Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Voting for Ron Paul is Not a Wasted Vote

Let your heart not be troubled seeing the Republican Party steal votes away from Ron Paul. The party is being discredited more and more as they keep propping up Romney as their man who is no different then Obama. It is not time to jump on the bandwagon of a candidate who looks like a winner because this is the man the establishment wants you to support. This cannot go on forever. What goes around comes around. People involved in election fraud will have to be accountable to the people and get the justice they deserve.

In election of 2008 when Ron Paul was not on the ballot. I stuck to my principles and voted my conscience. I voted for Pastor Chuck Baldwin, I knew he would not win and had no chance and winning in a rigged election. The point behind it was letting the system know that I am sick and tired of the two party system. That I am not going on the bandwagon behind McCain and refusing to believe in the "yes we can" slogan from Obama. I told the system that I will not vote for their guy. I do not buy their party rhetoric anymore. I sent a message to the two party system that I know there is no difference between the two.

I implore you all of you who like Ron Paul not to fall into the trap of thinking Romney and Santorum are the winners because one of them are the establishment's chosen ones already anointed by the political hacks. A vote for Gingrich, Santorum and Romney is asking for your choice of what kind of execution you want whether it be the firing squad, the guillotine or the gallows. When  Ron Paul gives us freedom over slavery. This election fraud is a mind game to get us to throw in the towel to plain give up. It is not futile to resit, no matter what the result is. We have to press on until the end of the race. If we persevere, the whole corrupt establishment will fall in on itself.

We have to vote our conscience and not what the media and the establishment say. April 3. Texas will hold their primaries for President. There is no reason why Ron Paul cannot win Texas. We are saturated with patriots and activist in the lone star state. We can watch all the elections in all 267 counties.We can make state republican party fear the people if they try to rig the vote. Texans will have to be stubborn when it comes to Ron Paul. Hell with the rules of civility. Texas has to be the break out state for Ron Paul where the world will know . Ron Paul is the only true choice for President.

We have to seek out the party officials and tell them we are watching them. Let them know they will not get away with rigging the vote in Texas.

We have to keep hen pecking Romney with Questions with how can he be a devout Mormon when he knows he is winning states on stolen votes in a rigged dishonest election. See how he reacts and look at his body language.

When Mitt, Newt and Rick come to Texas. We need to heckle them out of the lone star state. We need to let them know Texas is Ron Paul country. Start challenging their Christian values of Rick and Newt asking them how does it feel having a victory in a stolen election when those votes belong to Ron Paul and not them. I will not count on them giving an honest answer. Just observe and see how they react. You will see the guilty look on their faces.

It is time we start rattling the ring knockers getting close to them getting in their faces. We cannot tolerate this fraud anymore. We have to start showing that hostile attitude toward them. We need to make them
be afraid of us know they will be accountable to the voters when we get out republic back.

We cannot no longer play by the rules of civility they can use against us to rob us of what is rightfully ours. We cannot worry about what the media will say or the Homeland security thinks. If we have to get nasty with these party hacks getting in their faces knowing their bubble they live was an illusion never existed. They will not have the luxury of being obscure from public scrutiny. We must use the art of ridicule and shame now. They are not going to listen to us unless they are forced to. We have to stop being nice and start being Americans again. Why should we be nice to them? We are being robbed of our substance by the very establishment stealing the elections. So why should we be nice back? Send a message, a vote for Ron Paul is not a wasted vote because the cause of liberty will prevail no matter how much they try to suppress it. It is time we move into gorilla activism away from the traditional peaceful grassroots methods of the past.

It is time to stop being nice when we are being robbed.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Survival Under Atomic Attack (1951)

Why Our Social Security Number Should Only Be Used for Social Security Bussiness only.

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Bankers trying to Steal Elections In Russia to oust Putin?

The European Bankers are being relentless trying to regain control of Russia. For many decades since the Bolsheviks taken over ousting the provisional government all the way to the time until Putin took power. The financial oligarchs who funded the criminal communist government plundered the wealth of the Russian people seizing the people’s gold and land. The Robber Barons behind the Communist takeover was not to help the Russian people, but to destroy them.

The most parasitic bankers starved and murdered millions of people by executions and famines. People where not allowed to grow their own food or be productive through their puppet leaders. When the Soviet Union collapsed because it was no longer could sustain itself. If were not for Wall Street, The US Government and the Federal reserve Bank funding the Soviet Union it would have fell from within a long time ago. When Boris Yeltsin was the leader of Russia, he was a puppet leader for the bankers where the oligarchs were continuing plundering the Russian people until the ruble collapsed in 1998 by the actions of a parasitic financier named George Soros.

When Vladimir Putin took power as the Russian President over a nation in near ruin on the brink. The country was very unstable and uncertain. He took a hard-line in throwing out and arresting the financial oligarchs that worked for the Rothschild. Putin brought stability back to Russia. He took away the fear of uncertainty and put Russia back on track. The Bankers who are owned by the ruling families are not fond of Putin because he is a wild card not under their control. Putin is not a globalist puppet. They may say he is an evil man because he was in the KGB. Not all KGB agents were government spooks. He has a background with collage degrees in economics. Intelligence agencies do study economies and economic trends. They are not all spies playing cloak and dagger.

Not all people in the KGB were evil. They did study economies. While in the KGB. Putin probably figured out Russia will be better off without the bankers and socialism. Now since the Soviet Union collapsed. He knows socialism and being under banker control does not work working inside the KGB. To label all people who were with the KGB as being all bad is not fair because many good Russian people worked inside the agency too who did not like the communist system. Putin being one of them who has knowledge in economics. I remember Putin telling Obama do not use the failed socialist policies of the past. They do not work. Putin is right like many others have said too.

I want Putin to win because he will be a hardliner against the international Bankers. He will not appease them anymore. He will not allow any more wars of aggression by NATO and Israel to attack sovereign nations who will not play ball with the European bankers. We need a leader to take a hard line stand against imperialist empires hell bent on domination. I know the CIA, Foundations and Endowments being fronts for international bankers to fund subversive activities will try to rig the elections and staging anti Putin protest. The Bankers do not have control over Russia; they are desperate to try an overthrow the Russian government by any means possible.

I am love my country as American and a Proud Texan. The government in Washington DC is no longer a republican form of government. The US government has become a fascist dictatorship run by Israeli interest, bankers and multinational corporations. The special interest using our Armed forces to attack sovereign nations for conquest. To take over the banking system and plunder their natural resources for their own gain. The wars drums beating to start a war with Iran and Syria are madness and insanity. Our US Military commanders are not willing to start any more wars because they see this is not a very good thing. I just hope they do not start using nuclear weapons when a conventional war is not feasible. Since there is no sanity coming out of the three branches of government stopping this antagonistic foreign policy. I am glad Russia is holding the line saying no more wars of aggression against sovereign nations who do not want to play ball with the bankers. 

I know our CIA will try to rig the election in Russia trying to discredit Putin and the Russian government for not having free and fair elections. It will be our doing with the blessings of the bankers. However, America has no room to talk when they steal votes away from Ron Paul on American soil. I hope Putin wins because he is the only person showing leadership trying to avert World War 3 from starting. I hope Putin remains a thorn in the side of the oligarchs. I may not agree with everything Putin did as President. However, I will tell you, he made Russia what it is today. If he was not the President at that time in Russia’s history. The bankers would destroy Russia with no long-term stability.

UN Agenda 21 and the Public School Curriculum vs. Local Control of the Schools

My oldest son is getting ready to start Junior High school next year. As I was helping him choose his elective classes for the seventh grade. I notice something was missing from the curriculum that was not there that existed when I was in school. I thought the education system was supposed to prepare the children for the real world. Now they have become indoctrination centers to make good little slaves and victims instead of self-reliant individuals. All I saw was Home Economics, Art, Marching band, the glee club, musical theory and choir as electives. Nothing against music or Art classes, I took those classes too. I took music classes in High School too. Not seeing these vocational classes as part of the curriculum really has me concerned.

I read about the schools Zero tolerance policies where I read about students being expelled from school for carry a pair of nail clippers. I never heard of a bully in school threatening kids with a pair of nail clippers saying," Give me your lunch money or you will get a manicure". Even dealing with these schoolyard bullies, they encourage kids not to fight back and just tell an adult. Fighting back against a bully will get students arrested for standing up for themselves. The bully will never get in trouble. He will become a TSA agent or a jack booted thug instead.

Were Zero Tolerance policies in the Public schools responsible of taking away classes like wood shop, metal shop, agriculture, construction and auto mechanics because many of those tools used to learn the basics of a trade can be used as a weapon? Using these stupid policies to take away these classes has now taken away the ability of our children to learn the basics of a trade that can be converted in to marketable skill. I learned how at electric arc weld and gas weld in Jr High School. I learned how to make things from wood from these classes to help me make a living. Even in Home Economics, I learned how to repair clothing and even make clothing that can rival the china junk any day. I learned how to grow food and how to judge a cow and a pig I wanted slaughtered that is where I learned the value of workmanship taking these vocational classes. When I was in School, I was a member of VICA and the FFA as part of learning my vocational skills. They do not have these organizations in the schools anymore.

When we look at what Agenda 21 is about with its real goals. Taking away these classes from young students to learn basic trades and skills is the path of serfdom. The government does not want us to be self reliant and self-sufficient. I know the public schools are in bed with agenda 21. We must throw out agenda 21 out of our counties and start teaching our children the skills needed to sustain themselves. When we get back to common sense education throwing out these Federal mandates, stop taking Federal money with the prohibition of allowing government workers to unionize. We will start restoring the republic and its greatness again.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Texas Warrant Roundup Training Police for Mass Arrest of Dissidents in the Future?

Well what can I call people getting traffic tickets on the side of the road? Taxation by citation as Sheriff Richard Mack calls the traffic ticket fraud… There are cities of Texas I avoid driving through for one good reason. It is because the Police write tickets all the time for nothing. It has gotten so bad in Texas. More than Ten percent of Texans now have a warrant for their arrest for failure to pay fines. These traffic tickets are no more than revenue generation for the city and county governments. It is the biggest fraud ever.

On February 25, many law enforcement agencies working together are starting the Great Warrant Roundup going after people with delinquent fines or failure to appear. Mixed into the fray are felony and misdemeanor warrants also. If there is any outstanding warrants for any reason mundane or not. The police are coming after them. I know the economy is not helping matters when people get expensive tickets. People do not have the money and I can say for a fact. Many people, who are in jail, should not be incarcerated at all. The United States has the highest incarceration rate per capita then any nation in the world. Even more then those totalitarian countries we decry for human rights violations.

I just wonder if the Federal government is involved coordinating these operations for future roundups? I know many of these Law Enforcement agencies are hooked into the Fusion Centers. There has been a relentless effort by Homeland Security to label anyone who dissents against the government are now labeled a domestic terrorist. I am talking about Anti war activist, pro gun groups, private property advocates, and constitutionalists. People exercising their first amendment right who are as American as apple pie are now designated enemies of the state. The NDAA now allows the Military to arrest American citizens without the right of Habeas corpus and due process. Can we see the Military assisting in these warrant roundups in the future? Never mind the border is wide open and  violent Illegal aliens who are fugitives killing the police. Our goverment does not care about that. Many big cities in Texas are sanctuary cities who will look the other way concerning these violent felons who are illegal aliens. Only non violent offenders they will go after who play by the rules.

I just wonder in the future when these do these warrant roundups in other states including Texas under the cover story of going after people not paying their seat belt fines. Could we see the US Military participating with Police rounding up not only people with delinquent traffic warrants? It has been reported the Military working with the Police in joint operations in the past. Could we see these roundups arresting Political enemies and dissidents? Could the Great Texas Warrant Roundup be a prelude of the Police and Military doing mass arrest in the future after a false flag event blaming the patriots? They were planning mass arrest of Patriots and Political enemies right after the Oklahoma city Bombing

Could we see just the Police doing the Roundup with the Military waiting at the county jail when the police bring them in, they hand the person over to Military custody placing a black bag over the prisoner's head putting them on a bus waiting to take them to the FEMA camp. People now see the NDAA is such an overt act of war against Americans. If the Military goes out to round up Americans, they might get resistance, with police being issued a bogus warrant. The officers might not be aware if it is fake or not, telling the person come down and take care of the warrant might be a trick to get a person to stand down instead of resisting. People might not resist with the Police coming out, but will get into a shooting war with the Military.

Be very skeptical of the Great Texas Warrant Round up. This can be a practice using the reason of arresting people with outstanding warrants for minor infractions who are non-violent people. Police will not go after the violent fugitives. They will go after the non-violent ones. Are they getting ready to do the real round up of the Patriots next when the Fusion centers gives them a list? Be aware the government uses reasons that sound very reasonable to the average people. However, to do a mass round up of people state wide. This operation could be used for a more nefarious purpose to go after to round up the patriots next.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ambassador John Bolton Insults Iraq War Veteran on National Television. Fox Bussiness Feb 23, 2012

Poltics Does Not Make Strange Bedfellows with a Romney and Paul ticket. A Bad Idea

I been hearing the rumors of the Ron Paul camp and the Romney camp forming a political alliance. I have a real problem buying that speculation from the press. I do not think Ron Paul would compromise his principles making a deal with the devil. If there is the rumor of such a thing happening. it is to betray Ron Paul and to derail his movement.

They say politics make strange bedfellows. I cannot see Ron Paul teaming up with Romney when the former Massachusetts Governor passed a healthcare bill identical to Obamacare to taking money from the Robber barons on Wall Street. What Ron Paul stands for is the complete opposite of Romney. From civil liberties to shrinking the size of goverment and the illegal wars. The two cannot be together on the same ticket. The is like Ted Nugent playing guitar with Barbara Streisand.

How I see what is going on is this. In reality Ron Paul is the real front runner. The Political establishment inside the Republican party knows Romney and the other two losers candidates do not have the depth of support to go the distance with the Texas congressmen. Ron Paul can break away and sweep the rest of the states in the primary process gaining the delegates necessary to secure the nomination. If Romney was the definite candidate being the sure thing as the anointed one by the GOP leadership. Then why are they speculating Romney/Paul ticket and trying to figure out how to deal with this at the convention in Tampa this August.

I cannot see Ron Paul compromising with Romney. He has no need to form a political alliance with a known globalist. His trajectory despite the vote fraud, I see him prevailing. They are talking about a brokered convention because they are trying to stop the anti establishment candidate from getting the nomination. They would not float a story like this if the Romney as their man was in peril. They thought the fix was in, but activist counter measures exposing the vote rigging has fouled up their operations. They cannot find any dirt on Ron Paul, They cannot find anything in his voting record to use against him. There has to be a reason this story is out there on the web.

Ron Paul is the only man who can beat Obama in a landslide. I do not know the reason really behind all this speculative press. But the other side has something up their sleeve. If Ron Paul did ever join forces with Romney. The Texas congressman's years of efforts and work to get this far would be all for nothing. I do not buy this one bit, nor should you.          

RINOS Sold Out the Second Amendment Again;Another Obama Nominee Confirmed to the Bench

Last week, we alerted you to a radical anti-gun nominee President Obama named to the federal bench, Jesse Furman.
To no one’s surprise, Furman is cut from the same judicial cloth as other Obama nominees such as Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan.
For instance, in an article published a number of years ago—but from which Furman has not distanced himself—he writes that: “Probably the best explanation for the amount of violent crime in the United States is its fascination with guns.”
GOA members flooded the Senate with emails, and many Senators voted against Furman. But Majority Leader Harry Reid kept every single Democrat in lock-step with the Obama agenda, and Furman was confirmed to a lifetime appointment to the bench on a vote of 62-34.
Republicans Jon Kyl and John McCain (AZ), Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander (TN), Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe (ME), Jeff Sessions (AL), Lisa Murkowski (AK), Scott Brown (MA), and Lindsey Graham (SC) joined all Democrats in voting for Furman.
This vote serves to highlight the difficulty in protecting the courts from anti-Second Amendment nominees who come before the Congress. Obama will continue to nominate far left gun grabbers, and Harry Reid will be his go-to guy for confirmation votes.
And if Obama wins a second term, his agenda will become only more brazen. That’s why a top goal of GOA in 2012 is to help elect as many truly pro-gun friends as we can to the U.S. Senate.
It is crucial that Harry Reid does not retain the gavel next year. But it is not enough to just elect members of the opposing party. We need to elect strong candidates who understand the Constitution and who will not bow to pressure from the White House—whoever the occupant may be—or from the leadership of either party in the Congress.

Internet Freedom is Asking the Right Questions to the Candidates the Press will not Ask

As the main writer for Lone Star Watch dog. I write about things not mentioned in the news media. Most of the time, my writings do resonate with most of the people who read my blogs. What we have experienced for decades is a controlled media setting the agenda and defining the issues. The news media has long held a monopoly on the controlling the information the people read and hear until the age of the internet.

Now since the alternative media and the free internet. The political dynamics have changed. Now the politicians are now forced to answer questions they are not use to answering.The flow of information has changed from the traditional mainstream media to the alternative media in the blogosphere. The internet has changed everything in the political landscape. The internet has changed the way grassroots movements coordinate activism nationwide.

With the age of the internet being the last bastion of free speech left in existence. Instead of the media asking the Presidential candidates the prepackaged questions. There is a website where the people can ask the candidate the tough questions. You can ask about will the candidate eliminate the TSA putting a end to the intrusive searches at the airports. The question can be the Department of Homeland Security be axed because it poses a danger to our civil liberties to Ending the Federal Reserve Bank devaluing the dollar.

Now it is the time the people ask the questions and the candidate answer. Do you agree?

So click the anchor text below and ask the candidate the question you want to ask.                           


Guest post from: Winston Stewart

Since we moved to Jacksonville, I have really enjoyed being close to the beach. I dreamed my whole life about living here and now here I am. I am just a ten minute drive to the closest public beach. I feel like I have died and gone to heaven. The only bad thing about living at the beach is that I don’t get to see my grandchildren as much as I would like to. I can honestly say that I think I am more in love with my grandchildren than I am with my own children if that is at all possible. My two year old grandson is about to come for a weeklong visit while his parents are gone on a second honeymoon. His favorite thing to do, so my daughter says, is watch Sponge Bob Square Pants on television. I have already checked Direct TV Jacksonville to make sure we get that program. This will be the longest period of time that my grandson has visited me so I want to make sure there are plenty of things for him to do that he likes so maybe he won’t get homesick.

Mr Santorum, Politics is not a Team Sport.

This self righteous former Senator from Pennsylvanian is calling a career in politics a team sport in the debate last night in Arizona. He is saying he had to take one for the team voting on bad legislation. Well the worse that has ever happened to him was he lost his Senate seat. He has not lost his congressional pension. He is not short on cash. He still gets paid from this pension from serving in the Senate. Has he really taken one for the team? No he hasn't, because he is not suffering by the choices he made while a US Senator. So who is taken one for his team. So who is really taking one for the team? We all are. So Rick if you really want to take one for the team. Here is what you do?

Take one for the team by doing the following.

Ok, Slick Pick Santorum, Here is what do if you are a REAL team player doing one for the team.

I want you and all your children go over to the Middle East and fight these wars for Israel. Take one for the team by risking your life and limb. You children's life and limbs. You want to attack Iran and all the Muslim countries. I will happily give you a rifle, uniform and you go and fight these illegal wars for Israel. By the way, just move there if you love Israel so much.

The American people are tired of taken one for your team. We are tired of seeing our veterans taken one for your team losing their life and having the limbs blown off. Committing suicide for your team and being denied care for your team. You talk lip service saying you support the troops. You taken one for the team, you have betrayed the soldiers who fought for your team. We are tired of burying soldiers who were killed for the bankers and Israel taking one for your team.

I thank God Ron Paul was not a team player in Congress. I am glad he never played the game of go along to get along. All these congress people being a team player is what is screwing this country up. Rick playing as a team player saying we have to take one for the team. But they never suffer like We the People suffer because him and his soldiers will never be sent off to war.

Politics is not a team sport. It is upholding their oath to the best of their ability. They work for the people, not for the party leadership. Rick, Mitt and Newt. What team are you on? It is certainly not ours.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Acting Normal Might be an Act of Terrorism to Get Us Shot by the Police

             I remember when watch the movies series the Police Academy. There was one character called Eugene Tackleberry who was a trigger happy police officer who love to use guns and would not hesitate to use them. It may have been funny watching it in the 1980s. Now no one is laughing anymore reading about trigger happy officers. I wonder if the Federal goverment are giving classes to go out and abuse people or is it the leadership within the police Departments that is corrupt.

             Two of the latest incidents in California and Virginia does have me wondering. What kind of people do we have being Police officers? I remember growing and talking with old school cops who under stood they were servants and not Lording over the people. Many Cops were officers for 30 to 40 years. Even in a big city. They never used their weapon their whole career. Only on the range that was it. Many never even pulled it from their holster in a confrontation. Even when the killing was just when they used deadly force. It still weigh on the officers mind was there something else he could have done instead of killing the bad guy? Todays goons feel no remorse or devoid showing any proper dignity to population. 

              This phony war on terror has not stopped one terrorist. Only phony concocted stings to perceive they are stopping Al Quaida. The TSA has not stopped one terrorist. The Police tactics have not produced any real fruit in actual protection of the people. The truth is the War of Terror killed more American then what happened on September 11, 2001. A lot more innocent casualties by the very government that says they want to keep us safe has killed and maimed more people ever since the Patriot Act became law.

              What we are seeing is trickle down tyranny in this country. Many Police Departments in rural towns and big cities are getting their marching orders from Homeland security. Instead of using common sense, the police are going after a fabricated threat that does not exist. The American people are the perceived threat to the police and we are all under suspicion for no reason at all.

              When I read about a police officer shooting an unarmed student in middle school, at Sunday school teacher and Marine in front of his children. All were shit to death. Did they violate department  protocol using deadly force? On the other hand, were they giving a pep talk by out Federal Homeland Security for some grant money. The truth is a good veteran officer would not escalate a situation to the point of using deadly force. Most likely these encounters would not have happened at all. If there was any, it would have been brief without incident. A good Cop would not bother to encounter these people at all.

             What ever happened to common sense in law enforcement. Most police officers with a sane mind would never waste their time with a Marine with his children and a Sunday School teacher. We have more people get killed by the Federal government in the war on terror then what Al Quaida has killed on September 11. So Americans beware doing normal things like paying cash for your coffee or doing the day to day mundane things will get us shot or even killed. We must confront our local Police Chiefs and Sheriffs and ask them to let you see the documents Homeland Security is sending to them.

            The last time I was in a Police Station office . I seen ADL and SPLC publications all around the office. We all have a right to know what the Feds are telling the Police. If Homeland Security does come to town to give a pep talk to the Police saying blue and hooded jackets are domestic terrorist. Make it open to the public so everyone knows so we the people can ask questions. If there is any transparency about the local police and Homeland Securityin their interactions. We might not have to read about another Sunday School teacher being shot.

Failure Is Not An Option Defeating the New World Order

To hear the words of defeatism in the words of my fellow patriots that it is impossible to have a real victory against a cabal of sick control freaks in mansions is nonsense to me. To hear the opinions this will happen before it happens is nothing more then surrendering to the other side without a fight. The truth is, if it has not happened today. Then we always have a chance to stop it. There is always a chance to expose it. The awakening we are having now is because a few lone voices crying in the wilderness speaking the truth no matter how unpopular it may have sounded. To these brave souls like Alan Stang, Eustis Mullins and Ezra Pound to endure persecution and hardships to speak the truth about the Federal Reserve Bank and the New World Order. To these men, being silent was not an option and failure not doing anything was not a choice.

I have always been inspired by the mishap of the Apollo 13 crisis. Not that the space craft was in peril with the nation on edge hoping a praying for a safe return of the Astronauts. I am inspired by the mission control in Houston at Johnson space center. I had the rare privilege of walking into the room were the best minds in the nation found a way to bring Apollo 13 safely back to earth. The Head of Mission Control Gene Krantz  had the attitude saying to his men " Failure is not an option". It was that drive and determination that saved the three Astronauts from disaster. We need that attitude in the movement or we will meet a certain disaster. As the lives of three men were in the hands of Mission control knowing failure is not an option. The fate of free humanity is in our hands. Going along with the New World Order is not an option either. it is a life or death choice.

This year is make or break for us. The one who wins is the one who wants it more.

Ron Paul can win if we do not allow the party hacks to keep stealing elections. It is time we can no longer tolerate such practices anymore. Tolerance is the face of injustice is no virtue.

The TSA will stop the groping and the body scanners, if we get stubborn. If hundreds of people a day give them a hard time. We can give them a bad day on the job. Bullies cry when they are challenged.

If we educate our county Sheriffs and local government. We can keep these Federal goons out of our jurisdiction. Enough local jurisdictions say no to the Feds coming. That will be a serious blow to the globalist.

It is time to starve the beast, and just not comply with the system that is illegitimate. If they cannot prove the elections were honest and accurate. Then morally, we do not have to obey them. There is more of us then there is of them. We outnumber the enforcers.

Going along with tyranny is no longer a choice. We may not have another four or two years to make things right. This must be the year that is a game changer where the momentum shifts towards liberty away from tyranny. We have the high ground

We can defeat these people. They are fighting for holding onto power. We are fighting for our posterity and our society. We are fighting for the ladies we love and the children she nurtures. We are fighting a righteous and a just cause. The other side is fighting to keep the lie alive. Our foundation is moral and right. It is solid. The other side is on a foundation of quicksand. We have nothing to lose. The other side has much to lose, this is why they are so desperate to silence us. We must never lose to fear.

They are trying to silence through internet censorship and on the airwaves. I think it is too late because the world wide web. I believe there are enough techs out there who can bypass and find a way around the goverment filters to keep the web free. I believe we will see the rise of Pirate or Gorilla Internet coming soon as an alternate to internet two they are trying to put everyone on. The goverment trying take over the internet might be fruitless if we play our cards right. The internet is just servers connecting servers. There is a way to bypass the goverment filters I believe. We must keep the internet free and open. We have no choice but to keep the internet free regardless of the efforts of the tyrants trying to shut us down.

Failure is not an option. We win or be forever have a boot on the face of humanity forever. This is the attitude we must have. Failure is not an option. Ron Paul for President or a reign of terror. Failure is not an option.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Political Correctness Gone WIld in Major League Baseball

Where is this country going? I can say is Political correctness is purging our culture of the things that made this country great. We are told "Do not say that. You might offend someone or hurt their feelings". We hear about someone praying before a school game or before eating might offend an atheist. Now praying is almost banned out in public. Police cannot profile people because it might be racist. Men cannot compliment ladies on her nice dress might be considered sexual harassment. Political correctness has wrecked our societal  norms to the point a woman being feminine and a man being masculine is not politically correct anymore.

Now Major League baseball is now trying to be politically correct now. The Houston Astros who will be playing exhibition games in throwback uniforms celebrating their anniversary being a team. The Astros were called the Colt 45s before changing the name. The uniform had the word the Colts with the six shooter under the name. Now Major League Baseball is tell the Astros to remove the gun from the uniforms. The Atlanta Braves no longer have the Tomahawk on their uniforms. Political correctness running amok trying not to offend who? Are they afraid if fans see a colt 45 on the uniforms, will there be a gun fights in the parking lot? Will Major League Baseball prohibit the fans doing the Tomahawk chop at the Atlanta Braves games with the battle chant to remove any form of masculinity?

I mean we see this zero tolerance policy when anything resembling a gun cannot not be allowed at all. I read about students using a banana pretending it is a gun get suspended. Student have been in trouble wearing shirt that had guns on them. If a student draws a picture of a gun could mean nothing but trouble. No is is harmed or killed. I mean kids cannot play cowboys and Indians or cops and robber at recess anymore because even pointing a finger simulating shooting a gun will get them sent to the principles office. What do they fear with a gun if it is a picture of a gun or just a simulation of a firearm harmful?

Could we see the NFL follow Major League Baseball were the the New England Patriots might have to change the team's name because they are the terrorist according to Homeland Security. Could we see the New Orleans Saints being forced to change their team name because true Saints are a threat to National security as Big Sister Janet Napolitano has said in her publications. Those team name might be promoting terrorism having those team names or is it just political correctness.

In this day and age of the Obama administration and their imperial attitude. Do not be surprised if the White House behind the scenes are twisting the arms of these sports leagues. They have groping at the gates by TSA. If Homeland Security is doing that. Do not be surprised if the teams are forced to do the absurd because they are being threatened by Homeland Security behind closed doors to do things they would not otherwise do like groping and body scanners as a condition just to see a ball game. I hope there is no groping at the Daytona 500 this Sunday. I have not heard any reports of Homeland Security promoting" If you see something,say something". I hope NASCAR tells DHS to go take a hike.

Anyway, we need to take back our culture from political correctness. It is just a bunch of people using phony outrage to change out thinking not the think, say or express what we believe. If the Houston Fans want the Colt 45 on their uniform. Keep it on the uniform Who cares what these anti gun people think? I do not. We need to tell Houston Astros, keep the six shooter there and make the statement that this is Texas and all the gun grabbers who do not like can kiss our Lone Star Ass.

Monday, February 20, 2012

American Victory: Alabama's unemployment falls due to illegal immigration law

February 20, 2012

“In the last three months alone, we’ve seen an unprecedented drop of 1.7 percentage points,” noted Alabama Republican Gov. Robert Bentley in a Jan. 20 statement.

“Our rate is once again below the national average, and over 41,000 more Alabamians are employed now than at the beginning of the year… but we still have work to do,” said Bentley.

The drop began after a bipartisan 2011 law toughened the state’s immigration enforcement policies.

The reform prompted many low-skilled illegal immigrants to leave the state, and was slammed by advocates for illegal immigrants, including Tom Perez, the chief of the Justice Department’s civil regulation division.

Many established media outlets have highlighted the departing illegals and controversial portions of the law — which forced schools to verify the immigration status of students, while downplaying the employment gains and the law’s popularity.

Perez and immigration advocates have sued the state to halt enforcement of the apparent employment-boosting measure.

The Democrats’ focus on immigration is largely intended to rally Hispanic voters behind President Barack Obama.

Multiple polls show that Hispanic-American voters believe that jobs and education are their top political issues.

But the polls also show that heated controversies over immigration tend to rally Hispanic support for Democratic candidates.

Democratic politicians and activists try to create controversies over the issue, partly by portraying bipartisan efforts to curb illegal immigration as racist.

For example, numerous Democrats have declared that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s call for immigration enforcement is “extreme.”

Romney “would become the most extreme presidential nominee of our time,” Florida Democratic Rep. Ted Deutch declared in a joint Jan. 12 press conference with fellow Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the head of the Democratic National Committee.

Alabama’s unemployment rate is now the 28th lowest in the country. In September the state placed near the bottom of the national list, at number 42.

The state has also added 35,400 new jobs since January 2011.

Still, many counties have very high unemployment rates. For example, the formal unemployment rate in majority-black Wilcox County is 16.3%. It is 13.7 percent in Bullock County, and 13.5 percent in Perry County and Lowndes County.

The unemployment rate in next-door Georgia is 9.7 percent, down from 10.3 percent in September, according to Georgia’s department of labor.

In neighboring Mississippi, the December data has not been released. In November, the unemployment rate was 10.5 percent, slightly down form 10.6 percent in September.

Nationally, the unemployment rate is 8.5 percent. However, that rate only counts people who have look for jobs in the last four weeks. Since January 2009, millions of workers have given up looking for jobs or remain stuck in part-time jobs.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Government Workers Going Along with Tyranny is not Safe

History is getting ready to repeat itself again. This is a message for all the corrupt bureaucrats, Government agents, police, sheriffs deputies and the elected peace officers and the Military. Have you been told you are special and your future is secure by the Federal goverment if you go along with the agenda? Were you given all these nice military toys and grant money for being useful to them? The truth is, you are all useful fools to the higher ranking people. Even the upper echelon are just as much useful idiots just as much as the Police officer who believes the lies told to them.

What about the vote riggers, the mayors, city council, the county commissioners, the state legislators, state governors, the national guard, and state bureaucracies. They are told to steal elections to keep the status quo or they are blackmailed. They are told to keep quiet about these plans. They are to do what they are told. If they do that, then everything will be alright and nothing bad will happen to them. These people can be corrupt, incompetent or just plain yes-men or ladies being a good typical government worker. At all levels of goverment please take heed to my words and warnings. 

Please study the history of tyrannies and dictatorships. You will be shocked to find out that when tyrants use all the people to get them into power. What happens next? Do they have a nice banquet and a award ceremony in their honor to give a token of appreciation from the despot. Will he say thanks telling all of you, without all of you helping him. He could not get into power?. Think again please and listen to me. First, the Dictator sees you all as a threat to his power. How can all these people who helped him be a threat to him. You may be a hardcore supporter of the Dictator being loyal, willing to fight for your corrupt leader. So does that make you safe from the will of a madman in power?

Here is the truth, It is one thing to jail and murder off the opposition. Now here is the real facts never told to you. You may hear about concentration camps and execution squads killing off the peasants. So you may want to know where I am going with this? Do you know tyrannies purge their own too? Yes, I mean kill off their most loyal people. Why? Here is the reason. You all know too much of the crimes and what is going on inside the system. It is one thing to have activist telling the truth what is going on. You, on the other hand will confirm what the patriot is saying. The tyrant cannot have a person like you knowing all this because even all you folks like to brag about the criminal act committed in his name. The dictator cannot risk having you around because your loose lips might sink his ship. He cannot have people who know too much running around for too long.

Tyrannies have no loyalties to anyone, They have no gratitude or honor. Their only goal is to stay in power and in control over the population. When the communist took over places like China, Russia, Cambodia, Cuba and other totalitarian regimes. They always kill off the people who help him get into power. The people inside the system that helped him overthrow the previous government. The military officers and executioners. Almost everyone gets murdered. No one is the tyrannical system Everyone is expendable. Is this a long term consequence anyone is willing to take who is going along with this corrupt system?

All I can conclude is, do not accept a false sense of security going along with this tyranny. They will not take care of you. They will not keep their promises to you. They have every intention of getting rid of the people inside the system once they been used for their objectives. If they lie to the people with propaganda, they will lie to all of you too. The end justifies the means. All then people inside the system better make a choice real soon. We have have a chance each day to do what is right. I hope you all stand down and not buy into the corruption because we all lose and there is no winners in the end.

Retailers Play Big Brother with Your Purchases

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Boehner Busted Conspiring With Obama Regime. (To Cover Up Operation Fast and Furious)

A Message From Western Journalism

"Congressman John Boehner, the House Speaker better known for displays of weeping than of courage, is reportedly cutting a deal with Eric Holder which would provide a 'mutually satisfactory' outcome in Barack Obama’s criminal, gun running endeavor Operation Fast and Furious." -Doug Book, Western Center for Journalism

But that's not all! Just wait until you hear just how Mr. Boehner defines a "mutually satisfactory" outcome.  According to inside reports, the Obama Regime (and Eric Holder)  will be given a get out of jail free card in exchange for... well... actually...  NOTHING...  NADA... ZILCH... SCRATCH.

     Mike Vanderboegh with Sipsey Street Irregulars explains the particulars of "the deal" as follows:  Boehner will "accept the scalps" of a number of insignificant Department of Justice officials "and Holder will survive - looking like a 'leader' for offering them up" so Boehner and company can "chalk one in the 'win' column for oversight and holding people accountable."

     Book adds: "The weepy Speaker will officially let the most corrupt Department of Justice head in the nation’s history off the hook for complicity in the Regime’s murderous scheme to savage the 2nd Amendment rights of the American people" and "John Boehner will be pleased to sell them out in order to lay claim to the pathetically comic mantle of a tough-minded Republican.... That is, with the approval of the White House, of course."

     And there you have it... the fix is in... yet another dog-and-pony show... yet another Boehner smoke-and-mirrors backroom deal whereby the corrupt Obama Regime gets away with crimes against the American people, Boehner gets to delude himself into believing he's won something, and the American people get nothing in return.

     Yes, an insanely rotten deal is in the works and we're not about to let Boehner and company get away with it! It's up to patriotic Americans to put a stop to the insanity, right here and right now.

"If We Don’t Get To The Bottom Of This... There Is Only One Alternative That Congress Has, And It’s Called Impeachment.” -Congressman James Sensenbrenner

     Apparently, Sensenbrenner neglected to check with Boehner before making that statement as it would appear that Boehner has been shamelessly angling all along to provide ANOTHER ALTERNATIVE: Milk the Fast and Furious scandal for what it's worth politically and quietly work behind the scenes WITH THE CULPRITS to make it go away BEFORE the American people are any the wiser.

     Don't take our word for it. Matthew Boyle, a reporter with The Daily Caller, and one of the young turks who has diligently covered this story, reports "that Boehner and his staff have slowed the probe" from the very beginning.

     And Book tells us that it was Boehner who "prevented Darrell Issa filing a charge of perjury against Holder even after documents proved the Attorney General’s May 4th House testimony concerning the date of his first 'acquaintance' with Fast and Furious to be an outright lie."

     Well sorry, Mr. Boehner... you're busted... and your little political stunt isn't going to work!

     And if you're asking what's motivating Boehner and some of our Republican leaders... do you even need to ask?

     It's much easier to PRETEND to do the right thing in Washington than to muster up the courage to ACTUALLY do the right thing. That's how senior Republicans define business-as-usual in Washington.

     Why pursue justice for the American people when you can use the criminal shenanigans of the Obama Regime to trick the American people into voting you back into office and giving you even more political power?

     Puff, pontificate, put on a show and throw a little red meat to the base, but for goodness sakes, don't actually do anything.

     That attitude needs to change and you can change it right here and right now.  Mr. Boehner and our so-called Republican leaders need to know that their face-saving shenanigans simply aren't going to work.

     They need to know that the American people are insulted by these dog-and-pony shows and they need to know that the American people will NOT grant them the political power that they so cherish if they continue on their present course and REFUSE to do what is required.

     The American people want the truth. The American people want to know what Eric Holder and Barack Obama knew and when they knew it and the American people want heads to roll!

     Join us and tell these so-called "leaders" that they must either give the American people what they want, or suffer the potentially career-ending political consequences for their refusal!

     And know one thing... when they know the jig is up... they'll straighten up and fly right. To be honest, I do not think so. Caught or not. They will still continue in their corruption until they are removed from power.

Friday, February 17, 2012

9 Ways The Congress Can Balance the Budget Without a New Constitutional Amendment.

I am very skeptical of States calling for a constitutional convention for a Balanced Budget Amendment. To me this is the Hegelian dialectic in action with problem, reaction, and solution with a debt crisis that threatens the survival of this nation. The Balanced Budget amendment to me is just a Trojan Horse of the Globalist to take away our right to free speech and to keep and bear arms. To alter our Constitution and change our form of goverment with no bill of rights. We must resist a call for any Constitutional convention everywhere we can or they will win.

If we get a balanced Budget Amendment, it does not guarantee the size of goverment will shrink at all. We will still have an income tax and a Federal Reserve System. The politicians will make the excuse of raising taxes just to keep up with the growth of goverment  because they cannot barrow or print money anymore. Besides if they do ratify the balanced budget Amendment.It will not go into effect until five years later. For that five years, we can see the national debt go up like never before the amendment goes into effect.

The best way the goverment can balance the Budget is Congress and the President Follow the Constitution

Here is how

1- A simple Majority vote of 228 in the house and 51 votes in the Senate can balance the budget.

2- Returning to the Gold or Silver Standard in our monetary system. The Government cannot print money for precious metals they do not posses.

3- Congress stop abrogating its authority and enumerated powers under the constitution to a private Central Bank minting and determine the value of Gold and Silver currency. Abolish the Federal Reserve Bank.

4- Eliminate All Departments and agencies that are not in the Constitution or where the goverment has no authority to be involved with.

5- Take back the power to declare wars and stop the overseas adventurism. Close all the bases outside the borders of the United States not essential to out national security.

5- Stay out of Foreign Entanglements like the United Nations and the IMF.

6- Congress live under the same laws they impose. If a Family has to balance their budget every month. The Federal government should also be held to the same standard.

7- Congress saying "no" to raising the debt ceiling. 

8- Stop calling a reduced increases in spending a cut in spending. It is just a reduction in the growth of spending a cut which it is not at all. It is just fuzzy math. Start calling for real cuts reducing the size of goverment.

9- Congress uphold their oath they have sworn to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.

Common sense solutions can balance the Federal Budget. The Constitution does call for a balanced budget if congress sticks to its only lawful powers delegated by the Constitution. We do not need a balanced budget amendment. If congress followed the Constitution, We would have no debt and goverment would be small. We do not need to reinvent the wheel to get our fiscal house in order. \Just follow the Constitution and we will be a debt free nation.

True Economic Justice is Jailing the Bankers and the Corporate Oligarchs.

Through my research and reading the book the creature of Jekyll Island so many times learning the fiat banking system. I can say Central banking is the real economic injustice. Every time the Central bankers have taken over a nation's currency. The nation is wrecked and the political structure is corrupt. I am not talking about the phony petty things we hear about because some one is well to do and they are not. It is their fault, so let us soak them with high taxes. Let us make them pay their fair share. The truth is that is not economic justice. That is just propaganda to play on people's feelings.

The banker's willing accomplices have relied on the media and puppet politicians using class warfare to pit on group against another. The unemployed against the employed, the rich against the poor or the young against the old. The welfare class vs. the middle class. They have used this tactic as a way to make people think it these people's fault or that group for their bad situation. The illusion of class warfare making people think if they are punished for their success, hard work playing on the emotion of envy will bring economic and social justice. That is a bold face lie the politicians use to buy votes playing one group against another.

The truth is economic justice will come when the Bankers, the Ruling families and corporate oligarchs are in are convicted and in jail. Playing calls warfare games has only deflected people from the truth of the Federal Reserve Bank. The worse economic injustice is having a private banking cartel in control of a nation’s currency. These corrupt financial institutions have been part of the political corruption. They have enslaved people with a debt-based currency. They wrecked societies and started unnecessary wars for profit and influence over a nation's money supply.

They have defrauded the people, their governments with derivatives called credit default swaps, and mortgage backed securities. These were only useless financial instruments with the illusion of perceived value when they are useless paper with nothing backing them up. These derivatives sold to pension funds and other investors were fraud. Instead of the people selling the derivatives who committed this crime going to jail. They are bailed out with billions of dollars and now the taxpayers of a nation are on the hook for the banker's debt the people are not responsible for nor consented to. Since the bankers paid off the politicians and have their own financial officers in place being the operatives of the moneychangers to steal the wealth of the nation with austerity and higher taxes.

No matter how much the public outcry is against the bankers is. It is hard to remove the politicians and the bankers when the control the whole system from the puppet leaders and to the elections. The only way to rid the nation of these financial parasites is by resolutely dealing with the problem. That means not waiting for a political solution to vote out the bankers. The only solution is the police and the people start arresting the bankers and removing the politicians who gave them aid and comfort to these criminals. The people of the Ukraine and Iceland dealt with their problem going after the bankers and puppet leaders. They are starting to recover from the economic disaster these bankers left behind.

Real economic justice will not come from politicians pitting the haves and have-nots against each other with high taxes in a wealth redistribution scheme. Economic justice will come when we arrest the bankers who manipulate the people and economies for their gain. When Ron Paul was asked the question" What do you think about fifty percent of the people not paying any income tax?" He replied saying " We are halfway there of no one paying any income tax". As long, the politicians use the tax system as a way to buy votes either way for cut taxes to small businesses and for wealth redistribution swindles. They will continue to use the tax code to exploit on group of people again another. They can divert attention away from the real problem and the source of all the economic injustice. That is the Federal Reserve System.

The Grace Commission back in the 1980s concluded that not one single penny from the income tax pays any government service the people receive. The income tax goes to pay the bankers as a cost using their useless Federal Reserve Notes. Ron Paul's plan of abolishing the IRS and the tax code will take away a tool the politicians use exploiting the tax system. The politicians will not be able to use class warfare rhetoric anymore with the myth of everyone paying their fair share as a way to buy votes.

Real economic justice is no more crony capitalism with the bankers and a few select corporations enslaving the people. People would be able to decide the means of exchange of good and services without government interference. Jailing the bankers and corporate oligarchs is real economic justice. Being enslaved by a fiat-based currency is the worst crime against free humanity ever conceived. Ignore the class warfare and the phony rhetoric of the side issues. It is time to pull the curtain back and see the real power pulling the strings behind the scenes. You will see the worst criminals on earth. Divine justice cannot asleep forever allowing them to wage war against innocent blood. The Oligarch will reap what the sow. that is his or her own destruction, which is real economic and social justice. Do you think the same way?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It is Not Good Being Nice Compromising With Our Enemies. It has Never Worked.

I am remember Mark Koernke in American in Peril 2 making an example of how our enemies work and how cunning they can be. He said suppose a socialist tells a home owner to give him his house. The man of the house says "no". This parasite says "the homeowner is being selfish because he will not give him his house." So he says "give me ten percent of your house." The homeowner says "no" again. This bottom feeder finally gets the homeowner to give five percent of his home to the socialist just to be nice and not look mean spirited. Well sooner or later. That parasite will own it all and the homeowner will be out of a house and home.

The reason why we are in such sad shape as a nation is because compromising when we never have to. The reason why Washington is so dysfunctional is because of the spirit of bipartisanship. Bipartisan means politicians selling out our freedoms to avoid the media backlash or to get along with their opponents. The NRA compromised so many times on our second amendment right to keep and bear arms. The Republicans compromised with the White House allowing the President to borrow trillions more. The people who claim to be for limited goverment and for freedom have compromised just to keep the other side quiet has not worked. It has made us worse, not better.

There is no sense compromising with our enemies. They do not intend to like us. They have never like us. They do not want to like us. They are ruthless and wicked. They never keep their word when they make a deal. Compromise to them is we give up our freedoms, our wages and our property rights so they can get what they want. They gained and not lost nothing This is unacceptable now. We cannot compromise anymore. We cannot make deals with our enemies anymore. It is time to call them for what they are. Parasitic politicians sucking the life blood out of this nation.

I am not looking for a congressmen, a state legislator, a governor who will say "I will reach across the isle and work with parasites to get things done." I want our people we send to Washington and our state capitals say "I will reach across the isle to grab them by the collar to crush their spirits, defeat and humiliate them." I would not mind if they say "punch their lights out". A patriot has nothing in common with a leftist socialist bent on taking away the things that make this nation great. They have used the rules of civility against us for a long time so we never fight back. At the same time they never practiced what they preached. There is no coming to an understanding with these parasites.

If we gain more seats in state capitals, in our local government and the nations capital with libertarian minded public servants. If we win big, we have nothing to apologize about and no need to compromise with the other side. We do not have to be nice to them anymore. We have to stop being nice to these tyrants, The more they we try to be nice to them, the more they will see it as a weakness. We have to show strength and not play the nice game anymore when we do not have to. No more compromise, no more retreat. Lets heed to the words of the late Barry Gold Water "Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice. Tolerance in the face of tyranny is no virtue" Let us not be ashamed defending liberty even when we cannot be nice anymore.

Sorry Israel,ADL and AIPAC. There Are Genocides Worse then the NAZI Holacuust.

The feel sympathy for the Jewish people and the six million that dies in Hitlers death camps. I am getting very tired of hearing it. I am getting very tired hearing them play the victim and act like the bullies using what happened in Germany. Well there was more genocides worst then what happened in Germany. To use the Holocaust excuse is getting old. They are asking congress for a handout based on the Holocaust. I will not pay reparations for something I am not responsible for.

A certain element in the Jewish community uses the Holocaust as an excuse for Israel's aggressive behavior which is no different then Hitler's policies. The truth is I do not hear of of the Chinese, The Russian, the Polish people and the Cambodians crying about there mass killings looking for public sympathy or our tax dollars. Only the Anti Defamation League and all the pro Israel crowds are the only ones crying about the Holocaust of six million Jewish people sentenced to die in NAZI death camps. Here are some mass murdering genocides that dwarf the Holocaust:

The numbers of innocent people murdered dwarfs six million people.

Ever Since the Bolshevik Revolution, When the communist took over, there was the red terror and other mass murders in Russia. Between Stalin and Lenin, they murdered close to 62 million people with execution and famines.

Pol Pot, the murderous dictator in the killing fields of Cambodia killed about 2 million people.

The Communist Chinese under a blood thirsty despot Mao Tsa Tung murdered 45 million people through execution and famines.

Israel has no excuse going out looking for a war just because of the Holocaust that happened close to sixty years ago to attack its neighbors. Israel cannot be cry like the victim and act like a bully. I cannot confirm nor deny the Holocaust. This is sixty years later, it is time for Israel to start using sound diplomacy and not use the threat of war as a means to an end. Six million Jewish people died as history has told us. Yes, any life taken by a tyrant is tragic and should never be repeated. Other countries and its people have endured worse reign of terror that far more exterminated people more then what Hitler did.

We do not hear the Russians use the red terror or the Chinese people cry about Mao Tsa Tung mass murders in China . They have moved on not playing the victim. Israel should learn a lesson from the Russians and the Chinese. That is they endured many mass killings of their people. They are not making any excuses from the past to justify getting their way. It is time for Israel and the its people stop using the past and start living in the present. Using the Holocaust does not work anymore. Other nations and peoples have lived through the same horrors of a tyranny killing off people.They have moved on living in peace with their former enemies and their friends. Now it is time they do the same and stop living in the past.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Free Speech vs. Obama's Truth (Goon)Squads

In my lifetime, I have not seen such a corrupt President as Barrack Obama. At least Bill Clinton had some sense not to push people too far. All I know is this President is trying to follow the footsteps of African dictators like Mugabe or Idi Amin. Obama now is dispatching his truth squads again to counter the so-called lies against the President. I would like to know what truth is there for Obama to talk about. What good has he done since he came into office. Now he wants to send out a chilling effect again trying to quell free speech.

This just shows Obama is not fit to lead a free people. Freedom of speech is the cornerstone of our legacy passed down from our founding father. We all have freedom of the press and freedom of religion. These tyrants cannot handle free speech and their agenda being exposed to the light of day. Threatening arrest for telling something that the President does not like is tyranny. Every prosecutor, judge should be jailed if they allow and prosecute because exercising our constitutional rights cannot be converted into a crime. The Obama Campaign did this in the 2008 election.

I say to everyone, do not cower in fear. I say overwhelm the Obama truth squads with so much truth they cannot get anything done. I mean so much information, the Obama Squad because lack of operatives will grind to a halt. They cannot go after anyone effectively. They may try to arrest someone, but that will only make people get louder. Mike Rivero's words of wisdom" The best way to take down a dictator is to make them act like a Dictator. What is next he will do? Will he dispatch thugs out on the streets to thug up on Political rallies trying to demonize the opponent's support base as violent and racist?

There is no sense playing nice with these tyrants. There is no sense in going along with them. These people have no intentions changing their ways just because we are now being nice and it will keep us out of jail. With NDAA signed in law, people being arrested might just disappear. Tyrannies in the past arrested journalist who criticize the despots in power to make them an example. All we have to so is overwhelm them with so much bad press that is truthful and based in fact. There are not enough people in his truth squad to analyze the content to try countering it.

Only a man who is desperate to hang onto power will use such tactic dispatching truth squads who nothing more then Obama's goons who will censor and try to suppress the opposition. This is nothing more then an act of desperation of a dictator trying to keep the presidency because if a Ron Paul runs against him. He will lose. Ron Paul has the base to win. Obama lost his base. Fear not the emperor who is wearing no clothes. He is just becoming intimidated trying to put off the inevitable. That is removed from power.

The right to free speech is God given. Not a privilege bestowed by this Tyrant. If Obama thinks, he can silence a 234-year tradition of political dissent. He will see some severe blow back from the people. This is not China or Soviet Russia. This is America. We will not shut up or be silenced not matter how much this White House tries to thug up on us. God gave us the right to speak. So use it or lose it.

If Obama did his Job and kept his campaign promises he made in 2008 there would be no damage control.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dissent Against the Government is as American as Apple Pie, It is Patriotic, and not a Mental Illness.Any Questions?

The people who are mentally ill are the people in the goverment. They are the people not in their right mind. People who are control freaks who hate their own lives and life itself. They cannot stand to see people happy or successful in life. They hate seeing love in the homes among families. They hate innocence and purity.They want to control our lives, I mean every facet of our lives. They cannot get a job picking up litter on the side of the road or at a McDonalds scrubbing toilets.

These are the people who cannot understand why people get mad when they grab people's genitals at the airport or question their authority. The do not like people resisting them and questioning what they do. The hate the fact people are buying guns. They do not understand how a farmer can get very upset when this government goons comes on their farm without his consent. In his goon's mind. that farmer should be happy because this goverment agent cares so much about him and only wants to help. The farmer just wants to be left alone. He does not want the government's help. He does not understand reality or human nature. He thinks people should be happy being felt up to keep them safe and not get angry. Well the government thinks we are all mentally ill or terrorist because we do not like what they are doing.

Instead of this government goon reading the Constitution and realizing he is being told to operate outside the law of the land. Instead of learning from this legal document of their legal limits. His bosses call people who challenge them are now terrorist or being mentally ill. They cannot stand for people to record them or expose them on the internet. Instead of being corrected saying no more. They get more hostile. They hate our heroes in history and our founding fathers. They think that controlling our lives is so much better then freedom. How dare we we get angry because we do not need them. They think there is something wrong with us because we have such hostile attitudes against the government.

In their Minds we are terrorist and mentally ill because:

We grow our own food and do not trust the FDA and the USDA to say our food is safe. We do not want to eat GMO crops.

We want to store our own food so we are prepared in a disruption in the supply chain.

We want to have guns and ammo because of civil unrest or just do not trust the goverment to protect us. They hurt us more than help. Ask the wealthy high and dry areas of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. They took their guns

We do not want to be groped at the airports and fried in a full body scanners. We want our personal effects left alone and stop asking personal questions about why we are traveling. It is none of their business.

Because we like to pay cash for coffee and our hotel rooms. We prefer cash because it is privacy and the goverment does not know what we are buying. It is none of their business either.

We believe in God and the Constitution.

We want to End the Federal Reserve Bank.

No more Illegal wars.

No more foreign aid to any nation including Israel

We want to abolish the IRS.
We like to take care of ourselves and do not need their help. We know we are far more capable of dealing with problems. So much better then the goverment can.

So why do they call us bad for standing up for what is good and proven to be a common sense solution?

Common Sense is not a mental illness, it is just something the goverment lacks. If the government had common sense, they would not be searching grandma's diapers at the airports.

Dissent is not a mental illness or an act of terrorism. Dissent is American as apple pie. People like Barrack Obama, John McCain and Janet Napolitano are about as American as Benedict Arnold. So who are the sick ones? Who are the traitors? Who are the real terrorist? It is not us fighting for our survival or our personal dignity. It is the goverment who is mentally ill and the terrorist. Any questions?

Americans will Outlaw Obama in a Second Term before The President Makes Guns Illegal.

This puppet in the white house is living in a Marxist wet dream. He is not in his right mind. He lives a life of illusion. He is what some people call criminally insane. Do he think he can outlaw the second Amendment and take the guns away from Americans? Does he think people will go along with him and turn in their guns? Well, I think when he tries to go after the people's guns on a large scale. There will be so much blow back This will be his Waterloo because the right to keep and bear arms is the third rail of politics now.

Bill Clinton and his party lost the congress in 1994 and Obama's party lost the house in 2010. Gun control being one of the major factors for a shift in power. Democrats in his own party knew better not to touch gun ownership when Obama took office. The President tried to use Operation Fast and Furious to attack gun owners by blaming violence in Mexico on the second amendment. It has been revealed the White House and the Department of Justice was behind shipping the guns to the drug cartels in Mexico. They tried using the attack on Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords to attack gun ownership. All his effort have gone flat. All this President did was spur more gun sales reaching record numbers ever since Obama won the election.

The truth is Americans have wised up to gun control. They know what happens to people who turn in their guns. The people know what the outcome is when the goverment has the guns and the people are defenseless. They see what happened during the Red Terror in Soviet Russia, the purgings in NAZI Germany, the killing fields in Cambodia and the mass murders in China. Government is the main cause of death more then wars, natural causes, disease and car accidents. Police states emerge when the goverment has all the force and the people are left without any self defense. Genocide always follows with mass graves and a reign of terror. American have wised up to the scam of gun control in the name of caring for the children does not work anymore. The emotional hype people see right through it. The anti gun propaganda does not gain anymore traction as it did in the past.

If Obama is reelected to a second term. Then he goes after the guns by executive decree without the process of repealing the second amendment by the states or going through congress. If he wins reelection by election fraud, this will be a reason for the people not to comply with the emperor wannabe. He will be exposed as illegitimate not because of his birth certificate. His multiple aliases and social security numbers can be a reason to not obey him because no one knows what his real name is. This President going around congress making laws by executive fiat will be met with a lot resistance from the people, if he uses this power to go after the guns.

People will wake up to the fact that Obama coming after the guns is not about us being kept safe. it is about the Tyrants being kept safe from the people. It is to protect the power structure from the population. It has nothing to do with the well being of the people. It will be very hard to collapse the economy here when people still have firearms in their possession. The US goverment wants a monopoly on deadly force. When the founders put in the second Amendment as a means of protection and security of a free state. That meant to keep goverment in check. When it gets too tyrannical. The people have recourse by force of arms to resist any further abuses of the goverment.

President Obama attempting to take the guns by force might get him removed from office. This is where he will bite of more then he can chew. This is where he might find himself removed from office politically or by force. I do not think the Military will be loyal to him or a good number of police either. UN member nations sending foreign troops in to grab the guns might not be politically good for that country sending the soldiers under the United Nations flag if they come back in flag draped coffins in large numbers. President Obama is so unpopular. If his reelection is to be found a fraud, If the courts or the states will not correct this. If Obama tried to drop the hammer down on the people to quell dissent using NDAA and other draconian measures. Outlawing guns in America will be Obama's Waterloo.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

America Cannot Afford Another Bush in the White House

Jesse Jackson was right in one phrase, maybe not for the same reason as we see. That is stay out of the Bush’s. I do not think we need another Bush in the White House. This family has been nothing but trouble with this nation. This family dynasty has a dark past as being involved in drugs and money laundering the money. This is a family with a checkered past. The Bush family is not conservative; they are globalist and opportunist. Now we see the apple does not fall far from the tree.

Prescott Bush the Grandfather of Jeb Bush was involved back in the 1930s in an attempted overthrow of the United States, as we know it. Prescott Bush with a group of Robber Barons recruited General Smedley Butler to lead a group of 500,000 troops to overthrow Washington DC to set up a NAZI dictatorship. This Medal of Honor Marine blew the whistle on the plot as documented in the McCormick Dickstein Committee. Prescott was George H.W. Bush's father. It was hard to go after Prescott Bush because he helped form the USO. That organization the works with active duty veterans in war zones. Back then, it was hard to go after a man who is to supporting the troops for the red white and blue pretending to be a patriot.

George H.W. Bush really stands out for his dark Past. Like his son, George W. Bush was part of Yale's Skull and Bones Fraternity. George H.W. Bush was behind the child sex ring in the Franklin cover up. It was rumored to be part of the JFK assassination. The planning of the raid on the Branch Davidians happened under the Bush 41 White House. Even though Clinton carried it, out in 1993. George H. W Bush was behind the drug running in Mena Arkansas with Governor Clinton at the time.

When George H.W. Bush was vice President, it was rumored he had a connections with John Hinckley who tried to kill Reagan. In the Primary campaign, Reagan exposed Bush's ties to the CFR, the Tri Lateral commission and the Skull and bones organization in the debates. There was full-page ads’ exposing George H.W. Bush in major newspapers. The Political establishment forced Reagan to take Bush as his running mate or he would not be nominated. Vice President Bush was behind the planning of Rex 84 and the Iran contra scandal. He was behind the Savings and loans heist in the late 1980s. Him and his sons looted many people in that scandal. None of them was arrested even though they were caught.

In the mid term election of the Republican revolution. George W Bush became Gov of Texas and Jeb Bush almost won Florida by a slim margin. The incumbent Gov Lawton Chiles was reelected a second term. Jeb Bush was elected Governor of Florida in 1998. When Jeb Bush was elected Governor of Florida. Here is Jeb Bush's record as governor that needs to be told.

 -He allowed the Clinton Department of Justice and Immigration to publicly Kidnap Cuban child Elian Gonzalez out of his Miami home on Easter weekend.

-He allowed the Justice system in Pinellas County Florida starve Terri Schiavo to Death. Jeb Bush had every legal right to remove Terri from the Hospice when her life was threatened. One Of the basic rights. The right of life under the Florida, US Constitution and the declaration of Independence could have been his reason. Not some Probate Judge over riding the Bill of Rights.

- He was governor where vote fraud in the election of 2000 allowing his brother to defeat Al Gore. There was much election fraud in Florida. Thanks to Jeb, we have Diebold voting machines now.

- 3000 children were unaccounted for in the Department of Children and Families foster care system. Florida removes children from homes 35 percent higher then the national average. The head of DCF was a child Pedophile. Greg Pound who has the website Rescue my Kids tried to meet with Gov. Bush because a caseworker who was convicted of filing false reports against innocent families destroyed his family. Jeb Bush would not give him five minutes. Greg Pound is now running for Pinellas County Sheriff.

-Florida Schools ranked the lowest in the nation.

- The State of Florida under Jeb Bush has been in Partnership with the Federal government in the war on Drugs and Terror resulting in the assault on our liberties. Before 9-11, the lead man who was a CIA asset who was involved in the attacks on the World trade center lived in Florida while Jeb Bush was governor. It is ironic President George W Bush was in Florida were his brother was governor reading about a pet goat in Sarasota elementary school the day we were attacked on September 11, 2001.

  -Gov Jeb Bush singed an executive order days before September 11 putting Florida under Martial law. It shows 9-11 was a failure trying to decapitate the government.

 -Gov Jeb Bush is for Amnesty of illegal aliens.

 -He is a globalist who is one of the people behind implementing the North American Union.

 -He is for erasing our borders with Canada and Mexico.

 -He is behind the disastrous free trade deals.

Gov Jeb Bush will be harder to politically destroy. Nevertheless, it can be done.

The talking points they will talk about are:

- The robust economy under his tenure.

- His executive experience and ability in crisis management having dealt with four Hurricanes in six weeks. Florida was hammered with in the year of 2004.

 - He had no corruption scandals in his administration while Governor of Florida.

- He did use the threat of a Veto when there were turkeys in the budget or legislation. Turkeys are another name for Pork Barrel spending in Florida politics.

Like Father like son, Jeb Bush could be a desperation attempt in a brokered convention in Tampa Florida this August to highjack the nomination from Ron Paul. Jeb is another neo Conservative. He is not Conservative; he is a political opportunist. Mitt Romney and Newt do not energize the republican base. Ron Paul might be the last man standing when August comes. Ron Paul is gaining in delegates. The possible bringing in Governor Jeb Bush might be an attempt to derail the Ron Paul movement.

Jeb Bush can be used to alienate the Conservative and libertarian wings of the party voting third party to allow Barrack Obama to get a second term. The name Bush leaves a bad taste in America mouth. The Bush's in the past have used the Conservative base to be elected only to kick them to the curb after getting into office. We must politically expose Jeb Bush's record before the convention so we do not get another false choice this November.

We do not need another Bush in the White House. Both Obama and Bush are bad for America. Jeb Bush is not a Conservative or a patriot. He is a globalist. The apple does not fall far from the tree.

Friday, February 10, 2012

To Police and Military: Beware of Joining the Dark Side

The lessons of history we have a chance to avert have been shed for in blood. Not the blood of soldiers that has paid the price. It is the blood of the innocents; it was paid for with the blood of those loyal to the tyrants. They all have paid for the lessons of history we hope never to see repeated here in America. You look at the Red Terror in Russia; you have to wonder how this could have happened. A major part of it was the police and military going along with the communist agenda thinking they were all safe. History tells a different account.

After watching the checkist, I do not want to see my fellow citizens being stripped naked in a FEMA camp to have a bullet put in the back of the head. I do not want to see mass graves or the rounding up of innocent people to be sent to the firing squad. This success of this type of tyranny relies heavily on the Military and Police going along with the Tyrants. Without them following orders, these tyrants would not have the power.

Lenin and his minions Trotsky held families of the Military at gunpoint hostage with the threat of execution of their families if they did not carry out these immoral orders. The truth is the families anyway were executed along with the soldiers once they used them for their evil purposes. This is what I say soldiers to get your families off the base and out of the neighboring town outside the base. Please send your spouse and children back home away from these henchmen. Do not let the tyrants use the families of the military for their evil deeds to murder people.

Last Month in Las Vegas. Sheriff Richard Mack hosted the county Sheriffs conference. Many Sheriffs, these elected Peace Officers embraced their oath of office and will defend freedom. They know making a deal with the devil does not make them safe. It does not give them any guarantee of protection being in a Partnership with Homeland Security. This is why I say to Police and the Military; Beware of joining the dark side. It is not safe, they are better off doing what is right then just going along to get along.

For those Sheriffs and Police chiefs who blow off Sheriff Richard Mack’s plea to follow the Constitution and protect the people of their county from Tyrants out of Washington DC. If these politicians think, they have a deal with Homeland Security. If they think, they are the special ones being the willing sucker to go along with the despotism. Here is what happens. Making a deal with the devil is no deal at all. The devil lies and deceives to get what he wants. Once he is through using them, he will dispose of them with another group of henchmen to take their place.

 During the Red Terror under Stalin, Lenin and Trotsky. Millions of people were murdered. If anyone goes to YouTube and look up the video the Checklist. You will see no one was safe under the Red Terror. Police Chiefs and the officers who went along with the Soviet Communist system where exterminated along with the peasants. These people were replaced by criminals released from the jails to run the police stations and the carry out this bloodthirsty rampage through out all of Russia.

The executioners who got their jollies stripping people down and lining them up against the wall to shoot a bullet in the back of the head. After executing innocent people, regaling their tales around the table in the barracks in their complacency. The next group of goons would come in and surround the table to kill the executioners taking their place. As the new murdering squad being deceived like the group of henchmen before they just killed were told before they were the special ones. The cycle repeats itself replacing the low IQ idiots they killed before with another set off imbeciles to do their bidding. All of them were told they were special.

The truth is no one is safe in the system. They could be TSA, DHS,IRS,FBI, County Sheriffs, Police officers and US Military that go along with the system. They were told they would be able to torture, arrest, humiliate and execute Americans. They are told, "They were special" and "the protected ones". The reality is looking through history. No one is safe who works for the system; they always execute the witnesses to the crimes of tyrants.

For those who are in the US government reading this blog and those inside the system. You are not safe. History will repeat itself because they fail to learn from it. So beware joining the Dark side, this is not the winning team. Tyrants die very violently and their fall is never peaceful. That police officer bugging their eyes out on a power trip tazing old women and beating up old men. Get a moment of clarity. You are a useful idiot to inflame the public against you while the politicians telling you to do this think they will never face the anger of the people. Police officers are just a sandbag to protect the corruption from the people.

Police and Military: learn from history. I plead you to see for yourself. Organizations like the Southern Poverty law center, the Anti Defamation League, are the same people who were the Soviet Kamaczars who sent millions of innocent people to their death during the red terror. The people are not the enemy. The very people accusing the citizens of being the terrorist are the real threat. If you take the time to learn from history, we might be able to avert the destruction of this great republic. No one has to die.