Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We Must Tell Teachers,Students and the Disinfranchised Who Is to Blame for this Mess

                I can not stand to see anymore the Teachers and Students in ignorance over the job loses in public education. Austin Texas,Wall Street.Congress and the Federal Reserve Bank are the ones to blame. Before they play class warfare pitting union against non union,the poor against the middle class, young against the old and the welfare dependent class against the working class. It is time we stop sitting on the sidelines watching them march by pointing their fingers in the wrong direction. We know who is to blame.It is our duty to start planting seeds in the minds of the teachers and the students before they can be used as a political weapon against society. When totalitarian regimes took over was from the gutter up financed thugs as a counter revolution after they started an uprising by conditions they created. This is how these oppressive regimes start.
               Socialist groups are now trying to recruit high school and middle school students as a weapon against society.As parents we must counter this educating our children so they never fall into the lie of socialism. We must as parents stop these people coming into the schools trying to exploit our children to turn against us. It must be hammered into their minds that socialism,fascism and mercantilism are the cause of the problem. We must point out the very bankers who created this economic hardship are the very ones pulling the levers behind the scenes using these factions. This is the end to justify the means in the globalist minds. Socialist are one of the useful idiots that want to use to achieve the elites goals.
                We can no longer afford to sit on the sidelines in the battle for the republic. The soul of the nation is at stake. If we do not act.These socialist will win their hearts and minds because we chose to do nothing but complain about it. It does not good to gripe instead engaging and exposing these operatives. We either win these people over or the other side will by us being silent. Where we see students and teachers protesting.There we should be also to educate too. I am not about to let some New World Order hack spew a bunch of lies hoping to divide society so we fight among ourselves against the real crooks.
               We have the technology of replication of DVDs and literature to educate.Pss them out with a smile and be ready to answer questions.We must use it. We can win of we are relentless. People are ready to listen to what we have to say.This is a great opportunity to take ground away from the enemies of freedom used to count on. We know who is to blame. This is the time we should shout it from the rook tops.                


  1. Those greedy money grubbing teachers don't need to be told who started this mess. They know who they are, and they know what they did. Draining my tax dollars dry with their extravegant union-backed incomes, and their tenure, experience, and dedication to trying to make Americans literate. Shame! Shame on you teachers.

  2. There is serious need for a sarcasm font.

    Don't worry about the socialists so much as the fascists. Educate on how we got here and who did it. We need banks. We need money, we need capital and capitalism. We also need government and oversight and a free press. Currently we have none of these things.

    We have zombie banks led by vampire squid. We have fiat. We have at best crony capitalism at worst government industry corporatism which is by definition fascism. Our government is not our government but government by the bankers for the bankers and the industrial complexes (banking, energy, military, medical) that have sprung up around the bankers just the way Jefferson said they would.

    We have a fee press. The r for republic has been left out, just pay your fee and you get press...they'll print whatever you tell them. The teachers have also been caught up in the system and indeed teach that the system is good. Now it's biting them on the ass along with everybody else...

    We must get the word out that really our founders knew what they were talking about the foundation of the nation is fair weights and measures and sound money, a free press and all that other silly nonsense they put in the constitution about restraining government and keeping the federal government restrained. The power is in the people and the states...liberty.

    All we have to do is remind them of this. Once tasted the sweet cup of liberty makes all other cups taste bitter...

  3. I have to agree on the premise of this post. As a homeschooling parent of 6+ years I have to say that the "education system" in America is nothing more than a forced indoctrination into slavery. ANY "education system" that teaches subserviance to a 'superior' class or station is instituted slavery to the ignorant masses.

    I only see the elitists and religionists as HALF of the problem since it takes the willingness to remain uneducated and ignorant of truth, historical precedence, and clear impircal evidence of the existence of the system that REALLY EXISTS globally by the other half for the perpatrators to succeed.

    When I started homeschooling in 2004 I still thought of religion as a "ideal" by which we could measure truth and freedom. As I 'educated' I found myself BEING educated to the truth of empires, elitism, and religion's use as a tool of the ruling class.

    Common sense and reason are objects of incalculable value, yet we see stupidity being prized and force fed to the population, and the population eating it up. How can I prepare my children for a future that is destined to enslave them in a stupidity that is adopted rather than a freedom that is earned through the unbviased education of how we OUGHT to respond to the oppression AND OPPRESSORS that beset us AND OUR WORLD?

  4. Unfortunately, if you are honest and knowledgeable you will have to tell your children: "it was jews"!

  5. It wasn't "Jews".. Be very careful about your rhetoric. It IS ZIONIST ISRAEL.. There IS a difference. Helen Thomas IS RIGHT.. Nancy Pelosi is too blame for not IMPEACHING BUSH/Cheney et. al. You want a real easy smiking gun? Follow the Reagan, Nixon,Bush and Cheney all along (PNAC CROWD). Wallstreet, Enron and all the MONOPOLIES in Corporate Amaerica of the MILITERIZED INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX ARE TO BLAME. The Fall guy WILL NOT BE COPS< TEACHERS and FIREMEN... I can GUARANTEE you this. The Republican "Party" IS OVER.


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  7. The Talmudic/Kabbalistic Zionist's/Crypto Jews founded the Jesuits, the Banks/ Medici's/Rothschilds, started the Bolshevic Revolution, attacked the U.S.S Liberty,etc.... Yeah I say it's the Talmudic Satanic Zionists(no doubt about it).... That's all folks!!!