Friday, April 29, 2011

Open Carry Could Be Legal in Texas?

               The Texas House Homeland Security committee approves legislation to open carry in the lone star state. That is all fine and dandy people carrying out in plain site their side arm. I can see people getting a permit for conceal and carry permits because people are asking permission from the government. In reality people always had the right to open carry under common law.It is the concealment of a weapon is illegal unless you get permission from the state.That is a definition of a license is asking permission from the government to do something that would be otherwise illegal.
                 What has me concerned is only people who have a license will be the only ones who can open carry when it was legal always in the first place. Why is a right being converted into a privilege. It is our alienable right to keep and bear arms. Back in the early days of this country. A man always had his rifle close by to defend himself against hostile Indians and wild animals traveling on the trails all the way home. He never had a license or a permit. It was expected back then for people to be armed. If a person was not armed. It was considered taboo because the militia was considered every able body male. The right to self defense was never questioned.
                   I would prefer an unconditional right to open carry than asking permission to do something that is a common law right under the state and federal constitutions. It sounds good on the surface about open carry. When looking a little deeper. It requires permission from the state that is already a common law right. This legislation seems like a good idea. In reality it is an infringement on the right to keep and bear arms.Why not pass legislation recognizing a person unconditional right to open carry? Asking for a license to exercise a secured right is not freedom. It is tyranny hiding in a Trojan horse using the deception of open carry laws.
                    The government has no place passing laws infringing on the right to keep and bear arms. This is an unconditional right under the law of the land. It sounds good,But still infringement on the right to keep and bear arms. Take a second look before we go cheering. This is not a victory for the right to keep and bear arms.


  1. Many people may become fearful when they see others walking around with open firearms.
    I can see why because the only ones who open carry arms now have no problem with the murder of others on the street, e.g., the woodcutter in Seattle was murdered by someone with an open carry.

    1. First off, "many people" or just you is afraid of a gun. What right do you have to tell others what to do? how would you like it if i told you that you were required to carry a gun? would you be mad that i was forcing my "opinion" on you?

  2. You make a sound argument and I agree with your conclusion. I would not carry a firearm myself but I do not object nor would I be intimated if most everyone else did. In fact, I count on folks who own more than one in case I need to borrow.

    Also, I must say that many things are becoming a privilege (eg. driving a car, traveling). It's great to see someone point this out AND provide an alternative solution.

  3. I got my piece right here in my left and my own bottle of Night Train right here in this paper bag. Why you looking at me funny li' 'dat?

  4. Correct you are. Open/Concealed carry, no distinction is drawn under the "shall not be infringed" part that I can see. Yes indeed, these Sold Out Politicians are good at turning rights into privileges and making us smile while they are at it...baaaa baaaa baaaa

  5. Sawn off 12ga. double barrels are good for close work, (like the ones in the movie the god father in Italy)reloading is an art form (u can load anything from nail heads to bard wire)and lots of fun 2, get the shotgun news at the newsstand downtown, and very econ. but B carfull out there in the wild wild west.
    Always remember, they have broken all of the laws of god and man now its ok for us 2 do it?
    The gov only wants 2 CHARGE you a few fees for this usless license.They spin the laws like a fixed wheel of fortune, like deeding public highways to private thugs a la texas state highway 121 in north tx.
    Great piece again thanks also for the free speech opp'there aint that many these days.

  6. "hostile Indians and wild animals"

    OK. You've convinced me. Next time you see a hostile Indian or wild animal while driving home from work, go ahead and shoot it.

  7. "hostile Indians and wild animals"

    OK. You've convinced me. Next time you see a hostile Indian or wild animal while driving home from work, go ahead and shoot.

  8. Anonymous on Friday, 29 April, 2011 said "the woodcutter in Seattle was murdered by someone with an open carry." You're as big a pansy as you are misinformed. The woodcutter was murdered by a cop not a citizen. Who cares if someone is afraid? Your fear doesn't trump ones right to defend himself against a criminal and a criminal will have a gun concealed if he cannot carry it openly. Which would you rather have, people who you might think are packing or people who you know are packing?

  9. I love the idea of open carry.. I agree its our right to do so. I would feel much safer sitting in a restaurant filled will men and women with a loaded pistol on their hip along with me...I doubt that a thugs would try and jack anyone or anything while 20 people have a weapon of their choice on them...crime would all but cease.

  10. < OK. You've convinced me. Next time you see a hostile Indian or wild animal while driving home from work, go ahead and shoot. >

    Most clueless statement I've heard in a while. Change it to "hostile crackhead" and "wild street thug" and you'll be pretty close.

    Do you bother to read the news or watch it on TV at all? Even a little? This stuff goes on all around us daily to law abiding people just trying to get by. All this does is just level the playing field and give lawful folks a chance to prevail over the cretins out there.

    "When seconds count, the police are minutes away". Think about it. What's your life worth?

  11. You are wrong sir. Under Texas law (common and statutory) it is illegal to carry a handgun, illegal knife, or club in the open except in very limited instances. Saying open carry is legal in Texas is inviting people to jail time, fines, and the loss of their weapons. Shotguns and rifles are not prohibited under state law, either concealed or unconcealed, loaded or unloaded; but you can bet you will go to jail anytime the police sees you with a handgun in a public place unless you are participating a lawful sporting activity.

  12. Thankyou Anon from Thursday. I was going to point that out. You get jammed up even printing or accidentally flashing you pistol in public here in Texas. Class A Misdemenor. The open carry bill was to allow us CHL holders the option, AND protect us from getting screwed from accidental unconcealment. I agree that the whole concept of licensing the carrying of tools to defend yourself is reprehensable, but we are trying to drag Texas BACK towards constitutional takes time to repair the existing damage.

  13. You only have rights that you are willing to die for. I carry concealed always and have no permit to do so other than a card that has the second ammendment on one side and the other side says "I heard a revolution was about to happen. Are you choosing sides today?" to hand to any cop or so called authority that may question my RIGHT....which is not a priviledge and.cannot be infringed upon. Do you people not understand plain english? It is a permission from daddy required.

    This is the problem in this country....false choices. We got people arguing non issues like we should have guns for.hunting or sport or personal protection. These are not the real issue at hand. The RIGHT to bear arms is.singular in purpose and that is to ward off a tyranical other reason. So I ask why would anyome ask permission from a tyranical government for a RIGHT they already have. The way I read it we have the.right to have f22 fighter jets with.tomahawk missles if we want.....otherwise how defend ourselves from those who have.them?

    It is these false arguements that have led us into a situation where our government does what it pleases and when it pleases....resistance would be.futile and they know it.

    That being said...we can discuss if my firearm is legal when i am still alive to defend my position than dead because i dont have some paper on me with my xd-45.

  14. In fact, the Texas COnstitution states that the legislature has the right to regulate the wearing of arms to controlled concealed carry. Open carry is already legal in Texas by a proper interpretation of our constitution. The issue at hand is that our legal reps don;t have that proper interpretation.