Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Shot Heard Around the World April 19,1775

              It seems the US government uses the day April 19th to over shadow this day in history that happened in the year of 1775. The colonies were in an uproar over taxes and oppression from the British Crown. The people of the colonies were in much the same boat as we are in today. The early Americans would have shot back with much less tyranny than we endure today.People have had enough in the colonies.From the time up to the first shot fired. British forces were trying to sneak in and out of Boston in an attempt to disarm the colonist.
             The Colonist on this day in history confronted the Red Coats on Lexington Green were the shot was heard around the world were the patriots lost the first battle. Than the militias finished the job at Concord being the first victory for the Colonies.
             We are fighting the same guild of offshore bankers. The King oppressed the people with taxes to pay back a debt to finance the French and Indian war to the banks. These bankers must be dealt with head on. These despotic bankers need to be brought down before they destroy humanity. Why these bankers and tycoons got so big is because corruption in government and the lack of will to arrest these people and put them on trial for fraud on the people.
            Patriots day on April 19, 1775 was not about just pushing back against the British Crown. It was about not being enslaved to the Bank of England too.

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  1. What has happened to this once great Republic?