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What Are Unalienable Rights?

by Russell D. Longcore

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an expansive article about unalienable rights. We all seem to just refer to the Declaration of Independence and what Jefferson wrote, and then defer to it. But natural law and unalienable rights are where it all starts.

Thomas Jefferson wrote: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, and are endowed by their Creator with certain Unalienable Rights… Self-Evident. Obvious. Perhaps it was self-evident to the 18th Century common man, but I submit to you that the common 21st Century mind is not equally equipped. Much of the wisdom of the ages has been withheld from the modern man by the government schools. And why not? If you are a government, both tasked by The People to educate them and controlled by the same People, why teach generation after generation how to control you? Why not teach those generations how to be controlled? Self-evident truths bow to governmental self-preservation.

Building a tower requires building a firm foundation FIRST…or your tower goes over when the winds blow hard. Gentle readers, we’re in a CAT 5 hurricane right now that’s going to take down our American tower. If you do not have a working understanding of unalienable rights, you’ll likely fall for the next iteration of oppressive, tyrannical government foisted upon an uneducated populace who move their lips when they read. And if you don’t truly understand this philosophy, you cannot possibly teach it to your young.

Unalienable rights are also known as Natural Law or Absolute Rights. In this article these terms will be interchangeable. Also, the use of a male pronoun or the word “man” means all humans.

We begin with a definition of “Unalienable:”

"Unalienable: incapable of being alienated, that is, sold and transferred." Black's Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition, page 1523. One cannot sell, transfer or surrender unalienable rights. The Creator bestowed them on every individual. All human beings possess unalienable rights. Unalienable rights cannot be taken nor surrendered but they can be simply ignored. This is a little like the story Jesus told about the prodigal son. A recalcitrant son learns through tough lessons that he cannot escape his father’s love nor his rights as his father’s son.

But can we find natural human rights without a recognition of a Creator? Yes, without a doubt. What you’ll learn here about Natural Law dwells in the heart of every human being simply because he exists. The concept of Unalienable Rights is life-affirming whether or not you believe in a Higher Power, since the concept showcases the uniqueness of the human being in this world. Unalienable Rights are the highest form of humanness while at the same time the most elementary of man’s characteristics.

Unalienable or Inalienable?

There is a very serious error made throughout America as related to Unalienable Rights. That is, that many people use the term “Inalienable Rights” and think that the terms are interchangeable. But they are as different as night and day.

Inalienable Rights: Rights which are not capable of being surrendered or transferred without the consent of the one possessing such rights. Morrison v. State, Mo. App., 252 S.W.2d 97, 101.

Inalienable rights can be transferred, sold or surrendered if you give your consent. Inalienable rights are not bestowed by the Creator or inherent in humans. ”Persons” have inalienable rights, and the word “Person” is a legal term¹. Inalienable rights can be bestowed to persons by government, and can be likewise removed from persons by government. At times, government itself can be considered a “Person” in a legal sense. Most state constitutions recognize only inalienable rights.

Therefore, because we possess Unalienable Rights, endowed by our Creator, to secure these rights(not grant or create them), “Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”² And the rights we bestow upon government are the Inalienable Rights that we all possess that can be transferred to other persons.

We’re going to build this like a pyramid, much like the Hierarchy of Needs developed by Professor Abraham Maslow, Ph.D. He placed the bedrock human needs as the base of the pyramid, these being the most fundamental needs upon which all others are built. Physiological needs are first, simple survival of the human body. Next up comes Safety, then Love, Esteem, then Self-actualization as the headstone.


I don’t have a cool graphic for Unalienable Rights, so you’ll just have to look at Maslow’s pyramid and use your imagination. It won’t be all that hard.

The Right of Life

When Thomas Jefferson wrote of “certain Unalienable Rights,” he placed them in the proper order, with Life being the first and most basic of all. This is the right to simply exist as a sentient being…one able to perceive sensations, a consciousness. Unalienable rights come into being at the moment that a human becomes a human. I do not mean when the individual becomes a viable human, capable of life outside the womb. Both sides of the abortion issue agree that a zygote…a human female egg fertilized by a male sperm…is human, and that every day after it becomes an embryo for about 270 days it is human. Our right to life means our right to express our humanness and to simply be alive. The opposite is the death of a human being. The right to life gets very complicated, since none of us were able to leave the womb and live without assistance, sustenance and support. An argument about embryonic viability here entirely misses the point, since even post-birth humans need daily care until at least age 5 (or 10) or they will likely die. So along with our own innate right to life, we acknowledge our responsibility to assist other human life to exist and express itself. Maslow pointed to the need of breathing, food, water, sleep, sex, homeostasis and excretion…all part of maintaining life, and without any one of those needs, life would eventually stop. Note here that the right of life is seldom exercised individually, but is inextricably tied to the lives of others.

Right of Personal Security

The next step up the Unalienable Rights pyramid is the right to protect one’s very life and bodily existence. And by acknowledging the duties we have to others to whom we give life…our progeny…we extend the right to protect their lives also. Personal security first means that our bodies are safe from harm. That security encompasses both protection by others while we are unable to secure our own safety and protecting ourselves and our loved ones after we become capable of assuring our own safety. Note here that the right of personal security is seldom exercised individually, but is inextricably tied to the safety of others. The Second Amendment has its foundation in this unalienable human right, relying upon it to secure a free state through the use of a militia. The Second Amendment is not the “right” to keep and bear arms. It is the restriction on Congress to violate the Unalienable Right of Personal Security. Both the 4th, 5th and 14th Amendments were supposed to secure this Right.

The Right of Labor

The first manifestation of the greater Right of Property is found in the Right of Labor. Every human being owns the work of his own mind and hands, and any hindrance to his employing his mental and physical ability in whatever method he thinks proper, without causing injury to another individual, would be a violation of the Right of Labor. This right will be found in Maslow’s Safety block.

Right to Acquire and Enjoy Property

“Without property rights, no other rights are possible. Since man has to sustain his life by his own effort, the man who has no right to the product of his effort has no means to sustain his life. The man who produces while others dispose of his product is a slave.” Ayn Rand, The Virtue of Selfishness

This Right touches all of the other Unalienable Rights. First, a human fully possesses his own body, and may do with it what he pleases, as long as his choices do not violate the property rights of another human. Next, man owns his labor and may use his labor for his own subsistence. He may use his labor as an expression of value or a medium of exchange, and may freely exchange that value to acquire property. Then he may have quiet enjoyment of his property according to any manner that best reflects his happiness. Property may take the form of physical assets, but may also be less tangible assets like intellectual property. Property rights mean ownership and control, which includes the right to use an asset as well as the right to prohibit others from using the asset. Property rights also allow the owner to determine the value of an asset, and to even destroy an asset if he so chooses. The only restriction on the Unalienable Right of Property is that it does not infringe upon the Unalienable Rights of others.

As John Locke stated in The Second Treatise on Government (1690) “The great and chief end therefore of men uniting into commonwealths, and putting themselves under government, is the preservation of property.” What man would willingly join a society that did not protect his enjoyment of the fruits of his own labor?

In The Wealth of Nations (1776), Adam Smith states that “private property created a role for government in defending property (rights), and the existence of government created the security to stimulate the creation of new property.” Many today wonder why the economies of the nations are in such dreadful shape. But most governments around the world are undermining property rights, the very reason for their existence. When there is no predictability in the marketplace, and individuals are preyed upon by governments, the incentive for creating new property is diminished or altogether extinguished. Those still seeking to create new property will migrate to the governments that best protect property rights. That’s why capital is leaving America for foreign locations and will continue to do so.

Right to Contract

This Unalienable Right gives all individuals the liberty to voluntarily enter into contract with any other individual or group of individuals, so long as there is agreement as to the terms of the contract by all parties involved, and so long as the contractual agreement does not violate another individual’s Unalienable Rights. Therefore, in light of property rights, individuals may sell their labor to an employer at mutually agreeable terms. Individuals may profit from the disposition of other property by mutual agreement.

All Unalienable Rights preceded the establishment of governments. However, governments chafe mightily under this Right. In America, the years 1897 to 1937 were a 40-year period in which the US Supreme Court vigorously protected the Right to Contract. This period of time is called the “Lochner years,” referring to Lochner v. New York (1905). In Lochner, the High Court struck down a New York statute that set maximum working hours. Justice Rufus Peckham, writing for the majority, stated that the Due Process Clauses found in the 5th and 14th Amendments were stout enough to protect the Unalienable Right to Contract, and that the State of New York had no business restricting the hours that an employee and employer may agree to. After 1937, the Court has relentlessly attacked the Right to Contract, supporting laws like the minimum wage and child labor statutes. Most of the burdensome Federal regulations are attacks on the Right to Contract, since they require parties to contracts to perform acts that they would likely not agree to if given a choice.

Right of Free Speech

This is the freedom to speak freely, provided that your speech does not violate the free speech of other individuals. The Right of Free Speech is an absolute right, subject to no other restrictions than another individual’s Unalienable Rights. Naturally, your liberty to speak does not allow for libel, slander, fraud or falsehood. This is another Unalienable Right which governments despise, and most governments do not allow untrammeled free speech. And free speech may take many forms, such as spoken, written, printed and performed.

Right of Beliefs or Conscience

Individuals have an Unalienable Right to believe what they wish, to worship as their conscience dictates, or as a negative right, to not believe or not worship as their conscience dictates.

Right of Personal Liberty

The classical liberal (the good kind) concept of personal liberty is as a moral principle in which an individual is free to govern himself, his life and his property without outside compulsion, force or fraud, provided that his personal governance does not intrude upon or violate the liberty of another individual.

Right to the Pursuit of Happiness

“Striving to find meaning in one’s life is the primary motivational force in man.” ~ Dr. Viktor Frankl, 1992

The Pursuit of Happiness provides the vehicle through which man can find life’s meaning.

The Pursuit of Happiness would be found on Maslow’s pyramid at the very top as a Self-Actualization need. But this Right encapsulates all the other Rights and cannot be accomplished until the other Unalienable Rights are in place and utilized. Your pursuit of happiness would be short-circuited if you do not enjoy the Rights to Life, Labor, Property, Contract, Belief and Liberty.

To understand how this phrase “the pursuit of happiness” found its way into the Declaration of Independence, you must know some background about Thomas Jefferson. He was strongly influenced by the Greek philosopher Epicurus, even referring to himself as an Epicurean. The teacher’s philosophy was simple: if you cultivated close friendships, limited your desires to the essential necessities of life, and rejoiced in the moment, happiness was yours to keep. Everything in moderation.


Think about a Being that creates humans, then endows them with Unalienable Rights simply because they are human, and the pinnacle of their Rights being the Right to the Pursuit of Happiness! Not its attainment, but the pursuit. The Creator is no cosmic Joker, playing a cynical game by creating a desire in the breast of each human being for happiness, but having no available tools to meet the desire. We are endowed with the desire, the ability and the Unalienable Rights necessary to live a life of purpose and meaning, and to pass on those purposes and those meanings to subsequent generations, all seeking the same outcomes.

Share this article with those you love. Then discuss it. Teach your children these lessons so they understand how the Creator meant for them to live. Understanding your Unalienable Rights will give you a reason to live, a gratefulness to your Creator, and true self-esteem based in reality.

* * * * * * * * * *

¹The Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson, 1776.

²PERSON. This word is applied to men, women and children, who are called natural persons. In law, man and person are not exactly synonymous terms. Any human being is a man, whether he be a member of society or not, whatever may be the rank he holds, or whatever may be his age, sex, &c. A person is a man considered according to the rank he holds in society, with all the rights to which the place he holds entitles him, and the duties which it imposes. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 137.
2. It is also used to denote a corporation which is an artificial person. 1 Bl. Com. 123; 4 Bing. 669; C. 33 Eng. C. L R. 488; Woodes. Lect. 116; Bac. Us. 57; 1 Mod. 164.
3. But when the word "Persons" is spoken of in legislative acts, natural persons will be intended, unless something appear in the context to show that it applies to artificial persons. 1 Scam. R. 178.
4. Natural persons are divided into males, or men; and females or women. Men are capable of all kinds of engagements and functions, unless by reasons applying to particular individuals. Women cannot be appointed to any public office, nor perform any civil functions, except those which the law specially declares them capable of exercising. Civ. Code of Louis. art. 25.
5. They are also sometimes divided into free persons and slaves. Freemen are those who have preserved their natural liberty, that is to say, who have the right of doing what is not forbidden by the law. A slave is one who is in the power of a master to whom he belongs. Slaves are sometimes ranked not with persons but things. But sometimes they are considered as persons for example, a negro is in contemplation of law a person, so as to be capable of committing a riot in conjunction with white men. 1 Bay, 358. Vide Man.
6. Persons are also divided into citizens, (q.v.) and aliens, (q.v.) when viewed with regard to their political rights. When they are considered in relation to their civil rights, they are living or civilly dead; vide Civil Death; outlaws; and infamous persons.
7. Persons are divided into legitimates and bastards, when examined as to their rights by birth.
8. When viewed in their domestic relations, they are divided into parents and children; husbands and wives; guardians and wards; and masters and servants son, as it is understood in law, see 1 Toull. n. 168; 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 1890, note.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2011, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Old Halloween Classic"The Monster Mash"

Trick Or Treat. A Good Day for Activism as well as Candy for the Children this Halloween

              We know the Obama administrations says never let a good crises go to waste. The occultist in our government who ran free around the forest in Bohemian Grove will celebrate this high holy day to unleash evil and darkness upon the earth. If they are praying too, First and foremost, We should we be praying too not to restrain the powers of darkness. But to defeat them. Also, to have successful activism. It would not hurt to pray too. We need all the help we can get from above.

               This is a very unique opportunity to reach people on Halloween. Many of us do have families we tend to and it gets really hard to make it out to certain events and meetings. My idea is if we are going to pass out candy and treats to the children. Whether it be candy corn or Kit Kat bars. We know we will be buying candy at the store to pass out to the children. But there is one more thing we can do to advance the cause of freedom and liberty to wake people up.

                We should be burning DVDs of Americas Freedom to Fascism and other great patriot films to the parents to who escort these children while they trick or treat. Last year I handed out bottled water and DVDs to the parents. This year we should be passing out not only DVDs, But  also Ron Paul for President literature and pocket constitutions . While the other side will not let a good crisis go to waste. We must no let this day go to waste either when we have the opportunity to reach so many people.

                 Time is short. We need to use our freedom of speech as much as possible while it is still legal. This is the time we need to use this day as an attempt to educate people. If we can enlighten many people. Tyranny will dissipate and wither away if the light of truth is shined on the darkness. We have to do more then just curse the darkness. We must light a candle. Do you agree? Lets not allow this Halloween go to waste when it is a great opportunity to wake up more people and also find like minded people too who share the same concern. Lets roll and wake up some more Americans while we have the chance. Time is short, lets not let it go to waste.

Coming FEMA Exercise November 9th and 10th 2011. BE ON ALERT!


It is becoming more obvious that the Gestapo's efforts to silence the people are just no longer working. People from all walks of life are just sick and tired of being sick and tired. Being unable to find work, or working and barely having enough money at the end of the week to buy groceries, and being taxed to death; 78% or more of income is consumed by taxes.  And if good folks pay the demands for tithes from State Religion Churches, as well, that does not leave much left to live on.

FEMA's so-called exercise for testing the emergency broadcast system on November 9 and 10, where FEMA will take control of radio and TV networks, could become more then just a test.  These tests are supposely to last for only three minute intervals; however, as history has shown us, when FEMA is out playing war games, disaster STRIKES.

Yes, the Gestapo in the District of Criminals is loosing it.  None of the tactics, which they used back in the nineties are working.  The people have learned from the mistakes of the past.  The more illegal and unwarranted arrests the PIGS make, the more angry the populace has become.  The bureaucRATS have been desperately attempting to insight riots to justify declaration of martial law, but the people are no longer stupid and have become wise to riot PIGS' tricks and tactics.

Now even judges are rebelling against the evil Communist machine, as may be seen in the AP article attached below.
What people from all walks of life have decided is not to riot, but if the PIGS wish violence, they will receive war.  Veterans Day just might become the day that they will learn the hard lesson as to what happens to cannon fodder when the people decided that they have had enough of being treated worse then dogs.

I suspect that this so-called FEMA exercise will be used for three things, therefore, people everywhere need to be aware, have cameras and communications ready, thereby preventing these monster from doing in secret their evil deeds.  Oh yes, militia units should be in heightened state of readiness, this could be the week you have the opportunity to try out your new and old toys.  That thought should make Obamanation, the Bush Crime Family and the Clintonistas all quiver.  The had hoped to had disposed of the militias ten years ago.  Too bad, so sad, they are still here, stronger then ever, and even more well equipped!

I again issue WARNING YELLOW Alert!

As to the FEMA exercise, here are possible scenarios.  First, the FEMA exercise could be used to cover the rigging of Tuesday's election.  Remember Stalin stated, "It does not matter who votes, it only matters who counts the votes."

Second, the FEMA exercise could be used to conceal or cover a massive nation wide round up of these Wall Street protesters, since they are not being good little slaves, and the MASTERS will not tolerate defiance to their ORDERS.  While TV and radio networks are blacked out, these protesters could be taken to some FEMA camp, place unknown, denied due process of law, and made to disappear.  FEMA may even attempt to shut down the internet, as well.  Then, when the networks come back on the AIR, and people ask what happened to the protesters, government bureaucRATS will all clamor that the protester gave up and just went home.  Though, I doubt that FEMA will be able to shutdown the Patriot Broadcast Networks, time will tell.

However, there is a third problem that is at hand.  As I have been reporting since March, the banksters and Wall Street inside traders have been planning a big event for this fall.  Therefore, immediately after an election would be a great time for a BANKING HOLIDAY.  As per the numerological games that the banksters and the oy-boys love to play, I would say that 11-11-11, Veterans Day would be a great day for the banksters to shaft this Nation, turning it into a third world nation by debauching the currency, which would throw most countries in the world into sheer panic.  However, I believe Russia and China would survive an economic collapse.  Libya, as well, would have survived prior the US and Israeli overthrow of Gadhafi.  Iran and Japan would probably fair well; however, the British Empire and the European Union would be in major financial turmoil.

Oh well, so much for well laid secret plans of rats and mice.  Foiled again!  Since it is no longer secret and the whole world knows whose to blame.  Rothschilds and Rockefellers, "how do like me now"?  Just think "moose" and "turkey" could be on the menu for Thanksgiving!  And there is plenty of hemp on standby, ready for use, as well.  I hear drums. What?  Is that music I hear?  Could it be the song "How Many Of Them Can We Make Die"?  Chess is a wonderful game in which one can watch the opponent sweat, especially, once it is learned that the opponent is a coward.  Well, those, who have the need to know, now know.  May be these demoniacs will all go run and hid, but time will tell.

Ready on the green!  Ol' doc sure has had a tale to tell.

Save hard copy of this post, you may need it!  Feel free to circulate this to the wind.  Because I wish to sit and eat Thanksgiving Dinner in peace and quiet; instead of having to be out hunting moose.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Freemen vs Tyrants: The Battle of Who Wants It More

                One thing we better realize real fast. The other side does not play fair, because the only way they can win is by playing dirty an not play by the rules at all. Knowing their devices is first and foremost. They are on a slippery slope too.l Their dishonorable intent will be their downfall. We have something in our favor they do not have. They have no honor amongst themselves. Not with the common people and most of all, not even themselves. They will stab themselves more in the back more than us because all of the want the power. In their world, no one is safe among themselves. Everyone is in more danger being on the dark side from within then by us. They eat their own. They are wicked not only to prey on the innocent. They are more evil to themselves then we think.

                  We are engaged in a righteous cause, we cannot always bicker about accusing people on the front lines of not conveying the truth in a manner that does not agree with us. No one is the same and we are all different. We should be celebrating individuality and the diverse approaches they take getting the truth out. Not be a critic finding flaws. If we do bicker and complain about each other; the other side will laugh at us with all this infighting putting our time and resources if we disagree on something of no substance. This is the time we need to use our efforts to go after the beast in unison. We have to identify the hacks and  shills as we go or they will continue to create strife from within. The only way the patriot effort can be brought down is to be weakened from within when the enemy is in our camp because we refuse to see it.

                  The choice is clear, do we want freedom more than the tyrants want to enslave us? The tyrants will lie, cheat, steal, murder, betray and deny to get their way. The end justifies the means is their mindset. They are patient and very cunning. They will back off and try another day. We cannot just defeat these people. We have to destroy their spirits too and go the distance making arrests and punishing them. We cannot allow them to hang around another day to try again. If we do not show resolve showing we will go after them with a vengeance to not only defeat them, but make it very hard to try again with fear by making an example of all the people involved who tried to undermine our freedoms committing treason.

                  If we want to be free, we cannot just defeat them politically. We have to go the distance to shut them down completely and crush their plans to destroy our great republic. We cannot hold back if we want to keep out freedoms bad enough. I am just fear it will take a violent revolution to bring it about. There is little room for half measures. The globalist are willing to go the distance to bring about their New World Order and keep their power murdering 6.5 billion people to reduce the population down to 500 million souls if we do not oppose them now to not only push them back. But destroy their organization altogether. If we do not, they will keep coming back and we will keep on fighting them. If we are to remain free, we have to love life and liberty more than Globalist loving death and darkness they want to impose on us.

                   It is a war between good and evil. Light against darkness. Good always triumphs over evil if good men take a stand and do not hold back. We have to go the distance not only for the survival of humanity. But we must leave a historical record for the generations that come after us because they will face the same thing again. If they want to be free from oppression in a peaceful world. We have to be the example that when we fight evil, we cannot hold nothing back. Then, if they will want freedom more than tyranny. Our founders set the example for us. Now it is our call to do show the way to if we want freedom. The colonist wanted freedom more than a monarchy. Now do we want freedom more than being debt slaves to the house of Rothschild. Do you want freedom more than slavery?

Freedom Watch Oct 29, 2011 Former Soviet Citizen Confronts Socialist Protesters at Occupy Wall Street and Talks About Life in Soviet Russia

Friday, October 28, 2011

Is Obama Trying to Unhinge Occupy Wall Street With Agitators

              I can tell it is a struggle for the hearts and minds of the people participating in Occupy America. There are many factions trying to co-opt the movement. It is a very diverse group of people there for many reasons. Many want to see it as a leaderless effort. One the other hand many are trying to capitalize on this for their own gain. Occupy Wall Street now has a 501c3 status with some cash in the bank tax free. I would like to know who is behind giving this movement non profit status. There are forces at work to turn a peaceful movement into an angry mob like the French Revolution was started.

                When we see the media showing banners of the Communist Party calling for the end of capitalism and taxing the rich as a solution, They are calling for bigger government polices to deal with Wall Street corruption.When we see the government workers unions in force too, The AFL-CIO and the Teamsters in some cities protesting. We have a bunch of mindless useful idiots out there I call Obama's children calling for a second term for this failed President who is very unpopular. We see Obama wants this to be his tea party movement which is not working as he wanted to. We are seeing slowly but surely the end the Federal Reserve ,abolish the IRS and no more wars. We are seeing opposing to big government policies and crony capitalism starting to take hold of the movement. Now a card has to be played by the Foundations who control the Obama Administration,The states are high, this is a movement they started that can start to turn against them.

             We can see police send in agent provocateurs to destroy property and cause trouble, Obama is using class warfare tactic to anger a segment of the crowd to go after the producers who create the jobs and spend money keeping the economy afloat. They can stage many events like inciting riots to demonize the movement if it is not going their way. We can see some elements of the tea party and the end the Federal reserve movement start to take over the movement. This is why they have to try to demonize the movement. They are desperately try to unhinge the movement if the occupy American turns into a anti Federal reserve movement. They will try something to make them look bad. It is noting new, it has been tried and succeeded. It is our duty to make sure they fail trying to co-opt the movement. We must not allow the peace movement to stay that way. Also, not allow Obama and any foundation hacks try to unhinge it as an excuse to bring in martial law.



Nov. 9, 2011. A day for a False Flag Attack or Government Takeover of All Communications?

                This government is relentless in trying to drop the hammer on the people, they want martial law and to find an excuse to arrest all the dissidents that oppose them. The tried the swine flu epidemic hoax in Mexico and say it will rear its ugly head in the fall. That fell flat on its face. Many people did not take the flu shot. The government was planning having the military accompany nurses door to door trying to force people in to taking the shot. That was a serious blow to the credibility of the US government. It was later discovery; the virus was from a lab and not a natural pathogen.

                They tried to attack the second amendment of the US Constitution with operation fast and furious blaming the violence on the southern border with Mexico on American privately owned firearms. This is another blow to the credibility to the White House since they have been looking for a reason to grab the guns. The Government is running the guns south of the border to dangerous to the cartels trading guns for drugs. Now this gun running operation is now a White House scandal they tired to demonize the patriots when a lone crazy gunman shot Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords in the head. They tried to demonize the patriots saying we should tone down our rhetoric blaming free speech and the right to keep and bear arms on this violent incident. It was later was found out this man who fired the shots killing a federal judge and seriously injuring the Congresswoman was a ideological fellow traveler of the left wing radicals.

               The White House is facing a political implosion; the American people have lost faith in President Obama's leadership. He needs a staged crisis event like his predecessor George W Bush with Sept 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center along with the Pentagon. We were lead to believe that Muslims were to blame who live inside caves in Tora Bora. This is how we were involved in illegal wars and seen the passage of the Patriot act which they failed to pass after the OKC bombing.

                Not to forget, President's Clinton's Oklahoma City Bombing of the Murrah Building on April 19, 1995 as an excuse to attack gun owners and citizen militias. Without these events, they would not win reelection to a second term. Before these events, they had very low approval ratings and politically were in trouble. Both houses of congress we taken over by the GOP in a mid term election that grinded his agenda to a halt. Slick Willie needed an event to get the people to rally behind him to restore confidence in his leadership. Bill Clinton gave credit to the OKC bombing helping him win reelection in 1996

               President Obama is desperate to restore the people's confidence in his ability to lead. He rammed a healthcare law down the Americans throats they did not want. The economy is in the tank and his foreign policy is a disaster. Every time he opens his mouth with the jobs bill to bloating the size of government and increasing taxes. He digs himself deeper into a hole People in the media who use to be allies and people in his own party are turning against him because they see him as a failure. Next year is the election and he wants to win a second term as President. The way things look. He will lose in a massive landslide if the election were today.

                 Now we are fast approaching Nov 9 2011. The FCC said that ion Nov 9 they will take over all communications were they can cut into all broadcast on radio, TV and internet. Our cell phones will get text messages and even automated phones calls of propaganda is watch your neighbor and turn them in in the name of national security.  If you look at the date, there is also a military exercise too were they can use as a smoke screen of a false flag attack. That is how they pulled off the Sept 11 attacks. Look at the dates.

               The power freaks love numbers and certain dates. Look at the numbers 11-9-11, 11-9 and 9-11. I do not think it is a coincidence either they want to pull off something big to drop the hammer on the people. Would a false event like a cyber attack to massive casualty and deaths be just a smoke screen to take over all communications? It can also be used as an excuse to attack Iran blaming an event on the Iranians. The government control freaks can use crises created as a means to get the people to accept a solution they would not otherwise accept taking over all communications and going to war with Iran this is how they can shut down websites and kill the internet. They might on that day be able to be the day of a false flag event to rally the public behind going to war with Iran and to accept draconian measures of all communications taken over by the FCC, FEMA and DHS to protect us from those Iranians and Muslims terrorist. All it is by design to do is control the population in the end using a fabricated enemy.

              It could be anything. I would not underestimate this President; He could shut down the power grid or have a suitcase nuke go off in a city. He will try to generate an event to create instability in the nation as an excuse to confiscate the gun and round up their opposition. The window of opportunity is closing real fast on the Obama White House. He is mired in corruption scandals too numerous to count. He needs a diversion to plug in the rest of the agenda and find a way to get the American people to stand behind him to restore his faith in his ability to be a leader.

               They have a lot to lose if they do not try to pull off something, Politicians could go to jail and bankers can be sharing a cell with them. They know people are on to them and need a diversion because they have so much to lose if they do not act. We have to keep watch and be vigilant. This is the price we pay to put a stop to the tyrants who seek to oppress us. 11-9 could be Obama's 9-11 if he is not kept in check. The very event will be an excuse to take over all communications and bring us into war with Iran.  It is up to us to stand in the gap or our worst nightmare can become reality. We have to be the final check on government power, or we will pay dearly if we don’t. There is no more allies for the people in government. We have to stand in the gap. Let make sure the President do not get away with it this time.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Unjust Laws or Decrees, Is it a Duty to Resist or to Petition a Redress of Grievance

             We are living today where everything the US government does is an injustice based on unjust laws and regulations I like to call decrees. Many of these laws infringe on not just our personal freedoms of privacy and right to do process. It is also our right to economic liberty and our pursuit of happiness that is under attack. We have to look at the root cause of who really wants our God given rights taken away with unjust laws. Who is responsible first we have to ask. In most cases and not all, when

             A Police State is there was for one reason, to be a rear guard to protect the real criminals from justice.  Back in the days of the Colonies, When King George III needed to pay for the debt to the Bank of England to pay for the French and Indian war. The Parliament and the King enacted the Stamp Act where every official document and every item needed to King's stamp on it where the colonist had to pay at tax to have the Kings stamp. How did not enforce it? The Enacted the Townsend Act where British soldiers could write their own search warrants bypassing a magistrate to enter a home to see if every item had the Kings stamp on every official document in the home.

           Due to unjust laws with taxes and regulation, the colonies did not have economic freedom in a free market economy because there was none. Monopolies where enthroned in a mercantile system where a few benefit at the expense of many. These unjust laws stifle competition in favor of one corporation over the other. These unjust laws were by design to force the population to pay into a fraud, the king was not afraid to use force to enforce unjust laws to get the colonist to pay the debt to the Bank of England. When the Red Coats came to Lexington to steal the arsenal from the local militia to make sure the people could not revolt against the king. They were met with resistance because the people decided to revolt, They made their stand because many seen it as an injustice to live one more day under the King and his unjust laws to pay back the bankers in the form of taxes and unjust laws. The colonist saw it as a duty to resist injustice after repeated petitions have failed. When the Red Coats fired the first shot, which is when they lost the war before it started when they oppressed the early colonist.

               Today we are dealing with the same parallels with federal government acting just as King George III did before the conflict at Lexington and Concord. The difference today is technology. The use of portable video cameras and communication being much more rapid than the 19th century has changed the dynamics drastically. People see who the bad people are. The government cannot lie anymore and get away with it. When we see government at all levels attacking family farms, lemonade stands and health food stores with a vengeance. When we are getting see the point of a gun using coercive force to pay a debt we do not owe to bail out a few select political cronies. Our economy is destroyed and forced to have a currency that is no more than debt slip with interest attached to it we can never pay back to the bankers. The government is unresponsive to the will of the people; the only way they respond back is by force to protect the crook from Wall Street to Washington DC.

                We will not by force pay for the bailout anymore we never consented. The people have a duty to resist non violently first before they are forced to fight back in self-defense. We are under an unjust system they not only steals our freedoms, but also robs us our ability to produce a good and service. We are getting to the point when people lose everything and there is nothing left to lose, they will lose it and push back. We have to duty to resist non violently and if the government responds back with unreasonable force unprovoked following orders from the top. That is when we know they have lost the battle firing the first shot, that is when we have a duty to resist or we perish


Judge Andrew Napaolitano Freedom Watch Oct 26, 2011 Talks the Plain Truth About the Unconstitutional Patriot Act.

Nigel Farage Rips the EU Bailouts on Freedom Watch Oct 26, 2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Alex Jones, One Day We Are Winning, The Other Day We Are Losing. He is Flip Flopping

             Alex Jones, you are acting just like a politician, So think you think the people do not know what you know are dumbed down idiots? It seems the country is going to hell one day. Than on another day, the globalist are losing running scared. Occupy Wall street one day wants to end the Fed. The next day they are drinking the Obama Kool-aid. Which Alex Jones am I listening to? I surely like to know. One day Liberty is rising and we will not be defeated. The next day, we have become slaves.

            It seems Alex is flip flopping behind the microphone. I do not listen Alex Jones unless he has a guest on the air for one reason. They are more mentally balanced than he is, even the callers are. I rather listen to cooler heads who know how to prevail. People who are balanced are not all work and no play. They have more of a pulse on the public than Alex does. I cannot stand rants, so what the bankers want a Bank of the World. They may be rolling it out, but they have major odds standing the way. It does not mean they will get it., So what if they written white papers. They are not the bible. They are written by depraved maniacs whose end is destruction.

           Which will it be Alex will be on tomorrow? can he be consistent for once. Can you start drawing and encouraging the strengths we do have and not so much the bad news we all know exist. We do not need be reminded anymore. It is time for solutions which Alex is lacking. Most listeners are ready for solutions, not more bad news. You say the people are waking up one day. Then you call people dumbed down. Which Alex will I hear the next day? He is flip flopping. My advice to Alex, in the drivers license manual, they recommend people should not drive if they are angry and emotionally upset because they can do much harm to other motorist and pedestrians . In Alex's case. he should stay away from the microphone if he thinks he will hurt the cause more than help.

            We do not need a flip flopper that reads white papers that is no more the G-- D--- piece  of paper too. It has no more power than you give it. There is a proverb that states,"Study not to close the ways of your enemies, unless they become yours" He is letting his mind get sucked into depravity becoming a man depraved himself believing in evil more than that good always triumphs over the wicked. Because of that, Alex it seems to be helping the globalist more then hurting them. If he does not have the stability to maintain clarity behind the microphone. Than I think it is time he goes fishing with the kids to get some clarity back in your mind before you flip flop again.

              We have more assets in our favor than we think the other side does not have, If we need people who are taking the lead who can draw on that strength, mobilize it and put it to work then we allow a self fulfilling prophesy to come to pass. We do not hear to be discouraged with bad news everyday saying ti will happen before its starts.. Everybody knows it is bad out there. When need people who will talk countermeasures and not contradict themselves. Alex, stop flip flopping. It is time to,let cooler heads prevail, the last thing we need an rants. Stay home if you cannot act sane.



Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Declaration of Independence is Legal. Any Questions?

            Our history is under attack under revisionist and word smith lawyers. The very foundations that has been the vanguard of freedom is being undermined by forces from within and from without. They need to attack the founding documents that gave life to this nation we so much love. Now a bunch of sore loser legal eagles in jolly old England now say the Declaration of Independence is not a legal document, which is a bunch of lies to try to get the US back under the control of a monarchy.

          The Declaration of Independence was written by Thomas Jefferson in 1776 who later became our third President. This founding document was telling the King of England the colonies are severing their political ties and becoming a new nation. They have listed their reasons why they are leaving the British empire. The long train of abuses after peaceful petitions have failed. The Declaration is legal without question steeped in legal and biblical precedent. They appealed to the supreme ruler of the universe,the final authority in the human events of men.

          The reason why this is legal is because it is based on the Magna Carta. When the Bank of England controled the British Crown. They brought an unjust monetary system upon the colonies. The Magna Carta clearly states clearly, usury is illegal. The bank of England was issuing the currency at interest which crippled the economy in the colonies. Also trial by jury and the right to habeas corpus were denied in place of star chamber proceedings. The Declaration of Independence is rooted in English Common Law that derives from the Magna Carta itself.

          The Declaration of Independence was a notice to King George III that he has broken the contract with the colonist violating the Magna Carta. That declared the contract null and void by the king with usurpations violating the Magna Carta with monetary policy under the control of the Bank of England to the violations of people's rights. The Magna Carta is the source of the Declaration of Independence which is still a legal document of the United kingdom

           There is nothing to stop us from celebrating the Fourth of July. We are still a republic and not a subject to the crown anymore.The Declaration of Independence is still legal no matter how many lawyers from the British Accreditation Registry say it is not . It is ours and not the politicians to say otherwise.


The Customer is Always Right, Not the Government, The Companies Have No Bussiness to Comply With the Patriot Act

              We are not the criminals; we just want to the government to mind their own business. When we see companies like Walgreens carding old people for beer and cigarettes. What is next, are they going to force you to take a vaccine just to buy a birthday card? I even notice customer service representatives starting to ask questions that are an invasion of my privacy. These questions are none of their business. It seems these big box stores fear the government more than they fear the customers. I wish the people wake up and stop supporting the companies that are getting into people's personal space just to conduct everyday transactions.

             When I am at the bank so I can withdraw money from my own account for any personal reason. It is not the teller's business to ask how I will spend my money. When I deposit money it is none of their business how I earned it. When I rent a car. It is none of their business to ask were I am going and what I am doing. I do not want to thumb scan to buy and sell. The people of Louisiana need to rebel and use cash anyway telling state government "no" to this nonsense prohibiting cash in second hand transactions. Using cash is privacy. It is none of the government's business what we spend our money on where and when. If I am not breaking any laws, it is not the obligation of the private sector to do Homeland Security's dirty work to turn people in for normal everyday activity. Just to justify their existence of DHS.

              By voting with our wallets keeping our money local, to keep the funds in town among small merchants. Also, send a message to these corporate retail giants that they have to start protecting their customer’s privacy, that doing business with the US government acting as their secret police extracting personal information from patrons could be bad for business. The US government is telling businesses to do things outside of law. The most important obligation to retailers is protecting their costumers from unlawful and unreasonable policies that invade the person's right to privacy.

               We have a bill of rights for the reason to restrain government power over the people. Using the excuse of the war on terror to ask personal questions not relevant to the reason why they are there. Then if that is the case, we need to take our business somewhere else who will not give us the hassle of the patriot act. If there is an airport, airline or business that says no to government nonsense, that will be good for the company. Please let me know. I will take my business there.

               The government ships in the drugs, and we have a war on drugs. The government stages the terrorism, and still has a war on terrorism. All take away due process of law designed not to stop the drugs and terrorism. Nevertheless, to strip away our rights as an excuse to control the people with draconian laws. We need to vote with our wallets and stay away from retailers who are partnered with Homeland security. The only way we can send a message is vote with your feet taking your money elsewhere and voting with your wallet. If they are not going to keep the privacy of their clients, then they do not deserve our business. The customer is always right saying leave me alone. It is none of their damn business.

Monday, October 24, 2011

We Need Occupy Austin Texas, Occupy The Legislator to Seceed, The Hell With Wall Street.

            There is a time to call it quits, cut our losses and start over. to the people of Texas, are you tired yet being walked over the Washington DC? It is time not to protest Wall Street and we need to assemble at the state capital to redress our grievances. Our problem is the our elected representatives have failed to stand in the gap between the Federal government abusing its power and the people of Texas. It appears the politicians in Austin are more interested in going along to get along with Washington instead kicking them out of Texas,

             I am tired of being at the mercy of George Soros and the other robber barons. I am tired of Ben Bernake's printing press. I am tired of TSA grabbing the pretty ladies. injuring the man's groin. Texans should not tolerate TSA on our highways in Texas as they are doing in Tennessee. We do not have to put up with high utility rates thanks to the EPA. We should not be obligated to bailout Bank of America and our right to keep and bear arms not be violated anymore. We cannot allow our family farms to be shut down anymore. We should not put up with farmers markets and roadside stands anymore being raided.

            The reason why Texas is in sad shape is not to blame on Washington. It is the blame of our state government not erecting barriers against Federal encroachment as they were supposed to do. They have failed us. Gov Perry with all his tea party rants is all hat and no cattle. We need to occupy the governor's mansion, the State capital building and tell them all you are all fired. They have failed the people of Texas. The will of the people of Texas was thwarted by a threats from Washington. When the people who are supposed to govern are cowards and the average Texans have more courage to say "bring it on" when they threatened with a no fly zone. We could have pushed back at that point if the State Senate did not cave. It would have been a victory for Texas and freedom. It would have been a political blow to Obama

            While everyone is occupying Wall Street, Texas should say,the hell with this mess and start over as a republic independent from Washington DC.  Occupy Austin to secede, declare our independence from the United States. We are Texans, we do things bigger and badder. Even our Governor is the biggest moron out there we can be proud of. If George Soros's goons and the communist useful idiots try to co-opt us. The will get a rude awakening that communist trying to occupy Texas will find out the hard way they cannot coexist in the Lone Star State. Why waste time picketing Wall Street. Texas we needs to secede and start over. We are better off without Wall Street and Washington DC.

The Federal Reserve Bank is a Moral Hazard to the Nation and the World

                 We can complain about how the US Government is too big and bloated. We can get upset all we want about how Washington DC is the richest city in the nation. We can complain about which alphabet soup agencies are infringing on people's rights. We can worry all we want about the economy, inflation and dollar devaluation. We can complain about the police state being brutal on the population. We can get upset all we want about these undeclared wars and the empire we have abroad. We can debate about social security. We can moan all about the welfare state, the national debt and deficit spending. The truth is these are all the tentacles of the monster. We have to identify the beast of which it really is. We have to come to terms of its negative effects on our national character. This institution has robbed the nation of more than its wealth. It has robbed the people of its ruggedness; it is the source of the moral rot permeating our society today. Like a cancer spreading far and wide from the corporate world, from Main Street to Wall Street. All the way from high places in government down to the lowly bureaucrat, its influence knows no limits. Its influence has metastasized everywhere. 

                  We have to identify the problem responsible for our decline. We have to admit, what the root cause of our maladies we have as a nation. We have to understand, money is the mother's milk to the politicians. That is how they buy votes to win the next election. So where does these politicians get the money to spend? They get it from the Federal Reserve Bank were by magic they print up money out of thin air. This is the root cause of deficit spending and a bloated inefficient government. This is the reason for the moral decline in America. The welfare state wrecked society. It has put the responsibility of children caring for their parents in their old age, turned it over to the government with social security along with Medicare and Medicaid. The children are the real social security program. The welfare check has taken the place of the wage-earning father. Now we have children born out of wedlock in the black community by single mothers only in the home with no fathers present. The welfare state that was supposed to be a safety net, now this well intentioned system is now become a hammock for many people taking away the incentive to work.

                    The Federal Reserve Bank is at the heart of most of the political corruption in Washington DC. With these undeclared wars in the Middle East. Politicians will receive generous political contributions to their reelection campaigns by the Military Industrial complex. Why do you think there is just phony outrage from congress with Obama about the wars he never went to congress for a declaration? Why has congress has not acted as they should being a check on the executive branch being outside the law. The Military Industrial Complex own many of our elected representatives . If the bombs keep dropping in the Middle East, these defense contractors will keep selling ordinance to the Department of Defense. They do not make money when there are no wars.

                     When President Nixon closed to gold window, taking the dollar off the gold standard was a big mistake. This is when we seen the expansion in the size of government starting to accelerate. With the Federal Reserve, printing money out of thin air has corrupted the morals of a nation from the highest levels down into society. Dishonest money printed by the Federal Reserve is the biggest root cause to our society in decline morally, ethically and spiritually. With the printing presses going at warp speed printing this fiat currency, corruption and immorality flourish. We need to go back to honest money backed by gold and silver. This would keep the government within its means giving the power of the monetary policy back into the hands of congress as the Constitution mandates and shutting down the Federal Reserve System. As long, we have this central bank owned by foreign interest. Our nation will continue to decline because the Federal Reserve Bank is the Beast that is the biggest moral hazard to the nation and the world.

Friday, October 21, 2011

We have to Elect State Legislators To Stop Federal Incursion. Voting for Ron Paul is Not Enough.

             It is sad we have too many state legislatures who do not do their job, In Texas and in Florida we have 17 lobbyist to every one state legislature. When I heard about Homeland/TSA checkpoints in the State of Tennessee. That means the county Sheriffs and the Governor are not doing their job. Their jobs is not to go along to get along with the Federal government. Their job first and foremost is the protect and secure the constitutional rights of the people, not looking for federal tits to suck off of.

             Electing Ron Paul is not enough. We have to start vetting our Sheriffs ,State Legislatures and candidates running for office. We have to ask them to really important questions. We have to ask them questions as. Will they protect the people from unreasonable searches and seizures on the highways. Will they stop unlawful incursions when the Federal government steps outside of the legal perimeters and breaks its own laws? Will they stand up for the people who elect them or go along to get along with some Federal thug. We are seeing a violations of Federal jurisdiction.

              The reason why the Federal government is walking all over the states because the state governments and local governments do nothing. I do not blame the Federal government for their appetite to do a power grab. I place the responsibility on the local and state government for not doing their jobs. If they are accepting Homeland Security grant money. It is time to throw out the local goverment who will not protect its people from illegal federal takeovers. We have to start holding our elected people on the state and local level accountable for their inaction. If we do not, The feds will over run us. Voting for Ron Paul is not enough. We need like minded people on the local and state level. If we do not, we all suffer.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

While the Nation 's Infrastructure Crumbles Washington DC is now the RIchest City in the Nation

                While the rest of the nation is falling apart and cutting back on services. Washington DC is booming. One of the biggest wealth redistribution scams were the wealth of the states is transferred to Washington DC enriching them and impoverishing the nation. Thanks to big government policies of both political parties. Government does not create wealth, it consumes wealth. Under the Bush and Obama administration, the size of the goverment has bloated to monstrous proportions. As a result Washington DC is the richest city while the nation falls apart..    

               We have teachers being laid off and police services scaled back. In my county I live in, the fire houses have shut down and we have to rely on volunteer firefighters. We  have stray animals roaming that were abandoned by their owners because Animal Control was the first to get cut and the mosquitoes had a feast on us last summer because they cannot afford to spray everywhere. The roads are not being maintained. Our phone and power bills have went up because of federal taxes.This all for Washington's thriving economy of bureaucrats and parasites. We all suffer while Washington is having T- bone steak on our hard earned dime while we eat beans.

               Government is best when it governs least. We do not see that today. Government does not create jobs that produce, by regulation it takes away jobs. They can never create wealth. they only steal it by taxation and from the other end the Federal Reserve steals wealth by printing money out of thin air. We need to drop the name Washington DC from the nations capital because the city is a disgrace, the city is not worthy to be named after the father of our country who faught for freedom and liberty. It should be called Corruptropolis District of Criminals. Just like in a Batman movie. It is a disgrace that our nations capital is the richest city while we outside the beltway are barely surviving. People in DC, enjoy the party now, it does not last forever. When the dollar implodes, the party is over.



Can Occupy Wall Street Lead to Bank Holiday to Avert People Closing Bank Accounts In Novermber?

               When we see the NYPD arrest people for entering a bank for just closing out their accounts. We know they are getting desperate to keep the banking system from imploding because without money in deposit. The banks have less to loan using fractional reserve banking were for every dollar in deposit, the bank loans out 10 times the amount by creating money out of thin air. With numerous people seeing the Federal Reserve System on Occupy Wall Street as the cause for our economic misery.. With account holders money withdrawn not only brings the bank down. This can also cause the Federal Reserve Bank to be exposed for its shenanigans as a result .

               I read about on November 5, 2011, it has been rumored that people plan on going to their banks nationwide closing their accounts at the mega banks responsible for the economic depression. I see this puts the banks and the Federal Government between a rock and a hard place. If there is on November 5 a run on the banks causing them to be insolvent in one day putting them out of business. This can send shockwaves  around the world. They cannot risk the bad publicity nationwide of the police arresting people seeking to close their accounts all around the country. It would be bad publicity that exposes the financial dictatorship if they use police power to arrest people for shutting down their bank accounts.

               The only card they have to play left is call for a Bank Holiday to stop a run on the banks. That means the President closing the banks so people will not be able to withdraw their cash. This is the empire striking back against the people for the banks. This run on the banks might be a set up to justify closing the bank to grind the economy to a halt, and to devalue the currency like they did with a bank holiday during the great depression. This might be a trap. So I suggest just quietly just withdraw your funds and close your account without telling your reasons, doing this might keep the other side off balance. To have people just do it in a quiet protest.

              This telling people on Nov 5 might be a trap so the goverment can shut down the bank to grind the economy to a halt to create civil unrest so they can bring in Martial law. I would say please be careful in how we move our money out of the banks. Do not give the President the excuse to drop the hammer on us. People doing a run on the banks might be all the excuse needed for the President to close the banks pulling the rug out from under us.

Back Stabbing Politicians

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Occupy America is A Sign of the Empire Crumbling and Justice is Coming.

               One of the things that makes American great that we can look back in history is that injustices will be corrected. We put the institution of slavery behind us. There are still atrocities that have to be addressed, especially with the native Americans. So I give the warning to all those arrogant bankers and politicians about history.Do not be so high and mighty as an arrogant man does when thinks he could get away with it because he thought the system will protect him again. For his crime even though it spans decades ago, justice caught up with him. He still paid the price for murder.

               I am talking about Byron Da La Beckwith thought he got away with his crime assassinating freedom fighter and civil rights activist Medgar Evers in Mississippi. No matter how many trials they tried to convict him with because the system was rigged. He thought arrogantly he would get away with it until 1994 he was found guilty of first degree murder buy a jury of his peers. He died in prison at the age of 80. It just shows justice has a way of catching up the person no matter how much they may think the fix is in.

              The Bankers and Robber Barons like George Soros and the Rockefeller Clan, the Rothschild and all the political ruling class around the world. Those who have committed murder to the people who have exposed your crimes and who were a threat to you. For the atrocities committed against indignant populations in the name of saving the earth. Justice has a way of finding them. As for the law of Karma that says what goes around and comes around or the Bible that say you will read what you sow. Justice is about to be served on you many fold.

               Go ahead and laugh at the crowd outside in the streets braving the elements of the weather. Go ahead in your arrogance thinking you can get away with it. The empire is crumbling, the printing presses at the Federal Reserve will not save you from the collapse. When the empire collapses, the people will know who to blame. It will not be the middle class and the first generation millionaires who invest and creates job. The people will look at the money junkies and demand accountability for the theft and misery caused by the lust of power and greed. The spirit of justice is more powerful then the lust for power,wealth and control. Humanity will prevail and justice will be served.

                For those saying cheers laughing at the peasants below believing there is nothing to fear. The empire is imploding, the regime may not be able to shield you from your crimes against humanity, When a new form of goverment takes over. It maybe like the newly formed goverment of Iceland after they defeated the bankers. Now since the system no longer protects the bankers in Iceland. Now they are facing trial and being jailed for the fraud they have bestowed. So do not think wealth will shield you from consequence, because it will not and all the wealth in the world cannot spare you all from justice when it comes. The Bankers crime will be an injustice that will be corrected soon. Each day that goes by when justice is not carried out, it is one more day of injustice on humanity. As the Elite laugh with no worry saying let the good time roll, little do they know their days are numbered, no one knows the day of judgement upon them except our father in heaven.

Woman Wrongfully Jailed Because of Her Name for 53 days Because Dumb Cops Did Not Do Their Job.


              Police work is getting more sloppier by the day, When a lady who called the police to report her car stolen was arrested because of the same name for aggravated assault. How can the police be so unthinking, so careless and sloppy? This could have been resolved with simple procedures that she would not spend one minute in the county lock up. So why did they keep her in jail for 53 days? Welcome to the new police state,everyone is guilty until proven innocent.

              There are procedures in place not to jail the wrong person. Suppose a John Smith commit a crime. Should the police arrest all John Smith's based on a person with the same name?  Well the birthday and living address did not match as well as she had an alibi the date of the crime. She did not even fit the physical description either.There is the police lineup were the victim can see if that is the person who committed the act. That was not done either. This is a severe miscarriage of justice I ever seen where the police do not follow up to make sure they had the right person.

              I can understand a mistake and it was corrected in no time if the police would have done a line up and checked out her information to see it did not match. If the Police did their job, she would have been back to her life in no time so she can get her car back that was stolen. Instead she spent 53 days in jail. She will not get back that time lost incarcerated. I hope she sues the pants of the country and the police for such careless disregard. Now I know why black people hate the police because of sloppy disregard for the people when it comes to justice being done. I hope she gets justice and compensated for her lost time behind bars that might have caused her much hardship. I can understand overnight in jail just being sure she is the suspect. But 53 days in jail is over the top. This shows us ,the system is broken and needs to be fixed.

Terrorist Threat Cancels Tea Party Event in Texas? It Sounds Phony and Fabricated to Me

               To me I believe the Islamic threat is fabricated myth. Islam is more of a threat because we are attacking their countries and way of life. The Muslim people do not need to attack our freedom. Our US Government has done it for them wit the TSA groping us at the airport and the Department of Homeland Security encroaching on our liberties. To hear that at Tea Party event in Sugarland Texas was stopped abruptly because the Council of American Islamic Relation opposed the speaker preaching on the dangers of Islam.

               When the Hyyat Regency Hotel was intimidated because speaker Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs was going to speak out against CAIR about the so called dangers of Islam. Is the US Government trying to keep the fear alive of those evil Muslims? I do not think it is over Islamic phobia. I believe the speaker was going to talk about CAIR being a CIA front group and asset like Osoma Bin Laden was? Was Pam going to talk about false flag terror the goverment uses and how the US government stages these attacks to use radical Islam as a scapegoat to stealing our freedom and go to war?

                Why is CAIR threatening this tea party event, Why is CAIR not in front of the White House, protesting where Neo Cons war mongers speak who preach daily about radical Islam as the threat. The organization of Atlas Shrugs is named after the book Atlas Shrugged written by Ann Rand who in her novel talked about how our government is pulling false flag attacks and how the government puts phony front groups out there to scare people. Was CAIR about the exposed as a CIA front group by Pam Geller at this Tea Party event?

                Can this fear of the Islamization of America just be a fable that is not a Muslim Grass Roots movement, it is all CIA front groups pushing for Sharia law to instil fear in American to defeat the phony threat to radical Islam. If this were true, then why is there no one looking at the Mexicanization of America with AL Raza and Lulac calling for the conquest of America. If this speaker Pam Geller was going to talk about the Islamization of America as a CIA front group using Islam as a vehicle of fear to a phony threat and not looking at the real threat of these pro illegal alien groups being the real threat to our national security. Do you think this threat was phony or is it real. Tell me I would like to know. I do not know what Pam was going to say. But people in high places did not like it at all. Do you agree?

Need to Laugh? Hear is Some Poltical Sature and Humor.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pastor Camping Can you Spare a Million Dollars for What Really Happened Since You will Be Raptured Oct 21st. You will Not Need That Money Anymore if You Are in Heaven.

                    Did you know Pastor Camping made millions of dollars deceiving the flock to believe the rapture was back on May 21, 2011? He did admit he had his math was wrong and the new date is Oct 21, 2011 now. Since he is not going to need that money because he going to enter the pearly gates of heaven to walk the streets paved in gold. I say organizations like What really Happened can sure use a million dollars so the money can do some real good for humanity. That would be the best million dollars he spent. I know he will be a good steward with the funds. He would be a far better steward than most Christians are.

                    Mike and Clair Rivero have plans to come back to the mainland from Hawaii. They plan to relocate somewhere. They want to purchase a motor home not only to tour the nation spreading the message of freedom and liberty. He would fight for your right of freedom to abuse your religion to fleece the flock for funds. He would also preach the right of your followers to be stupid and naive sending you money. The only good thing we can say about your followers is, they did not ask for a goverment bailout like the money junkies did when they made a bad decision. When you lied to them about being raptured last spring so you can sucker them out of more money, they will send more cash even when you are wrong. That is  what America is about, living with your choices even if you are an idiot.

                     Since you say the rapture is coming Oct 21st. I say leave one million dollars for Mike Rivero so he can continue What Really Happened be a quality news service and last bastion of free speech. Also tell your followers if they own guns to please give them to us and not the police station. We will need those weapons to battle the anti Christ forces while you all are in heaven looking down. If one your followers has a house they can spare and a motor home since you all are going to heaven. Mike and Clara will be grateful to you. They will not say "Praise the Lord" on the Radio". But they will thank you buy not squandering the funds and what is givin to them. For any of you Pastor Camping Followers who will be reading this blog. Since you will not be needing the money because you will be walking in streets paved with gold after you been raptured out of here.. Please push the PayPal button and donate to What Really Happened since you will not need the money anyway.

Freedom Watch 10-17-11. Is Phony Libertarian Talk Radio Host Neal Boortz Jumping on the Ron Paul Bandwagon?

                                           Also Watch Video of 100 years of Statism below

Monday, October 17, 2011

Seeing the America That Was Through the Art of Norman Rockwell.

         Looking at portraits of Norman Rockwell that were published in the Saturday Evening Post. Do you think if he were alive today be politically correct? The American of the day of Norman Rockwell and the USA as it is today. Even if this great artist was to rise from the dead. I think he would be sad to see how far we have fallen, But I thank God for him to remind us of a time when things were simple and wholesome.

Innocent crush. Now the school will give him a condom without the parents permission teach and them things they are not ready to learn, Still the School will ask the parents if the child can take an aspirin.

  In the above photo we see.Today this could be considered sexual harassment by the feminist culture today

 Do you remember when they taught the boy scouts something before Political correctness took over. That has changed. Now they have been taken over by Homeland security to be spies for them and go after disgruntled Veterans.

                Now the post office now spies on us for Homeland security and is inefficient as is

        Children respected their elders, The old people use to be looked up to by the youth. Now they get thrown into Nursing Homes. Children no longer look after the parents. Now the Government does.

  When Healthcare was not under goverment control. It was less inexpensive and there was a real Doctor patient relationship. Now we have the goverment and insurance companies making choices doctors should make. Who needs Obamacare? I rather go back to a country Doctor making house calls who is affordable.
                           Families no longer have time at the dinner table like they used to.

                 I use to have fun on family roads trips, Now with a seat belt law, road trips are no fun because kids are strapped down and cannot see out the window they are so small. Daddy will get a big fine if the kiddies are not wearing their seat belt.

                 Public Schools at one time were the best,we lead the world. Now they are indoctrination centers. A High School Dropout is smarter to then the teacher today.A Teacher back decades ago had high standards of moral conduct who were upstanding people. Today Teachers have sex with the students and cannot teach basic reading because even with a masters degree from Yale ,they still can't read or find Texas on the Map.

         Now this woman will have CPS called on her and she will sit in a jail for child abuse.

This man will get beat up by the Police today standing up in a city council meeting speaking out in Quartzsite Arizona. Free speech still is a cherished right we must preserve.

           The Beginning of the end of racial segregation and the integration of the races.

           When police were peace officers, Today would be tazerd for even disturbing him during his lunch hour

         When girls were girls and dressed well being feminine. They never wore pants. Now they act like men and dress like men.

          This final picture is because a commenter complained I had no Asian, no Negros, no Hispanics and no native Americans because the pictures were all white people. Well I do not take a goverment grant, so I am not obligated to meet any racial quotos. To be politically correct I will post a picture of all the races. I will not take away the major contributions they gave in science, literature and on the battlefield fighting for freedom. This blogs main purpose was to show the radical shift in our culture and the loss of liberty. To show how far we have fallen as a society. This is not about race and never intended it to be. If a person has a problem because all races are not included. I say get a life and deal with it. I am part native American, my children are half Hispanic as well as Caucasian. I do not make race an issue. If you make race an issue because I have no diversity in my blog. You will get no sympathy from me.