted. When that happened. This gave the rise of Rush Limbaugh and a long list of AM talk radio host to this day. We have to give credit to Rush for patriot radio too.Like it or not.
                 Now in 2011.We have an administration who wants to criminalize speech and arrest members of congress who will not do his bidding to advance his agenda.Now if we are opposed to raising the debt ceiling.We are now be called domestic terrorist.We are extremist if we oppose being groped at the airport. We might be at risk being put on a no fly and terrorist watch list for exercising freedom of speech. We have the MIAC reports making people who make this country great enemies of the state. Returning veterans,privet property advocates.gun owners, natural healers, growing our own food,anti vaccine,end the federal reserve,being against the IRS. It might soon be criminal to speak opposing the usurper in chief as he tramples the Constitution.
                If they are trying to put a chilling effect on people challenging President Obama's policies and what he is doing to this county. Instead of being silent in fear.We should get louder and louder. Make a statement. We have to tell them we are not ignorant of their devices using fear and terror anymore. Instead of caving into the fear. Make a statement. They are losing the information war.Shutting down the internet will not work anymore. The spin doctors using fear to scare people of the boogeyman wearing turbans sleeping in caves half way around the world or scaring us saying the sky will fall if he can not spend anymore. We can not allow this government to use fear and intimidation on the people that stands in their way. When we have no more fear. Than we are free. When we are no longer afraid. They lose their power over us.
                 As this present administration tries to roll out an authoritarian grid to knee cap and silence his political enemies. As long we are not afraid and let these tyrants know we will not cower becoming subjects of a police state. Police states exist for one reason. To be a rear guard protecting the system from the people.To ensure the corrupt elements never get brought to justice by using terror on those who challenge the regime. We either assert our rights and lose them. The choice is ours.

Before Anyone From California Decides to Move To Texas. You Need to Learn Texas 101.Leave Your Politics on the Left Coast.

                   I experienced this living in Florida when droves of people from the Northeast of the country moved to Florida. People from Massachusetts,New York and New Jersey moving to the sunshine state. Now after these people voted in parasites to the point that it became next to impossible to live. Taxes are high and the cost of living is through the roof. They send people like Chuck Shumer,Chris Dodd and John Kerry to Washington. They vote for the most leftist people. Instead of changing the bums in office. They flee to a different state. Now Florida is turning into the northeast with the same oppressive laws they fled from. Now Florida is a cesspool of political correctness. The southern culture has been eroded from Florida,Thanks to the North easterners.
                 Why I live in Texas?I love freedom and the life of being left alone. I like the simple small town attitude. Texas has a very low cost of living and has industry that sets us apart from the rest of the country. I love seeing oil wells and like my right to keep and bear arms.Texas is great because most of the time we are left alone and we are no nonsense people.Why try to fix what is not broken I say. If it works. Leave it alone. Seeing how people from the north east people messed up Florida. I had to leave because I do not like the immorality and the attitude. There was no more of a place to raise a family anymore. There is no place in Florida I can call home anymore because the northeastern culture and politics made the sunshine state unrecognizable.
                To all you in California. Before you ever decide to come to Texas. If you complain about the high  taxes and the real high cost of living. Have you been sending people like Barbara Boxer or Diane Feinstien back to Washington every election?Did you vote for Jerry Brown? Have you been voting for liberals in all state and local offices because you think carbon is a bad thing? Do you hate guns,?Do you want to ban trans fat in foods and most of all we should tax the rich? If that is what a Californian believes and want to move to Texas. They must be schooled on Texas 101 because Texans are not going to let left coasters ruin Texas like they did California.They are screwing up the Pacific Northwest,They screwing up Idaho and Montana.I think Arizona does not want these people either with the politics and culture permeating the communities.
                 So you folks fleeing to Texas from California. Leave your politics in the left coast. Why we have a low cost of living because there is not as much government intervention,taxes and regulations. We do not have carbon taxes and restrictive environmental laws hampering business. If Texas look like a pleasant place to live.There is a reason why. It is because we are doing something right and California is doing something wrong.So before you ram down our throats what screwed up California to the point it can be considered inhabitable. Listen and learn before you try to change Texas into what California is today.We must be doing something right or Texas would not be the place to be.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Parody on Obama Budgeting by Ray Stevens.(Funny As Hell Video)

Tea Party Infiltrated with Neo Cons and RINOS To Break the Will of the People?

                Alan Stang and many other were right all along.Both parties are controlled by the same interest. When the Tea Parties started. They were founded by Ron Paul supporters.Ever since Obama was sworn into office.The ranks were swollen with new comers standing against the socialist leftist agenda over taxes,the loss of freedoms and national sovereignty. These groups nationwide were eclipsing beyond the control of the Republican establishment. Any long term incumbent person in either party was booed in every public appearance they made.
                 Red flags among the people should been raised when the people of Massachusetts who elected Scott Brown to replace the late Senator Ted Kennedy's seat in the US Senate. The candidate said all the words we wanted to hear on the issues to get elected. The people of Massachusetts were conned who was no different than the democrat he replaced. Now Senator Scott Brown became out to be a disappointment and nothing but a RINO who votes like a jackass.Just like his predecessor. Get it?
                 The GOP highjacked the Tea Party movement because their power was threatened in the party. If liberty minded and anti globalist people take over the party.This could be a threat to the power structure. So if they can't beat them,join them as I heard and it worked watering down the tea party's effectiveness. When the 2010 midterm congressional elections. The Democratic party was handed their own ass on a platter for the damage done between 2008 to 2010. People were optimistic that this group of people being sent to Washington and their State Capitals will grind the Obama agenda to a stand still.
                   Since the republicans have been sworn into office. The establishment wasted no time getting into certain key positions in leadership on house committees and subcommittees. David Boehner a stooge and understudy of Newt Gingritch  has not lived up the expectations of the people who worked hard to replace congress. People do not want the debt ceiling raised and  demand corruption scandals of the White House are not being investigated. Not only in Washington. In many State Legislators in the several states. The Neo Conservatives have been suppressing legislation nullifying and choking off reform holding on to leadership positions.They are arm twisting the freshman class to voting their way.
                   For the big disappointments electing the Tea Party people hoping they would push back the tyranny out of Washington DC trying the federalize the states. All we have is more of the same. It is plain as day the globalist are trying to break our will so we lose confidence in the system.Hoping we just give up and give in? No matter who we replace in office. We will get more of the same. We must not let them break our will anymore. I was very hopeful when the Texas State house had many freshman representatives elected on the tea party platform.We had great hope in we get a new speaker of the house like Paxton or Burman taking the reigns of the house. Instead we got stuck will Joe Strauss again who is corrupt as the day is long. A man who blocked pro freedom bills getting to the floor for a vote. This house session in Texas is a big disappointment because every law that should be passed was blocked and killed by Joe Strauss sitting on it violating parliamentary procedure and every bill that infringes on our freedom was being moved forward to be voted on.
                   This was done by design by the powers that be.The enemies of freedom are trying to break the will of the people carrying out business as usual instead of getting things done. It is going to be another fight removing the establishment from power. First order of business is remove the electronic voting machines.Replece with paper ballots with a strict chain of evidence.We have to take back our elections before to we take back power from the government they should not allowed to have. We must not let the establishment to break our will.We can still win back the republic. It will take work getting off the couch and moving with our feet. Lets not allow this group of phonies to fool us again.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We Must Tell Teachers,Students and the Disinfranchised Who Is to Blame for this Mess

                I can not stand to see anymore the Teachers and Students in ignorance over the job loses in public education. Austin Texas,Wall Street.Congress and the Federal Reserve Bank are the ones to blame. Before they play class warfare pitting union against non union,the poor against the middle class, young against the old and the welfare dependent class against the working class. It is time we stop sitting on the sidelines watching them march by pointing their fingers in the wrong direction. We know who is to blame.It is our duty to start planting seeds in the minds of the teachers and the students before they can be used as a political weapon against society. When totalitarian regimes took over was from the gutter up financed thugs as a counter revolution after they started an uprising by conditions they created. This is how these oppressive regimes start.
               Socialist groups are now trying to recruit high school and middle school students as a weapon against society.As parents we must counter this educating our children so they never fall into the lie of socialism. We must as parents stop these people coming into the schools trying to exploit our children to turn against us. It must be hammered into their minds that socialism,fascism and mercantilism are the cause of the problem. We must point out the very bankers who created this economic hardship are the very ones pulling the levers behind the scenes using these factions. This is the end to justify the means in the globalist minds. Socialist are one of the useful idiots that want to use to achieve the elites goals.
                We can no longer afford to sit on the sidelines in the battle for the republic. The soul of the nation is at stake. If we do not act.These socialist will win their hearts and minds because we chose to do nothing but complain about it. It does not good to gripe instead engaging and exposing these operatives. We either win these people over or the other side will by us being silent. Where we see students and teachers protesting.There we should be also to educate too. I am not about to let some New World Order hack spew a bunch of lies hoping to divide society so we fight among ourselves against the real crooks.
               We have the technology of replication of DVDs and literature to educate.Pss them out with a smile and be ready to answer questions.We must use it. We can win of we are relentless. People are ready to listen to what we have to say.This is a great opportunity to take ground away from the enemies of freedom used to count on. We know who is to blame. This is the time we should shout it from the rook tops.                

Monday, April 25, 2011

Turn Off Your Cell Phone in Protest of Government Tracking and Tracing us

              I do not have a cell phone anymore.I do not need one and will not contract for one.Why? Because all this track and trace technology mandated by the federal government.Cell phone carriers and manufacturers will never stand up for the rights of the customer.To protect the privacy of their clients is a company's firt duty. People get outraged when they find cameras in the bathrooms at school, Principles and administrators hacking students laptops watching what students are doing no their own time. If I put listening devices in someone's home listening to private conversations. I go to jail. If a hotel had hidden cameras watching and listening to their guest in their rooms withpout consent.The owner go to jail.
              Why when it is the federal government should be any different when it gets in our personal space? They should be going to jail too. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Congress violated their oath passing the law to allow this. Government agencies do not acknowledge they are restrained by the bill of rights. We the people have a right to be left alone and to be secure in our persons from unreasonable searches and seizures. The justification of Police and Federal agents is so brazen saying"we need to know what everyone is doing and where they are going at all times for your safety." With this type of technology in the wrong hands is ripe for abuse getting into people's personal space tracking a tracing people without cause.Right now it is in the wrong hands.
                Let me give you an example that happened to a friend in Florida.She brought a car with all the electronic gadgets including a breathalyzer built in with On-Star device too.She had one glass of wine at a promotion party for a co worker in the office.When she tried to start the car. The breathalyzer would not allow the car to turn over the engine to start. On Star called the local Police and she was charged with a DUI with out even the parking lot. Her keys in the ignition was justification enough to arrest her even though she never was able to drive out of the parking lot.So much for technology.
                I will find this very hard to do for many people because they are so use to their gadgets. If they realize how much in their personal space the government is in by use of these mobile communication devices.If we tell them.Still many people will rationalize saying to themselves "if I am doing nothing wrong. I have nothing to hide".I hope people wake up soon to this. We need a day or a week people just shut off their cell phones,pull out the battery.let the Iphone run out of battery juice,Do not allow goverment access. If a good number of people just turned off their cell phones. This will make the control grid go dark making a statement to the government to get out of our conversations and out of our life. Is there anyway to protest. Tell me I am open for ideas.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hate Crime At McDonalds in Baltimore?Dude Looks like a Lady

                 I wonder if this incident at a McDonalds in Baltimore will be used to pass further hate crime laws protecting transgender class of people. Not just assaulting will be targeted.We might see laws just saying something that might offend or hurt someones feelings who is a transvestite can be criminalized. I can see many groups using this incident to advance attacks on people's freedom of speech where people in public places will be walking on eggshells watching every word they speak.People will be having to watch with eyes in the back of their heads making sure the thought police will not be eavesdropping on a private conversation.The act of just saying something negative about homosexuals and transvestites can be considered a hate crime because of the speech, With this video of an assault in this fast food restaurant will be used by Homosexual and Transgender rights groups to push for more Hate Crime Legislation. This video we can see many of these groups will use for public sympathy.They will use emotion and not rational thinking to get public support to advance their cause so the true hidden agenda is not exposed.
                 In Great Britain and Canada. They already have the Hate Speech police going undercover into cafe's,bars and restaurants to monitor people's speech to make sure no speaks critical of homosexuals and other protected minorities.They go into churches to see if the minister does not speak ill of a protected class of people. Many Pastors have went to jail speaking out for their belief about homosexuality.
                 Here is were the real kicker will be. The two girls who assaulted this person in McDonalds are Black. Another protected minority. I wonder how they will be able to charge these two ladies with hate crimes. If it would be two white ladies attacking this trans gender. HATE crime,Two white guys attacking a black transvestite,HATE crime.We might see a double standard in this case on hate crime.There could be a possible conflict. How about just charging them with felony assault? Why do we need hate crimes? It does not make any sense. I definitely know if it were two white girls or Caucasian males attacking a black transvestite in a McDonalds in that video. It would be all over the news more than what this story is getting now. It be Mathew Sheppard and James Byrd story combined on steroids  Eric Holder of the Obama Justice Department would take over the case to score some good publicity attacking white America. This is a story they might want to go away quietly because both parties are considered a protected class of people. The issue hate crimes laws would bring the critics out of the woodwork calling out the hypocrisy if these two girls do not get charged with a hate crime. A double standard would be exposed.
                My take on this is. Live and let live .If her boyfriend hit on this person while she/he or shim was eating minding their own business .The girlfriend should have left him there to deal with it after he found out who the patrol was. Attacking this person was very ill advised and wrong for something the boyfriend did was stupid. I do not go out with my lady going hitting on other girls when she is with me. These ladies should have kicked the boyfriend in the jewels.Not the customer eating in the restaurant. For the person is decides they want to dress like a lady. They made a choice.Even though it may not seem right how people will treat them. They have to live with their choice and count the cost. Christians ,Patriots and 911 truthers live with the ridicule.They made their choice too and understand the price they pay choosing to stay the course. Just because a person decides to be gay or a cross dresser.It does not make them special either.If they do it for one group of people.They have to do it for everybody.No protected classes of people. They have to count the cost too.If they are not willing to accept the consequences that people will not always treat you with open arms and accept them.That is their problem. All the draconian hate crime laws will not stop this incident in Mcdonalds not matter what.


Nancy Schaefer on CPS Corruption

Movie:The Power Behind the New World Order

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Watch Online Mr.Smith goes to Washington

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To The Grammar NAZIS. This Video is For you

George Soros Needs to Be Indicted and Arrested on a State Level

              Why are we in such a mess? Why are people who are stealing the country's wealth right out from under our feet not held accountable? Monopolies are enthroned swallowing up competition. We are forced to pay a debt to the offshore bankers that the people never consented to. A farmer can go to jail for minor errors in paperwork. Gun dealers are harassed for non criminal mistakes. There is so much fraud and deceit in our government. political contributions keep the true white collar criminals out of jail.
               We can not trust Eric Holder and the Obama Administration to uphold the rule of law anymore. We can not count on the states anymore either to stand up for the people against fraud brought on by the government in Washington. Where do we go from here before many people resort to an armed confrontation.What option do we have left. We tried calling our Congress critters and Senators.That has failed. We looked to our states to avert the the coming storms. Our leadership have failed us on every level.They have us sold out for morsels from Washington DC. What is our remedy before a shooting war starts on the streets of America.
                 Starting with Texans. We need to go back to our local Grand Juries seeking an indictment and arrest. We have to be relentless and not allow local DA to obstruct our access. Who do we start with.This needs to be done in every county in Texas..First is Texas Lt Governor David Dewhurst for violating the Logan Act.He was in a meeting with a foreign agent forming policy with out the people's consent at Bretton Woods with George Soros. This man is seeking destroying the dollar seeking to bring American to it knees. The Lt Governor has no business being there if he is going to be one of the few enabling this fraud be brought upon Texas destroying the dollar. The Lt Governor took an oath to preserve a republican form of government. His attendance to Bretton woods show he is conspiring to undermine it.
                  Second we indict George Soros for fraud and the act of sedition undermining the Constitution and the our Republican form of government. George Soros has warrants out for his arrest in many countries. He must be brought to justice. He must be stopped and exposed. He is scum and evil. These people must not be allowed to walk free one more day. If he does not face justice in this life. He will face the judgment seat in heaven before he get his just reward. Justice has to be put back in our hands and not put in the hands of politicians again.
To the Grammar NAZIS.Before you criticize my use of words.CLICK HERE

Texas House Speaker a Neo-Con in the Texas Legislator is Bogging Down Legislation Nullifying Obamacare

              Regardless who we elected from the Tea Party to take over seat in the State House in Austin. The neo conservative RINOs wasted no time arm twisting the freshman representatives to put certain people in key positions to choke off or bog down any meaningful legislation to stop the onslaught of oppressive federal laws that are not good for Texas. The laws that are being pushed and rammed through committees that infringe on people's rights with highway checkpoints and license plate reading cameras.
             Texas Speaker of the House Joe Strauss is not a conservative. He is a  neo con artist, a RINO and a obstructionist to suppress any pro freedom,pro sovereignty legislation or pro Texas legislation. He manages to bog down and sit on bills already passed the state house in a floor vote that are pro liberty.He is obstructing legislation going to the Senate. Now he is bogging down Obamacare trying to keep it coming to the floor for a vote. This bill was drafted by Rep. Leo Burmen that would arrest government agents trying to enforce the Federal Health care mandates.Rep Joe Strauss needs to be removed from the speaker position. Him and  few more sell outs or traitors who needs to be removed from office forever barred holding any elected position.
             The tea party has been neo conned on the federal level and state level. Just because there is an (R)next to their name does not mean they are for our interest.When I see an (R) next to Joe Strauss's name. I see reprobate,retread,retard and most of all RINO. Not a person preserving a republican form of government in Texas. People of Texas need to take some drastic action against people in plain view giving aid and comfort to tyrants in Washington.Starting with Joe Strauss. He needs to be recalled and not wait till 2012 election. The people have to start making examples of politicians who sell out the people who they are supposed to represent.

To the Grammar NAZIS.Before you criticize my use of words.CLICK HERE

Friday, April 22, 2011

Are Obama and Soros Going to Use an Economic Crash to Dismantle the Constitution?

              There is no doubt all this economic turmoil is by design by the planners and social engineers. The been trying to do away with the US Constitution so they can rewrite it where the right to keep and bear arms and the right to free speech is fettered. We will have no more private property rights or the right to privacy.We can not let him have his way That has been the vision of the Obama Administration and the globalist to attack our liberties.
                  Alan Keyes through The Declaration Alliance has uncovered evidence on May 1,2011 that is May Day.A Holiday in the Communist world. They want to force us into a system of economic slavery forever paying off the Banks a debt we do not owe.The Obama White House and George Soros plan to launch another attack on what is left of the economy and our Constitution to force us into accepting a Marxist Manifesto. By using an economic and banking crash to cause economic pain on us.With such misery inflicted on us. They hope we would accept anything as long the economic hardships stops.They want us to cry uncle to stop the pain game.
                  Another way they might dismantle the Constitution is a fiscal crisis causing the required states to call a Constitutional convention under the guise of a balanced budget amendment from another direction under the Republican banner in the name of stopping Obama's out of control spending.
                  We are going into dangerous times  because the other side knows their time is short and the window of opportunity is closing. They still have a few tricks up their sleeve to use on us to scare us.They will use class warfare blaming the middle class,They will try to turn the poor on the people who still produce.The will pit young against old,black against white. They will try to shift the blame when it was the Government and the Bankers are the ones to blame. We must be vocal who is to blame and not fall victim to class warfare games of the past turning on each other. This is our Constitution and not theirs to shred. Not matter what crisis we must not surrender our liberties for temporary relief. It has never worked and never will.

CPS Kidnaps Children From Parents For Free Speech Activism and Exposing Police Corruption In Texas

Teen Girl 16 Charged With Raping Boy.Something is Wrong With The Culture

                I have to speak my mind about how ladies from 30 years ago and now has changed radically. Thanks to pop culture and the feminist ideology has contributed to the decline in feminine attitudes among ladies. We have seen the rise in female sexual predators as School teachers seducing the male and female students.There is a rise in female sexual predators who will drug males and to have their way sexually. We only hear about males using the date rape drug roofies drugging females. We never hear too much about this trend females raping males.Female sexual predators are on the rise
                With the rise of the divorce rates and the lack of male role models. The lack of fundamental morality has complicated the problems. There is also the chemicals added to the food and water that has feminized men were they have turned into wussies. These added chemicals also hyper-feminized girls that does make them very aggressive sexually.That can also be a contributing factor too.
                The truth is if males molest a minor teen or rapes a woman. They are demonized as they should be.When a female does the same.They will make excuses that she has emotional problems and there is a push for public sympathy to go easy on the accused woman.There is a double standard of unequal justice. Both genders should be punished with the maximum the law allows.
                A 16 year old teen girl is charged with rape of a male forcing sex a knife point. Is this an isolated incident or does it happen more often than reported?. If this is a crime that goes unreported.It is because of the shame of a male reporting such an act to the police. Is this crime a symptom of a deeper underlying problem in society with many contributing factors that does make it a perfect storm between the genders. Should this girl get sympathy?Do you think she be made an example that no one is above the law and will be punished harshly for a sexual crime?
                As men and ladies. We need to go back to the fundamentals of what good societies were built on and need to throw out the feminist ideology out of the culture. It all starts with us as people and not waiting on a leader to articulate everything we believe.The reason why society is falling apart is because we have been waiting for someone to be the leader instead of being the leader ourselves. It all starts being leader of the home.Men show love to your wife and children leading by example for others to follow. It is not the responsibility for the public schools and government to correct this problem. It starts with ourselves and in our communities working from the bottom up setting the standards of good morals. This 16 year old girls might have a different life and made better choices if we as parents did what was right raising ladies to be ladies and men to be men. We can not blame the feminist or the culture. We are to blame because we did nothing to stop it.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

This Day in Texas History. The Texas Army Defeated The Mexican Army 175 Years Ago.

                Texans are proud of their history and their is no denying it. The early Texans sough to start off new escaping the second bank of the United States and the economic hardships that came along with it. The Texans received Spanish lands grants from Spain to settle in the new land. When Mexico declared it independence for Spain. General Santa Ana ignored the Mexican constitution and became a defacto dictator by decree infringing on people rights. The truth is that all of Mexico was in revolt over this tyrannical military General. Texas was the only defeat to the Mexican army.
               Many Texans talk about the battle of Gonzales,The massacre at Goliad,,Texas independence day The slaughter at the Alamo and the final battle of San Jacinto were the Mexican army was defeated by Texas militia forces. This was the final confrontation that decided the fate of Texas as a nation. When Sam Houston drew his sword before his forces were to engage the Mexican army. His battle cry was "Remember the Alamo!" because of General Santa Ana's ruthless policy giving no quarter to the defenders of the Alamo.
                This day in history serves as a lesson to tyrants. First that is dictatorship that tyrannize people always falls and they can not conquer a land with an armed people.Their narcissistic delusional thinking always does them in when they ignore reality. when the people are armed and when people say no. The despots lose.This day must be drilled in the minds in Texas what we were fighting to be free from. If we do not know this day in history. We will be doomed to repeat it. We all should remember April 21, 1836 when we defeated the Mexican army at San Jacinto.

Student Protest Over teacher Layoffs Spreading All Over Texas.

           This is a great opportunity to educate the Students and Teachers on who is really responsible for all the teacher layoffs throughout the lone star state. These layoffs are unnecessary. These teachers losing their jobs is just a symptom of a real underlying problem. That is the State legislator and the Governor being obstructionist rather than being reformers.The local school board has a lot to be blamed for too. They comply with it everything that is counter productive. Who controls these politicians?The bankers and special interest outside the State of Texas. The Federal Reserve Bank and Wall Street is telling the people that we have to pay more in taxes and do with less.So the Robber Barons offshore and on Wall Street who owns shares in the Federal Reserve can have more while shorting the people.
           The Texas legislator has sold out the people of Texas. They have become the obstructionist and stand in the way of many Texans. They are getting ready to vote on turning over our roads we payed for to a foreign power for profit. They are passing laws that are infringing on people rights and freedoms instead of coming up with solutions.All other states are looking at options to keep their government and economies functioning with alternative currencies. The State government out of Austin are oblivious to the realities what is really going on. Texas is crumbling around them. How do they respond? Anti Bullying hot lines and smoke free workplaces. A bunch of crap that is a waste of time.
             Now in light of all the budget cuts out of Austin. Instead of cutting the useless paper pushers in the bureaucracies making six digits a year taking up office space that really has no useful purpose. They slash the budget for the teachers. Instead of the State Legislator opting out of funded and unfunded Federal mandates that cost a lot of money to comply with. Instead of taking on Washington saying "no" to their expensive mandates.They cut the budget to fund the teachers. We have weasels and not warriors in the Legislator.Instead of funding the schools of what they need. Our funds go to fight wars for Israel and foreign aid. It goes to bail out the fat cats on Wall Street and the Bankers. The government of Texas has failed the people.
              Now right now. These Student Protest over teacher layoffs are springing up statewide. These protest started in Katy,Texas were the school board tried to crack down on a lawful assembly. Now these protest are spreading to Cinco Ranch. These protest are not an isolated incident. They are rising up in Ft. Bend, The Ft. Worth area, and Angelton
             This could be the summer of rage that has been predicted to happen.While teachers have their future and profession robbed from them. So will the students after graduating High School will not have a future either.There will be no jobs waiting for them when they get out of school. The only opportunities are the Military to fight in illegal wars and government spooks jobs spying on people.If they go to college. They will not find a job.They will be competing with Illegal aliens for jobs busing tables and flipping burgers.
             This is a great opportunity for secessionist and tenth amendment people to start finding these protest and students. We must begin planting seeds showing the students there is a solution. They can have a future and Texas can lead the world.The Lone Star state can lead in education,agriculture and industry again if we throw Washington DC out of Texas altogether.Get rid of this fiat currency called the Federal reserve note. Getting the students to speak out on who is really to blame and what the real solutions are.We can make a dent regaining our freedom and sovereignty as Texans.
              The State Legislator can follow what Utah has done with their own silver and gold backed currency to keep the state and the economy afloat when the currency collapses. Instead of that. Austin is willing to let Texas be dragged down in the implosion. The students of Texas will become economic slaves to a debt they do not owe. The teachers are getting a pink slips to fund wars and foreign nations. These demonstrations sprouting up statewide will only get bigger and  more intense. This is our chance to educate and change the direction of the state. If we do not. We will all might accept a solution from the carpetbaggers that is more draconian they will make us slaves to the state. We have a chance to change the momentum in the right way fighting for the future of Texas. We must not let the enemies of freedom exploit the ignorance of the young people to accept a false solution that was the problem in the first place. We have a chance to educate to a willing young audience willing to listen. Lets not miss out.We can not sit on the side lines anymore.We have the solution and there is no reason to be silent anymore.The soul of Texas is at stake If we do not. We will all lose everything with the spirit of the Alamo be gone too forever.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Voters Beware Of The Real Donald Trump.He is another False Hope

               If we are going to have a leader of the free world. This person must be above reproach. Nobody is  perfect or flawless. Then there is the sleaze and the slime balls. Donald Trump maybe a business man and a billionaire. He is all over the media about the President's eligibility running his mouth. I have to remind you. His T.V. show the Apprentice is on NBC. NBC is owned by General Electric. Is there a hidden agenda behind his sudden emergence in the public spotlight as a possible contender. GE has a lot of bad press lately with the earthquakes in Japan and all the faulty nuclear reactors. All the back room deal having an monopoly over power plants in the Untied States. Donald Trumps is just a side show and diversion.
               The real Donald trump is knee deep in Wall Street corruption. He is portraying himself as a likable money addict or junkie. Take your pick. This a man who has casinos were the games are rigged. He has had many wives. He has went through as many wives like Elizabeth Taylor had many husbands. I am weary about a wealthy man getting into politics. Our Congress can qualify as the almost billionaires club.Wealthy people got our country into this mess. I do not trust them to find our way out of it.
               The real Donald Trump is for national health care and has many leftist leanings. He is not for property rights. Mr. Trump has used to power of Eminent Domain forcing people out of their homes so he can build his casinos instead of paying fair market value. Many of Mr Trumps positions are not what this country needs. When he talks about ending the Federal Reserve System so we can go back to sound money again. I might give him my time to listen to him.When he starts talking about reigning in Wall Street corruption I might consider a little bit. When we hear him talk about bringing back the real Glass Steagall Act of 1933.Not a watered down version with loop holes. Tigers can jump through in a three ring circus. Than I might consider it. So far we are hearing about the birth certificate and none of his positions were he really stands is not known
               Donald Trump has a very checkered past that many should question. He is pandering to populist politics. People are hurting.Many Americans desperate for relief and answers.People know this country is going in the wrong direction. Just because the Mr Trumps is telling people what they want to hear.This does not mean he is for real.I have a feeling he being used for a hidden agenda. So far in my life.Eloquence and ,flattery and being a good speaker never qualified being a good leader.
               If Donald Trump ever decided to run for President. Before people pull that lever for him. Learn about who he is and what he was part of in the past. He is not a man above reproach. He is good in front of the camera. I do not think he is the man to lead a nation. Donald is a false hope we have to be aware of. I rather stick to Ron Paul. He has been consistent and proven to lead. The establishment has put out their front runners for many years only to burn the voters. We need real leadership and it is not Donald Trump.

FBI and BATFE Raids in Southeat Texas..The Feds Are Not Telling Why

                Anyone with a brain today can see something smells to high heaven. I have to conclude when I hear about a federal raid on TV were the FBI and BATFE are in town. From what I know and have heard about the abuses of these two agencies. Are they there for real criminals or are they looking for a reason to attack political enemies. Washington has been known to use the force of Federal Law enforcement agencies to silence or discredit their opposition.
               Last weekend in Southeast Texas.The BATFE and the FBI brought armored vehicles and a lot of firepower to Vidor Texas The Federal government is not saying why they raided the premises. All that was reported was the FBI and BATFE agents were loading items into bins. No one knows why and  the Feds are not talking.Sounds very suspicious.
                The people of Texas ought to know why the Feds were in Orange County Texas. The only jurisdiction the Federal Law enforcement authorities have jurisdiction is felonies on the high seas, counterfeiting and treason. For alleged gun violations and any other unconstitutional law. Does the sheriff know why? If it was illegal what the feds were doing. Why did he stop them? If the Federal government is there on a fishing expedition looking for something to justify them coming out and raiding the property. They better have a good reason. I do not believe anymore what the Federal government says anymore.

Texas Woman Gun Owner Posted Sign in Yard Warning Home Invaders"I will blow your head off"

               Texas is one of the few states were it is legal to shoot to kill a home invader in the home, People have a right to defend their homes and families.For the sign she posted to warn criminals entertaining the thought what she would do to home invaders if caught in her house. If this woman lived in Chicago.This woman would have SWAT kicking down her door looking for the firearm outlawed by the city.
               An elderly woman in Hudson Texas posted a sign warning in her yard home invaders after her door was kicked in by people seeking to steal from. Barking dogs scared the dog away. After the incident her son posted a sign in her yard warning home invader that she will"Will blow your head off". I just hope she can back it up with action.
               I really have no problem with a sign like that because it is no more harmless than bumper stickers saying "Protected by Smith and Wesson" or "Never mind the dog Beware of the owner".I wish people would post more sign in the yard to deter crime. It is harmless and keeps us safe on our own terms. Not the government. What this woman posted in her yard is the essence of the right to protect herself and her right to keep and bear arms. The real crime fighter.

The Campaign to Drill Offshore is a Ruse and Scam to Divert the Real Truth

              I use to believe in that we need to drill offshore to meet our energy needs and not be dependent on foreign oil. Now I am learning it is a fraud and a ruse to divert the real truth. We do not need to drill offshore to meet our energy needs. The truth is we have plenty of oil here we can access right here and right now.We do not have to worry risking the life in the sea. Our problem is the oil companies creating an artificial scarcity. With the blessing of the US government has caused these high prices at the pump interfering in the free markets process in favor of monopolies on natural resources.
              In the state of Texas.Twenty nine out of thirty of the oil wells are capped and not being used.It is the same in Alaska too. Instead of pleading with our politicians to drill in the Gulf of Mexico to give us relief at the pump.We need to point out why are we not using the oil from these capped wells. Why has this been hidden from the public for so long? Why are the oil companies getting away with shutting down refineries and controlling the supply.We have been scammed by the politicians in collusion with bankers and corporations.
              For the people pushing for state rights .We have to do more than just nullify Obamacare. We the state in the several states to take back our natural resources for the control of mega corporations and the EPA being their hired gun for these corporatist. It is about having an independent currency and State taking a stand not to be scammed anymore by the federal government. We do not need to be held hostage to these money addicts on Wall Street. All this is not necessary. So when we hear some politicians telling about the Eco freaks and the leftist blocking drilling in the Gulf. Ask them why are we not using the oil wells already capped on land.Why are we being scammed this way. It is time we stopped being scammed.

Homeless Mom Charged For Giving Babysitters Address To Enroll Child in School

                I hope the jury in this case will have pity on the mother and disdain for the goverment. We live in a predatory state that shows no compassion or mercy for the down and out. For a mother trying to take care of her child and help the little one get an education under the circumstances. It is a damn if you do and damn if you don't situation for many people affected by the economic conditions. Government has no mercy for the people and will make examples of people to make that point.
                In Bridgeport,CT. Tanya McDowel was charged with grand larceny for stealing around $16,000 from the school district. The cost per child to be educated is how the School district came up with around $16,000. Tanya used the Babysitters address to enroll her child in school while Mother worked and stay in shelter at night.You have to look at the circumstances. If Mom did not have an address to place child in school.If she told the school she was homeless.The State social services would take child away from mother. About grand larceny and conspiracy to commit grand larceny? With the cost of $16,000 per student.There is some real hypocrisy here. With that high number sounds very overinflated and seems like people in government have been conspiring to commit larceny too. Many Private schools can charge a lot less for a better education that what Bridgeport offers. I wonder how much of the $16,000 actually makes it to the classroom.
               I am not sticking up for the mother.She was doing her best under the circumstances to work with and put her son in school. To manage for her is next to impossible. For the system to kick people when they are down is cold and callous. Times are hard and to add insult to injury add another hardship. That $25,000 to bond out on.If she had to use a bail bondsman and pay $2500 that is ten percent of the bail she was probably saving to get an apartment is now spent to stay out of jail.
                I remember back in the early 1980s.Some families were homeless.Schools worked with the families to help find suitable housing and find them work.They never called social services to snatch the child away. School administrators accommodated and worked with the parents when there were in distress so the children can have an education. There must be better options the school administrators could have implemented without causing further hardship on a single mother so she can get back on her feet and get a residence with a valid address. I just find it wrong to kick a person when they are down like this. What ever happened to compassion and pity? Why are bureaucrats so big on rules either way.

The Nanny State Banning Childrens Activities? No more Kick Ball?

           This Nanny state is getting out of hand. When will these people in government will understand. It is not their place to decide what is best for people.We are told we can not eat food with transfats. We have to wear our seat belts. We have to wear helmet riding a bike. It would not surprise me if we have to wear helmets to drive a car real soon. They want to come into our home and run our life. There people are not out for our best interest for us and our children. They want to control people. Plain and simple. The people who want to make all these rules ignore real issues.Those are real issues like background checks on Government workers who use their positions to molest and steal from people. They should clean their own house before trying to clean ours.
            When I was a young lad.  I did not live in the Nanny state. I rode my bike without a helmet. I play dodge ball,hide and seek,Wiffle ball and kick ball. I play tackle football with pads and helmets in my friends yard. Yes I got hurt sometimes playing these from time to time. I got road rash and a sprained ankle. I had my bumps and bruises playing as a young boy. My mom would take me and my brothers to eat foods with transfats in them. My Mom did not worry about what the state thought. The state left us alone.
             Now today in New York State Health Department making a list of games that they deem hazardous activities for summer programs.These activities are kick ball,wiffle ball,dodge ball, Horseback riding,freeze tag and Frisbee because children might get injured according to these unelected bureaucrats.They think they know better than the parents. To those control freaks in powerful positions. Children need to play hard and burn off energy with actives that exert themselves.They need to play. They do not need to stay indoors doing basket weaving .Again I say they need to play.Evey thing has a risk.Even in arts and craft.A child can still get a splinter in his finger. These same people who feel the need for our children safety banning dodge ball are the same idiots who will complain about child obesity are contributing to it by not allowing these past time activities.
             Are these State officials trying to get all the kids on Ritalin? Some parents I know have their kids on this drug because they are lazy. They will never take the kids to the park because it cuts into her time watching Jerry Springer and the Soap Opras. When they do not take the time giving the kids play time outdoors. The kids get out control in the house and break things.They misbehave in school. The parents medicating the kids is their way of controlling the kids instead of being involved in raising them.These parents will regret that decision in the years to come.
             In this age when there is radiation in the air from Japan,We have GMO foods posing a hazard to our health and fluoride in the water. We have all these major public health issues that needs to be addressed and dealt with. These people in the State Health Department will not take on all these real threats to public health. No they will not. They rather go after a fabricated issue that is not really a public health issue art all.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Political Elites and Money Addicts Isolation and Insulating Themselves From the People in Delusion Will Their Demise

                 I have to give a different take on what is happening today. This money addict binge and the bankers looting the wealth of a nation using the force of government can not last too much longer. The party will not last forever. Even though all the people are not up to speed on everything what is really happening.They know not to believe what comes out of the White House anymore if you use a government service or not. People will not go after the middle class as a scapegoat for all of the ills plaguing this nation.
                 With every law being passed out of Washington whether it be banning home gardens and to censoring the internet. President Obama can touts all he want about moving forward with his disastrous Health care law to gun control.His brazen arrogance will be a boomerang coming back to him and cut him to pieces politically. The ruling class is counting on the system to protect themselves from the people will be what does them in. I do not see us going into tyranny. I see us pushing back and away from a system that is destructive to the people. The states will go their own way taking a strong stance of sovereignty or doing a political divorce from the Union by secession.
                  I see a major push back coming.It will be painful for us. But we the people will prevail. The people trying to decide our fate can not do it from isolation too much longer. They will face to people with more than just pitchforks and torches. For those people who pay for body guard or a mercenary force thinking it will protect them from the people. Loyalty only goes so far and if they think good money being payed to defend a crook robbing people blind is all that is needed. Many of those people will cut and run and say hell with this. For any amount of money is not worth dieing for if it is a crook in high places.

The Shot Heard Around the World April 19,1775

              It seems the US government uses the day April 19th to over shadow this day in history that happened in the year of 1775. The colonies were in an uproar over taxes and oppression from the British Crown. The people of the colonies were in much the same boat as we are in today. The early Americans would have shot back with much less tyranny than we endure today.People have had enough in the colonies.From the time up to the first shot fired. British forces were trying to sneak in and out of Boston in an attempt to disarm the colonist.
             The Colonist on this day in history confronted the Red Coats on Lexington Green were the shot was heard around the world were the patriots lost the first battle. Than the militias finished the job at Concord being the first victory for the Colonies.
             We are fighting the same guild of offshore bankers. The King oppressed the people with taxes to pay back a debt to finance the French and Indian war to the banks. These bankers must be dealt with head on. These despotic bankers need to be brought down before they destroy humanity. Why these bankers and tycoons got so big is because corruption in government and the lack of will to arrest these people and put them on trial for fraud on the people.
            Patriots day on April 19, 1775 was not about just pushing back against the British Crown. It was about not being enslaved to the Bank of England too.

Timothy Geithner A Finacial Terrorist by his Own Words?

                 These people in the White House thinks we were born yesterday.We do not know any better about the complexities of fiscal policy. In truth it is not hard to figure out. I recall when threats were made to congress pass the bailout in Oct 2008 saying the sky would fall. The stock market will crash and there will be Marshal Law in America. All the bail out was is the United States obligating itself to a debt we do not owe. Former Secretary of the Treasury Hank Paulson threats to use financial terrorism to pass the bailout was a violation of the Patriot Act. The very law they say is needed to keep us safe.
                  Right now we have a different President and a different Secretary of the Treasury who was the former head of the New York Federal Reserve. Ever since this administration took office.He has spent money we do not have. Why our economy is in such bad shape is not government is not big enough. It is because government is too big and interferes with commerce and economic activity.
                  Now Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner is telling the American people we need more debt or the economy will collapse and we will go into default. The American people needs to sacrifice with high taxes and those well to do people need to pay for their fair share. What an insult to our intelligence. Now he is making threats again if the congress does not give them what they want. Will they use the Plunge protection team to rig the markets so make them crash and invoke PD-51 which congress can not see will try to dissolve congress making the President a dictator.The President has all this at his disposal as a means to an end.So he thinks In thier minds the end justifies the means.
                   In a few short weeks.Congress will vote on raising the debt limit. People do not want anymore borrowing. This public sediment is being heard in Congress. The White House wants to spend with a 1 trillion plus added to the National debt to fund his agenda. What Timothy Geithner is saying will happen we will go into default and the world will go into a depression is a scare tactic if we do not keep borrowing money that created this fiscal mess we are in already.
                   The truth is if the debt limit is not raised and  no more new taxes raised on an already stagnant economy ready to implode because the dollar is weakened. The reality is that if the debt limit is not raised were the government can not borrow.The government will have to cut back and be forced to live with its means. This might help the dollar slow down the economic decline.The reason why the economy is lethargic is because too much government interference because it is too big and hinders productivity.The reason why the dollar is in the tank is too much government spending and lack of economic activity to produce anything.
                     If the Secretary Geithner and the White House are afraid if Congress does not allow anymore further borrowing. The economy might start to rebound a little and investment spurred again. The dollar might stabilize and rate of inflation will slow down.Congress through a few good tea party people stopped further expansion of the government. I think the President and the bankers on Wall Street is more scared what will happen if the debt ceiling is not raised because it will help us more and not them. Using Financial terrorism as a means to an end will not work anymore this time no matter how much gloom and doom they will preach.


Walt Disney - Anti Nazi Cartoon - Good Quality in WW2

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nullification: Interview with a Zombie Guest Thomas Woods on State's Rights and Nullification of Federal Laws

Washington's DC K-Street Sex Trafficking Victims Jailed and No Help.

             The K Street Lobbyist get a slap on the wrist while under age prostitutes forced in the the sex trade get the book thrown at them.Something is wrong when such injustices happen and the guilty who pay for these ladies are never accountable.

Gold Fever and Nuclear Meltdown.What do these have in common?

Gerry Donaldson-Draw a line

               Both the continuing Gold (and Silver) Fever and the recent Nuclear meltdowns in Japan are driven by Preparedness measures or lack thereof. 
              The economic meltdown, caused by Washington D.C., Wall Street and the Federal Reserve has driven up gold fever and its cousin, silver fever. As most Americans and people around the world have recognized the ultimate failure of our economy and the global economy, they have sought out "safe haven" investments like gold and silver and are rapidly getting out of the stock market and holdings of cash (Federal Reserve Notes) in order to secure their future. This is explicitly due to a failure on the part of government to maintain a solid "real money" backing of gold or silver in the first place. No country's economy has ever survived more than 40 years once detached from commodity backing of their currency!
               The horrific earthquake was a natural occurrence that scientists have warned as inevitable. The Japanese government  had plenty of reason to believe that it might be foolhardy to build so many Nuclear Plants right on top of one of the worst earthquake areas in the world.  The aftermath of those quakes is still generating a great deal of speculation as to the global impact, not only of nuclear meltdowns, but the impact that these events will have on the already crumbling world economy. 
              Texans are asking everyone to get on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, personal mail, phone, fax and face-to-face with family and friends about these impending threats and begin planning and preparing if you have not done so already! We cannot fail ourselves or Texas. We will make a difference! 

Gerry Donaldson is a member of the Texas Nationalist Movement He host a show every Tuesday night 8pm CST called Our Constitution,Foundation and Principles

Who The Goverment Defines As The Rich. No More Class Warfare Lies Will Work This Time.

                Many years ago when I recall a friend very close to me having to pay through the nose to the IRS. She had no Mercedes in the driveway or a mansion.She had no fine clothes and did not eat steak every night. She lives in New York City.She is barely making it because the property taxes and all the expenses living in the big apple. According to the IRS. She made too much money for a single person. I just wonder. How can the government can make that determination who makes too much money or not. She made about $100,000 a year. In New York City. People are barely making it on that income when you add in the all the taxes and expenses.It is really not that much.
              Who the government defines as the rich are not those money addicts on Wall Street or the Rockefeller who have tax free foundations so they can evade paying any taxes.The rich as the government sees are people who still go on modest mini vacations, buy durable goods,eat at Restaurants and pay for services to keep people working. The government tax system punishes success and rewards failure.This attitude permeates out in society were the productive are attacked and the lazy are rewarded. The hardest working employees are attacked by the lazy co-workers. Everything that is good and productive is attacked and mediocrity is the standard.
                The government who defines the rich are not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination. But successful people who do auto detailing and cut peoples yards.They may have an online business or have a hot dog stand. They are our neighbors and our friends. When the government is looking for a scapegoat for all its ills.Do not buy into the lie that it is the middle class or the producers not paying their fair share. Do not fall for the class warfare trick attacking the people who produce and work hard. We need to point our fingers back at the politicians and social engineers for all the blame for attacking the institutions and people who make this country great. We need call the money addicts on Wall Street and the Federal Reserve as the cause of an impoverished people. Not the people who invest and take risk who live among us.The very people who will hire us are the ones the government will demonize to shift blame away from their failed policies.
                So when the US government says blame the rich for not paying their fair share wanting us to turn on each other blaming the producers on Main Street and not the Robber Barons on Wall Street so they can divide and conquer us.The real rich and wealthy who are to blame are ones on Wall Street who killed Main Street. Lets not fall for the Class Warfare lie again.

Many Child Child Welfare Workers Have Criminal Histories?

             The Child Protective Services.Thew people in charge of the welfare of children have criminal histories that would not qualify for a security clearance to be a janitor on an Army base.THis is an agency that criminal violate people constitutionally secured rights.This must be exposed. It may see m like old news. But it is not.Families and Children still being harmed today

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gas Drive Offs and Store Robberies Rising Again.Time to Allow Employees with A CCW Bring Their Guns To Work

            I worked for a convenience store for many years and when I moved to Texas a little under a year. No matter were I go.We would hear from upper management about all those gas drive offs when the price was spiking with no end in sight of ever coming down. How these store chains cover from the loses of gas drive offs is pass it on to the consumer who plays by the rules. The management will demand its employees cut down on the theft of gasoline when there is very little these cashiers can do about it.
           The truth is many in upper management are afraid of making customers mad and inconveniencing them. Having to prepay before pumping gas in their minds will lose their business and go somewhere else. It is just a common sense solution with the rise in drive offs to protect the inventory is go to prepay instead of pumping first then going in to pay.  Many of these companies have no resistance policies and all they can do is call the police after the fact.Many Counties and Municipalities law enforcement agencies refuse anymore to respond to gas drive offs because it a preventable crime.
            There has been a rise in robberies too at these convenience stores.Especially the major chains because they do not allow employees who have a conceal and carry permits or open carry to bring there handgun to work. Also keeping too much cash in the till during late hours.Working as a cashier in a Stop and Rob store is more a dangerous job than being a cop.Because the Police officer is armed. Employers should allow their employees to come to work armed if they take a safety course and sign a few legal wavers for liability purposes. They should have legislation passed into law that would allow workers in high risk jobs who have CCW be allowed to open carry on the job.There should be immunity from any liability for the employer and employee who used his firearm to prevent a crime or defending himself.They should be allowed to bring them on the job to protect the store and the person's life.
            In the case of gas drive offs and store robberies. It is common sense sense solutions that will deter crimes like these from happening. It may not be fool proof. But it is a strong deterrent for the criminals.Ask a person who is in prison for robbery. If he knows the workers are armed. Chances are he would not take that risk.That is what most likely statement a convict will tell you. Let common sense prevail for once instead of another Police State measure that does not work because they do more harm then good.