Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Newt Gingrich: Serial Hypocrisy Ron Paul 2012 Ad

Written by Congressman Ron Paul who is also a GOP candidate for President. 

I am going to describe a candidate for you right now, and I want you to think about whether or not you would support him.

This candidate was for the individual mandate that served as the model for "ObamaCare."  He was originally for the TARP bank bailouts before he was against them.  He joined with Nancy Pelosi to promote the anti-business "global warming" agenda.

He slammed Paul Ryan's budget plan as "extreme," calling it "right wing social engineering."

You might think I am talking about Mitt Romney.  Heck, you might think I'm talking about a liberal Democrat.  But I'm not.

That candidate I'm talking about is Newt Gingrich.  He is what I like to call a "counterfeit conservative."

And I have barely even scratched the surface!

My campaign team has put together a great video that tells you more about Gingrich and his liberal positions over the years.  It tells you how he flip-flopped on a host of important issues.

And it shows, despite his claims, he is simply not a conservative.

You might have seen recently that Mr. Gingrich traded on his former political office to land a $1.8 million lobbying contract with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. 

Why is this so disturbing? 

Because while these out-of-control federal agencies were ruining the housing market and causing millions of homeowners to lose their homes and life savings, Newt Gingrich was earning millions advising them.

At that same exact time, I was publicly declaring they needed to be stopped before they ruined the economy.

I guess Newt Gingrich and I have a different idea of what to do with federal bureaucracies.  I fight to rein them in and shut them down before they can do harm.  He pads his personal bank account while they wreck our economy.

While I was fighting environmental extremists, the out-of-control EPA, and the Soros-funded green movement, Newt Gingrich was filming commercials with Nancy Pelosi.

While I was fighting government bailouts, Newt was saying he would have voted FOR them.

Don't be fooled by the words candidates use when they are running for office.  Look hard at their records.  My record is one of true limited government, anti-Washington, D.C. conservatism.

Newt Gingrich has a long record of liberal appeasement, flip-flopping on key issues, and lobbying for insider millions.

Millions.  That's right.  Remember the individual mandate I mentioned earlier that Newt supported?  His healthcare group received nearly $40 MILLION in contributions from the healthcare industry.

I have rarely seen a candidate who represents so much of what is wrong with Washington and what is wrong with our political system.

We can and must demand better.

We must demand REAL conservative values.  We must demand a person who puts faith, family, and freedom ahead of all else.  And we must demand a candidate who has remained true to principle his entire career.

I believe I am that candidate, and I ask you to take a look at my Plan to Restore America at

You can tell I mean every word in it -- just as I've meant every word I have said in public life.  And that's something that everyone will admit, whether they agree with all of my positions or not.

With me, what you see and hear is what you get.  Wouldn't that be a nice change?

I am the only true conservative in the top tier of candidates running for the GOP nomination.  And I ask for your support.

Together we can stop the counterfeit conservatives AND the liberals in the White House.  We can take back and Restore America Now.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

P.S.  Whether it's flip-flopping on TARP, supporting the individual mandate that served as a model for "ObamaCare," joining with Nancy Pelosi in support of the global-warming crowd's radical agenda, or making millions off of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as they helped destroy our economy, Newt Gingrich is trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

He's what I call a "counterfeit conservative." 

Is it Time to Invoke the 25th Amendment to Stop Obama Before He Destroys the Nation?

              When I heard that Rahm Immanuel cracks his knuckles at a staff meeting with the President. Obama asked him to stop that because he does not like it and the White House chief of staff  does it again. It shows President Obama has no control and he has handlers around him doing the dirty work telling him what to do. I could be wrong and say he is very aware of what he is doing. He is a knowingly a puppet doing what he is told by his masters the Bankers. The President needs a teleprompter to give a coherent speech. It is rumored he watches ESPN Sports Center and  he only gives a few minutes for national security briefings.

              President is known to be a narcissist and arrogant. By some clinical Psychologist if they really evaluated the President today is clinically or criminally insane as most dictators are. By the actions of the White House to starting wars and trampling over people's rights. He actions are assuring the destruction of the United States economically or the fall of the republic. Personally I believe Marxist and tyrants are mentally ill. President Obama show he is a psychopath or a sociopath because he lacks empathy for the average American. I do not think we can wait until the election of 2012. I do not think we can wait until inauguration day either if Ron Paul gets elected as President. We have to take action now to remove Obama from office. So what is the solution? 

              How about the 25th Amendment of the US Constitution. President Obama has shown the American people to discharge his duties as President if he cannot control his handlers or think rationally. He has no capacity to make important decisions in the interest of the American people. When he actions put us in great danger for our security and  safety. When he abandoned the limitations under the US Constitution and becomes lawless. He has shown disregard for the rule of law. He has no conscience and devoid of any capacity to govern a free people. He is mentally unfit to serve as President.

               People may say well we will get stuck with Biden as President. Well that maybe so, but at least he may have some sense to back off on some of the draconian measures the President has implemented. But for the Elites in Congress to save their own political hides and to show they are not a potted plant draft legislation to declare the President unfit for duty. It be quick and less painless then going through the impeachment process. I do not think we have much time before hell is unleashed on America and the world because we have a sociopath or a psychopath in the White House serving murderous bankers. Even those in the ruling class know it can be dangerous for them if he is not removed. It is time we invoke the 25th Amendment and remove the President from office. I will be glad to give him a lifetime pension if he is no longer President. The truth is he is not fit to govern a free people and thus we have to remove him now or be assured of our destruction. Do you agree?               

Freedom Watch - Sen Rand Paul 11-29-11 The Kentucky Senator Speaks out in his Oppostion to S-1867

What Part of" No Person Shall Be Deprived of Life, Liberty and Property without Due Process of Law" The US Senate Does Not Understand?

                 Well it looks like the US Senate might have to be given Michael Badnaricks Constitution class or a joint session of congress hearing a lecture from Judge Andrew Napolitano on the bill of rights. The truth is, if this bill gets singed into law. The pendulum can swing in the other direction were even a President can have a member of congress, senators, state legislatures, governors and judges arrested who stands in the way of his agenda. Cause their political enemies to disappear. The bill they might pass depriving the right of due process can be used against the President's political enemies who hold office, Once detained, they have no legal recourse. There can be unintended consequences the politicians in Washington they never expected. No one us safe if S-1867 becomes law.

                 This nation fought a king over these types of abuses. Even in a tyranny, no one is safe. Not even the most loyal subjects. Everybody is fair game if the President can bypass the right of due process of Habeas Corpus, trial by jury, the right to confront their accusers, the right to see a lawyer and the speedy public trial. We cannot trust the president to hold to keys to the jail house without accountability. When the US government's executive branch is putting people on no fly list, taking down websites and denying the right to keep and bear arms without a judge and jury. The truth is, we cannot trust one branch of government with powers judge ,jury and executioner. There has to be a check on powers from the other branches of goverment and the several states. Which comes to the conclusion, why should we trust the President to determine who is guilty or innocent by his own discretion when he has abused his power for the past three years?

                 What I will tell the US Senators who publicly took an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. There is no circumstances to justify such legislation. There is no real national emergency to vote yes on S-1867. "No person shall be deprived" means US citizen and non US citizen. No matter what the crime is and what the evidence is against them. It extends to illegal aliens crossing the border illegally. Even a terrorist. We prosecuted domestic terrorist groups in the 1970s without a Patriot Act or giving the President extra judicial powers to use the military to go out out and arrest them. The right of due process was preserved, the accused had a public trial, a jury of their peers, and a lawyer present to defend the accused. Many were found guilty and went to prison. The system worked putting away terrorist. What make it any different today?

                  The reason why the US Senate is making a bold move is because they are getting ready to take down the country. If they do not try to oppress the American people. Most of them will face arrest. They do not have any real justification for such a move, but to send a chilling effect to the people not to speak out. They know their time is short and they are trying to put off the inevitable day of reckoning. The US Senators might learn the hard way of the meaning "no person shall be deprived" when they might lose their right to due process because this power they voted yes for was put into the wrong hands. What goes around comes around.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Newt Needs to Be Poltically Destroyed And Exposed as A Phony Conservitve and No More Pro American than Stalin

             One thing we made the mistake of doing is not stopping the surge of John McCain four years ago. We destroyed Giuliani. Herman Cain, Rick Perry and Mit Romney are going down in flames. Thanks to the alternative media taking the lead exposing these frauds. We did not do enough to counter the surge of McCain when he was reported to be gaining momentum in New Hampshire. It was a media creation to prepare the Diebold machines to rig the election. I was wondering how John McCain pulled it off when two years earlier he thumbed his nose at the American people being for amnesty for illegal aliens.

             We see the same playbook being used again for Newt Gingrich to sell another illusion. We should have destroyed McCain and had him so discredited early on in 2008. Only the establishment can resuscitate a campaign nearly broke getting no donations from the grassroots. It is time we do counter measures to expose Newt or he will win New Hampshire. We cannot allow him that media created momentum like they did with McCain. We have to discredit Newt and expose him for what he really is. That is no more conservative than Nancy Pelosi and not anymore pro American than Joseph Stalin.

                Ron Paul is steadily gaining in the polls in Iowa and could very well win the caucus. The media with phony polls is trying to counter a genuine grassroots candidate. A victory for Ron Paul can be a springboard into New Hampshire. A major endorsement by a major New Hampshire for Newt Gingrich is designed to shut down the momentum for Ron Paul before the primary election in the live free or die state. The media is all owned by the same people who choose the President and the entrenched politicians to rig the game. It is no mistake the major newspaper endorsed Newt Gingrich. He is the new banker darling that Obama was.

                Besides, if you hate John Boehner. the you should hate Newt. This person who is the speaker of the house now in the house of representatives was an understudy of Newt Gingrich. He was groomed by Newt in the 1990s when the republicans took the House in 1994. John Boehner and Newt Gingrich are the same, they are sell outs. We need to give these two people the boot out of politics forever. I have had it with these establishment losers being chosen for us. We are sick of the career politicians in both parties.

                Newt must be discredited and politically destroyed. He must be exposed for what he is and what he is really about. We must destroy the illusion of the Newt surge. We need to redouble our efforts.We must let the people know do not trust the establishment media to chose the candidate like they did with John McCain. We have to discredit Newt as a creep as former California Congressmen B-1 Bob Dornan states very emphatically. People need to find B-1 Bob Dornan. He will tell the people about the real Newt Gingrich. Then you will find out Newt is not Presidential materiel. Bloggers and Alternative media people we need to go into overdrive with the afterburners on or we will see Newt being sworn in as the next puppet in chief. Then we might be finished as a republic.

Putin Did What Jesus Done with the Money Junkies. Russia is Doing Better Because of it.

                 The reason why we have an economic implosion here is by fraud. You can call them the money junkies, money changers, the oligarchs, or the robber barons These people by fraud and deception have brought poverty and misery to countless countries. There is no negotiating with these people. They are financial terrorist who threaten economies to be taken down if they do not do what they say. The head of the second bank of the United States threatened the country with a depression, It is good Andrew Jackson drove out the bankers regardless of having assassination attempts on his life. He prevailed, the head of the second Bank of the United States was arrested, the bank was audited and shut down.

                   In the Bible, about 2000 years ago. Jesus drove out the moneychangers from the temple because it was a violation against his principles. He did not negotiate with them, nor did not reason with them. He used force to drive these thieves out of the temple because he knew that is the only way to deal with these thieves. If a nation claims to be Christian and to follow to teachings of Christ. Then it should be known they should not allow the money supply to be issued by a private central bank. These bankers are thieves and fraudsters. They only know how to destroy and enslave people. The only way we can free ourselves from these money changers is not by an act of congress. It might have to be done by force that does it. Regardless if there is a law or no law. Good morality with a sound monetary policy must prevail over corrupt legislation to benefit the few over the many.

                  It is a good thing there is no political correctness in Russia. The Russian people are not anti Semitic or racist. They just know who was responsible for all chaos and turmoil during the reign of the USSR and post Soviet Russia during the Yeltsin years. When the Russian ruble collapsed in 1998. It was not good for the Russian people. There was a lot of instability in Russia. When Putin took the Presidency of Russia. He had to take drastic actions to bring stability to Russia. One of the biggest problems that was responsible for the instability is the financial oligarchs in Russia. Agents of the Rothschild, Rockefeller and it would not surprise me if George Soros was involved to some extent. I know Goldman Sachs is relentless to gain a foothold in Russia,the are now trying to destabilize the nation.So far it has not worked. This is why it is so important Putin becomes President to be a stone wall against the bankers trying to start a war in Syria or Iran. Thank Russia so far preventing World War III. America cannot afford another war.

                 Seeing the US news reports saying Russians are anti Semitic because all this anti Jewish sediment sweeping Russia is all hogwash. There is anger against the oligarchs who plundered the nation to near ruin. The rulers in Soviet times and post USSR were Jewish. They governed with full spectrum dominance for decades.All the anger has been building up so much hostility in the minds of the Russian people. It is understandable why the Russian people have this hostility against this group of people. Ben Franklin warned us of this group of people if they gain a foothold in our system.  President George Washington, the father of our country stated it very clear too about these financial oligarchs who claim to be Jewish warned us Also. I believe the Russian people would be in agreement with our founders quotes about the Jewish oligarchs. It is not racist, it just the truth. plain and simple without question because they experienced it first hand.

                Whole the American media claimed Putin was arresting his political enemies. It was a flat out lie on its face to paint President Putin in a bad light trying to bring reform to Russia and stabilize the nation. Putin was arresting the politicians who worked for the international banking cartels working to undermine Russia. He arrested the oligarchs also. He did not wait for an act from the Parliament or take a poll. He did what was necessary for the survival of the nation. He just overturned the tables of the moneychangers. He drove many of these money junkies out of Russia who now live in Israel.The very people who were responsible for plundering the nation during the Yeltsin years. Putin knew too there is no room for Israeli duel citizens in Russia. He took the right action. Thank God there is not political correctness in Russia. I love the open honesty of the Russian people speaking their mind.

               Regardless what human rights groups or the critics may say. Putin did the right thing regardless of the Geo political blow back that may happen. What he did back then made Russia what it is today, now he is more popular then ever with the Russian people. Thank God he is there to avert a war . He knows these unhinged Bankers are using Israel, NATO and the United States as their enforcers to impose private central banking on Iran and Syria. The bankers need a war to distract the people away from the looting and plundering of western Europe. Russia averting a war could be the best way to defeat the bankers by keep the light shined on them so they cannot set up a financial dictatorship ruled by bankers.

                We should learn something from what Putin has done. I do not know if he took Jesus's advice to overturn the tables of the moneychangers in Russia. The truth, Putin just like Jesus did was grab the bull by the horns to do what was necessary dealing with these thieves and vipers. I have a feeling we cannot wait until the election of 2012 to deal with these bankers. We the people will have to grab the bull by the horns ourselves and overturn the tables of the moneychangers ourselves. We have to start indicting the financial oligarchs, governors, state legislators, congressmen and senators who are agents for the bankers with grand juries. Theft is still theft regardless if it was made legal by law or not. Stealing and committing fraud is still immoral regardless if the goverment makes it law to do so. It is still a conspiracy to defraud the people or the nation by an act of congress or not. We have to start to overturning the tables of the money junkies ourselves with the governments closest to us. We cannot rely on the ballot box anymore. We are going to have to take action ourselves. The system will not police itself, so it is our obligation to hold them accountable. Duty is ours and consequences are God's.

               President Putin and President Andrew Jackson set the best examples dealing with these thieves and vipers we call bankers. You do not reason or negotiate with them. The people of Iceland did not make a deals either. The all drove them out and arrested them for the fraud they committed. There is no political solution dealing with the money junkies.It is a rigged game. The only way to take back our nation is to grab the bull by the horns or they will shackle us with a debt we do not owe. Jesus, Jackson, Putin and the people of Iceland defeated the bankers not by politics. But by just doing what is right. Regardless of the critics or political fallout that will follow. The fruits of prosperity will follow showing life is better without these bankers. First we have to grab the bull by the horns and not look back.

Freedom Watch 11-28-11 The War Over Military Reform and Detaining Americans Without Trial

Monday, November 28, 2011

What Happened to Probable Cause?

Written by Robert Smith TNM

                 It seems Tennessee is the first state to allow TSA agents to inspect citizens during traffic stops. They have road blocks set up and are inspecting all vehicles, both commercial vehicles and private cars for possible terrorist activities, with no probable cause.

              I would like to thank the Texas Legislature for their gutless performance this past session and for not taking any action against the TSA groping at our airports, allowing the perverted fascists to continue their unconstitutional assault on the people of Texas. The Governor, Lt. Governor, and Speaker of the house should be especially thanked for their efforts in continuing to allow this Federal assault on the people of Texas and for generally failing to stand between the Federal Government and the rights and safety of the people of Texas.                                 The TSA found out just how gutless, or perhaps ambitious, our Legislators, Governor, Lt. Governor, and Speaker of the House are during the last orgy in Austin. How soon before you and your family are pulled over in Texas, by TSA agents, and groped on the side of the road and then at the airport? Are you that afraid of terrorist? Do you still suck your thumb? What you should be afraid of, is one of the greatest menaces to Liberty and Safety on the face of this planet, the US Federal Government and its fascist agencies! If that statement shocks you, get off of your backside, put the marshmallows down, open your eyes and your mind, look around you and read! Sometimes the Truth really does hurt.

               It is time to clean Austin out, something the public has waited too long to do to D.C., and elect real Liberty loving Texans. I've written and said numerous times that it is way too late to save the US government and change Washington D.C., sorry, but it is another sad Truth. If you and your family are to survive with any quality of life, real liberty, prosperity, real hope, and a positive future we must be an Independent Texas. All Texans must be allowed to vote on their future and Independence. Why do the Legislators refuse to allow you that vote? They refuse to allow you that vote yet refuse to stand between you and tyranny. What Texas Legislators do is pass "nanny state" laws and pass laws that benefit their cronies, just like D.C. does!

                  I do not intend to be pulled out of my pickup truck by a TSA Agent! I have chosen not to fly and be groped but soon may they may wish to grope me on my way to make a living for my family. How about you? Do you want your wife, daughter, babies, or grandmother stopped and "inspected" on the way to the grocery store or church? Is this Hitler's Germany or Stalin's Russia? Hell no, it is Texas and it is time we start acting like Texans!

                  What happened to the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution? The same thing that has or is happening to the rest of the Constitution, it is a dead letter, it means nothing!
How about SECTION 9 of the Texas Bill of Rights: "The people shall be secure in their persons, houses, papers and possessions from all unreasonable seizures or searches, and no warrant to search any place, or to seize any person or thing, shall issue without describing them as near as may be, nor without probable cause supported by oath or affirmation." Join us in liberating Texas and all Texans from this madness. Join us in working for a free and Independent Texas where life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness will thrive.

Why Some US Soldiers Will Follow Illegal Orders to Arrest and Shoot Americans

               Listening to Mark Koernke who is part of the leadership in the Michigan Militia, He has a lot of insight about history, especially the Soviet Union in the early days. For the last few years, he has advised all Military personal to get their families off the Military installations around the country and not to give up their weapons on or off post. There is a reason why he said this. We have to look back in history of the Russian revolution and the start of the red terror that swept Russia. I always wondered how could a soldier arrest and shoot innocent people. How could they do wicked things to their own fellow citizens? Here is some hidden history we do not hear today.

              When the Bolsheviks took over the Russian Revolution. When the new form of government in Russia was created. Vladimir Lenin became the leader of the USSR replacing the Russian Czar Nicholas III. How he started the years of the red terror in the 1920s and 1930s, which was carried out by one of his minions. Anyone heard of Leon Trotsky?. This murderous blood thirsty madman gave the order to his henchmen to detain the family members of Russian soldiers living on military bases. If the soldiers did not follow the orders to go out and arrest and murder as ordered. They would kill a family member or execute the family altogether as a consequence if the soldier did not obey. This is how they kept soldiers from becoming deserters because they did not want to serve a tyrannical regime under Lenin. So they would hold their family hostage under threat of duress. This is how they were able to get the soldiers to seize the food out of the Ukraine. This is how famines were started in the other Russian provinces that once were the breadbasket of Europe. Millions of people died of starvation and soldiers were ordered mow down unarmed civilians eating acorns in the snow. If they did not obey, the family could be executed. When the government has a gun to a family member's head, soldier will comply with what is ordered to do if he wanted to see their loved ones alive.

               Now we fast-forward to today and we are seeing the playbook of the Bolsheviks is being carried out to use once again. Why does the Obama White House want Military personal to surrender their firearms off base and on post? It is because if the soldiers are disarmed in their homes on base. Foreign troops or a select group of people could be the ones who will hold the families hostage on base while soldiers are forced to go out and shoot Americans. If the Military is armed with firearms in their own possession to defend themselves. It is impossible for them to try such an act against their families. This is why I recommend soldiers send their families back to their hometowns were they are best protected. Not in town near to the base in town. I mean back home were their home of record is. To all soldiers, to the marines, do not surrender your firearms under any circumstance and send your families home now.

                 With this proposed Legislation in the US Senate up for a full vote today. One of the ways they can get the Military to go carry out illegal orders is to detain their families on base and to make sure all Military personal are disarmed on and off base,. I know many in the Military are fed up with the system. This is why we see Ron Paul getting most of the donations from former and active Military. They know something we do not know. They know what is at stake. Not only these illegal wars, but none of them want to be at war with their own fellow citizens. This is why Military personal need to get their families off the base, not live in town close by off post. Nevertheless, back at home protected by the family. If S-1867 is going to be enforced. This is one of the ways they will get soldiers to carry out illegal orders. People who have family in the service need to warn those on active duty so we can avert a full-blown police state takeover. They did this in the Soviet Union, what makes it anymore different now? They will do it again if it worked in Russia. Do you agree?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tea Party, Grassroots, On The Wrong End of the Stick

Written by Robert Smith Thanks to TNM

When the States signed on to the Constitution, in order to form a "more perfect union", they remained zealous over their State Sovereignty, to the point of adding statements in their state constitutions stating such sovereignty.

It was the States, the people of those sovereign states, which formed the Federal government. It was the States, the people, who were to remain sovereign and rule the Beast they created. The Beast was to be tied down with the "chains of the Constitution" and the powers given to the Beast, by the States, limited to those spelled out in Article One Section 8 of the US Constitution. The first ten amendments, the Bill of Rights, were added just to make sure the government understood the rights of the people which could not be infringed upon; and that of State sovereignty.

My Dad always said "hind sight is 20/20". It seems we should have listened to Patrick Henry and friends a bit more. The people, the States, had to remain vigilant from the beginning to bind down the Federal government, to maintain those rights and State Sovereignty. Freedom is not free and the greatest threat to freedom, life, liberty, justice, and pursuit of happiness (property), and to the people of the Several States comes not from foreign terrorists but from their own government. The problem does not lie just with the Federal Government but with State governments as well. Some States love the tyrannical murderous methods employed by the Federal government. The tentacles of the Federal monster have become entwined, some more some less, with the powers in the Several States and much of the world. Lincoln drove a bloody stake into the hearts of the Several States and the Constitution creating a wound from which the "more perfect" Union has not recovered, a near mortal wound which absolutely cannot and will not be healed from or by Washington, DC. It is DC's desire that the Several States die a quiet death.

The Creation is not greater than the Creator. The Several States, the people of those states, are the Creator and DC and its agencies the Creation. Like Satan, the creation, who attempted to usurp the power and position of his Creator, doing much damage in the process even to the point of turning others against the Creator, so too has D.C. ( and some of the people of a few of the Several States) turned on its Creator doing great damage. As Satan and his ministers masquerade as angels of light, the Government does like wise. "It is for the Children", it is for your own good and safety", and "it is for the good of the country" are among their deceitful slogans passed off as truth and benevolence. The Darkness in DC is pitch black and evil; it is a darkness rapidly spreading to the States. The darkness in DC is so dense and so pervasive that it squelches and overwhelms any light from within.

That is why I am calling upon all Grassroots organizations, GOOOH (Get out of our house), Tea Parties, and the common people of the Several States (especially those of the state of Texas), to concentrate all efforts and monies to retake as many State Houses as possible. Trying to fix the very powerful, evil creation run amok from within is useless, you end up on the "wrong end of the stick". It must be the Creator which harnesses and controls the creation. The light of the Creator must shine from without, from every side, with great brilliance, to illuminate and eliminate the evil darkness.

Your efforts and monies will go much further taking back the State Houses. When the State Houses, Governorships, and County Sheriffs are brought back under the control of the people and Rule of Law, then great pressure and great light can be brought to bear in DC. You will never take DC (and those States which love and cherish DC's methods) from within. 
You are fighting a Noble yet foolish and unwinnable war.

In the beginning I asked why some of the states, including Texas, passed 10th Amendment resolutions. This was done so that the politicians in those states could pat themselves on the back and each other on the backsides in front of the people making it look like they were taking a stand against the abuses of the Federal Government and its agencies. "Look what we did, we are standing between you and the tyranny from DC" they say. Here is the reality of it! When the Legislature in TEXAS, this year, had an opportunity to pass legislation, exerting their 10th Amendment Right and duty, and protecting the people of Texas under the 4th Amendment, most of the politicians in the Texas House and Senate, gutless dogs that they are, allowed the Speaker, and the Lt. Governor to derail this legislation, thus subjugating the people of the Great State of Texas to the abuses, whims, and perversions of Washington DC once again. These gutless dogs put their tails between their legs and allowed a Speaker (whom most of the gutless dogs promised not to re-elect but did so against the will of the People of Texas) and Lt. Governor (who should be thrown out of public office in Texas) leaving the people of Texas exposed, vulnerable, and all but defenseless to the bloody stake from DC.
Grassroots stop the crap! DC loves it! They take the virgins you send them and prostitute them shortly after they arrive. They vote to continue the Patriot Act (sic), they vote to continue all the failed, abusive, intrusive, unconstitutional crap of the previous administrations. They vote to continue the creations assault on the Creator.

Grassroots put your armies together, your monies together, and your efforts together and forget DC for now. Concentrate your efforts within the states. Help get the Several States back in order, and the people of the Several States in order. Let's take our States back one County Sheriff, one County Judge, one State Congressional District at a time. Help us do that this election cycle.

The Polls have shown the people of Texas want Independence. We intend to give them that vote. Is it really Liberty and Justice you are after or is some lofty BS platitude about a benevolent government in DC watching out for and over America the Beautiful and the rest of the world?

The People of the Several States, as Sovereign States, created this murderous Beast in DC and it must be The People of the Several States, as Sovereign States, which must put it to death. Then Liberty and Justice may ring within the Sovereign States. Grab the right end of the Stick.

Is There any Texan left in Rick Perry?

Texas Nationalist Movement

Rick Perry was a decent, God-fearing Texan once; I believe it, I truly do. I can even understand his fall to the temptation and seduction of the glamour and prestige offered by a post in Washington, D.C. He made a mistake by turning on his homeland and running away to join the circus of Washington, D.C. and by now, I am sure he knows it.

Unfortunately for us, he has become an incredible embarrassment and as Daniel Miller pointed out some weeks ago, he has caused the rest of the country to look at Texas, as a whole, with distain. The absolutely absurd and embarrassing appearance Rick Perry made on The Late Show last night was the last nail in the coffin. It is time to "man-up", Mr. Perry, realize that you are thankfully out of your league, swimming in a cesspool with sharks and come home. If there is any Texan left in you, you will stand up before your people and admit your shortcomings, take charge of the state and finish the job you promised to do. It is not too late to right some wrongs and stand tall with YOUR people. Texas never deserted you; you deserted Texas.

Since the seduction of Washington, D.C. seems to be inherent in elected politicians, the only way Texas will ever become free is for its citizens to create a roar that cannot be ignored and force a referendum vote. We must create a roar so powerful that our Texan officials will realize the greatness that is the destiny of Texas and the fact that they could play a role in it.

The US Senate is About to Declare War on Freedom and the American People

                This bill S-1867 should send chill down the spines of all people no matter what the political persuasion is. Senator John McCain, Cal Levin and willing supporter Lindsey Graham who support this bill need to be recalled by their state Legislatures to see if these men are fit to hold office when not in session. Put them on house arrest until a grand jury completes its investigation, never to return to Washington. This bill gives the US Military the green light to arrest American citizens on American soil without being charged or without a trial. The right to Habeas Corpus is no more under this bill.

                S-1867 is going to a full vote on the floor of the Senate next week after passing a cloture procedure vote. This bill was passed by committee in secret behind closed doors without a public hearing. I can see why the secrecy. It is because because these men see the American streets as a battlefield because they see the people as the enemy now because we threatens their power. Why because these politicians have sold their soul and their country out for power. This bill is an act treason. I will dare say the word treason because these senators are traitors to our lives, our safety and security.

                  This bill also repeals the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 that prohibits US Military to be deployed on the streets of America to be used as a police force. Now I know why the founders were so dead set against having a standing army. It is because of this reason the Army, can be used to oppress the American people. Abe Lincoln used the Union Army to arrest journalist, state legislators and even shut down the congress. Suspending the right of habeas corpus should be real frightening to everyone. To the governors, mayors, county sheriff, police officers. all local politicians and state legislators should really pay attention. They better find out really fast that none of them are safe if this bill becomes law. We can see Soldiers or Marines coming to arrest any local or state politicians that stands in the way.

                    This proposed legislation going to the Senate Floor for a full vote this week. If this Bill passes and signed into law will be icing on the cake for the tyrants to drop the hammer hard on the American people. Put together with President Bush's signing PD-51, the Military Commissions Act and the John Warner Defense Authorization Bill. It is a recipe for disaster ready to happen.This is the Patriot Act on steroids, so we must have this bill stopped in its tracks. We are going to have to start taking steps to remove entrenched politicians in the US Senate from office by all legal means possible. If they are not removed, they will keep trying until they get what they want. This bill is criminal, they are fighting words against the American people. These people in Washington want to hold onto power and have no interest in the people's best interest anymore. We are the ones who stand in the way.

                      What really should have every person's hair stand on the back of their neck is no one is safe. Not only will the Army, Marines and foreign troops be used to arrest dissidents. These powers could be expanded to even arrest Obama's useful idiots who supported this madness. In any tyranny, no one is safe. Not even the troops or the enforcers. This power could be used to remove people from their homes in rural areas and relocate them to the big cities under UN Agenda 21. Washington DC is now becoming unhinged because the people are waking up and if they do not try to send a chilling effect into the population. They all could be going to jail for treason and fraud.

                      The International banking cartel cannot implode this economy unless the population is controlled by force or by fraud. Since now the American people are looking past the puppets and seeing the real power who are the Banking establishment. They ruling class knows their time is short. This is not a move of over confidence by the goverment to oppress the population. This is desperation because the window of opportunity is closing on their New World Order. Even if this bill is passed. There will be resistance within the Military and among the several states to this new power to use the troops in this new capacity. I can see the some State Governors setting up state guards or recalling their national guard units to protect the people in the states from Federal power. This were we can see a lot of blow back not only from the people, but within the Military and the States too.

                      This should have every enlisted person to commissioned officer thinking twice about following orders arresting American citizens. Why because once their enlistment term ends or an officer leaves his post and no longer accepts another commission. They are now veterans, under Homeland Security reports. They have become possible enemies of the state or domestic terrorist. The US goverment has abandoned the veterans and no longer takes care of them. The US goverment has robbed countless families of death benefits and much needed treatment to service related injuries. This very government that is going to betray the American people has betrayed Military and the Veterans. They better make a choice while they still have the right to say "no" This is a wait and see game. I just pray the we all do what is right if we are faced with the tough choice dealing with a unhinged Federal Government who just declared war on us.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Newt Gingrich is Wrong, The Bill of Rights is Still the Law of the Land, Not Two Sets of Laws Under the Patriot Act! Any Questions?

              Newt Gingrich who claims to know history as a college professor. This same person talks about the Northwest Ordinance and claims to revere the founding documents is a hypocrite. He glorified God in the Iowa family forum talking about the faith of the founders and how he mimics them quoting the early  founding documents.. I would like to know what Declaration of Independence did he read from? Why I ask this? It is because it is not the same one I read that has the same grievances against the King is no different what we are experiencing today with Washington DC. When there was the GOP debate. How can Newt say there is two sets of laws for Robbery, rape and another for the war on terror? The truth is, Newt is a two faced politician that talks like a conservative and governs as a globalist. What he says and does are two different things.

             The truth is when the Bill of Rights was drafted and ratified by the states. It was clear there was one law of the land and not a separate law to be enforced selectively for one group of people and not another. They say we need the Patriot act to protect America from those evil terrorist. This very act allowed Federal agents and other Law Enforcement agencies to side step the 4th and 5th Amendments to write their own search warrants instead of going before a judge. This has caused the Federal government to abuse its power in the name of stopping a imaginary enemy no one can see. They are looking for ways around the Bill of Rights because these provisions chain down the power of goverment, not enhance it.

              Back in the days under reign of King George III. The British monarch and Parliament passed the Stamp Act putting a tax on all documents and items people owned. Every possession and document a person owned had to have the King's stamp on it. To enforce this Stamp Act. The Parliament passed the Townsend Act that allowed the British Soldiers to write their own search warrants to enter a person's home to see if everything had the King's stamp on it without going before a Magistrate to ask for a search warrant as directed under the Magna Carta. We are experiencing the same abuses today the early colonist dealt with. No matter what rationalization and excuse the Politicians use why we need the patriot act. The notion we have to give up our liberties for safety is nothing more then political rhetoric to sell us an fabricated fear of a phony enemy.

            Newt Gingrich is wrong and he knows it. The Bill of Rights applies to every person, regardless if they are a citizen or non citizen. These rights are unalienable. No matter what, if a person is accused of conspiracy to commit an act of terror or committed an act of Terrorism all the way down to the charge of petty larceny. The goverment has to bring a case before the grand jury to see if there is enough evidence to have a public trial The accused has a right to assistance of counsel and a trial by a jury of their own peers. The signers of the Declaration of Independence agreed " Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes;" The war on drugs and the war on terror is no exception. What happened on September 11, 2001 is no reason to usurp the rights of the people. Declaring people enemy combatants by the discretion of the President based on his own judgment without any accountability to the congress or the courts is very frightening. The right of Habeas corpus is being denied based on this designation.  King George III did the same thing depriving people of basic rights. They are doing the same thing today as fallows in this founding document. Nothing has changed, this Declaration against this British monarchy Thomas Jefferson written so well and eloquently is very clear about why we wanted to be free and independent from the King.

-For protecting them, by a mock Trial from punishment for any Murders which they should commit on the Inhabitants of these States:(Police and other agents are immune from any prosecution for abuses against the people, The TSA seems to above the law to grope, steal, and rape)

-For depriving us in many cases, of the benefit of Trial by Jury:(Military tribunals at Gitmo)

-For transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offenses:(Federal goverment today fabricating evidence to declare any American enemy combatants to be transported to CIA black site outside these united States)

-For depriving us in many cases, of the benefit of Trial by Jury:(The government has no case most of the time and has to try to keep a jury out of the court room)

             There is no two sets of laws. The government is breaking the law. I do not care if they use administrative law, admiralty law or military tribunals to bypass these rights of the accused to bring their own witnesses and evidence in their defense against the charges presented. The war on Terror or Drugs does not establish two sets of laws. The Constitution puts limitations on goverment and does not empower them to trample on the rights of the people fighting a phony enemy. If this is how the former Speaker of the House thinks saying there is two sets of laws. Then my assumption is this. Newt Gingrich is not fit to be president or even dog catcher. If he took an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. Then there is no wiggle room to get around the law of the land. I am just glad Ron Paul is in these debates to set the record straight that liberty must be preserved at all cost even in this phony war on terror. Newt is wrong, the Bill of rights is still the law of the land and not the Patriot act. As the fifth them amendment states very clearly on historical precedent. " nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law." That means torture is not justified nor is killing American citizens without a trial. Any Questions Newt? I did not think so.


It is Time We Shop At Local Small Bussiness Not the Big Box Stores.This is Something the Money Junkies Hate.

                 Seeing people fight for a toy convertible car is beyond pathetic. It reflects the culture in decline. Shopping at these big box stores anyway anytime of year is a headache. I do not have to wait for Black Friday to complain. It is all year round the same thing I hate when going to Wal Mart. I do not get the level of service I get with a local merchant. I may pay a little more money for the same product. But most of the money stays in town. I have a open on one relationship with the sales person who is more aware of what I am looking for. Sometimes cheap is not good and good is not cheap.Our economy is paying the high cost for low prices keeping our manufacturing base once here now offshore because regulation and taxes are too high to operate here.

                 Big box stores have killed Main Street. The big retailers have with unfair advantage. These anti competitive practices have forced small businesses to shut down because they could not compete with stores like Wal Mart or Target. With low prices arranged by the distributors were the mark-up on merchandise gives an unfair advantage to these major retail outlets that small businesses do not have. This what we call a monopoly were only a few establishments get favorable treatment by the local, state and Federal goverment that a small Enterprise does not have. We must bring back fair competition between small businesses and big box stores.

                 I would advise we do our Christmas Shopping at local small business establishments. When I shop for shoes for my children. There is a person who actually knows how to find the right size for them. When I buy a pair of pants. There is a person who is a tailor who can fit that pair of pants to fit me. I do not get that kind of service at Wal Mart. I can have a pair of cowboy boots hand made and not knock offs made in Costa Rica . I can order from Stetson who makes an awesome cowboy hats still made in Texas. Even go to a local music store and buy a Gibson Guitar to show support keeping American jobs here. Lets keep the money local and the jobs here on American shores.

               The Money Junkies would rather we shop at Wal Mart than the local Hardware Store or Hobby Shop. They rather we go to their big box store chains to buy our food than the local farmers market and buy our lemonade from a soft drink fountain machine that has artificial flavors at the 7-11 then from a real Lemonade stand. They want us going to there stores and their stores only. They want to shut down their competition big and small. We must honor our small business men and ladies. they are our neighbors and they do produce jobs in the community. What we spend in our community with our local owned business stays in the community and does not leave. If we are going to rebuild this economy. It will have to be from the ground up and not wait for Washington to have any answers anytime soon. We make the economy go, not the government. It is time we vote with our wallets and our feet to dictate the economic climate instead of waiting for next election season only to get burned again one more time. Vote with your wallets and your feet. We must not the let the Grinch who are the money junkies steal another Christmas again.



Black Friday Getting More Pathetic Seeing People Fighting for China Junk

Some Shoppers Take Black Friday Too Far:

Friday, November 25, 2011

Now is the Time to Realize More Than Ever, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is is Not Just for Our Liberty, But Our Very Survival

              The American people are not looking for a fight with the government at all. But for years we have seen the erosion of our liberties ever since September 11, 2001. The government now has taken their focus off the Muslims in the middle east now turning the barrel on the American people. With a the Passage of the Patriot Act in the fall of 2001 that shreds our bill of rights. The Federal government is now more of a threat to the safety and security of its own citizens more than the phony radical Islamic terrorist.

               We have the Department of Homeland Security that seeks to grab more power daily away from States and local governments. We have the TSA groping a 98 year old grandmother in a Wheelchair to keep us safe. We have Police acting like thugs beating up protesters because they are asserting their right to free speech. We have US Senators voting on the US Military arresting Americans with no trial or due process. Sen Joe Lieberman is asking Google to censor the bloggers. The Congress and the President want to silence free speech as much as possible because they know their time is short to impose their will on us. If they cannot do it, they all face jail time or the gallows for treason.

                They are calling for censorship of the internet and invasion of our privacy, restrictions on our travel because their power is waning thanks on the internet. The Alternative press and citizen journalist have been the news source people are looking to for information. The old media is dying and the new media I am part of is becoming mainstream in the thought of many people. Thanks to the internet, we have exposed the puppets looking right straight at the real power. A central banking cartel waiting to loot the wealth of this nation. There is one thing that stands in the way that scares them right now. This tradition has been a part of our culture for 234 years. This right preceded the Constitution, without this right. We would still be subjects to the British crown.

                We had the unfortunate lessons from other countries like China, Cambodia, and Russia when people are left helpless and cannot defend themselves. We see what happens when the government has a monopoly on force, many innocent people were killed along with the dissidents. A brutal police state was set up to keep the dictator in place while the people had no means of force to remove and abolish a form of government that threatens their very lives. Why did this happen? It is because the people surrendered their firearms to the government for a false sense of security thinking the government will protect them. In reality the government murdered people to protect itself from an uprising. If we surrendered our guns like the other nations did in the past. There would be mass graves here also and FEMA camps filled to capacity with political prisoners.

                 If there was a time for the right to keep and bear arms is more essential as a deterrence against full blown tyranny than it is now. We have to be stubborn or they will run over us. We have an Israeli duel citizen Senator Joe Lieberman moving to silence the opposition trying to quell free speech by censoring the internet by asking Google to put on terrorist button on the blogs. John McCain passing a bill for the US Military to arrest Americans and detain them without charge as political prisoners. The Police power of the state is being used to infringe on economic liberty shutting down Lemonade stands and Farmers markets having guns drawn for non violent activity that is not even criminal. We have the government seizing property without due process of law. Police beating and tazering people to death without provocation. Even though they are passing all these draconian laws that are unconstitutional and criminal. The people retaining their right to keep and bear arms might be a difference between living in a free state or a dictatorship without firing a shot.

                Ever since Obama was elected President, firearms sales have rose to new levels as never before. Private sales at gun shows are at a greater number. Ammunition sales are on the rise. Gun Control has lost its credibility and people see why the goverment wants our guns. No matter how much the President and the bureaucracy tries to use administrative measures to keep guns out of the hands of veterans. A veteran will find a way to be armed. The system is moving fast to clamp down on the people with laws after laws. How much they can enforce depends on us because we retain our right to keep and bear arms no matter what the government says. Is up to us. The right to self defense against a tyrannical goverment is our God given right no despot can take away unless we give it away. The only difference between us living in darkness in a reign of terror or having a chance to stop the tyrants in their tracks so we can push back without firing a shot is our right to keep and bear arms.

               We have a right to life, liberty and the pursue happiness. When a government becomes a threat to our safety and security infringing on our rights by force and fraud. It our right to alter, abolish and institute a form of goverment to safeguard of freedoms. Having an armed population now is the difference between freedom or tyranny and even life and death. What happened in tyrannical countries must not happen here. We cannot trust Washington anymore to defend our rights. It is ours to defend if we are going to survive. An armed society is not only a polite society, it is also inhabited by a free people.


It is Time for State Governments to Recall US Senators and Members of Congress Back to be Accountable.

              Before the 17th Amendment was announced as ratified by the secretary of State in 1913. If it was legally ratified is still up in the air. Prior to the 17th amendment. The State legislator appointed two people to represent the state government in a neutral territory called Washington DC. These people were ambassadors of their respective states called Senators. When a Senator did not vote in the way the state legislator advised them to vote. They were recalled back to the state to be accountable to the government and they appointed another person to serve out the rest of the term. When the state governments appointed the US Senators, It most of the time kept a check on Federal power from encroaching on the states.

             When we have loose cannons like Sen John McCain and Carl Levin drafting laws for the US Military to snatch up US citizens in the name of the war on terror with no due process or the right of habeas corpus. There is no public danger, it is about them holding onto power.These people need to be recalled back to their states and a special election convened to vote in a new person who will be mindful of their oath. These Senators voted in free trade deals that have wrecked the industrial base in their states. They expanded Federal power over the states were it does not belong. There are many people in the US Senate who are entrenched and corrupt. They are not fit to hold office. They are in the pocket of special interest and the money junkies. This group of millionaires or empty suits need to be held accountable to the state government and the people. We do not have six years to wait.

               I looked in the books in Texas and a couple of other states. The State legislator by law, still reserves the right to recall their US Senators back to the state capital to answer why they passed a law that would undermine the farmers or the industrial base. Why are they voting for laws to undermine the right to due process of the people. Why are they voting for laws that takes away the power from the states to determine their own affairs. I hear many legislators whine and complain about Federal power over reaching were it does not belong and feel helpless to do anything about it. Passing resolutions in the state houses and senates will do much of nothing. How they states can start to have teeth in their actions against the Federal government is first start recalling these corrupt federal politicians.

               US Senators who vote against the wishes of the people and the state government need to have the Governors, Attorney Generals ,local prosecutors, private citizens and even county Sheriffs to approach the grand jury with evidence when there is suspicion of treason against the states by those we elected to go to Washington. People in local congressional districts need to recall their congress and man or woman that need to have grand jury investigations for treason against the state they are from. Many state constitutions do have the provision of treason like the US Constitution does. The people and the states need to start pushing back. Passing resolutions does not do much. It is like poking a stick at an angry bear. There needs to be indictments against the people we send to Washington who vote and accept contribution to undermine state rights and our republican form of government. We need to enforce the 9th and 10th amendments with teeth using the criminal justice system of the state.

              Right now the Federal government does not fear the people of the states because we are not going far enough. Having PACs and petitions will not work. Email, phone calls Fax messages  have no effect either. We have to start using the government close to us to start holding these people accountable if we cannot get listen to us. These politicians have broke the contract with us when they took an oath and turn right around and violate it. We have to start using the government close to us to hold these people accountable. If we do not they will not listen to us. Then we must take action somehow If we can get a few Senators and Congressmen removed from office based on grand juries and being recalled. With that legal precedent. We might put some fear back in the politicians we send to Washington letting them know, we are watching them with great skepticism, and no more we will tolerate them violating their oaths for their enrichment. If congress cannot police themselves and restrain their own power, then it is up to us to do it or no one else will.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

TSA Starting to Profile?

Phony Left and Right Talking Heads From Both PartiesTrying to Justify the Wars and Not Cut Defense Spending

                 This country cannot afford another war, we are more in danger getting into conflicts than not getting into wars at all. I was listening to former UN ambassador to the UN John Bolton who is a war monger who believes we need to project our influence worldwide. John Bolton does not believe the US should not be in a fair fight. He believes military should have full spectrum dominance around the world. That sounds like being the world's bully We would not have these worldwide threats is we were not in places we do not belong.

                 We are in decline because we are around the world. We are stretched thin and over extended with wars and military installations around the world. We do not need to be in Korea. We do not need to be in Japan or Eastern Europe. We do not need to be in Germany anymore. We are becoming the most hated nation on earth because our aggressive interventionist foreign policy. The Federal reserve bank cannot keep printing money forever to fund these military excursions abroad. Rome Fell and many other empires collapsed because there influence went too far beyond what it can handle. The Soviet Union collapsed because it tried to be an empire.

                 I can see the bait and switch from the phony right left paradigm with Defense secretary Leon Penetta saying we cannot cut the defense budget coming from the left to former UN ambassador John Bolton from the right saying the same talking points with a neo conservative twist. Both in the back pockets of the globalist pushing the same agenda.They keep pushing the wars wanting this full spectrum dominance around the world that if a country does not do what the bankers say. We will start a war with them and bomb them with drones.

                 Why do we need to worry about Pakistan's or the Iraqi border when our southern border is unsecured and now a war zone. We face more of a threat from Mexico than we do from the middle east. Why these countries hate us because we interfere in their internal affairs. We do not need a military with full spectrum dominance around the world. We just need to mind our own business. Cutting the Pentagon budget will not harm our national security. It will just stop this insane foreign policy starting wars and bring stability back around the world.

DUI Checkspoints Nationwide, Could We See Homeland Security/TSA VIPR teams out there Assisting the Police?

                  After living in Florida for many years before moving to Texas. In the sunshine state, drunk driving is not just a crime, it is a money generating industry for the lawyers, for the counseling centers and these drunk driving schools. The Judge who sends a person to these place most likely owns the school and the drug and alcohol centers. Talk about a conflict of interest. It is not about stopping drunk driving. It is about making money for the goverment and the industries that court sends people to to squeeze money in another direction.

                  These checkpoints are a joke. They do not catch drunk drivers at all. We can see at some of these check points the police are drawing blood on the side of the road without a warrant paid for by a Federal grant. A person does not have to be drunk to get a blood draw by the police. It is to set up a DNA database on everyone. In most cases they do not catch drunk drivers at all. They usually catch people who do not have a license, registration, insurance, not wearing a seat-belt or have an outstanding warrant out for their arrest.

                  These checkpoints do select enforcement, illegal aliens are given a pass on the required documents to drive. They are allowed a pass being intoxicated through these checkpoints while the citizens get the shaft by the system. Illegal aliens driving drunk has been responsible for more fatalities in the border states than any other group of people. The police are ordered to give them a pass,especially in sanctuary cities were illegal aliens can live free without revealing their status being here legally or not.

                   These DUI checkpoints are illegal and unconstitutional. They violate the 4th and 5th amendments in the bill of rights. Another concern is will there be Homeland Security/TSA VIPR teams out there with the Police at these Checkpoints violating the 9th and 10th amendments encroaching on states rights . It has been reported they are starting this up in the State of Tennessee using the TSA/VIPR teams on the highways. It is nothing to do with drunk driving. It has to do with money to enhance revenue for the courts and the local governments. It is also to let the people know Obama's DHS is in control.

                    My advice is for everyone is to stay home and drink there while they will leave us alone in our homes. Buy your beer and booze ahead of time. If you have to travel, make arrangements to stay there instead of driving home. This is the time of year we do not need a reason to be stopped by the police. Lets make it a waste of time for the system to stand out there for nothing. If we have no reason to be out driving when there is some bone head cop is looking to make their monthly quota on traffic tickets. Be safe and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

DHS Says Turkey Fyers A Weapon of Mass Destruction?

              This Thanksgiving many people will bake thier turkeys in the oven. Other will smoke their turkeys in a smoker. Than there is the Turkey fryers were they did the turkey in hot oil and cook the turkey that way. If a person is not careful. Yes someone can get hurt when they do not know what they are doing. Most people have common sense and do take precautions so nothing bad will happen. Most people do use good judgement when putting a turkey in a fryer.

                Not according the DHS. Our turkey fryers  could be a threat to our national security. A weapon of mass destruction. Who came up with this assumption? Like any other terror threat, there was no credible evidence to back it up. It is just their imagination making this stuff up. Remember rectal and vaginal bombs as an excuse for TSA to grope us? Is Al Quaida investing in fryers? What is next charcoal grills or hickey smokers? Well many Texans love cooking their turkeys in a fryers. Many patriots love to use the fryers. I do not see this no more dangerous than anything else. If  a person is careless like anything else. They will bun down his house using burning incense if they do not use common sense.

                  I just wish Homeland security would just go away and stop bothering. We get along so much better without them. They do not keep us safe and all they become is a nuisance. Well if DHS hands off my turkey fryer. If DHS does come and grope my turkey fryer while the bird is cooking, they will get burned. Maybe they will learn to keep tier hands to themselves. Happy Thanksgiving.

What I will Be Thanful for This Thanksgiving

               Regardless who is going on which is not good at all and not working in our favor. We see people living under bridges. Some are living in their cars, tent cities or shanty towns. Some sitting in bed tonight wondering how will they make the rent and mortgage. How will they feed their children. Many of us have not lost everything as some have in this country. This Thanksgiving as we give thanks to God for our blessing we still have. Please do not forget those in need. They need are prayers too. Lets not forget our fellow countrymen who are suffering because of the money junkies.

What we can be thankful is:

We still have much freedom, We still have the internet that is the most powerful vehicle to bring about a peaceful non violent revolution.

We still have our firearms,without our hands on weapons, we would have lost our ability to defend ourselves against a tyrannical goverment. They cannot crash this economy unless they have all the guns out of our hands. Remember in the Ukraine. Before they took the food from the people. First they seized the guns. After that, there was a famine that killed million of Ukrainians.

We can be thankful Obama is not getting his way.

We can be thankful the money junkies are not getting their way.

We can be thankful we can still travel and avoid the TSA.

We can be thankful that we are winning the infowar, lets not get over confident. We still have to figure out what we will do after we get our country back.

As a nation, we still have a lot to be thankful for. There is no reason to complain when we see our countrymen suffering because of the money junkies stole from them. I am thankful I am doing pretty well despite the circumstances. I still have my car and a roof over my head. I am happy I have plenty of food and my beautiful children.

Tomorrow is the day not the complain about anything when we have people suffering because the bankers and the goverment policies. That family who is barely trying to stay warm in a tent city would love to be in our place. We have nothing to complain about and it would not be a bad idea to show some gratitude to our creator because by his grace we still have a place to call home. Never forget that.God Bless You all this Thanksgiving


The Desperate Authoritarian and Ridicules Nanny State

                 It is has been shown throughout history in other nations. The only way a tyrant can do this by fraud and deception. The Obama Administration is politically dead in the water and needs to be revived. People have no faith in his leadership. He could not co-opt the occupy Wall Street protest with his agenda. There is rumors of a false flag attack coming to trigger a war with Iran or Syria. He is looking for a distraction away from the sad state of economic affairs of the nation. He needs a diversion so his banker backers can loot the nation of everything the rest of the way. He has overwhelming opposition against him  and he knows it. His critics have more credibility then the President. He needs to find a way to discredit this detractors. He tried this with the shooting of a congresswoman. It blew up in his face. He treid with operation gun runner that is a full blown scandal. He wants our guns or he is not in control.

                 Now while the President is out of the country trying to get other countries to loan to us. Somehow there was shots fired at the White House. The person they brought in is being demonized because he watched the Obama Deception as his reason to shoot the President. They would blame the story of Hansen and Gretal if they can get away with it.  It shows they are looking for an enemy so he can get the people to rally behind him to go after those patriots who love the Constitution and will vote for Ron Paul. This is not a sign of confidence, But desperation, to ratchet down on the people saying we need to exchange our freedom for the US government's protection. Sorry not me. I rather face the danger than trust the goverment to protect me from myself.

                 Now we have Homeland Security saying we have to beware of putting a Turkey in a deep fryer as a terrorist weapon and next it would not surprise me they will say it is not good to have a Christmas tree in the house because too many homes burned down because of those lights catching the trees on fire. Well it is so idiotic homeland security is taking on roles usually left to the people. Now it seems like homeland security is trying to save us from ourselves. That is the excuse the tyrants use to steal our freedoms for our own safety. Next fireplaces and BBQ grill will be banned because the poor children might get burned. We will freeze at night and eat raw meat. But at least the children are safe. Backyard swimming pools might be on the goverment chopping block because too many toddlers drowned. We are supposed to sweat for the children.

                I am tired of this nanny state coming into my life and trying to make decisions I can be making for myself. These people think we are stupid and cannot survive without them. Well life was good before these parasites came into power years ago. The reality is tyrants have a mental illness because they are control freaks. They are not content unless they are in control, they do not care about how it affects another person. Even the euphoria of being in control does not last. So they have to control more. They feel the need to be in control is their fetal flaw that hurts us.. The bankers need to have it all or they are not happy, They have a sick desire to control the wealthy of the world. Money junkies feel the need to screw people over to pad their bank accounts. They do not care how their action have wrecked many good families.

              Knowledge is power, If we know the tactics and devices they use to try to deceive us so see through their kindness to see their evil intent. Tyrants will use the ridicules excuses to grab more power. We have common sense and should see them for what they are, out of touch delusional control freaks who know nothing about life and never will.


Thanksgiving through the Eyes of Norman Rockwell

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

There is No Room For Israeli Duel Citizens in Our Government. We Need to Learn From Russia . They Drove Out the Parasites to Survive.

                 Have to face facts, even the Christians sitting the in pews. Israel is not the country we are told they are. They are not the victims as they say they are. They are not God's chosen. They are no the apple in God's eye. In reality we all have to face facts. Israel is a bully nation. They persecute Christians. There is no religious freedom in Israel. They are a racist society. Many Jewish people have said we the less human to be used as beast of burden to serve them for their evil ends. Israel is a parasite nation sucking the life out of this nation. It is has been a big ball and chain around our necks since 1948.

                We the people of these United States of become the host country to a parasitic country called Israel. This country has sucked the life and wealth out of this nation. This country controls our foreign and domestic policies. This country has been responsible for thousands of our soldiers and marines coming home dead, dying or maimed for life. They have no gratitude for our sacrifices from them sending our children into wars we have no business being in for them. No, they do not at all; even after the billions of dollars of foreign aid we give them. it is apparent that we cannot serve Israel anymore above our own well being and welfare. Christians have to face facts that if God says he will bless those who bless thee. We how blessed our we as a nation supporting Israel. They are no friends  to Christians or America at all. They mock us behind our backs. When I heard about the USS Liberty. I knew Israel is no friend to us but an adversary.

                Why do we support Israel? it is because we have too many duel citizens in our goverment working for Israel or too many congress people blackmailed to vote supporting Israel. There is no place for dual citizens in our government. President Putin of Russia has driven out these duel citizens out of Russia after they been caught looting the assets of the people. He knew there is no place for Israeli duel citizens inside the Russian goverment. He never negotiated with them. He just threw them out or jailed them for what they done. We need to learn from Russia if we are going to survive as a nation. They did what needed to be done to move forward. Having these Israeli Jackasses around looting the country everywhere they can could not be tolerated. Russia did the right things to move forward, If Putin has not took such drastic measures to bring stability to Russia, the Bolsheviks would return to power long ago.

Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union