Tuesday, May 31, 2011

There is no Monopoly on Losing Weight

            I am not a person in a position to say how to lose a few pounds. Many have used this diet I know personally who greatly benefited from Jenny Craig. One of the keys to dieting is not starvation. It is feeding the body the right nutrition with good healthy habits. Please click the banner below and talk to a consultant free of charge. I seen Jenny Craig help people I known for years. Jenny Craig is not for everybody. But it might be right for you.

Lt. Gov. Flip Flops on Anti Groping TSA Bill. Now Wants Governor Perry to Call a Specisal Session to Pass Bill.(What is up their Sleeve I wonder?)

           The backlash must have had more of an effect than we have known. The Lt Governor has ask Governor Perry to call a special session on the budget, redistricting and the most Ironic HB 1937 that would make it a felony for Federal Employees to fondle people as a condition to board a plane. Lt Gov. Dewhurst was exposed in his part in killing HB 1937 of any chance of any passage with a full vote on the Senate floor. He threatened and twisted the arms of state senators not to vote yes on this bill doing the bidding for the Federal Government. This very Lt Gov. made threat that air travel will be shut down if HB 1937 became the law of Texas.

           I wonder what his change of heart was in all of sudden flip flopping on this legislation. I know what it is. There was a backlash nationwide and his hand was exposed playing a part in killing this legislation helping the Federal Government. Lt. Gov. Dewhurst has political aspirations of running for Governor or running for US Senator taking Kay Bailey Hutchinson's seat. What was revealed last week of the Lt Gov. treacherous actions to undermine the will of the people in Texas really damaged his political plans to seek higher office. I believe no matter what he does now. His political career is done. Not only because of this latest scandal. It has been reported and documented that the Lt Gov. was in attendance at Bretton Woods with Robber Baron George Soros seeking to kill the dollar. The Lt Gov. might be in violation of the Logan Act meeting with a foreign power covertly making policy behind closed doors.

          I have to think about what is the sudden change of heart of Lt Dewhurst to do a one eighty on this legislation? I believe he was by consulted the Federal government to allow bill to go forward to deflect the public backlash over the enhanced pat downs and groping at the airports. If by any chance this bill becomes law in Texas. It is my observation that the TSA will not ground flights. There is a catch to this somewhere.
         The TSA might make all Texan’s lives miserable as a condition to board an airplane. They can make everyone  do a total strip search, run our bank account balance and ask personal questions about our  finances. What is on our laptop computers and cell phones, confiscate cash using asset and forfeiture laws if Texans can not prove how they received that money. I believe when one form of tyranny is stopped in one direction will ooze out another direction. The Texas legislator only meets for 120 days every two years. To get the legislator back in a special session to stop the TSA using official oppression in other ways that can be just as intrusive. This can bring another form of financial terrorism were people will avoid Texas altogether if the TSA implements more oppressive polices that make it worse not better.

             I believe the Obama White House and the Lt Governor have something up their sleeve for Texas. The Federal government is not going to give up power that easily or concede to State law without a fight. They want to break the will of Texans that it is futile to resist the Federal Government. They will strike back another way to punish the people of Texas. There is a catch or something around the corner. There would not be something for the Lt Governor if he did not flip flop all of sudden on this issue. As Texans we must keep this in mind. The battle for the heart and souls of Texas has just begun. Just because HB 1937 not might pass in a special session does not mean we won this fight. It is just beginning to start.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Veternans Visting The Beaches Normandy Will Endure The TSA.It is Our Duty These Man Did not Fight and Die For Nothing.

           On June 6, 2011 of this year. Many veterans will travel to France to remember that day on the beaches of Normandy storming on the shore. They faced heavy fire from entrenched machine gun nest. Many of these old men remember that day like it was yesterday seeing their good buddies fall on the shore. To some it was considered the longest day. It was a day also when we read about the valor and courage in the campaign to liberate France from NAZI occupation. Many good men are laid to rest close to those very beaches in France.

           The warriors who stormed the beaches of France have one more mission to complete. That is when they arrange travel plans to visit to see the beaches were they seen their fellow comrades fall. They will have hotel accommodations arranged. With the pain of the shrapnel in their bodies enduring the pain of old age. They are determined to visit and give honor to their buddies who died in battle.

           Their mission they have to prepare for is unpredictable and nerve racking. That is enduring the unreasonable searches and seizure at the airport. They will be felt up and forced to stand up out of the wheelchairs to show they are not a threat to national security. They will be humiliated because they have to endure a cavity search because the bits of shrapnel from battle will set off the metal detector. They will be groped and have their genitals squeezed looking for explosive in his urinary tract . I do not think captured soldiers in NAZI POW camps did not endure such humiliation from the guards. The TSA will give no special consideration to our veterans of the greatest generation.

             The day they travel to France to honor their fallen in battle on the beaches of Normandy. It will be a sad day for them. The TSA will remind these old warriors that all those close near and dear to them died for nothing because what they fought to defeat has now come to America. It is our duty to make sure these men who survived that day on the beach did not fight for nothing and their buddies did not die in vain. The torch has been passed to us to see to it that freedom is preserved and we will win. They fought the battles for liberty paid in pain and blood. We must let them know before they pass away into the sunset of their life. We will carry on the fight for freedom in their honor starting with defeating  the TSA.

When Government Fails or Refuses to Act. It is up to us to Restore the Republic

                 The truth is if we are waiting for the ballot box to make those fundamental changes in government. I would not hold my breath waiting for it to happen. We have been trying for many election cycles to put the right people in office to reverse course of our nation or state only to be burned. We can not wait for the next election because time is crucial and they highjacked counting the vote with Electronic voting machines so politicians can maintain power.

                The people we sent to Washington and Austin Texas completely ignores the will of the people. They are following the agenda of a power completely alien to the people and not in the interest of the State. When the people we elected had the opportunity to do the right thing with overwhelming support from the people.They cave in, get weak knees and compromise with the special interest. We can not get the courts to rule in favor of the Constitution when it comes to our privacy and being secure in our persons. They decide in favor of a corrupt police state. The oath of office is for those in government from local up to the top people in power. That oath is just a ceremonial right of passage that really has no meaning to them.

                 We wanted the debt ceiling not raised in Washington and the people we sent to stop the spending caved in. Congress ignores its responsibility when the President is starting wars around the world who have not provoked any attack on us or threatened our national security.Congress cares nothing about keeping the executive Branch in check on his power to wage war or the corruption rampant in the White House. These war or police actions are costing this nation to the point of bankruptcy.When it would serve the congress well to do the right thing. They do the opposite. They reinstated the Patriot act and expanded the war powers of the President. They are not listening to the will of the people.

                 In Texas were I live. I think what happened last week was the last straw that broke the camels back.Because when the State Senate caved into the demands of the Federal Government if they passed a bill the Texans overwhelmingly supported that reenforced state law prohibiting the TSA form groping Texans as a condition to board a plane. This agency violated Texas state law. They are charged with a felony. No one in the State government is defending Texas from the onslaught of the Federal government on Texas.The EPA shutting down our oil fields and drilling offshore.The unwillingness and the lack of security securing the southern border.The state is rolling over to tyranny without a fight. There is no leadership taking a stand against this illegal incursion in the State of Texas against a bully out of Washington DC.

                 All confidence is lost in Texas.There are calls for a convention to be formed to discuss the dissolving or dismissing the present State government holding elected office with a delegation from each county going to represent each county. This is a fail safe measure under the Texas state Constitution when the state government becomes destructive to the people. When the State legislator no long serves for the benefit of the people in Texans.It is the right of Texans to alter, or abolish the present form of government. Activist in the state of Texas are arranging getting a delegation from each county in Texas to hold a convention to alter and abolish as it is the right in the Texas state Constitution. Texans will make their own way if the government is standing in people's way. Texans will find a way if the government will not. When push come to shove Texans will throw out the parasites of the state and not submit to tyranny. Sam Houston Stated” Texas will lift its head again and stand among the nations".

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Why Texas Must Secede.

               Before anyone says we have to keep the union together. We go against secession of Texas. These folks do not understand the people of the Lone Star State. It is about self preservation and survival of the economic and culture legacy that sets Texas apart from the rest of the country. Many in Texas now see another reason why Texas should to declare independence. Texas has a unique culture, economy and people. Many Texans take much pride in their history from the settlement under Spanish rule to the Battle of San Jacinto that freed Texas from a tyrannical Mexican Military Dictator General Antonio Lopez Santa Anna. This despot thought he was above the law and the Mexican constitution. His attitude oppressing the people of Texas caused Mexico lose the war trying to control the people.

              Texas by its location can be more than just another republic. I can see many airlines doing transcontinental flights moving to Texas bypassing the rest of the United States if they do not have to deal with the TSA. The cost of fuel in an oil rich country would go down significantly which would benefit the airlines passing down the savings to the customers. The Tourist industry would boom because many people taking transcontinental flights might stay in Houston to go to the beach in Galveston, go to San Antonio to see the Alamo and might go to Dallas visiting Daley Plaza to see where JFK was shot. A nice stop to enjoy a couple of days of Texas hospitality .This is just one of the benefits that will happen when Texas achieves independence. What is holding Texas back? Washington DC and the control freaks in congress all the way to the White House.

               By law and treaty which the United States violated with the Annexation treaty of 1846 which was never ratified by the US Senate. When Obama tries to confiscate the guns out of the hands of Texans or declare a siege over the skies if Texas reigned in the TSA. We can see an outcry for secession and demand a political divorce from Washington DC. I believe Texas will do so much better on its own. Texas has the 10th largest economy in the world. The State is the second most populace state in America too. Texas must secede for its own survival to preserve its economic and cultural heritage. Texas is tired of the Obama White House Attacking the Texas economy which is very independent and insulated from the rest of the country. The Texas economy is still chugging along regardless were other states have theirs at a complete standstill.

               Texas is the only state that flies its flag at equal height to the American Flag because Texas is still a Republic. Not just a state. If President Obama keeps pushing Texas to the edge. If the State legislator ignores the will of the people. The people of Texas will make their own way to achieve independence. Texas should secede because the people are too independent minded and serious about preserving its historical and cultural heritage. The United States is better off without Texas and Texas is better off without the Union. If Obama keeps messing with Texas like he is doing playing dictator. Texas could spell the end to the imperial empire in Washington if the White House decides to try to conquer will be the down fall of his reign. Texas must secede for its own survival. There are no more options left. Washington is broken beyond repair.

President Eisenhower's Farewell Address to The Nation(Full)

People Arrested At Jefferson Memorial for Dancing. Police Brutality At its Best

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Is it Hunting Season For RINOs yet?

               The American people and mainly my fellow Texans are tired of being burned by the phony patriots. Many of us have traveled many miles to support an event. We have raised money for them.We have donated money to their political campaigns that. Many of us canvased going door to door talking to people trying to get them to vote for them. We have volunteered our time.We answered the phones for the campaign offices. Even used our own personal phone to make calls to perspective voters. We believed in their promises and we were hopeful many significant changes will be made. We send these people to congress and the state legislators to do their duty in keeping a check on the executive branch of government.
               Instead of doing their due diligence required under the Constitution to keep the other branches in government in check. They have become a rubber stamp for the President or the Governors. They roll over more times for the White House or the State Governor thas the cat and dog at the President's word.The congress will cave in on the debt ceiling. They reauthorized the freedom killing Patriot Act. Now they are giving the President unlimited War Powers to go start a conflicts at his will with any sovereign nation around the world. I mean starting wars with nations that never attacked us and pose no threat to our national security. We have a government gone mad hell bent dominating the American people and the world for their Corporate backers who contributed so generously to their reelection campaigns.
                 Our Threat to our liberty and security does not come from the hard left of the Democratic Party. The Obama Administration is not the threat either as everyone makes him out to be. Our danger lies in the Republican establishment. The elected Representatives and Senators who made politics a career well entrenched in the Republican party. When election year comes around.They tell us what we want to hear and when they are sworn in again. They revert back to business as usual and stab their supporters in the back when it is time to deliver on their promises.
                 The President has war in Libya that has went beyond what the war powers act demands reporting the Congress after 60 days. The President is picking fights with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.We do not hear a word from Congress on him ordering troops around the world putting your American in harms way for corporations and not for the security of the republic. They sit idly by as the President acts as a dictator trampling over individuals and States rights with no legal right to do so. They are inept and incapable of representing the people. Why because a few select people placed in key positions have become the obstructionist and the problem in the republican party. We had to fight for Ron Paul to be on a sub committee that was entitled to him by seniority. If we have not spoken up. The lead chairmanship would be given to a RINO.
                  The RINOs miscalculated when Texas Lt Governor David Dewhurst ripped the mask off the republicans in name only true agenda of who they are. They showed their card for everyone to see when he killed the Anti TSA bill in the State Senate.I believe the Lt Governor will be the first domino to fall with a chain reaction taking down more RINOs who are obstructing the will of the people. I believe it will be hunting season for RINOs soon moving into the election years. The NEO CONS and the RINOs are becoming extinct now. They are being exposed and will politically be going down in flames in 2012. This maneuver under the Radar to kill a bill the people of Texas wanted might be the straw that broke the camels back.  It is going to get ugly.The fight has just begun. This is a battle we will not lose.

Many Texans Want The Lt. Governor Ran Out of the Lone Star State on a Rail Advocating The TSA groping in Texas

                It took me for a long time to find out that there is no difference between the two parties on the state and federal level. Not so much the average members or the rank and file. It is coming from the establishment leadership. While the Democrats may attack our economic liberty with high taxes and burdensome regulation declaring war on poverty. The Republicans will declare and war on crime and drugs to steal our God given liberties. The Democrats I can expect to be hardcore socialist. Our war is not with the Democrats this time.
                The battle is to seek and expose the two faced politicians claiming to be conservatives,and pro Texas. They are people in the GOP establishment in Texas we call RINOs meaning Republican In Name Only.The people who say one thing telling the masses they are for the people of Texas while behind the scenes stabbing Texans in the back. These people are the obstructionist who stand in the way of Texas declaring sovereignty.They are the entrenched establishment who are just as much for a police state and tyranny as the Democrats are. They have no intention of helping Texas be free. Last Wednesday on May 25. The RINOs were exposed.
                One man who should be ran out on a rail from Texas is the Lt Governor David Dewhurst for his efforts being the water carrier for the Federal Government. Violating ethics rules twisting the arms of the State Senators not to vote for this Legislation that prohibits TSA to touch people in a way that violates a person's dignity.This bill was upholding existing state law against inappropriate touching putting the TSA on notice.The Lt Governor threatened if they passed the bill. Texas would be a no fly zone because the Federal government would shut down all air travel in and out of Texas.This is how the Lt governor was exposed.He actions behind the scenes in killing a bill that was unanimously passed in the State house was about to be voted by a super majority passing in the Senate until this hack destroyed any chance of passage of the bill from happening . The Lt Governor is a hack for the globalist.
               Not too long ago the Texas Lt Governor was with George Soros in Bretton Woods New Hampshire in a conference with this globalist robber baron on killing the US dollar and destroying Texas. This man's who is not only Lt Governor. He is the President of the State Senate. His corruption was exposed and seen his true intent of undermining the people of Texas. The Will of Texans was to prohibit the TSA from sticking hands down the pants of the people in Texas. David Dewhusrt torpedoed the will of the people. He needs to be investigated. Indicted by a grand jury, arrested,have a public trial and imprisoned.After he finishes his sentence. Run him on a rail out of Texas. Texans will not bow the knee to Tyranny nor will we lick the boots of the TSA to fly.

Friday, May 27, 2011

What Slick Rick's book should have been titled

No One is Safe Friend or Foe,Those Who Compromised or Caved In With The Obama White House.The End Justifies the Means is the Administration's Motto

             Does anyone think in government they will be left alone with this man in the White House?If you give or cave in. It does not matter if you are a useful idiot either.When the Obama Administration tries to bring down the hammer on the population.Do they think they will be exempt if they make a deal with the devil and go along with what the tyrants want in the White House? The truth is if they lie to the people on everything.Chances are they are going to be just as dishonest with them too. No one is safe even in the Democratic Party. Remember how they went after Rep.Charlie Rangel and Rep.Maxine Waters for charges of corruption. These two were one of the President's biggest supporters and the White House was behind dragging them through the coals.
             Not one person is safe no matter how much they rolled over to this White House doing their dirty work willingly are not out of harms way from this gangster administration. Even those threatened and intimidated with some form of economic terrorism with the promise to go along with the program with the exchange of being exempted from the heavy hand of tyranny. The truth is these minions can not be trusted to keep their word. They have to realize they are dealing with the end justify the means mindset.That means lying to use them till no longer needed. When the time is right the wolf will not pass by the door. It will attack with a vengeance those they used to advance the empire willingly or reluctantly.
            The truth is communist do not play fair and they get what they want by deception. What the Texas Legislator on the Senate side and the US Congress rolling over to corruption over underhanded backroom deals and threats. This came from these people we elected will cower in fear and go along with something they know is bad thinking not rocking the boat will keep them safe from the tyrant in the White House. These people we elected are being deceived and given a deal by a group of despots who have no intention keeping their word when it becomes expedient to dispose these useful idiots.They will not hesitate to exterminate them.
            I wish congress would realize it is better to put up with a short period of demonetization from the President and the neo cons for not reinstating the Patriot Act than the long term pain of an authoritarian system. Even the Texas State Senate caving into saving their own political careers more than protecting the people from unreasonable policies by the TSA to violate the dignity of Texans. The Texas Senators threw the people Texas and their private parts under the bus for selfish political reasons fearing the people will retaliate against them if flights were shut down in Texas if the TSA carried out that threat. The Texas Senate done nothing to ensure our safety for all Texans preserving freedom and they put themselves in more danger rolling over in fear not standing up like the House side did.
            When the time comes when all the political useful idiots and political enemies along with the peasants will share a mass grave. The regrets will be in the minds of these Texas State Senators and Congressmen living their last moments looking back knowing they could have stopped this from happening .They will only find out when it is too late and can not fight back. My message to the Texas state Senate and the Congress. Do not let threats of blackmail or fear tactics hold you back. You have nothing to lose standing up to a criminal government and everything to gain. Start by calling out the enemies like Lt Gov. David Dewhurst and all the Neo Cons who are a threat to our freedoms . The only way the Federal government and these political hacks will back off if they just stand up to say no. Like the American people as in politics. They are not truly free to govern if our representatives do not have the power to say no. If they keep caving into the political hacks they will never have that right again. When these Politicians who caved in and cowered are rounded up for extermination standing with the useful fools who helped the regime wholeheartedly.It will be too late to say no. So it is better to say no now or they will not be able to say it ever again. History does not lie. This has been practiced under Lenin and Stalin and most tyrannical regimes.They purged their friendlies as well as their enemies.They eat their own and I do not put it past a President who loves Mao Tsa Tung to carry out what this brutal Chinese leader did in the past. History repeats itself and there is nothing new under the sun

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rand Paul Being Labeled a Terrorist is a Sign of Things to Come.The Criminalization of Free and Political Speech.

           Senator Harry Reid is calling his colleague Rand Paul a terrorist because his bold stands he is making in the US Senate. This is a sign of desperation politics by the political establishment in Washington DC. It is rolling out on steroids this form of tyranny trying to criminalize free and political speech. These are despots in the US Senate who want no opposition and criticism to their agenda that seeks to impoverish and enslave the American people.Senator Rand Paul has been taking a stand for the people in the Senate still in the control by the Democrats.What is ironic is the double standard. It is OK for Harry Reid to call Rand Paul a terrorist. But if Rand Paul called Harry Reid a Benedict Arnold.There would be calls and demands for Rand apologize for making such a comment of a very distinguished honorable long time colleague.
            Now the TSA now calls asking questions and or protesting the violation of people's fourth amendment right an act of terrorism . The first Amendment protects the people from reprisals from the federal government if the there is dissent in policy. The political establishment wants to chill free speech and quell any mounting opposition.Demonizing Rand Paul calling him a terrorist is a way trying to stifle any resolve the senator may have. In reality this will backfire on them making such accusations against the junior Senator. Rand is not breaking down people's door with a black ski mask. Rand is not sticking his hands down someone pants at the airport. Rand is not the one out there violating people's rights. The ones accusing Rand are the terrorist and tyrants. Harry Reid and his gang of despots are the one pushing for the police state to terrorize the people. Rand is not.
           It is very obvious they want to start a fight with the American people. Marginalizing people based on political views and opinion will not work anymore. Why? Because what we been standing for liberty almost 234 years is ingrained in our DNA. For the government and political leaders to start saying opposing them is an act of a criminal or a terrorist will not go far. This demonizing of what is normal and good will not survive the light of day.For Senator Harry Reid to call Rand Paul such a word show their back are up against the wall and is very close to a serious blow. To call a person a terrorist whom was elected by the people of Kentucky show they have nothing of merit to challenge Rand Paul with and all they can do is call them a terrorist. That tells me they are losing and we are winning the fight for liberty.

Prosecute John Murphy(The US Attorney Who Threatened Texas WIth Shutdown All Air Travel In Texas if Anti TSA Bill Passed)

 Daniel Miller President of the Texas Nationalist Movement

This week John Murphy of the Department of Justice issued a threat to the Texas Senate that amounted to a blockade of our airports. For those of you who are unaware of this situation, the basics of it are as follows:
Texas Representative David Simpson introduced a bill in the Texas House during this session that specifically addressed the criminal nature of airport pat-downs by the TSA. Although their violation of the privacy of Texans by the touching and groping of genitals during these pat-downs is already a crime under Texas law, Representative Simpson felt that the TSA procedures needed to be singled out for their particular heinous nature.
The bill soared through the House committee and passed with almost no opposition from either party on the floor. The bill was then transmitted to the Texas Senate for consideration and a vote.
In the meantime, the social networking wizards in the US Department of Justice "blogged" about the bill and whined that it was wrong for a state to pass a law regulating the Federal Government and its agents.
However, despite the whining of the DOJ, the bill had support in the Texas Senate and looked as though it was on its way to passage before the session ended. After all, who wants to be seen as legitimizing sexual assault even if it is by the Federal Government?
Then it happened. What would be described as an "act of war" had it been done to the United States was laid squarely at the feet of a Vichy Texas Senator and a Lieutenant Governor with Federal aspirations.
Fearing passage of this bill, John Murphy of the United States Attorney's Office for the Western District fired off a warning letter to Lt. Governor David Dewhurst and Speaker of the House Joe Straus. The warning - kill the bill or we'll shut down ALL air travel in Texas.
This threat would have emboldened previous generations of Texas who would have hoisted the "Come And Take It" flag over the capitol and stationed DPS and Texas Rangers at the airports "just in case". However, the current occupants of the top leadership in the Texas Legislature began to sweat like a chihuahua trying to excrete a peach pit.
In a fit of "what do we do now?" Dewhurst found a willing accomplice in State Senator Kirk Watson. Always quick to prove that is the most loyal lapdog of the "powers that be" he locked arms with Dewhurst as they tip-toed through the tulips of the Texas Senate communicating the threat and finding twelve others that would skip along with them.
With this threat and the reaction of the tip-toe twelve, the bill was dead.
Attempts to resurrect it in the eleventh hour were fruitless.
Of course this is only one reason among many that we need to secede from the Union. However, there is something that Texas should do immediately.
You see, I am an avid reader of the Texas statutes. As such, something about this rang a bell for me. I knew that I had read at one time that threatening a public servant was a crime.
It is.
In the Texas Penal Code are two statutes that apply. The first:
Sec. 36.06. OBSTRUCTION OR RETALIATION. (a) A person commits an offense if he intentionally or knowingly harms or threatens to harm another by an unlawful act:
(1) in retaliation for or on account of the service or status of another as a:
(A) public servant, witness, prospective witness, or informant; or
(c) An offense under this section is a felony of the third degree unless the victim of the offense was harmed or threatened because of the victim's service or status as a juror, in which event the offense is a felony of the second degree.
The second:
Sec. 36.03. COERCION OF PUBLIC SERVANT OR VOTER. (a) A person commits an offense if by means of coercion he:
(1) influences or attempts to influence a public servant in a specific exercise of his official power or a specific performance of his official duty or influences or attempts to influence a public servant to violate the public servant's known legal duty; or
(b) An offense under this section is a Class A misdemeanor unless the coercion is a threat to commit a felony, in which event it is a felony of the third degree.
The questions that have to be answered:
Did john Murphy threaten to harm anyone?
Of course he threatened harm. His threat was to close down air travel in Texas. The harms are obviously economic but even more than that. He threatened to deny us the right to freely travel using the method that we feel is most expedient. Yep. He threatened to harm us.
Was it the threat of an unlawful act?
It was definitely unlawful. First, the Department of Justice does not regulate air travel. However, he might have been speaking on behalf of someone else. Regardless, this threat was unlawful under Federal law. Title 42 of the United States code makes it unlawful for a Federal agent or employee to deny a person their civil rights. That includes the right to travel and the right to vote and have a republican form of government. His actions directly impacted my right and the right of all Texans to have a republican form of government. Was the threat unlawful? Check.
Was the threat for the purpose of coercing behavior from the Texas Senate?
You bet. Unfortunately for Texas, it worked. He told them specifically what needed to be done through the ultimatum.
Where do we go from here?
It's simple for me. I'm going to continue organizing the people that want Texas independence and we are going to take Texas back from thugs like John Murphy and from collaborators like Kirk Watson and David Dewhurst. And I'm going to do it in a way that they can't stop. Poltically. Economically. Culturally. We will build our numbers and we will secure Texas independence. This is the path that must be taken. It's one that I walk every day so nothing will change in this regard.
However, I do intent to add two additional items to my task list. As soon as I finish typing this, I'm going to file a criminal complaint with the Attorney General's Office against John Murphy. Next, I'm calling my attorney to file a Title 42 Federal lawsuit against John Murphy for violating my right to enjoy a republican form of government.

A Message to the Texas State Senate Caving in. They Are Not Safe

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Texans Get A Pair and Stant Up to The Thug in The White House

              I am so livid the White House would use financial terrorism if Texas dares stand up for its people. The White House is a bunch of gangsters hell bent of control and domination using the most brutal tactics. This is the time Gov. Rick Perry put his money were his mouth is and push back. If the Governor does not act and be decisive standing up for Texas against a criminal government. He should just change the Title of his Book "Fed Up" to "Felt Up" if he bows and gives in to tyranny. The Texas Governor needs to act. He has no choice. If he is planning to run for President. This is Rick Perry's time to shine. If he does not take advantage of this opportunity. He will not have any credibility to back up his own words.
             Texas has nothing to lose to stand up to the TSA and push back. If they threaten to ground all flights coming in and out of Texas. If TSA does not have their way violating the dignity of their with the people of Texas.They use economic terrorism. If this threat coming from the White House and the Department of Justice is financial terrorism trying to break the will of Texas. I say pass the Anti TSA bill and bring it on. Bring the tyranny out in the open for all to see. If they are looking for a fight with the people of Texas. I have a feeling if the Obama's Chicago Mafia White House will lose this battle because they are not on a ground not of his own choosing. He has a very low approval rating and no political capital. The Texas legislator might be starting to find its body parts. The people will support them if they stop caving into these lawless tyrants.
             The State Representatives and Senators of Texas better learn this lesson from history. No matter how many times they rollover to the feds.They are not safe and just because they complied and gave them everything they wanted. They will be purged once the enemies of Texas are done using them. They will meet the same fate laying face down in a ditch in a mass grave with the rest of the peasants .The thugs who make the threats will not relent till they have their way. Unless we resist them not backing off. To make the threat to Texas under siege over asserting the rights of Texans against lawless government is tyranny. The Legislator has nothing to lose voting in favor with the people's backing. We will win if we the people of Texas with our legislator hold the line. Then only response to such threats is to be ready to use coercive force if necessary to safe guard the right and dignity as Texans.
            Texans! It is time to cowboy up,man up and get your boots on to give a swift kick to the State Senate's ass to do their job and stop caving into an unpopular President and his band of thugs. Let them over reach. Let them try to stop all flights coming in and out of Texas. Bring them out in the open so the people can see what they really are. Earlier today those state troopers should have escorted the Federal Lobbyist out of the State Capital treated as a foreign power. Instead they were obstructing the will of the people's the right to redress their grievances to their State Senators not to retreat in the face of bullies. The Senate should not have caved in. An angry crowd is the consequence when they compromised again and rolled over. These treasonous Politicians in Austin like Senator Kirk Watson, Lt Governor David Dewhurst and Rep who is also Speaker of the House Joe Strause all need to immediately recalled so they can be removed from office for playing a part colluding with the feds nixing this bill stopping illegal searches and seizures by TSA goons.
             The TSA argument will not go away anytime soon just because the Senate rolled over. It will only get worse. As Texans we must not let this White House and Scallywags in the state legislator break our will anymore with heavy handed threats. It is time for Texans to strike back. I say succeed and be done with Washington all together. Sam Houston said"Texas will lift its head again and stand among the nations" A part of Texas lifting its head on the path of being a republic is  not letting tyrants break our will again as a start.


The Texas Legislator Caved into the Federal Government's Threats to Shut Down Air Travel In Texas If Anti TSA Groping Law Passed

Texas Nationalist Movement

The Feds Came For It And Texas Gave It

In 1938, Neville Chamberlain, Prime Minister of Great Britain, returned to England after negotiating a settlement with Hitler and Nazi Germany. After years of Nazi aggression in Europe where country after country fell to the German war machine, Chamberlain, touting the success of his doctrine of appeasement publicly boasted that he had secured "peace for our time."
He had not.
Today Texas faces an aggression more insidious, though less violent, than that faced by Europe in the 1930's and 1940's. This time it flows not from Berlin but from the vicinity of the Potomac River.
Yesterday, the Texas Legislature took a cue from Chamberlain and bowed to a Federal Government threat to shut down air travel if Texas criminalized the touching of peoples genitals by TSA workers at airports.
The United States Department of Justice, in anticipation of the almost guaranteed passage of the bill fired off a letter to the Texas Senate threatening to shut down all air travel in Texas if it passed. Channeling the spirit of Neville Chamberlain, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst in concert with Senator Kirk Watson used this threat as an excuse to work behind the scenes to kill the bill.
Until this legislative session, appeasement has never been a part of the Texan character. The actions and inactions of this session of the Texas Legislature serve to tarnish the memory of the heroes of Gonzales, the Alamo and San Jacinto. They have forgotten the lesson of Goliad - surrendering to tyranny is often followed by your own massacre.
While this legislation and all of the circumstances surrounding it may seem like an odd rallying point for the Texas Nationalist Movement, it must be.
Our Cassandra's Cry has, for years, been that the Constitution of United States has been destroyed and that there is no saving the Union. The TSA's actions in fondling men, women and children is a violation of the rights guaranteed in the 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution. Texans should have the right to be secure in our papers, persons and pants.
We are not.
In addition, Texas should have the right under the 10th Amendment to regulate activities within its own borders and stand against the intrusion of the Federal Government into the lives of Texans that exceeds its Constitutional mandate.
We do not.
In essence, the Federal Government has said that:
The Constitution doesn't matter.If you don't let us fondle your men, women and children then we will cripple your economy.
This is a message that has been repeated on more than one occasion over the last several years. On the issues of energy, agriculture, the border and many others, the Federal Government has stuck to their party line - this is our party and you'll cry if we want you to. If they believe that tyranny administered by the TSA is acceptable then I invite Lt. Governor Dewhurst and Sen. Watson to bring their wives and children to the South Steps of the Capitol where they will be given a standard TSA search. If, after subjecting their spouses and children to this humiliating public display as thousands of other Texans have, they still find it acceptable then we will never speak on this subject again.
It is time for Texas to fulfill the words of Sam Houston. It is time for us to lift our head and stand among the nations. It is time to put an end to Federal threats, Federal inaction and Federal encroachments on our sovereignty.
To accomplish this, the people of Texas must stand up for freedom and independence. They must assert their national character and overcome the do-nothing politicians in Austin. This is no longer about the politicians. They cannot solve the problem. This is about the people.
I call on all the people of Texas who care about freedom and independence to rally around the cause of the Texas Nationalist Movement and work with us to end Federal rule in Texas once and for all.
Unlike the Texas Legislature, the Texas Nationalist Movement is committed to securing and protecting the independence of Texas no matter the threats and no matter the cost. While they have repeatedly caved and wavered, we have not. As we have met challenges on our road to independence we have adapted and overcome. While the Texas government has stood silently by as Texas has become the whipping boy of Uncle Sam, we have exercised every method at our disposal to rage against the machine of tyranny. When we fly the "Come And Take It" flag, we mean it.
Where the Legislature has failed to lead, we will.
The message from the members of the Texas Nationalist Movement to the Texas Legislature is simple: "You're sitting in our seats."

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Senator Rand Paul is Making Progress on Exempting 4473’S From Blanket Government Demands Under Patriot Act

Gun Owners of America

Yesterday, we wrote to you about Senator Rand Paul’s amendment to exempt 4473’s and other gun records from the blanket information demands which the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) can make under 9/11 legislation. An extension of three provisions of that legislation is currently pending on the Senate floor.
Without the exemption, it is possible that BATFE could go to a secret court, and, in a one-party (ex parte) proceeding, obtain an order to produce every 4473 in the country, ostensibly because a “terrorism investigation” requires it.
This is unacceptable. It is a violation of gun owner protections enacted in 1986 as part of the McClure-Volkmer Firearms Owners Protection Act. Not surprisingly, BATFE is already trying to violate McClure-Volkmer in its new proposed rules to require reporting of multiple semi-auto sales -– and to compile a gun registry from those reports.
Senate insiders report that Sen. Paul’s “gun issue” is the single remaining hang-up on the reauthorization. Not surprisingly, anti-gun Democrats running for reelection do not want to vote on this.
But YOU cannot allow them to escape accountability.
ACTION: Call your Senators. Tell them that you insist on a vote on the Rand Paul gun amendment to the 9/11 bill currently pending on the Senate floor.

We Don't Need a Patriot Act. We just Want to be Left Alone.

                Can anyone find any justification to extend the Patriot Act another four years? Where are the threats to our nations security? If Osama Bin Laden is dead and Al Quada is almost no more. Why do we need a Patriot Act.We do we need sneak and peek self signed search warrants?Why do we need our phones and internet activity tapped? Why all these cameras on every street corner?Why do we need to have a credit check when we apply for a job? Why is their such a need to the Federal Government to look over our shoulders to see everything and what everyone is doing?Why can the government just leave us alone? We are not a threat. We live our lives.We have no intentions of stealing and harming people. We are not the criminals or the terrorist.So who is the threat and why?
                So who is really threatened? It is the American people who face the threat of danger. Not from Muslims and not from a foreign power. The biggest threat is from our Government. The biggest danger is from their unlawful actions. The government will not leave the people alone.The government will not mind its own business. They want to monitor our purchases by debit or credit card accounts. It is none of their business when I buy a gallon of milk or ammunition. Now in this new Patriot act. They want all 4473 forms from our gun stores. The truth is the Federal government poses a threat to the safety and security of the American people. Why is their a need to grope and fondle to board a plane? Why do they want to set up check points and have these same TSA stations set up so I can be felt up so I can go get a loaf of bread and a dozen of eggs. The TSA and all the government agencies never stopped terrorist since 9-11-01. Actually they have killed more people being the terrorist in the name of stopping terrorism killed more people than on Sept 11,2001.
              If we are in a War on Terror. Why has not our northern and southern borders been secured? Why when we read the news paper.There are more mass graves being unearthed on the southern border. From San Diego California to Brownsville Texas. The border is a war zone. We have a war on drugs too,So far this war failed to do anything to stop the flow of drugs coming inside the United States. It made the problem worse. It does not matter if we have a war on Terror,drugs,poverty and illiteracy.We have more terror not from Muslims living in caves.We get terrorism from Federal Jack Booted Thugs busting down the door in the dark of night because the act of terrorism is growing a tomato garden and selling raw milk. In the war on drugs we get pulled over and shaken down on the highways for cash because that money we earned in a hard days work can be confiscated for no reason at all.
             The truth is the War on Terror and Drugs is not to stop any of them. People die more from drowning in the bathtub and in household accidents than from acts of terrorism. Now we have a strangers hand's down our pants.The War on Drugs corrupted law enforcement to the point they use the easement laws concerning private property to stage a drug deal in front of someones home.They pervert the law so they can use asset of forfeiture laws to seize property because a drug deal happened 3am in front of the house without the owner's knowledge.It has nothing to do if the Homeowner sold Drugs or Not. It has to do with the Police being interested in the House,the Motor home and Bass Boat parked in the driveway. Because it was for the money and the booty. Not to stop drugs. Legalized piracy.
             In reality why they want to renew and extend the Patriot Act. It has nothing to do with real terrorism. If they were serious about stopping terror, They would have eliminated the BATFE and the CIA to begin with. They are trying to stage a false flag attack on this nation as an excuse to crack down on the population in the name of going after fabled enemy. The President and Congress has a low approval rating. People are buying guns more than ever. People do not trust the government. The government can not tell the truth if it will do good for them, The people see what is happening in Egypt,Spain and what the people of Iceland did in dealing with corruption in their government and the bankers. People are looking past the puppets in the White House and in Congress. Everyone is seeing the real power that is Wall Street,The Federal Reserve and the offshore International Bankers. This has the power structure panicking because the public is seeing through the facade.
             The only way they can try to regain control over the people is to renew this draconian Patriot Act. With no major event with a new enemy to attack to go to war. It will be a hard sell without a false flag. This is why they need a new reason to keep the patriot act in place.Why? It is for a rear guard force in place as an attempt to keep the people from rising up and bringing the traitors and looters to justice by using fear and intimidation getting into our person space. There is no need to the patriot act. Just leave us alone and get out of our lives. What the goons and control freaks do not understand is human nature. When we push back and defend our homes and dignity. It is not criminal. It is not a terrorist threat. It is just we want to be left alone. We can mange our lives so much better without infringing on others life liberty and property. Why the government needs to infringe on our rights to stop a phantom enemy shows they do not want to protect us. But rule us. This is why we want the government out of our lives and just leave us alone or unintended consequences will follow. I am not calling for violence or an uprising.It is just normal human nature when survival instinct kick in will rear its ugly head when the government steps on one too many toes. It is not a matter of if it happens. But when it happens we do not know.

Monday, May 23, 2011

We are Not Terrorist or Criminals.We Just Want to be Left Alone.Why Is it So Hard For Washington DC to Understand?

                It seems the Globalist want to start a fight or declare war on the people. These people are not in their rights minds. Despotism is a mental illness in my book because they can not seem to mind their own business.They are power freaks and control addicts. Not fit to be elected or appointed as dog catchers.They think they are royalty and know better than the peasants. We are subjects to them and not sovereigns. A sovereign scares them to death because it destroys the illusion of we need them for everything. When a person is left alone not being constrained by ridicules laws and regulations. He is capable of solving his own problems with no help from the government.What really frightens bureaucrats and big government politicians is we can do better if we are left alone.
                It seems they do not want to leave us alone. When we travel on by airplane. We get subjected to intrusive unreasonable searches and seizures. Our personal space in violated. Now the TSA wants to take what they done so well nearly destroying the Airline industry scaring away customers.They want to go out on the city streets. They want to be in our supermarkets,shopping malls and bus stations. They even want to grope at a Senior High School Prom in New Mexico.If we dare protest these intrusive unconstitutional measures.We are domestic terrorists or extremist.
                In the name of fighting the war on terror and drugs. They want to have cameras in our homes. The government wants monthly home inspections to see if our kids are well cared for and to see if we are not exceeding our carbon foot print in the name of stopping global warming. They want to watch ever move we make with cameras on every street corner. We take risk selling or buying raw milk and fresh vegetables at the farmers market. Only to see SWAT teams with their guns drawn telling us to put down the deadly tomato or we will be shot. Everything we are doing that does not bring harm to others is offending a control freak somewhere in Washington DC. It does not matter if we go to a health food store or want to buy a firearm at a gun show. They want to watch everything and know everything. Even our bank accounts and credit card transactions. They want to know all and see all. At the same time the government is very secretive when the people ask questions asking "Why?".
               The American people are so pissed. How does the government respond? They make fabricated Psychological designations making being angry at the government for getting into our personal space a mental illness or a psychosis.They classified ,Constitutionals,sovereigns ,Gun Owners,People with the citizens militia, End The Federal Reserve Bank. Private Property rights advocates.people for states rights Home School activist,Anti war protesters.veterans,Libertarians,Constitution Party members,Secessionist ,supporters of Ron Paul, fans of Bob Barr and people who advocated Pastor Chuck Baldwin for President. If we dare assert our God Given Rights, If we get outraged,We protest,redress our grievances. We are enemies of the state. A threat to the political establishment.. What is normal and human in how we react to such intrusions might be suspicious now. To oppose the policies of undeclared wars. They accuse of helping the terrorist. Up is down. Black is white. Evil is good righ6t is left and two plus two equals five. The reality of Washington DC is upside down. Out of touch with human nature. To speak for myself. I do not want to live out my life with eyes in the back of my head worrying about if the government is watching.It is none of their business how I live my life. As long I am not harming nobody's life liberty and property.Than leave me alone.
                 The truth is I am sane. I am in my right mind. I will not apologize for being angry at the ever intrusiveness of the government  into my life. It is not a mental illness to feel threatened by government thugs. It is quite normal and healthy. We the people of the United States. We are not Criminals.Why because we do not want to steal from what does not belong to us or harm someone for our pleasure. We are not terrorist if we are defending ourselves from unlawful entry.It is a normal reaction and lawful. To label what is normal and part of our nature as evil or bad will not work. To put it in simple words for a pencil neck bureaucrat or a big government politician to understand.Here it is. We just want to be left alone. What is so hard about that?


Sen. Rand Paul Seeks Gun Exemption in so-called Patriot Act Legislation

From Gun Owners Of America  

The House and Senate Republican and Democratic leadership have reached a “deal” on extending three expiring provisions of post-9/11 legislation for four years. Following a procedural vote on Monday night, the real battle begins on the bill.

Gun Owners of America worked with Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) on legislation to exempt 4473’s (the form all buyers fill out when a gun is purchased from a licensed dealer) from that statute’s broad provisions. Sen. Paul will offer that amendment this week, assuming Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is not able to block the amendment from being offered.

Here’s a major concern: Assume the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) goes to the “secret court” (the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or “FISA” court) and argues, without anyone else in the room, that ALL 4473’s should be seized as “business records” because they are relevant to a terrorism investigation.

Can it do that? It’s certainly a big enough danger to warrant our concern and that of Sen. Paul.

In 1986, Congress enacted the McClure-Volkmer Firearms Owners Protection Act to limit BATFE access to 4473’s and other gun records. Such records can only be viewed as part of a “bona fide criminal investigation,” in connection with a trace, or pursuant to an annual inspection.

But under McClure-Volkmer, the BATFE clearly could not seize every 4473 in the country because of a generalized terrorism investigation.

The Paul amendment would make it clear that McClure-Volkmer is still applicable law and was not overturned by 9/11 legislation.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Will Diebold Make Newt Gingrich the Next GOP Presidential Nominee?

                  I just have to write this and get it off my chest. Does anyone remember the 2008 primary elections.There was a Senator Called John McCain from Arizona who pissed off many in the republican base with his stands on immigration with passing a bill giving amnesty to illegal immigrants and attacking free speech with campaign finance reform. Senator John McCain was hated by the conservative base in his own party because he has betrayed them one too many times. His presidential campaign was floundering. His war chest was almost out of money and could not raise any more funds. All of a sudden the media sends out the illusion of McCain's poll numbers are rising in New Hampshire. With the help of the voting machines from Diebold. John McCain won the primary in New Hampshire thanks to voter fraud and a media generated hoax.This illusion allowed McCain to win the GOP nomination on voter fraud and media deception.
                Now we are fast approaching the Presidential election of 2012. The big government conservatives or RINOs are not gaining numbers in the polls like they use to. Former Speaker of the House who rolled over more for slick willie than Buddy the Presidents Dog did on many issues. His name is Newt Gingrich. The very man who abandoned his wife when she needed support the most having cancer. The very man who cheated on his wives because he was so patriotic in his passion for America. Since Newt Gingrich announced he was running for President not to long ago. Already he is on the wrong side of the issues on Obamacare and spending attacking people in his own party against raising the debt ceiling. He is a loser no one wants.
               Will we see  the same pattern in the 2012 election? Newt Gingrich will have no support with the voters. He campaign is broke with no money to spend on air time. Will we see the same hoax revisited again of this phony surge in the polls for Newt like they did with Senator John McCain? Will they pull the same psy-op trying to get the voters to believe everybody loves Newt like they did with John so the can pull of voter fraud so the public will accept the false results? It can easily happen again if we do not act. We must be on guard against the media smoke and mirrors propaganda.
                This is the time we must redouble our efforts to stop voter fraud. We want our leaders and not the one the global establishment wants. Voter fraud should must be considered an act of treason.Stealing an election is worst than espionage because usurping the will of the people undermining the democratic process does more damage than spies will do a nation. We can survive our fools and idiots.We can not survive with treason from within. 2012 it is an we give all or nothing election. The question do we more want to live free more than be slaves. If we are going to be free we must take back our elections or Diebold will choose for us. 

To All Who Beleived The End Was Coming And Have Not Been Raptured Yesterday. Please Read!

              I am writing this for the people who thought they be in the clouds with the Lord yesterday.If you are disappointed. Do not blame to preacher and blame yourself for falling for the scam. This rapture doctrine is a false doctrine and one of the biggest frauds on the church. It only shows followers do not read the Bible and do not think for themselves.Well let me share about why the church is so sick. For those who believed the rapture. You been suckered and scammed  because you failed to think for yourself.       
              Upon reading about what is going on in my former hometown in Florida. I stumbled upon a former pastor who was charged with DUI. Him and his  ex wife while Pastored the Without Walls Church.These were people who had affairs behind the scenes. To see people were driving up in clunkers in the Church Parking lot.These two drove a nice luxury car with expensive suits. In every Church I attended.Something did not seem right . I thought I was being nervous like a whore in church because our sinful nature.It was not at all.It had nothing to do with sin at all. It had more to do with all being a scam.What set me free from the deception of the modern day church was reading the Bible.The phony pentecostal movement and support for the phony state of Israel no matter what doctrine did not line up with what the Bible says. Actually the American church leaders deceive their followers to bless a nation to go out and persecute their fellow Christian Palestinians.
             I remember years ago I went to a Benny Hinn crusade in Lakeland Florida. One of the obvious things I noticed was the people who were really sick and handicapped was kept out of sight from the cameras. I mean way in the back.Many of these people were in Wheelchairs paralyzed with crippling diseases. They gave everything to this phony preacher hoping for a miracle healing only to come up empty. It is very sad he exploits the really sick with false hope. His crusade was more like a rock concert more than a service. Later watching some good investigative reporting by some very good journalist exposing this fraud. My suspicions about Benny Hinn were confirmed just being a scam artist. All the donations given to him did not go for spreading the good news or feeding the hungry. It was to fund his lavish lifestyle of luxury. It is just a shame people who are faithful to Benny are so brainwashed to believe in his indoctrination.When he is exposed as a fraud and hustler.His followers are so blind to the truth. The average street smart person can see a phony a mile away except Benny's loyal followers.They blame the devil for being caught and exposed as a fraud. It is just a shame many weak minded people fail to see this phony in the pulpit.
             I am not just going to bash Benny Hinn. All these preachers have been exposed as frauds and scam artist. Pat Robertson and John Hagee, Not to mention Kenneth Copeland and Rodney Howard Brown . I can not forget Jan and Paul Crouch of TBN either.All these people have scammed people out of lots of money to fund their extravagant life styles of wealth and riches. Wealth does not mean righteousness. People who are Christians better start thinking for themselves and stop being a follower of men and read the Bible.God gave us brains.So use them or lose them.
            When Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggert were caught with their pants down literally . People should have recognized the corruption of these televangelist.When their hypocrisy was exposed. This showed the real person and not the holier than thou people were supposed to see and believe. When I watched the movie Leap of Faith starring Steve Martin.That movie shows the scam that people like Benny Hinn and Oral Roberts do in their crusades. It shows the illusion in how they play with people minds. You see the head games they play on people desperate in a poor town teetering on disaster close to going hungry the next day.They were scammed to give their last dollar to a stranger wearing a nice suit ranting.The movie showed the genuine and the fraud. That movie was not the work of Satan as the TV Preachers claim. It was exposing these frauds using God's name in vain to make a fast buck.
             I am not taking away from people who serve the Lord by helping people and being a good servant in word and deed. Many have to come to serve the Lord by many of these preachers at one time. I do not want rain down on their parade.All I am going to say is if you are going to give money. Do not send it away to a distant preacher were you can not see it at work. Give to local food banks and soup kitchens. Give were you see the money at work doing what you intended the funds to do.  There are many good and sincere people who are committed in these economic times helping their fellow man in need. They make many personal sacrifices and it would not hurt to support them in their efforts. There is plenty of need in our communities. We can do some good that can make a difference if we are wise. Keep our money local even in charity.
            The reason why this country is in so much of a mess is because we the people did not think for ourselves. We chose the lie over common sense.We believed politicians and preachers on the TV for so long trusting in what they were saying.We failed to see for ourselves if they are real or not. We as Americans have been scammed by Politicians and Preachers.We either start thinking for ourselves again or someone will do the thinking for us if we do not change. We can very easily see Fascism come to America with a Bible in one hand and Old Glory in an other. A tyranny worst than Hitler's in the name of God.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Debunking the Fukeshima Hype

               I am perfectly aware of the radioactive particles leaking out of the reactor since the major earthquake in Japan. I think this melt down really distracts us from what is happening here. We waste our time and energy more than what is needed. When things go into overkill I start to have suspicions.The truth is radiation is a naturally occurring process in nature just as much as photosynthesis is. Radiation does not just come from nuclear power plants or atom bombs. Yes it should be a concern for those close by and the farther away the less concerned.
               I know there is knowledge on the west coast of levels of radiation. I just have some serious doubt about some of the claims of doomsday. Does anyone know there is radiation in sea water that is natural. Every metal and mineral known to man including uranium and plutonium is in the periodic table is in sea water or as we call it salt water. Has anyone ever took a radiation reading when volcanic ash rains down as it circles the earth?What is in magma?Every metal and mineral know is below our feet in in magma or lava
               I just have a hard time swallowing the whole Fukeshima apocalyptic doom and gloom. If we do not have any data to compare it with concerning natural radioactivity and man made disasters.I can not believe it without solid data.We have threats in the Southeast from radon from all the phosphates that is very radioactive and more harmful than what is coming from Japan.
               Common sense tells me there is more problems here that is more a threat to public health than what is happening in Japan. I do not see the people on the west coast glowing. But I see many people making a lot of money off this scare.As far as I am concerned nature can afflict more damage on us than a nuclear reactor a good distance away can do. Nature does have a way to cleansing itself no matter how much damage we cause. I rather worry about what is happening here because as long as we are scared about Fukeshima. The more our politicians will do a slide of hand when we distracted that would really screw us over more than what is going on in Japan.

More Than 10% of Texans Have Arrest Warrants out for Unpaid Traffic Tickets.

             I wish the Houston city government will someday understand two things. You can not squeeze blood from a stone because everyone is broke. People are trying to survive in these economic times keeping a roof over their heads and feeding their children. Second is do not kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. Police no longer protect the people's life, liberty ,and property. They are revenue generators for the government. This is the big reason why I stay away from Houston because the police are writing tickets for the most ridicules reasons. The police going way over the top writing tickets,This hurts local economies in these cities when police always have cars pulled over. It is bad for business. People avoid places where the police are out writing tickets to the excess harassing motorist .
           The Houston Police Department has announced an amnesty for all unpaid traffic and parking tickets to end on June 4, 2011. I am sorry to say there is no money out there anymore. People no longer have the disposable income to spend on tickets as they did in the past. Good luck trying to locate many of them. Many  of these people probably had their homes foreclosed or might be homeless. It seems the police and the government has been more of the cause for people having unnecessary hardships than a help. More than 10% of Texans have outstanding warrants mostly from unpaid traffic tickets. People can not afford to pay these tickets. I bet many of these citations are frivolous. It is all about revenue and not so much about public safety.
           I wish Police and government had more empathy for the people who pay their salaries. If the city wants more revenue. It needs to get out of the way in the down town areas that attract business and scale back police presence too. People will avoid going into downtown areas if the are going to be harassed by the police. To pay for a citation over nothing cost money people do not have. I can say one thing the cost of tracking people down for unpaid tickets will cost more than it is worth. If the city just forgive and give everyone with an outstanding ticket a reprieve.Giving people clean slate will do more good than playing police state.


Mike Rivero is Right!The Best Way to Take Down a Dictator is to Make Him Act Like One

                  I see Mike Rivero's wisdom prevail over the talking heads in the lame-stream media. The host repeats his famous quote"The Best Way to Bring Down a Dictator and to Make him Act Like a Dictator" Mike is right. We see the President acting more like a dictator more than statesmen everyday. The Presidents latest ploys with the release of a questionable copy of a birth certificate and the faked death of Osama Photoshop. The desperate act of a dictator to regain credibility has backfired. So what is next he will do?
                 President Obama is dissing the press and has removed cameras from the White House daily briefings. He is wasting no effort to bring Chicago style mafia tactics to government trying to strong arm the media. He is moving to try to control the internet and the alternative media. He has made his move recently asking YouTube to censor protest videos and remove them. He is using every tactic in the book to chill free speech.
                  One thing I learned about Dictators.They think they are a law unto themselves. They are very arrogant and have a condescending attitude toward people lower than him .This is the classic narcissistic characteristic of a dictator. If he can not get his way with congress. He uses the bureaucracy to get around congress on gun control,cap and trade,amnesty and moving to restrict the internet. Why?It is not for cyber security. We are kicking the snot out of him.With dictators in the past.There was no internet.Most information was controlled what was said on film,print and the media. The President is losing control of the flow of information.
                  President actions show he is getting desperate to hold on power.What make the birthers a threat to him not so much were he was born. I believe their is many things in his past he is trying to conceal than can be far more damaging. This can remove him from office and make all legislation,executive orders and decrees he signed will be all null and void. America unlike other nations. Many other nations were their dictator disarmed their peasants before they threw down the iron fist. Obama would have a hard time here because there is too many people who have firearms.American have tolerated much of what the President has done  chomping at the bit. When  he crosses than line acting like a dictator cracking down on dissidents and free speech. A good percentage of an armed population will resist him which will be his down fall because he will be seen as a dictator.

Texas Secessionists to Obama: Israel With 1967 Borders? We Want Texas With 1845 Borders

Houston Press Blogs

           President Obama's call for Israel to revert to its 1967 borders has caught the attention of one of the most forward-thinking, sophisticated political thinkers of our state, Daniel Miller, the president of the Texas Nationalist Movement.
He has dashed off a letter to Obama saying, in essence, you think those Israel borders a good idea? Then get Texas back to its 1845 borders.
"It seems that you and your people have a desire to allow people the right of self-determination and return things to "the way they were," says Miller, apparently a big Barbra Streisand fan.
He calls for three things:
1. Return the United States to its pre-1845 border with Texas.
          2. Recognize Texas as an independent and sovereign nation.
3. Take no actions of retribution and support our success wholeheartedly.
He -- ha ha! --adds a p.s." "Let's not call it secession. We can play off the 'Arab Spring' you supported and call it 'Texas Summer.' Has a nice ring, doesn't it?"
No comment yet from the White House. Or Rick Perry's office, for that matter.

         *Note from The Lone Star Watchdog :Good job Dan exposing hypocrisy of the President and his policies toward Israel. It would be nice if President Obama recognized the Texas borders prior to 1845 . Truth in history is the Annexation Treaty of 1846 was never passed or ratified. The Texas Flag still flies equal height to the American Flag, That means Texas is still a republic as much a state.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Has Government Outlawed Common Sence?

                 If we read how life was in America prior to the turn of the 20th century. People were expected to be responsible for the own lives and thinking for themselves. How America thrived and became the most greatest nation in the world was because people were free to use common sense solutions to run their own lives. How we govern ourselves at the local level was by common sense. The Bill of Rights is plain common sense maximizing the power of the individual and restraining the power of the state to a limited capacity. There was a day common sense was king.We did not need permission from the bureaucrats or politicians to peruse happiness.
                 Today in 2011 is not the case. We have people in Washington DC who think they know better how to run our lives better than we know how to. They think we are incapable of raising a family and being good parents. The Nanny state replaces common sense. In a government bureaucrat's or politician's mind. They know better than we do how to handle our lives is what they believe. They never owned a small business. They have no experience running a farm. They never worked a regular nine to five job.Somehow from Washington DC they are experts on everything even though they never once experienced what we go though outside the beltway.They know everything and we know nothing in their mentality.
                We seen the death of common sense.It is outlawed.Common sense would dictate when going through the airport. Using K-units to sniff for drugs and explosives is less intrusive and much more efficient. The TSA does not use common sense. They have to stick hands down people's pants and abuse passengers which defies all common sense solutions to security at the airports. Government not using common sense anymore is a means to justify their existence. I remember a friend I knew who was raked over the coals by the IRS.Why? Dozens of Illegal aliens used his social security number all around the country to work making my friend a millionaire on paper. Common sense says go after the people using his social security number and with the data my friend could not be all over the country at once.Common sense says let him off the hook and go after the people responsible. That did not happen. For two years my good friend went through a nightmare to clear his good name when it could have been solved in less than a day.
              My conclusion is common sense is the enemy of big government. Not using common sense is costly and time consuming.If the government used common sense. We would not have a 14 trillion debt and congressional leadership would not raise the debt ceiling.They would stop borrowing money long ago. Because the government does not use common sense anymore in how it governs the nation.Our government is going to collapse because they ignored the warning signs instead of using common sense in the first place to avert the crisis coming on the horizon.
              Tyranny does not use common sense. They love to complicate matters to create confusion and chaos.There is a reason why common sense is outlawed. If common sense was used by the people and the government.Tyrants would have no power over the people because there would be no dependence on government. Tyrants use laws that defy common sense to impoverish the people to keep them dependent on the dictator. The independent minded person who uses common sense is the enemy to tyranny.Can you see why they do not want us growing our own food and want to restrict the people from using common sense solutions to solve what we face today? Because the people know better and exposes once people are independent from any constraint free to use common sense.It will show big government is no longer needed. Sooner or later common sense will prevail.



Ted Nugent Speaks Out Against Gun Control and Obama on CNN

Thursday, May 19, 2011

News Investigation Continues Over Illegal Traffics Stops in Tennessee.Cops Caught on Tape Breaking Laws

Special Thanks to News 5 out of Nashville for exposing this corruption in Law Enforcement .This is the job the media is supposed to be doing being a watchdog looking at goverment

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Now the US Suprme Court Follows Indiana in Destroying the Fourth Amendment in Ruling

                 This War on Drugs has really got out of hand trampling all over the Bill of Rights.  I remember a Police officer in a traffic stop when I lived in Florida claiming to smell crack cocaine in my car to justify a search of my motor vehicle. This war on drugs has corrupted :Law Enforcement. In Tennessee cops steal cash on the assumption it was proceeds from drugs sales with no evidence to prove it stopping out of state cars on the highway. The government ships in the drugs. Our military in Afghanistan guards the poppy fields. Our police loot the innocent saying to stop the drug trade. The War on Drugs has not slowed down the illegal narcotic trade. But it has been a lucrative industry for Law enforcement.
                 Two recent high court decisions now give a blank check for police to enter homes. Last week it was Indiana Supreme Court ruled police need no reason to enter homes and now another ruling will bring shock waves again. The US Supreme Court in a decision 8-1 with Justice Ruth Bater Ginsberg the only one who dissented saying police can enter a home if the Police suspect people are destroying evidence. Do these know how corrupt police can be? Police Officers have been caught planting evidence on people to justify their actions. Now the High court has given Police free reign to frame and set up whoever they want.
                Can anyone imagine a patriot or a political enemy is minding his own business in their home. Police see this activist a threat to their gravy train. They bust down the door and plant evidence in the home. The police will say they heard the person destroying evidence flushing drugs down the toilet when the person was sleeping the whole time. A lot of innocent people will be harmed by the system because of these rulings. Power corrupts Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Give the police an inch. They will take a mile.
               I hope the decent police officers understand these rulings are very flawed and to act on what the high court ruled. There can see serious blow back against the police causing many to die in the line of duty because people are defending their families and property. The fourth amendment was put in our Bill of Right to shield the people from abuses like this from the government. These court rulings in many big cities will be seen many cops a license to abuse the people to steal from them with the High Court's seal of approval. I just hope there will be some decent Sheriffs and Police officers who will use moral restraint knowing this is a very flawed ruling and respects the fourth amendment regardless . There will be many unintended consequences coming to Law Enforcement they not prepared to deal with if they see this court ruling as a right to abuse. Lets pray we do not get into a shooting war over this.