Friday, September 30, 2011

Barrack Obama is our Bull Connor

            Does any one know who Bull Conner is? Let go back to memory lane back to the civil rights uprising in the 1950s and 1960s. We can remember how civil rights protest went violent when the police clashed with black activist protesting against racial segregation and oppression. They were fighting for their basic God giving rights in the south. Bull Conner was the Public Safety Commissioner  in Birmingham Alabama. When Dr. King led the protest in Alabama against the bombing of those little girls in the church. Martin Luther King was a challenge to Bull Conner's authority. This were we see scenes of the dogs and fire hoses attacking peaceful protesters during the civil rights turmoil.

           What is so hypocritical is the very people like Barrack Obama and Eric Holder may denounce the actions of Bull Connor in his treatment to black protesters in the south. They will talk about the injustices to slavery and segregation. They will decry the Jim Crow laws. Never forget they will talk about how bad the Klan was to Black people. I will not deny the injustices in our history. We were wrong. Slavery and the oppression of free blacks after the civil war is going to be a scourge on our history for many more decades to come.

            Now we come to today. We are raided for raw milk. Alternative health stores are SWAT teamed in the dark of night. Gun Stores are attacked by the BATFE. Gibson Guitar gets a visit from the EPA. It seem the Obama administration is doing everything in it power to take away our basic God given rights and any vestige of economic independence. He is the enforcement arm for Wall Street and the Bankers. He is our Bull Connor using brutal tactic to suppress or intimidate the people for standing up for their rights.

             This is why we are having occupy Wall Street because their will accomplice the Federal Government is seeking to loot the wealth of nation into the hands of a few. Barrack Obama is willing to use every means necessary to achieve their agenda. This White House is not afraid to use deadly force if necessary to oppress economically and socially the American people. Like Bull Connor in the 1960s. Barrack Obama and Bull Connor have a lot in common is their tactic they will, use to try to oppress and suppress the people from standing up against the illegitimate authority. This is why during Occupy Wall Street we have to watch for infiltrators from starting any violence to justify the Police to use brute force against the peaceful protesters.
Barrack Obama is a modern day Bull Connor in this new civil right struggle of our day. That is our right to economic Independence from the bankers and the government to leave us alone. Do you agree?

I rather be an Illiterate Blogger Than Write Lies and Propaganda With Perfect Grammar

              To tell all the readers that tell me I need an editor. I am not out to get the Pulitzer Prize award any time soon. Why I resonate with many people is because I do not talk down like the old media does trying to sway public opinion. I claim not to know better that most people and never will try. I am human capable of making mistakes like everyone else. I claim to have no superior status when I write. I am a single father of two boys who does not want his kids to live under tyranny.

               To be honest, it is so hard for me to go back to sleep knowing what I know. I seen how inhumane CPS treats children in their care after being ripped from their loving parents with the help of brain dead cops. I seen the injustices in the court system denying basic right of due process. I see how veterans are treated not getting the medical and psychiatric care they need to function as productive people. I am tired of the wars and hate to see soldier in our name go plunder and pillage people in other countries for the bankers.

              I am the black sheep of the family. Even when I was young. I sensed something was wrong way back in the 1970s, 1980s and some of the 1990s. When I would ask question to my parents and other adults about it. I was told it was not our problem and to mind my own business. Those things I was told was not my problem or not their problem now is everyone's problem because some of things I seen back then now is staring us in the face. I remember my parents would watch ABC news World News Tonight listening to Frank Reynolds and Max Robinson who are now deceased. My parents believed what they said about he cold war and domestic issues like the gospel. The days of the big three monopoly is over thanks to the internet. The well packaged propaganda machines of ABC,CBS,NBC,CNN,FOX and MSNBC is seeing the sunset of its dominance in the information war.

             I remember before I left Florida to live in Texas. A Sheriffs Deputy turned in his badge and gun when he found out after the fact a 3 year old little girl was raped and beaten to death in a foster home in Florida. No one was arrested or charged. DCF said because of the lack of evidence(A cover Up). No one was arrested. This Deputy helped Department of Children and families take this little girl from a home because the house was not clean. He was just following orders being a good minion for the tyrants. When he found out his actions contributed to this little girls death. Now year later he drinks a lot and wishes he would have done differently. He realized he could have protected that little girl and her family from a miscarriage of justice. Now he looks back at all the corruption between DCF and the sweetheart deal with law enforcement being the hired gun. Instead of speaking out and exposing this corruption being on the inside of the system. He is wasting away drinking away. He should be speaking up instead of self loathing
            For myself. It now hard to keep quiet anymore. We must speak up or we perish. We cannot always be worried about perfection and grammar. We been hearing propaganda and lies in perfect English for decades now.  I talk the language of the streets and the common person. I am proud I am not a part of academia. Why do the bloggers resonate with the people because we are straight forward  and honest. We care not about perfection. We care more about motivating the people to act and speak up. We do not have the luxury of self loathing and self pity because the government is taking away our freedoms. We cannot be worried about those grammar NAZIS and petty people who like to find fault in others.

            I rather be a blogger who understands I am not perfect. I rather read people with less than perfect grammar than lies and misinformation in perfect English any day. We are winning and do not let these petty people so wrapped up in their own intellect push you around.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

National Discontent Against the Money Junkies and Government is Spreading Like Wild Fire

                 I was a little concerned seeing the communist and socialist nut cases like Move On attacking the capitalism;with all the that this country great. Now I read about people wearing the "End the Fed" t-shirts starting to dominate Occupying Wall Street educating others. We are getting to the point like Gerald Celente said. "When people have nothing left to lose. They lose it" It is just not Wall Street and the Bankers that are starting to feel the backlash.

                 There has been a backlash with the NFL were people decided not to attend the games if they have to endure groping and being felt up. The Green Bay Packers decided not to do the TSA style search and resorted using a magnetic wand. What is unique about the Green Bay Packers is the the city of Green Bay own the team compared were the taxpayer who are homeowners are part owners of the team. I can see why the Packers said no to TSA tactic.

                 It would not surprise me if we start seeing a major push back coming against the US government and the bankers. People are tired and fed up being pushed around. When we cannot buy raw milk ,grow a garden and have a lemonade stand. There is only so much people ca take. When police beat up grandma and taze her for no reason. When we see Police throw people out of home because the bank foreclosed on a home the bank did not own that was paid for free and clear. When pour government no longer protect people from corporate abuses whether it be from Monsanto or General Electric make us by poisonous florescent light bulbs using the force of government. Then we are getting to the breaking point.

                The occupation of Wall Street might be the first in a chain reaction of events to follow that will put the government on the ropes forcing them to crater or lash out. What make us unique compared to the rest of the world. Our ancestors put rebellion in our DNA giving the King of England the boot. We are not China or Eastern Europe where people submit to authority without question like lambs to the slaughter. I feel we are starting find that spirit within us to say "No not anymore" American will survive it fools and traitors. We are on the march while the Elites are running scared.

Hang Up on the CDC if they Ask About Your Children Being Vaccinated.

            I am glad I have a waiver for my two children not to receive any vaccines to enroll in school. When I hear the CDC is now calling homes to interrogate parents about children getting vaccines tells me this administration plans on getting into our lives as much as possible. I would not surprise me if the government mandated ladies wipe their behinds back to front knowing it is not very sanitary to do so. We have to start pushing back with peaceful non violent ways.

            When it comes to the safety of my children, I have to dig my heels in and say  no. I will not have no nurse or Doctor knocking on my door with a social worker. The Supreme court has ruled time and time again that the rights of parents are fundamental rights. The Obama Administration with the CDC being the enforcement arm for big pharmaceutical companies wants to usurp those rights that are God given. If the CDC calls and tries to get information out of me. I do not care if call is recorded for quality purposes. Before I hang up the phone and tell them to kiss me where the sun don't shine.

            I will tell them about the men in prison for shaken baby syndrome because the infant received a shot and went into seizures. Instead of putting blame were it should be with these vaccine manufactures. The put innocent people behind bars to save face. What about the vaccines linked to autism. The schools now have a nice size classrooms full of autistic children. Back 30 years ago children with learning disabilities in a public school was less than a handful. Now it is an epidemic. I know what vaccines done to people taking the H1N1 and those young girls taking gardisil to prevent cervical cancer. As far as vaccines are concerned. The cure is worse than the disease itself. If you do decide to answer and talk to them. Be ready to show the facts to them doing a reverse interrogation on them asking if they know the real truth about vaccines. Expose the truth to them.

          If a CDC agent calls you, Hang up the phone like we would treat a bill collector trying to collect on compound interest. As far as bill collector, the CDC or even a telemarketer. I just do not answer the phone ever. They are not worth my time. The fifth amendment does give us the right not to talk to them or disclose any information to them. Remember we have to flex our rights. We either use them or lose them. If we do not stand up now to this administration, then they will be asking for our shot records soon too.


Funny Anti Obama Pictures and Poltical Cartoons Satire

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Republican Establishment Cheating Ron Paul Can Destroy the GOP Giving Rise to a Third Party to Take its Place

                I can see very plain as day that the Republican establishment sees Ron Paul as a threat to the Status Quo. They are pulling out all stops to keep him from being the nominee. They tried denying he exist in the media, They tried to keep him out of the debates. They smear and and demonize him with baseless accusations. They do not give him time in the debates. They will try every dirty trick in the book to keep Ron Paul from ever making it to the White House.

               When the primaries roll around early next year with the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire Primary. We will see Diebold trying to alter the outcome of the elections. We just hope Ron Paul wins by a landslide, because Diebold cannot flip the results on landslide wins. They can only alter if the election is close. Ron Paul is surging to be the top tier front runner candidate because Romney and Perry are getting politically destroyed by their records as governors of their states. Sarah Palin if she enters can be shot down resigning as governor of Alaska because she could not handle defending herself with ethics complaints. if she quit being governor of Alaska because she was being held accountable. Will she quit as President when the heat is too much? Cannot forget to remind everyone her support for Israel will be a political liability also.

               Herman Cain's win in Florida was a fluke and just luck. Besides he was the chairman of the Federal Reserve bank and a war monger. The two very things the people want out of. No more wars and no more Private central bank issuing the currency. Herman's association with the Federal Reserve will be his liability since he opposes auditing the Federal Reserve Bank. Gov Mitch Daniels of Indiana and Gov Chris Christi of New Jersey has too much political baggage. Lets wait and see if they throw their hat in the race even though they said no seeking the GOP nomination. The Republican establishment is between a rock and a hard place concerning Ron Paul. The more they try to silence him or deny he exist. The more popular he becomes. This could be the beginning of the end of the reign of the Republican Party as a major political party.

               To be hypothetical looking down the road into next year. If Ron Paul secures 270 delegates or more in the Primaries. Could we see the party leadership doing to Ron Paul like they did to Ronald Reagan when the National Convention convenes? Regardless of the party faithful saying they want Ron Paul as the nominee to beat Obama.  In 1980 at the Republican convention, the party threatened Reagan that they would not give him the nomination unless he selects George H.W. Bush as his running mate. Someone Reagan said emphatically he will not chose as a running mate. Could Ron Paul be pressured into selecting Romney or Perry as a running mate? If he does not comply, he will not get the nomination. If Dr Paul does not cave in and the Party gives the nomination to  Romney or Perry even though Ron Paul had more than 270 delegates to secure the nomination. If they play this dirty trick manipulating the delegates to select a nominee regardless of the will of the party faithful speaking. This could destroy the republican party forever. Breaking a promise to not raise taxes is one thing. But thwarting the will of the people can have disastrous consequences. The people will not forgive then for doing that.

               We can see Ron Paul become the Libertarian nominee were we can see a mass defection from the republican party. If a state will deny the Libertarian candidate to be on the ballot. We can see Ron Paul be a write in candidate in those states. We can see the Libertarian Party taking the place of the GOP if they cheat Ron Paul out of the nomination when he had the delegates to win the candidacy of the Republican Party. We will see the death of a major political party in our lifetime  giving rise to another. Most likely the libertarian party or the Constitution Party will fill the void. A warning to the Republican leadership. If you try to destroy Ron Paul and thwart the will of the voters. You will destroy the Republican party as a result.           

Gov. Perry's Political Hacks Caught trying to Cencor Oppostion on Facebook


At least one official member of Rick Perry's campaign for President asked Facebook to censor and remove an online ALIPAC invitation asking Americans who oppose in-state tuition for illegal immigrants to protest outside of a Perry fund raiser in Charlotte, NC on Thursday.

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC), the group reported widely in the national media predicting that "Rick Perry Is Finished" after stating his current support for in-state tuition for illegal immigrants during the last debate, has called for a protest outside of Rick Perry's $1000 per plate fund raiser at the San Antonio Modern Mexican Restaurant in Charlotte, NC. 11:30am-1:30pm Thursday, September 29, at 4331 Barclay Downs Dr.

ALIPAC created a Facebook event invitation last night to invite the group's thousands of online supporters on Facebook to attend.

Facebook Event: Protest Rick Perry and His Support For Illegal Immigration  Facebook Page here

This morning, ALIPAC captured screen shots proving that Clint Cox, who is the Washington State social media coordinator for Americans for Rick Perry's Super Pac 'Americans for Perry', used the 'Report' feature to ask Facebook to delete the event.

The Facebook report feature asks users to report postings for harassment, Scams, 'Hate Speech', Violence, or Sexually explicit content. Once the reporter selects one of those options they can then notify the target of their protest.

William Gheen, President of ALIPAC, received two copies of reports from Perry Campaign operative or employee Clint Cox and from a Christine "Chris" Warren that state, "I found this event offensive. Please remove the event or content posted that may potentially be harmful."

As documented in the screen shots ALIPAC is releasing today, William Gheen responded to Mr. Cox saying, "This is a political event and your attempt to have Facebook censor our event because you disagree is reprehensible."

Clint Cox then replied "Your a liar and deserve to be censored...people are on to you!"

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC calls on Rick Perry to direct his campaign supporters or employees to not engage in censorship and false accusations on behalf of his floundering campaign.

"Americans who represent the 81% of US Citizens found in Rasmussen Reports polling to oppose Rick Perry's in-state tuition for illegal aliens subsidy have a right to speak out, assemble, and protest his events and stances without attempted censorship," said William Gheen. "The fact that an official member of Americans 4 Rick Perry tried to have our Facebook event deleted claiming we were "harassment, Scam, 'Hate Speech', Violence, or Sexually explicit content" is very inappropriate."

Shortly after these false reports were filed by Rick Perry's campaign, William Gheen was blocked from inviting his remaining Facebook friends to the event.

The Des Moines Register reports that Rick Perry's wife is in Iowa today trying to limit the damages to his campaign by excusing his recent support for in-state tuition for illegal aliens.

"Anita Perry also defended in-state college tuition for the children of illegal immigrants, saying the Texas Legislature thought it was a choice between educating the youths or having them go on welfare. "

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC opposes both welfare benefits and in-state tuition for illegal aliens as do hypermajorities of American citizens.

"Texas should not be giving welfare or college tuition to illegal immigrants," said William Gheen. "The fact that Rick Perry and his wife support both are strong reasons for GOP voters to reject his candidacy."

According to Zogby polling, Rick Perry's support levels have dropped 19% in reaction to his comments during the recent debates.

Rasmussen polling released today indicates that "...a plurality (44%) says Perry is not qualified for the job."

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC will protest Rick Perry's fund raiser in Charlotte tomorrow and then call on GOP, Tea Party, Patriot, and Immigration Enforcement groups across America to protest every Perry event they can to warn voters of his unpopular support for illegal immigration.

For documentation, screen shots, more information, or interviews please contact us via

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Poll: Nearly Half of American See Government As the Threat

              I believe this poll was being nice to the government saying nearly half American people are weary of Government, noew they see them as a threat more than Al Quaida. I beleive the poll is more like eighty percent of the American people see the government as the threat. The other twenty percent who says they are not weary work for the government. I see it more and more people seeing not Al Quada as the threat to our freedoms, they see the war on terror as the threat to our freedoms and security.

             Lets look at the overreach the War on Terror and the War on Drugs has assaulted freedoms. We have no privacy online and on the telephones. Our cell phones are not safe without a warrant singed by a judge. The can use the cell phone as a GPS device to track your movement wherever you go, they can dial in if the phone is off and listen in on conversations. The government has mandated the Power companies to install smart meters that monitors what we use that can give data how much TV you watch and what appliances you run.

             Then we have illegal wiretaps of our phones and online activity on our computers without a search warrant. The IRS can watch our Banks Accounts and Credit card transaction activity in real time. The we have Obama care that takes away much of our freedoms where we can face jail time if we do not enroll in this government black hole healthcare system that will kill more than heal. The war on drugs, if we get sopped by the police, we can have our cash seized if we cannot prove it was not involved in the sale of a controlled substance. The government has become pirates looking for booty from the American people with no due process, no judge, no jury and no justice.

              The most obvious is the TSA and the monotonous process going through airport security. People want to be left alone and want to catch their flight on time. Now people dread going through airport security. People are being groped and feel more threatened by the TSA than Al Quaida. Now this kind of security is being expanded to shopping mall and sporting events. Tyranny has become an unnecessary inconvenience and a hassle for no reason at all. but to grab power away from the people Then we have them coming after our guns. No wonder gun sales are on the rise like never before because people see the threat coming from an out of control government than from a petty cat burglar trying to invade a home.

               I do not have enough time to go through how the people  might see the government as a threat. Every time I turn on the news, the government wants to get more involved in my personal life and my daily activities. I have empathy for the people who say the government is a threat to our freedom and security. People want to be left alone and sick and tired of the government looking over the people shoulders for every little things to see if they are not drinking raw milk to making sure the children have their vaccines. People want the government out of their lives and out. That poll was going easy on the government. It would not surprise me if the real number is more like eighty or ninety percent of the those polled feel the government is a threat. Do you agree with me?

California Prosecutor Says People Have a Right to Defend Themselves Against Unlawful Police Brutality

Monday, September 26, 2011

Never Surrender Freedom and Your Guns for a Bowl of Rice

               As we seen through history, tyrants always set themselves up putting themselves at the advantage over the people making the difficult decisions. They use economic war fare and the lack of food as a weapon to get its way. In Denver Colorado at mile High Stadium they had a drill were they bused children to the stadium set up as a FEMA camp. The only way the parents can get their kids back was to turn in their guns. They will use your children to get what they want. This is a possible sign of things to come. If their is not a drastic change in leadership with the globalist out of power. They will starve us into submission.

             When the economy implodes and people are hungry. Do not be surprised in order to have food provided is to turn in your weapons as a condition. They might use this to generate fear getting a vaccine because the pandemic of a fabricated flu bug going around and the only way you can get the shot is turn in your guns. This means can be used to get the basic necessities we take for granted. We will be encouraged to surrender our freedom because the government will say the Constitution caused this economic trouble. It was responsible of the terrorism because people have guns and the hard times on the economy because the Constitution caused it.. If a person is not educated and prepared. They will follow the government like lambs going to the slaughter. 

            The only way we can counteract tyranny is to take control of our lives ourselves. We have the ability to provide for ourselves and educate our children. I would suggest home schooling and doing what it take to divorce them from the public school system. Thomas Jefferson said"A Government big enough to give you everything and big enough to take everything". Tyranny thrives because of dependence of the people. If you control the food and resources. They can control the people. If we stay prepared ready for them. We have a chance to win if we do not fall for the lie for food for freedom and guns.

            I remember a couple of time I educated a gun owners taking all their firearms to the police station to a $100 Wal Mart gift card for food. I gave them better. I brought their shotguns for $200 cash and they kept thier other guns. As far as I know, I know when I see him. He was shortage on food was a temporary, now he can provide again. He still has a means to protect himself and his family. If he did not meet me. He would have been vulnerable. Thank God he did not surrender his arms for Monsanto junk at Wal Mart. No matter how hungry you may feel and going without some basic necessities. It is only temporary. When the government say they have a solution for your hunger pains if we surrender our freedoms and guns for food. Do not fall for it. If we are prepared and ready, what they say and do will not work. If we surrender all liberties along with our right to keep and bear arms for a bowl of rice and beans. We will starve and be defenseless.


Hey Mr. Ben Bernake, Put me on Top of your List. I Will Not Shut Up nor Be Afraid of You. I am a Proud Critic of the Federal Reserve Bank

               It is hard for me to be quiet when my neighbors are enduring hard times of no fault of their own, they paid their rent and mortgages on time. They played by the rules and tried to be responsible with their lives as best as they can. The saved for their retirement and set aside money for a rainy day. So how are they rewarded for their hard work and good stewardship? American used to be called the land of opportunity, now it showed be called the land of no good deed goes unpunished.

                These people who have worked hard to pay off there homes paying three time what the house is worth with compound interest and the one who make their payment on time are losing their homes to foreclosure. They are seeing their savings and retirement accounts wiped out by inflation because of printing money flooding the economy with useless dollars. The only thing not affected by the rate of inflation is the cost of labor. Waged have not increased with the rate of inflation. People cannot keep up with food and fuel cost due to inflation. I am mad at these bankers for how the defrauded the American people. Nor will I be afraid either if I make any of the bankers mad because my righteous indignation I feel how they rob my fellow countrymen

                 Thank you Ben Bernake for your magic money printing scheme helping Wall Street by screwing Main Street. I hear you are putting people on a list for criticizing you and the Federal Reserve Bank that you are the head of. Everyone has a right to be mad at you and I believe the names will be so numerous, you will not have enough paper and computer hard drive space to make a list of your enemies. We want you gone and put out of business. We want our real money back. We want you in jail and turn the federal Reserve bank into a prison for all you robber barons. The building should be refitted so the public can visit you daily and ridicule you for your fellow thieves. The building you constructed for maximum security to protect yourself from the American people will now be a maximum security prison for bankster gangsters as an example that crime does not pay.

                  We have freedom of speech here in America. If Ben Bernake think putting people on a list because they speak out against the Federal Reserve System might silence the critics. You are wrong It will not work this time. Obama tried to send a chilling effect to the people not to criticize him did not work at all. You making threats to put people on a list because they speak out against your bank will come back to haunt you. We know you are losing. If what we said did not have an impact. You would not care. But now since you are the focus of scrutiny and people want the bank abolished. Trying to put people on a list will not work anymore no matter what you throw up to deflect the critics. The Federal Reserve Bank is on its last Legs. I hope the next congress that convenes will revoke your charter because you have been nothing but heartache and stress for all of us in the real world. Go ahead put me on your list. I do not care. My rights are God given. Just because you all think you're masters of the universe does not make you God with the right to take away my free speech. This list only shows you are cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Two Governors May Enter the GOP Presidential Field To Counter Ron Paul Since Rick Perry is Faltering

               I am hearing two names lately pop up in the neo con website. Those two names is New Jersey Gov. Chris Christi and Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels. Gov Rick Perry who was supposed to be the second coming of Ronald Reagan is no more than a carbon copy of Bill Clinton. His mandate on Gardisil and college tuition for Illegal aliens really done in the Texas Governor. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas has been surging in the polls and has the party leadership scared looking for someone to counter and beat Dr. No.

              Looking at Gov Chris Christi, he is a RINO who is for carbon taxes, He is an anti gun and pro banker. He says global warming is real. I am not too crazy because they may tout him as a real Conservative, the reality that he is just another big government politician. He does not stand for freedom or liberty. New Jersey is a terrible place to live, He is no different then his predecessors like John Corzine. Gov Christi name is being floated like a trial balloon because the party leadership and the political establishment is in trouble. The more loser politicians they bring forward, the more it makes Ron Paul look good.

              Now we have Gov Mitch Daniels who has a lot on common with Gov Rick Perry. They are both for signing over roads to foreign corporations. Gov Rick Perry failed because the state legislature intervened. Gov Daniels succeeded giving away the Indiana toll roads to a foreign corporations. So here is another globalist acting like a conservative if he throws his hat into the race. Mitch Daniels is another Carl Rove protege for the neo cons. I do not think bringing establishment candidates forward will work this time. They did that four years ago putting Fred Thompson in the race to to counter Ron  Paul back then. I believe we are on to their tricks this time which has them scared.

               The establishment is so desperate to maintain the status quo in government. Ron Paul is a threat to the way things are compared the way things should be. There is so much to be lost if Ron Paul takes the White House. The stakes are high being so desperate to hold onto power to keep the funny money flowing and the war going for Israel. We do not need another candidate who supports Israel before us. We do not need any war mongers who support the Patriot act and vote for more bailouts for the too big to fail. We need a candidate like Ron Paul who will put America first second and third. We do not need anymore Carl Rove losers in the GOP field full of globalist. SO I hope Chris Christi and Mitch Daniels stay out of the race before they get destroyed politically like Perry is now and soon to Romney will be imploding too. The revolution is in full swing. Are you ready to stand with us to defeat the RINOs?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Let the Euro and the European Union Collapse to Send the Bankers a Message

               The Central Bankers in Europe have been trying to enslave the world by fraud and  a phony debt the people do not owe. Europe should just default on the derivatives, abandon the Euro altogether and arrest the bankers if they use financial terrorism as an end to a means. We are starting to see a financial insurrection world wide against the private central bankers. These bankers know they are being found out and the people in power better learn real quick that being an agent for these oligarchs will not mean they will escape justice aiding in banker fraud.

                The bankers have been responsible for much of the famines and disease around the world because they see these people's lives have no value to them. The politicians or dictators in these countries are brought and paid for by these same bankers to keep these countries from ever developing industry and elevating the standard of living in these underdeveloped nations. The banking cartel has been the people behind all the unnecessary misery because they are saving mother earth is their justification. The world bank has terrorized villagers in Uganda shooting children, forcing innocent people off their land in the name of saving the planet. This was done in southern Mexico relocating the Mayans off ancient land that was theirs in the name of biodiversity. These bankers are very sick people with no regard for humanity.

                 The free people in the world have been defrauded by these bankers to pay a debt they do not owe them. The people in Europe should not have to do with less, pay more in higher taxes to these bankers and be  impoverished to pay a phony debt . It is time we just default on the debt completely and tell the bankers no more. We are tired of the Bank of England, The Federal Reserve Bank, the IMF, The Bank of the World, the Bank of International Settlements, Wall Street and the City of London playing with our future as free people. These Bankers are not above the law and should not escape justice for their crimes against humanity. They been behind wars,mass murders and famines to achieve their means to an end. These European countries should just default completely on the debt, get out of the euro, get out of the EU and not give the bankers what they want. Let the too big to fail banks go under, life will be better without them for all of us.

                   What Iceland did is the example of what Europe needs to do dealing with the bankers. We are not obligated to pay the bankers losses. If the Bankers die as paupers because they went down like AIG because of faulty bookkeeping to conceal debt. So let it be I say. Our quality of life will be so much better once we bring these Bankers and Robber Barons are brought to Justice. I say let the euro and the European Union collapse along with the central bank. If the people of Europe rise up and take back their monetary system from these thieves that sends a message, we know what they are doing and we are not playing their games anymore. We are not their chattel property and not their slaves to their debts. So Europe do not let these bankers push you around anymore.

Putin Needs to Step Down his Candidacy for President While He is Still on Top

                I commend Vladamir Putin for what he has done for Russia. He has threw out the bankers and stabilized the country. Russia has come a long way since the Soviet Collapse in the ear.y 1990s. The truth is Russia needs new blood in the leadership. It is time for new people to come forward and assume the mantle of leadership for the Russian Federation. Putin last time he was President could not run another term because of term limits.

                 It is time for Mr Putin to step down, not run for President and just become a private citizen to live under the laws he has passed. His intentions may be good for Russia, it does not mean it will be good for Russia in the long term. There is a reason for term limits in office. The reason is so corruption does not set in were everything done is to hold onto power than doing good for the people. Being in power too long does not do good for Russia. Russia needs new blood in the Kremlin or it can revert back to a system of government without a healthy rotation of people in leadership.

                I like Prime Minister Putin. He has done well for Russia and done what needed to be done when the country needed it. For those Russians who will read this blog let me say this. We have people in the US Congress who have been there way too long. When they first came as freshmen to Washington. They all had good intentions to do well and serve the people. Now 20 and even 40 years later. The people now want them gone from office because now everything they do is for power and powers sake and not for the people. They have out served their usefulness in Washington. Vladimir Putin I think if he become the President again will be a disaster for Russia because he has out served his usefulness.

                Russian like the United States put term limits in place for a good reason on the office of President. So power does not become entrenched and corrupt. If Prime Minster Putin is reading this and wants to come out on top with history remembering him for all the good he has done. He ought to step down his candidacy as President and allow new blood to come in. He should assume the new role of educating the Russian people why the oligarchs need to be kept out of power for the sake of Russian and his posterity. Like I said before, he may have the best intention in the world to be president again for Russia's future. Like most people after being in power so long, can be a political disaster. Putin ought to make room for new blood to be in the Kremlin and withdraw his candidacy . Go out on top I say and let history remember Putin for all the good he had done and not a possible blunder waiting to happen.

Texas Moves to Block EPA Enforcement

              One of the biggest job killing agencies in the Federal Government is the Environmental Protection Agency. They have shut down factories and recently raided Gibson Guitar Plants in Memphis and Nashville Tennessee over were the wood was finished enforcing foreign law. They are blocking the drilling off shore and prevent many refineries coming online. This agency has been responsible for our energy cost going through the roof. This agency has a anti American, anti freedom and anti free market agenda to bring down eh US economy.

               The Texas Attorney General is taking the EPA to court to block enforcement of new rules President Barrack Obama is implementing. These new carbon rules are the Cap and Trade laws the President could not get congress to pass. So he bypasses congress and implements the rules through the regulatory process. The two things that could work in Texas's favor is these new rules are based on fraudulent data that has been proven to be just a fraud. The other thing is the President cannot just makes rules if he does not get what he wants from Congress using executive orders. The Constitution delegates the President only the power enforce the laws of Congress. Not to mention the ninth and tenth amendments to the bill of rights do apply too if a court recognizes the original intent of the founders.

               The State of Texas is now approaching the Winter months. Feb 2nd of this year we had rolling blackouts throughout the State on a day record cold temperatures. ERCOT was ordered by the EPA to do rolling blackouts because of a the high demand of electricity used they claim. I believe these plants shut down so they do not exceed their carbon limit or be fined by the US government. There was no excuse for rolling blackouts. Due to the EPA rules. Many coal power plants were ordered to shut down by the EPA without any law passed by Congress.  Many coal plants in Texas had burdensome regulations placed on them that makes it impossible to operate. Texas was forced to buy electricity that day from Mexico who has no EPA rules. Texas used to provide electricity to other states as far as to Kansas. These new rules does not make it happen anymore.  Texas has to buy electricity form Mexico now because of these new rules to avoid these rolling blackouts.

                The state of Texas were we fly our flags equal height to the American flag. Why, because we are still a republic before we became a state, still isa republic as well as a state. We are the only state that exist by a treaty. The State of Texas should have used the laws of the treaty and told the EPA they have no legal right under the treaty. Texas does not need to waste time in Federal courts. They could have went to the Texas State Supreme Court and issued an injunction against the EPA saying they have no legal jurisdiction in the state of Texas. I hope Texas wins in court blocking the EPA, but I do not think that will stop the White House or the EPA. Obama is already in contempt of court for not resuming offshore drilling. Texas needs to back up their legal rights with more than a piece of paper or Obama will keep walking all over the Lone Star State.

Rick Perry's Lost Debate Opportunity

Rick Perry, Debates and Immigration

By Russell D. Longcore

In Thursday night’s political theater presentation, aka “debate,” Texas Governor Rick Perry got buttonholed by Senator Rick Santorum about the Texas law that allows children of illegal immigrants to attend Texas colleges for the in-state tuition fees. He made a somewhat impassioned defense of it, and said that opponents have “no heart.”

The Governor was handed an opportunity to hammer his opponents, and it appears that he was entirely unaware that the hammer was at his disposal.

More is the pity.

Here is what the Guvna could have said in a stern, lecturing voice that would have set the rest of the field…and the audience…back on their heels:

“Texas is a state. Texas is not America, and it is not Washington. Under that old tattered, ignored Constitution, states could do pretty much what they damn well pleased. It was the Washington government, the creation of the states, that had all the restrictions. The legislation to provide college tuition aid to the children of illegal immigrants that live in Texas was passed by the Texas legislature, men and women duly elected by the people of Texas, and I signed it into law in 2001. If the sovereign citizens of Texas did not want this legislation to pass, their elected representatives would not have passed it. If Texans also wanted to buy those students an Ipod, a Slushie and a red balloon, they could do it. You know why? BECAUSE TEXAS IS A STATE. We Texans are paying for that tuition subsidy out of our own pockets. About 1 percent of college students at Texas’ public schools are illegal immigrants who qualify for in-state tuition under the law I signed.”

“And to the charge by former Governor Romney that we are creating a “magnet” for illegals and not offering such a discount to out-of-state students, I say this: MIND YOUR OWN DAMNED BUSINESS, GOVERNOR. You are certainly entitled to your own opinion about this issue, but the only opinions I care about regarding this issue are the opinions of the voters in Texas.”

“And to you in the audience who booed me about this issue, I say this: Get a copy of the US Constitution and read it. The states are made up of what Jefferson called WE THE PEOPLE in the Preamble to the Constitution. It is the People who hold ultimate authority in America, not Washington. The states were meant to be the greatest laboratories of liberty ever devised by human minds. If you and your fellow state citizens decide to build a bridge of steel or of Lego blocks, and you pay for it, it’s nobody’s business but YOURS unless you ask some other state to pay for it. So rather than showing your ignorance of civics with your booing, shut up and start reading.”

Rick’s poll numbers would have jumped by 20%. But maybe that's a side of Rick Perry that doesn't exist at all. Perhaps in his quest to have America love him, he's cashed in his loyalty to his state and to Federalism. Maybe he never had either.

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2011, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bringing Back Honest Money Might Bring Back a Moral and Just Society

                 If we look back on history when we had a moral and just societies. Also when we had an immoral and unjust people in our nation. What brings in the immorality and the corruption. What brings about tyranny and political turmoil. Bankers have long known if they can control the monetary system they can control the morals of a people. The Apostle Paul said it best in his epistle" The love of money is the root of all evil" So what can be traced to the moral decline of a nation? Our moral decline is directly linked to the Federal reserve system.

                 When there is honest money outside the bankers control with the people controlling it. There is a just society, because the currency can not be manipulated and debased. Government cannot use a central bank's printing press to buy votes and create a dependency class. When there is easy money and easy credit issued by the central bank. Societies tend to decline being in awash in Fiat money that can be to root of corruption in our government, business and society. Under an honest money system, corruption is not eliminated completely. But it is kept in check when there is an honest monetary policy.

                   When President Nixon took us off the gold standard, we started to see a sharp decline in our society were political corruption reigns and the welfare state is in full swing. As long the US government can go to the Federal reserve and ask to print more money out of thin air to buy votes. The single mother will see the welfare check taking the place of the wage earning father. Farms are discouraged to grow crops because the government pays for them not to produce. It corrupts the tax code changing the behavior of people. The power to tax is the power to control. Fiat money interferes with the economy and stands in the way of the free markets working because central economic planning by the Federal Reserve Bank.

                  For those social conservatives who are concerned about the moral decline in America and how the family is being attacked by big government policies. If they want reform the schools in dire straits our education system is in. When we see freedom being attacked by a bloated federal government. The root cause is a dishonest money we have today. If they end the Federal reserve system returning to an honest monetary policy. We can start to see a reverse in our national character. Under the current system the US Government was able at will go to the Federal Reserve bank and print money out of thin air with no backing by a commodity like gold and silver. We can see immoral things happen. When we have money backed by gold and silver outside the control of a private central bank to manipulate the value. We might have a chance to reverse the moral decline in America.


Russia Today: Russia for Sale

Friday, September 23, 2011

Judge Napolitano Talks About the Loss of the Fourth Amendment

Watching Gov Romney And Perry in a Debate is like Watching Pro Westling.

                 I can recall long ago seeing Rowdy Piper and Hulk Hogan talking trash and mud slinging about how they will beat each others skulls in on TV. Know what Jesse Ventura said later that politics is just like pro wrestling were on camera they rival and hate each other. But behind the scenes, they are best friends and shake hands. I see more and more all this political rhetoric is a scripted play for all of us to see talk about.

                 Watching the debate on Fox last night from Orlando Florida. Seeing Romney and Perry say pop shots at each other attacking one anothers record as Governor was like watching pro wrestling seeing the Undertaker and Cain taking trash . It sounded so phony and scripted. Their was no passion behind the political mudslinging. I mean getting my Newsmax and World Net Daily emails every day of either Romney and Perry saying something about the other.

                  This is a phony controversy to create news stories and trying divert attention away from Ron Paul and his ascension as a top tier candidate. Both of them are useless as people and Presidents. I do not care what they say. What they argue about has no substance and relevance about the real issues affecting us today. This controversy is just a distraction and a make news ploy by the political establishment and the corporate media to divert people away from the real issues that really plague is nation like the the bankers looting the nation. I am not fooled by the phony distraction. Perry and Romney have more in common than we think. It is just a game to make news to keep attention off of Ron Paul. 

Don't Be Suckered Into Obama's Class Warfare Game Being a Useful Idiot.

              In most tyrannical regimes, they use tactic and play dirty to achieve their ends. In their minds the end justifies the means. We are all struggling to keep food on the tables and a roof over our heads. To everyone who is dependent on the government for all they have. The truth is they robbed them of everything to make them complete human being and reduced to a permanent underclass to be used as a political weapon.

             Right now President Obama is trying to use class warfare to achieve his goals of being a dictator. Right now we have another looming government shut down. The President wants to raise taxes on the producers of our society and push for a jobs bill which is no more than government boondoggle to pay off his campaign donors. Whatever crisis comes in the future. Do not underestimate him pitting one group against the other to advance an agenda worst than before making things worse.

           If the government shuts down and President Obama cuts off the Food Stamps, AFDC, Social Security payments and the unemployment checks. He will tell the underclass dependent on government handouts the tea party is to blame. The elderly will be pitted against the young because she is not getting her social security check. Illegal aliens who use the welfare system would riot in the streets blaming the gringos for not giving them a welfare check. We will hear talking heads saying "It because it is the fault of the Tea Party and the gringos for shutting down the government". They will be blamed for everything wrong because these people are not getting their government handout. That is one scenario.

           We can see President Obama trying to enrage the underclass being the same group telling the people that they are out of work because congress will not pass his jobs bill. He will blame the rich which to him is anyone who has a job and a car. The very people who still buy goods and services. He will pit the working class against the underclass telling them it is because they do not want to pay their fair share. This can be used to stage riots in major cities so the police state can be rolled out when the people cry out for security to stop the chaos. He will say it is the middle class's fault they are poor.

             Before any of you get enraged being mad at the people who still have their lives and fiances intact. These people are not to blame. They are producers who are being held back by government interference and intervention. They cannot hire and invest to create jobs because of government overreach making it impossible to hire people. The Obama White House has created an atmosphere of uncertainty that makes it hard to invest capital to expand business and create jobs. These are the people who still eat in Restaurants and go on vacations. They are the people who keep Americans employed who still have jobs. Please do not direct your anger at them I will tell you who to be angry at right now.

             If people who are going to be angry. I will tell you who is responsible for the sad state of out economy. It is offshore Central Bankers and Wall Street. President Obama does the bidding for Wall Street. What wealth you should be in the economy is going to the bankers back pocket. The Central Bankers are responsible for our poverty with the willing accomplices in Washington DC looting the wealth of the nation. If they are told to go after the producers in society. They hurt themselves also because they went after the wrong people.

            Tyrants seeking to grab more power use populations to fight against another as a divide and conquer tactic to enslave everyone has been used by Hitler and Communist regimes. I pray we do not fall into that trap. The wealthy that are responsible for our depression is the super rich on Wall Street, the Robbers Barons working in the city of London and the ruling families who sit offshore holding the levers of power manipulating the economies. They are the ones who control the wealth of most of the world. It is not the middle class and people making $200,000 or more. The Robber Barons cause all this and engineered the economic collapse for their gain. These money junkies are profiting off our misery. The upper and middle class are over taxed and punished for being producers more than you think. They pay more than there fair share in taxes. Even if the government confiscated all tier wealth from the middle and upper classes. Ir would not fund all the handouts for a month. It would not fix a thing, just make more poor people.

            Do not be fooled by Obama's class warfare games. He will have the ignorant people believe the middle class and people making over $200,000 a year is the reason why they are not getting the government handouts because these people are not paying their fair share is a lie. The Bankers are responsible, they caused this economic turmoil and uncertainty. Look straight at Obama and his masters who rule in the shadows as the ones to blame. Yes the Federal Reserve Bank and the Bankers in Europe are the ones responsible. Not the class and upper class. We need to unite and blame the bankers and not fall for the class envy rhetoric. Once we are aware of their devices, then we are on the road the victory.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

We Need to Halt All Executions and Place A Moratorium On the Death Penalty

                Our criminal justice system is broken. It is out of balance where the Police and Prosecutor have the unfair advantage. Many people cannot afford a good criminal attorney with the resources to debunk and challenge the evidence. Even the most sincere Public defenders who really want to represent people with a vigorous defense do not have the staff or means to counter the evidence the state presents. They do not have the funding or the resources to mount a fierce defense.  

                When a person is charged with a capital crime such as murder. Prosecutors have been known to withhold from the defense exculpatory evidence that would allow the accused to walk being exonerated. When District Attorneys knowing full and well withhold vital evidence that causes an innocent man to be put to death for a a crime they have not committed. To me, these Prosecutors should be put to death if they known all along they put an innocent man to death.

                The justice system would allow 10 guilty people to go free than convict an innocent man at one time in our history. Now they will punish 20 innocent people to catch that one guilty person. Seeing the execution Troy Davis shows we need a moratorium on all executions until those cases were there is a reasonable doubt get a new trial were new evidence and witnesses can come forward to be entered into the court record. People in the system need to be held accountable who did not follow protocol,who cut corners in procedure because they cared more about getting a conviction to advance their political career making sure justice is served making sure the guilty are punished and the innocent never see a court room as a defendant.

                 This week Troy Davis was put to death, he was an innocent man. There was no murder weapon and nothing forensic evidence linking him to the crime. All they went on was one persons testimony, Despite witnesses coming forward to disprove the witnesses testimony who before were coerced by the District Attorney twisting arms to testify against Mr Davis has been brought to light. The Judge, the DA, The Governor of Georgia all have innocent blood on their hands allowing an innocent man to be executed. If seems if an average person was murdered and Troy was a suspect, chances are they would have let him go. Since a Police officer was killed. Someone had to pay and they did not care if the person was innocent because it was a Cop that was killed.

                 This is why we need to halt and suspend all executions in America until this mess is all sorted out and new trial can be started with new evidence and new witnesses can be put on the stand once not allowed to before. The system is broken, When a person faces the death penalty for capital murder. They should have right and protections under the United states Constitution making sure not one innocent man sees death row in prison, even if 20 guilty people walks free just to make sure no innocent man gets put to death. So let it be. It is better than the system today were 20 innocent people will suffer just to get the one guilty is bad and must be stopped. One innocent man put to death for a crime he never committed is one too many. Do you agree?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Why Drunk Driving Laws Should Be Abolished

To Defeat Tyranny, All We can Do What is in Front of Us and Call their Bluff

                Imagine a big block of cheese that needs to be eaten are are all mice. It is taking up space and needs to be dealt with so there will be room to move freely. We cannot move it at once because it is too big to move. So we all a little at a time. I see many little mice nibbling on this big block of cheese until it is gone. They did it paying attention to what is front of them and over time the cheese was gove and they were free to move around. Just like the mice, We are chipping away at the New World Order if we all little by little take a piece here and there. When many bands make light work, next thing we know we are winning while they are on the run.

                I know many of my readers have played cards before if it is Poker or Gin Rummy. Why we see the tyrants are moving rapidly trying to clamp down on the population with TSA expanding its operations outside the airports and DHS demanding more of our privacy trying to swallow up every institution it can. They are trying to move to take our guns. Why are they like this?I see this like the man at the the card table who will whistle the loudest when the hand he has cannot even get a two of a kind. He is playing a mind games with the other players hoping they will fold when after the game the other players find out he had nothing to begin with when everyone should have demanded he show his cards.

                 So why are they desperately trying to crack down on us calling us terrorist. Why are they moving with every form of tyranny on us trying to break our will? The reason why is because they really have nothing to use on us if they really tried to move on us with FEMA camps and rounding up of dissidents. When we see the government trying to lord over us using fear and intimidation to break our will. It is because they are at their weakest.This year alone 15 million firearms have been purchased. They are scared of the fact that if the people start resisting by civil disobedience and by the lawful use of force. The wretched machine will grind to a halt like Alexander Solzhenitsyn said after sitting in the camps regretting they should have resisted.

                  If the people put up resistance in a non violent way or with coercive force if necessary. We will find out that the Tyrants really have nothing to stand on and it is all been a mind game on us. So when they terrorize and try to break our will using fear and hopelessness. It is not because they feel invincible. It is because they are scared and if they do not do something. Many of them will see the inside of a jail cell if they do not have a police state in place. Telling us to disarm and give up is the only card left to play. False flag terror tactic is an unlikely option and starting wars is harder to do. The people have become very aware of their devices.

                  If we do what is in front of us taking back our counties, cities and states. We can remove the tyrants in power in these post until we have tyranny isolated out of reach of us. Their scheme is unraveling knowing it is over for them and they will go to prison. This is why they are desperately trying to crack down on free speech and dissent because if the can sell the illusion of being all powerful and it is futile to resist. When people find out it is a bluff just like the hustler at the poker table whistling very loud holding the losing hand. It will been known and more likely not to work.The choice is do we believe in the mind games and fold or do we call their bluff demanding the show us the cards.


Mr Obama and Mr Boehner I Do Not care if the Government Shuts Down

              To President Obama, You better nor threaten again not paying the Military and Social Security recipients. If you hold America hostage again withholding by law your obligations for political purposes. I hope the people in a rage demand impeachment. Here is some government entities we find useless and a waste of money.

          Shut down the EPA. We will still breathe clean air and drink safe water. Your regulations cost too much at the gas pump and in our utility bills. They kill more jobs then they create. The American people will not miss them.

          Shut down homeland security. This department has become a useless bureaucracy that seeks to get into people lives. Local law enforcement, the states and the armed citizens can protect the homeland far better than this agency can.

           Shut Down the TSA. This agency has become a major inconvenience for everyone. Inspecting grandma diaper is not a national security threat. Airlines can pick up the slack with their own security measure with far more efficiency that is far more effective with less intrusion on the individual.

           No more foreign aid to Israel and other rogue nations.

           No more corporate welfare for the Wall Street Bankers and Money Junkies.

           No more Social Security, Welfare Benefits or Food Stamps for Illegal Aliens. 

           No more farm subsidies.

So Mr. President before you hold Grandma hostage witholding her social security check and grandpa veterans pension. Cut back on all those useless and counter productive functions that really are unessential. No more games, if you cannot accept defeat resign as President.

My Speaker Boehner, Thank to Tea Party making you speaker of the house. We sent you to Washington to be a stop gap against an out of control administration. We did not send you to Washington to make friends and cut deals with Obama. Let the Government shut down. We have no use for them.




Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hidden Camera Exposes American Will Submit and Not Question Authority When Ordered to Do the Most Absurd Thingss

When I Watched John Stossel  on Fox Business, He had the man who done Candid Camera for years on and off. The host of Candid Camera tell the audience on all his spoofs on camera might be funny. He also exposes the reality of people will not question authority even doing the most absurd things. You be the judge and you tell me. Is it scary people will not question authority? Watch and enjoy.


The Dark Side of Israel Persecuting Christians

How Israelis Really Treat Christians. Not Very Nice People

Will President Obama Hold America Hostage Again to Get His Way on Raising Taxes?

                 This class warfare is getting old and worn out. I do not want to see the millionaires taxed to oblivion to pay for more government boondoggle. The people who are millionaires or people making $250,000 or more are important. These are the people who still eat at restaurants and still go on vacations. They still purchase goods and services. They hire people and  produce to maintain the economy. The truth is anyone who is a small business owner to the person working as a dishwasher is considered rich to Obama.

                  The sad reality is he might get his way raising taxes on the rich because the republican leadership caves in always. When the government was almost sut down. They caved in to the President. When the debate on the debt ceiling was an issue. The same leadership caved in again. Now the President is now touting is plan to increase taxes on what he called the rich because he believes they are not paying their fair share. That old class warfare tactic of the left to pit rich against poor, young verses the old, the employed against the unemployed and the welfare class waring against the middle class may not work this time. On the other hand in the Halls of Congress, using fear tactics still works.

                  How the President got his way was making congress cry uncle and caving in. Every time the President wanted his way on keeping the government running when threatened with a shutdown, raising the debt ceiling  and now a proposed tax increase. The President will threaten not sending the checks to social security recipients, not sending medicare payments out, not paying the military, sending our pensions checks to retired government workers and veterans if he does not get his way on a tax increase. When he wants his way with anything. He always holds a segment of American hostage by not sending out the checks. He has found congress's weakness to make it look like it will be congress's fault because the Social security checks will not go out because the tax increases would have paid for it is a lie. Holding Americans hostage is how he get his way with congress every time. Now will he use the same tactic again to twist congress's arm again to get a tax increase or will our elected representatives call his bluff and impeach the tyrant?

                    If Congress does not hold the line this time on tax increases. The Republicans will never be forgiven  for raising taxes. This would put the final nail in the coffin in a economy that is anemic as it is. Raising taxes only adds insult to injury. Thinking raising taxes will pay for big government programs is a farce. When taxes are raised, government revenue goes down. When taxes are low. the tax base expands and revenue increases. Tax cuts always pay for themselves, saying how the government will compensate when there is a tax cut is just an illusion. The power to tax is the power to control. If the Republicans cave in to the President if he uses this threat again holding Americans hostage not cutting the checks again. Congress needs to threaten the President with impeachment hearings or He will keep on with his lawless behavior. I hope congress gets a spine this time put the President back in his place.



Monday, September 19, 2011

Using the Power of the Jury to Grind the DUI Scam to a Halt

                 One of my close acquaintances just got a DUI because she had a glass of wine seven hours earlier before a meal. Just based on the admission, she was arrested for DUI because she failed the field sobriety test even though the breathalyzer she blown a .02. She is looking at spending money she cannot afford on fines, schools and counselors. She did not harm no one or destroy a persons property. She worked hard in her profession as a nurse, now she is at risk of losing what she worked for over a scam and a over zealous government. The police knew she was not even buzzed. But they are ordered to go out to generate revenue for the system. not protect the people.

                 This is not the first person I seen get a DUI who was not drunk. They go through unnecessary financial hardships because of it. If they could not afford to go to these expensive schools and counselors. They do not have the money to pay the fines and have to spend time in the county jail. When they get released they still have to go through the process if they ever want to drive again. Once a person is in the system, it is hard to get out of it. Many people should not have to suffer anymore from this scam. The truth is many Judges, Politicians and Prosecutors are the same people who own these schools and counseling centers. They make money off this scam, When they were caught they would put it in the wives names or children's name. Still can you small a rat yet? Is there something in the Constitution not using the office for profit?

                Why so many people get screwed by this scam is because they fail to use the rights available to them under their state and Federal constitutions. That is the right to be tried by a Jury of your peers. it is time to take your life out of the hands of a judge and back into the hands of the people.  When people in government use their office of profit at the expense of us. Expect corruption and injustices to follow. There have been Judges in Pennsylvania who was found out getting kickbacks for sending juveniles to jail for profit over small offenses. Many of these judges and Politicians own stock in private prison systems. It is America's disgrace we have more people incarcerated than most countries combined. When a person accused of a DUI goes before a judge. That Judge might own the school he will order the person to attend paying expensive fees. You may not have been drunk or even buzzed. To them you are new business to them. They are not interested in justice.they want your money.

                This is why I say, ask for a jury trial when charged with a DUI. If you know you were not intoxicated. Let the jury decide your guilt or innocence. The system may make an excuse why you cannot have a jury trial. Do not give up. If we start asking for Jury trail after being charged with a DUI or DWI. Chances are we can bog down the courts. I would ask for a jury trial for the reason is. This can cause unnecessary hardships for you or your family. Many people in government make money off this scam because people too long decided to allow the judge to determine our fate than the people.   It is time we stop allowing government people on the side profit off our gullibility. We had our rights violated when we were stopped violating our fifth amendment right to blowing into a tube to a field sobriety test without the assistance of council. If we refused, we had our license taken away for exercising our rights not to do anything that can self incriminate ourselves. Do not allow them to take away your right to have a trial by jury. The jury box is a veto on bad law and a over zealous court system. We either use our rights or lose them. What will it be? Will you be scammed by the courts or be free form the injustice system?         

Twisting the Christian Faith in America is Responsible For Innocent Bloodshed and Tyranny

                I was a member of a Pentecostal Church in my adult life who believed in the rapture theory and the unconditional or unquestionable support for Israel. I have to thank a man named Texx Marrs who used the Bible in his publications showing the very scriptures and a film called the "Blind and the Dead" showing me the Pentecoatal movement and this supporting Isael is a farce. I been deceived by these con artist . Now my suspicions were confirmed by this documentary. I would be suspicious of people like Rodney Howard Brow, Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Paul Crouch, and John Hagee. That sick feeling in my gut of my serious doubts people were saying was Satan trying to keep me away for the church and attacking my faith. Now I know it was not the devil giving me the uneasy feeling in my gut. It was God saying "get away from these fools".

               We have fought wars for Israel thinking we will be blessed because some idiot who thinks he hears the voice of God telling him to murder brown people in Iraq and Afghanistan  to save Israel from utter destruction. Israel has persecuted Christians in the occupied Territory and jail its own citizen who share the Gospel. If Abraham would have returned from the dead. He would be pissed to see he only had a little piece of land the size of New Jersey instead of being the father of a multitude of nations. Again Christians do not read their Bible and question authority. They will be quick believe the preacher in a Sachs Fifth Avenue three piece suit he brought with the dumb flocks money because he says so. Too much deception will nearly destroy us unless we repent of being deceived. We are responsible to check and verify ourselves to see if it is correct or not. Do you agree?

                 Then we had the minster saying the rapture would happen last March and now had his math wrong and now says  it will be this October. Next he will say the rapture will happen on 11-11-11. When he is wrong again it will be predicted 12-12-12. Howe blind people will be and follow a Judas goat all the way down to hell. What do all of these people have in common? They ignore Israels crimes and sins of murder and at home the tell us we will be raptured because Jesus will return soon. No sense in fighting and resisting evil is told because we will not be here, Why has tyranny has flourished because the church will go along rather than stand up against the wicked. Then we have the Clergy response teams of sell out preachers using Romans 13 to get people to go into FEMA camps, get groped and turn in your guns. Hitler and Stalin loved to use Romans 13 to get many people to march to their deaths.

                  Back many decades when this rapture theory was preached to the Chinese, the Germans  the Russians and many other people under these tyrannical regimes. They were told these people are the anti Christ is here and you will be raptured soon. This was an excuse to stand down instead of fighting against the tyrants. Many other countries who have religious freedom who practice Christianity know the country Israel are not the real Jews. They will not entangle themselves with Israel because they know better and cannot be sold the lie too. They laugh at us for buying into this lie. The church leadership here makes us the laughing stock of the world buying into supporting Israel and how we roll over to every stupid doctrine. It is time if we are going to practice the Christian faith. They cannot believe everything they hear.

               We need to question authority in the pulpit and do our own homework. Why so many idiots occupy the pews babbling in useless gibberish  saying it is speaking in tongues instead of reading the Bible seeing what the scripture seeing that it is something totally different. Until people question the authority of the pulpit and rebuke them. They will keep watching Pat Robertson clueless not knowing American will fall while every says Amen to their own destruction.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Stop Giving Jurisdiction to the Goons by Consent

                 We are going to have to get a pair of balls and start saying no. This war on terror is a fraud from the start. The only people who benefited was the military and security industrial complex to stop the phantom enemy and CIA entity Al Quaida. It is 10 years later and now people are no longer afraid and now is starting to turn to anger. Sept 11th was used as an excuse for a power grab by the Federal government to seize power over every aspect of our lives.

                  The power freaks in Washington can only get away with what we allow them to get away with it. It is time to stop being the frog in the water being boiled slowly to death. They took our freedoms piece by piece which was so subtle and crafty, We thought that compromising giving a little freedom for a little safety would be good if it put the bad guys behind bars. Now the government wants to be in our face and in our homes controlling every aspect of our lives. I just do not think it will succeed because event the NAZIs and the Soviet knew they had their boundaries and putting hands down people pants. They knew they could only go so far. I see the breaking point coming and a major push back against the power grab coming. This could be a major setback for the tyants.

                   I do not care if it is the TSA, or some goon cop on the side of the road trying to draw my blood without probable cause. We have to start saying "I do not consent to you touching me" or " I do not consent taking my picture in a full body scanner" and "I do not consent taking my blood or searching me without a warrant". We have to use the power to say " No" When they yell "opt out, we have an opt" really loud. We have to be just as loud or louder saying Hell Yah I opt out. I do not consent to an illegal search!". It is time to steal there thunder and jump inside their heads. If one has the courage to stand up. We might to inspiring people to start standing up too saying the same thing.

                  The Federal government only has consent if we give it to them. Without our consent, they have no jurisdiction and no power over us. There is more of us then there are of them.  We do not need them for our safety. They have become a threat to our security. If I have to worry about my Laptop, cash and my other valuable are being stolen or confiscated by the very people who said they are supposed to keep us safe. Then something is wrong when their is rampant theft, instead of correcting the problem. If they are a threat to our personal dignity and well being. Then why should we allow them anymore dominion not just over our bodies. if they cannot conquer our minds. They will fail.

                 The revolution starts in the mind making the choice. That is where the choice is made. When I mean jurisdiction. What I mean is in our minds and thoughts. They can chain us, grope us, torture and imprison us. They must never imprison our minds. Never let the tyrant have jurisdiction over our thoughts. We must never be conditioned in our thoughts to be like a sheep ready for the slaughter. It is time for commons sense to prevail and this tyranny to go. If we make the choice not to be afraid, we will win. Just as long we retain the power to say"no". Use it or lose it, you choice.