Thursday, April 28, 2011

If We Oppose the President.We are Enemies of the State or Al Quiada?Mr Authoritarian.What Label is it?

                  In our history.We have never seen a brazen display for disdain for our personal liberties by these Maoist thugs like this before in history. When the founders added the Bill of Rights to the Constitution. It was placed their because the objections by the anti federalist crowd who raised concerns about a central government walking all over the people's God given liberties. The first ten articles in the Bill of Rights was a restraint on government power. The first amendment protects political speech and unpopular speech from government intrusion and reprisals.
                  The present occupant in the White House has been the most authoritarian we seen since Nixon and Lincoln. All these Presidents trampled all over the Political opposition. Abe Lincoln incarcerated the whole Maryland legislator from voting on secession and jailed Journalist opposing the President's policies toward the southern states. President Nixon instituted the Fairness Doctrine to silence his critics on AM talk radio. Before their was Conservative and Patriot Talk Radio.During the Nixon era. It was the Liberals dominating the airwaves and the Fairness Doctrine succeeded in using the arm of the FCC to silence his opposition. It was not till the late 1980s.The fairness doctrine was lifted. When that happened. This gave the rise of Rush Limbaugh and a long list of AM talk radio host to this day. We have to give credit to Rush for patriot radio too.Like it or not.
                 Now in 2011.We have an administration who wants to criminalize speech and arrest members of congress who will not do his bidding to advance his agenda.Now if we are opposed to raising the debt ceiling.We are now be called domestic terrorist.We are extremist if we oppose being groped at the airport. We might be at risk being put on a no fly and terrorist watch list for exercising freedom of speech. We have the MIAC reports making people who make this country great enemies of the state. Returning veterans,privet property advocates.gun owners, natural healers, growing our own food,anti vaccine,end the federal reserve,being against the IRS. It might soon be criminal to speak opposing the usurper in chief as he tramples the Constitution.
                If they are trying to put a chilling effect on people challenging President Obama's policies and what he is doing to this county. Instead of being silent in fear.We should get louder and louder. Make a statement. We have to tell them we are not ignorant of their devices using fear and terror anymore. Instead of caving into the fear. Make a statement. They are losing the information war.Shutting down the internet will not work anymore. The spin doctors using fear to scare people of the boogeyman wearing turbans sleeping in caves half way around the world or scaring us saying the sky will fall if he can not spend anymore. We can not allow this government to use fear and intimidation on the people that stands in their way. When we have no more fear. Than we are free. When we are no longer afraid. They lose their power over us.
                 As this present administration tries to roll out an authoritarian grid to knee cap and silence his political enemies. As long we are not afraid and let these tyrants know we will not cower becoming subjects of a police state. Police states exist for one reason. To be a rear guard protecting the system from the people.To ensure the corrupt elements never get brought to justice by using terror on those who challenge the regime. We either assert our rights and lose them. The choice is ours.


  1. Jesus! Victim of the public education system no doubt...

    Try spell checker! It's hard for people to take you seriously when you write like a third grader.

  2. Anonymousm1, what's with your oomplain? Anything to distract from the point of the article, eh?

    THe guy wrote very well. If you're talking about the title with the word Al-Quaida..nobody in the West really spells it right.


  3. Nope, Bonnie, Anony1 is right. Oh, and Bonnie, you clearly have no business using a keyboard either.

  4. Public schools mo' bettah.I got on the dean's list twice. I get 6 TV stations x 22hrs. average broadcast time per day x 365 days per year = 8030 hrs. of free television per year and NOT ONE HOUR OF A UNIVERSITY LECTURE ON ANYTHING. Proving TV is your worst enemy.KILL YOUR TV SET. Good spelling comes with the need to communicate with the written word. My father would have thrown me across the room for getting bad grades. Good spelling indicates you are paying attention.
    And besides, getting my act together and scholastically beating the crap out of the bullies and snobs in school was satisfying.

  5. And besides, the original word being in Arabic precludes an exact Arabic-Roman correspondence. So, picky,picky,picky. Al Kieduh. Hit me with a spoon.
    Don't by a robot like Pres. Scarhead. I worked in a hospital in med-photography and it would take three angry men with shovels at full-swing or every brain surgeon in the CIA and NSA taking a whack to create that much scarring.

  6. If you want to know why they think they are above the law and we are not, do a Google search for Leo Strauss.