Monday, April 30, 2012

The TSA LIke the Like NAZI Brown Shirts, East German Stasis and the KGB?

The Transportation Security Administration was not nothing new; it was planned for many years before September 11, 2001. This day was the excuse used to plug in the TSA. Some people even said the TSA uniforms look very similar or perhaps identical to the East German Stasis. I have not seen one yet when I looked. Do you remember President George W. Bush hired the former head of the East German Stasi Marcus Wolf to consult Homeland Security. Why? To set up a tyrannical Police state to lord over the American people.

You look at the TSA; this thug bureaucracy has ripped a page from these highly despotic entities that terrorized the people of Europe in the past. The people at the top are in charge and deciding who the minions who will carry it out are. Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin all got the police to go along with the Bolshevik revolution. Once they were used to get what they wanted. They were cast aside in the mass graves, emptied out the jails, and put known criminals in place to carry out their blood lust on the innocent people. These criminals became the enforcers of the communist revolution.

This was the same with the East German Stasi and the NAZI brown shirts. The Checka or Checkist being the early KGB was a criminal element that carried out these immoral decrees. Tyrannies always use criminals to carry out their orders out on the populations. These people were pirates stealing property and raping wives and daughters. They have murdered at will as they please. When they made mass arrest for the most mundane thing. The psychopaths who lack empathy executed people or any sense of humanity are these enforcers of tyrants.

We look at the TSA; they have taken all the tyrannical tactics to enslave people. They are not doing any more background checks of applicants’ criminal records. They grope people are obsessed with strip searches and humiliating people. They are pedophiles and have been caught with child porn. The TSA has no credibility a far as being a legitimate security apparatus that serve the pubic good. It has destroyed the tourist industry and some airlines.

The TSA has exploited 9-11-01 to engage in every evasive procedure to put there hands on us. To terrorize old ladies and war heroes in wheelchairs. They are following every tactic they can get away with as it was done in every despotic regime. The TSA has a criminal class carrying out this illegal and unconstitutional acts against the people. Tyrannies always used criminal to be their enforcers to terrorize the people.  The TSA is now a rogue criminal enterprise that will be brought to an end by the people or political pressure. But they will either way find out the hard way for being so brutal and callous with innocent travelers. 

Now the TSA has announced they will come out on the city streets and grope as a condition.  They say they will approve people getting a job to buying a selling. They are that national security force Obama talked about on his campaign in 2008. Being just as powerful and just as strong, he proposed. Well after all the crimes and public outrage over the TSA’s dishonorable conduct in the nations airports. There is no reason for a Police state when the people who have the right to keep and bear arms can do the job better.

I do not see them being effective on the American streets and perhaps there might be blow back like it was in Houston when it was found out undercover TSA agents were riding the city buses spying on people.  Even local police, deputies and state troopers have a lot of reluctance of TSA coming in and directing them. Many of these sworn personal know friends, they have seen their children, parents and wives have their ox gored by the TSA. They are very upset they are not sworn law enforcement officers because they are not real law enforcement officers. The TSA might start seeing real public blowback when they start acting like thugs on the city streets.

I do not think the TSA will have any success trying to play Police State here as the East German Stasi, the NAZI brown shirts and the Soviet KGB have had. We seen the playbook before and we see it played again. TSA will wish they never came out on city streets. The people who are buying five million firearms a month because the TSA's conduct as a good reason to defend oneself from tyranny. The TSA will not be successful when they come and try to play Police State on the American streets. That might be the last straw that breaks the camel’s back. Do you agree?

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Texas House Member Reponds to TSA on Houston's City Buses

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Not Losing to Fear in the Fight to Restore the Republic

I once heard FDR say "the only the we have to fear, is fear itself". Today now the only thing the government can offer is fear itself to get their way. If we allow the tyrants to use fear tactics to keep people in line. Do not say anything or do anything so we do not make them mad will not save us. We will self censor ourselves and allow the despotic politicians to win. We cannot allow fear to drive our actions.

Fear can make us die a thousand deaths because we know what we need to do, but we are afraid of the blow back that will occur of we make a stand. There is a point, we cannot be afraid of the consequences, not can we fear out own death, we cannot be afraid if we are swept up and taken away. We cannot be afraid of what the government will do to us. Fear more what will happen if we do not act. Yes, standing up to tyranny is a dangerous job, but life will be dangerous allowing it to happen. This is the time good men stand up.

Edmund Burke said" Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn said his famous quote when they hesitated in fear when the secret police came out to do mass arrest as he stated:

“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?... The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If...if...We didn't love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation.... We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

Are we going to allow what happened in Russia under the red terror happen here? I am not going to allow it. We have no choice but to defend the honor of our families, friends and our beloved republic. We cannot afford to be afraid anymore. There is sign of hope that people are starting to lose to fear, and now starting to see anger starting to boil over. We are American who have nothing lose anymore. We must not lose our dignity allowing fear to dictate our life as a people and an nation. Do we live in fear or will we start showing courage?

Ron Paul Tips Cards(Print them Up Pass them Out to the Waiters and Waitresses When you Go Out to Eat. Leave them WIth your Tip

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

US Government: The Real Domestic Terrorist, The Real Threat to All People Here and Abroad.

Our nation is in a crisis never before in our history. This threat does not come from a foreign land by a despotic leader. It is not coming from a rag tag army hiding out in the countryside being a menace. The threat is not coming from a terrorist group in the Middle East. It is not coming from Russia either. There was no real cold war as it as we were lead to believe. The Soviet Union would have collapsed back in the 1930s instead in the early 1990s. The only thing that was keeping the tyrannical regime in place was the Federal Reserve Bank secretly printing money to keep the Soviet government afloat over the past decades to preserve the illusion of a cold war, We been bailing out the Soviet Union with the Federal Reserve Bank with th3e US tax payer5s paying for it in the form of a hidden tax called inflation. This is the truth that politically destroyed Senator Joseph McCarthy when it was revealed the hand of the central banker’s role in the cold war.

The cold War was used for a reason to benefit the Military industrial complex President Eisenhower warned us about in his farewell address to the nation.  President John F. Kennedy signed executive order 11110 which told the US Treasury to start printing US silver notes and gradually retire the Federal Reserve Bank which would have been put out of business if allowed to proceed if JFK was not assassinated in Dallas. President Kennedy seen the international banking cartel that wanted to enslave the people through a false debt created out of nothing also funding this Cold War. This Cold War was also used as an excuse to oppress the people at home through agencies like the NSA.

Now the phony AL Qaeda, which is a CIA asset, was the perceived enemy that has no face, or country is now being used to take away our freedoms. The same bankers and intelligence agencies that funded the Soviet Union pay for these phantom terror groups formed

One of our Founders of this Great Nation quoted eloquently this:

The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instruments of tyranny at home.--James Madison

In addition, he said:

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.--James Madison

This has been more prevalent ever since September 11, 2001. Everything the government done to keep us safe was more used to tyrannize the people. They formed the TSA which has not caught one terrorist in the nation's major airports. This agency has injured and killed more people then any terrorist attack since September 11. This agency does not do well catching real terrorist. But they are good at bullying old people in wheelchair and young ladies. They are good at stealing property and humiliating people. All this looking for the terrorist. We all see the TSA are the real terrorist.

We have seen the formation of the Department of Homeland Security which was to watch for those evil threats in the Homeland as we were lead to believe. Now they have turned their gun sites on us by purchasing 450 million rounds of ammunition that can sustain a seven-year war on American soil. The see all of the American people as the threat to them.

If you are a gun owner, a Ron Paul supporter, property rights advocate, constitutionalists or anything that is as American as apple pie is not suspicious. The US government has designated taking pictures of tourist sites or any mundane thing to be a possible act of terrorism, to question the actions of the TSA or any other government agency makes anyone a domestic extremist. A classic Saul Alinsky tactic: accuse your opponents of the very thing you are doing. It is not working anymore as it did in the past because the information out there is not limited anymore. The internet has been a real good equalizer countering these leftist strategies.

The truth is Obama using Saul Alinsky's rules for radicals as an attempt to send a chilling effect to quash free speech labeling people who are part of patriot groups and questioning Government illegal authority as domestic terrorist. That has backfired because people see the government as the real domestic terrorist as a threat to America as a whole. They are the ones torturing people, terrorizing people in black uniforms with guns drawn because of selling raw milk or selling organic food. They are the ones invading our privacy and stealing property without due process. They have become the predator and the people are now the prey. The have threatened Texas with an air blockade, an act of war if they passed the Anti TSA groping bill. Is that the government using the act of terrorism to achieve a political goal?

Ever since the Patriot Act, a gradually increase gun sales. Even under President Bush when he started passing the freedom killing laws. People were starting the see the government becoming a threat. When Obama was announced to be President elect, gun sales started to spike higher as ever before. Even after, they tried to attack the second amendment of the US Constitution, which says the people have the right to keep and bear arms. Even since he signed the NDAA, gun sales are up through the roof.

President Obama has circumvented the law more then any President in history. Clinton, Bush 41 and 43, even FDR never came close. Not even Nixon came that close to Obama abusing their power. Obama said he could not wait to be reelected to a second term so he can get around congress ruling by decrees and not governing enforcing the laws of congress. His actions have shown he has become a threat to the American people. Him, Eric Holder of the Justice Department and DHS are setting up check points using the TSA out on the streets to do what they do good in the airports, that is piss people off. Obama is now the threat because he has become a law unto himself which is very dangerous,

The government's actions show they are the real terrorist, a real threat to everyone's safety and security. With false flag attacks to justify a police state to using any excuse to roll out tyranny across America, show who they really are. They are the terrorist, not the people. The American people are not out looking for a fight, but the government is trying to start one. Therefore, who are the terrorist; it is the US government trying to demonize us because we just want to be left alone. then comply with tyranny.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

To Ron Paul Supporters: Thwarting and Defeating the Establishment By Becoming Wise to The Poltical Party Hack's Dirty Tricks and Tactics.

The mood of discontent with both parties is obvious. The left right paradigm has exposed themselves soon after the 2010 elections. I can recall the American people being burned when everyone wanted Bill Clinton out of the White House. People were looking forward seeing the White House fumigated after Clinton left office. People thought George W. Bush would bring real change. George Bush preached on a non-interventionist foreign policy and reducing the size of government as his campaign promise to the people. The American people were burned again with more wars, the size of government getting bigger, and the loss of liberty and disappointed again.

The voters thought electing in democrat-controlled congress would stop the Iraq wars; some even believed the Patriot act would be repealed also. People were burned again, the wars kept going and nothing changed. The voters were deceived with Hope and Change. When Obama said, "Yes we can". Now we know it was not a statement for the people. It was for the government to encroach on our lives. Obama not only broke all his campaign promises, He did a complete one hundred and eight degrees at warp speed accelerating Bush's policies he started and building on them with more Federal power grabs.

In 2008, the Tea Party emerged because of lost liberty and the out of control spending. The beginning of the Tea Party was started by Dr. Ron Paul This true grassroots movement was gaining momentum in strength and numbers. The Republican establishment has almost co-opted the movement with people like Gov. Sarah Palin and a few other neo con hacks. The media and political establishment brings forward Congressmen and minority leader John Boehner as the front man for the opposition to Obama's big government policies and the promise to repeal Obamacare The Tea Party was getting ready to be betrayed the people again right after the 2010 elections. It happened when John Boehner became the speaker of the House after the Republicans took back over the US House of Representatives thanks to the Tea Party. Now John Boehner is going to burn the Tea Party movement like Newt Gingrich burned the Republican revolution.

Now it is 2012, now it should be very obviously clear now John Boehner is the Speaker of the House being the handpicked man by the globalist establishment not to oppose Obama grabbing power and investigate corruption. This man was picked to quash any freshmen congressional representatives who have made moves to keep the executive branch in check. Speaker of the House Boehner was placed there to be the gate keeper for the globalist who is protecting Obama from the people rather then interpose himself between an out of control President and the American people.

Speaker of the House John Boehner is just another political puppet there to deflect and break the will of the people and the grassroots of the Tea Party movement. He has done everything possible to thwart the will of the people who helped make him Speaker of the House. He has allowed the debt ceiling to be raised after much opposition. He has quashed any investigation into White House corruption. He has made a deal with the President to end Operation Fast and Furious. John has not attempted to challenge any of the executive orders Obama signed with these power grabs when it comes to its war making powers. He has allowed the President to bypass congress using the regulatory powers of the bureaucratic process to implement laws the congress would not pass by using the executive pen.

Speaker Boehner has made sure no new freshmen congressional representatives or constitutional minded representatives would never be able to challenge the President or look into the corruption inside his Administration. To cut off funding was thwarted. The bills restraining the TSA's evasive tactics got nowhere and never made it out of committee. Congressman Ron Paul was almost cheated out of chairing a committee that was his by seniority, if it was not for pressure from the people. He would have been denied that position. John Boehner was there to keep the status quo in place. He is there to protect the political establishment from the will of the people and not protect the people from an out of control government.

Now we are now in another election year. The Presidential race is in full swing. We have the real grassroots candidate Rep. Ron Paul and the establishment hack Mitt Romney. Ron Paul was cheated four years ago tricking the party in the same Presidential race with John McCain who had no money and floundering campaign all of sudden a resurgences out of nowhere in New Hampshire with a media illusion. This same man thumbed his nose at the American people with McCain/Feingold Campaign Finance reform and amnesty for illegal immigration. The grassroots will not be fooled this time around.

The globalist establishment inside the RNC has already picked their man. The grassroots are now becoming wise to their tactics and starting to confront the hacks. The Republican hacks propped up Gov Mitt Romney as their man to run against Obama as the chosen one. Election fraud is now being uncovered and the people are now taking steps to defeat the establishment. They know Ron Paul is the front runner. Mitt Romney cannot draw a crowd of 200 people at any gathering while Ron Paul gets standing room only wherever he goes. The GOP base is behind Ron Paul, not Mitt Romney. This former Massachusetts governor is for gun control and Obamacare was modeled after his healthcare plan while he was governor. He is a vanilla ice version of Barrack Obama. There is no difference between the two. The only choice they want to give the people is as an example of, do you want to be screwed up the rectum with Vaseline or KY-jelly. The American people are starting to see through to facade of the phony left right game that has been played for decades.

Now we must respond to these tricks and tactics. When the media says vote Mitt Romney, push for Ron Paul as the nominee, not the sell out politician who is no different then Obama. If the media parades John Boehner or another political hack as the savior to be the real opposition to Obama. Push for Rep. Walter Jones. If they say Mitch McConnell as Majority or minority leader. Push for Rand Paul in the Senate to take that position. We pressure every freshmen congressional representatives or second term person to defy the RNC choices and put the people we want in these leadership positions and not the one the losers media paraded out on cue. We have to push forward those we can trust like Rep Walter Jones or someone faithful to his oath to take these leadership positions. A person who will chose the chairmenships of the all the various committees instead of corrupt gatekeepers like Rep. Darrel Issa obstructing justice covering for the Obama White House in scandals like operation fast and furious.

We now see the tricks and tactic the political establishment uses. We can start to countermeasure to keep hacks and operatives like Speaker Boehner or Sen. McConnell from retaking the leadership positions in the next Congressional session. I do not want to hear anymore naysayer’s tell me the game is rigged. If we do not get up off our rear ends to put some pressure on our representatives by phone or telling them in person we want these people as the leadership in the legislative branch. We were hoodwinked with Bush, Clinton, Obama, McCain and Romney because the media told us these are the chosen ones. We must not allow the media to make Boehner or any other political hack to be the chosen one to be the speaker of the House or the Majority or Minority leader in the Senate.

I do not care if we have to get nasty with these representatives, we have our choices who we want to be in these post. It is time we stop allowing the establishment to rob us of any more victories with another hack to co-opt the Tea Party movement as John Boehner did. If we do not tell congress and be loud about it. We will get what we deserve. We cannot go back to sleep after the election ever again and allow these corrupt politicians to be the gatekeepers protecting corruption in both parties. It is time to push back and say no to the establishment.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Obama: Creating Chaos to Bring in Martial Law?

It is obvious the President has taken drastically measures to grab power that is not rightfully his. You look at the latest executive order call National Defense Resource Preparedness that is the takeover of every piece of infrastructure within the United States. We have the NDAA, which eliminates Habeas Corpus that authorizes the US Military to detain people indefinitely without charge on a hunch; He has almost everything in place to make an attempt top crack down on the American population.

He has tried to through his Justice Department to stir up racial strife over the Treyvon Martin case. This has failed miserably because many black Americans have awoken to the race pimps and the agitators trying to stir the pot. They tried to have the Black panthers and the White Supremacy groups out there trying to provoke an incident to start a race war to justify the President declaring a national emergency so he can implement Martial law under FEMA.

The President is desperate to clamp down on the American people. Now I hear that agent provocateurs will be in Chicago for the NATO conference. The windy city were corruption is rampant were Obama has his beginnings in politics. This is the city also where the President's former White House Chief of Staff Rham Emmanuel is now the Mayor presiding over one of the most corrupt political machines in the nation. I can see riots being staged by foundation paid anarchist while the police stand down like happened at the WTO conference in Seattle in the late 1990s to demonize the peaceful protesters.

Obama though Operation Fast and Furious tried to attack the second Amendment's right to keep and bear arms by shipping guns into Mexico giving them to the drug cartels to start border wars to blame law abiding gun owners for the deaths has backfired. He was hoping he could confiscate the guns using this false flag attack on our right to self-defense by owning firearms. Now people are now accelerating the sale of firearms to 1.5 million sales a month now to 5 to 7 million a month in gun sales. The reason why people are buying guns is the economic implosion and they plain old do not trust Obama and the government.

I really think this President has taken off more then he can chew. I do not think he will not be able to disarm the people. A good portion of the Police or Military will not go along with his orders. Many county Sheriffs will not comply with DHS directives or his bogus national emergency. If Obama tries to create chaos to crack down on the American people with any excuse he can use. His next move forward trying to install a hot tyranny will be enough excuse for the American people to push him back. Obama has shown his hand for what he really is all about and his real agenda. He wants to start the red terror as it was done in Russia in the 1920s. It will not happen. The only chaos that will happen is he and his minions running to air force one to escape to Kenya. Order out of chaos will not work here when everyone knows what he is trying to do. Too many Americans know too much.

 If Obama tries to implement Martial law, he will be pushed back, when that happens, it will too late when the President and his global masters have bitten off more then what they can chew. They can use science and psychology to try to manipulate the people. Now matter how much they try to control the minds of people. The human spirit to be free always will prevail when good triumphs over evil. American as a republic will survive.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Texas Students, Parents, Teachers and School Districts Revolt Against Federal Standardized Test

HOA Forecloses on Home Already Paid in full for $1200 back dues

Counting the Cost in the War on Terror

I remember that day Sept 11, 2001 as if it was yesterday. Many people were very upset that we were attacked. Osama Bin Laden and all Muslim extremist were the scapegoat to point the finger at to blame. Many people were scared too fearing another terrorist attack is going to happen any day after that. Many people were looking for revenge, many people we afraid asking the government to protect them for those evil Muslims. We were robbed of our common sense accepting a solution we would not otherwise accept.

One of the solutions offered to the American people was the Patriot Act, how the bill was passed was very suspicious because no one had any time to read the bill or debate it on the floor in the house or the Senate. The contents of the legislation shredded the Bill of Rights were our privacy is non-existent and other basic liberties.

The next agency that was formed was the TSA with the mission to protect the skies from terrorist. It is has been over ten years since this agency came online. It has not caught one terrorist yet and it has been more hindered then helped stopping the bad people taking over an airplane. I will later explain more about the TSA.

We have to Department of Homeland Security that is becoming the KGB and the East German Stasis on steroids. It has not secured the homeland from those evil Muslims. It protec the government from the people instead.

We have these illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. We are provoking acts of war in Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, Iran, and Syria in the name of keep us safe from the bad people. We were lied to about Iraq weapons of mass destruction, The preemptive strikes have made the USA a weapon of mass detruction making more enemies worldwide droppjn g bombs on nations that never attacked us.

Ten years later, we are not any safer and perhaps we are in greater peril. Was it worth the cost for this war on Terror? How many young adults will be killed we send over. How much more freedoms will we lose in the name of national security. It seems this war on terror; the American people are now the threat to the US government.

I believe 9-11-01 was an inside job for the US government to grab more power to take away our personal liberties and to start wars of conquest overseas to enrich a few select corporations. Sept 11th was used for every excuse to steal our liberties and start illegal wars, to torture innocent people who never harmed us.

Now it is 2012, we are no more safer then we were on Sept 11th, we are more in danger with starting wars around the world that have not attacked us and from our own government shredding our Bill of Rights. This war on Terror is a war on our liberties and us. The government now the threat to our safety and security more then the radical Muslims themselves. We are spied on in our phone conversations and in our online activities. There are cameras on every intersection tracking and tracing our every move. How is this supposed to keep us safe?

Homeland security now looks at groups that oppose the wars and the police state. Everything that was as American as Apple pie like dissent and political speech is now criminal. Everything that is normal is now suspicious like paying for your coffee or a hotel room with cash. We might be the terrorist for having road maps and camping gear in our cars. To take a picture of the statue of Sam Houston might be considered terrorist activity. Common sense does not exist in the war on terror. Everything that is mundane might be suspicious to the government. The government has become alien to the people.

It is not worth flying anymore, I remember it was an experience I always looked forward to when I booked a flight. Now I dread going through the TSA checkpoints because the contents of my luggage can be stolen, I can be put on a no fly list without challenging or confronting the accuser who put me on the list. We have images of our bodies are scanned and kept on file. We are groped without probable cause. The TSA who were supposed to stop those evil Arabs from taking over planes to crash into high rise buildings. Instead, they harass old people in diapers and old war heroes in wheelchairs who are not a threat to national security.

Now the TSA in charge of Airport security done such a good job at the keeping us safe, which is the most, hated agency is now coming out on our city streets to our sporting events and on city buses. They want to grope and body scan us every building we enter. They want to track and trace every move in the name of catching the terrorist. They want to set up highway checkpoints and search and grope car loads full of families without a search warrant. At the same time let illegal aliens go. There is no more common sense in government anymore.

In order to take our country back, we have to look at the facts we can have a safe nation if we look at the Constitution. They may have shredded our bill of Rights at the national level. Nevertheless, they have not shredded our state constitutions. Homeland security starts with our local people and not from help from Washington. We have to Sheriffs posse which consist of the armed population that can handle any threat insider their jurisdiction.

We convicted terrorist in the past like the weather under ground without eliminating any due process of law. We did not need a patriot act or the NDAA. This entire police state agenda is just to government protecting itself from the people because they have become so corrupt. All these anti terror laws are anti liberty and unconstitutional using the war on terror as an excuse to take away our freedoms taking away a jury trial and the right to confront your accuser because the evidence is secret turning habeas corpus on its head. According the to US government, the American people are the enemy, not the Muslims

Look at the obvious signs of this. Our southern border with Mexico is wide open. There are shootouts with the drug cartels and illegal immigrants flooding across. Our immigration laws are not enforced. We have these activist making statements reconquering the southwest. Do we see any visits from the FBI or Homeland Security on these people? No, they go harass anti war protesters instead. The go after patriots and gun owners. people who support Ron Paul who are non-violent. Can you see how far we have fallen as a nation?

This war on terror has cost us much as a nation. This war on Terror was used to set up the Police State grid so the bankers when they loot the nation stealing people's bank accounts, looting the nation of its wealth by debasing the currency when the economy fully implodes. The thieves in charge have a rear guard to protect them from the people is their plan. I do not see it is not working. They have tried to attack our speech, our privacy and our dignity. They have not been able to attack our right to keep and bear arms.

We have lost so much in this war on terror. It will be we the people that will be the final check on the government’s power. It is obvious the laws in place limit the weak and protect the strong through arbitrary laws. The laws used supposedly to go after those evil Muslims have been used to drug laws, to attack farms and home gardens. To go after the productive people and to punish people who dare question the government.

It is time to stop letting the government and the mainstr4eam media scare us with the phony terrorist threats. More people die of snakebites a year then they do with boogeyman terrorist. It is time to stop letting fear rob us of our common sense and start thinking for ourselves again. We do not need the US government to take cares of us. We have a Homeland Security mechanism in place for over 234 years that is constitutional and more effective then DHS and the TSA can ever do.

We have the state governments, counties and the local militia which is every able bodied male in the populace organized and unorganized that is more effective keeping the peace then from the top down from Washington. The responsibility to our peace, safety and security should never be delegated to a distant bureaucracy that is unaccountable. We are paying the price delegating these powers to corrupt officials that belong to us and no one else. 

Now the price is being paid allowing both Bush and Obama grabbing power that does not belong to them we delegated to them but never consented to be used to set up a dictatorship. Are we going to stand up and be the final check on the unlawful powers the government granted itself without our consent?  The other option is, are we going to pay the high cost living as slaves? We have to count the cost on this war on terror and see what we have lost. If we do not see how far we have fallen and acknowledge our government are the terrorist. Then are your ready to count the cost living as a slave at the mercy of tyrants. Do you understand how much of a price we paid to benefit a few at our expense? Are you any safer then you were before Sept 11, 2001? If you think, you are, then at what cost?

If you exchanger freedom for security, then you deserve neither. For me that is not a price I will pay. I rather face the dangers this life throws at me then lose my liberty in the name of the war on terror. I count the cost yielding my freedoms. It is not a price I am not willing to pay anymore for a little security. Do you agree?

We lost our liberties, The United States is now the most hated nation around the world being the evil empire, We use to be a beacon for liberty, now we are a parasite upon the world. If we do not reverse this phony war on terror, to cost will be too much to bear as a nation we might never recover from. Wake up America!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Houston We Have problem. The TSA Goes or We Go!

To all Texans and people around the nation who love life and liberty. What is the reason the TSA is riding the city buses now? There is not a problem too big the Houston PD cannot handle; they have to the recourses to handle it. Why allow a government agency come in and tell the city how to conduct security when they city of Houston is capable of maintaining it themselves.

Houston we have a problem. I will no longer do business in the city of Houston. I call on all people not to do business in San Antonio, Dallas and Houston if they do not get rid of the TSA. I know the TSA are dressing in plain clothes on the Houston city buses. This is why I am against the Federalization of city governments and their police departments. I want our cities to have autonomy and not in partnership with Federal agencies.

As for myself, I will not do any business in Houston, nor will I ride the city buses. I will go to the NFL games not attend the baseball games. I will not patron any business inside Harris county. I will not Fly and use the Airports in Houston and Harris county. I will not set foot into the City of Houston Texas or Harris County. We the people my send a message to Mayor Parker to get the TSA out of Houston or lose business. I encourage people not to use the city buses if there are TSA spies on board.

Houston We has a problem, it is the TSA on our streets, it is your partnership with the Federal government infringing on our rights. We do not need the Federal government in Houston and in the Republic of Texas either; we will do better without the DHS and the TSA in Texas. I call on people not to business in Houston. Nevertheless, all the major cities in Texas whether it be Dallas, Austin, San Antonio. Do not give them one red cent of business in the city limits and the counties involved because the Sheriff has allowed the Feds to com in and violate our rights.

Where the TSA, do not do business. DO not go to the NFL games or any professional sporting events in these cities if the TSA or DHS is there. They are not welcome not are they needed. Do you agree?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Update on DNR vs. Pig Farmers (Michigan DNR Wants to Kill Pigs on Farms)

The NEO CON Gatekeepers Must Be Removed From Office Along with Obama

How the Neo Cons highjacked the tea party shows the two party system cannot be trusted anymore. They took a genuine grassroots movement and made sure it lost its effectiveness with John Boehner, Darrel Issa and Sen. Mitch McConnell. Their actions show there is no one anymore to speak for the American people anymore. 

Speaker of the House Boehner is a disgrace and he is useless. If it was not the tea party movement taking, back the majority in the House of Representatives. He would not be Speaker of the House. Did he embrace the mandate from the Tea Party movement? Did he make moves to keep the executive branch of government in check? Has he investigated the corruption in the White House and the President? Has he controlled out of control government spending. Has he repealed Obama care? He has not even held the President accountable for wars being waged on sovereign nations without congressional approval that were not a threat to national security. Well he has done nothing to stop this out of control President. He is useless.

The Speaker of the House has given the President more power. He has not defunded the war in Libya. He has allowed the President to raise the debt ceiling putting this nation further into debt. He has not blocked any of Obama's executive orders making an end run around congress making law by the stroke of a pen He has made a deal with the President to make operation Fast and Furious go away. He needs to be driven out of office. He has not done his job as Speaker of the House; He has ignored the will of the people to keep Obama's power in check. He has allowed Obama to grabbed power away that belongs to Congress itself.

Speaker Boehner has not challenged Obama implementing Cap and Trade using the regulatory power of the EPA to shut down power plants and refineries. He has not moved the remove funding for the TSA for their unconstitutional groping at the Airports by the TSA.

Now we have Darrel Issa of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Attorney General Eric Holder has lied before his committee about his and the White House's involvement in Operation Fast and Furious. Nothing is done to him, not even asking to Sergeant of Arms to arrest him for committing perjury. The Chairmen Issa has not look into seeing is Obama is eligible to be President based on his multiple aliases and all the Social Security numbers he used. Congress needs to apologize to Major League Baseball. They were treating much more harshly for using steroids in Major league baseball then they have treated Eric Holder. This Attorney General should be in an Orange Jumpsuit in jail awaiting trial. Instead, Roger Clemons who never killed no one but just take sports enhancing drugs to play baseball. He is abo8ut to go to trial for lying before congress.

Senator Mitch McConnell has struck a deal to create the Super Congress. This compromise, which is outside the Constitution as an agreement to raise the debt ceiling. This deal was a thumb in the nose at the American people. This Super Congress is an abomination to our republican form of government. Sen. McConnell voted for the NDAA and as Minority leader in the US Senate. He is just as useless as Boehner.

These three people have deceived many people believing these men would cut the run away spending, restrain Obama's executive power and hold him accountable. These men did not protect the American people from an out of control president. They protected the President from the American people having party hacks appointed in certain post to be the gatekeepers making sure the White House is protected from any real form of accountability.

It just shows both parties work for the same globalist powers. They are two sides of the same coin. This is why I am calling for a hostile takeover, not a violent one of the RNC at the Republican convention this August. We need to take back control from the globalist who are in control the party. Maybe if there is a true grassroots representation, we can have a true speaker of the House who will keep the other branches of government in check. We have to find a way to take back the GOP away from the globalist control so we do not get a Boehner, a Pelosi or a Gingrich in this post. We can have real good public servants to be chairpersons of these committees and subcommittees to oversee and keep the other branches in check. Not party hacks being the gatekeepers chairing these posts making sure the real corruption is never exposed.

We have to find a way to take back the Party from the Globalist deceiving the people so long into making a false choice at the polls. They made the laws only allowing the two major parties to dominate the election not allowing other minor parties a level playing field to compete in a fair election. They are changing the rules as they go to hold onto their post and to keep Ron Paul out.

This is why we need to remove the gatekeepers from office and every post that use their power to undermine the will of the voters in the party. We cannot play by the rules they make anymore because they always stack the deck against the grassroots. This is why we need to act to take back our voice and our will. If we do not, America as we know will cease to exist.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Do Not Blame the GOP, the Establishment and the Media if Ron Paul Does Not Win. Blame Ourselves Instead.

It is getting to the point we cannot afford to give the other side the power to cheat us anymore. Yes I am mad at the Media the RNC cheating Ron Paul. Their very nature is very predicable and we ought to know what to expect. We should have been ready for it back in January at the Iowa caucus. Well I am not going to blame the RNC and the Media for what is happening. I am blaming us all because we are allowing it to happen and not willing to get out of our comfort zone.

First, we have the people who say they support Ron Paul saying they will not allow Ron Paul the win. That is speaking defeat into existence. The corrupt establishment can be defeated; they are not untouchable or invincible. All it takes is effort. To say our efforts will be fruitless no matter what we do to get Ron Paul the nomination I cannot accept as fact when the primary election is not over. If August is not here yet, they we have a chance to turn things around. The speak defeat before the August convention is giving them the victory before the fight is over.

I am calling on all Ron Paul supporters. If we hear a Patriot broadcaster out there claiming to be a Ron Paul supporter say he will not be nominated or they will not allow him to win. It is time we call out and start rebuking them asking them to at least encourage our efforts instead of speaking defeat when it has not happened yet.. These types of remarks are undermining the people out there who are canvassing the neighborhood and those who take the time to become delegates for Ron Paul. I am not saying Patriot Broadcasters should not have their free speech. We will not stop that, I just think it is time they feel the consequences when they do not engage brain before engaging mouth. It is irresponsible to say we have lost when the battle is not over.

To all you patriot broadcasters, all rights have responsibilities, even the freedom of speech. Your words have power of life and death; the difference of freedom and tyranny is the power of words. If you think Ron Paul cannot win, keep your thoughts to yourself. Do not undermine the people who are making the sacrifices of their time, money and energy because you have a different opinion. It is just being responsible in times like this that silence is golden. Speaking the words of a defeatist before the convention in August happens. You have become more of an enemy to our cause then the globalist

 The worse enemy we have is us, more then the globalist are working against us. Every time some patriot broadcaster speaks the self-fulfilling prophesy of they will not allow Ron Paul to be nominated. We are allowing some defeatist to speak our demise into existence. As a result, the other side is laughing at us because we are not united collectively working to defeat the globalist inside the RNC. We are infighting within ourselves. We can defeat Mitt Romney and the establishment who is backing him. We just have to stop shooting ourselves in the foot with our own words.

It is not the globalist who will defeat us, we will beat ourselves. This is why I say; do not blame the other side for our defeat if it happens. Blame ourselves because every day we say they will not allow Ron Paul to win was a day we could have done something to change the outcome to preserve freedom so our republic will never perish from the Earth.

Study Not Too Close the Ways of Our Enemies Unless They Become Yours

I am not going to mention who is broadcasting this. I just think it is a waste of time to elaborate about the scientific dictatorships to the point it is boring me. It is almost an insult to my intelligence when it is regurgitated constantly. I am sorry to say that too many people who do overly excessive research into the other side. They actually co-opt the enemy’s mindset and their reality. They never look at reality as a whole anymore. This resonates with the audience. This is why what we are thinking is what is holding us back.

The other side has no trouble moving forward with their plans. If you read the founders documents, we do not read about scientific dictatorships and eugenics to the point it depresses people. The writings of our early patriots just gave enough of a good reason why we need to shoot the enemy. The pastors from the pulpit imparted the principle to the congregation to resist tyranny. There was a reason the founders never wasted too much time trying to jump inside the mind of the wicked. The early colonist only needed to know their Christian duty is to resist tyrants. They did not waste too much time reading into the other side's mindset. All they needed was from the Bible to tell them all they needed to know how and why that had to get rid of the problem.

Yes, I do research, but my life does not revolve around it. My family and kids. My responsibilities to my community have a place too. They say all work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy. Let us look on the ground what is happening and what is being told are tow different things. There are many more positive things happening in our favor that will bring us victory.

I visited my local Boy Scout troop meeting because my son was interested if joining the scouts. We are hearing some Broadcasters scream on the air that Boy Scouts are being trained to go after and disarm disgruntled Veterans. That may be partially true. Many scout groups did not drink the DHS Kool Aid. When I ask the Scout Masters about this. Many local Boy scouts throughout Texas have rejected Homeland Security training to go after dissidents. They wanted no part of it.

Until we break, free of the psy-op of the other side's documents and their sick mentality. We are holding ourselves back because people behind the microphone are making mountains out of molehills. This is why do not look to far into the dark abyss. Talking about eugenics, weather weapons and GMO with all the other attacks that are coming at us. It is OK to talk about it to the point of making people aware. It is not good to take the audience down the rabbit hole that make things more then what they are. With that mindset, we forget the beauty of the forest because of a few ugly trees. All they are is a symptom of corruption. To me talking about the symptoms will not get our country back. Going to the source is where we should be looking at.

 Many of patriot researchers have to break another type of conditioning. I know they talk about the psychological conditioning society is under. There is the under condition the patriots have to break free of is co-opting the delusional reality thinking they are all powerful and all knowing; being deceived into believing they will get there way and they are unstoppable and invincible. They have to break that conditioning they been under also. This is why it is not good to study to close the ways of the other side because eventually the people will believe the delusional thinking of the despotic robber barons. You see I refuse to cal them the elite anymore because every time I call them that. I am giving them power and legitimacy they do not deserve.

 We are getting to point we cannot waste any more airtime talking about eugenics all the time. It is only a symptoms and not the problem. To take people down that rabbit hole is not the right thing to do. It is better to go out and defeat them instead of wasting time in the wheezer mode because we make these globalist out bigger then what they really are. I am not into scaring people.

If we learn not to study to close the ways of our enemies and focus on defeating the New World Order, is just taking care what is front of us taking back our local and state governments? If we do what is right in front of us. We will find out it is not futile to resist. Wasting time just talking about the symptoms is what is holding us back. It is time we stop being our own worse enemies defeating ourselves before the globalist do.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mitt Romney and the NRA. Both Sell Outs for Gun Control.

If you believe, Mitt Romney will protect our God given right to self-defense. If you believe, the NRA is fighting for our right to keep and bear arms. Please check the real facts. The NRA and Mitt Romney have one thing in common. They are both the controlled opposition. To me the NRA and Handgun INC are two sides of the same coin like the Democrats and the Republicans. The NRA is not there for us when our gun rights are under attack. The pay a lot of lip service, when the rubber meets the road; they do not walk their talk, they always compromise and caving into the gun grabbers.

It was reported in Newsmax that Mitt Romney spoke before the NRA conference in St Louis. He is talking a lot like Ron Paul talking about freedom and the Constitution. Mitt Romney is certainly not Ron Paul just as NRA's Vice President Wayne LaPierre is no Larry Pratt of Gun owners of America. Larry Pratt never compromised our right to keep and bear arms when lobbying in congress on our behalf. The NRA and Mitt Romney both sold out to the opposition our right to keep and bear arms.

In the year 2004 when Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts, talking like a conservative but governing as a RINO. He signed into law the Assault Weapons Ban that was a major gun grab in Massachusetts history since the Red Coats tried to confiscate the muskets at Lexington Green. This new law made hundreds of thousands of people criminal overnight who possessed an assault rifle. Under his leadership as Governor, gun registration fees increased 400 percent. Is that a pro gun candidate? Mitt Romney only became a NRA lifetime member pandering for the Presidential bid in 2008.

Romney's is anti gun by not by his words, but by his actions. He is not pro gun. His is anti gun. Romney in 1994 backed the 5-day waiting period purchasing a gun. He has said in his own words that his policies would not make him a friend of the NRA, He brags now about his lifetime membership in the NRA. Now he is speaking at the National Rifleman's conference in St Louis taking tough being a pro gun candidate. I cannot believe a word he says because no matter how much I may agree with what he says. To me it is just empty words because he is looking for votes to be elected. He is no different then Obama when it comes to people keeping and bearing arms. He wants them out of the hands of the people just as much as Obama does.

The NRA just like Romney is a sell out. A lot of talk, but they always caves in surrendering more of our rights to keep and bear arms compromising principle.

The NRA supported the National Firearms Act of 1934.

The NRA backed the Gun Control act of 1968.

The NRA backed the Patriot Act.

 The NRA sold out the first amendment with the Disclose Act.

 An NRA board member Stated that it is not necessary for anyone to posses an assault rifle for self defense.

The NRA sold out Wisconsin Gun Owners in 2011 over conceal and carry and open carry.

The NRA and Mitt Romney cannot be trusted with our liberties and our right to keep and bear arms. They both have a history of selling out the Constitution and taking away our liberties. So please do not get caught up in election year rhetoric of Mitt Romney and the NRA. I say support Gun Owners of America instead. Please dump the NRA and vote for Congressmen Ron Paul for President over the puppet Mitt Romney. They both have been uncompromising and consistent through the years. If you believe, Mitt and the NRA will defend your rights to keep and bear arms. Think again, you are setting yourself up to be betrayed.

When I think of the NRA and Governor Mitt Romney? I think of two things. They are both scallywags in the spirit of Benedict Arnold playing patriot undermining this free republic.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Life Will Be Dangerous Living in Ignorace With a Predetory Criminal Government on the Prowl

I thank God I know the difference of how life was in America and what it is like now. It was not a Norman Rockwell era, it was still a time I had my innocence. I was taught that good work habits and having a moral life was the pathway to success. We were encouraged to be law-abiding people. We were told if we obeyed the law and respected people's personal boundaries, property and dignity. We have nothing to worry about as far as negative consequences. The government will leave us alone.

 Today it is not the case at all. To think if we obey the law and thinking the government will leave you alone is something of the past now. Now many law-abiding people are very naive and gullible trusting the government. If they obey the government, they will be left alone is what they still believe today. Now we have a predatory government that feeds off the people who still earn money and pay for good and services. Now life here is turned upside down were good is evil and evil is good. Obeying the law will get you killed now if you stand your ground. It is getting to the point we cannot turn in our guns, we can no longer go into FEMA camps when the order is given.

We can no longer trust the government. The system is set up to ensnare the law abiding people into a trap if it getting a traffic tickets or code enforcement coming out to say the mailbox is not up to code. The mundane things may now be criminal and what was outlawed is now legal. We can no longer count on us being good people to get us out of trouble when the government comes looking. We are now going to have to take the time to stay informed of the real issues of the day. Ignorance is no longer bliss it can also be fatal. Now we have a government that rewards criminal behavior and punishes virtue.

Ask some good families who dealt with Social Workers on how Child Protective Services kidnaps children from the home because they fell off their bicycle. These families were caught off guard because they assumed they were good people with nothing to hide. The parasites exploited their ignorance because the parents did not know their rights and did not know they had the right to say nothing. At the same time, CPS will ignore the child being malnourished in a foster home. The child will die and the news says this child was one that fell through the cracks because the lack of resources because they laws are too weak. CPS will respond saying they need more power to stop this tragedy when they will use this new power to attack more innocent parents. Abused children will still be ignored, no one is arrested or fired no matter how many laws they pass.

Now the government is ignoring their own laws now. We can no longer say the law is on our side. The Constitution will no longer protect our rights if we look to the courts for protection. We can no longer trust the police anymore to have integrity or honor. We cannot count on our local politicians we elect to protect our privacy. our God given rights and property rights when they collude with big name developers to find creative ways to steal your land. It is going to be dangerous being honest, being law abiding and being normal when the government has become lawless with no honor whatsoever.

It is going to be dangerous if we do not know our rights or what is happening. It is going to be dangerous if we are not informed because this predatory government preys on the ignorance of the people to get their way. The most informed people are the best protected. We can no longer live in ignorance. You can ignore the problem. It will not go away if you care or not. We can no longer be caught up in sports and celebrity gossip. It is not relevant of what is really going on. It is meaningless. I do not care of what movie star is sleeping with whom. If you do not think, what we say is not important and you laugh at us.

Well my closing words are. If you think, the government is here to help you by having this nice FEMA camp set up with Jimmy Buffet concerts and NFL star appearances as a PR stunt to get people to come to the camps. In reality because you did not want to listen or consider checking it out for yourself. You will be deceived being lead like a lamb to the slaughter with a smile on your face. It is going to be dangerous being ignorant.

Free Speech Banned in Tampa Florida during GOP Convention?


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Vladimir Putin - Russia Issues International Arrest Warrant For Rothschild & Soros

Zimmeran Charged: My Reservations About Criminal Trials Being Politically Motivated

One of the worse things is to see is a sitting President making remarks that can influence the nations mood. I was just reading about the prosecutor in Florida is going to charge George Zimmerman with the death of Treyvon Martin. I hope the DA was not pressured into this with the threat of riots and chaos if they did not meet the demands of the racial agitators and the DOJ. When trials become politicized, chances are like with the Rodney King fiasco. Criminal trials become politically motivated where either the accused or the victim gets the shaft having no due process to get a fair trial because certain factions wany a certain outcome.

I wonder how the trial will come out. I do not think a jury of his peers will not find him guilty of 2nd degree murder. He should be charged with manslaughter, I think that is the appropriate charge for the incident. What makes me mad is Gov Rick Scott did not show any leadership. He pandered to the race pimps. He should have arrested Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson for the words trying to incite riots. He should had a warrant put out on actor and movie producer Spike Lee for tweeting people to come to Zimmerman's home address. He should have had the Black Panthers arrested calling for black people to shoot whitey. It is a shame these politicians cave into these racial agitators because they fear being called a racist for upholding the law. 

The Justice Department had no jurisdiction to come in and give orders the local DA on what to do. I wish a few state governors would tell the DOJ to bud out. Where is Attorney General Bill McCollum telling the White House to hit the road in this case. The reason why Obama and his Justice oh, I mean the Injustice Department is getting away with lawlessness telling a local jurisdiction in local matter to try to start a race war. The truth we have cowards as leaders today who will not stop the thug Obama.

If Gov. Rick Scott and the state AG were doing their jobs telling, the DOJ to bud out and start arresting the Federal agents posing as black panthers and Neo NAZIS is trying to provoke a race war in Florida. The truth is the Treyvon Martin George Zimmerman case should not be a political trial for the White House agenda to go after the guns and the race baiting. Somebody in Power inside Florida needs to arrest Eric Holder and congress needs Impeach Obama now because these people are not here to help us, but to wreck this nation. I think the American people are tired of this failed leadership not standing up to lawlessness. Certainly I am sick of the cowards in office.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ron Paul Suppporters: Lets Crash Romney's Rallies in Texas with a Smile!

Texas is Ron Paul country; we all know the primaries are coming up next month in the Lone Star State. It is time the establishment start showing Ron Paul the respect he deserves and we need to find a way to make Romney melt down as Rick Perry did. I am not saying we should not go out and support Ron Paul when he comes to town. We also need to attend Mitt Romney Rallies and let him know the base of the party is not for him. To let him know his victories are empty and has no depth…

I would put money down telling everyone. We would outnumber Mitt Romney's supporters at his own rallies. If you decide to do this, please do not disrupt Mitt when he is speaking and be nice most of all. Show class and dignity do not make a scene or be rude. Wear your Ron Paul colors proudly but show Mr. Romney and his supporters courtesy and kindness. If Mitt shakes your hand, show him genuine Texas hospitality. Start acting in ways that shows we have character, Show graciousness and be real. Never show intent to create hostility, malice and animosity toward Mitt Romney, his staff or his supporters. We must lead by example.

Mitt Romney will not have Texas because this is Ron Paul territory. We will prevail here. We have to demonstrate that Mitt Romney does not have the support the media portrays. Attending his rallies out numbering his supporters might shatter the illusion of Romney's front-runner status as just an illusion and not a real grassroots movement. The purpose of going to Mitt Romney Rallies as Ron Paul supporters is to let the media and the establishment know we will not be defined by their deception.

As a nation, we are in a do or die situation for our very survival not as a nation, but as a people. We cannot be afraid what they will try to do to us. How they will try to smear us. We have to do everything in our power to demolish the political and media machine. We are so close to breaking the media's silence with Ron Paul and the political establishment's lack of respect for the strength of Ron Paul's support. 

Go to Romney rallies; wear your Ron Paul colors proudly. Show respect, be courteous and do not be disruptive. Do not heckle Mitt. Show good character. Do not do anything stupid they can use against us. Let us show the world that we are serious about Ron Paul the Texas congressmen are here with him to win.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Darrin Hanna Begged For His Life As Police Allegedly Brutalized Him, New Recording Shows

Are the Black Panthers and the White Supremacy Groups on the Same Federal Payroll?

We have to see out of this Treyvon Martin saga what the real agenda is. Who is behind the scenes escalating the issue trying to start a race war? Finally yet importantly, who benefits in the end? When it is all over? I can tell you neither black people nor white people will gain from this crisis. There will be no winners and we all lose. The only people who will win are the Authoritarians justifying a bigger police state lording over us all. That will be the government's excuse to grab more power.

We have to look at the forces pushing for a race war behind the scenes and out in the open. We have the mainstream media pushing from one end making Treyvon the talking points on the evening news. Then we have these race pimps and the activists who claim to speak for the black community who are no more then hacks paid for by the foundations. Then we have the agent provocateurs trying to taunt and create an incident out on the streets.

Talking about the Federal agents being embedded undercover on both sides. We have the New Black Panthers who are calling for blood in the streets and for Florida to burn. I am hearing blacks on a radio calling for blacks to boot up and arm up ready to go to war with whitey. Then we have the NEO NAZIS patrolling the streets of Sanford Florida will guns in their possession. This sounds like a Federal operation playing both sides against the middle to start a race war in America. Both groups have been documented having agents on both sides on the Federal payroll creating the problem so they can come in as the saviors forcing the people to accept a solution the people would not otherwise support. That is the Hegelian dialectic in action of problem, action and solution.

I am calling on good decent white and black Americans to start deescalating the situation before we all lose our liberties. The people pulling the strings behind the scenes are not for racial justice or even justice for Treyvon. This is just a diversion from the illegal wars and the imploding economy with the help of Obama's policies and the Private central bank. Inflation and the devaluing of the currency knows no racial barriers. We are all hurting from the failed policies regardless what color a person's skin is.

The political establishment, which consists of both parties including Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton being a part of the scheme as well with people of White Supremacy, groups too on the other end of the factions.  They are two side of the same coin. The feds fund both racial supremacist groups to divert our anger at each other rather then the Federal government who is about to steal our pension funds and bank accounts which no one is immune from regardless if black or white.

Suppose a race war started with cities burning nationwide from coast to coast. It gives the government every excuse to crack down on the people as a whole. It does not matter if we are black or white. We are now all slaves if it happens. If it does, then the President can implement the executive orders to seize all private property and the entire infrastructure under the National Preparedness Recourse Defense EO and the NDAA were he could arrest dissidents without due process and the right to Habeas Corpus under the DHS/FEMA umbrella. The cornerstone Obama needs to use to become dictator with no Constitution or Bill of Right for no one no matter what color the person's skin is.

 We must call out the Feds working on both sides so we can expose the darker agenda they are trying to impose on us. The same masters pay for all these people on both sides trying to start this race war. They are working the same agenda playing off both sides trying to push our buttons to start racial strife. We must call this out before the freedoms we all cherish goes up in flames with the cities. There is no social justice if we buy into the propaganda. Black or White people. Think for yourself. We are freemen and not slaves. The truth always sets us free, once we know, we can start to correct the injustices of the real civil right issues and not be focused on this misplaced outrage of Treyvon Martin that is phony as Kony.

Reasons We can use now to Discredit Al Sharpton and Jesses Jackson

This is nothing more than poverty or race pimps seeking an opportunity to get face time on the camera. Being the useful idiots, they are for Obama and the other side. They are promoting racism and hate to try to stay relevant in a post civil rights era. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have outlived their usefulness. Many black Americans have made successful lives for themselves working hard taking personal responsibility. These people are ridiculed as uncle toms. The poverty pimps now persecute the successful black Americans who should be celebrated because they are not poor, nor do they need these self-appointed black leaders anymore. As long, the black people are kept poor and dependent on the system. Then the race pimps will keep exploiting them blaming the white man for their lot in life. Successful black Americans who are self-reliant do not need a leader because they lead by examples themselves.

We have the black leaders now touting the injustice of Treyvon Martin and maybe soon the shooting in Tulsa Oklahoma. Al and Jesse will be all over this like flies on a soiled diaper. As these, two claim to be men of God, the pillars of morality and decency. Promoting Christian principles for a higher purpose for the glory of God Why are they not condemning the old white man beat up black gang and the young Caucasian tourist in Baltimore being beat up stripped while the crowd laughed at the incident. This was all black people doing this to this young man. I would not surprise me if all black people were the one laughing watching this happen. Where is the outrage among the good decent blacks Americans?

 If these leaders really where concerned about their race. They would be policing their own. They would have been promoting common decency to all people. They would tell men to father their children and take responsibility. They would be standing for George Zimmerman's right to due process out of principle even though they know he might be guilty as sin. They would have condemned Spike Lee's Tweets of sending people to shooter address. They would have condemned the Black Panther’s bounty on George Zimmerman and calling for bloodshed in the streets. This shows who Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson really are. Promoting racism in the name of God inciting hatred using a twisted theology that is neither Christian.

I am calling on the decent Black Americans to stop this madness. I know you are out there. I remember watching on TV when the LA riots were happening. Every time a white person was beaten up mercilessly in the streets because of his skin color. The good black people came to the aid of these people in distress and removed them from harm's way. I am grateful you took personal risk doing what is right.

We have to start discrediting the people who are no more then globalist stooges who are tools to keep racial tensions high in the divide and conquer game. Until Blacks and White conclude that, we have been played like a fiddle for a sinister agenda that will make us all slaves at the end of the day if they have their way with all of us. I want no violence and do not want to see any dead blacks or whites. We are Americans, black and white. We have the same enemy that wants us all dead. I am praying for a peaceful de-escalation to this saga. I ask God that cooler heads in the black community prevail. Please pray with me that the real enemy to blacks and whites be exposed Starting with Al Sharpton and Jess Jackson who are no more then overseers for the master on the plantation keeping the sharecroppers in line. We must start exposing these low-level operatives before we are all enslaved.

The incident between Treyvon Martin and George Zimmerman should be judged by the content of the character of both of these individuals as Martin Luther King preached. This is not about race or bigotry. It is a higher agenda being pushed by the globalist. We must stop this divide and conquer game before we all wear the slave chains no matter what skin color we are.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Authoritarianism is the Real Mental Illness: People in Power and in Government are the Nut Cases

We can see the other side getting desperate to label people mentally ills for fearing a tyrannical government.  To me this is a healthy fear and an instinct of self-preservation for survival. It is a normal reaction. There is no shame in fearing the government becoming despotic and tyrannical. It is a normal response when one feels threatened by a group of people who want to control a person's life of what they eat, the right to travel, and the right to be left alone. If you are thinking like this being concerned about the heavy hand of the government creeping into your life? You are in your right mind and it is a natural reaction when a bunch of control freaks threatens a person’s life, liberty and property.

The people who have a few loose screws in their heads are the people working for the government. No person is in their right mind doing this for the draconian government:

What kind of person gets his jollies off groping old people at the Airport and laughing about it when the woman is humiliated?

What kind of person who is a jack booted thug who likes to be on a power trip that breaks down the door in the middle of the night to terrorize the children and families?

What kind of person who knowingly will send a person to prison who is innocent.

What kind of person gets off violating basic human dignity?

The only kinds of people who do this work for the US government now are the real mental cases. During Soviet Russia and NAZI Germany in their reign of terror. Many of the guards got off making people strip down naked humiliating a man or a woman moments before they are executed. These guards knew these people did nothing wrong. Still they got their gratification seeing people being humiliated stripped naked. These people are not in their rights minds.

We are the normal ones. We have empathy for our fellow man. We want to be left alone and we mind our own business. Anyone who is a control freak is never satisfied no matter how much they control every aspect of our lives are not normal and sane. They are the ones who need to have their heads checked, not us. Anyone who wants to destroy innocence and terrorize people, gets off watching people's basic human dignity violated is usually a sociopath ,a psychopath with narcissist tendencies is a real mental illness.

I think next time before any of these career politicians and bureaucrats want to apply for a job with the government. Make them take an evaluation because some of them are mentally ill. Seeing them in power, they are the dangerous ones, not us who see them as the threat. We are not the crazy ones, we are normal.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Blowback on the GOP Establishment Pushing Romney in our Faces. Can We see a Hopstile Takeover at the GOP Converntion?

I cannot buy the Mitt Romney has the support and the base to have the lead he has. It can only happen by cheating behind the scenes. The regular members Republican Party voters are baffled with the party pushing Mitt Romney. The republican voters never wanted a man who singed Socialized medicine in Massachusetts taking the Place of Barrack Obama who has Obamacare, which was adopted from Romney's plan. They know if Romney is the next President, Obamacare will not be repealed. They see nothing will change if Romney or Obama is in the White House.

The real Conservative/libertarian wing in the Republican Party vastly outnumbers the Rockefeller/Blue Blood/ Country Club/ Neo Conservative wing inside the Party. These people are a minority in the party, but they control certain choke points inside the party to keep the real patriots from getting into office. They are the gatekeepers keeping the people out who will make the fundamental changes this country needs. Now they change the rules, break state elections laws to steal elections away from Ron Paul. They keep moving the goal post back another 10 yards back when the result is not what they wanted and want to suit the rules to the outcome they want.

I will say this August convention; we need not a violent insurrection. However, what I call a hostile takeover of the convention where the members of the convention removes the people in the party running the convention who are cheating who are the gatekeepers. Then the members of the convention will place people in who will be good stewards of the process selecting a nominee. Romney does not have the numbers and the support as being portrayed in the media. He is the front-runner by fraud and deceit. Any man who knows he is winning only by fraud is not fit to be President because it shows he is not honest.

We must find a way like a martial artist who practices the styles like jujitsu or any of the fighting styles. We have to figure out a way to use that momentum the neo cons are using pushing Romney at us to be used against them like a good jujitsu fighter does. We can do it. We have to find a way to take back the process away from people who have no honor or no sense of fair play. Americans will get their real choice this November, not the false choices of the past. It is we who will make it happen.

There is a good chance there will be blow back at the convention this August in Tampa. We cannot afford to take no for answer and can no longer accept the results they want either when we know we been cheated. We have nothing more to lose, only everything to gain.

Even if we take over the convention and Ron Paul is not nominated and we get a Rick Santorum in. We have to keep the process honest and fair as much as possible. It is not so much about the results, It is about restoring the integrity of the system. Either way we win in the long run.

The Power of Individualism Will Win the Ron Paul Revolution in the End.

I speak my mind to the GOP establishment. I will not unite behind Mitt Romney who is your selection for the nomination. I will not collectively accept your choice as I did in the past. I am an individual who does have a mind that walks to the beat of a different drum. I think for myself and will not allow the establishment to tell me what to think and who to vote for. I am a person that scares the hell out of you because I think and do act on my own convictions. I cannot be enslaved anymore by your propaganda. Therefore, I am your worst nightmare, I am an individual.

I may be one person, but I am part of many people who are like minded. We use our God given talents to spread the word of freedom and truth. We will not collectively without question accept Mitt Romney as the favored to win. If Mitt really your man. Do the people really stand behind him as you want them to blindly do? Lets take a look at the YouTube Channels of the Candidates as of April 8, 2012 at 12:36 CST. Lets look at the numbers.

 Newt Gingrich 8,893 subscribers 9,699,384 video views

 Mitt Romney 5,960 subscribers 6,122,911 video views (The is the GOP establishment's pick)

Ron Paul's numbers, please do not feel discouraged by this. YouTube does suppress the real results They have been caught before in this practice of fudging the numbers of the real ratings.If we combine all the sub YouTube Channels Ron Paul followers have with all the videos produced, videos duplicated and made independently selling Ron Paul to the people. The numbers would be staggering that would rival the other candidates combined. We do not see people out there in numbers making videos for Newt, Mitt and Rick for free. They would have to pay someone to make videos of this quality. Ron Paul people make these videos on their own initiative without waiting for orders from headquarters. They just do it, not for money. They want their country back.

Some of the videos for Ron Paul are far more better effective then any high price political consultant can produce. This shows the power of the individual is at work. This is the true essence of freedom. Ron Paul's message of freedom and restoration of the Constitution has allowed the power of individual to be unleashed. This is the establishment's worst nightmare. If Ron Paul is going to win, it is not his message alone that will carry the day. It is the power of the individual doing what he does best carrying the torch of liberty.

Even though collectively we strive to put Ron Paul in the White House. It is our individual talents that will carry the message of freedom and individualism will be the road to the White House for the Texas Congressmen. Freedom is unstoppable no matter how the other side tries to break our will. It is the power of the individual that will prevail in the end.

He Has Risen, He was Also Anti Establishment and Turned Over the Tables of the Money Changers

The Jesus in most places preached from the pulpit is the not the real Jesus that existed in his time. I thank God I do not watch the 700 club, Trinity Broadcasting Network, John Hagee or Benny Hinn. They preach a false gospel. They talk about a part of Jesus that is all about forgiveness and restoration of the soul. They talk about how he healed the sick and his many sermons he did. I do not deny God healing people. I have seen some miracles without question are genuine. The church today only preaches certain parts of Jesus and not the savior as a whole. I seen the phony healing services when they have actors pretending to be sick getting that healing from God. I t was staged to get people to give money to the preacher as a sales pitch. I seen this when they put the most infirmed is the back like I seen at a Benny Hinn crusade. He is giving my Lord and savior a bad name.

We never hear about the Jesus that constantly questions the authority in power. They never talked about how he resisted status quo of the day. We never hear about how he called some of the priest frauds and sellouts. He was a threat to the establishment of the day. The religious sector hated him because he preached a doctrine of truth. The Roman Empire feared him because they thought he was going to be a king and might remove Cesar from Israel.  He overturned the moneychangers and the other merchants at the temple because he seen this as a fraud. He saw this as a violation of the sanctity of God.

Jesus was no peaceful man. He ruffled many people's feathers. He made many people mad in the seat of power. His words were a threat to the authorities of the day. He may have been a compassionate man to those who sought him out. He was just as much a gentle person as much as he was an outspoken person calling out the frauds who claimed to be men of God. He called a spade and spade when he seen these Scribes and Pharisees misleading the people.

I wonder what would happen if Jesus came back and seen how some of these TV evangelist using his name to enrich themselves fleecing the flock. He would be mad also. I can see Benny Hinn and Paul Crouch running to the hills fearing his wrath giving him a bad name and misleading the people. I remember the movie Oh God with George Burns and John Denver back in the 1970. When God told this Supermarket manager to go tell this Televangelist to shut his mouth because he is making God look bad preaching a bunch of deception, this lowly common person was persecuted for his obedience. Well we do not need God to go tell a sell out Preacher to stop giving Jesus a bad name. I just turn off the TV, not attend their Church and send no money to them. I would ask you to go to YouTube and watch the Movie" The Blind and the Dead" by Texx Marrs. He exposed these frauds on TV using the name of God to swindle people out of their money.

If you read the book "They Preached Liberty" These Sermons preached from the pulpit 10 years before this nation fired the first shot at Lexington Green. Today do we see ministers preaching the moral obligation to stand up to corruption. Churches are more concerned with controlling my sex life then the corruption today where the most immoral and deviant people controlling our lives today ruling in high places. Thanks to that 501c3 status the IRS gives, they cannot talk about Government and political corruption or the tax man will harass them.

Today clergy who do preach the truth from the pulpit are persecuted by their own and the government. This is what happens today to a Minster who would preach those sermons today from the pulpit if they preach like they did in colonial times. The IRS will be one his back. The ADL and the SPLC would label him as a hater. Homeland Security would put him on a terrorist watch list. These people dared questioned and resisted unjust laws. Today churches will tell the flock it is of the Lord to be stripped naked and go before a firing squad for evil purposes citing Roman 13 just like Joseph Stalin did. The preachers back in the colonel days preached resistance to unjust government, not compliance. The churches say from the pulpit today are setting up the flock to be as lambs led to the slaughter

Not only Jesus paid the price on the cross being the Passover lamb for humanity. Not only Jesus was the bridge between man and God by dying on the cross shedding his blood for the forgiveness of sins. Jesus gave us the way to lead by example. Not only was he a loving and compassionate man willing to show mercy willing to forgive people of their shortcomings. He also questioned authority and called out people for who they really are. He was no peace loving longed haired hippie. He was very outspoken and controversial in his day not afraid to speak up and make a stand for what is right.

Jesus also gave us the example that a person must over turn the table of the moneychangers over unfair weights and measures. This is the example we are not following. We do not deal with the bankers or reason with them. We do not try to appease them being slaves to an unfair monetary system. We are supposed to drive them out. Russian did it and Iceland did it, The Ukraine did it also. They followed Jesus's example driving out the moneychangers out of their land. The worse injustice on earth is being enslaved to an unjust money system based on fraud and theft of the moneychangers. So remember not only he has risen from the Dead, he also showed us how to deal with the Bankers. If we want, God's blessing back on our land. We do not vote them out and reason with the bankers. We do what Jesus did and drive them out by force. Any other way we try, we will always be on the losing end. WWJD, What Would Jesus do, I see on T-shirts and hats all over the place. Iceland and Russia did what Jesus done and their countries are better today without the moneychangers. So let us do what Jesus did,

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Agent Provocateurs Posong as Neo Nazis Doing Armed Patrols in Sanford Florida a Federal Oporation to Provoke Race Riots in America?

I really have a bad feeling about this. It is has been documented and reported that Neo NAZI groups are run by federal agents. There have been attempts by the Federal government in the past to start a race war to demonize the Patriot movement. They love trying to lump the Neo Nazi groups with the tea party and other patriot groups. They tried to use the Oklahoma City bombing to demonize the militia movement. Today all these Klan groups and all the Neo NAZI organizations have been found out to be run by the Federal government.

In the wake of the Treyvon Martin saga going on, we have the President and his minions like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson out there from one end spewing their hatred from one end. The I read this next is the Neo NAZI groups are patrolling the streets of Sanford Florida saying they are ready to keep law and order if a race war starts. A few red flags fly up in my head because this could be used to start a race war, attack our right to keep and bear arms. This will give the President the excuse to declare a National emergency to declare Martial Law in America implementing the executive orders to take over the states under FEMA emergency powers to respond the this crisis.

I mentioned before these Neo Nazi groups and the Fed. Runs Klan groups. If the Feds and it did not run them was all concerned citizen on their own accord doing this. If a group of concerned citizens took it upon themselves to patrol the streets of Sanford to keep order in a town having racial tensions due to the Treyvon Martin saga. The Police would tell the people to go home and trust it to the professionals. I will bet these groups are operated by the Feds doing the patrols on the streets. The Feds will tell the Police and the Sheriffs to leave them alone. So far, we do not hear complaints from the Police about these armed groups patrolling the streets in Sanford. This tells me, the feds they are trying to provoke another incident to start a race riot.

Sending Neo Nazi groups in an area already on edge is like throwing gasoline onto a fire. Are these groups in place to be provocateurs to start a race war so the President has the excuse to go after the guns and call for Martial law around America? I smell a rat if Neo Nazis are patrolling Sanford with guns, this does not deescalate the problem, this move by these white separatist groups with armed patrol only makes it worse, This is a recipe for disaster, not a solution.

The other side has been looking for a reason to demonize the Patriots and the people who love this country. Having these white separatist groups run by the feds, which has been proven true in the past, might be used to provoke an incident to start a race war to demonize people who believe in the right to keep and bear arms and freedom of speech. We have a government itching looking for an excuse to come after our guns and attack our bill of rights. Therefore, if anyone in Sanford sees these roving armed Neo Nazi patrols call them out as Federal agents. These Neo Nazis doing armed Patrols in Sanford looks like a Federal operation to start a race war, we need to expose them now before this government tries to start race riots nationwide. They are desperate to find a reason to clamp down on the American people using a national emergency. Lets not let this happens. This most likely is a Federal operation to provoke a race war. Lets stop it before it starts.

This might be one of those operations Case Sunstein is implementing to go after what is left of our Bill of Rights and to try to crush the opposition. He has called for these types of tactics to demonize the Obama's political enemies. it would not be surprising if it was his idea. We are seeing the Hegelian dialectic in action using a White Separatist Group to provoke a race war, Demonstrating the problem seeing people cry for the goverment to restore order by nay mean necessary and getting the people to accept a solution people otherwise would not accept like internet censorship, martial law and the guns being confiscated to stop the violence. A total loss of freedom to have security. We must not allow this to happen. Do you agree?