Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Timothy Geithner A Finacial Terrorist by his Own Words?

                 These people in the White House thinks we were born yesterday.We do not know any better about the complexities of fiscal policy. In truth it is not hard to figure out. I recall when threats were made to congress pass the bailout in Oct 2008 saying the sky would fall. The stock market will crash and there will be Marshal Law in America. All the bail out was is the United States obligating itself to a debt we do not owe. Former Secretary of the Treasury Hank Paulson threats to use financial terrorism to pass the bailout was a violation of the Patriot Act. The very law they say is needed to keep us safe.
                  Right now we have a different President and a different Secretary of the Treasury who was the former head of the New York Federal Reserve. Ever since this administration took office.He has spent money we do not have. Why our economy is in such bad shape is not government is not big enough. It is because government is too big and interferes with commerce and economic activity.
                  Now Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner is telling the American people we need more debt or the economy will collapse and we will go into default. The American people needs to sacrifice with high taxes and those well to do people need to pay for their fair share. What an insult to our intelligence. Now he is making threats again if the congress does not give them what they want. Will they use the Plunge protection team to rig the markets so make them crash and invoke PD-51 which congress can not see will try to dissolve congress making the President a dictator.The President has all this at his disposal as a means to an end.So he thinks In thier minds the end justifies the means.
                   In a few short weeks.Congress will vote on raising the debt limit. People do not want anymore borrowing. This public sediment is being heard in Congress. The White House wants to spend with a 1 trillion plus added to the National debt to fund his agenda. What Timothy Geithner is saying will happen we will go into default and the world will go into a depression is a scare tactic if we do not keep borrowing money that created this fiscal mess we are in already.
                   The truth is if the debt limit is not raised and  no more new taxes raised on an already stagnant economy ready to implode because the dollar is weakened. The reality is that if the debt limit is not raised were the government can not borrow.The government will have to cut back and be forced to live with its means. This might help the dollar slow down the economic decline.The reason why the economy is lethargic is because too much government interference because it is too big and hinders productivity.The reason why the dollar is in the tank is too much government spending and lack of economic activity to produce anything.
                     If the Secretary Geithner and the White House are afraid if Congress does not allow anymore further borrowing. The economy might start to rebound a little and investment spurred again. The dollar might stabilize and rate of inflation will slow down.Congress through a few good tea party people stopped further expansion of the government. I think the President and the bankers on Wall Street is more scared what will happen if the debt ceiling is not raised because it will help us more and not them. Using Financial terrorism as a means to an end will not work anymore this time no matter how much gloom and doom they will preach.


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