Saturday, April 30, 2011

No sympathy for TSA Workers When they Get Cancer from the Full Body Scanners.

                 When I hear about the poetic justice when a police officer gets testicle cancer putting that radar gun right between his legs. He got what he deserved squeezing the people generating revenue in an dishonest way fining people going one mile over the speed limit. We might see it again with many TSA workers when they start getting cancers from these full body scanners.
                  This will not be like the Desert Storm sickness and agent orange that killed our veterans. This is not the people who got lung diseases breathing asbestos.These are not the Iraqi war veterans sick getting poisoned by depleted uranium. These people who worked in ground zero were the World Trade Center stood now sick because the air was not safe to breath. Many of these victims deserve a lot of public sympathy because what risk they took and the government refused for many years to act on it.
                  Now with the TSA and these full body scanners. When they all get sick and try to use the media with sob stories to gain our compassion saying they are ill because they were keeping us safe.They will not get my sympathy. The truth is these TSA employees were told how harmful these full body scanners are and ignored the warnings from  countless resources. They chose to believe their bosses instead of many independent sources confirming these machines are unsafe.
                  The other reason with all the groping and violating basic human dignity reaching into people's pants with unreasonable searches of their person and the theft of their effects out of their luggage.With all the mental and physical cruelty this agency bestowed on air travelers. I do not see them getting any sympathy from the public no matter how many sob stories they will portray in the media to gain our sympathy will not work. These people know better that what they are doing is wrong. They had the right to say no to all these polices that violate people's personal dignity.If many get cancer.That will be their consequence with no pity from the public. I know in the years to come when all this come to a head. I hope they sue Michael Chertoff along with the company selling these machines along with Janet Napotitano till they become paupers to pay for the treatment to all the people who worked for the TSA instead of the tax payers. No sympathy from me like I said.


  1. Hey readers!!!!
    Send this article to all your favourite TSA perverts.
    Let them read it [if they can]!
    And I add my two cents to it.
    No sympathy from me too. Go ahead...keep us "safe."
    Soon you will be toast.

    or...if you quit you have a chance...
    and so do we.

    Take care.

  2. I agree. Fuck 'em. I also laugh every time I hear of a cop getting it.

  3. If you google "police officer diagnosed with testicular cancer" or anything similar, you get a lot of articles. I had no idea. What goes around, comes around. Those bastards hiding in the bushes deserve it. They're just thieves and cowards.

  4. "...when a police officer gets testicle cancer putting that radar gun right between his legs."

    And there is a side benefit: Our donut-eating friend will not be able to reproduce.
    Criminals begat criminals.


    The only harm will be to the donut shoppe owners.

  5. The SHAME is, UPPER MANAGEMENT knows better -- THEY SKIP the scanners, and never work near them.
    Congress should have to pass through one every day at the Captitol.
    The TSA is specificly designed to lull the American Public into passively accepting random, pointless, searches at the whim of the government. Look at them. TSA screeners are being trained to be smiling and polite. WHY? To appear benign and unthreatening as they strip you of your Freedom. The reason they came up with an underwear bomber is the same reason they came up with a shoe bomber. First they wanted to get into your shoes and then they wanted to get into your underwear. After that they want to get into your body. But job one, day one, they want to get into your head. These are stages of humiliation designed to strip you of your dignity. Look at their faces, if YOU seriously believed the next passenger might be an armed and murderously suicidal killer, would you be all relaxed and cheery? If you seriously believed that the next suitcase you open may blow you to Kingdom Come, would you be a Perky Pixie? If you do NOT believe that ......... WHY ARE YOU HERE!?

    You cannot "fix" T&A because it is rotten from the TOP on down.
    Like ALL Totalitarian Enforcement Branches (GESTAPO, STASI, KGB, MOSSAD) The Leadership "allows" the Uppermanagement of the evil entity to loot, so they will do as they are told. The Uppermanagement lets the corruption dribble down nto "buy" loyalty. T&A will NEVER be anything but thieving corruption. The upper management IS LOOTING, aside from whatever is going on inside their offices that we cannot see, look at Michael Chertoff who is selling PORNO-SCANNERS right back to the TSA that he just left. They learned in a hurry to HIDE their selff-congratulatory "celebrations" after their $1-MILLION first year party became public knowledge.

  6. Sad but true...the first sob story will be cause for celebration. No pity for the pitiless, no compassion for the non-compassionate, no tears for any TSA worker.

  7. I feel like I'm watching stray animals being put down... But in this case, where's my party hat?!

  8. It's a good thing when Dirty Pigs Die, If they fight against the American people and put them in Fema camps then the more cops that die the better it is

  9. TSA workers will be filed for little cause if the don't grope and finding other employment will be hard. Now that they have a union; AFGE needs to file a class action grievance for being ordered to commit illegal acts as a job requirement. The groping started after the cancers and the mentality of the owners of the machines, who are required to be sued by the workers to reimburse federal workers comp had the power to change the rules and require the illegal acts. Federal employees can't turn to state and local officials for help! Linda Joy Adams, AFGE local 2369, SSA- an injured worker who set a precedent for her office when others were turned away form hospitals on a ' death panel decision.' In 2014, when the director of office of personnel management begins regulating everyone's health plans, everyone will know that you really don't want the Federal health plan you all thought looked so good= its a paper tiger.its ' real death panels' with no rights for state and local officials to intervene. We feds have lived under this system since 1979 and rank and file federal employees have found their jobs contracted out to international money cabals with no internal audits and Congressional immunity from criminal activity. Federal employees have the constitutional duty to see that everyone is treated equally before the law; contractors have been given Congressional mandates to ignore them. Its time for the union to take the lead on restoring justice for both the workers and the public and they have the power to do this as no Federal emplyee is required to break the law as is happening now. Don't follow the proganda to hate TSA workers; support them in fighting to change this. ( Most TSA workers have less than 3 years of Federal employment and can easily be fired with little cause; which has happened to many who got sick.) I have not had to fly since this started and hope I don't have to be groped or radiated because we have given power over to an irrational ' beast.' Remember, feds can't strike, either. The POst office in 1969 did, and when the Air traffic controllers thought they could do it too, they lost their jobs and never got them back. No attempts have been tried since as it is an illegal act just as sexual harrassment and unsafe machines are. Didn't Israel buy safer ones to us? Don't forget the owner of the machines has a powerful liabiity insurance company and that is usually the most power wielding entity behind all of this. Linda Joy Adams