Thursday, March 31, 2011

Plans to Invade Israel Posted On Facebook?Sounds Like a Mossad Setup.

            I can not hardly believe it that plans to invade Israel is posted on Facebook of all places. Sounds like a Massod or Israeli propaganda operation to gain sympathy being the victim after all the atrocities they have committed against civilians in occupied territories .Are the Israeli trying to demonize the Arab world? Are they trying to justify the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza based on fabricated security threats created in Israeli intelligence.
            Israel is losing the public relations war. The world has no more sympathy for them. Now I wish the evangelicals would get their head out of the asses and realize Israel has betrayed America with the Church's blessing.They are sending our sons to war for Israel. Israel has persecuted Christians in Israel and the Palestinian people who are believers of Christ.The United States is condemned if the government keeps supporting Israel.
             To see a strategy of invading Israel on Facebook is a joke.This really shows this is a desperate move to regain public sympathy of the American people.This time I do not seeing it working. I just see it as a ploy to demonize Israel's enemies and to justify its policies of aggression against its neighboring countries. We will wait and see were this goes.World Net Daily Posting this article saying poor Israel might be invaded is a hoax to make the Jewish State look like a victim. Israel will get no sympathy from me.Any Military Strategist would not post the plans on Facebook.If they want to win.There has to be an element of surprise. This is a setup to dupe the public for propaganda purposes. This one Israel will lose if they been the ones behind this posting.

People Dressed In NAZI Clothes Passed Out Tyranny Awards to Lawmakers Advocating Checkpoints In Austin Texas As A Spoof

           This was the most hilarious video I seen and I laughed so hard watching young people go around the state capital acting like Nazi dress in Nazi accents chanting hail Hitler and how the furor would love checkpoints in Texas. Even though these young people were not real Nazis. I have to commend them exercising free speech showing the reality of how Adolph Hitler would be proud of these Texas lawmakers proposing legislation on highway check points.
           To see the reaction to the staff and some lawmakers when they presented these tyranny awards who were for these checkpoints. How it was great they wanted to restrict people right to travel and be secure in their person,effects and property with these checkpoints.Most did not take it well when they were presented with these certificates.
            Please watch the video. It is funny and did make the point in a funny way with humor.

The Real Ceasar Chavez Story Needs To Be Told

            Today is the day the honor the activist Caesar Chavez for standing up for the rights of farm workers improving the working conditions. Many left wing radicals celebrate him with revised history to suit the political agenda. Today Caesar Chavez would be put on the Terrorist watch list and be considered a traitor to groups like La Raza. This activist in the 1970s was a grassroots activist standing up for a commendable cause unionizing and organizing for the rights of farm workers to have better wages and better working conditions.
            Caesar Chavez was a American of Mexican decent. He was not a perfect man and leftist hail his name as a man for the down trodden farm workers starting the United Farm Workers union.We see many Illegal aliens with the pro amnesty people in protest and rallies wearing shirts of Caesar Chavez only getting a partial picture of the man and the true history.Many hailing Caesar Chavez as their hero. If the truth ever came out. Many Illegal aliens would be shocked on his real position of illegal aliens.
             The true history of this activist does not fit the open border illegal immigration crowd If he were alive today. Many of these illegal alien activist groups would demonize him today. The truth is Caesar Chavez was not for open borders or amnesty for Illegal aliens. He stood up for rights for migrant workers who came here legally. He was for the people who obeyed the immigration laws. He seen the threat to how illegal immigration would under mine the wages and jobs of those who played by the rules. His people patrolled the southern border helping the border patrol to keep illegal immigrants from crossing over just like the Minutemen today are doing. He was a staunch in his opposition against illegal aliens taking away jobs from migrants who come here the right way.
               We need more like Caesar Chavez with the passion and determination today standing up for Americans and Legal immigrants. They are not in Washington DC anymore. Like Caesar Chavez was. We need to start being our own leaders. 


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Obama's Viewer Ratings Decline 12 Percent SInce Last Televised Address

             The Presidents Televised Speech on Libya rating declines 12 percent since last August when he made the speech about Iraq according to Entertainment Weekly.I can tell you my kids were annoyed because they wanted to watch the Simpsons on Fox and was interrupted by this speech.My children love to watch the local News and learn about current events. If my kids do not want to watch the liar in chief. This President is really pathetic if he can not sucker the children. To most everybody this was a waste of time to hear him speak. I did not watch the speech. I was listening to Podcast of Mike Rivero which has more substance than all the symbolism the government likes to put on display.
             The decline in ratings of these Televised speeches shows the propaganda machine is not working anymore and really have no confidence in Barrack Obama's leadership to lead this nation.This is good news for the opposition. After his speech. There was another drop in his approval rating as president reached an all time low.No wonder Jimmy Carter is smiling now.
             If these ratings keep dropping like this. I can see the next step is he will use the Emergency Broadcast System were every TV and Radio station is wired into FEMA mandated by the FCC.If we will not listen to him. Then he will try to make us listen to him if we like it or not. I do not believe it will work because every time he opens his mouth making a speech over the Gulf Oil Spill,Iraq or Libya.He loses support. If he is going to take the next step getting in our faces using this system against our will to be lied to.His approval rating will fall to the single digits were 42 percent approval will seem like being a celebrity. I rather the President just go watch ESPN Sportscenter the rest of his days in office. Maybe doing nothing is the best move he ever made that is good for the country.

Proposal In The Texas Legislator Looking To Tax Internet Sales?

              I remember hearing about when during the early day in the country. We heard of Taxation without representation. Now we have Taxation without hesitation.There is a hearings going on in the Texas House Ways and Means committee on proposed internet tax.  Many supporters of the bill say a a tax on internet sales with companies connected to Texas would help bridge the gap of the 25 billion dollar shortfall. Many people do their shopping online to avoid paying the sales tax many retailers complain about.Some states do have very high sales taxes that do put a drag on the economy and come people will shop online to avoid these high sales taxes
               I do not know what to say about this. We should support our local merchants who do provide a service and a good product.Paying a sales tax might be the little sacrifice we might have to make to keep the local economy afloat.Speaking for myself.Texas has a very modest sales tax rate. If I can not find what I need in town avoiding Wal Mart altogether. I will shop online. If it is true that people not paying a sales tax hurts business in Texas because people can avoid it altogether paying shopping online. Maybe it will be good for competition. On the other hand everything the government touches does turn to S^&t

Oxymoron Alert! Sarah Brady Honoring The Late President Ronald Reagan For Reasonable Gun Control?

             Sarah Brady Honoring now the Late 40th President Ronald Reagan for gun control efforts? To bring people up to speed about who Sarah Brady is. She is the wife is former Reagan Press Secretary James Brady who was shot by John Hinkley in an attempt to assassinate the President. The wounds disabled James Brady since that day. Sarah Brady now an activist for the organization called Handgun Inc. This is an anti second amendment organization seeking to disarm the people from owning firearms. Handgun inc was behind the passage of the Brady Bill under President Bill Clinton that was defeated in the US Supreme Court ruling unconstitutional.
              The real hypocrisy of the gun control crowd. In the period in time. Former Beatles singer and musician John Lennon was slain by gunman David Chapman.There was signs and protesting with people calling for gun control in Central Park in New York City. When John Hinkley attempted to kill President Reagan who was mentally unstable being armed.There was never a cry from these same protesters calling for gun control at the time.
               Now Sarah Brady is now honoring the Late President Reagan for reasonable gun control? He is public enemy number one among the some leftist. I never recall Reagan proposing any gun control legislation during his eight years in office or restricting gun ownership in any way. If anyone can tell me any different.Please let me know. I find this very unusual because conservatives are the enemy to gun control. Is Sarah Brady try to woo the Reagan conservatives in the GOP to embrace gun control? There is an ulterior motive because the gun control pundits have lost making the case for gun control.Because gun control does not work has been proven and the argument has no more credibility. To Sarah Brady I am no fan of Ronald Reagan. All I can say the only reasonable gun control is not wasting ammunition by hitting the target.Honoring a late President I think is an act of desperation.

Hearings In the Texas Legislator Scheduled Reviving the NAFTA Super Highway/Trans-Texas Corridor

               On March 31 2011.The Texas House Committee on Transportation has public hearings scheduled to discuss legislation possibly bringing back the NAFTA Super Highway/Trans-Texas Corridor.This  was defeated after massive public opposition in the Lone Star State. People living along I-35 would have their land stolen through Eminent Domain laws to turn it over to a Spanish owned company Cintra based out of Spain. This really stirred the outrage not only the theft of land. But it was the sovereignty of Texas that was in peril. The reason because this Super highway was part of a much deeper plan to erase the borders between the United States, Canada and Mexico called to form a super state like the EU called the North American Union.This really created the public backlash because of the secrecy behind it. The SPP/NAU was signed without the consent from Congress was part of what fueled the public opposition.
               Thanks to the recent alert given by Texas Campaign For Liberty sending out this legislative alert. With the crisis in Japan as a result of an Earthquake.The radiation going into the atmosphere from nuclear reactors and the attacks on Libya. This is when we need to really pay attention at home to see what is being done under the radar when the public is distracted looking in one direction away from what is really happening. This is when a lot of underhanded tactics are used to slip bad bills through when the public is not looking in their direction.
                 Right now there will be hearings on two bills if passed by the legislator and signed by the Governor would bring back the Trans-Texas Corridor?NAFTA Super Highway. HB-3789 filed by State Representative Larry Phillips who is the Chairmen of the House Transportation Committee .Also HB-2432 filed by State Representative John Davis. Both these bills establishes public-private partnerships that privatizes tolls roads and gives sweetheart deals were there is no public accountability and no financial disclosure. These bills must not make it out of committee and be defeated. Lets not get too distracted and fixated on what is going on abroad.Pay attention always.We have to keep our eyes on what is going right on here in our own backyard too.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Obama Wants Illegal Aliens To Succeed?What About the Unemployed Americans?

                Lets get something clear. There is no such thing is a non criminal illegal alien. Anyone who does not enter the United States without proper documents though a lawful point of entry is breaking the law. What Obama said is another impeachable offense saying he does not want to deport them these Illegal aliens. But help them succeed. Is that aiding a abetting and giving aid and comfort to known fugitives who are breaking immigration law? People go to jail everyday for hiding their friends evading the police who have a bench warrant for not paying a traffic fine.
               What about the Americans who need jobs. People are looking for busboy and dishwasher jobs just to keep food on the table for their children. Illegal aliens are talking these jobs.It has been reported there is more illegal aliens with jobs in Texas than unemployed Texans. So how does Obama want Illegal aliens to succeed? Is this for a voting block that will go to the polls to ensure Democrats stay in power?Vote for gun control,welfare state and other freedom stealing laws that undermine our republican form of government?Does he want the Illegal aliens to succeed creating two new classes. The permanent underclass of Americans unemployed and the peon class of Illegal aliens taking all the jobs Americans used to do and willing to do.
               This is criminality at its best. Amnesty is part of the North American union that the congress has never been able to pass even if they change the name to the Dream Act. Not securing the border as required under the Constitution under Article 4 section 4 protecting the states from invasion are impeachable offences not only with Obama. Former President Bush,Clinton and Carter are to blame too for our borders being out of control. I think it is time we start impeachment proceedings on Obama and have federal Grand Jury investigation to all former Presidents alive complicit with the invasion of illegal aliens for many years. I think the time is if the US government will not deliver justice. I think the people will make their own way and deal with this illegal immigration problem once and for all. When the time comes. The American people will not do it with a smile.

Highway Checkpoints and Licence Plate Reading Cameras Legislation Moving Forward In The Texas Senate.(Your Papers Please)

               One thing I learned about politicians they never keep their promises and do the opposite of they say they will do for the people. This is why I never had any faith in those who ran on the Tea Party platform because once they were in office. They would get all caught up in the web of deceit of special interest. Most of the bills filed in the Texas legislator this session infringe on our rights and does not secure them.
                What rights that are being infringed upon is the right to travel and the right to contract or not enter into an agreement. SB-1700- filed by Texas State Senator Tommy Williams would set up checkpoints to check for licenses and insurance from motorist if this bill becomes law. Has Senator Williams realized the economy is in the tank? People can not afford to buy auto insurance. They are barely able to survive with high fuel prices and the spike of food cost shopping at the supermarket.Is this Senator doing the bidding of the insurance lobby to make sure every Texan is forced to purchase auto insurance to drive on the roads the taxpayers paid for.Texas made sobriety checkpoints illegal years ago because people complained about the abuses by Police where they never hardly caught drunks. Mostly people who did not have their papers(License,insurance and registration please?)These were the people that were affected.Not the drunks driving. Drunks know how to avoid these checkpoints. These checkpoints are only for revenue generation for the state to enrich there budgets.
                Another bill by this sell out Senator Williams has also filed is SB-1696 that would set up license plate cameras to read our license plates to track and trace everyone on the highways as a pilot program. Big brother on the highways of Texas?Am I supposed to feel safe with these cameras if they were allowed by law?It is none of the government's business to know were I am going to or coming from.I wonder who will get the contract to install these cameras.Someone stands to gain if this bill becomes law. It is not the people.That is for sure.
                 Both these bills will be brought before the Texas State Senate Transportation and Homeland Security Committee  for public hearings on March 30 2011 at 730 AM. SB-1700 and SB-1696 introduced by Senator Williams do not benefit the people of Texas.These proposed bills should be met with fierce opposition from the people.People want to be left alone and do not want to go through checkpoints answering personal questions along with were is your papers. The people do not want to be tracked and traced like suspects guilty before proven innocent.  It is time for our elected representatives to answer the question. Are you with the people or are you with the special interest? Senator Williams answered that question with these two bills. He is not with the people because actions speak louder than words.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Trans Texas Corridor/The NAFTA Super Highway Is Back In The Texas State Legislator

"No man's life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session."- Mark Twain

            When will these Politician get it. These roads are not theirs to sell.The people of Texas defeated it before and now we have to do it again. The people of Texas never consented our roads being sold to a private corporation let alone a foreign enterprise. Our elected representatives need to reminded of the Texas Constitution they sworn to uphold. Here is  Article 1 sections 1& 2 of the Texas State Constitution which states:
Sec. 1.  FREEDOM AND SOVEREIGNTY OF STATE. Texas is a free and independent State, subject only to the Constitution of the United States, and the maintenance of our free institutions and the perpetuity of the Union depend upon the preservation of the right of local self-government, unimpaired to all the States.
 Sec. 2.  INHERENT POLITICAL POWER; REPUBLICAN FORM OF GOVERNMENT. All political power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and instituted for their benefit. The faith of the people of Texas stands pledged to the preservation of a republican form of government, and, subject to this limitation only, they have at all times the inalienable right to alter, reform or abolish their government in such manner as they may think expedient
 Where is it in the Texas Constitution the people gave you all the authority to give our roads to a privately owned corporation? There is no authority for the legislator to turn over the road the people paid for with their tax money. This is treason. We thought we had a group of legislators who were going to stand up for Texas sovereignty and all we have is a bunch of sell outs.There is a series of bills that will be hearing in the House Transportation Committee as an attempt to resurrect the Trans Texas Corridor/NAFTA Super Highway. Here are the Bills that have red flags that will be going before the House Transportation Committee for hearings on March 31.2011 These series of bills will tax and privatize tolls roads.Allows to take existing roads paid for and make them toll roads are HB 2186, HB 2388, HB 2801, HB 2985, HB 3561, HB 3563-HB 3565, and HB 3734 need to be fought because Texas is under assault from within by our own legislators who sold out to special interest and should be tried for treason if they are a sell out to foreign corporations.All these bills give a blank check to tax, set up tolls on existing roads if they all pass and become law. I do not want to pay for tolls on roads I  already pay for through my gas taxes to enrich Wall Street.The Bankers and foreign corporations. I do not want to get ripped off by these robber barons from the other end.
The worst of the bills are filed by Representative Larry Phillips is HB 3798 relating to the development of toll projects through  public-private partnerships.This reestablishes the Trans Texas corridor. This will establish toll roads that will charge up to 80 cents a mile during peak hours.
The second Bill HB 2432 file by Representative John Davis would give blanket authorization to enter into these agreements. Both bills allow secrecy with no financial disclosure to the public to see with no sunset provision in them. These bills are a recipe for disaster that further undermines the liberties and sovereignty of the State of Texas.The good news is no one has co signed these bills yet. This is the time we the people of Texas make the Trans Texas corridor or any highway turning into a toll road the third rail of politics. Touch our roads than your voted out.Lets make sure these bill die in committee and never see the light of day again. These bills are no benefit to the people of Texas. These bill only enrich the foreign corporation and bankers if they become law. Any bill that sells off infrastructure to a private corporation foreign or domestic.They need to be removed from office or we will keep fighting them every year. It is not their roads to sell or give away. 

The President Is Speaking Tonight.Have Your Shoval Ready to Scoop Up The Bull S*%T Ooozing Out Of The TV.

              Do you know I never sat through a speech or address the President Obama gives. I know what he is going to say. His words are manure wrapped up in a perfume package. It still stinks and care not to have it. It is funny we should ask when we had the Emergency Broadcasting System for years and now they are running test now so the President can interrupt any broadcast to give us announcements from our emperor being on every channel
               I think this is next if the ratings of his televised address to the nation gets low ratings worse than any sitcom in the Nealson ratings. I can say no one wants to watch this liar. People can protest in a simple way that works. They can turn the TV off and click on another cable channel. Me I will not waste my time Watching the address because I know what he is going to say before he says it which is Bull S*&t.
               I know this is a public relations move by the Administration to convince the American people this a just war when we are tired of wars. This war is not popular at all. I know he will read from a teleprompter that are not his words but written by his handlers to spew propaganda. The best thing we can do to show we do not believe you anymore is not to watch him. Turn off the TV.Watch a movie or change the channel. We can help President Obama make history. That is giving the lowest dismal ratings of any Presidential address in history. Buy not watching and listening to him will send a message of no confidence. By turning off the TV sends the message we will not listen to the propaganda machine anymore. That would make an impact that will drive them crazy with fear. The final choice is have your shovel ready because the BS will ooze out of the TV screen stinking up the place.

America. We Are The Evil Empire.The True Weapon Of Mass Destruction

              We have to commend people like General Smedley Butler sayin "War is a Racket". I used to think that people protesting in foreign countries saying"Death to America" burning our flag chanting. I though it was because as it was portrayed they hate our wealth and freedoms, Little did I know what the real reasons was why people were angry in the streets. What I was really seeing was blow back of an interventionist foreign policy. When Iran took American hostages.It was not because they were Muslims spreading Islam. It was because people were tired of the US puppet dictator called the Shah who tortured and oppressed the Iranian people.US intervention resulted in the overthrow of the pro American leader for British Petroleum so they can take over the oil fields and for Israel.
              Now I look today with our involvement in Libya. The torture and rapes of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib. The harsh treatment of the inmates at Guantanamo Bay being held without charge. Using drones to attack wedding parties in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Saber rattling to attack Iran. Going back in to Somalia. Having a presence in the Balkans The ousting of Saddam Hussein for weapons of mass destruction that were never found. American Soldiers in the dead of night terrorist families in the countries they occupy illegally.We are now the terrorist. Shooting and throwing pets off the roofs by US Marines. They people have a very good reason to hate us. These countries never attacked us and we punish them because we do not like their leader or disagree with their internal affairs. We no longer serve as a force of good anymore.
              We are the Evil Empire for the Military Industrial complex. There is no good business when there is peace for these arms manufacturers.They need wars to so our military can drop bombs on innocent people and shoot ammunition at people fighting a foreign force that is us. We are the Evil Empire. Soviet Russia was never this bad. Yes they were a tyranny and did at one time expand its sphere of influence. Not like the United States is doing looking to start fights all over the place. We have become the rogue force of evil that has hurt our good name for decades to come. We have become what we despised in the past.
              This Empire will collapse soon because it can not sustain itself and its wars to dominate the world. Just like Rome and the USSR.So will this Empire will follow too. Until we thew people admit we are now the Evil Empire. Nothing will change and our children will go off to fight for wars we do not want unless we take back our republic and dismantle the empire.


When CPS Attacks One Family. They Attack All Families.

               When there will be revenue shortfalls in counties and states looking to make up the difference. One of the biggest revenue generators is Child Protective Services because under two laws. The first law was the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act and the Adoption and Safe Families Act. Both laws give big money to the states not to reunite and keep families together.They make the biggest through adoptions A racketeering operation sanctioned by the state. It has been proven the state who claim to have the best interest of the children at heart can not live up to their words.
                 A child in the care of state custody is more likely to be abused,neglected,molested and even killed in the loving arms of the government than in the care of their parents. Two cases come to mind. Greg Pound and  Amy Charron.  These people are labeled as weirdos and cooks. Nut cases and mentally unstable. Why? Because they are fighting for their children to come home. They been persecuted and denied due process. Child Rapist and murderers get more rights than these people who have done nothing criminal.They get a jury trial and the right to bring forth witnesses in their defense. In the name for the children. The bill of rights does not exist and they get railroaded in court.
                 The churches will not help because they all are 501c3 corporations.Taking about government corruption from the pulpit can result in losing their tax exempt status. Men will not get involved because they are more concerned about the final four and the sports scores. Being a steroid worshiper of athletes is more important to them than the impending danger their family is in.  Law enforcement are just following orders never asking questions.No one wants to take the risk of rocking the boat and just want keep their pension. If a child is killed in foster care.They give jurisdiction to CPS were no one is arrested or held accountable. The state covers it up. Exposing the deplorable conditions in foster care and bringing to light many case workers had knowledge of the abuse in some of these homes never have to answer for it.. If this comes to light. The whole legitimacy of this agency and its whole existence will be brought into question.The children who need to be intervened on never get helped. A stable family with healthy children who have a clean record get their kids taken away for the most frivolous reasons like a playground accident.
                 We look now today in this present state of the nation .People are out of work getting evicted and foreclosed on. They are losing their homes becoming homeless. We can see the state feeding on people going through hard times and take their children from them. People lose their jobs,homes and everything that gives meaning to their lives. Than the state takes away the children. The parents are broke and cannot afford to hire a good lawyer and do not have the resources to fight back. This is a perfect storm waiting to happen. It is bad when people lose their home and most of their possessions. It is another thing to lose their children to the state for something the government created in the first place. Then we might see someone pushing back against the state abuses. When they exploit the misfortune of families as an excuse to take children away from the parents is repulsive.
                   Our families are under attack by CPS. CPS is for profit agency and could care less about the children. The corruption in these agencies is horrific and should be shut down.This is why when state declare its sovereignty. They must sever the state from any federal funding or subsidy ,even if that means dismantling Child Protective Services. If a state is going to stay strong. It must keep the family intact and not under the heavy hand of the state. Once the family goes.So does the nation.
                     For politicians . This brings in revenue for the state. Everyone makes money every time a child is removed from the home. They could care less about the rights of the parents and the child. The hypocrisy of the state if the state justifies removing kids from home when parents have a verbal quarrel that does not amount to domestic violence.That will claim people to be bad parents when a child has a household accident like a dog bite or breaks arm on the swing. This is the same government that can not even keep kids safe in foster care. This is the same government that gropes us at the airport and takes away nail clippers. At the same time can not detect a firearm in carry on luggage. I think a push back against the government is ripe to happen real soon. Take away a man's car and his home. Take away his job and leave him penniless.Take away his children might be a rude awakening that starts the chain reaction that is the beginning of the end of this out of control government.An attack on one family is an attack on us all. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Another Leftist Nut Case Obama Appoints to Head The FBI.

                What is it with this President and who he appoints?They all look like the persona of that woman in the Movie Misery. They all seem like they have more than one screw loose in their heads. Supreme Court Justice Sotmoyer and Supreme Court Justice Kagan scare the hell out of me because they are not in their right minds. You look at the head of Homeland Security. Janet Napolitano is Janet Reno Jr. She is the Big Sis I like to call evil incarnate..
                 Now the Head of the FBI Robert Mueller will be leaving after 10 years being the steward over the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This post is only a one term position that only has a term for 10 years not up for re appointment. Robert Mueller was appointed by George W Bush to replace Clinton appointment Louie Freeh. Now Mr Mueller stepping down is mandatory after ten years post.
                 Now we have President Obama  making another appointment. This time it is the FBI. The President who will fill the vacancy.Who fills that post at the FBI is more important than we think. It is not like any other cabinet post were once the President leaves office. The people he appointed in the executive branch leaves except the Federal Bureau of Investigation. That is a term of 10 years is what makes it so dangerous of who the President might appoint is everything.
                  Rumor now is the President might appoint a lady that has the reputation of being the "Mistress of Disaster". This is according from sources from NPR  Her name is Jamie Gorelick who was working under former Attorney General Janet Reno in the Justice Department during the Clinton Administration .Jamie Gorelick represented BP during the Gulf oil spill and screwed up many important cases under Clinton denying justice.
                  We can not afford a Jamie Gorelick to fill this post at the FBI. Suppose we get a real patriot to become President like Ron Paul and get a real congress in power. This woman can create a lot of havoc in this post who can be a lot of trouble to future administrations. Thus woman must not be confirmed to this post.We do not need any more Marxist,Leftist mentally unstable and morally depraved people filling these post. I rather that post stay vacant than filled at this time. Do you agree? Better leave the FBI leaderless than have a mistress of disaster at the helm.

BATFE Seeks Attack Shotguns Ownership By Bureaucratic Stealth Unless Gun Owners Speak Out!

            They want our guns.The Obama Administration is relentless about outlawing firearm ownership by hook or crook. By legislation or by bureaucratic stealth through the regulatory process and rule making by unelected bureaucrats. President Obama wanted to get the Pro Gun organizations in for negotiation. Even the NRA who sold out gun owners by compromise in the past refused to attend. 
            President Obama has lost all credibility with the gun control issue. But he is still determined to go after the private ownership of firearms by any means available at his disposal. This Administration has used every means he can with no favorable results to attack the right to keep and bear arms. He has tried to use to shooting of Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords to demonize gun owners and patriots. That backfired on them. Obama tried to demonize the Second Amendment as the cause of the violence along the Mexican border with the drug cartels. The BATFE is in damage control trying to put a public relations spin when a few courageous agents in the agency blew the whistle on corrupt colleagues smuggling guns from the property inventory locker into Mexico to increase the violence along the border towns. This was a false flag operation to again blame our right to keep and bear arms as the reason for the violent drug wars on the southern border were innocent people have been killed by firearms smuggled by Federal agents to create a crisis.
             Here what the BATFE seeks to impose without an act of congress based on a study were I think the results are cooked and manipulated to suit an agenda.This is what Eric Holder of the Justice Department and the BATFE plan to do based on a study of shotguns.

  -Registering all shotguns
  -Ban the importation and restriction on shotguns
  -Ban on semi auto shotguns that use a box or tube that hold more than five rounds or pump action shotguns.
  -Ban on aftermarket parts that are imported as parts for shotguns/
             The Attorney General Eric Holder  finds "no suitable Sporting Purpose" of Shotguns.He is trying to use this study to advance the anti gun agenda. This is the same man who sought to have all Firearms banned on the losing side of the Supreme Court landmark decision case Washington DC vs Heller.
              The BATFE is seeking public comments on the possibility banning shotguns and the importation of shotguns. Before they  can move forward implementing there findings into action going after shotgun owners. You can voice your objections sending an email here to the BATFE and let them know the "The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Please CC your objections to your to the Firearms Coalition to gauge the response.Do not forget to CC your congressmen and Senators too.Please thank the Firearms Coalition for bringing this to our attention.
               Even though this administration will ignore our comments and objections. We just voice our opposition and not relent like we did in the past. No surrender and no retreat when it our right to keep and bear arms is concerned.No compromise! We now have the moral high ground now. Lets use it to our advantage against the people who want us disarmed.WE ARE NOT THEIR SLAVES like disarmed peasants of the past. Our guns are the only thing keeping this dictator wannabe from unleashing a reign of terror on us.Remember what happened when Joseph Stalin disarmed the Russian people.We must not let that happen here like it happened in Russia.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Border Patrol Caught US Government Van With Foreign Nationals in US Military Uniforms.

                   There is foreign soldiers are on American soil planning to wage war on us. We should thank this Border Patrol Agent for being alert and asking the right questions about a US Government van traveling north approaching the point of entry into the United States through San Diego. This shows if they are bringing on foreign soldiers to suppress the American people?That means our Politicians do not trust the Military and Law Enforcement any more because many of them are catching on to the looming tyranny on the horizon.

                   We can not say that all government agents are bad and abusive. We do have a few good men. I mean a few good men. One of these good men is a Border and Customs agent. He might a be a former Marine or a Marine Reservist. This alert agent stopped a US Government van and asked the right questions when he seen something really suspicious. All the men in the van were wearing Marine Corps uniforms and had all their gear. The Agent asked the Driver what is the birthday of the United States Marine Corp.That date is drill into a Marine's head. The driver could not answer and did not speak English .All the passengers disguising themselves as Marines had the same name tag saying "Lopez".That was the other red flag that done them in. They could be former Mexican soldiers aiding in drug smuggling too. It is hard to say because our government is unwilling to address the issue either way.It is not good. It is hard to find out the real reason why these men were dressed in Military uniforms. Our government has betrayed us from so many directions. Everything is now suspicious the government is doing not above reproach anymore.

                     What is really sad. This agent might get fired or railroaded out of his job because He stopped a US Government Van and asked questions about who was riding in the vehicle. This former Marine done his job as a Border and Customs agent. I give this man many thanks for exposing what our government is really doing and what they plan on doing.

                  There has been many agreements with Canada,Mexico and the United States without the consent of congress to use each others soldiers to suppress the population in case of an uprising or civil unrest.This agreement is a part of the Security Prosperity and Partnership(SPP) as better known as the North American Union (NAU).Can these men be the advance force preparing for Martial Law in the United States?

                    It is my hope that this puts other agents on notice to check Government Vehicles coming across the southern border.I hope these sworn agents see government vehicles are no longer above reproach or suspicion. Regardless how the Obama administration tries to tie the hands of the Border Patrol and Customs agents. Under the worst circumstances being restricted doing their jobs to secure the border and the low moral in the agency. They are doing very their best under the worst conditions  The Border Patrol are some of the most patriotic people very dedicated to their jobs despite a few bad apples on the force. I thank this agent for doing his job. He may have saved his country in more ways than one from sure destruction. Sempler Fi

Obama's Hypocrisy on Libya ,Homeland Security ,and the TSA

               Last night listening to Texas perspective hosted by Texas Nationalist President Daniel Miller hit the nail right on the head about why we are in Libya exposing Obama's hypocrisy. This war is total hypocrisy. An oxymoron at it best. To hear President Obama's rationalization why the United States military has been ordered to attack Libya.The justification is because the Libyan dictator oppressing his own population's right to alter and abolish their own form of government.
               What a hypocrite this President is. How can this administration say this when his own people he has appointed.These very people written the MIAC report were Patriots,gun owners,private property rights advocates,anti war activist,people against the Federal Reserve system,state sovereignty movements,state secession movements,constitutionalists,Ron Paul supporters,Bob Barr supporters, Libertarian Party members,conservatives and most of all veterans.Especially the battle hardened ones returning from Afghanistan and Iraq. All the above have been labeled a national security threat by the Department of Homeland Security. Free Speech by the Obama Administration is now a crime that must be silenced and they want to criminalize political speech to send a chilling effect not to speak out.
                What about the TSA? We know those people who want to scan our naked bodies and want to have us felt up with enhanced pat downs. The very incompetent people who will shake down an old woman in a wheelchair and confiscate her nail clippers. At the same time can not detect a pistol on aperson boarding a plane. The thieves in uniform who will steal from our luggage. The agency who will fine us $5000 for exercising our constitutional rights against unreasonable search and seizures asserting our fourth amendment rights. It is insane.
                 To hear President Obama say we are attacking Libya because the dictator is abusing his people and oppressing them.Keeping his own people from exercising their human rights is utter nonsense and hypocrisy at its worst.Never mind the United States abuses their own people over here through the IRS,FBI,DHS and the TSA as a tool to harass political enemies . It is one of things were Jesus says before we remove the spec in someone else's eye.Remove the beam in our own before we act.The US Government needs to mind its own business in the affairs of the other nations and get out of the personal lives of Americans.We have enough a mess here to deal with without making new messes abroad.  I hope this President gets impeached.

Possible Constitutional Standoff in Utah Over Sound Money Verse The Fiat Federal Reserve Note?

             If anyone gets a chance to read the book "The Creature From Jekyll Island" by G.Edward Griffin. I can say it is a must read to learn about the insidious nature of the robber barons. Monopolies are not created by a very limited government.These monopolies only happen when there is government interference in favor one corporation over another.They do this by buying off politicians to pass laws that gives the corporation an  upper hand for a certain favored Tycoon so they can shut down any competition That is how they create these monopolies.
             It is the same with the Federal Reserve Act were Congress hands over their Constitutional power and responsibility to coin money and determine the value thereof to Private Central Bankers creating a monopoly over the issuance of the currency.Government intervention at it best.This gave them power over the economy to control trade and commerce.When the Federal Reserve Act was just a piece of Legislation. It was promised this bill would stop booms and busts in the economy. This bill was sold to stop panics on the banks and would keep us out of a depression was the talking points of the day. It did not stop the crash of 1929 and the Great Depression. The Federal Reserve Bank orchestrated it by design.
             Now we fast forward to today. The Federal Reserve Bank controls all of the economy.Last year.There was legislation that passed congress and now law. It made this Private Central Bank the financial dictator over the whole economy deciding who are the winners and losers in this global economy. The Federal reserve bank is printing money to bail out Wall Street putting the burden on the people to pay for this through a hidden tax called inflation.The Federal Reserve Note is the currency of the day. This Fiat money is a legalized counterfeiting operation because it was made legal tender under the Federal Reserve Act. This central bank is now has a choke hold on the people and the economy. The value of the Dollar is being debased and devalued which is a direct violation of the Coinage Act of 1798. To debase and devalue the currency by counterfeiting is punishable with death by this act of Congress. The Head of the Federal Reserve is firing up the printing presses debasing the currency by every dollar that is printed to keep Wall Street afloat.
              The head of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernake  is doing QE-1 starting on QE-2 and planning on QE-3. QE meaning Quantitative Easing meaning pumping money into Banker's and Wall Street's  pockets for there benefit only. To us people who live on Main Street and not on Wall Street. Quantitative Easing for Wall Street is Quantitative Squeezing for the rest of us on Main Street.We feel it at the gas pumps when we fill up our cars and when we shop for food at the Supermarket. Our wages are not going up,But the prices on all the consumables we need are.Everyone feels it in their wallet because the purchasing power of what we earned is diminished because Quantitative Easing for the Wall Street fat cats is Quantitative Squeezing on us. We are paying higher prices to benefit the few at the expense of many. Our very livelihoods are at the mercy of Robber Barons.It seems like there is no end in sight. No relief coming.
              Among the Elites who run the central banks as John D Rockefeller said"Competition is a sin" meaning they want to control it all and not have to compete with an other for business.Bernard Von NotHaus was convicted for minting the Ron Paul Liberty Dollar in Federal Court. His crime?Minting Recently collectible Gold and Silver coins that was the Legal tender before the Federal Reserve Act was law. These collectible gold and silver coins in circulation posed threat to the bankers monopoly on the issuance of the currency because gold and silver is real money.Not funny money fiat currency.They could not allow an alternative form of currency to compete with the worthless Federal Reserve Note. When people have real money in their hands. The bankers can not control the value of currencies backed by precious metals.They can not manipulate it and control it. If this alternative form of currency was ever to be used as real money traded for good and services.They would lose control of the economy. That is a threat to their monopoly on power that really frightens them because their fraud would be exposed.
              Now seeing the writing on the wall seeing the Federal Reserve bank is destroying the economy. States are feeling the shortfall in the budgets and their economies deteriorating. Some State Legislators in a handful of States have been forced to take a look at some action to keep their states functioning in the light of an economic collapse because the devaluing of the dollar.The State of Utah has passed a bill in both houses making gold and silver legal tender. This I can say with out it being reported that it is sending shock waves to the Federal Reserve Bank and has emboldened States to follow Utah's lead. The Utah governor has not signed the bill yet making it law. If the governor vetoes the bill. The Legislator can  override the veto by both houses making it law without the governor signature or the governor can sign it that would have other states empowered to act in following Utah's path. State Legislators now has bills filed in Virginia,Georgia,South Carolina,New Hampshire and Tennessee. If these States follow Utah's example.We can have a constitutional standoff between the states who make gold and silver their currency and the Federal government being the Bankers hired gun to try to squash any movement toward sound money.
              If the Governor of Utah signs this bill and becomes law.Can we see the Federal Government coming in like they did with the Liberty dollar to seize the mold,dyes,gold and silver too? If the Federal Government comes into confiscate everything.Will there be a armed confrontation between the state's police forces and Federal agents trying to stop the minting of coins? Will the Bankers try to use Utah as an example telling other states not to dare try to have their own money.This will happen to you if the Feds are successful stamping out anym move to towards honest money . I can tell right now the governor of Utah is under tremendous pressure from the people and the Federal government. The people want sound money. The Federal government being the Bankers henchmen might have threatened the Utah Governor.Threats to do what they did to John F. Kennedy in Daley Plaza in Dallas after he signed an executive order to print silver backed dollar and retire the Federal Reserve Note. It is not reported too much this bill passing in the Utah Legislator is because the establishment wants to suppress popular support from within Utah and outside the State. Utah has the Bankers scared  big time.
               Why are the Bankers scared?Because if the Utah Governor signs the bill and the Federal Government fails to stop the state using Gold and Silver backed currency.Many other states like dominoes in a chain reaction will follow Utah's lead. This can cause the Federal government to collapse like the Soviet Union if a good number of states are using honest money and the Federal government has only worthless paper to fund itself that can not compete with a precious metal backed currency. It is a threat to their power.  Sound money is the bankster's worse nightmare  .When the Federal Reserve note becomes obsolete because it can not compete with sound money. So will the choke hold of the Federal government and the Bankers we will be free from too.It is just a matter of time.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Buyer Beware Buying Iodine Pills Avoid Getting Ripped Off and Scammed

             I seen this before. I been through hurricanes and dodged a bullet when these major storm did not hit. In these times of crisis. There are those who will try to make a fast dollar on a panic and demand. When I lived in the state of Florida. There is anti price gouging laws on the books so people can not jack up the prices in a state of emergency.The state enforces the laws and makes an example of anyone caught doing this practice.
            The the worst catastrophes so bring the best out in people and bring the worst out too. In the recent earthquakes in Japan causing radio active particles being carried by the wind currents to the United States.There has been panic buying on potassium iodine. Many will just seek an opportunity to be profiteers and rip people off charging exorbitant prices for a product that is inexpensive, Now people are getting caught price gouging taking advantage of the fears of people to increase the profit margin.
              In China. The Chinese government shut down websites sell phony pills scamming on the fear of the public.  The Food and Drug Administration  has issued a buyer beware of selling the fake iodine pills from not reputable companies . I have not seen any confirmed reports yet of people getting caught selling placebos saying they are iodine pills.May those scoundrels rot in a jail cell.
             Price gouging should not be tolerated when there is a need. It is not right.It is morally wrong I lived through hurricanes and had to deal with going with weeks and days without power and safe drinking water. I seen some merchants jack up prices on generators and bottled water. Now since we have this bombing in Libya. We should, go arrest those people raising the price on a barrel of oil who work for the oil companies since this crisis is not limited to iodine pills. Anyone who created artificial scarcity and seeks to profit off a crisis as merchants selling iodine pills or the commodity speculators on Wall Street. To wall street and the oil companies.To the venders selling these pills. Price gouging is a criminal act and we should not tolerate it anymore. We been ripped off and looted long enough.

NATO This Cold War Relic Needs To Be Dissolved.

                In the light of this recent attacks on Libya.Seeing German Forces pulling out of NATO. Since the collapse of the old Soviet Union and along with the Warsaw Pact dissolving. The North Atlantic Treaty Alliance was a pact that if the a communist country decided to invade western Europe.If a sovereign nation in NATO was attacked by the Soviet Union. Every country would to come their aid.There was a time this alliance served its purpose. NATO now is a cold war relic that needs to go the way of the dinosaurs.
                Now it looks like NATO has out served its usefulness and needs to be dissolved  as the Warsaw Pact did at the end of the cold war. NATO now has itself involved in the internal affairs of other nations and interjected itself were it does not belong going far beyond its original purpose.NATO is now the coalition of the aggressors.It serves no purpose anymore since the Cold war ended.
                  Look at what NATO has been involved with since the collapse of communism in eastern Europe and the old USSR. It has not served as a force of stability. Look at the bang up job they did in the Balkans and Afghanistan. Now they were attacking Libya.During the Cold War.This compact was supposed to contain Soviet Aggression into Western Europe. Now they are involved in operations outside its original intent. Now they are in countries that never attacked nations who signed the treaty. Libya never attacked, Afghanistan never made an aggressive move toward a country in the NATO alliance. The conflict in the Balkans never posed no threat to NATO countries. Than why is NATO involved? Has it now become an extension of the United Nations now?It looks like the UN used this alliance as a cover to me in all these NATO missions. What do you think?
                 I wish our leaders would heed to the father of our country George Washington. In our first President's farewell address. He warned us to stay out of entangling alliances. Our nation is in such deep trouble because of our entangling alliances. Being entangled with the United Nations,free trade agreements,The North American Union or better know as the Security Prosperity and Partnership and NATO has really put a toll on our nation in more ways than one.
                  I think it is time to dissolve NATO as a start.It is a beginning to start undue these entangling alliances that threaten our sovereignty.All these treaties and agreements do more harm than good to this great nation and our independence. NATO is a good start since it out served its usefulness and no longer needed since the Cold War is over. There is nothing wrong with temporary agreements to ensure the security of our borders and shores. Once the threat is gone. The alliance dissolves. Never should there be any long term entanglements that out serve its usefulness. NATO no longer serves a purpose like it did during the cold war. When the Cold War was over . NATO should have been dissolved when the Soviet threat ended.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Texas State Budget Woes.Pending Legislation Could Mean Four Day Work Week For Public Education and Other State Agencies If Passed Into Law

             Last week the teachers all demonstrated on the State Capital Steps in Austin Texas about the 10 billion dollar cuts to the education budget.Would do these cuts mean? Is this austerity measures were we have to pay more in taxes and accept less services so it all can go to the Wall street oligarchs.Plus all the bankers to pay a debt we do not owe. In Texas and nationwide could be the real summer of rage by Teachers and State workers fighting budget cuts.
            One of the items being proposed is reducing the school week from a five day  week to a four day week. There is a bill in the Texas house filed HB1326 would make a four day school week a reality.I do not know if that is good or bad. Because Public school education is broken. There is another bill filed HB1652 cutting the hours of operations and to a four day work week to state agencies too. I wonder what vital services will be cut and what parasitic agencies will be the ones that will not be affected by the budget cuts because they will generate revenue.
            No ones know what the backlash will be if these bills become law. It will be ugly just like Wisconsin or worse. If State lawmakers were really serious about making real cuts. They start trimming the top heavy bureaucracies of useless paper pushers making six digits a year salaries that creates more inefficiency and incompetence. It is time to eliminate all these sacred cows in the bureaucracy if they are really serious.
             Neither the teachers and state workers should not have to suffer to pay the Bankers,the Walls Street oligarchs and preserving the Status Quo in the bureaucracies that really serve no purpose but reward incompetence and not cost effective efficiency.Texas is a unique State. This could get really ugly if the state legislator ever decides to bring these bills to the floor for a vote.It could make Wisconsin look like a boy scout pow wow.We will just wait and see.

Resolution Filed In Texas State House Stands Up To The EPA Asserting State Rights.

            Texas is an oil state. You drive around and see the refineries and oil wells pumping in the field depending on part of the State you live in. That all can be a thing of the past if the Obama administration has its way using the EPA as an enforcement arm to shut down this vital industry in the Lone Star State. It has become very clear the Environmental Protect Industry is not their anymore for clean air making sure corporate recklessness does not become a public health threat.
           The EPA now attacks economic and human activity.Activity that is normal and routine like breathing in oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide. Last winter for one day we had rolling blackouts because the EPA was ordering plants to shut down so a plant does not exceed its carbon credit emissions. Since the present administration occupying the White House did not get Congress to pass Cap and Trade Legislation that would have been a blow to the economy. That did not stop this rogue President's determination from getting his way.
           Since the President did not get Cap and Trade passed in the Senate. He decided to usurp power and use the regulatory process to implement Cap and Trade. The State of Texas decided they will refuse to comply with these draconian regulations concerning carbon emissions and greenhouse gases. The State government seen these new rules were based a data proven to be a fraud and discredited by many in the scientific community. The President did a hostile take over of taking over the issuing permits to refineries and power plants. The EPA has been ordering the shut down of power plants and oil refineries with no law making the regulations so hard to comply with. It would be costly to start them up and keep operating. It would also through red tape make it impossible to get a new permits.
           I have to commend Texas Attorney Greg Abbott for his valiant fight taking on the EPA in Federal Court. If these EPA rules go into full force. The people of Texas would see a spike in their electric bills and at the gas pumps. This rise in cost complying with these draconian rules has been passed on in the rise of food prices and necessary consumables people need.  His efforts did not bring any immediate success yet. He is still be fighting the EPA with multiple lawsuits trying to stem and push back against a rogue agency that seeks to control human and economic activity in the name of saving the Earth. Texas will not fall to the Eco parasites in the EPA if the Attorney General stays relentless. Now the Texas Legislator is coming in against the EPA from another direction.
            Now a resolution was recently filed in the Texas State House. State Representative Jason Issac has filed HCR-81 sending notice to the Federal Government as a shot across the bow about the abuses of the EPA.The text points out the perverting the commerce clause in the Constitution  to restrict,even shut down economic activity violating the 9th and 10 amendments in the Bill of Rights concerning state sovereignty.
            If this resolution passes. It will put the Federal government on notice that Texas will fight back against the heavy hand using the EPA under the perverted use of the commerce clause to overstep where it was not the founders original intent. This Administration needs to be put back in the box. Even though this resolution is a half measure and really has no teeth. It is a step in the right direction.Even if it is a small one.


Monday, March 21, 2011

I will not Sacrifice My Children For Imperial Wars.

            As a parent with two boys who still are enjoying the innocence of their youth . It really frightens me what kind of America I will leave behind for them.This government is not our government anymore.It serves the bankers and Wall street. The Military is not an force of good anymore and does not protect our borders anymore so our nation is secured from invasion. The armed forces does not defend the freedoms our decedents fought,bled and died for to preserve.It serves the Robber Barons and Mega Corporations to steal a country's natural resources. We are the evil empire now. Not the USSR. We are the aggressor.The oppressor of the world.A force of destruction.
            What can we do to keep them out of harms way. One is sign every form the school has that does not allow any military recruiter access to my children's records or them in person. In the State of Texas. There is bill pending in the State House. When a male turns 18.If this bill becomes law.This new law will automatically constitute consent registering for Selective Service when a male turns 18 years old or older as a condition to renew his drivers license.We have to watch out and make sure none of these types of bills never slip under the radar with cunning underhanded methods by scurrilous Politicians. If this legislation becomes law. Will we see like we saw in the 1960s,and the 1970s seeing people burning their draft cards in front of the Post Office in mass protest? I see many young people cutting their drivers license in protest in an act of civil disobedience as a public statement to show defiance against this corrupt system that no longer serves the American people..
             If I am going to sacrifice my offspring to war. Let it be to defend the Rio Grande River from invasion. Not for the oil barons or the Bankers. If we love our children. We need to protect them from an imperial government hell bent building an empire.This imperial dictatorship must be defeated before it is too late. The time for talk is over. Now we move to get results.

Obama Lost Left Wing Cover Attacking Libya

              President Obama is losing credibility from factions in his own party. President Obama deployed forces and ordered attacks on Libya without congressional declarations war. President Obama is not being attacked on the right from the GOP.The war mongers in the Republican Party are asking the President to" define the mission". They are asking this question so they can justify funding this new war so they can tell their constituents in the name fighting the terrorist to "Keep us safe" The justification we had to go after and overthrow Gadhafi in this war on terror.The only Congressmen to voice opposition in the Republican Party opposing the recent attacks on Libya is Representative Ron Paul of Texas.
             The opposition is coming from inside the Democratic party is the ones speaking the loudest asking the right questions.President Obama when he was campaigning to be president promised to withdraw troops from Iraq. Barrack Obama blasted President Bush while he was a US Senator from Illinois who raised the objections of going to war without congressional approval declaring war if there is no national security threat. Instead of a scaling down of operations for an orderly withdrawal of troops from these wars since President Obama took office.He is now escalating attacks in Pakistan,Yemen,Iraq and Afghanistan . Now he is starting a new war in Libya that is not a threat to our nations security.
             When a man is losing credibility within his own party and have no faith in his leadership among the constituents who worked hard to get him elected. President Obama has now lost left cover. What will bring Obama down?It will not be the Republicans. It will come from the factions in his own party because he has betrayed many groups he promised  to deliver. Now since he attacked Libya with no just cause. He has lost all credibility with the party faithful and people who supported him has become very disillusioned that he did the opposite in what he promised. We are starting to see fracturing within the party. Only time will tell when 2012 rolls around.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Helen Thomas is Back.She Speaks Her Mind Again About Israel And the Jews.

               I have to tip my stetson cowboy hat to Helen Thomas going to the root of the Problem that troubles this nation. The Israeli Lobby's influence in all three branches of government. There you will find the Jewish lobby everywhere. Phony conservative websites like World Net Daily and Newsmax are the water carriers for Israel and the Jews. This phony Jewish state has been the cause of instability in the middle east and has been the ones shaping our failed American foreign policy. Helen Thomas is right saying the Jews control the White House and Congress.She did not mention the courts.
               This cadre of Jewish people,Not all Jewish people.Many Jewish people see Israel as a threat to the stability and security of sovereign nations in the Middle East.They also see them as a threat to the United States people too. This cabal of Jewish people are the ones who want to imprison people for denying the holocaust. Not to include them attacking our Christian Heritage too If they see a  tiny cross in an obscure place on a state or city seal. They want to take them to court to have it ordered removed by a judge. Anywhere they find a cross whether it be in a park or underwater.They are attacking our symbols. Helen Thomas who has been the White House correspondent for many decades covering many US Presidents seen a lot and knows a lot. Helen knows what she is taking about. She knows who are the movers and shakers inside the beltway.
              Helen Thomas is back in an interview with Playboy Magazine published April 2011 issue saying "Everybody is in the pocket of the Israeli lobbies, which are funded by wealthy supporters, including those from Hollywood. Same thing with the financial markets. There's is total control."This woman has more courage than the average politician and people like Sean Hannidy to speak the truth no one dare tread. Speaking about the Jews and the Israeli lobby is the third rail in the establishment media.Speak out against Israel and the Jews. YOUR FIRED!Look What Happened to that CNN Anchor Rick Sanchez for speaking the truth. He was saying the very same thing Helen Thomas is speaking.
               So why is her free speech is being attacked? It is because she is speaking the truth about what is really going on in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. How the Israeli Army is oppressing the people in these sovereign nations that is recognized by the Russian Federation. The Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza strip are not crazy Muslims the Jewish controlled press would have us believe. They are predominately Christian as well as Muslims who live peacefully together.
                They want to silence Helen Thomas is because if the truth ever got out to the Evangelical Christians that the Jews in Israel are not real blood Jews and how they persecute Christians in Israel as well in the occupied areas.If the truth ever got out about how the Israelis and the Jewish lobby shows real hostility toward our Christian Heritage,Religious Freedoms and Free speech.It is over for people like Pat Robertson and John Hagee who preach "The support Israel propaganda"So Israel can start wars around the Middle East with impunity thinking our Creator will bless them because they are God's chosen. They fear her because she is not holding back and not backing off. I applaud her moral courage.
                Helen Thomas. Never shut up and keep speaking your mind as George Orwell Stated it best. "In a time of universal deceit,Telling the truth is a revolutionary act". The truth will set us free. You go girl! 



Young Boy and His Grandmother Pulled From Wreckage Nines Days After Quake Alive

             It never ceases to amaze about the miracles of survival after the the most horrific distastes when there is a glimpse of hope of people alive. I recall the tale of a person found barely alive in car for days after car was crushed under freeway in the San Fransisco Earthquake in 1989. Miracles do happen showing the human spirit overcomes the most harshest conditions nature can throw at them and lived to tell their story.
              It is reported Japan there was another miracle of a grandmother and her grandson were pulled from the rubble after a powerful tsunami destroyed the city were found alive after being crushed and trapped for nine days. A few day before. A man was found 10 miles out in sea holding on to the roof of his home when the giant seismic wave crashed into his town
               It just amazes me hearing about true stories of survival under the impossible when all hope is lost finding people alive. The miracle happens when people defy the odds and overcome to stay alive. This is one of the bright spots I would like to hear. That is when good news is the best news to hear.

UseFul Links on Websites Showing Foods Rich in Iodine

Here is a many useful links on information on foods rich in Iodine as an alternative to iodine drops or tablets. Please tell these people thank you for giving us this vital information

Lew Rockwell

WH Foods

Live Strong

Health Alternatives

Right Health

Native Remedies

Tutor Vista

Diet Health Club

No one has a monopoly on nutrition and natural remedies. Be wise and think smart.

List of Common Foods Rich In Iodine.

          While many people are panic buying looking for Iodine on the Health Food Store shelves. Before we go spend a wad of cash while merchants will price gouge taking advantage of the panic. Some foods are rich in iodine already. If you eat these foods. You might overdose because too much can be hurt too if taken in large quantities if you buy the Iodine tablets if you eat an Iodine rich diet Be careful.  Here is a list of foods that are rich in iodine.

Iodized Salt 100 grams 3000 mcg
Cereals and Breads 100 grams 10-11 mcg
Meat 100 grams 26-27 mcg
Vegetables 100 grams 32-33 mcg
Fruits 100 grams 4-5 mcg
Haddock 100 grams Almost 300 mcg
Malt bread 100 grams 29-30 mcg
Haddock 100 grams 300 mcg
Jaffa cakes 100 grams More than 32 mcg
Naan Bread 100 grams 28-29 mcg
Trifle 100 grams 60 mcg
Mayonnaise 100 grams 35-36 mcg
Cod 100 grams More than 90 mcg
Boiled Egg 1 egg 23.76 mcg
Low Fat Yogurt 1 cup 87 mcg
Strawberries 1 cup 13 mcg
Kelp 0.25 cup 415 mcg
Cow Milk (2%) 1 cup 58-59 mcg
Gouda Cheese 40 grams 13.6 mcg
Raw Oyster 13-14 grams 21-22 mcg
Ice Cream 45-50 grams 9.6-9.7 mcg
Cheddar Cheese 1 ounce 5-20 mcg
Cottage Cheese Half cup with around 2 % milk fat 25-70 mcg

Aram ,
Cheddar cheese 
Cheese cake 
Condensed milk 
Fish oils    
Fresh fish    
Iodized salt 
Jaffa cakes 
Malt bread 
Naan Bread 
Sea foods 
Sea kelp 
Sea salt    
Yorkshire pudding

I am hearing from many experts is to avoid sugar in products like candy and soda too to assit the body in counter acting radioactive particles in the body. Pray and remember Japan too. God Bless

BREAKING NEWS !Coast Guard Reports Giant Possible Oil Slick Off the Coast of Louisiana Again.

              This is not old news of the BP deep water horizon accident again. The coast guard reports a giant oil slick three to six miles long 20 off the coast of Louisiana. They have not said were the oil spill came from. There has been no accident reported off the oil rig. Could it be another false flag oporation since President Obama will not comply with court order to reopen drilling in the gulf.
              Almost a year ago when the BP deep water horizon was releasing oil into the Gulf of Mexico. British Petroleum sprayed a chemical that is banned in Europe and many other countries because it was toxic and poisonous. The United States government in collusion with BP covered up the severity and the magnitude of how bad it really is. It is not reported how people were getting sick who live close to the shores. It was not reported how workers cleaning up the mess fell ill on the job.
               I wonder what the official story will be from our not so trusting government. Will they say it was sea weed? Will they lie and say that oil slick was just swimming dolphins? I do not count on them being honest about this either. If it is an oil slick from a spill. Will they white wash it saying it is not so bad with no need to worry.At the same time covering how bad it really is. We will wait and see what good lie they will come up with to try to pacify us. I do not think nothing they try will work anymore. 


The US Congress Sleeps While Libya Burns

                When did Libya attack us? I heard no reports of the Libyan Army massing on the other side of the Rio Grande. I heard nothing in Canada either about Libyan soldiers ready to march across.There is no Libyan Naval force off our coast to threaten the shores. Was there a declaration of war by both houses of congress? Where is it in the Constitution for the President to use force on a sovereign nation without congress's approveal. When did it become our job to interfere in the internal affairs of other nations? We are hearing nothing from congress except of Congressman Ron Paul who has been a staunch against these undeclared wars that are no more than a quagmire now draining this countries wealth. When did congress cede its authority to the Untied Nations to attack Libya.We never told Congress they are off the hook from their Constitutional responsibilities they have sworn to uphold.
                Ever since congress gave away its constitutional authority to the Federal Reserve Bank.It repealed the Constitution telling Congress it is no longer their obligation anymore to coin and value the currency.The Federal Reserve Act took away from Congress that obligation to protect the value of the dollar and put it in the hands of Private Banking Cartel.Almost 100 years later we are in dire straights because Congress will not take back control of the Dollar
                 When the Untied Nations was founded in 1945 in San Fransisco and Congress approved the UN Charter.The last war declared by Congress was World War II. Ever since the United Nations came into being. There was the Korean war that ended in a tie and a cease fire. There was Vietnam War that ended with the United States losing the war even though we won many battles on the Battle field.Through the United Nations operations. What was won in battle was lost at the negotiating table when the UN was in charge. All these wars were undeclared not approved by Congress as mandated by the Constitution.
                 Now we look at Libya. Yes there is fighting among the people and the leadership in the government.The fighting did not spill over borders of other nations?There was no reason for the United States and NATO to attack this sovereign nation.The only reason why we are in Libya is so the Robber Barons and the International Bankers can jack up the price on a barrel of oil for profit. The reason why power to declare war was given to Congress and not the President. Congress is a Bicameral legislative body. The upper chamber the US Senate consisted of Two senators from each state originally selected by State legislators prior to 1913 and now voted in by popular vote by the 17th Amendment. Congress represented the will of the State Government in the Senate and the will of the people in the House of Representatives.The President can only carry our laws passed by Congress. He could not act on his own.Congress was a check on the power of the executive branch.
                  This vital check was in place to keep the President from becoming an imperial dictatorship.They learned from King George III and his reign. Now congress is failing in its responsibilities putting a check on the executive power who is starting conflicts without a declaration of war from congress.We have no business invading and bombing Libya. I see now when we try again to elect people to the next congress. We have to ask them the same question will you uphold your oath to preserve our liberties. We also have to ask these future candidates.Will they take their responsibility serious enough not to allow the President to start wars without congress making that declaration and taking back the dollar from the Federal Reserve. If congress will not act. It will be to their own downfall.