Thursday, April 21, 2011

This Day in Texas History. The Texas Army Defeated The Mexican Army 175 Years Ago.

                Texans are proud of their history and their is no denying it. The early Texans sough to start off new escaping the second bank of the United States and the economic hardships that came along with it. The Texans received Spanish lands grants from Spain to settle in the new land. When Mexico declared it independence for Spain. General Santa Ana ignored the Mexican constitution and became a defacto dictator by decree infringing on people rights. The truth is that all of Mexico was in revolt over this tyrannical military General. Texas was the only defeat to the Mexican army.
               Many Texans talk about the battle of Gonzales,The massacre at Goliad,,Texas independence day The slaughter at the Alamo and the final battle of San Jacinto were the Mexican army was defeated by Texas militia forces. This was the final confrontation that decided the fate of Texas as a nation. When Sam Houston drew his sword before his forces were to engage the Mexican army. His battle cry was "Remember the Alamo!" because of General Santa Ana's ruthless policy giving no quarter to the defenders of the Alamo.
                This day in history serves as a lesson to tyrants. First that is dictatorship that tyrannize people always falls and they can not conquer a land with an armed people.Their narcissistic delusional thinking always does them in when they ignore reality. when the people are armed and when people say no. The despots lose.This day must be drilled in the minds in Texas what we were fighting to be free from. If we do not know this day in history. We will be doomed to repeat it. We all should remember April 21, 1836 when we defeated the Mexican army at San Jacinto.


  1. what?
    It doesn't prove that ALL dictatorships fail. You then forgot to point out the other lessons to tyrants.

  2. Thanks again for the freespeech never read a blog that dissallows free comments like huff press,ect
    happy n420 and happy san jucento day,
    the stinkin little santa anna came back and tried again because the fools let him go!They should have kept him in a cage!
    I hope that our ignorance of MEXAS history causes a repition and this time we hang the crooks.