Thursday, December 29, 2011

Where is the Legal Challenge over the Iowa GOP Vote Count in Undisclosed Location(Does Iowa Have Sunshine Laws?)

                Every State has these laws. That is the Sunshine Law. The excuse the Iowa GOP is using to count the vote in secret says they are trying to cheat the will of the people rigging the election. Anything done in secret should be repugnant to our democratic institutions. It is just a coincidence all of sudden Romney is surging after the state republican party announced the vote count will be moved to an undisclosed location. I smell a rat or a bunch of them trying to rig an election to favor the status quo over the voice of the people.

               Someone need to legally challenge the GOP with this move. I do not care if it is Judaical Watch or the Ron Paul campaign. This needs to be challenged in the courts over the violation of the sunshine laws. The count should be in public out in the open for all to see. What is the necessity of being secretive counting the vote in a undisclosed location? What are they trying to hide. Are they going to steal the election for a establishment hack who kissed the ring of special interest? We cannot tolerate this anymore of this secrecy counting the vote. Nothing good for this country when done in secret,that is even counting the votes.

               These sunshine laws were put in place for a reason and a very good one. it is because corruption flourishes in dark places. When the light is shined upon what is happening, corruption runs like cockroaches back into the darkness. Someone needs to legally challenge the decision of the Iowa GOP moving the voting count to an undisclosed location. This move by the state republican party needs to be challenged in court under the sunshine laws. All the states have these laws in place. We must not let the GOP get away with stealing an election in secret without transparency. It must be challenged.

                I just got today a solicitation by the Republican National Committee asking for money to win back the White House in 2012. I put a Ron Paul flyer in the return envelope and a note saying to them saying "my checkbook is closed as long as the counting of votes is not open to the public". I send it back to them with them paying the postage. This election should be a lesson that it is not only Democrats that steal elections. Those Republicans do it too. We must not let these hacks steal the victory away from  Ron Paul. Election fraud not only happens in Chicago, it might happen in Iowa if we do not legally challenge the State GOP to keep the vote count open to the public and not at a secret location.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

People Engaging in Voter fraud Must Be Treated LIke A Banker Who Debases The Currecy

               We are coming to the end of of year 2011. Our economy is in the toilet, we are losing our liberties everyday. Banks are getting bailouts from our goverment rewarding reckless and bad investments. We are crony capitalism and no more free market economy. Why have all this happened when we are supposed to have a representative republic were we elect our servants by a democratic process. It seems that we have entrenched people in office that we can never seem to get rid of no matter how much we try to get them removed. How can this happen. Election fraud being epidemic over the decades is now really rearing its ugly head.

               Back when our nation was in its infancy stages. Congress passed the Coinage Act on 1792. The penalty for debasing the currency was by death by hanging because the evils and treachery associated with the crime.  It is time we treat election fraud the same way. We cannot tolerate anymore of our votes being stolen in return debasing the election process. We have a Police state and being thrown headlong into wars we have no business being in. The goverment is growing and ever expanding its power more into our lives daily. Part of the result is having our votes stolen by stuffing the ballot box. Just like debasing the currency devalues our wealth, stuffing the ballot box with dead people destroys our elections.

                When voter fraud is caught next time in this upcoming election. We cannot let the people who get caught get off with a plea bargain getting a slap on the wrist. There must be a  grand jury investigation with a public jury trial with the people charged with the high crime treason by voter fraud. Let witnesses be called forth. If convicted being found guilty by a jury of their peers be sentenced to death for undermining the election process like the bankers get the guillotine for debasing the currency. People who hold office conspiring to steal the votes be automatically removed from office and those running for office caught be forbidden running for office as long as they live because they should be in prison for life or death after they have been tried publicly if found guilty.

                 I am at the point thinking like early Americans. The founders were very serious about do not mess with the value of money. They put to death bankers who committed fraud devaluing currency. They were hanged or beheaded. We should treat our elections the same way when corrupt scoundrels undermine the will of the people by stealing elections stuffing the ballot box with dead people or people who are not eligible to vote like illegal aliens. This practice has caused an agenda to happen in the country that is bringing us to near ruin. Three rules men should live by. Do not mess with another man's wife and the last two if you mess with my money or my vote. There will be hell to pay. No more Diebold Machines or electronic counting. Paper ballots counted in public at every level. If counted in secret, the vote is invalid and someone is going to jail. We are going to have to treat vote fraud as a high crime with severe consequences or we will pay the price being slaves if we do not act.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The NDAA Repeals More Rights

The NDAA Repeals More Rights
 By Congressman Ron Paul

Little by little, in the name of fighting terrorism, our Bill of Rights is being repealed.  The 4th amendment has been rendered toothless by the PATRIOT Act.  No more can we truly feel secure in our persons, houses, papers, and effects when now there is an exception that fits nearly any excuse for our government to search and seize our property.  Of course, the vast majority of Americans may say “I’m not a terrorist, so I have no reason to worry.” However, innocent people are wrongly accused all the time.  The Bill of Rights is there precisely because the founders wanted to set a very high bar for the government to overcome in order to deprive an individual of life or liberty.  To lower that bar is to endanger everyone.  When the bar is low enough to include political enemies, our descent into totalitarianism is virtually assured.
The PATRIOT Act, as bad is its violation of the 4th Amendment, was just one step down the slippery slope. The recently passed National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) continues that slip toward tyranny and in fact accelerates it significantly. The main section of concern, Section 1021 of the NDAA Conference Report, does to the 5th Amendment what the PATRIOT Act does to the 4th.  The 5th Amendment is about much more than the right to remain silent in the face of government questioning.  It contains very basic and very critical stipulations about due process of law. The government cannot imprison a person for no reason and with no evidence presented or access to legal counsel. 
The dangers in the NDAA are its alarmingly vague, undefined criteria for who can be indefinitely detained by the US government without trial.  It is now no longer limited to members of al Qaeda or the Taliban, but anyone accused of “substantially supporting” such groups or “associated forces.”  How closely associated?  And what constitutes "substantial" support?   What if it was discovered that someone who committed a terrorist act was once involved with a charity?  Or supported a political candidate? Are all donors of that charity or supporters of that candidate now suspect, and subject to indefinite detainment?  Is that charity now an associated force? 
Additionally, this legislation codifies in law for the first time authority to detain Americans that has to this point only been claimed by President Obama. According to subsection (e) of section 1021, “[n]othing in this section shall be construed to affect existing law or authorities relating to the detention of United States citizens, lawful resident aliens of the United States, or any other persons who are captured or arrested in the United States.” This means the president’s widely expanded view of his own authority to detain Americans indefinitely even on American soil is for the first time in this legislation codified in law.  That should chill all of us to our cores.
The Bill of Rights has no exemptions for "really bad people" or terrorists or even non-citizens.  It is a key check on government power against any person. That is not a weakness in our legal system; it is the very strength of our legal system. The NDAA attempts to justify abridging the bill of rights on the theory that rights are suspended in a time of war, and the entire Unites States is a battlefield in the War on Terror.  This is a very dangerous development indeed. Beware.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

History Shows Illegal Detentions and Dictatorships are Nothing New to America

              I know people are up in arms with the National Defense Authorization Act because it gives the Military jurisdiction to arrest Americans without cause at the discretion of the President. This is nothing new in our history for an out of control President. It is not the first time the Chief Executive abused its powers overreaching beyond what the Constitution authorizes the President to do. In the past what Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson and FDR did was so egregious, we must remember from history or we are doomed to repeat it. Obama and Bush were only basing their actions on their predecessors.

              President Abraham Lincoln  was not the honest Abe we learned in schools. He was a tyrant suspending the writ of Habeas Corpus. He jailed many journalist,politicians, state legislators and dissidents in the north using the excuse them being southern sympathizers. This President using the military for law enforcement reason to arrest his political enemies was the act of a dictator. The President defied the Supreme Court's order of the right of Habeas Corpus for people held without charge or reason. Only congress can suspend Habeas Corpus.

              In in the early 20the century, President Woodrow Wilson who signed the Federal Reserve act into law and who used his secretary of state to declare the 16th and 17th Amendments ratified without three fourths of the states concurring. This man pulled us into World War one and jailed many Americans illegally who opposed us being in this war to end all wars. This President was labeled the worst and first fascist commander and chief. I think Lincoln and Wilson are tied for the that designation.

              Then we have FDR who many Democrats and Republicans hail as a great President has a poor record for civil liberties. After Congress declared was on Japan. He had Japanese Americans put into internment camps. He used the US census data to many Japanese Americans without charge which was supposed to be kept secret. They had not right to Habeas Corpus or Due Process under the Constitution. President Reagen apologized to the Japanese Americans saying it was a big mistake. FDR abuse of power should be a lesson for today.

               Even since President Lincoln to now the Barrack Obama. The Executive branch has been usurping powers away from the courts and congress. President George W Bush has used the September 11th event to justify holding American citizens in jail without the right to a lawyer and the right to habeas corpus. This false flag attack was used to create a dictatorship were congress is only ceremonial. President Bush signing the classified PD-5, were congress has no access to the document.The Military Commissions act and the John Warner Defense Authorization Bill gives the executive branch has too much power it can abuse at will to shut down congress as they did threatening Martial law in October 2008 if the bailout to the banks was not passed.

                It is my hope is that Ron Paul be elected President so he can strip all these powers from the executive branch it never had under the Constitution. We should never allow one man the power to declare war and detain people on his own will. This why we have a congress and the courts to keep the president in check. The sad thing is the courts and congress are too much in agreement with the President. This is why we the people will have to restore our republican form of goverment because the servants who we entrusted have failed us. If we do not take back the reins of power. History will repeat itself, and that we cannot afford to see

Thursday, December 22, 2011

2012 Could Be the Year of the Sheriff, the Last Line of Defence Against Tyranny

               I am optimistic when Richard Mack who is a former Arizona Sheriff who beat Bill Clinton at the US Supreme Court defeating the Brady bill. This man has been on a crusade to teach county Sheriffs the president cannot tell them what to do. They are the highest executive in the county. In January next year. He will be holding a conference to bring in 150 county Sheriffs from around the nation to teach them of their duties to protect his people from unlawful Federal intrusion. He has 150 Sheriffs who will attend the conference and more elected peace officers desiring to come. He might be making more space to bring them in or have more conferences.

              Congressmen James Traficant before becoming a member of House of Representatives was a county Sheriff in Ohio. This man threw the IRS out of his county preventing the seizure of people's homes without due process. That is the power of the Sheriff . Even the IRS cannot take on the Sheriff. It is sad many county Sheriffs go along with the IRS seizures that are unconstitutional in the past. Now we starting to see that change gradually.

              An Indiana Sheriff recently stopped the Department of Justice from prosecuting the Amish people for selling raw milk. In California and the Pacific northwestern states were the EPA has decimated the farming industry. County Sheriff are now resisting the unlawful Federal overreach in their counties. They are drawing the line in the sand against the Federal goverment and starting to protect their citizens from violations of the their constitutional rights. We can see more county sheriffs start to resist the Federal goverment on a major scale when they come for the people's guns. Trying to enforce gun control could be the last straw where county sheriff will tel the Federal goverment take a hike.

            There has been talk in Texas with many county Sheriffs resisting the TSA bringing highway checkpoints in their counties. They will not allow any body scanners and groping to be allowed in the shopping malls inside their counties. Many are starting to turn down DHS grant money while some still have their hand out. The year of 2012 could be a very interesting year to see. Because local government can be the difference between freedom and tyranny. Texas has many rural counties which the Sheriff is known on a first name basis with many people in his county. That is a wait and see if they are courageous or not.

             The County Sheriff represents the grassroots local goverment. These elected peace officers can deputize every gun owner in his county who owns a firearm to be his posse and militia. If this Sheriffs conference is a huge success and more sheriffs are interested in how to defend the rights of the people in their counties. This can be the difference between the military marching into the county and staying free. The county Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer of the county. The Sheriff has the power to refuse an illegal court order that violates the law. Some Sheriffs refuse to foreclose on people's homes that are illegal, they can form citizen grand juries to root out corruption in the county. I am not talking about the ones the Prosecutor and the judge run. They can form a posse to assist him in search and rescue or extra security in natural disasters when public safety requires it to secure property and vital infrastructure. He has more power then President Obama.

             If one third of the county Sheriffs in this nation stand up to the feds. It is over for the tyrants. That can only happen if the people stand behind him, even if that means being ready to use force to assist the Sheriff keeping the federal goverment out. The Sheriff answers to us. he does not answer to the President or even the governor. He maybe the last line of defense making the difference between liberty or despotism. If your sheriff is willing to stand up for his people against tyranny. We need to stand behind him. The year 2012 is when the Sheriff becomes a defender of liberty and not a DHS puppet of the past. Do you agree?

All I want For Christmas Is Americans to Take Back the Power to Say "No" to Tyranny

                 I do not need to see the Grinch who stole Christmas, I see it everyday on the news. More than one person wears the Grinch suit. Some are Senators, Wall Street Money junkies, Congressmen, Presidents, Central Bankers and the Government goons. They stole more than Christmas from us. They sold us the illusion for a long time it is futile to resist the system because they want to keep us safe from the evil terrorist living in caves. They stole more the just our purchasing power form our earnings by debasing the dollar.

                 Since this phony war on terror was declared. It was a war declared on us all along. We been robbed of our privacy and dignity at the airports, when we surf online and when we make a phone call. We had our right to privacy stolen from. We have a goverment out of control that cares not to listen to the will of the people. The establishment wants us to choose the candidates they want us to pick from. Not the one we want. They want to take away the internet as we know it because their lies are not working no more.

                 We use to have a real choice between made in China and Made in the USA. We use to have a real choices to shop at a local merchant of our preference because we would get good service. Now Wal Mart killed main street to enhance Wall Street that offers little or no service when shopping for a pair of shoes. We have been ruled for too long and told to submit without question.We cannot grow our own gardens nor can we buy raw milk. We are being denied nutritional supplements too. The government thinks to is law unto themselves and we have to sit down and shut up because they care about us.

                  What I want for Christmas is for Americans to have the power to say "no" to government goons and thugs. To put our foot down saying hands off when they touch our internet and our food. To we never consented to the Military arresting American citizens taking away the Bill of Rights. We have no choice but to say "no" or we are at risk of great harm by our goverment hell bent on power and control. It is not their Constitution to decide what rights they will allow us have and ones we do not. It is our Constitution and we have to say "No" and Hands off my"Bill of Rights" to the politicians who care less.

                   The greatest God given gift we have is to say "no". We have to say no to electronic voting machines. We have to say no to hands down our pants and our bodies scanned at the airport. We have to say no to checkpoints on the highway and saying no to this goverment . This is the year we have to say no to these Money junkies that we will not be robbed nor be debt slaves to them. We have not any choice but to say no. The power to say no in unison as a people is the greatest gift we can have because we are individuals capable of thinking of ourselves. Saying no to people who think they know better then us how to live our lives.

                  The year 2012 is the year we have to say "no". The power to say no is a gift from God. It is free will to archive and make mistakes with no one interfering with us. Saying no to tyranny and big goverment sending a message we do not want you and we do not need you. To say hands off my crotch at the airport and hands off my Constitution in the government chambers. So lets make the year 2012 the year we say "no". This power to choose can be the difference between life and death. It is time to say "no"Stop being passive and going with the flow. All I want for Christmas is America to say"No" or we perish.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lets Make Highway Checkpoints This Holiday Season A Failure for the System

               I do not plant to travel much this Christmas or New Years. I am staying home and buying all I need before the holidays start. The reason why is because I will be drinking this Christmas and New Years. Me and the neighbors are having a block party with fireworks and a rock and roll band ushering in 2012. We all agreed to stay home, not be out driving this Christmas and New Years Eve. We do not need to be drunk, speeding or running a stop sign to be stopped by law enforcement. All we need to do is be out there driving to get pulled over. Cops will be bored with time on our hands.The only reason they need is revenue using taxation by citation.

              I have not heard much about it in Texas, but I know there will be highway checkpoints nationwide. I see those commercials on TV saying "Click It or Ticket" or Over the Limit Under Arrest". We need to run our own ads in the liberty movement saying " Violate Your Oath, Lose Your Badge" or "Overstep the Constitution, Under Arrest" to put police on notice we are not putting up with them violating our rights in the name of the war on drugs or the war on terror. It is time to make the system look like fools and stay off the roads. We must send a message that it is a waste of money and time to conduct these useless Sobriety Checkpoints when they can not catch drunks, only people without their papers.

             I suggest to my readers who plan on consuming alcoholic beverages  to the extreme. Please stay home or make arrangements to sleep someplace until you are sober enough to drive safely home and not as much exposed as at night. Also, to avoid the illegal aliens who do drink and drive drunk who are responsible for most of the fatalities on the roads. Ask a DPS State trooper in Texas, they will tell you what I am saying that Illegal aliens cause most of the alcohol related accidents. If you do that, you can stay away from police, those illegal checkpoints and drunk illegal aliens on the road.  Where is M.A.D.D. on drunk driving illegal aliens? They would be for strong immigration enforcement to stop these people not here legally driving drunk. But we hear not a peep from them.

            People who are drunk avoid checkpoints,, they take the backroads The only people who get busted at a sobriety checkpoints are people not wearing their seat belts, motorist who do not have the proper papers or people with outstanding warrants. The system is not serious about stopping drunk drivers, if they were, many illegal aliens would be deported. Not so, it is about money and acclimating us to being searched like TSA does at the airport sticking their hands down our pants. My advice is stay home, if enough of us do it. There will be empty roads and no reason to have checkpoints. Maybe they will get the message to leave us alone let us enjoy our holidays in peace.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gov. Perry's Missed Opportunities To Show Leadership Says he is a Lost Cause.

                 Regardless if Rick Perry is a candidate or not. He is blowing missed opportunities only a sitting governor can have that gives him an edge. Ron Paul  and Michelle Bachman cannot not do it because they are just members of congress. Romney, Gingrich, Huntsmen, Johnson and Santorum do not hold any public office anymore. Gov Perry is missing opportunities to show he has leadership. He is in the best place that no other candidate does not have being a sitting governor. He can still do some good to show he can lead. The sad truth he is stuck on the old RINO playbook.

                The reality is the Governor is talking about supporting Israel and opposing gay marriage courting the Evangelical vote supporting the Jewish state. He is wasting his time with useless social issues that are not relevant. He cannot run on his record for creating jobs and the economy.  He has a chance to do something very unique that no other candidate cannot do. If the Texas Governor did this, even Ron Paul would applaud him for doing the right thing and would not accuse him playing politics. That is standing up to the Federal goverment. His career as a governor is toast and he has nothing left to lose. If he is going to leave office, he should go out doing what is right.

                Right now Texas is getting ready to face a real crisis thanks to the EPA acting outside of Congress shutting down coal power plants. This can cause rolling blackouts or a rise in electric bills all across Texas in the name of global warming. Governor Perry can instruct the State Police and Sheriffs Department all across Texas to escort the EPA off Power Plants when they have no jurisdiction to be there. He can call back the legislature back in a special session to pass the Anti TSA groping and banning body scanners in the airports and no military permitted to arrest and detain Texans under NDAA provisions. If he did these things, it would be a game-changer in his campaign. Obama being so unpopular and congress not willing to stop the abuse of executive powers with the EPA and the TSA. This is an opportunity he should take not because he is running for President, because it is the right thing to do.

               The reason why Ron Paul is gaining and the others are waning is because the Lake Jackson congressmen is not following the playbook of the NEO cons and sticking to his principles. Sticking by the constitution. Rick Perry used the old tired playbook and it is not working. He has the opportunity to show he can be President by standing up to Obama's threats protecting Texans from unlawful invasions by Federal agents. He has nothing left to lose and the party has given up on him already, just because of that he should not give up on Texas. If he acted right now to stand up for Texas, He would give Ron Paul a run for his money. 

              Rick Perry is a prime example when someone sells his soul for power. To ask the Texas governor to do this is a pipe dream. The governor is compromised and paralyzed were he could not do the right things no matter how much he wants to. This is what happens when they sell out, they are not their own man always subject to blackmail. It is a pity to see him like this. I feel sorry for the man because he life is not his own beholden to the globalist masters. Next time he says I pray to God on the campaign stump, give him the suggestion to pray for some testosterone to do something right for Texas for a change.


Ron Paul is Causing the Neo Cons Rino Republicans to Meltdown

              What is happening is Iowa is something the big goverment Republicans brought upon themselves. How have they done this? They have broke too many promises and caved in to the other side too much. They fear the status quo way of doing things is going away. The war on Terror, supporting Israel the wars and social issues do not sell anymore. They all preached about limited goverment and controlling goverment spending and never delivered on what they said. People had it with politics as usual.

              Ron Paul represents the anti status quo, he has no baggage of the past. He has been consistent on the issues and never wavered. He has warned years to come before the housing bubble and the economic crash coming. He has warned repeatedly about our reckless foreign  policy and all these wars of aggression. He is the anti establishment candidate. He demonstrates great integrity and character as a statesmen. He is the anti federal reserve candidate who poses a threat to the real power structure that has the sacred cows in the party circling the wagons.

               The Governor of Iowa just insulted the intelligence of the people of his state. This statement by the goverment represents a serious meltdown in the party going on behind the scenes. Donations are down at the RNC and State party headquarters. They been running on corporate and party fat cat  donations. Average donations have dropped significantly shows a trend. It seems all the money from the bankers, the Israeli lobby and the special interest on Wall Street can try to funnel into the opponents of Ron Paul will not win. people see through the big money candidates. People are starting to see this and rejecting these corporate backed candidates like Newt, Mitt and Slick Rick because they are the cause of the problem and not the solution.

              Ron Paul is the true face of real grass roots activism were the people fund his campaign. This frightens the GOP so much. We are seeing a meltdown. We can see the neo cons RINOs like Rush and all the talking heads destroy themselves trying to destroy Dr No. Phony conservatism is out and libertarians are rising. Seeing the governor insult the intelligence of the the people of his own state says they are melting down. I find it comical seeing this Governor make a complete ass of himself, shows we are winning.

No Global Warming in Russia, Just A Lot of Snow

               I find it hard to believe in the Global warming myth. Tell that to the Russians that we have global warming. I have a close acquaintance I correspond with who lives in the Mari El republic of Russia in the capital city Yoshkar Ola. Since after last Halloween in early November. They been getting record snow fall and temperatures below freezing. They do not usually get snow until about early December. But they are getting record snow fall in Russia way ahead of schedule. My Lady told me they are getting snow just about non stop since early November.So where is the Global warming in Russia? 

               This UN climate conference has nothing to do with global warming. It is has everything to do with controlling human activity that is normal and natural. These people pushing this anti human agenda are sick in the head control freaks that need to have a straight jacket put on them and put miles beneath the earth so they can never bother humanity again. This is an eugenics plan to depopulate the world because they believe we are hurting the earth having babies and living pour lives. Well here is my plan for all these control freak globalist. This would make the world a better place for everyone.

                Here is my plan. For all you globalist control freaks who thinks we need to depopulate the world to save the planet. These people believe in reducing the population so much. Well lets have them live by their won principles. We should put them all in a stadium, give them razor blades ,poison even Dr Kevorkians suicide machine if they chose. Then tell them start by killing themselves first as a statement to save the planet. If they are serious about human life being the cause of Global warming. Let them die going first if they really believe it will save the world. If all these climate control freaks set the example to die first and they all kill themselves to save the planet. They world would be a better place once they are all gone.

              I would find hard for Al gore to sell Global warming to the Russians when there is plenty of snow to throw snowballs at him after the boo the former vice president out of town.


Gun Ownership More than Ever is Essential for our Safety and Security in a Free State.

              I have to say is thank God for the second amendment in our Bill of Rights. The truth is we outnumber the enemies of freedom by a wide margin. Not only is the right of the people to keep and bear arms necessary for the security of a free state. It maybe the only thing that keeps the tyrants trying to plug in a hot tyranny all at once. There is news of the FEMA camps being staffed and the arresting American citizens without the right to council or habeas corpus is coming. Our State politicians and our Federal Government will not secure our liberties any more. We are left with little or no choice but to take back our destiny as a free nation.

             It is my hope that gun ownership is so high, it acts as a deterrence against tyranny ,criminals who threaten life liberty and property. I am very optimistic about this rise in firearm sales since 2008.I am especially very positive about first time gun owners being armed does send a message to the system. When the economy implodes and people will leave the cities venturing the countryside looking for food. Having firearms on hand can mean keeping your food supply safe from bandits looting the home of all your rations. 

              Nationwide, I sense a major push back coming in many facets with the surge of Ron Paul in the polls and the coming resistance against the federal Bureaucracies acting like a law onto themselves. People are about to hit the breaking point after being harassed by the TSA, EPA and the USDA. I see many county sheriffs starting to throw the feds out of the county because they lack jurisdiction. I sense there is a coming push back coming against this administration. I have a feeling he is going to be removed from office by the Democrats and Republicans just to salvage some of their credibility because this President is out of control making them look bad because he is getting away with too much. Something is going to force them to do something to salvage their political careers and causing any further damage to the country since it is an election year. The President may try to use the military to shut down congress and the people might have to step in to keep congress open. The President is working hard to destabilize the nation with riots and civil unrest. Armed citizens might stop such things from happening.  We can see many confrontations between the feds and armed citizens in this coming year when the all else fails.

             The only thing keeping us from going into a full blown tyranny is our right to keep and bear arms. They are using scare tactics to cower the people to instill people to fear guns. I have a feeling that is not working because all it did was get people out buying more guns and ammo. If they do declare Martial law, it will be in certain states like New York, California and Illinois were gun control laws have disarmed the people. I do not see them trying this in Texas or any of the southern or western states because of a gun culture. They will not get far if a small percentage of them stand up to these tyrants, it is over if that happens.

              With many counties and municipalities laying off law enforcement personal due to budget shortfalls. Many Sheriffs are calling on citizens to arm themselves due to the shortage of man power to respond to calls. It is logical to be armed to the teeth with the encroachment by the Federal government and the rising crime rates due to the poor economic conditions. It is not good to turn in our guns for protection by the goverment. As long we have the means of force in the hands of the people. No matter how much they talk about dropping the hammer down on the people. They may find out the hard way that taking on an armed society is like a predator trying to attack a porcupine. When the little creature raises its needles in self defense, it puts a hurting on the predator running away. Just like this mad rush by the Tyrants to attack the citizens , like a porcupine the people will raise its defenses that can hurt the predator if they tries to attack which will make the predator run away looking for a weaker prey.

            We are Americans and not slaves to tyrants. gun ownership is about as American is baseball, apple pie and Chevrolet. It is our birthright and heritage. Gun Ownership is here to stay.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Thank you Alex Jones Helping the New World Order. He is Just a Bar Stool Patriot.

                  Alex, you are the poster child for "All work no play makes johnny a dull boy". Last Sundays broadcast I had to turn off because you are insulting the audience's intelligence. If you not willing to tell your audience they should organize getting guns and ammo, but rather whine and complain about S1867. People know, they do not need it shoved in their faces daily. Even God tells me to shut you off because you have become bad for moral in the liberty movement. This broadcaster no longer has a cool head behind a microphone. This is the time for cooler heads to prevail, not ranting and raving maniacs. We do not need a workaholic behind the microphone.

                Alex, if you claim we are winning and kicking their asses. Then start acting like it. Start using the strengths we have instead is whining about what they are going to to do us. I like Mark Koernke's attitude of what we are going to do to them mindset. He is aware  just as much as Alex is, he also has a cooler head when he speaks to his audience.Like a boxing coach who sees their boxer pouncing on their opponent in the corner does not lament about what he can do to him when the other fighter is staggering. The boxer already knows his opponent's strengths if he lets up, he does not need to be reminded when he knows he has him cornered , he just goes for the victory.

               The New World Order is at its weakest acting out of desperation, We have over 200 million gun owners in this country to put down any Military operation to arrest Americans. More people who have not owned guns and now buying them in droves. Ron Paul is surging and county Sheriffs are starting to push back against the Federal goverment. The old media is almost dead. If they try to censor the internet, there are plenty of ITs who can bypass internet filters and put electronic counter measures in place to put decoy servers and websites out there to have the Pentagon along with the  DOJ chasing phantoms in a make believe cyberspace. Not to mention alternate networks already in place ready to go online. Many ITs have already been way ahead of the curve on this.

                  Instead of telling us how the Bankers are going to wreck the economy, what about the planning around the country of the different monetary system ready to go in place when the dollar implodes. I would not worry about what the NWO will do to us. I see them not getting their way for very long. I am more worried about what kind of goverment will we have after the US goverment collapses. If Alex does not share about keeping the carpetbaggers out. We need to be more concerned about what form of goverment we will have. If we do not start talking about it soon. We will be back in the same boat.

                  Alex Jones is no longer about solutions, He has become a bar stool patriot lamenting about the sad state of affairs hoping someone will buy him a beer. I see the many activist in the Pro life and Pro family movements doing the same thing. They have no solutions, but cry and lament about things hoping someone will buy them a drink while never having a solution. They say we have to stop it, but will not say what the solution they have is. It took three percent to start winning the revolution against England. We have more than that awake to start pushing back. If Alex does not start sharing solutions, people will go elsewhere to find someone else. His followers might be deceived by a counterfeit activist with a hidden agenda. Alex has done great work and made much progress in the awakening. He just needs an attitude adjustment because the info war battlefield has changed. If he is does not change to meet the conditions. He will get left behind with the infowar leaving him in the dust.

              Alex ,we all need to stop digressing and start listening. We we listen more and talk less, we all learn from each other. When we do, we all get encouraged that humanity's fight against the New World Order is moving forward. Stop selling the illusion and start being the solution.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Christmas Carol: Charles Dickens Classic, A Warning to the Money Junkies.

              Last night Friday evening, I was watching the Disney version of a "Christmas Carol". I have seen the movie in different versions with the one from George C Scott to the cartoon with Mr. Magoo. I thought the story was about just one old stingy man who could not part with his wealth for the less fortunate. Therefore, I decided to do a search engine on the English Author Charles Dickens. To my amazement, Charles Dickens wisdom of society in his novels still rings true today seeing how the financial and banking system oppresses the people.

              To know the man Charles Dickens, you can learn a lot about the money junkies of today. He was aware of the attitudes of the British aristocracy and their contempt for the common person. When I watch the movie "A Christmas Carol", I started to see the wisdom of the author. You see an old man who is miserable with no humanity in his soul. You see the eugenics mindset of this miser that if one poor person dies, it is one less person to worry about when he is asked to give to help the needy. You see his entrusted worker who is overworked, underpaid never showing gratitude for his employee's work ethic. This Scrooge never gave it any thought about how his greed deprived his worker a decent wage which contributed to the poverty of his employee's family and the illness of his youngest son.

              Unlike Scrooge who had an epiphany of four ghosts visiting him on Christmas Eve reminding this greedy wretch that in his quest for wealth, he deprived himself of things money cannot buy. You look at the money junkies and power freaks with great wealth. They are the most morally depraved people who do not care about how their actions hurt innocent people robbing his fellow man more that just a means to make a living. They deprive basic human dignity to humanity to mass more wealth. They destroy the human spirit, in that pursuit, they destroy themselves because their lack empathy and compassion for their fellow man. Even though the Charles Dickens classic does have a happy conclusion showing redemption that, it is more blessed to give than receive as a timeless principle to live by for the ages. That Ebenezer Scrooge seen the value of all life rich, poor and to show gratitude for those who work for him. He has seen his moral obligation to use his wealth to serve humanity then just horde all the money for himself, that money is not his master. In real life today, it is not the case.

               The author of Charles Dickens classic is his reflection in how he seen the bankers of his day and their impact on society in England. This man had so much disdain for the injustices seen by these money junkies. The book "A Christmas Carol" was his call for the bankers and money junkies to repent. To remind them that generosity and compassion to their fellow man brings more satisfaction than just being greedy acquiring their ill-gotten gains on the backs of the poor. If there is a money junkie out there with time on their hands figuring out how to screw the poor out of their hard labor with another scam. It would be in there best interest to heed to the wisdom of Charles Dickens or face eternity without hope.


Friday, December 16, 2011

Rush Limbaugh Insults Ron Paul About Foriegn Policy and Iran.

              Today the day of the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. Also it was the day before my sons have Christmas vacation from school. I was driving up tot the school and did not pay attention to Glen Beck. On the way home listening to Rush Limbaugh. All I heard was him insulting Ron Paul on his position on Iran and his opposition to any attack on the Persian country. What I heard was desperation in his voice trying to corral the conservatives back into the neo con pro war camp. The truth is Rush is not right and he is wrong. The GOP establishment is rolling out the big guns against Ron Paul because they know he can win and all their meat puppet candidate are melting down with same old tired talking points.

              Ron Paul made the case very clear about Iran. We would not have fomented hatred against the United States in these Muslim countries if we left them alone. Michelle Bachman and Rick Perry tried to get into the attack on Ron Paul saying the Iranian Constitution calls for worldwide Jihad is a bunch of hogwash. Iran is only acting in self defense and reacting to threats of attacks. Ron is also right about if Iran wants a nuclear weapon, it is their right. It is not to destroy Israel and to bully the middle east. Iran having a nuclear weapon will give them diplomatic respect and leverage. Once again Israels 300 nuclear missiles. Why should Israel fear  them getting one nuclear weapon when Israel also have anti missile defense systems that can take out before they reach Israel.

             Rush Limbaugh never served in the armed forces. His audacity to insult Ron Paul has no merit. Ron Paul has the most donations from active military and the veterans than all candidates combined. The Military knows the high cost that has been paid for these wars for corporations and the bankers. They know more than these neo con talking heads like Rush and Sean Hannidy. The gloves came off last night in Iowa against Ron Paul because he can win. An Iowa victory would send shockwaves through the GOP. Rush is wrong and anything parody and smear commercial making Ron Paul look like an idiot pacifist will not work.

           If the is any person in the Military and the veterans who are reading this blog. please send Rush an email and tell him why you support Ron Paul, give the head ditto-head a lesson in reality that these wars are a failure. Email Rush Limbaugh and tell him this war on terror is a ruse and these wars are a fraud.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

What a Sick Joke the President Will Sign the National Defence Authorization Bill on Bill of Rights Day

On this day 222 years ago, the Bill of Rights was ratified as part of the US Constitution to secure freedom of the people and to restrain goverment power over its citizens. Without the Bill of Rights, many of the other free states out from under the yoke of Great Britain would not sign on to the Constitution. Today is a day when the US Congress and the President just became traitors violating their oath of office. As the Preambler to the Bill of Rights as stated:

THE Conventions of a number of the States having at the time of their adopting the Constitution, expressed a desire, in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added: And as extending the ground of public confidence in the Government, will best insure the beneficent ends of its institution
RESOLVED by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, two thirds of both Houses concurring, that the following Articles be proposed to the Legislatures of the several States, as Amendments to the Constitution of the United States, all or any of which Articles, when ratified by three fourths of the said Legislatures, to be valid to all intents and purposes, as part of the said Constitution; viz.:
ARTICLES in addition to, and Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, proposed by Congress, and ratified by the Legislatures of the several States, pursuant to the fifth Article of the original Constitution.

Preamble to the Bill of Rights.

This is the day the Congress and the President drove a stake through the Bill of Rights, our God given rights are under attack by a bunch of delusional tyrants. These rights belong to us and not the Government. This is the time we really will learn the value of the right to keep and bear arms. This is the time were the ballot box may not be the remedy and might have to resort to the cartridge box to defend our liberties.

This is why it is a sick joke the President and Congress did on us. Let no member of the House or Senate not have a Merry Christmas when they return home from their districts. Let them be put to open shame before the people be broke their trust to. If they ignore the Constitution, we will ignore their laws because how they see our Bill of Rights as a G-d D--m piece of paper. We should see their illegal laws the same way. A piece of paper too that has no effect. I just wonder, have we reached the tipping point now. The people are getting ready to push back?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Bankers By Force Conquer Nations by Force Will Be Removed

                We are all told Goldman Sachs will rule the world by financial dictatorship running governments. History has shown the bankers created chaos by dive and conquer to take over nations. These bankers are monopoly capitalist who are bent on conquering the world by fiat currency turning people of the world into debt slaves by fraud. They buy off politicians in parliaments and prime ministers to set up a police state to secure the crimes. The banker through their puppets will use all the force if necessary to hold onto power.

                 There will come a point even their brought and paid for servant political whores will not protect the banking establishment. When these people will be confronted by masses of people in from of their homes and out in public. When a political solution  does not work to keep the bankers in check on their power because of threats of financial terrorism of creating depressions if Parliament and the Prime Minster do not do what they are told. When people are hungry and out of work. People might take it into their own hands do something the goverment is not willing to do.

                  The people of Iceland took it upon themselves and removed the bankers from their country. They refused to accept the fraud to pay for a debt the people do not owe. They stormed goverment building and banks responsible. They arrested the Bankers and many fled fearing arrest with their own colleagues already incarcerated. Russian President Vladimir Putin arrested and drove out then agents of Rockefeller, Goldman Sachs and the House of Rothschild. The goverment in Argentina after the bankers impoverished the people drove out the oligarchs. Brazil told JP Morgan to go take a hike regardless of the threats being made against the government.All these economies are doing well without the bankers. They did what was necessary. Jesus taught us when dealing with the moneychangers, there is no reasoning or negotiating with these thieves and vipers. The only means to drive them out is by force, not with politics as usual.

                  If Ron Paul ever get elected President, if congress will not support the President restoring sound monetary policies because most of congress are in the bankers back pocket. If he has to make the choice to send Federal agents in to raid Goldman Sachs and the Federal Reserve using force to stop the financial terrorism to take back the republic from these moneychangers. We will have to stand by him if he does it lawfully and legally even though the media might demonize such a decision. There is a little chance of ending the Fed by a political solution. It might have to take force to do it.

                  We are seeing the anti banker insurrection worldwide. Do not be surprised if there is a violent removal of people in power and in high finance being arrested for their crimes of fraud and deceit.  Time magazine named the protester the "Man of the Year". It would not surprise me to see people now storming these banks and goverment offices like they did in the Ukraine. Now their former Prime Minster is in jail because it was not the goverment that took action, it was the people. The power lies within the people, not the goverment to bring genuine change that is needed. Even if it is force to do so.

Perhaps Our Future Lies In Philosophy

 Written by John Schutt

Another major airline went into bankruptcy this week, an action that appears to stem from unrealistic union demands. The Federal Government naturally backs the unions, who form a large part of their voter base. Adding to the madness, the Obama administration is determined to destroy the economy with the insane fiscal policies it espouses, destroy our security with its de-funding of the military as well as with a lack of adequate border patrol, and "give away the store" to China.

 The Chinese actually had the audacity to complain to the US this week about the subsidies being handed out by the Obama Administration for alternate energy firms, because it presented unfair competition to them! One wonders how Obama will try to please his Chinese friends. The Chinese are right about one thing; the subsidies should stop from the US, but we should also not accept their goods, which are all subsidized, on a fair trade basis. As United States businesses continue to take their trade to China and other third-world countries and our oil companies follow suit in search of markets to replace those that are being destroyed here, what do the American people expect to be left with? Perhaps we can all become philosophers and oracles to be sought out for wisdom and guidance, when our means of support disappears. As the United States, the future doesn't look very promising, but as a union of free, independent nations, we will have an opportunity to utilize our resources and build our economies free of the tyranny that the Federal Government represents. Since Texas is the strongest and most capable of all states, Texans must lead the way. It is our moral and ethical duty to our fellow man and our families as well as the destiny of the great republic of Texas.

To the Military:The Bill of Rights is Still The Highest Law of the Land.

 While we see the arrogance of the Politicians in Washington DC out in plain sight. Many Police and Military personal will be asked to arrest citizens for reasons they may not know about. It maybe for their speech or political affiliation is why they are arrested. They have not committed any acts of violence and not even attacked the system in anyway to cause physical harm to their opposition or innocent people. The very people you will be asked to detain are political enemies of the President or the ruling class in congress. The elite political class paid for by the bankers, who are globalist do not like what this person says wants to silence people. This National Defense Authorization act is a declaration of war against all Americans and people around the world the US government does not like because the patriots expose the corruption and criminal acts of the leadership.

The oaths you have taken to enlist in the military says not to obey orders without question. But to question authority when an order to given. Here is the oath as follows for the enlisted:

NAME, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.

The commissioned officers take this oath accepting a commission as an officer:

“I, (state your name), having been appointed a (rank) in the United States (branch of service), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the office upon which I am about to enter. So help me God.”

The Uniform Code of Military justice makes it very clear you will have to disobey these orders as follows in the UCMJ  states clearly as follows:

The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) 809.ART.90 (20), "lawful command of his superior officer," 891.ART.91 (2), the "lawful order of a warrant officer", 892.ART.92 (1) the "lawful general order", 892.ART.92 (2) "lawful order". In each case, military personnel have an obligation and a duty to only obey Lawful orders and indeed have an obligation to disobey Unlawful orders, including orders by the president that do not comply with the UCMJ. The moral and legal obligation is to the U.S. Constitution and not to those who would issue unlawful orders, especially if those orders are in direct violation of the Constitution and the UCMJ.

Just because the President, the Congress and the Courts are not obeying the Constitution, does not give you an excuse to follow them just because the President and the officers appointed below them are telling you to carry them out. According to our oath, we are expected to think for ourselves and make a moral judgement to say "no". Our oaths give us the power to say "no" to illegal orders that violate the law of the land. The Supremacy clause makes any law that contradicts the Constitution and the Bill of Right as stated in this legal founding document:

Here is the supremacy clause as stated:

"This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding." U.S. Const. art. VI, Paragraph 2

The definition of the word  Notwithstanding means " anything to the contrary, contradict or go against"

That means indefinite detention of civilians here in the states or abroad to placed in custody is a violation of not only the US Constitution. It is also a violation of the Geneva and Hague convention treaties. The founders annexed the Bill of Rights as part of the US Constitution to restrain and put a chain  upon goverment power. The bill S-1867, the US Senate passed was the same legalizing abuses King George III did to the early colonist. This is why we fought an eight year war for independence because of these abuses and usurpation of rights.

This bill authorizing the Military detaining American citizens and civilians contradict and goes to the contrary to the Bill of Rights. When the First Amendment says"Congress shall make no law" to the fourth amendment saying" People shall be secure in their person, papers and effects from unreasonable searches and seizures". What about the fifth amendment saying"No person shall be deprived the right of life, liberty and Property without due process of law" to the eighth amendment stating "no cruel and unusual punishment". That means torture is illegal under any circumstances. You all have a duty who wear the uniform to refuse to follow these illegal orders, and relieve the officer in command who gave the unlawful order which is part of Military Protocol in their own regulations and the UCMJ for situations like this. It is not mutiny, but perfectly legal to do so. If you are ordered to attack the American people's rights, you attack your own liberties too. Those who are in the chain of command have to be held accountable if they carry out these illegal orders.

The truth is all you Military personal, if you carry out these illegal orders to do what you are told. Think about it when your term of enlistment is up. You have two options when you go home. You can become a police officer if the system sees if you are a gullible idiot who will follow every illegal orders given. If you are not, you are now on the potential terrorist list as designated by Homeland security because they see you returning veterans as an enemy of the state. You can return home to find out your lifelong best friend, high school sweetheart have disappeared forever. Your brothers,sisters and parents might be gone too. You home town is unrecognizable seeing were the High School Football Stadium is were you played sports and Baseball field you hit a home run in is now a detention camp. This is what you can come home to if you do not uphold your oath you have taken to enter military service.

Another thing to remind you, if you do go out and arrest innocent Americans for their free speech. If these mass arrest do get quashed real fast and an interim government is in place until elections can be held restoring the Constitutional republican form of government . If you engaged in torture on American citizens and even murder. If you are one of those who tutored Iraqi citizens and Afghans killing with extreme prejudice. You will be held accountable in front of a court martial. If you do join the dark side, you are in more danger being killed by your own. Tyrants have been known to kill their own enforcers after they have used them for their evil deeds, You will share a plot in a ditch executed with the rest of the peasants as your final resting place. The last thought going through your mind will be "we could have stopped this" by then, it will be too late.

This is a moral decision you will have to make when the time comes to defend your republic. This time we will not be fighting foreign enemies, now we have domestic enemies who serve in our halls of goverment undermining our form of goverment. I am not encouraging you to overthrow the US Government. I am asking you to read the Constitution and preserve it , protect it and defend this founding document with your life. This is no returning home with honor if you do not do what is right. Make the choice now while you can. So help you God is my prayer so you can find the strength when it is most difficult to do the honorable thing. So help me God if I have to give my life for the cause of liberty when the choice is not easy. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Ruse of the War of Terror is Now Becoming More of a Fraud to the People.

                 It is now more apparent that the US Government and the Ruling political class have utter contempt for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It just did not recently happen right away, it has been incrementally speeding up to a full blown tyranny. They have contempt for free speech, the right to keep and bear arms and due process of law.All the fear mongering of terrorist reports of the FBI stopping a plot that was all manufactured by the government and not by a foreign power. Al Quaida is a CIA asset used to be the boogieman to look like the bad guys so they have an excuse to take away our freedoms.

                 To solve the terrorist problem, if one ever existed. There enough laws on the books before September 11,2001 to bring a suspected terrorist to trial and convict them without a Patriot Act or the National Defense Authorization Act(S1867) using the military on the streets suspending the right of Habeas Corpus. Many people in the FALN and The Weather Underground were tried and convicted without sending them to Gitmo or Military tribunals. The system worked in convicting these domestic terrorist under due process of law. Pattie Hearst had a trial of a Jury of her peers and her day in court. She went to prison without a Patriot act. During the 1960s and the 1970s,there was real acts of terrorism. The system worked to lock the culprits without everyone losing their due process of law or God given rights.

                 After Sept 11, 2001. Congressmen Ron Paul proposed the constitutional solution of a Letter of Marque and Reprisal instead of many costly wars were are engaged in to this day. This War of Terror was a fraud to scare Americans to give up their rights for safety. Real acts of terror on the southern border states with Mexico where car bombs going off and rocket propelled grades attacking police cars. It is not reported in the news. The only terrorism that is reported is Us Government sanctioned creating a plots and finding a sucker to be the fall guy. The Underwear bomber was placed on a plane without a passport of a visa by US intelligence. This gave the TSA the excuse to bring in the body scanners and groping that has enraged the people.

                 This phony war on terror with government manufactured staged terrorism so we can give up our rights is now shown to be just an excuse to steal out liberties. The goverment is running the guns down to Mexico killing many innocent people, as a result. The White house thinks we ought to give up our guns for their botched operation. We have a war on drugs also were the government ships in the drugs and launders the money too. Well we have had our rights to due process violated with to asset forfeiture laws that do not target drug dealers, but the average person who can have their paycheck confiscated on the side of the road if the officer expects it might be drug money with no judge or jury. The border is wide open with aggravated felons coming across the border because it is not secure. Illegal aliens get off free with no drivers license, insurance and tags. We the American people are subjected to highway checkpoints and being groped at the airport while the real criminals go free without impunity. We get the book thrown at us for the most mundane thing. There is no common sense in this war on terror because the innocent get punished while the guilty are protected. 

                 This war on terror is a fraud and will come to an end because the people will see through it. There is no reason for the military to arrest civilians and declare martial law if there is a terror attack. The US goverment wants us all to be their slaves. The war on terror is was a war on our freedom because without a tyrannical police state to protect the criminals in goverment. Those FEMA camps will be filled with people working for the goverment who committed treason. Our rights come from God and no one else. God gave us a brain,so use it. It does not take a rocket scientist to see this war on terror is a fraud. Do you agree? These draconian laws are not necessary if common sense prevailed and made the case for freedom.


A Dysfunctional Congress and President That Cannot Pass A Budget for Three Years Proves a Government Collapse is Looming. Not a Shut Down.

               Ever since Obama was sworn into office. There has not been been a budget passed since 2009. Now at the end of the week. The US government is going to run out of money again. This use to be very rare on a few occasions hearing about it in the news of a government shutdown because they ran out of money. Now it has become the norm were congress has to appropriate the funds to keep the goverment running for another month. I wonder how this impacts the world in how they see us. What about our creditors seeing this dysfunction of the government not able for three years coming up with a budget.

               I can see if our congress and the President cannot come up with a budget for the years. As a result, I do not see countries buying our treasuries bonds if the goverment cannot get its fiscal house in order because the debt cannot be serviced. I cannot go to the bank and ask for a loan if I do not have a budget. We can see two things that can happen. If countries will not lend to us and the Federal reserve has to print more money to fund the goverment because the deteriorating economy brings greater revenue shortfalls. We can see a currency collapse and the US goverment imploding in on itself because the Washington DC bureaucracy is so bloated and cost too much. I see countries not buying our treasury bonds if the government is likely to default on them if they cannot get their fiscal house in order.

               The other options are is really cutting the spending drastically back across the board. That means all these overseas military adventures with wars and occupation of other countries will have to be scaled back or come to an end. The Congress fails to realize our debt and the lack of getting our fiscal house in order is more a national security threat then grandma wearing a diaper at the airport. We have to make the case that bloated military spending does not mean strength. Our expensive foreign policy is what makes us more unsafe. We will have to say no more foreign aid to Israel or any other nations. No more UN dues and no more undeclared wars.

                We had the opportunity last summer to take away the ability of the President to barrow anymore money to fund his excessive government spending by living within our own means. We could have scaled back goverment spending back to 2008 spending levels when the congress could said no to raising the debt ceiling. But they have failed because they are incapable of living within their own means. Raising taxes will only put another ball and chain furthering the economic meltdown.

                This looming goverment shutdown again is nothing more then pickle smoke and mirrors. If congress was serious about fiscal responsibility. They would have put the dollar back on then gold standard so no more money cannot be printed out of thin air. They would have ended the Federal Reserve Bank bringing monetary policy back under the authority of congress.  They would have blocked funding for all these wars Obama started without their approval. This just shows, no matter what party is in power in congress. Nothing changes and always stays they same. The leadership in both house and the White House are dysfunctional, no longer able to govern. This is why sooner and later, the US government will collapse.

                 The day of reckoning will come when the US government really does shut down. There will be no money left to fund this bloated monster. All the resolutions congress can pass to keep the running month to month will come to an end because we are broke. If the Federal Reserve has to print more money to fund the goverment. Our dollar will become worthless causing a currency collapse that will cause our government to grind to a halt if those government paychecks to all their bureaucrats will be worthless. When the federal government shuts down, it will shut down and would be the best thing these politicians can give us as a gift this Christmas.

Monday, December 12, 2011

19 Signs a Major Push back against Tyranny in America is on the Horizon.

             Many people have observed, including myself have seen is the tyrants moving fast to crack down on the population. They are not doing this out of confidence or enthusiasm. They are not making their move because they are not following a plan to the letter that was crafted behind closed doors on a timeline. Maybe their is another reason. It is desperation because they have a lot to lose if they are defeated. That is their personal freedom being lost fearing serving time in jail for their crimes. They are sensing the people are waking up in America to their criminal acts. They are sensing the fact of losing control of the population because the government lies too much.

              They have no credibility with the voters anymore because it is the same old business as usual no matter which party is in power. They are seeing a brewing discontent coming from the people that is unstoppable. They do not know if it will be a violent or a peaceful push back against the authoritarians. When there is an action, there is an opposite, equal and greater reaction. It is not visible in the media, or they are not reporting it. The two sides are getting ready to collide real soon if the tyrants do not back off soon.

           We seen the goverment making moves to censor the internet, curb firearm sales, put draconian measures in place in the name of carbon dioxide being toxic. The congress last session passed Obamacare which is an anathema to our Constitution. Congress passed a bill for indefinite detention of American citizens without due process for no reason and the FEMA camps being activated. The Patriot act has not been repealed but extended. The TSA is getting more brazen with airline travelers. These are moves out of desperation of the US goverment that knows a push back is coming soon from the people.

           People are tired of the bailouts, the want no more wars and want to be left alone when going to the airport to board a plane. The TSA thinks it must take more evasive measures to keep us safe. The truth is our wives, daughter,  even our grandmothers in diapers are not safe from these federal perverts. Our luggage is not secure from these thieves, nor are our thoughts kept to themselves because of behavior detection specialist might interrogate us because a bad traffic on the highway made us upset in route to the airport. The people are tired being treated like criminals for no reason while the goverment are the lawless thugs who claims to care about us.

Here are the signs that are showing of a citizen resistance brewing among the American people.

-Gun Sales are up at a record level

-No one is flying

-County Sheriffs are starting resist the Federal Government's illegal incursion into their counties.(Google California Sheriffs resist the EPA)

-We have the occupy American movement growing. The more the police try to crack down against the protesters. the more they grow in numbers against the system.

-People are not filing their income taxes returns.

- Militias are being formed in all 50 states at a record pace.

-People during the last US census did not cooperate with filling out those forms, the people just refused to answer those evasive questions.

- The President has a lower approval rating then Jimmy Carter.

-Congress has only a nine percent approval rating.

- People are withdrawing their money from the banks.

-People are growing home gardens resisting Federal law.

- Farmers are not participating in the NAIS premise animal identification program.

-Ron Paul is gaining momentum no matter

- The main stream media is losing credibility and going to alternative media sites for their news and information.

-People are paying in cash more then using debit or credit cards.

-People curse big sister in Wal Mart checkout lines seeing the Head of Homeland Security telling us to spy on our neighbors and trust the government.

-More local governments are declining federal grant money more and more.

-Fluoride is being removed from the water in many cities nationwide because of the public outcry. 

-People who work inside goverment leaking this information to the public at great, without these brave souls. We would have been met with disaster a long time ago.

              People are voting with their wallets and their feet. The Federal goverment is trying to scare people into submission with fear and intimidation. People are about to push back against this Government that has become a law onto themselves. I do not know what will set if off were the people will push back. No matter what the goverment tries to throw back at the people will not be enough. Not all the military, police and bureaucrats are not all on board with these tyrants. Besides the government does not have the manpower with all the police and military; foreign troops will not be able to quell the people's anger. Something is going to trigger a major push back.

              These delusional people will learn the hard way that we are not their slaves and we will not obey them anymore. With the national discontent against this lawless goverment and ineffective congress not keeping the Presidents power in check, When the court no longer upholds the law and neither  protects the people from goverment fraud. When our elected servants fail us or refuse to do their jobs. That is the time we know we cannot rely on goverment anymore, because they serve another master that wages war against us. We are the only ones who can take this country back, the responsibility has been ours all along. Now arise.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Character of Ron Paul is What Attracts People Young and Old Alike

              I am proud to say I live in the 14th district in Southeast Texas. Yes, Ron Paul is my congressmen. In Brazoria, Matagorda and Galveston Counties who elect this man overwhelmingly are not tin foil hat wearing people nor are they hippies. These people own large ranches and farms. They are roughnecks in the petroleum industry. Dow chemical plans and Freeport were a major maritime hub is in his district.These people are not stupid, many people may not agree with him with all he stands for. The truth is he keeps getting sent back to congress because they know he is an honest man who does his job for the people in his congressional district. These people are rugged Texans. No where near being tin foil hat wearing lunatics.

             The truth is many people I have met in Brazoria County all were delivered by Ron Paul or had this man delver their child. The Dr. Paul you see on camera is the same man you see in private life. That is the word on the streets. I learned he treats everyone the same from the chief of staff down to the janitor with dignity and respect. People do trust this man. People may not agree with him on everything, but he is trusted because people know were he stands. he did not lose his seat when he voted against FEMA aid to people affected by Hurricane Ike in 2008. He still won by overwhelming margins.

              Most of us who remembered President Ronald Reagan knew he inspired many young people restoring our sense of national pride. I lived in the 1980s ,I can tell you from firsthand experience many of my peers were fired up about the gipper. He instilled confidence that we will overcome and our best years are ahead. This was after being demoralized by the loss of the Vietnam war, the political turmoil of the Nixon years and the Iranian Hostages situation. Inflation was rearing its ugly head and as a nation we lost our way and our will to win. When Reagan took office, one of the characteristics of his leadership to inspire the people in the face of uncertainty after Carter left office. We are facing a far worse crisis today that makes the Carter Malaise look like prosperous times and we have no leadership in congress willing to come up with real solutions to solve the problems we face as a nation. Who will step in to the void to inspire the people? Ron Paul could be that man to bring back the nation from the brink of destruction.

             Ron Paul is a much more stronger character then Ronald Reagan. The gipper had a colorful past that can be questioned with his failed marriages and past affiliations with leftist groups.  Ron Paul does not have the baggage Reagan had. Ron Paul has been consistent and on message even when he stood alone. Reagan And Paul both have that father figure and elder statesmen image giving young people that sense of stability in leadership. Ron Paul shows that strength in character that inspires young Americans. Many of the youth in the mist are always inspired by the elders when they show character that commands respect. Young people crave that type of character in their elders. He is a man many young people look up to as that symbol of hope.He has the track record being a man of his word with the older folks after being sick and tired of politics as usual.

            Character matters in who we select as leaders. How a man is faithful to his wife and his family does reflect in leadership upholding his oath. Ron Paul proved he will uphold his oath to preserve the Constitution and defend our liberties even when it is politically unpopular. He has done what is right even when he stood alone. It proves he will make decisions and uphold his oath no matter how difficult it may be. Rush Limbaugh is now railing against Ron Paul. 10 years from now he will be singing praises about him because Dr. Paul did what was necessary to right the ship of state. Ron Paul will inspire the confidence in us needed to restore the greatness we were founded upon. Character and good leadership does matter. Because at the end of the day we will not listen to what the other candidates say, we will see what they do. Ron Paul wins hands down because he walks his talk. This is why young and old people  love him.

PS. I meant to say I would only vote for Obama in my earlier blog. If Gingrich and Obama were the only two choices with no third party candidates running. As long there is a third party running. I will chose the third party. So all of you so quick to call me names. Get a grip.


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Newt Gingrich, A Loser Who is a Legend in his own Mind

              I am happy Congressmen Ron Paul took the gloves off dealing with Newt on the campaign trail. I never seen a man who is walking around all arrogant thinking he will be the nominee and the next President of the United States. The former Speaker of the House is a narcissist just like President Obama is. They think they know better than the American people. Both revere the same President as their political hero. That is Teddy Roosevelt who is the father of the nanny state goverment and the beginning of an interventionist foreign policy as Teddy said"Talk nice, carry a big stick" This big stick foreign policy today is why we are at near ruin as a nation today thanks to progressives like Newt, Daddy Bush, George W. Bush, Teddy Roosevelt,FDR and Obama.

             Today's Washington insiders like Newt are a legend in their own minds thinking we are incapable of making good choices on our own. Newt and the other candidates with the exception of Ron Paul have no interest in shrinking the size and scope of goverment. They just want to tweak the system to run more efficiently. Well anyone who is a Washington insider like Newt thinks he can make a bloated big goverment more smooth running has not dealt with the bureaucracy that moves at a snails pace. Newt is a person who is far removed from the average American. He is what is wrong with Washington being different and more of the same. A man who is in denial about freedom and liberty. If I had a choice, I choose Obama over Newt because I know what the Present President is all about. Newt will two faced talking like a patriot, but governing like a tyrant.

             Some of the most inspiring and charismatic leaders were monsters because they were legends in their own minds. Newt Gingrich by some people has charisma at the same time he is a very disturbing character. Never mind his extra marital affairs and his stay at Bohemian grove. He would take a stand for one issue, He would receive money from the interest that he was railing against. Once he receives money these special interest, he changes positions. How can we have a man in the oval office who will change his mind depending on who give him money for his war chest. He is walking and acting like the fix is in before the first ballot is cast. He is arrogant and shows contempt for liberty when he says we need terror attacks to remind us and jailing Americans without due process. He is no different than Obama. The choice between these two is how the rearrange the dining room on the sinking ocean liner instead finding ways to keep the ship afloat.

            Newt Gingrich is a legend in his own mind, thinking he can win with no organization and his donations are from big money donors.  There is only a trickle donations coming from the grassroots. Tyrants are legends in their own minds. Newt embodies all that narcissism that shows me he is not the man to lead this nation out from disaster. We do not need more wars to enrage the nations fighting for Israel. We need to rebuild our strained relations with Russia, China and start rebuilding our economy. Big goverment neo conservatism and left wing fascism is more of the same. Washington is full of legends in their own minds. This is why Newt is the poster child why we cannot have a Washington insider who is an ego centric and arrogant person. We need a statesmen to lead us, to represent the will of the people,its goodness and moral values. It is my hope that Newt's arrogance and ego will be his demise self destructing by his own mouth leaving Ron Paul the last man standing.  Thank God for Dr Paul being a clear choice, we do not need another legend in their own mind to lead a nation.

Big Goverment Polices are the Cause of an Underground Economy and the Black Market.

             It is strange how Hollywood paints a negative picture of the black market like in shows like MASH and other TV programs. They portray some Black Marketeers as ruthless opportunist exploiting the people for personal gain. I am not saying it does not exist. There are scoundrels who do take advantage of people in need for profit because the risk involved selling and buying in the black market. The war on drugs is a joke. Government intervention created the drug war were the price is high to sell and buy illegal substances. The drug cartels is just another word for black marketeers.

            When Prohibition was enacted with the Eighteenth Amendment and the Volstead act was a disaster because it banned to production, sale and transportation of alcoholic beverages. Banning booze did not stop people from consuming beer and whiskey like the war on drugs did not stop heroine addicts getting their daily smack. Prohibition did the opposite of what it was intended for in the first place. It created the rise of Al Capone and the Speakeasies. The Kennedy family made money bootlegging during this era. The War on drugs and Prohibition were Government policies trying to regulate human behavior created an underground economy were criminal elements took the opportunity to gain from it regardless if there was blood in the streets as a result.. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

             Now we live in an era of big government or the nanny state interfering were it does not belong. That area is in commerce and contracts between two people. We have laws pending for banning home gardens, farmers markets and nutritional supplements. The state of Louisiana passed a law that second hand sales like at an estate sale or yard sale all have to be done electronically with no cash transactions allowed. Could we see a black market emerge or an underground economy that does business in precious metals or sells product that was once legal ,now the goverment has banned it? There are signs a black market in America is starting to emerge and an underground economy starting to come into replace the current Federal Reserve note when it has no worth.

          With the passage of Obamacare taking over the healthcare system. Can we see an underground healthcare system of alternative medicine?Can we see a network of Doctors administering  life saving treatments because the goverment system of rationing care placing a person on a waiting list that will kill them before they can see a Physician? Will we buy raw milk and non GMO vegetables in an underground economy or black market? Will this be an option of using the underground economy or black market as a means just to stay alive? If we see anymore goverment regulations and intervention into areas it has no constitutional authority to do. We can easily see an underground economy or black market rival the national economy of the money junkies toppling monopolies. If the black market or an underground economy offers a better service or product because it is free from the government's reach? People may find an alternative system more suitable.

           Here is one recent example. New York has the most highest taxes on a pack of cigarettes. When I was a truck route passing through New York city. I was stopped by NYPD in the Bronx on interstate 95. They confiscated my four carton of cigarettes I purchased in Mississippi. The Police said because of tax reasons because I had too many cartons cigarettes  They were afraid I will sell them to people in the big apple at a cheaper price cheating the city out of all those taxes on tobacco products. Recently,there have been people arrested buying cigarettes outside the state and selling them to people for a less expensive price because they were losing tax revenue. These high cigarette prices due to the taxes imposed by the state or the city created a black market or underground economy which in reality is a free market solution because people will go find a cheaper seller than be forced to pay city taxes on a pack of smokes. Boohoo to Mayor Bloomberg because people do not want to pay his high taxes on cigarettes.

            When goverment interferes with the free market economy making it against the law what was legal at one time is now illegal. When regulation and high taxes make it impossible to start up a Lemonade stand because compliance makes it next to impossible to comply with.  When push comes to shove people will barter or purchase for a service a person wants regardless of the goverment or not. When the dollar collapses , a roll of toilet paper will have more value then the Federal Reserve notes. New currencies will emerge were a new economy based on a value based currency will emerge having it roots in an underground economy.  Because of goverment intervention regulating the free market by centralized command and control. This drove some sectors of the economy underground just to survive.

             A black market or an underground economy can attract some ruthless people looking just to make a buck exploiting people with things they need that is a matter of life and death. But the there is an opposite reaction were this same black market and an underground economy does serve some good when the system makes it impossible to live. The black market as a solution were a service made illegal by the goverment due to anti competitive practices to favor one corporation over another. An underground economy and the black market is a natural response of the free market emerging in a different direction. If goverment just got out of the way and allowed people to conduct business and transactions in the open without any interference from a bureaucrat. There would be no need for a black market or an underground economy. Do you agree?