Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Texas Woman Gun Owner Posted Sign in Yard Warning Home Invaders"I will blow your head off"

               Texas is one of the few states were it is legal to shoot to kill a home invader in the home, People have a right to defend their homes and families.For the sign she posted to warn criminals entertaining the thought what she would do to home invaders if caught in her house. If this woman lived in Chicago.This woman would have SWAT kicking down her door looking for the firearm outlawed by the city.
               An elderly woman in Hudson Texas posted a sign warning in her yard home invaders after her door was kicked in by people seeking to steal from. Barking dogs scared the dog away. After the incident her son posted a sign in her yard warning home invader that she will"Will blow your head off". I just hope she can back it up with action.
               I really have no problem with a sign like that because it is no more harmless than bumper stickers saying "Protected by Smith and Wesson" or "Never mind the dog Beware of the owner".I wish people would post more sign in the yard to deter crime. It is harmless and keeps us safe on our own terms. Not the government. What this woman posted in her yard is the essence of the right to protect herself and her right to keep and bear arms. The real crime fighter.

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