Friday, March 30, 2012

The Real America's Most Wanted List of Financial Terrorist.

America is being robbed right now; the people involved have no regard or any pity of the people who are affected the most. They do not care about who they hurt and put out on the streets. They are responsible for mass genocides and famines. They have orchestrated misery and poverty. It shows if John Walsh really cared about going after the scum of the earth who really harm children. He would have been going after these oligarchs because they are the biggest pedophiles of them all. He would be watching who is at Bohemian grove. I am not saying do not go after the low-level criminals. There are criminals in all levels of the social ladder.

Just because these people wear nice office suits and look respectable. Do not let looks fool you. They started wars for conquest, wrecked economies, destroyed societies and plundered a nation's natural resources by fraud. They manipulate the markets and the value of the currencies. They rig the game regardless if the times are prosperous or hard times, they always come out on top unscathed. They control and buy off our politicians. They control governments and enslave people through deception and fraud.

It is time these people be arrested and be held accountable for their actions. I have made a list that John Walsh's America's Most Wanted never will go after, who are the biggest child sex offenders of all. Somehow, they always escape justice no matter what crime they commit. They really do get away with murder. I am going to name names of who needs to be brought to justice so the world and free humanity will get a reprieve from the yoke of the murderers and robber barons.

Maurice Strong- Billionaire and phony environmentalist.
 Been involved undermining our industrial base
Been found to have committed fraud has outstanding warrants around the world

David Rockefeller. Robber Baron.
Responsible of murders and eugenic. Numerous crimes against humanity.
Admits committing treason against the United States.

George Soros. Fraud and Manipulation of the markets. Has numerous warrant for his arrest in many countries for his dirty tricks and deceit.

Warren Buffet. Fraud and Manipulation Racketeering.

The House of Rothschild  Fraud and enemy of humanity. This family needs to be brought down. Their stranglehold over Europe must come to an end

Jamie Dimon. Head of JP Morgan. Uses fraud to rip off people and manipulates the silver markets.

Lloyde Blankfien  The Head of Goldman Sachs.. Fraud, deceit. Admits he likes to rip off their clients.

Many more people need to be under arrest for their fraud. These people above are the ones holding back progress and development of the third world and impoverished many nations. They did it by fraud, deceit and by financial terrorism. Eventually the universe will bend toward justice if we stay the course. Many of them have warrants for their arrest in numerous nations. It is my prayer that God's justice will not stay quiet forever. This worldwide awakening of humanity means that God is getting ready to judge the elite too. All that wealth will not save them nor deliver them from the hand of God’s judgment. Duty is ours; the consequences are God’s

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Is Obamacare Being Challanged in the Wrong Court?

We are now hearing about how Obamacare is being challenged before the US Supreme court as I type this blog. I just think the states have it backwards challenging this bad law. The states created the Federal government with very limited powers. I just think it is the wrong way for the states to fight this monstrosity called Obamacare. The US Congress has twisted the commerce clause to mean anything to attack personal liberty and property rights. The states always go to Federal Court and they do not need to. The answer lies within the state government to nullify Obamacare.

If I were the governor of Texas as the governor, here is what I would do. I would go to my State Supreme Court and ask for does the Federal government have jurisdiction inside Texas to force everyone to buy health insurance. Does the Federal government have jurisdiction to take over health care and set up death panels inside the state? If the State Supreme stands on the ninth and tenth amendments saying, Washington has no legal jurisdiction. The state courts should order injunctions against Federal intrusion. Why should the States go into Federal court? That is like asking to wolves to keep the foxes out of the hen house.

Back when the Alien and Sedition Act was passed attacking the first amendment back in the late 1700s. The response to this tyrannical law was the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions. In both of these resolutions that are of historical significance. It was straight forward saying it is the duty of the state legislators to interpose themselves between the Federal government and the people. States are not obligated to go into Federal court to block an illegal and unconstitutional law. It is not the duty of the Federal courts to interpose themselves on the behalf of the people. It is the duty of the state governments to stand in the gap.

Also, look at the Supreme Court landmark ruling of Prinz Mack vs. Brady Bill where the majority opinion by Justice Scalia said the States are not obligated to follow federal directives. We see the State's AGs going into Federal court over the EPA and other overreaching laws coming out of Washington DC. It is a waste of time going into Federal court when the state government can interpose themselves to keep the Federal government out of their jurisdiction.

Passing resolutions and Nullification laws is trying to reinvent the wheel. The Constitution gives the several States the legal framework to keep a bloated Federal government from trampling on the people's and the state's rights. The TSA could have been history if the State just looked at the Landmark Supreme Court Ruling Prinz Mack vs. Brady Bill decision along reading the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions. The state would realize they never needed to go into Federal Court that never had any jurisdiction anyway to hear the case because it does not involve interstate commerce. It belongs in the state courts because it is a Federal Law that interferes with intrastate commerce within the state. The states determine jurisdiction.

Obamacare was challenged in the wrong courts to begin with. The State AG should have relied on the courts of the State governments to provide legal guidelines to erect barriers. It is the duty of the State government to keep Obamacare out. It is not the duty of the Federal court. If the States said “no” from the get go. Obamacare would be nullified by default because of non-compliance of the states. Waiting for the high court to rule on a matter for the State government is a bad habit that must be broken.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Will Government Confiscate all Gold and Silver under National Defense Resourse Preparedness?

We have been hearing about the controversy of Obama latest executive order for the last couple of weeks. We all know the President has giving himself the authority to confiscate everything in the name of national security. We all know Obama is Wall Street's bitch. Obama has been aiding and abetting the robber barons looting the nation. Under this executive order singed in the dark of night when we least expected it, that has many people very concerned. Will he use this executive order to pull off the biggest heist of the 21st century?

To speak hypothetically of a possible scenario that I would not put past Obama to try to pull. We can see again that the government is going to run out of money. This time congress is less reluctant to give in to the President's wishes this time around. The dollar might fully collapse at a time they did not plan for in their timetable. It can be a fabricated crisis. Congress can refuse to raise the debt ceiling this time due to public pressure. Anything the President perceives as a national emergency, or does he need the money to fund the wars. He can enact the powers of these executive orders to go after anything.

We can see a phony crisis being concocted to go after the American's people gold, maybe even silver. He will order people like back when FDR was President to seize all safety deposit boxes and demand American to turn in their gold and silver coins, jewelry and would not surprise me if that be a couple's wedding rings now required to be surrendered this time around. This is why people should by safes for their homes and bolt them to the floor and empty their safety deposit boxes over everything.

My solution is empty my safety deposit box; take everything valuable out of the box. Even that classic Barbie doll you might collected.I would buy a cheap can of gold spray paint from the dollar store. I would get a bunch of rocks and spray paint them gold. Then I would fill the safety deposit box with these gold painted rocks. Our valuable stocks, bonds, gold and silver are not safe anymore in a bank's safety deposit boxes. It safer in a safe in your home next to a Winchester 12 gauge shotgun placed nearby.

The last time the American people's gold was stolen by the Bankers was back in 1933 through FDR's executive order to make holding gold illegal. Can this latest executive order be used to loot what is left of the nation? It would not surprise me at all if he did. Obama has stooped to an all time low in so any ways. However, if the government tries to confiscate the gold for the bankers using a phony reason the government needs to stay running or funding for the wars.I know he is going to have a hard going after the guns, he is surely going to have a hard time going after the gold this time around if the people still well armed. Do you agree? Fool America back in 1933, Shame on them, Try to fool us gain with the same scam. I don't think so.

Obamacare: Nullification by Non Compliance as a Last Resort?

One of the most atrocious pieces of legislation to be passed into law is Obamacare. Many state Attorney Generals are suing the Federal government to have this law overturned as unconstitutional. The states see the immense cost trying to implement this law. Small business will take a big financial hit with heavy taxes to fund this bureaucratic nightmare.

The Law was rammed down the throats of the American people against their will. The people never consented to this law. This law is more then just the government taking over the medical industry. It is a medical tyranny forcing treatments and denying care. It is eugenics and euthanasia. It is anti life and pro death. This forces people to buy something from the government they do not want with jail time, fines and penalties if people refuse to enroll into the government system.

 Now it is up in the air if the US Supreme Court will uphold Obamacare as the law of the Land or shoot it down as unconstitutional. If the law is unconstitutional, Obama will find a way to enforce the law defying the High Court. They are defying court orders now with drilling in the Gulf. The White House is not complying with court orders with impunity being in contempt of court. We have to be ready if the Supreme Court upholds the Obamacare as the law of the land when they rule on the case pending now. We cannot wait for congress to repeal the law or defund it. So what will the people do? The High Court is not the final check on government.

The American people are the final check on the power of government. We can see some states not allowing Obamacare; we can see employers, individuals state and local governments just say we are not paying for this. It cost too much. I am not paying the fines either. We can see millions of people just not comply with Obamacare. The beginning of civil disobedience, it might be so big the people who will not go along with it. The states might not cooperate with the feds to arrest people for non-compliance either. It can be so big and massive when people flat our refuse to pay for this nightmare healthcare system then never wanted in the first place. Obamacare might collapse by non-compliance on a massive scale.

The last resort we can hope for is the American people, local governments and the states being the final check on the government's power. Washington is so dysfunctional; they cannot agree whether to have single ply or two-ply toilet paper in the capital building. The people have lost faith in Washington. It is the consent of the governed just not complying with the right to keep and bear arms to back it up as a last resort. We are the final check on government power when government fails to uphold the Constitution. It has always been our power and it is our duty. Do you understand? We are the government and we have the real power. I rest my case.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Sincere Message To Black Americans About Treyvon.

I will say this to black Americans before these self-appointed Black Leaders suck them in into the race baiting getting angry stirring the pot. I will ask many black Americans to take step back and look. Think for a minute about what you are being told to think and feel. I understand that the death of Treyvon Martin is not something I wish on anyone. If George Zimmerman is guilty, then he will pay the price. I will not deny that racism was a problem in our history. It is a scourge forever to be in the history books.

Why I say, take a step back and think. Ask yourself who stands to gain and who stands to lose? Who will benefit and who will get the shaft? I will be honest and straight forward, black Americans will not gain anything. The only things they will get are more anger and further being disenfranchised with the divide and conquer game. Let me ask you, with all these self-appointed black leaders for the last few decades who claim to speak for you. Has your situation improved? Are you better off now if you get what you want? Is a guilty verdict of Zimmerman worth it at what price?

I implore Black America to take a step back. Obama is not your friend. He wants you to riot and stir up unrest so he can declare martial law. He will use you to enslave the nation. You will be far worse off and it might be too late when you all realized you have been betrayed by President Obama who promised to pay your mortgage and car payments to be elected. Since then he has not delivered. Do not believe him when he blames the middle class because they will not pay their fair share as the excuse why he cannot keep his promises. In reality, that is an impossible promise to keep. It is sad so many people want to believe the lies and false hopes.

Think about the unintended consequences demanding justice for Treyvon Martin having George Zimmerman being found guilty in a court of law. Be careful what you ask for. The worst thing is to make a criminal trial a political circus. Politicizing this criminal case with pressure from Black America if there is not a guilty verdict of George Zimmerman is not good thing to ask for. There will be riots. That kind of intimidation derails the accused rights to due process. For Black Americans to attack his rights, they are attacking their right to due process just for the outcome they want. This is a very dangerous precedent that can act like a boomerang that will come back to haunt them.

 It is very easy to get emotional and use the word racism as a reason for every injustice in America. I plead with Black Americans. If you want your rights of due process to be secured in the future, you have to make sure George Zimmerman has his rights of due process under the law protected. Sometimes it is not good to get what you want for the sake of keeping the integrity of the criminal justice system intact and not compromise it for the sake of political reasons or expediency. The fact is Black America is being used for a hidden agenda that has nothing to do with seeking justice for Treyvon.

Justice for Treyvon will not solve the economic ills nor will it help pay the bills. It is being used to shield Obama's failures of the economy and the nation. It may be a tragic and unfortunate. Good men die everyday having bad things happen to them. Dr Martin Luther King said" A man should not be Judged by the color of his skin, but the content of his character". It think it is time Black Americans take a step back think before they jump into a frenzy that helps no one. In the end, there are no winners and everyone loses if Treyvon gets justice or not.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Virginia Man Scams Wife and Father-in-Law (Beware of People Selling Patriot Mythology)

Abingdon, Virginia – On March 23, 2012, Angela Smith was sentenced to three years in Prison by Federal Judge James P. Jones for one count of conspiracy, 214 counts of wire fraud, and 22 counts of money laundering - to all of which she is factually innocent.
Angela was married to Ron Smith, who got involved in a business called Safeguard 30/30. Smith had bought into “UCC” myths and misguided common law practices that have trapped and ruined many Americans over the past 30 years. What Smith was actually involved in was a well-disguised Ponzi scheme.
A Brief History
Smith had his wife and her father, Charles Duty, totally deceived with his new “business venture.” Angela and her Father thought that Ron possessed professional investment skills, as he had worked for Golden Mortgage Corporation, and had been trained to handle fairly large investments.
In short order Ron persuaded Charles Duty to finance a new home for him and Angela on a portion of Charles’ property, and they started building it, mainly with Mr. Duty’s money.
Angela had little time to spare as she was raising her two sons and she trusted her husband to take care of their finances. However, Ron did have Angela handle some bank matters for his business, such as being the authorized signatory for the business account. He told Angela there was trading rules and guidelines and that according to these regulations he could not be on the account. She signed checks at his direction and went in to the bank to sign for a wire. Ron Smith primarily handled all wire transactions from his home computer.
Ron and some of his co-conspirators were arrested on March 10, 2010 and charged with Conspiracy, Wire Fraud, Money Laundering, and making and distributing a false document. Angela was informed at this time that she was also being targeted for prosecution.
Government Tastes Blood
At this juncture, Angela’s world turned upside down and she hired Attorney Michael Bishop, who assured her everything would be fine and that if she was arrested he would make arrangements to have her turn herself in. He would then “take care of her” and quickly resolve any misconceptions by law enforcement.

Charles Duty
Charles Duty, one of Ron Smith's victims
Angela was finally arrested, but Bishop didn’t appear and she was reportedly forced to handle her arraignment on her own. The rest of her case went pretty much the same. She went to trial completely unprepared. In this writers opinion, Michael Bishop completely malpracticed Angela Smith and she was convicted in short order by a jury who never got to hear the truth about her involvement, or lack thereof, in her husband’s scheme. From meetings at “Burger King” with Bishop, to demanding that he call her husband as a witness at her trial, Angela’s pleas for help fell on deaf ears.
Angela is currently preparing for an appeal, attempting to find care for her sons and wondering if she will be able to find a public defender who will listen to her, and then straighten-out the tragic situation that her husband and the thieves he worked with created.
The US Attorney’s Office in Virginia has also charged Charles Duty with crimes, and they are currently attempting to take his property from him. US Attorneys Jennifer Bockhorst and Zachery Lee are also reportedly holding onto the property of Angela’s two minor children.
Charles Duty, who was clearly a major victim of Ron Smith and his gang, is now facing 2 counts of Perjury. His trial is scheduled to begin on April 9, 2012. Assistant United States Attorney Zachery Lee is the Prosecutor, Attorney Randall Eads is the Defense Attorney and James P. Jones is the judge.
We should note that Mr. Duty has been diagnosed with early stage Alzheimer’s disease, and we are concerned that he will have the proper medical testimony given to his jury. We are also very concerned about Judge Jones hearing his case due to the fact that Jones obviously holds disdain for both Ron and Angela Smith.
The US~Observer is investigating this more than obvious travesty of justice and will inform our readership on the results. Anyone with information on any of the people involved in this case is urged to contact Edward Snook at 541-474-7885 or by email to

Watch Training Videos from DHS Demonizing Normal Mundane Activity as Suspicious

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Identifying Different Psychopaths( Money Junkies and Politicians)

My Opinion giving 5 reasons Why Morale in Homeland Security is Very Low

It is very simple to figure out why the Department of Homeland Security has a morale problem. It is human nature plain and simple. I know when the Department of Homeland Security was created because of the false flag attacks September 11, 2001. Many people were scared and wanted to help the cause in the war on terror. Now it is over 10 years later since the attacks happened. Since then a lot has changed.

Many people joined Homeland security with the best of intentions to do right by their country. Many people joined the TSA with the mission to keep the skies safe. They all wanted to do their patriotic duty. Now the DHS has now shifted its focus away from Muslims in the Middle East. Now the American people are now the new enemy and the threat to national security according to the leadership of Homeland Security. I do not think everyone in DHS are bad people. Many are patriots like us who love this country. They see the insanity in the people at the top. What DHS now demands of its employees is opposite of what they thought they be doing. They must be morally conflicted trying to keep a clear conscience and still trying to keep a job in this dismal economy.

You look at Big Sis Janet Napolitano who is the secretary of Homeland Security who now handles the agency.  She has turned the agency into the secret Police like the KGB. This agency is now the biggest threat to the American people. More then Al CIA-DA or Iran could have ever been. Honey Bees along with copper heads snakes and drowning of bathtub kill more people in a year then terrorist. DHS does use common sense at all. You look in the newspaper and on the TV almost daily. There is a scandal in DHS or their lower agency underneath them, which is the TSA. These scandals make ABSCAM in the early 1980s look small in comparison.

Well lets take a good look why morale might be low in Homeland Security. First, as the article stated "It says there is a problem with leadership". Well there is so much truth to this statement. This article may talk about the lack of diversity not having enough blacks and Hispanics being part of the problem. That is not the trouble at all. I will tell you my opinion why moral is so low in DHS.

1. Janet Napolitano is strangling our freedoms in the name of the war on Terror. Many of these employees have family members or close friends who are veterans, gun owners and people who believe in the constitution. Making them enemies of the state would worry many of DHS employees.

 2. The Leadership under Obama attacking free speech and being the most corrupt administration we have seen in our lifetime. Seeing the orders and directives from the top are upside down in priorities. Most employees accept the mission statement of DHS. These people on the inside see nothing happening that reflects the mission of the agency.

3. The TSA is in the paper every week accused of rape, theft and groping innocent people. Many of these TSA workers are on power trips getting away with things a sworn peace officer cannot do. Probably the people who are in the 37 percent are satisfied with their job, the policies and the leadership because they have a license to violate people at with impunity.  The TSA being the most hated by the American people with one horror story after another. The TSA being part of Homeland security does make the good people in DHS look bad.

4. You look at our borders being wide open. With gunfights turning our cities into war zones by the drug trade on the southern border. When Illegal aliens running amok committing crimes being a real national security threat are ignored, people being very sincere are now becoming disillusioned by policies that contradict the mission. DHS sets up checkpoints to harass the American people and leaves illegal aliens alone. Sets up the TSA to grope small children while the real threats are ignored or disregarded. I live in a border state of Texas with Mexico; the border patrol morale is at an all time low because of Obama's policies. We have a border wide open that needs attention that does pose a threat to us. Instead, Homeland Security is going after the law abiding American people.

5. People inside the agency maybe are afraid to speak in fear of retaliation of more then just losing their jobs. Many people inside the system may not like these draconian policies coming down from the top. People can be afraid to dissent speaking out saying this is wrong. There can be spies and snitches keeping watch over the people in the agency. The fear of being ratted out by a snitch inside the system when they do not know who the rat can have a chilling effect too. People not free to speak their minds and are forced to be silent can be a contributing factor also. They cannot trust their colleagues because one of them is the rat. That makes it hard to trust people in the workplace. Tyrannies do have paid snitches to make sure the people are kept in line inside the agency.

For many people who are now employed by homeland security. The morale is low because they see the real threat to our nation. They are not only being ignored. This administration encourages more of this lawlessness on the border. Many people thought they would get a job with DHS thinking they would stop those evil Islamist from pulling off another 911. After all these years, many are having second thoughts now seeing it was not about stopping national security threat. They are finding out, Homeland security is about subduing the American people because they are now the threat to the political establishment.

Policies like this would put a damper on the enthusiasm of anyone who finds out DHS is the new KGB or the East German Stasis to be turned loose on the American people. Many people inside the system see DHS as the real threat to our freedoms, not brown people living in caves as they thought before they were employed.

I think the decent people inside DHS see the loss of liberty and the corruption at the top. They like us are concerned about our bill of rights being shredded. I think the morale is so low because the see this first hand from policy directives from the top. When a President is trying to destroy this nation with DHS policies undermining the Constitution every chance he gets. When the people have no confidence in Obama’s leadership or his policies. Chances are the people inside DHS have no faith either because they do not like the tyranny either. That Would cause low morale when people are asked to implement policies that violate the laws of the land. That would bring down anyone's morale real fast who still loves this country and is fighting to preserve our freedoms. I think many inside the agency realized they been deceived and lied to about the phony Islamic threat was just an excuse to take away our liberties. Many came into DHS with the best intentions and found out it was all a big fat lie all along. Do you agree?

Shocking TSA Footage! Pat Down of Grandma! Must See!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Michigan State Police Under Orders From FEMA Blocked Aid in Tornado Affected Areas. Instead, Allowed Illegal Aliens in Posing As Red Cross Workers

A report from Mark Koernke who is part of the leadership in the Michigan Militia was knocked off the air due to severe storms that passed through Dexter Michigan on March 15, 2012. Mark's property was hit by a tornado sustaining heavy damage from the twister. As a result, his radio show is now knocked off the air ever since, with his friends filling in until everything is back on line. What Mark reported on should tell us, never trust FEMA to coordinate any recovery efforts.

Mark has reported that the state police under orders from FEMA and Homeland security has been blocking local churches and aid from coming into the tornado ravaged area. The checkpoint has blocked the telephone and cable company from coming in to make necessary repairs. It seems like the Federal government makes things worse and not better when it comes to natural disasters.

It is has also been reported by Mark that truck loads of Mexicans who are most likely Illegal aliens posing as the Red Cross to help in the relief efforts did no such thing. These outsiders came in and went on private property, They picked all the scrap metal they can find off someones private land, loading up by the truck loads cashing in at the scrap yard. They loaded three trucks loads of scrap metal. The state Police did nothing, unless you are American. Then they will be blocked from helping.

We seen FEMA and how well they did in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina in New Orleans cutting Police communication lines, confiscating the guns. FEMA blocked water, food, medical supplies and ice from  coming into the affected areas. We seen where ever the FEMA comes in, they hinder relief efforts rather them expedite them. FEMA under Homeland security is not here to help us. They exist today to wage war against Americans and to make sure they cannot recover from a natural disaster.

Before FEMA came into existence. People took care of their own when a disaster stuck. When the people in the community took charge of the recovery efforts. Evey thing returns to normal much faster.When FEMA comes in, everything turns to crap. They cause more damage then the storm itself. There is a guy down our block from where I live with a blue tarp on his roof FEMA put there almost four years ago. The blue tarp is still there and FEMA has not sent the check yet. If he would have allowed the people of the community to come in and repair the damage to his roof. His life would be different. He would not have mold in his home and life would be back to normal for him. He trusted FEMA so much. He turned down offer of free help to come in to repair the roof and tear down the molded drywall . He chose to believe FEMA instead. Still he has a hole in the roof. That is our government at work.

Another lesson why we should tell FEMA to go to hell, We are far better without them. Do you agree?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Obama's Executive Order for National Defense Resource Preparedness Can Cut Off All Ammunition Sales?

This President is trying to set up a dictatorship by executive orders bypassing congress. We all know he is very anti gun. Obama and his attorney general are trying to disarm the people by hook or crook. They tried operation fast and furious as a false flag to attack the right to keep and bear arms as a reason to go after our guns. The right to keep and bear arms like Social Security is now the third rail in Politics. Congress cannot get a bill passed because if they vote against the right to keep and bear arms. Then there is a good chance the incumbent Congressional Representative will not be reelected if they vote against the second amendment.

President Obama signed executive Order called the National defense Recourse Preparedness declaring Martial Law on America. Under the executive order, the President though his agencies can seize anything and everything, including people in the name of national preparedness. Can we see gun sales escalate to a new high again? Ever since Obama was announced as the President Elect, firearm sales have seen a drastic increase with the trajectory going higher.

This President has demonstrated he will grab power, take power wherever he can and wants. He has declared himself dictator above the law. He bypasses congress on war making powers and using the regulatory process of the agencies to implement law without an act of congress if he cannot get the bill passed.

All of Obama's actions, people have been responding buying guns and ammunition as a record number. Gun makers and ammunition suppliers are having a hard time keeping up with demand. So how can Obama attack gun ownership covertly? It has been reported that the Federal government are buying up most of the ammunition to increase the price so purchasing bullets will be expensive.

With all the activity, the Federal government has demonstrated declaring war on the people with the NDAA, the Trespass bill and the latest executive order he signed in the dark of night. The people are now past being afraid of the government and now starting get angry. Guns and ammunition are flying off the shelf because they do not trust the government. The see Obama for what he is, a man trying to be a dictator trying to rule over us.

So where could Obama use this new executive order to attack the American people? That is by cutting off Ammunition sales as a way going after gun ownership. Ammunition without guns is useless. A gun without ammunition is just as useless. The anti gun crowd and the Obama Administration have been working hard to go after the ammunition. This is one of the ways he might attack the second amendment is going after the ammunition using this executive order in the name of National Defense Resource Preparedness.

My suggestion is buy ammunition reloading kits and save all your brass on the range. This administration is trying to break our will moving fast with one draconian decree after another. We cannot afford to let these tyrants have their way. We have to be about having the solution and not just complain about the problem. They are moving fast because they are desperate and knowing the American people have awoken from their sleep.

This President wants a monopoly on force where they have the guns and ammo while we are left defenseless. We all know what will happen when the government that has a monopoly on deadly force, there is mass murder. We have to have a solution in place when they try to cut off the ammunition sales to us, if they dare try. Therefore, I tell everyone buy more ammo, buy ammunition reloading kits and learn the skill.

They are coming for the ammunition; we have to be ready if they try. This President is arrogant and stupid at the same time. He is over confident and he has no clue. The authoritarian signing this executive order I believe is really biting off more then they can chew. I believe it is too late for them to play police state on us. Therefore, if we have a solution in place so we have ammunition when they try to cut it off or in short supply. If we keep our guns and our ammo ready to lock and load. We will keep our freedom.

NOTICE TO ALL GUN OWNERS!!!! Tagging a Gun Owner's Vehicle

If you own a gun and therefore go to gun ranges or gun shops, you might want to read the attached and keep this in mind…..and share the word with your friends/family.

Gun lovers public service announcement: While I was in a Texas gun store today, my car was tagged on the wheel in the parking lot. The gangs do this on wheels or bumpers at gun stores, shooting ranges, gun shows etc. Later when you are parked at a restaurant, hotel, or other location that’s less well guarded or under video surveillance, other gang members spot the marker and break into the car for a quick gun grab. This is so RAMPANT in San Antonio where we were for a National shoot this summer, the Sheriff of Bexar County came out to brief the 400 participants of our competition. Too bad three teams had already been victimized the first day. This is the first I’ve heard of this in Texas.

Please pass this info along to your 2nd amendment list. Daily check your car, truck or motor home for unusual painted dots, marks, check marks or other strange looking symbols that are not
normal to your type vehicle. It could prevent you from being a victim of robbery, or even save your life if you catch the thief in the act.

This next comment from a Gun Site instructor:

I don’t know how widespread this is becoming, but the info regarding the NSCA Nationals in San Antonio is correct, as all of us who compete in sporting clays know. Competitors there were
having their vehicles marked with a small adhesive dot on the rear license plate or rear bumper, then followed for miles and having their vehicles quickly and efficiently broken in to when parked for lunch etc.

Some crews were working the parking lot at the Nationals itself. 27 high end shotguns were taken there recently. They know when 1400 shooters with high $$ competition guns are in town.

BTW I shot with a young man who was trying out a new gun at the Nationals. He and his father lost all their guns and equipment while making a quick stop for lunch at a BBQ place in Corpus
Christi the month before.

So please when attending a gun show, going to the range or at the gun store. Check your car for any unusual markings that their before.

Signs the Corrupt GOP Fraud Machine Working Against Ron Paul is Beginning to Crack

We see an act of desperation on the part of the GOP to keep Ron Paul from securing the nomination. First, we see a news piece written in Politico saying the Ron Paul campaign is going broke. It is very apparent that the establishment wants Mitt Romney to be their candidate. This former governor of Massachusetts is just a vanilla version of Obama that would continue the continuity in agenda carrying out the policies no matter who is in the White House.

First indicator is in Utah where limited government conservatives, libertarians and constitutionalists became persona non Grata at the caucus and miraculously the neo con big government RINO Senator Orin Hatch wins. Then we see in Missouri Ron Paul supporters being arrested for pointing out the GOP leadership breaking their own rules to block Ron Paul from winning. The party that is supposed to have a big tent to be all-inclusive for every one of all points of view. It does not look like it, we are all welcome just as long we sit down, shut up,do not bring up personal libert and the Constitution.

 The state of Illinois, the ABC affiliate released the primary poll numbers 24 hours early showing the primary results before one person cast a ballot. The land of Lincoln is the place where elections are stolen. It is time for a hostile take over of the state political parties and the election system to rout out the corruption. The people of Chicago and the State of Illinois have suffered under a corrupt system for a long time with loss of liberty and a system that no longer serves the people. A place like Illinois would be a good place to start.

That is not a sign of arrogance; this is a sign of desperation trying to put off the inevitable. It is time for Ron Paul supporters now have to fight to win and take no prisoners. it is not the time to be nice and civil when the Party hacks rigged the game. We cannot allow corruption to rob our future putting people on the ballot that are no different then the opponent in the other major party. The party leadership does not work for the people; they work for offshore corporations and the bankers. Ron Paul is a threat to the establishment.

 Now I see this fraud machine is starting fall apart and unravel. The leadership is desperate to suppress Ron Paul from winning. It is not about not allowing Ron Paul to win. Now it is matter, can they stop it? When we see them changing the rules as they go, disregarding the rules in their bylaws or just flat out just ignore the result. We might start seeing the leadership being removed by hostile takeover calling a special vote to unseat the local or state party chairman for corruption when they are being caught rigging the vote.

The GOP leadership might have egg on their faces when they start the convention in Tampa. The Ron Paul Revolution is unstoppable. I feel the fraud starting to break, they have shown their hand openly who they are. They are not conservatives or patriots. They are operatives and the gatekeepers for the authorities to keep their minions in power and never allow the real candidate to win. That may change very soon.

The only thing the GOP is doing is exposing themselves for what they really are and when more people see it. This revolution will not be stopped. I see this fraud machine starting the crumble and fall apart. We could see a special session inside the party being voted out for being caught cheating to change the results or to change the outcome denying the will of the people.

We realize this is not a game and we might not have an election to reverse course of this nation the next four years. This is why we are seeing a fight inside the GOP between the grass roots and the entrenched operatives. It is falling apart, I do not think they can keep up with the fraud much longer. Ron Paul like a beach ball held under water. After a while, the ball cannot be held down no matter how hard they try to keep it there. It will come to the top. Same with Ron Paul with his message of liberty, ending the illegal wars and a sound monetary system. The people I hope will know the truth before it is too late. All we can is pray and hope for the best.

We cannot allow our will to be broken by this corrupt machine,  Stay the course and we will get our country back.

BREAKING ELECTION FRAUD: Why Did ABC-TV Post Illinois GOP Primary Results 24 Hours Early?!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ron Paul Must Submit Articles of Impeachment Now Before Obama Disolves Congress with an Executive Order.

We cannot afford Obama to occupy the oval office one more day. This is not about playing politics in an election year. This is about the survival of our republic and the safety and security of the people of these United States. The President that is in office is the most corrupt and despotic leader we ever had. I thought Bush, Nixon and Clinton was bad. This man and his administration are over the top and brazen. This President will have the audacity to cancel the elections if he knew there would be no second term for him.

 President Obama has overreached and abused his office. He is supposed to execute the laws of congress, not make his own laws if congress says no. He has just signed an executive order giving agencies the authority to seize national resources, people and infrastructure. He could sign an executive order next dissolving Congress and there will be no way to remove him from office or keep him in check. Now I call on Ron Paul as his duty as a sitting Congressman to submit articles of Impeachment. This President is out of control and needs to be stopped and removed from office. We may not have an election to remove him if congress sits on their hands and does nothing.

 This is not playing politics in an election year to take out the top dog. This is about preserving the integrity of what is left of our republic. I do think it would hurt Ron Paul's chances seeking the GOP nomination either way. He has nothing to lose making this bold move. I think it enhances it because it would force the other candidates to answer the questions. I believe this will energize Ron Paul's support base and expose Congress to do something now instead of acting like a potted plant. This President is moving fast to clamp down on the people. Ron Paul has no choice but to submit articles of impeachment as a way to stop this President from circumventing anymore of our institutions. Obama can sign an executive order next week to dissolve congress and rule by decree with executive orders.

 I call on Ron Paul to do this. He cannot politically make a calculated decision dealing with the safety and security of this nation. It is about duty under the Constitution he must do this. This is not about politics; it is about removing a domestic threat inside our government. The threat comes from the White House and not from Syria and Iran. He has a long list of reasons to impeach the President he can use. I believe this time the American people will be behind this move this time. Congress needs to save what little credibility it has left after they have failed the people to follow through.

The Tea party candidates elected to congress have been a severe disappointment. They have failed to stop Obama's abuse of power to make war and laws without going through congress. They have passed laws giving him more power and not keeping him check. They have put the American people in more danger and not less. They have put themselves in danger allowing this President to circumvent the laws and the Constitution. Now their very position in Congress is now in peril if this President is not stopped very soon.

This is not about winning an election, or scoring political points. It is not about making calculations. It is about duty under the Constitution that Ron Paul Submit article of impeachment now. This man is a threat to the world and the people of the United States. He has over reached and will not stop unless congress acts to keep his power in check. This is the time Ron Paul as a Congressman does his duty to submit articles of impeachment as the Constitution mandates him to do.

The leadership inside the Party may not want to deal with it. However, feeling the pressure from the people to remove this corrupt President from office before he ruins this nation is a matter of life and death. I like what Ronald Reagan said about congress when he passed his Tax cuts in a Democrat Congress" They may not see the light, but they sure will feel the heat." This congress has to realize that in both parties. Obama cannot be trusted to make deals with anyone. He will betray his own as much as the opposition. Impeachment is not an option, it Congress's duty like it or not. Ron Paul must submit Articles of Impeachment Now! It is not about election year politics. It is about Preserving the Constitution is the reason why Obama now has to be impeached now!

Holocaust Museum in Houston Uses Racial Slur in Phone Call as Publicity Stunt to Raise Money?(Sounds Just as Phony as Kony)

I am really starting to question the whole Holocaust, I cannot confirm or deny it ever happened. I just find it suspicious of the Holocaust Museum in Houston is using a phone message on the answering machine as a way to raise money. It seems like the NAZI Holocaust gets all the sympathy in the world. It is thrown in our faces on a daily basis. As history has shown as the Jewish people cry anti Semite and the holocaust if we question what happened.

The Houston Holocaust Museum is now using a phone massage from a racial slur as a way to raise money. Glen Beck's website is calling on his listeners to send money to the Holocaust Museum in Houston. I have some hard questions to ask about these so-called racial slurs over the phone. I will tell you why I think this is a public relations stunt.

First of all Jewish students and people have been vandalizing their own Synagogs and dorm rooms painting NAZI symbols of swastikas blaming it on anti Semites and hate groups. A tactic they will use to generate public sympathy. This one of the ways they bring up the Holocaust again in our faces all over the news. A Publicity stunt used to raise money when low on funds. Also for organizations like the ADL and SPLC can get their faces on the news. This is why I have a hard time believing this really ever happened or if the call is really real. They been caught in the past fabricating and staging things as a way to get public sympathy.

I have to wonder why only the Jewish people cry Holocaust. We do not hear the Russians and eastern Europeans crying about the Red terror and the mass genocides continued under Stalin for many years. Over 100 million people died from famines, and by executions during the reign of terror under Lenin Trotsky and Stalin. They lived under a Jewish doctrine called Communism. This brutal form of government murdered far more then 6 million people the Holocaust people cry about.

I will tell you why I have some great suspicions about this because we have the technology in place to see where the call came from. Hypothetically, if  the person whom is really a racist or bigot making this phone call was really sincere. The police have the technology to find out who made the call. If this person was a really hate filled nutcase, the police would have kicked down the door and arrested him for making a terrorist threat, under Texas law, it is an arrestable offense. We can see later a hate crime charge being added since hatred motivated him to make the call, So far no one is arrested for it yet.

What a way to use a phone call being used to raise money for the Holocaust Museum. Glen Beck and a bunch of suckers are buying into this by sending money. Something tells me this phone call is not real and it is just a publicity stunt. If it was, there would have been an arrest and they would have used this person to demonize the patriot movement all over the media.  Does this sound as phony as Kony?

Could this be another false flag made for a publicity stunt as a way to raise money?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Food Stamps Exchanged For Drugs, Weapons, Contraband

While the Obama Administration promotes food stamps like there’s no tomorrow, the rolls are already higher than ever and so is the sort of fraud and corruption that often accompanies an out-of-control government program.

A record 46.3 million people—including some illegal immigrants—get taxpayer-funded food stamps at an annual cost of $76 billion, according to the agency that distributes the welfare benefit, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). This represents an increase of more than 16 million over the previous year, according to USDA figures. That’s because the administration is on a mission to eradicate “food insecure households.”

The effort includes a multi-million-dollar federal initiative to recruit even more food-stamp participants and hefty cash rewards for states that sign up the most people. A few months ago Oregon officials bragged that the USDA gave the state $5 million in “performance bonuses” for ensuring that residents eligible for food benefits receive them and for its “swift processing of applications.”

As if that weren’t enraging enough, this week the USDA Inspector General, the agency’s watchdog, revealed that many food-stamp recipients use their welfare benefit to buy drugs, weapons and other contraband from unscrupulous vendors. Some trade food stamps for reduced amounts of cash, according to USDA Inspector General Phyllis Fong.

Fong was testifying before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. She told the panel that in the last five years 779 probes have resulted in 1,356 indictments, 944 convictions and 792 sanctions against individuals and businesses that have cheated the system. The fraud has cost taxpayers nearly $200 million, Fong said.

The inspector general provided lawmakers with a number of examples. Among them is an illegal immigrant store owner in Connecticut who got deported after being convicted of food-stamp trafficking. He reentered the U.S. to open several stores using fake names. In Florida a group of criminals defrauded the USDA welfare program to the tune of $6.2 million, Fong said.

Additionally, thousands of people who are not eligible for food stamps are getting them by lying or using the social security number of dead individuals. In a check of just five states, the IG found that 8,594 recipients were receiving “improper payments.” In one unnamed state alone, Fong said the ineligible collectors are getting about $1.1 million each month.

The IG pointed out that, when this sort of fraud occurs, “families do not receive the intended nutritional assistance and retailers profit at the expense of the American public.” It also does nothing to help meet the president’s goal of eradicating “food insecure households.”

Friday, March 16, 2012

Holding Fast to Integrety in a World Gone to Mad.

In these years of economic uncertainty not knowing when the dollar is no more. We see people have lost their jobs and homes. If a man cannot find a job, so he creates his own job only to find out he needs a special permit from the state to do business. It is against the law to feed our own homeless and poor unless we have the health inspector comes in to see if the kitchen is safe. It seems what is good and right is bad and what is bad is good. I see this insanity even in the work place. I seen hard working people get the shaft and the lazy derelicts get employee of the month with a cash bonus. I have to say to myself, "what is the use being honest or working hard when the duds get all the breaks doing nothing?" It is frustrating this world is turning upside down.

I seen good people have their reputations ruined by false allegations. They are raked over the coals while they never check the credibility of the accuser making the accusations who has much to hide We become good Samaritans trying to help people in distress only to be slapped for a lawsuit being sued. This victim mentality of creating victims out of nothing is tearing our society apart. It just seems lying and deceit pays and being good trying to be honest in all things is now a liability. So what do we do to stay sane in a world gone mad? Can we keep a clear conscience and our integrity intact in a world of dishonesty?

We see trickle down corruption since the banks and government cheats people and gets away with it. Then it must be ok to defraud people because the government and corporations do it. People are embracing the corruption thinking it OK to do it because the people at the top are doing it. So it must be OK. They lie, steal and cheat their clients. So it must be alright if the goverment is doing it. This is now becoming the norm in society.

I see people being on edge and apprehensive. I see people taking their frustrations out on the store clerk. I see adults get into fistfights at youth sporting events and even at Chunky Cheese Pizza. I have seen adults bully the staff at business establishments for a free dinner. I have seen first hand people putting roaches in the food to pull off such a swindle… Management is too scared to make them mad saying it is bad for business. How sad we have become. People are becoming brazen doing desperate things just to survive even if they steal from someone else.

I read about people stealing gas and breaking into homes at a staggering pace. I read about them drilling holes into gas tanks now since most gas tanks have a goose neck to prevent siphoning gas with a garden hose. I see drive offs at the gas pumps. Now city councils passed resolutions and sheriffs sent out directives telling Gas Stations, they will no longer go after or investigate drive offs because it is a preventable crime. Things are coming apart at the seams. It is sad many people have given themselves over to crime as a way of surviving when there are opportunities to provide for themselves without doing wrong to others if they look around.

I cannot blame the economy for the moral decay. I blame the moral decay for the economic decline. During the Great Depression, a good strong Christian ethic held society together in hard times. Therefore, we cannot blame the economy for the crime and the break down in society. Poor morals have contributed to our economic decline. The dependency of the Welfare State and Entitlements has been major contributors facilitating the immorality. We kept sending the same corrupt people back into office or failed to hold those in office accountable. We looked the other way too long because we failed to put morality before our wallets.

For those of us who know better. Those who know what is right and what is wrong. We have no excuse to allow this to go on any further. We have to start saying this is unacceptable when people act in the wrong way and do immoral things to other people like stealing. We have to call it out no matter how difficult it maybe. It is time good people stop sitting on the sidelines being silent. We have to act and start reversing an immoral society we live in before it turns into a living hell.

 We can still provide for ourselves, for our families while still keeping our integrity, dignity and self-respect intact. We can still help our fellow man as long we use discretion. If we pray and ask for guidance from our Creator being thankful for the blessings he gives us. If we do that, we will live a life with a clear conscience in a world gone mad.

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Woman Humiliated by TSA During Pat Down When Her Breast Were Exposed

On 2/19/2012 (I stated the wrong date in my video sorry) My breast was exposed by TSA as I was sexually assaulted and completely humiliated. Jennifer Elaine ...

Rising Gun Sales Means The Sleeping Giant has Awoken and He is Pissed.

The right to keep and bear arms is one of the most fundamental rights that have been a part of our heritage as Americans. When Congress passed the NDAA authorizing, the President to use the military to arrest American without charges to be held indefinably at the will of the Commander in Chief really has awoken the sleeping giant. There have been record sales in new purchases in firearms as well as ammunition. Why is there this surge in gun sales?

People are seeing the obvious that the government has failed them. The courts will not apply the law to stop government abuses. Congress refuses and looks the other way when it comes to abuses of power by the President. The Police are getting very bug eyed crazy being brutal to the law abiding. The TSA groping people at the airports is now coming on city streets in a town near you. People see that peaceful recourse of correcting injustices is almost gone. The government has a culture of corruption now with no end in sight of retreating from such carnage. So what choice does Americans have?

When we see the Federal Government shoots a Mother holding a baby at Ruby Ridge, the burning down the religious community in Waco Texas. It is when we see Police beating up a homeless man to death, in Orange county California, a non-threatening person. Police acting like thugs instead of peace officers… When we see, the Police shoot a man in the back on a subway platform in Oakland. It is when we see an old woman and children being tazed by a potbelly thug, wearing a uniform abusing the use of force to people that posed no threat to the safety of the officer. When a marine is shot in front of his kids in LA parking lot and a Sunday school teacher gunned down for no good reason. When a cop shoots kids dead in the school hallway that was no threat to the officer. Finally yet importantly, the former marine in Arizona shot dead in his home with multiple wounds to his body defending his home and family from cops on a rampage kicking in doors without identifying themselves. All the officers have not been punished or held accountable for their crimes violating their oath. There is no real punishment for the crime, no justice and no answers. People are now seeing that the system protect itself with no justice for the people.

What choice do the people have when there is no real justice? When the government that was supposed to exist to secure our rights and property, now has become destructive being the threat to the very thing they are supposed to protect? The people know there will be a flashpoint coming where people will have no choice but to defend themselves from a tyrannical government. It can be the Feds, the Military and even a sell out local police department being an extension of homeland security. There will be no seeking a peaceful end or a solution. There will be no talking to the other side or no more deals.

It is my hope the surging sales in firearms will be a deterrence of a hot tyranny coming in to most of the states. If they do try to illegally, detain people. It will be in slave states like New York, California and Illinois were the peasants are disarmed. I do now see them getting away with this in most of the states that have a freedom and gun culture. I mean the southwest, the northwest and the much of the south and a small number of Midwestern states being hard targets in well-armed states.

 We have seen from afar many tyrannical regimes like in Soviet Russia and other despotic dictatorships. When the people are disarmed without defense, at the mercy of a predatory government gone bad. The people are at the mercy of wicked people. We seen the genocides of the red terror in Russia, The famines in the Ukraine because once they took the guns, next they went after the food with million dying from famine. People see right through the gun control agenda. It is our armed population is why we have not seen any mass killings here. We know Government is the main cause of death above any war, famine, pestilence and plagues can ever do. This is why the founders had the second amendment put into the Bill of Rights to protect people from tyranny of a government gone bad.

The sleeping giant is awake and he is pissed. He is cleaning his rifle and stocking up on ammo and food. He is sharpening his battle axe being very quiet. He wants to be left alone to pursue his path of happiness using his God given talents to prosper and help his fellow man. He does not want the government looking over his shoulder no more. He wants the TSA to take their hands off his wife and daughter. He want his junk left alone. He will turn from being a sheep into a porcupine with sharp needles when the predator is going to attack. Those needles will hurt the predator trying to kill it. Same thing with people buying guns.  in record numbers is a warning to this predatory government saying leave me alone, do not steal my wealth, my family. If they dare come black bag him and take them away in the dark of night. They will be hell to pay is they dare try.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Forget Kony! Who is Speaking Up For America's Invisible Children?

America is a generous nation; we care about our fellow human beings around the world. We give money thinking we are doing a good thing really helping people in need. When it comes out after the fact, we have been scammed. We are suckers when our heartstrings are tugged on so we can reach into our wallets and give. Now we are seeing those stop Kony bracelets to help the invisible children he uses as his personal Army. I believe it is a made up story to begin with. The truth is Kony is the problem of Uganda and not an American problem. If Kony is illegally foreclosing on homes here, he does not hold the deed nor has any legal right to the home. If he is stealing our pension funds and selling derivatives that are worthless. Then he is our problem. Until he does something like that. Let Uganda deal with Kony, if still exists.

The news media talking about Kony’s invisible children being used in his private army. What about America’s invisible children; who are victims of the money junkies and government corruption here on our own soil?

What about the children living in tent cities nationwide because the parents lost their jobs because they have been moved to China or the money dried up? They cannot pay for rent or a mortgage. These children are in church missions and homeless shelters. The parents can barely feed them I do not see the media going out and finding these invisible children in America in tent cities.

What about the children in the state funded foster care system? They do not talk about children are more likely to be abused under the state care then in their own homes. I seen first hand of foster children being abused, molested, neglected, malnourished and even killed. No one is arrested or is fired working for CPS. The Foster parent is not arrested. The media in collusion with the government keeps this very quiet because heads would roll. The media always puts CPS is a favorable light knowing there is so much cover ups that would be a scandal in itself. These Foster homes, not all of them who do have loving homes. Children been locked in cages and closets. They have been chained to the floor like animals living in deplorable conditions. Not many are speaking up for these forgotten children who are invisible also.

 These Drug companies to test Psychotropic medications and untested vaccines have been used on these children under the custody of the state. Many children have died under very suspicious circumstances being guinea pigs for these experiments. That is ignored also. When it is reported, it sounds good with the media spin put on it. If the child does survive. Chances are they will not have a normal life as an adult.

What about the child trafficking and pedophile rings operating with impunity right here? The child traffickers  even auctioned off children by satellite up-links to the highest bidders around the world. These rings are run by the ruling class and are politically well connected. The CIA and the UN are involved in child trafficking. In Houston minors, under the age of 18 under duress work for pimps in Prostitution rings against their will. These children live a horrific life and very little is done to expose this atrocity.

To those young teenagers still promoting Kony, We have plenty of invisible children here that can sure use your energy, attention and time to bring notice to. If these young teens put as much energy exposing the invisible children here, just as much as they did for over the fictional story or not of Kony. We can have much change needed to put this nation back on track. I will not apologize for saying you all been duped if you believe the story.We have enough enough invisible children here that can sure use you attention if you want to do some good.Charity starts at home, not in Uganda.

Why Putin Must Be Bold to Preserve Russia to Save the West From Its Own Banker Puppet Leaders from War.

The Presidential Election of Vladimir Putin shows a balance and shift in the power on the world stage that could be the difference between World War III and keeping the peace. I have to give credit for Putin throwing out the Oligarchs and Israeli duel citizens out of Russia. These bankers will keep menacing the Russian federation until Putin and his government is overthrown. The bankers want to control Russia.

The bankers are a threat to world peace and stability. They will not stop at nothing until they control everything. First things first to start things off. Putin needs to pull out of the United Nations and stop paying the UN dues. Russia will be better off without the United Nations. The UN sanctioned the war in Libya and trying to get the blessing of the UN Security Council to invade Syria. Russia has stood steadfast against such an invasion. The UN is a eugenics world body determined on depopulating the earth while Russia is trying to repopulate their people. Putin, please pull Russia out of the UN if you want to send a severe blow to the Rockefeller clan and the House of Rothschild.

For Russia to preserve its borders, culture and national integrity as a sovereign nation for future generations. He needs to pull the Russian Federation out of the United Nations. We can see the UN and the World Army being NATO forces will continue to encircle Russia strangling the nation. The UN being a front organization for the financial oligarchs Putin threw out of Russia, there is no sense being a member nation that will work against Russia's best interest and will undermine her sovereignty. I heard in Putin’s victory speech being animate about outside influences imposing their will on Russia. Then Russia should be the first nation to pull out of the UN because through NATO, the UN will try to impose its will on Russia trying to start a war.

One more thing Putin has to do is put out an international bounty to arrest people like George Soros and all the other oligarchs working to overthrow Russia. It does not matter if they are a Rockefeller or a Rothschild; these international criminals the world cannot afford to have linger around and undermine Russia another day. It would be nice if George Soros is captured and sent to Russia for a trial. It would do America well and the rest of the world if he is arrested. Where Soros is, there is nothing but trouble that follows.Russia must do all it can do to secure its future safety and security by first dealing with its threats like George Soros.

International Bankers are more of threat to the Russian Federation then standing armies are by fraud. These Oligarchs in Western Europe do not play games or nice getting what they want. The have killed leaders who stood up to them like JFK. President Andrew Jackson had many assassination attempts on his life for throwing out the Bankers. If the Bankers try to take out the Russian President Elect. Putin should show the same ruthless attitude toward them putting the Bankers on notice issuing a letter of marquee and reprisal. That is after they find out who is responsible.  It is my hope Putin will be that shift in power the world needs to overt a major war. I am happy Russia made the right choice placing him back in office.

Russia has stood up not only for the sovereignty of the nations. Russia stood by the right of every nation to decide what kind of monetary system they want to use. To keep an imposing foreign central bankers out if the countries that does not want them controlling the money supply of a nation. It is a wait and see when Putin takes office how the west will respond to him. I am just glad the world's balance of power has shifted to stop the bankers off balance with Putin back in the Kremlin.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Activist in Washington DC Passing Out Flyers/Leaflets to Impeach Obama

Russia's Resistance

Congress: Impeach Obama or be Arrested by Him

One thing Congress has not realized when they voted in favor of the NDAA. They also signed their own arrest warrants along with the American people. One thing our Representatives must understand, Obama is a lawless tyrant hell bent on grabbing power away from everywhere he can. He is not complying with the constitution. No one is safe from Obama if Congress does not move to impeach him now and remove him from office. Congress is in just as much danger as the people are.

There is no sense trying to go along to get along with a man who might not be eligible to be President.  I am not bringing forth the birther issue. I am saying he has had so many aliases that should be a red flag. Who is he and what is his real name? This is what we should be asking. If he is using a fraudulent name as his alias, to sign bills and executive orders, that is fraud itself all being null and void. That is enough to rule him ineligible to be president without debating if the birth certificate is real or not. The most seasoned Police officer will tell you, a person having multiple aliases is most likely engaged in criminal activity and fraud. The legislative branch in our government is in danger of being non-existent not by Obama's actions. Nevertheless, their inaction to stand up to him when he was assuming powers he does not posses. He is now a threat to everyone.

Does congress believe since they have stayed quiet letting him have what he wants or just being silent when he was usurping the power from them assume everyone is safe? Well from history, even tyrants even kill their own most loyal subjects who went along to get along. Congressional representatives Lamar Smith, you had better listen very closely. Obama will come after you even though you may quash impeachment bills and block legislation keeping the President in check. To every congressional Representative and in the leadership post in both houses. You all know too much, The President cannot take the risk of having congressional representatives walking around knowing what they know.

If Congress does not act to start impeachment charging the President for usurping the war powers away from Congress. This government body has no choice, but to take back the powers delegated to congress only. They can no longer allow the executive branch to assume power not the President's to begin with. Even though congress is corrupt paid off by the same interest just to pass the bills they wanted. They love power and influence like any other politician. When a narcissistic President starts taking away the powers of these corrupt narcissist in congress who enjoy this power too. These politicians will start getting upset when their egos are bruised,

If one man and his administration say, Congress is irrelevant and obsolete because they have the UN and NATO authority to make war. They say they do not need congress for anything anymore. They can declare war on the people and the world without an act of congress. Then it is time to remove him from office using the 25th amendment or impeachment. In both cases, there is overwhelming evidence to act on to take him out of command and out of the oval office. There is enough reason to show cause to act to remove him from office. That is if congress has the testosterone to do it.

It might be too late for Congress. Like Lincoln who shut down congress. Obama might dispatch mercenaries dressed in Army Battle dress and not the military to shut down congress if they try to impeach him or using the 25th amendment to do it. We have to move to impeach this President before he destroys us and what is left of America.

If the President accomplished a coup by force shutting down the Supreme Court and congress to hold onto power, then civil war has just started. Do not blame Obama. Blame congress and us for not doing our duty keeping him in check. Mainly blame congress in both parties. When we have a President who make wars on his own and congress is silent. We will see why congress has a nine percent approval rating for not doing their job. Enough said