Thursday, April 21, 2011

Student Protest Over teacher Layoffs Spreading All Over Texas.

           This is a great opportunity to educate the Students and Teachers on who is really responsible for all the teacher layoffs throughout the lone star state. These layoffs are unnecessary. These teachers losing their jobs is just a symptom of a real underlying problem. That is the State legislator and the Governor being obstructionist rather than being reformers.The local school board has a lot to be blamed for too. They comply with it everything that is counter productive. Who controls these politicians?The bankers and special interest outside the State of Texas. The Federal Reserve Bank and Wall Street is telling the people that we have to pay more in taxes and do with less.So the Robber Barons offshore and on Wall Street who owns shares in the Federal Reserve can have more while shorting the people.
           The Texas legislator has sold out the people of Texas. They have become the obstructionist and stand in the way of many Texans. They are getting ready to vote on turning over our roads we payed for to a foreign power for profit. They are passing laws that are infringing on people rights and freedoms instead of coming up with solutions.All other states are looking at options to keep their government and economies functioning with alternative currencies. The State government out of Austin are oblivious to the realities what is really going on. Texas is crumbling around them. How do they respond? Anti Bullying hot lines and smoke free workplaces. A bunch of crap that is a waste of time.
             Now in light of all the budget cuts out of Austin. Instead of cutting the useless paper pushers in the bureaucracies making six digits a year taking up office space that really has no useful purpose. They slash the budget for the teachers. Instead of the State Legislator opting out of funded and unfunded Federal mandates that cost a lot of money to comply with. Instead of taking on Washington saying "no" to their expensive mandates.They cut the budget to fund the teachers. We have weasels and not warriors in the Legislator.Instead of funding the schools of what they need. Our funds go to fight wars for Israel and foreign aid. It goes to bail out the fat cats on Wall Street and the Bankers. The government of Texas has failed the people.
              Now right now. These Student Protest over teacher layoffs are springing up statewide. These protest started in Katy,Texas were the school board tried to crack down on a lawful assembly. Now these protest are spreading to Cinco Ranch. These protest are not an isolated incident. They are rising up in Ft. Bend, The Ft. Worth area, and Angelton
             This could be the summer of rage that has been predicted to happen.While teachers have their future and profession robbed from them. So will the students after graduating High School will not have a future either.There will be no jobs waiting for them when they get out of school. The only opportunities are the Military to fight in illegal wars and government spooks jobs spying on people.If they go to college. They will not find a job.They will be competing with Illegal aliens for jobs busing tables and flipping burgers.
             This is a great opportunity for secessionist and tenth amendment people to start finding these protest and students. We must begin planting seeds showing the students there is a solution. They can have a future and Texas can lead the world.The Lone Star state can lead in education,agriculture and industry again if we throw Washington DC out of Texas altogether.Get rid of this fiat currency called the Federal reserve note. Getting the students to speak out on who is really to blame and what the real solutions are.We can make a dent regaining our freedom and sovereignty as Texans.
              The State Legislator can follow what Utah has done with their own silver and gold backed currency to keep the state and the economy afloat when the currency collapses. Instead of that. Austin is willing to let Texas be dragged down in the implosion. The students of Texas will become economic slaves to a debt they do not owe. The teachers are getting a pink slips to fund wars and foreign nations. These demonstrations sprouting up statewide will only get bigger and  more intense. This is our chance to educate and change the direction of the state. If we do not. We will all might accept a solution from the carpetbaggers that is more draconian they will make us slaves to the state. We have a chance to change the momentum in the right way fighting for the future of Texas. We must not let the enemies of freedom exploit the ignorance of the young people to accept a false solution that was the problem in the first place. We have a chance to educate to a willing young audience willing to listen. Lets not miss out.We can not sit on the side lines anymore.We have the solution and there is no reason to be silent anymore.The soul of Texas is at stake If we do not. We will all lose everything with the spirit of the Alamo be gone too forever.

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