Monday, February 28, 2011

Montana Governor SaysTea Party is leading to Civil War?

             The effect of the Tea Party is no more of a threat to the State than Barney the Purple Dinosaur .It is on a Federal end the threat looms with intrusive laws,mandates and regulations coming out of Washington DC are ruining people livelihoods. From Obamacare to Cap and Trade being enforced by the EPA when the legislation congress would not approve of. People can not extract oil and other natural resources because of unconstitutional federal controls and crony capitalism. Is the Governor of Montana getting threats to back off nullification or else? The John Warner Defense Act and the Military Commissions Act call for subduing states that assert their sovereignty. If the State of Montana is successful in nullifying unconstitutional federal laws. It can be a domino effect were Washington is losing control might have success.Many states will follow Montana's blue print that will pose a threat to the despotic rule of the White House.
             The State of Montana has spearheaded with the Firearms Freedom Act that poses a threat to the gun control agenda, They are looking into an alternate currency this is gold and silver backed that is a threat to the Federal Reserve System monopoly on money. The Sheriff legislation were the Federal Agents need the County Sheriffs clearance to seize persons and property.There is constant legislation being introduced by the State legislator aiming to stop Federal intrusion were they have no legal jurisdiction.
            I kind of feel sorry for the Montana Governor Schweitzer because he is getting pressure from the people to do his job to protect his people in the state to erect barriers against an out of control Federal Government. It would not surprise me to from the other direction the Governor is under duress directly from the White House through the Democratic party, DHS and other alphabet soup agencies, The Federal Government is putting pressure on the Governor to conform or else. If he was not. The Governor would have not toned down his rhetoric and made that statement. The Governor in the past has been very strong in his statements. Why the change in his tone. Possible threats from the Obama Administration. 
             I do not see the Tea Party trying to start a fight with the Feds. It is the Feds out trying to throw the first punch using coercive force to subdue the population into submission. The Federal government has shown economically and socially are the ones who declared war on our freedoms. Then there will be a collision between two factions. It will be the people wanting to be left alone and the power freaks seeking to lord over them. Not the Tea Party.

Remembering The WACO Raid 18 Years Later.

            This is not a good day in history were the Branch Davidian home and church(Not a compound)was raided by the Federal Government. The government was still under much scrutiny and suspicion for the Ruby Ridge stand off were Sammy Weaver and Vikki Weaver were mercilessly gunned down by Federal agents,Sammy Weaver who was 14 years old was shot in the back. Vikki Weaver was murdered by a sniper holding a newborn baby in her arms.
             Some people say working for the Federal government is never having to say your sorry. The government used every lie in the book to discredit David Koresh and his followers to save face for a botched raid went bad. They used the lie of David Koresh was a cult leader. They said he was a child molester and a sex maniac. They tried to make the justification that their teachings and beliefs were dangerous because they believed in end time prophecies and strict biblical teachings. Whatever happened to Freedom of Religion?
             There was many rumors why the BATF raided the Branch Davidians. It was told the agency was about to have funds cut or the agency eliminated. It was said there was a prostitution scandal.Also that week there was congressional hearings on the Ruby Ridge stand off were the survivors testified before congress. The BATF needed an event to keep negative publicity off the front page or needed an event to get increased funding. They needed positive press to justify there existence since a scandal was about to break in the agency.
             David Koresh. You can love him or hate. I am not a man who embraces all his beliefs. The truth is  regardless the Branch Davidians believed in is not relevant.What is relevant after all these years when the truth came out through Documents sought by Freedom of Information Act request,Video footage,Congressional Hearings and independent investigators. There was no justification for the Federal government use the force it used on February 28, 1993. They could have arrested David Koresh anytime in town if they wanted. David Koresh and the Branch Davidians were no strangers to the folks in town.
              This is a very sad day in our history as a nation.It is very clear that the people who wee involved in the WACO raid are still in our government today. WACO is a reminder how willing the Federal government will use force for an unjustifiable reasons against the innocent. More will be revealed still. I just wonder will Obama pull another WACO to demonize the patriots like the Clinton to the Branch Davidians? We better wake up or we will have more WACOS.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Former Soviet Citizen Challenges Texans to Step Up To Be Free or be a Slave

              Folks, if you care a bit about what is going on in the US and Texas, you may know that the federal government is out of control with no intention of backing off.
They will not stop until they transform the country into socialist nightmare.
Do you get this?They will not stop.Their principle is The End Justifies The Means
If you do not know what that means, hundreds of millions people in past and present socialist countries would tell you, if they could.But they are dead.Their tyrannical governments killed them.Do not think for a second it will not happen in the US.

               It is not about Democrats or Republicans. There is no difference between them any more.
It is about We the people and the tyrannical federal government.

You have only three options.
  1. To become a slave soon. Really soon, probably this year. 
  2. To be killed if you do not agree with the regime.  
  3. To do something (whatever you can) NOW to stop the process and live free.
Whatever you choose will determine yours and your children future. And the time to make the decision is NOW.I am a Texan by choice.I was born and grew up in the Soviet Union.Since 1995, I live in the US.
In 2009, I moved to Texas from California to join the Texas Nationalist Movement and fight for independent Texas.

You, who call yourself a Texan but do nothing for independent Texas, how will you feel when your child or a grandchild asks you later, "Did you do anything for independent Texas?" And your answer will be, "I was enjoying life while some people from different states and countries were fighting for Texas independence."
How does that sound to you?
Do you like it?

If you don't, get your butt off the couch and join us on March 5th, on the South steps of the State Capitol from 1:00PM to 4:00PM, and let the Texas legislators know what you think and what you want.

I want to live in independent and free Texas NOW.
I remember the Alamo and I am on the William Travis’ side of the line in the sand.
What about you?

Sergei Smet
Texas Nationalist

Special Thanks to the Texas Nationalist Movement

Friday, February 25, 2011

Letters from the Alamo Febuary 25,1836 From Lt. Col. Travis to Sam Houston

 Texas Nationalist

To Major General Sam Houston:

HEADQUARTERS, FORT OF THE ALAMO: Sir; On the 23rd of Feb., the enemy in large force entered the city of Bexar, which could not be prevented, as I had not sufficient force to occupy both positions. Col. Bartes, the Adjutant-Major of the President-General Santa Anna, demanded a surrender at discretion, calling us foreign rebels. I answered them with a cannon shot, upon which the enemy commenced a bombardment with a five inch howitzer, which together with a heavy cannonade, has been kept up incessantly ever since. I instantly sent express to Col. Fannin, at Goliad, and to the people of Gonzales and San Felipe. Today at 10 o'clock a.m. some two or three hundred Mexicans crossed the river below and came up under cover of the houses until they arrived within virtual point blank shot, when we opened a heavy discharge of grape and canister on them, together with a well directed fire from small arms which forced them to halt and take shelter in the houses about 90 or 100 yards from our batteries. The action continued to rage about two hours, when the enemy retreated in confusion, dragging many of their dead and wounded.
During the action, the enemy kept up a constant bombardment and discharge of balls, grape, and canister. We know from actual observation that many of the enemy were wounded -- while we, on our part, have not lost a man. Two or three of our men have been slightly scratched by pieces of rock, but have not been disabled. I take great pleasure in stating that both officers and men conducted themselves with firmness and bravery. Lieutenant Simmons of cavalry acting as infantry, and Captains Carey, Dickinson and Blair of the artillery, rendered essential service, and Charles Despallier and Robert Brown gallantly sallied out and set fire to houses which afforded the enemy shelter, in the face of enemy fire. Indeed, the whole of the men who were brought into action conducted themselves with such heroism that it would be injustice to discriminate. The Hon. David Crockett was seen at all points, animating the men to do their duty. Our numbers are few and the enemy still continues to approximate his works to ours. I have every reason to apprehend an attack from his whole force very soon; but I shall hold out to the last extremity, hoping to secure reinforcements in a day or two. Do hasten on aid to me as rapidly as possible, as from the superior number of the enemy, it will be impossible for us to keep them out much longer. If they overpower us, we fall a sacrifice at the shrine of our country, and we hope prosperity and our country will do our memory justice. Give me help, oh my country! Victory or Death!
W. Barret Travis
Lt. Col. Com

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Texas Under Siege Today Like It Was 175 Years Ago at the Alamo

            Today is the 175th anniversary when the Alamo came under siege by the Mexican army under the command of General Santa Anna who was putting down rebellion in North Mexico which is modern day Texas today. When Col. Travis seen the enemy forces encircling the fortress around them. While he had time. He sent dispatches asking for assistance from other Texas Militia units come to the aid to help the defend the Alamo. The early Texans were outnumbered by overwhelming numbers in the Mexican army.
             Col Travis and Jim Bowie who was the commander too did not appease Gen. Santa Anna. They did not try to make a deals with the commanders. There was no bipartisan or the phony spirit of coming together.They stood their ground even though the defenders of the Alamo knew they would die defending the fortress. They did not compromise. They wanted freedom and independence. They stood on principle even when on March 6th they payed for it with their very lives This gave birth to the battle cry"Remember the Alamo"
              Today on February 23rd 2011. 175 years later. Texas is again under siege by an out of control Federal government. The EPA is taking over the energy sector in the name of stopping global warming and carbon credits. The Texas economy is held hostage by a toxic currency called the Federal Reserve note. The people of Texas are getting frustrated because the state legislator is trying to conduct business as usual like nothing is wrong in Texas. The State government will get a rude awakening real soon that they better deliver and not just talk about state sovereignty. From all the fellow Texans I talk to. They want action. They want no negotiations with the federal government to come to an understanding whether it be gun control or the EPA. No making deals so Washington stop dogging them.People are fed up with the state legislator trying to appease the powers the be in Washington.They want the Federal government thrown out of Texas if they are not conducting what is lawful and constitutional in the state.
             The Texas State constitution and the United States constitution was written in a way the common person can read and understand. It does not take an Ivy league Law Degree to interpret its meaning. The people of Texas are running out of patience with the State legislators saying we are looking into all legal options. Both Constitutions give the remedy and the people want the state government to get a backbone to act. If one third of the states stood up and started arresting government agents for breaking laws whether it be the EPA trying to block the State extracting its own natural resources. If the states form their own banks and come up with a currency backed by gold and silver. Paying $5 at the gas pump and hyperinflation can be avoided when the dollar collapses.
              There is a lesson the state legislators in Austin can learn from the defenders at the Alamo. The people who defended the fort did not try to talk there way out of a tight spot with a Military dictator and compromise. Because they knew in the long run they would be enslaved if they kept compromising. They dealt with the situation head on and stood their ground. That stance on March  6th 1836. Those early Texans payed with their lives fighting to the death. Their sacrifice for the cause of freedom inspired the Texas army to victory.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Texas Bill Would Allow Sheriffs to Drop off Illegal Immigrants At Congressional Offices If ICE Will Not Pick Them Up

           This is a bold bill hoping to get Congress to act on securing the border and enforcing immigration laws. A bill in the Texas Legislator they are very serious about passing. Many county Sheriff in rural Texas have many illegal immigrants eating up resources in the local county lockup. ICE will not come and pick them up when local law enforcement call up the Federal government to take them into US government custody.
           Texas State Rep. Lois Kolkhorst filed a bill in the Texas legislator to allow county Sheriffs to drop off Illegal immigrants at US Representatives offices or US Senatorial offices hoping then ICE will come for them hoping to place them in federal custody finally. This is very bold piece of legislation. I say it should go further. I say take these illegal aliens in State custody and bring them to these congress critters homes in gated communities and let them camp out on the lawns if they love these illegal immigrants so much.
           The unsecured southern border with Mexico are depleting the resources of local jurisdictions with incarceration to social welfare programs in Texas. The State budget is in a 25 billion dollar shortfall. I can almost bet a good chunk of that short fall is the illegal aliens eating up the state' s resources. Maybe if this is done. Maybe the US representatives  who are sent to Washington DC will see what they have bestowed upon the people and might finally act to enforce the immigration laws and secure the border.
           It is not fair county Sheriffs and local governments should not have to suffer because the Federal government does not want to act to enforce immigration laws or secure the border with Mexico. Many of these illegal aliens have committed crimes and pose a danger to the community. Many are drunk drivers,home invaders and sex offenders. Many Sheriffs are frustrated because they can not get the Federal government to fulfill it obligation the constitution delegates. The local sheriffs do not want these people released back into the communities to commit more crimes. They want to ICE to take them. I think dropping off illegal aliens at the US representative or the US senator's. If ICE is ignoring calls from the county Sheriffs and can not get them to do their job. Maybe a phone call from a congressmen to take them into custody will do the trick.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Right To Carry a Gun on College Campus Might Be Law in Texas Soon.

            To dispel some of the myths about firearms. I was watching the local Fox Affiliate out of Houston interview student about how they felt about students and staff on college campuses would feel. To debunk the anti gun fears. When we hear about the massacre in Libby's Cafe to the Virginia Tech shootings. We hear the cries to take all guns away from the bad guys by punishing the law abiding. With Federal laws like the gun free zones have not protected students but has put children in a more vulnerable position to gun violence because criminals do not care about gun laws. That means they will ignore gun free school zones too.
             The Texas Senate just passed a bill out of committee to go to the floor for a vote making it one more step closer towards becoming law were college students and staff will be able to to have a conceal and carry for a handgun on campus. If they pass a background check and take a safety course as a requirement also. Many attacks on mostly female students in their dorms and walking at night on University campuses are a result of not allowing students to protect themselves. With all the Campus Police equipped with surveillance cameras all over campus. None of them have never stopped or deterred a crime on campus.
              When the Police are minutes away.Seconds count in what happens if a student is attacked.Will they have the means to defend themselves or become another victim after the fact when the Police arrive. The right to carry on College campuses is a common sense solution to deter crime on campuses in Texas. I have no worries or fears that Texas A&M will become the OK Corral because people on campuses are armed. For the so called victim of Virginia Tech shootings was a result of depriving student to right to arm themselves on campus. Those gun restrictions did not stop the shooter. It only stopped the students from defending themselves. When there is more guns in the hands of the people. There is always less crime. When people are denied the right to keep and bear arms. Crime flourishes and no one is no safer.
              Students on College Campuses will be more safer. When pupils are empowered with the right to be armed and know they do not have to be a victim again as it was in the past.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Texas Attorney General Investigating Google for Anti Trust Violations

            Texas Attorney General is investigating Google for anti trust violations manipulating search engine data. Greg Abbott the Texas AG is demanding documents. Certain companies were paying to get top spot in search engine results in alleged anti competitive practices. When British Petroleum had the deep water horizon disaster.The energy giant purchased keywords from Google to control the flow of information released to the public for damage control using the words"Oil Spill"
            Google is no stranger from being investigated. They are being criminally charged for driving vans and cars in neighborhoods stealing people wireless data illegally in Europe. This Internet giant has been involved in activities violating people privacy online.
            Now there are many multi state investigations in Google's activities stealing encrypted data and invading people privacy. There are many illegal practices Google is being investigated for. I think the Texas AG should be looking into more than just anti competitive practices. He should be looking into the data mining Google collects like recording IP addresses and spy software that raises serious privacy issues.
            The Multi National Internet Giant seeks to take control of the web censoring free speech and manipulating search engine results shutting out alternative media through anti competitive practices. The Texas AG I hope expands his investigation into other illegal activities Google is doing in Texas. Right now Google is a threat to the free internet and personal privacy as we know it. The several states like Texas and nations abroad can put an end to many practices keeping the Internet free


If State Lawmakers are Going to Walkout Than They Should Resign

             I do not see what good comes out of walking out in the middle of the session. These state representatives are there on the behalf of their constituents. Regardless in the face of opposition they are at odds with. There is no excuse to go into hiding. To me it is dereliction of duty and conduct unbecoming. Personally the leadership in the legislator should send an ultimatum to those AWOL representatives to return to represent there districts or start the process of expelling them so special elections can be called to replace them.
             Last week the state representative in Madison Wisconsin walked out in the mist of a budget battle that enraged the unionized state workers. The job of these representatives is to represent and fight for the interest of the people in the home districts. Whether they are right or wrong on the issue on the state budget. They should stand and fight and be on record voicing opposition. Walking out shows they abandoned the people who sent them to represent them.
             The Democrats in Texas are now again threatening to walk out over redistricting because recent census data released. The did it before years ago over the same issue. This is just a cop out when things do not go their way and they will not get what they want. They will walk out and go into hiding.. How childish to be. Instead of dispatching state troopers to go track them down wasting money and resources looking for people who will not do their jobs. Than they should be expelled.
              When a person is sent to the state capital. They are there to represent the people who elected them. As they say if you can not take the heat stay out of the kitchen. Walking out shows they are not willing to make a stand and put up a fight for the interest of the people. If they are going to walk out. It shows they abandoned their duties and responsibilities that come with their jobs. If they are not willing to stand on their principles and personal convictions. Than just resign and let someone more capable with fortitude take their seat.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

FBI Memo Seeks to Confiscate Firearms from People Though Bureaucratic Red Tape and Fees

             President Obama is following George Soro's advice ruling by decree if he can not get his way with the new congress. One of the issues is gun control. No anti gun bill will never make it out of committee with a Republican dominated House of Representatives. He can not outright call for ban on the people possessing firearms and tell people to turn in their guns. The Attorney General Eric Holder issued a Memorandum to the FBI directives to carry out mandates concerning gun control. These directives are designed to make it impossible for the average person to own a firearm because of the red tape and many fees gun owners will have to pay annually.If they can not afford the fee. They will have to turn in their firearms. If people comply with it.
           Mark Koernke who is part of the Michigan Militia received this FBI memo from a source inside the agency. It is apparent that this Obama administration is working hard to find  ways to disarm the American people. I do not think the American people will buy it this time around. We have seen what happens when the people are disarmed. You look at when the communist took over in China,Russia, and Cambodia. When the people were disarmed. These governments murdered people on a industrial scale. We have seen what happens with gun control in cities like Chicago,and New York. They are the most authoritarian cities were corruption flourishes and crime rampant were the outlaws have guns. The reason is the right to keep and bear arms among the law abiding is illegal.So they will never be able to stand up to the corrupt governments and the criminal elements that run the city. Gun control laws punish the law abiding. Not the law breakers.What are in these directives? Here is a few.

Tax payer funded gun buy back programs

Instead of a three day waiting period for a back ground check. It turns into a indefinite waiting period(That means you will wait forever)

Hand gun Licensing

Gun safe Licenses

Restrictions on Ammunition and magazine capacity

Licenses on shotguns and rifles

         It is stated in the memo they believe there is about 68 million gun owners in America.(I believe there is much more) The are hoping to reduce gun ownership to 14 million. There stated goal is zero private gun ownership.This administration wants a disarmed population.The difference between Americans in mass graves and  locked up inside FEMA camps is gun ownership.
         These directives they claim to derive their authority is from three actions.They are enforcing the UN Small Arms Treaty without being ratified by two thirds of the Senate. They are using are  the Brady Bill which was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court and the 1968 Gun Control Act which was written word for word identical to NAZI Germany's law.  
          They are coming for our weapons we use to defend ourselves against criminals and a tyrannical government. What laws this sitting President can not get passed through congress. He is implementing through the Bureaucracies to carry it out by creating regulations. He is enforcing Cap and Trade through the EPA when there is no law passed. He will be trying to confiscate the guns through writing regulations and executive orders using the arm of the BATFE and the FBI to carry out the decree like the EPA is being used to illegal enforce carbon credits.
            This is the time we need to be stubborn and say "no" to any lawless attempt to illegally disarm us. Firearm ownership in the hands of the people is what stands between freedom and hell on earth.We have the law of the land on our side.We use it or lose it. The second Amendment of the US Constitution says. "A well regulated Militia is necessary for the security of a free state,the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." We either be a stubborn freeman or be a slave at the mercy of tyrants. The choice is ours.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Justice Deparetment Says FBI Does Not Need A Court Order for Our Phone Records

             Our Bill of Rights was put in place for one reason. To restrain the powers of the government. These executive orders singed by former President Bush and now President Obama makes it clear they become a law onto themselves without any check on their power from the courts or congress. I would like to know were does the Justice Department get this authority in the Constitution? It does not. The Fourth Amendment says:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
       This is what sound like the same thing when the British crown and Parliament  passed The Stamp Act and the of The Writs Assistance Act where Soldier can write there own search warrants with out going before a judge to get the right to search a person or place without proving probable cause entering a home to find items that did not have the King's stamp on it.
        Now the Justice Department is telling the FBI they can access anyone's phone records without a court order in the name of National security and keeping us safe. I do not like it at all because who a person associates with is none of the government's business. Does this put their close friends,their fiance and co workers in the fray now making them suspect because who they associate with based on a persons phone records? This is where the abuses start and become never ending. We can not trust the FBI to protect the rights of the people. They are the one violating peoples rights.
        This is why we need to go to our County Sheriffs and State legislators to erect barriers against these abuses  on the people by an out of control federal government.Congress will not act.The Executive branch ignores the court rulings against their encroachments on the people.Where does it stop? This I am afraid might be in the people's hands to stop this onslaught against our liberties if we can not get the people we elect into office to uphold their oath they sworn to do.

Death of Texas A&M Student used to Push the Pro Vaccine Propaganda

           A college student death to bacterial meningitis happens. I understand the grief of the family who are experiencing the loss of their son Nicolis Williams who was a junior at Texas A&M. These things do happen and we can not explain why. Death is a part of life. I know the parents of the deceased student do have good intentions and want some good to come out of it. Now I see the pro vaccine crowd are using this students death to push to change the law.
           The policy on Texas A&M university is the students who live on campus had to get the vaccine supposed to prevent meningitis. This vaccine is not required for students who live off campus. The parents of the deceased student wants the law changed to make it mandatory for every student to get the vaccine who lives on campus and off campus. The news is saying if Nicolis William would have received the vaccine he would be living today. When Governor Rick Perry wanted to make a vaccine mandatory for all teenage girls as a way to prevent cervical cancer, The vaccine would not prevent cervical cancer as proven. Just like this vaccine to prevent meningitis. There are many strains of meningitis. One vaccine may take care one strain but not many other strains of meningitis. To say this injection would save this young students life is a half truth.
            Before the father  goes into the Texas State Legislator to get the law changed. He ought to know the first the devastating effects of vaccines had in the rise of autism and the autoimmune reactions that cause damage to the body. He ought to learn Flu shots do not prevent the flu and many other vaccines do more harm than good. To have him be used to lobby the state legislator in Austin by the Pharmaceutical companies is all about money for these mega drug companies. It has nothing to do with preventing meningitis. Just fallow the money. When students have to get this shot from a Doctor to live on campus. The shot is not for free. They have to pay up to $110.00 to get the vaccines from the Doctor. If the father gets the law changed. Who knows what the consequences will be and how broad a new law will be. This new law could try to make it mandatory for everyone not just college students.
             These news stories are just pro vaccine propaganda that if this student would have took the shot. He would be living and using the fear tactic to make everyone scared into getting a shot. What they do not tell you there is many strains of meningitis do exist and the vaccine might not do any good at all because there it only for one type of strain it is supposed to be good for.There is nothing saying wash your hands, have a healthy diet and get proper rest. What was being sold was the vaccine would have prevented this. It has nothing to do with stopping meningitis. Just follow the money.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Not So Honest Abe's Birthday Today

              Today is Abraham Lincoln's birthday. We hear many nice accolades when I was in the public fool system. Oops! I mean the public school system. This was the President  who started to encroached on State's rights. We hear about the the civil war was fought over slavery. It was not. It was fought over state's rights. The state's right to leave the union and govern as they see fit separate from United State rule. The southern states politically divorced themselves because of Presidents Lincolns policies.
              If anyone thinks President Lincolns started to civil war to free the slaves and the south were a bunch of racist. That is a lie. Slavery in the south was on its way out anyway and began the process freeing the slaves. So before we call honest Abe the Great Emancipator. When he signed the Emancipation Proclamation. It did not free all the slaves. This decree only applied to the states that rebelled. It never applied to the states that had slaves who stayed in the Union. The Proclamation was signed for the reason encouraging the slaves to rebel against their masters in the south because the Union was losing the war against the south.
               The only thing President Lincoln did right instead using the bankers to finance the war was printing the greenbacks to finance the government and keep the nations economy going during the conflict. But he was a tyrant who jailed journalist and congressman who spoke out in opposition in the north. He imprisoned the state legislator of Maryland so they could not vote on leaving the union. He suspended habeas corpus. The civil war was an undeclared war. The Union army marched and invaded the south without an act of congress declaring war.
               President Lincoln love him or hate him. His actions has set the precedent for a all too powerful Federal government that is way out of control we have to today. I hope over time the people who get the whole story about President Lincoln and not the white washed version we were taught all these years.

How Should We Deal With Egypt? Do Nothing!

             Seeing the fall of Egyptian President. This just shows our foreign policy is a disaster around the world. Our hard earned tax money for almost 30 years has propped up this tyrannical dictator. Now that he is gone and left the nation fearing his enraged population beheading him. I am hearing the talking heads on the cable news networks about what the policy of the United States Government's should be towards Egypt now. I say it should be is do nothing.Leave them be. Live and let live.
             The only policy move we should have with Egypt is recognizing the new government the Egyptian people decide to have. The only policy and public statement that should only be declared is the new Egyptian government is a sovereign nation free to make treaties,trade and form alliances.We have no business getting into their internal affairs in how they govern. If they decide to have an Islamic republic or a secular government. That is none of our business.The right of the people of Egypt to self govern as they see fit is not our affair to stick our nose into.
             Congressman Ron Paul was right about the consequences of our foreign policy has a had on the nations of the world . Our Soldiers do not need to involved in Israel's fights and conflicts with Egypt. Let those two nations resolve their own differences.We should stay out of it. Our empire is crumbling because we are spread thin around the world bullying other nations. We have a southern border wide open.We do not need to be securing and defending other nation's borders. They need to secure our own.We need to stay out of the internal affairs of other nations. Egypt is prime example of our intrusive foreign policy is coming home to roost.


Montana Bill Resolution Calls Upon The Federal Goverment to Pull Out of United Nations

            It looks like the state of Montana will be the tip of the spear in taking the lead nullifying unconstitutional powers away from Washington DC , They are being aggressive in their legislation in taking back their state from an overbearing Federal government. Montana is one of the few states on the front line taking back its constitutional powers not delegated to Washington DC and now calling a foreign power like the United Nations as a threat to state sovereignty.
            State Senator Dave Lewis says it waste billions of Dollars of Tax Payers money and the UN calls for the dissolution of the United States.Even though the bill lacks teeth or any binding legal authority. It does send a message like a shot across the bow.That strong message is the state of Montana will oppose United Nations mandates upon the state government to carry out. If the UN small arms treaty was ever ratified by a voice vote in the dark of night without two thirds present to be on record. Montana would resist it. Montana is resisting the gun laws and other federal mandates that violate the 9th and 10 amendments especially when it comes to gun control.
            I see one thing happening since the November election was a message was to the powers that be. I have not much faith in Washington DC changing much. Just the name plate on the doors in congress is all that changed. Were the real victories are in the state legislators is where fight will be. In Texas and Montana might be the states leading the way throwing off the shackles of unconstitutional federal control. The Montana legislator is taking bold steps sending a message to Washington DC and the Globalist. I just hope many other state legislators will follow after Montana's example opposing the United Nations .I hope the state is Texas will be the one that follows. 


Friday, February 11, 2011

Be Very Afraid of The Terrorist.The Amish Are Smuggling Raw Milk to People

            Thank God for the Amish people for their courageous action in defiance to unjust laws against raw milk. People should have a choice whether to drink pasteurized milk with the possibility of BGH(Bovine Growth Hormone) in the dairy product or raw milk with necessary enzymes and good bacteria that is good for the digestive system. This  BGH drug injected into cows passed down into the milk has had devastating effects on the health of the consumer. People deserve a choice between raw or pasteurized milk.
            For the past few years. We have seen the USDA and the FDA being filled with Monsanto hacks to do their bidding creating law like S510 and regulations to stack the deck against those who will rival them.They will shut down their competition using the arm of the government through these agencies by saying raw milk is bad or toxic. Raw milk poses a threat on their monopoly in dairy production. We face the threat of corporatism taking over the food supply using the force of government to carry their domination in food production.
            I have to hand it these Amish folks for defying unjust laws giving people the choice with a product that is proven safe and has much more better health benefits than the corporate poison. What will restore freedom and liberty is not by the ballot box or a force of arms. It will come from many acts of defiance like this on a major scale that will make the genuine changes. This act of civil disobedience shows as the best example this is only the beginning of things to come.

Debunking the Pale Rider Ghost Video In Egypt

              Before everyone says the end is near. The alleged Book of Revelation's Rider on a pale horse is someone's hysteria imagination gone wild.There is an explanation to this if anyone uses common sense. I have some experience in doing paranormal investigations. I remember watching Ghost Hunter on TV disproves a lot haunting occurrences with a reasonable examination that is common. I seen so much so called Ghost photography were they say we have an orb basing the house is haunted when it is just dust particles in the air magnified by the flash of the camera causing the effect.
              Looking at the video footage from the protest in Cairo. This can be explained too. It is the smoke in the air combined with a light source causing the glare on the lens of the video camera. The image that is just glare on the lens is just that because the image moves with the movement of the camera angle and fades of once the unknown light source is not reflecting off the lens. I had same incidences were I can say there was a Civil War Soldier was watching a nighttime parade standing on the sidewalk when it was just glare on the lens.
              Before any cries the end is near. Hear comes the Anti Christ because the rider on a pale horse marched through Cairo. There is a reasonable explanation for the anomaly on the video footage that is just smoke and glare on the lens. Does anyone agree?

Homeowners Associations Now in the Fraudclosure Scam Too.

              The worse thing I hear horror stories about next to the IRS and the TSA is dealing with the Homeowner Associations. I hear about the headaches of this form of this petty tyranny that can be just as intrusive and overbearing.It is almost as aggravating like going through a checkpoint at an airport.Now these Homeowner Associations now are foreclosing on homes they do not even own too for the most minute reasons. I mean the punishment does not fit the crime at all.We talk about the government being out of control.So are these Homeowners Associations too trying to be the overlords over the people.
            One man was threatened his home would be foreclosed by the Homeowners Association on for painted bricks.What really frosted me is how the Homeowners Association profited off a Condo property already paid for making money off the auction block for a small debt.This really outraged me how this woman who lost her Condo she owned free and clear with no mortgage payments was foreclosed on for a $1000. Something is wrong when these organizations have too much power and ignore the basic rights of due process of the individual that there home is their castle. Both of these reports are out of Houston Texas. People of Houston. We got a problem.
               Where do they get their authority to do this? Who has delegated this power to a private organization? Blame the homeowners is part of the problem.Their silence and apathy gave these board members the consent to make the rules.  Like our government. We are paying the price for our lack of involvement to hold officials accountable. People who reside in deed restricted communities need to be involved in these meetings too or they will make the rules for them that can be just as infringing on private property rights as a city code enforcement officer. Apathy is not a luxury we can not afford anymore. We are being attacked in all directions.The time to go back to sleep and go back into denial is not an option anymore. If homeowners do not hold these people in these Associations accountable. They will become the little mini dictatorships with there little tattletale squads turning in their neighbor for leaving the garage door open after hours if not kept in check can be just as bad as living in the old Soviet Union.
                Homeowners associations were designed to keep a reasonable standard in communities and subdivisions to keep property values from depreciating by not allowing cars to be on cinder blocks and broken appliances in the front yard. Making sure the grass and shrubs are maintained to avoid an eyesore on the block. I can understand Homeowners keeping wanting to keep a certain standard in their neighborhoods as part of the agreement being in a deed restricted community. When these Associations over step their boundaries were they control all the remedies. This makes it hard for the homeowner to fight back against the abuses these Homeowner Associations because of their petty rules because they stacked the deck against the property owner. This is the time take these abuses to the grand juries to bring criminal charges against people in these Homeowners Association.
               Now these Homeowner Association are now forcing Homeowners into Foreclosures at a record rate on their $80,000 home already payed in full and for own not paying a $75 a months dues.It can be a person did not get their garbage cans off the curb before 12 noon on garbage pick up day and has to pay a ridicules fine of $30. If he does not pay the fine. He can be foreclosed on too if they fight the fine. The Association hires a lawyer. The homeowner may win. Either way will still have to pay for the Association's excessive legal fees fighting the property owner is where they say they can foreclose on the home.What a fraud and a scam .It is outright theft plain and simple by control freaks who gravitated towards these positions in power .Not  only in politics and government positions. But in these Homeowner Associations too.
              People who live in deed restricted communities need to be informed what they are getting into. It is the responsibility of the property owner to read  all contracts,restrictions on the deed and agreements with the homeowners Associations.They need to attend these board meetings and remove the people off these panels who run these Homeowners Associations like a mini banana republic. They are run out of control because people's lack of involvement is part of the problem. Like I said apathy is no longer a luxury of the past. Apathy is the reason it has gotten so bad.If we do not keep watch of these Homeowner Associations. They will keep steam rolling over people without any consequence.Wake up people.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Media Tells a Half Truth About Possible Link Between Diet Sodas and Strokes Among Younger People

             It does not surprise me the news media omit a vital piece of information. Not to mention that Coke and Pepsi do buy advertising space on many of these TV stations. There has been a study that young people drinking diet sodas  have been having strokes and heart disease in higher rates. They fail to mention of vital fact they seem to avoid talking about what is put into these diet soft drinks.
             What is left out reported is an ingredient called aspartame that has been linked to many health problems. So why are they keeping it from the public? Because if the truth ever got out. Coke and Pepsi would be getting sued. We think years ago going after the tobacco companies was bad. It will look like small claims court compared to all the liability cases that can arise over aspartame. These companies can never claim ignorance not knowing the health risk to aspartame. There was plenty of studies with sufficient data to prove aspartame is dangerous
              This information has been suppressed or watered down in the mainstream media. For years the alternative media has not been silent about it.The truth about aspartame needs to go mainstream. Than we can start to push state by state banning aspartame if we can make this public knowledge that this ingredient is banned in European countries. It is time it get banned here too. The age of ignorance is over. If we can expose the truth about aspartame like we are winning with the vaccines. This is an unique opportunity we need to take hold of if we want to be rid of aspartame.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Texans Warmed Again of More Rolling Blackouts Because Another Arctic Blast Forecasted in Texes

              Texas might have to freeze again tonight as another arctic blast blows across the lone star state. The ERCOT said more rolling blackouts might be needed to avoid overload of the power grid. The people of Texas are advised to conserve electricity during peak hours to avoid these rolling blackouts. This is hogwash and hope Texans get mad.
               There is no reason for these rolling blackouts. Last week Alex Jones reported why these rolling blackouts too place last week in the morning hours on February 2,2011 were White House tried to smear Prison Planet for exposing the EPA Greenhouse regulation scam.
               Texans should not tolerate this nonsense.We have enough Power plants in Texas that can more to provide to meet the demand for severe cold weather conditions. The White House would rather see Texans freeze to stop those greenhouse gases getting into the air than make sure the people have adequate electricity to meet to brave the cold.
                If this nonsense keeps up were Texans have to live in the dark and freeze to stop global warming.There will be hell to pay. The people are demanding federal encroachments stop in Texas. They are tired of hearing the politicians say we are working on it. They want action.
                Texas does not suffer from an energy crisis. It suffers from a leadership crisis. We have people in the State Government from the state legislator to the Governor's mansion who can put a stop to this out of control Federal government without stepping into Federal Court. The State has the legal ammunition and the law on their side to take action to stop the EPA in their tracks without passing a law. The time for talk among politicians about states right must stop. The people of Texas demand results and do not want to hear anymore political rhetoric. They want results because actions speak louder than words.

Texas Youth Commionsion Pedophile Ring Trial Going on Now Can Bring Down Former AG Alberto Gonzales in Scandal Cover Up.

              It is good to see a when children abused in the system's custody will get a day in court to get justice  being victimized in the state juvenile detention facility. This story first broke four years ago in 2007 while World Net Daily reporter Jerome Corsi was investigating Federal Attorney Johnny Sutton handling the case of the two Border Patrol agents Ramos and Compeon imprisoned for alleged shooting of a drug smuggler on the border. In investigating this miscarriage of justice done to these agents. Jerome Corsi  stumbled across this scandal involving the Pedophile cover up in the Texas Youth Commission. 
               It was also reported too in Jerome Corsi's investigation that President' Bush's Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was involved in the cover up too not allowing charges to be brought forward because many politicians would be implicated too if all the facts came to light. That means Gov. Rick Perry too involved in the cover up might have to answer for his involvement too.
              This scandal was exposed involving Prison Guards of the Texas Youth Commission for rapes and selling juvenile inmates in a prostitution ring. The World Net Daily reporter came across this scandal when a Texas Ranger Brian Burzynski was investigating reports of rape and prostitution inside these state operated facilities. When the investigating Texas ranger went to go seek prosecution. He could not get anyone in the State to press charges against the prison guards.So the Ranger Brian Burzynski went to US Attorney Johnny Sutton seeking to have charges brought against the employees in the Texas Youth Commission. He had no luck persuading the Federal Prosecutor Johnny Sutton to act either. This is how the story broke when the World Net Daily Journalist found out the Federal Prosecutor Johnny Sutton would not bring charges against people working for the Texas Youth Commission.This is how it was brought to Mr. Corsi's attention. Former Attorney General  Alberto Gonzales needs to charged and brought to trial for his involvement in the cover up. We can not just allow the low level operatives take the fall only while the higher ups walk free. We need to see the high level government officials covering up this scandal go to jail too along with these Prison officials and thugs who were the Prison Guards.They all abused their power using the system. Texans must demand and send a message that one is above the law.
                Thanks to World Net Daily in 2007 for breaking this story. The victims finally get to see justice starting be served. The Texas Ranger Brian Burzynski who was investigating these incidents testified in court was the real deal because he did what was right despite the pressure from above in the bureaucracy trying to shut down his investigation. We need to see more trials like this. Whether it be the Texas Youth Commission or the Foster care system involving Child Protective Services. Children and Teens are more in harms way in the care of the state than in their own homes under the parents custody. Too many times when a foster child dies in the state care. The government looks the other way than be embarrassed.No one gets arrested or fired. That is why they are so quick sometimes to settle out of court than bring it to trial because they fear bad publicity being accountable more than losing a case.It is good that their are good people in the Texas Rangers who still care about justice being served and going after the bad guys even if they are in the government. When sworn officers do what is right. They need to know we support them when they expose corruption inside the system. This Texas Ranger's work might have more of an impact exposing corruption in high levels in government than he thinks.I hope history remembers him as a hero.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Congress Saying No to Extending the Patriot Act Will Not Restore Our Freedoms

                 I wonder where the audacity to ignore the law of the land and the ruling of the courts comes from?This present Administration sees themselves as a law unto themselves.I see it does not matter if the patriot act is extended or not. This present man sitting in the oval office is ruling by decree through the various bureaucracies in the alphabet soup agencies. If he can not get the congress to act. Stroke of  the pen in executive orders making it law of the land.
                 The IRS is monitoring credit card transactions and bank accounts in real time when there is no law. The EPA took over the issuing permits for Power Plants and Refineries with no legal precedent enforcing Cap and Trade without congress's passage through the EPA by decrees. He is still implementing his health care law despite the courts ruling the law is unconstitutional. He is through his Justice Department is seizing domain names and shutting down websites violating due process of law without a court order.
                  The previous President Bush before him passed the Patriot act in 2001. More than one judge ruled the act unconstitutional violating the right to habeas corpus to illegal spying on the American people without a court order. Still President Bush ignored the rulings of the court anyway with impunity. If congress votes not to extend the Patriot Act. It does not mean we are out of the woods yet. We have a President ignoring laws and Court rulings. If he can not get the Patriot Act Renewed. The President by a stroke of a pen extend it by decree.
                    Now this is the time were we need all checks and balances of our Constitution to be put in force as a check on power in the White House. It is time for Congress and the Courts to act putting teeth into its actions that is more written on a piece of paper showing they will not tolerate anymore breaking laws and ignoring the rulings. The States need to start erecting barriers against this lawless President letting him know his office does have limitations.States are sovereign and need to draw the line in the sand. Under the Constitution He can only enforce the laws passed by congress. He can not create law by the stroke of the pen if he can not get his way in the legislative branch. He does it anyway without any opposition or challenge from Congress or the Courts. Now is the time for leaders in our States and in Congress to stop being passive. Now do you see why that the renewal or not of the Patriot act really will not make a difference if we have an out of control lawless President?
                    The People sent a new Congress to Washington with a mandate to keep the President in check on his abuse of power. I do not think the American people cares if it gets ugly or not between Congress and the White House. As long the people they send to Washington do their job and follow through on what they promised is all that matters.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Looming Goverment Shutdown Might be the Best News For The American People in Years

              Here comes  the fear mongers with gloom and doom of what will happen if the government shuts down because the debt ceiling was not raised. Many big spenders in the US House and the Senate are saying people,will not get their Social Security Checks and Veterans will not get their pension if the government shuts down because the government can not borrow anymore. This is one of the reasons this nation is in so much hot water because the excessive borrowing to fund a bloated government.
               Maybe this might help the dollar stop losing its value and the people can retain its purchasing power because the government can not borrow money.That is the best case scenario  The average American household does not have the luxury of raising its debt limit with the credit card companies and with the bank at will with a family vote at the dinner table to maintain a unaffordable lifestyle,They do not have the option either making photo copies of hundred dollar bills either to spend to their hearts content. They have to cut back on expenses and live within their means. To not get into more debt is the most rational thing to do.
               The Bush and Obama administrations has expanded the size of government to a bloated bureaucracy that neither produces ,nor serves any useful purpose to the people. Not raising the debt ceiling and start to put the brakes on borrowing might force government to do what the American people always did for years. Make sacrifices to keep the basic functions of government operational in its proper scope within the constitution.I do not see that happening.They will fire up the printing presses at warp speed. Some people in Congress who derive their power from spending money we do not have are the ones preaching gloom and doom to the economy if the debt ceiling is not raised. The will say the government can not function without borrowing and spending to keep this over sized government running.There is something more they fear.
                 Maybe not raising the debt ceiling.We might see what has happened when the Old Soviet Union Collapsed if the government can not borrow anymore and can not print its way to fund itself anymore without destroying the dollar to the point it can not pay its own workers anymore or the paycheck is worthless nobody will show up for work for useless paper money. The Federal Government has ran out of options. It can not borrow anymore and can not print paper money anymore to sustain itself. Now I see a handful states like Virginia  are looking into alternate currencies to stay functional when the dollar is worthless because they see the writing on the wall.
                 What really has the big government politicians really scared is that there will be no doom and gloom that will happen as they predicted. If the government shuts down because it can not borrow anymore because the debt ceiling is not raised. They can not create money out of thin air with the help of the Federal Reserve Bank to sustain its bloated bureaucracy with a worthless currency. States are making moves to have their own currency in place when the dollar becomes no more. Many states will be set free from the private bankers debt based currency if they have their own money system in place. States like Texas and Montana might declare its independence and succeed being sovereign republics.A chain reaction could take place were states will regain its own sovereignty outside their system is what has them scared. I believe this is there biggest fear because not borrowing to spend is a threat to their power.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Video Footage Shows Houston Police Officers Attacking Teen

              Before we turn in our guns because the government say the people can not be trusted with deadly force. Well we better think twice because how Police Officers are behaving with the force they use is now excessive and even fatal. We pay police officer to protect our life liberty and property. Not to be revenue generators or political arm to keep everyone in line with a Police State as the rear guard to protect the corrupt political class from the people.
               Houston Police officers in surveillance footage were seen beating up a teen that was suppressed by the judge for months. Now the footage has been shown to the public. To me there was no excuse or valid reason for these officers to kick and punch the suspect when we shown no sign of resisting arrest when he put his hands behind his head.Even after he was handcuffed they still beat on him.
                 I am not taking into considerations if the suspect was guilty or not. My concern is the conduct of the Houston Police Department and their lack of their professional attitude in high stress situations. This shows the lack of standards of people going into police work. I remember Police Officers had very high standards in who they hired. Old School Police Officers had a strong high expectation to be above the fray and maintain a cool head in the face of dangerous situations. They would never tolerated there own officers conducting themselves like these officers did. This video footage show the police were in no danger and it was not necessary to use excessive force after the suspect was subdued.
                What we see is trickle down tyranny. The Houston Police Department is taking orders from the Federal government on how the run the agency and to training their officers. What we see is when corrupt people handpicked by the Feds get into leadership positions inside the Police Departments. It reflects in the officers on the streets. People of Houston must get the Federal Government's influence out of the city government or things will get worse.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Big Sis Does it Again.Can We Please Enjoy The Super Bowl in Peace?

            Hey Big Sis. Just because I see something.Does not mean I should say something. Just because a fan will be pissed off at the official in the Super Bowl because he made a bad call. Does not mean I will call homeland security. Just because someone is pissed off at the super market.The customer is getting all bent out of shape because they did not stock enough ranch dressing and nacho chips.Does not mean I will call the feds because he might be a terrorist because they ran out of stock on the shelves with enough products.
            I remember years ago seeing a commercial  of a man sitting in a jail cell with the message to all ladies who are wives or girlfriends that the night of the Super Bowl propaganda. The message was every woman has a high chance they might get beaten up by a man because of the Super Bowl.What such nonsense promoted by the feminist.They always have some phony scary tactic propaganda around the Super Bowl Sunday
            What I have to say to Big Sister of Homeland Security. I will use common sense and the same time mind my own business. Just because two people are talking in the car or someone is alone talking on his cell phone does not mean anything suspicious. I will mind my own business and use my head. I will not call homeland security. If there is a problem.The local police and sheriffs department have been handling keeping the peace long before homeland security ever existed.
            I will not let fear and hysteria rob me of my common sense or rational thought process. Just use common sense and keep my nose out were it does not belong. We should not fear our neighbors. Just because someone is unloading fertilizer from the trunk of his car does not mean he is making a explosive device. He might have got a good deal on a sale for his garden he will plant this spring. Just because someone brings there deer rifle from the trunk into the house or has one hanging on the fireplace does not men he is going to commit a crime. Owning guns is still legal and I find it reassuring if my neighbor is armed because he might come to my aid if I am defending my home. Just because a woman spanks her child on the rear does not mean it is child abuse. If she grabs the tire iron and starts to strike the little one than I will intervene and do something.
         If we see something.Does not mean nothing. If there is something We will not wait for homeland security to do something and make matters worse. As Americans.We have been solving problems way before Homeland Security was created. Big Sis may be half right. Homeland security starts in our hometown. The lie is it does not mean it should be a federal matter. Now I see something yes now I will say something to you. Here it is.
         The TSA is violating the dignity of the American people at the airports. There is a Federal government breaking laws left and right violating the bill of rights. So if Big Sister wants to make a difference. Start by cleaning the terrorist out of the government before you tell us how to clean up our country. Now let me watch the game in peace. By the way the fans of the losing team I do not think will be a threat to national security.When is it against the law to be a sore loser? There is no reason I should have eyes in the back of my head because you say terrorist are everywhere.

A Wake Up Call.The States Must Take Action Against the Lawless EPA

             The rolling blackouts are all an artificial scarcity created by the EPA carbon credits. It has been admitted by the ERCOT.The EPA ordered them to do rolling blackouts to limit greenhouse gas emissions and telling Texans to freeze in the name of saving the earth that is a proven scientific fraud. These regulations are being implemented by the color of law when there is no Cap and Trade legislation passed to justify the new rules by the EPA.
              The states most hardest hit like Texas over these rolling blackouts. It is time for the state legislators to act and the state governments do all it takes to protect its people from an lawless President and the arm of the EPA under his control. If that means using state police. the state guard and sheriff deputies to stand guard on these power plants or industries blocking the Federal Agencies any access.
               There is a man in the oval office who does not respect lawful or legal boundaries. He does not acknowledge the constraints of the State rights. This present Administration in the White House with his minions in these Alphabet Soup agencies see themselves as a law unto themselves who does not respect the ruling of the courts, the state legislators or the will of the people. They are not afraid to use force to impose their will on the people and the states. It is time we do what is necessary to push back.
               The states must start drawing their line in the sand and take back their natural resources and industry that made them thrive in the past.It does not belong to the EPA to sell permits and give favors to the Chinese. All the natural resources belongs to the states and the people for their benefit. Not the EPA to selectively give to the corporate cronies. The state must be willing to go the distance to regain lost ground or be trampled over. The will to be free must be greater than the ambitions of the tyrants if we are going to defeat them.
                I have no love for socialism and globalism because of its futile vision of governance over the people that benefits the few at the expense of the many. There is not a valid reason to have famines cutting off food supplies to the people. There is no reason to suppress under developed nations improving themselves. There is no reason to have rolling blackouts cutting off natural resources. The Elite bankers want to oppress the populations of the world so the people will never fight back. The bottom line to these globalist is control over the people in the name saving the earth. The populations must suffer to stop global warming in their minds.
               The several states must do what it takes to counter this lawless government out of Washington. It will take more than joint resolutions in the sate legislators. It must be backed up with force if necessary arresting these federal agents breaking state laws. There is no options for half measures by the states anymore. The states must do what it takes not only to defeat them. They must not let them hang around anymore to fight another day.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Phony CIA Asset Al Quada Threatens Goldman Sachs and Wall Street Bankers

                Are the people on Wall Street trying to get public sympathy saying Al Qaeda in Yemen has it sights set on the Wall Street Bankers and Goldman Sachs? I am not for any act of terrorism on US soil. I rather see the people of Goldman Sachs and the other movers and shakers of Wall Street get arrested to face trials. People are angry at Wall Street and Goldman Sachs for what they did to the US economy and the stealing the worlds wealth.
                 To say Al Qaeda is threatening the Wall Street Robber Baron means they are trying to silence dissent of the people making everyone suspect. That means the man or woman who had their pension stolen by the Wall Street hustlers might be considered to be with Osama Been Dead Awhile if they are enraged that all they worked for all their lives is gone.
                  When we dare question TSA or the DHS. We were told we be classified as a domestic extremist. If we are gun owners or stand up for our rights n the Constitution were classified as the extreme fringe. I really think this is a phony threat to make more people labeled as might be working for Al Qaeda so we will stay quiet while the money addicts can steal with impunity without question or exposure of the crimes. This is just a tactic used so the Wall Street can keep getting away plundering the nation and if we dare show any discontent.We will be suspect being with Al Qaeda. Do not buy this phony threat.

Obama Triggers Blackouts in Texas


Obama Agenda To Bankrupt Power Plants Triggers Blackouts

Paul Joseph Watson
February 3, 2011


           The rolling blackouts now being implemented in Texas and across the country as record cold weather grips the United States are a direct consequence of the Obama administration’s agenda to lay siege to the coal industry, launch a takeover of infrastructure under the contrived global warming scam, and help usher in the post-industrial collapse of America.
           Planned power outages conducted by utility companies have caused outrage amongst officials at four major hospitals in Texas, at Parkland, Baylor, Methodist and Presbyterian Dallas.
“Because of the sensitive life-saving equipment, hospitals are considered “critical care facilities,” and supposed to be exempt from rolling blackouts,” reports CBS 11. “That’s exactly what Presbyterian Dallas was led to believe. “We were of the understanding that hospitals and other critical-care providers were not supposed to be affected by planned outages,” said hospital spokesman Stephen O’Brien.”
As well as hospitals, nursing homes, fire stations, police stations, other emergency response facilities have also been hit with outages as demand soars due to freezing temperatures. Many places in Texas now rely on Mexico to supply their power.
“Mexico’s state electricity company on Wednesday started supplying electricity to the US state of Texas, where demand shot up amid unusually cold temperatures and caused power outages,” reports AFP.
              Hospitals are supposed to be exempt from the blackouts which hit yesterday, with power company Oncor attributing the outages to a “mistake,” but there were no such mistakes when it came to supplying power to Cowboys Stadium. The government has ensured that the blackouts will not affect Super Bowl venues, a decision that has left residents furious.
Street lights and traffic lights have also been hit by the outages, causing traffic build-ups and other hazards more typically associated with a decrepit underdeveloped country, and not with the supposed leading light of the prosperous first world.
                     The inability of power companies to meet demand is almost exclusively a consequence of the Obama administration’s publicly stated goal to bankrupt the coal industry and in turn ram through the de-industrialization of America under the guise of the phony global warming mantra.
Even as China and Mexico are allowed to build dozens of new power plants every year, the United States is barely permitted to construct a handful, as the Environmental Protection Agency takes control of refineries and power plants under the completely fraudulent pretext of preventing global warming even as the country experiences some of the coldest weather seen for decades.
                 Texas has been the epicenter in a battle over the Obama administration’s drive to have the EPA regulate greenhouse gas emissions. Texas is the only state that has refused to implement a permit process.
“Austin said it would not establish such a scheme for greenhouse gas emissions because the US Environmental Protection Agency had no authority to regulate them as of January 2,” reported the Financial Times.
“Twelve other states are mounting a legal challenge to the federal government’s authority but they, unlike Texas, are implementing the new measures while the dispute makes its way through the courts.”
Local environmental officials in Texas were again involved in a fight with the EPA after the, “Texas Commission on Environmental Quality last week approved an air permit for the $3.2 billion Las Brisas Energy Center despite a formal EPA request that the commission delay issuing the permit until EPA’s concerns about the plant’s emissions impacts are fully addressed.”
The Obama administration is conducting industrial warfare against the United States. Obama’s 2008 promise to “bankrupt” the coal industry by placing suffocating restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions even as China and other countries are given free reign to pollute at will is now coming to fruition. This is all part of the “post-industrial revolution” that the global elite have promised to enforce as a means of turning the United States into a decaying banana republic.
It’s also about the federal government’s drive to seize infrastructure and sell it to the highest foreign bidder by gradually squeezing the ability of local independent utility companies to meet demand in American communities.
               The shortage of power plants to meet the demands of Texans and other Americans in areas across the country is down to the EPA holding local utility companies hostage and blocking them from building desperately needed new power plants.
Although local coal companies are the ones suffering, the transnational power giants are in on the scam. Knowing that they can move production offshore and produce energy with far fewer costs and restrictions in places like Mexico and China, huge oil companies are constantly contriving artificial scarcity as a means of driving up prices and eliminating competition from smaller utility companies.
As internal memos from the mid-1990′s that were leaked in 2005 show, oil giants like Mobil, Chevron and Texaco are deliberately reducing refining capacity to drive, “independent refiners out of business in an effort to increase prices.”
               Large oil companies have for a decade artificially shorted the gasoline market to drive up prices,” said FTCR president Jamie Court. “Oil companies know they can make more money by making less gasoline.”

More Rolling Blackouts Likely in Texas Again Tonight During Snowstorm

             Many Texans were furious over the rolling blackouts. Yesterday it was reported frozen water pipes bursting were responsible for two coal fire plants to shut down causing these rolling blackouts.Do you believe that? The Lt. Governor said more rolling blackouts will happen again today and tomorrow said to save the power grid while we have a foretasted snow storm. The order from the Electric Reliability Council Of Texas(ERCOT).
            I called my state representatives yesterday. I found out they were not happy about it either about it because they had no warning either about the power outages. Many lawmakers in Austin are calling for accountability of the ERCOT. The ERCOT was formed for the reason of to increase capacity of the power grid and keep rates low. Like everything in government they touch. It turns to S@#t and does the opposite than what it was intended to do.
            There is no reason for these rolling blackouts to happen during a winter storm. Frozen water pipes bursting at two power plants was the reason for statewide rolling blackouts? Is that there excuse?.Was it because these plants do not want to pay EPA fines because of going over the limit of green house gases emissions mandated on Jan, 2nd to go into effect? Was this the reason why Attorney General Greg Abbot went into federal court to sue the EPA because these rolling blackouts would happen to comply with these new mandated rules?
            We do not need a committee of monkeys who never operated  power plants or worked a repairing electric lines. It looks like unelected  political or corporate cronies appointed are in charge of the power grid really showed. They are the incompetent who sit on these councils do not know anything about the power grid like the people in the trenches in the power plants and who are in the harshest weather conditions fixing those power lines to restore services.
            We seen these rolling blackouts in California because they tried to sell the perception of the lack of production was the cause. At the same time ENRON was jacking up the rates exploiting this lie for profit. We seen this before in the old Soviet Union were rolling blackouts were common during the winter months in the name we do not have enough resources to go around.
            There is no reason to have anymore rolling black outs. Winter comes once a year to Texas and these companies should be prepared for the season. I still think it was over the new EPA rules mandated power companies to shut down plants or pay high fines for going over their limit in green house gases. While the Texas legislator in Austin is now in session. Not only should they draft legislation to dismantle the ERCOT. They should also amend to that law to throw the EPA out of Texas too.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rolling Blackouts in Texas Ordered By the State WIth Near Freezing Temperatures

                I wonder if the New EPA regulations that kicked in January 2nd are responsible for the rolling blackouts in Southeast Texas. The State of Texas will be experiencing winter weather conditions all week with snow in the forecast later this week. Were is the global warming?
               The Electric Reliability Council of Texas has ordered Power plants to do rolling blackouts through the day to compensate the use of power. I wonder if these new EPA regulations and the US government now taking over issuing plant permits for power plants and oil refineries had anything to do with it. I am getting really suspicious.
                 I remember years ago when California had its rolling blackouts under the hoax of high usage of electricity because the regulations favored the energy giants. I heard ENRON executives were having a laugh seeing the people suffer while ripping off the people in California. I do not see rolling blackout happening in counties and states that deal with winter weather. If the new EPA rules are behind these rolling blackouts. Someone will answer.
                 If this is a scam to give the perception there is not enough power to go around  like they did in California  years ago so we can accept higher electric bills. We need to slap it down real fast. The lack of electricity is not the issue. It is a bureaucracy gone wild called the EPA forcing its will on Texas that must be stopped. The EPA can take their carbon footprint theory and shove it

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mubarak Rise to Power Had Help From the Outside Globalist.

                     More News Print scanned for October 7,1981 in the St Pete Times makes it more clear if you can find the clues.Did he have help from the outside and the inside to get into power? If you read news pieces.We might be able to see a pattern used by the globalist to remove and prop up tin horn dictators. This must be told to the people of Egypt not to let up and keep the pressure on for Mubarak to step down.