Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gold Fever and Nuclear Meltdown.What do these have in common?

Gerry Donaldson-Draw a line

               Both the continuing Gold (and Silver) Fever and the recent Nuclear meltdowns in Japan are driven by Preparedness measures or lack thereof. 
              The economic meltdown, caused by Washington D.C., Wall Street and the Federal Reserve has driven up gold fever and its cousin, silver fever. As most Americans and people around the world have recognized the ultimate failure of our economy and the global economy, they have sought out "safe haven" investments like gold and silver and are rapidly getting out of the stock market and holdings of cash (Federal Reserve Notes) in order to secure their future. This is explicitly due to a failure on the part of government to maintain a solid "real money" backing of gold or silver in the first place. No country's economy has ever survived more than 40 years once detached from commodity backing of their currency!
               The horrific earthquake was a natural occurrence that scientists have warned as inevitable. The Japanese government  had plenty of reason to believe that it might be foolhardy to build so many Nuclear Plants right on top of one of the worst earthquake areas in the world.  The aftermath of those quakes is still generating a great deal of speculation as to the global impact, not only of nuclear meltdowns, but the impact that these events will have on the already crumbling world economy. 
              Texans are asking everyone to get on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, personal mail, phone, fax and face-to-face with family and friends about these impending threats and begin planning and preparing if you have not done so already! We cannot fail ourselves or Texas. We will make a difference! 

Gerry Donaldson is a member of the Texas Nationalist Movement He host a show every Tuesday night 8pm CST called Our Constitution,Foundation and Principles


  1. You dont know that HAARP was not used in the Japan quake. The chances of it occurring on a signature Illuminati date like 311 ? that alone should raise flags.
    Stuxnet virus was in Japanese computers in Oct of 201o already, but I suppose that too is irrelevant?

  2. Yes, spread the word for Texas. Some members of my family there are still not ready to face it... But, the masses must stick together. Power in numbers and power in unity! That is the only way to ride this out, or at least survive!

  3. You're COMPLETELY wrong on GOLD /SILVER fever. Ask anyone in a coffee shop how much silver is..NOT 1 WOULD KNOW, I guarantee it. Not even close to a fever..When the lineups to buy silver are down the street, that's a FEVER.