Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Campaign to Drill Offshore is a Ruse and Scam to Divert the Real Truth

              I use to believe in that we need to drill offshore to meet our energy needs and not be dependent on foreign oil. Now I am learning it is a fraud and a ruse to divert the real truth. We do not need to drill offshore to meet our energy needs. The truth is we have plenty of oil here we can access right here and right now.We do not have to worry risking the life in the sea. Our problem is the oil companies creating an artificial scarcity. With the blessing of the US government has caused these high prices at the pump interfering in the free markets process in favor of monopolies on natural resources.
              In the state of Texas.Twenty nine out of thirty of the oil wells are capped and not being used.It is the same in Alaska too. Instead of pleading with our politicians to drill in the Gulf of Mexico to give us relief at the pump.We need to point out why are we not using the oil from these capped wells. Why has this been hidden from the public for so long? Why are the oil companies getting away with shutting down refineries and controlling the supply.We have been scammed by the politicians in collusion with bankers and corporations.
              For the people pushing for state rights .We have to do more than just nullify Obamacare. We the state in the several states to take back our natural resources for the control of mega corporations and the EPA being their hired gun for these corporatist. It is about having an independent currency and State taking a stand not to be scammed anymore by the federal government. We do not need to be held hostage to these money addicts on Wall Street. All this is not necessary. So when we hear some politicians telling about the Eco freaks and the leftist blocking drilling in the Gulf. Ask them why are we not using the oil wells already capped on land.Why are we being scammed this way. It is time we stopped being scammed.

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