Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Political Elites and Money Addicts Isolation and Insulating Themselves From the People in Delusion Will Their Demise

                 I have to give a different take on what is happening today. This money addict binge and the bankers looting the wealth of a nation using the force of government can not last too much longer. The party will not last forever. Even though all the people are not up to speed on everything what is really happening.They know not to believe what comes out of the White House anymore if you use a government service or not. People will not go after the middle class as a scapegoat for all of the ills plaguing this nation.
                 With every law being passed out of Washington whether it be banning home gardens and to censoring the internet. President Obama can touts all he want about moving forward with his disastrous Health care law to gun control.His brazen arrogance will be a boomerang coming back to him and cut him to pieces politically. The ruling class is counting on the system to protect themselves from the people will be what does them in. I do not see us going into tyranny. I see us pushing back and away from a system that is destructive to the people. The states will go their own way taking a strong stance of sovereignty or doing a political divorce from the Union by secession.
                  I see a major push back coming.It will be painful for us. But we the people will prevail. The people trying to decide our fate can not do it from isolation too much longer. They will face to people with more than just pitchforks and torches. For those people who pay for body guard or a mercenary force thinking it will protect them from the people. Loyalty only goes so far and if they think good money being payed to defend a crook robbing people blind is all that is needed. Many of those people will cut and run and say hell with this. For any amount of money is not worth dieing for if it is a crook in high places.


  1. Hope you are right

  2. I can tell you that tyrannys everywhere are going to fall in the next few years. You can take that out of the bank!

  3. As a non-American looking at this farce all I can say is that those, like GE, who are screwing America, will get away with it because they succeed in convincing the right that the left is the problem and the left that the right is the problem and so Americans are at each others throats blaming left and right, when the real culprits are neither left nor right, they're just multi-billionaires screwing you all, both left and right. Wake up!!!!!

  4. I've been through times with money, and I've been through times without money. Having money is great, and as long as there are people active selling out to the Fed, their party will continue. And good ain't invited. You have to buy your way in.

  5. There will be bloodshed...there will be a war. Katrina in Louisiana and the rich hired guns proved it. War is coming and we have more guns than they do. We will win.

  6. Dimwit

    Our mystic world of make-believe,
    childish echo’s of future power.
    Junior demons amongst the Bushes,
    the people continue to cower.

    You’d think with Bush the Younger,
    the world would have known.
    The fix was in, law was dead,
    back, when John’s head was blown.

    The Elder knows nothing of Dallas,
    The Idiot, “My Pet Goat”....
    Bodies piled, on bloody lies,
    neither Evil needed a vote.

    Corruption floats the unwashed masses,
    along a river of broken dreams.
    Hidden within screens of blu-plasma,
    and a people’s silent screams.

    We do not torture, we do not accept,
    the lies of fucking liars.
    Think we’ll just accept them still,
    then build the midnight fires.

    It won’t be me, I hope not you,
    to accept this fringe bullshit.
    Because I know in a hundred years,
    I’ll not be known, a Fascist Dimwit

    RJ O'Guillory


    The Illusion

    America shimmers, losing shape,
    lost souls, the weakest generation.
    Democracy stumbles, people awaken,
    trouble on America’s plantation.

    America stands strong and free,
    a land of life and liberty?
    Indentured servants, ever on,
    from sea to shining sea.

    Laws for this, laws for that,
    control of the air you breathe.
    Nanny State, exploding prisons,
    Stalinist tits, on which we teethe.

    House and Senate, bought and sold,
    mortgaged by corporate donations.
    Court Supremes, selling their soul,
    torture’s cool, but do it in other nations.

    Traitors act, as though elected,
    a free and fair republic?
    Lying thieves, electronic frauds,
    in office to cheat the public.

    Bankers steal, Pelosi jets,
    stimulate this, stimulate that.
    Leadership so corrupt, so brutal,
    little need to trim the fat.

    China profits, Brazil prospers,
    around us the world grows.
    Bush and Clinton, hold their power,
    JFK? Oh, no one knows?

    It’s falling apart, not so funny,
    at least I’m close to passing.
    Before the riots, the martial law,
    before Obama starts the gassing.

    Long before the troops deploy,
    during all the fucking confusion.
    Lucky enough, simply to know,
    our lives were just an illusion.

    RJ O'Guillory


  7. American Court

    Faded Flags, ragged in the sun,
    The Stars & Stripes fly tattered.
    Americans sit, waiting to be judged,
    The Bill of Rights lay sadly battered.

    A Judge in Black, the Cops in Tan,
    we Citizens, shamed and weak.
    Lady Justice, died so long ago,
    court payments begin this week.

    Everyone pays, The State needs the bucks,
    the Law keeps the cash rolling in.
    Morality and law have no real value,
    Visa validates The People’s sin.

    The Dollar is King, The Court is aware,
    the Fine Schedule just went up.
    Judge and State, hand-n-hand,
    all involved, beyond corrupt.

    RJ. O’Guillory


    America The Prostrate

    In a simplistic sort of way,
    Across a desert lit by the moon.
    America lay prostrate,
    Lulled by prosperity’s tune.

    Beautiful thing in a world gone mad,
    Everyone knows the lies being spoke.
    They spill from the mouths of bankrupt souls,
    Leaderless people, morally broke.

    The globe spins on, a compact disc,
    Television soothes the planet.
    Hard drives quietly think away,
    Politicians run the gamut.

    Prostrate pricks, sucking away,
    At America’s aging tit.
    Pay up now, or go to jail,
    They care less, how you take the hit.

    They act as if it will never end,
    The Nazis felt much the same.
    Fortify your home, your town,
    These criminals have no real shame.

    The knock on the door will surely come,
    Midnight terror of the state.
    Theft, lies, fraud and deceit,
    Social incubators of pure hate.

    Hang from a rope, they surely will,
    These prophets of civic duty.
    After the riots, the death, the trials,
    Before these pirates split the booty.



    A winter wind upon us,
    Crystal, chilled silk bones.
    Lust, no lonely orphan,
    In manufacture of our groans.

    Joys of youth, sands of time,
    Pass slowly through the crack.
    Aged genie, trapped in a bottle,
    Life’s set, fades gently to black.

    Material gain, material loss,
    Get George Foreman's grills.
    Magnetized cards, late night orders,
    storage lockers, filled to the gills.

    Broken families, raised by a village,
    perhaps, battered by a spouse.
    Credit floats the whole generation,
    everything riding on the house.

    From the bottom of the barrel,
    Looking up, from where one lay.
    Rot dreams of glorious youth,
    The price we were forced to pay.

    The barrel may be home or den,
    Hell takes any kind of shape.
    Looking up, from the bottom,
    It still feels mostly like a rape.

    Everyone may think us done,
    America remains, just a rumor.
    Who pulled down those towers,
    You’re nothing but a Boomer.

    RJ O'Guillory

  8. Roses are red
    Violets are blue,
    Amerika is fucked
    and so are you

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