Friday, April 29, 2011

My Take on the Royals and the Wedding.I wish William and Kate Well.

                I watched a little bit of the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton. Prince William the son of the late Princes Diana and Prince Charles. I can tell the two sons of Lady Diana was very different than the traditional royal protocol in her influence on her offspring. If you look at pictures between Prince Harry and Prince William next to their father Prince Charles. You can see the body language that the two sons have no respect for their father when you see them in photographs.
               When Diana funeral was taking place in the streets on London in 1997. The two sons of Diana ignored Royal Protocol and walked behind their mother's casket all the way down to Westminster Abby. You can tell in how Prince William carried himself and what Prince Harry does. We can tell how much influence the mother had over their lives than the old royal traditional confines. I have more respect for these two people in the Royal family than all put together. I have no respect for the Queen and her ilk. I have no affection for Prince Charles at all. He is the poster child of all the dysfunction inside the royal family. I can see when former Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gorden Brown were not invited was a indication I see as a possibility of Prince William's lack of respect for these men and what they done to Great Britain.As far as dictators being invited. They are considered Heads of State. The Queen had much to do with sending out the invites to the ceremony.
                I hope when Prince William takes his place on the throne. I hope he learns from history. I hope he reads and studies about the good monarchies when the people were prosperous and the king had the affection of the common folk. He also sees the failed kings were the people revolted because the past rulers who sat on the throne were so despotic.I can see were people hate royalty and can see that even in monarchies there has been success too. I hope Prince William just learns to be himself and not be a stuffed empty suit like his father following mindless protocol.
                  I wish the newlyweds well with my blessing as a couple.It is my hope they have a stable and loving family first above everything. It is my prayer that Prince William will always put the well being of his wife and future children first because his ambitions being on the throne. Being a family man first he can not only be the king. The King and Queen will become the moral leaders again instead of all the dysfunctional scandals of the past among the royals. The royals maybe have a bunch of reprobates and also not everybody in the monarchy is dysfunctional. I hope Prince William finds that sense of purpose and duty to the people of Great Britain and preserving its identity. That he restores dignity and decency to the throne. Not all Kings and Queens were bad for the English people. There were kings and queens that did have the admiration and loyalty of the people. These are the rulers who brought the greatness out of the people than suppresses it and defined the character of a nation. It is a shame we hear about all the bad and despotic monarchs who brought the people to ruin.We never hear about the kings and Queens who were loved and made their nations great.
                As far as Monarchies. I have no opinion if they should exist or not. I want no king here in Texas or in Washington DC. The people of the United Kingdom. It is their choice to have a monarchy or not.As far what I think of Prince William and his new wife Kate. I know William is not his father and more his mother in personality. I wish them well as a couple. I hope they have a good marriage that will restore dignity and stability to the throne.All we can do is hope for the best.


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