Saturday, April 30, 2011

Can not Find a Job?Create Your own Job. There is no time waiting for Washington to fix things.

             There is always opportunities to make money to keep a roof over our head and food on the table . All the skills I learned were I can help support my family comes from what I learned in taking wood shop and other vocational classes in High School and Middle school. I even took home economics too. There is no shame as a male taking this class. I comes in handy learning clothing repair were I save money shopping for clothes. I learned Beekeeping taking agriculture and growing a garden too learning these skills too . If we applied ourselves we can be the alternative services compared to the corporate giants.
            If anyone drives around in the well to do neighborhoods and see a dryer out on the curb.Instead of replacing the belt that broke. They buy a new dryer instead and throw the old one away. Well you can take that dryer and buy the $20 belt change change it yourself and see that dryer for a good price and still make a profit. I learned to rebuilt small gas engines in middle school. I am rebuilding these gas engines on lawnmowers and selling them for a profit too. Being self employed does have a freedom that we do not get working for someone. Much of the junk in these affluent nieghborhood throw away many things that can be fixed and resold with little effort.Another mans junk is another persons treasure
            We all have a marketable skills.Many of us took wood shop and auto machanics. We all learned these vocational skills that can be used to produce a living. There is opportunities even in the worst of times to make a modest living to stay afloat. Life is too short to wait on Washington DC to fix things. If a person is waiting on politicans to save them. They will sink and not swim. Economic recovery starts with us in our comminities rebuilding our beloved nation from the bottom up. If we are waiting for a solution to come from the top down. We will get left behind in the mire. We can still find a way to live and more than just survive if we use our heads and apply ourselves instead of waiting till next election.

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