Saturday, April 23, 2011

Texas House Speaker a Neo-Con in the Texas Legislator is Bogging Down Legislation Nullifying Obamacare

              Regardless who we elected from the Tea Party to take over seat in the State House in Austin. The neo conservative RINOs wasted no time arm twisting the freshman representatives to put certain people in key positions to choke off or bog down any meaningful legislation to stop the onslaught of oppressive federal laws that are not good for Texas. The laws that are being pushed and rammed through committees that infringe on people's rights with highway checkpoints and license plate reading cameras.
             Texas Speaker of the House Joe Strauss is not a conservative. He is a  neo con artist, a RINO and a obstructionist to suppress any pro freedom,pro sovereignty legislation or pro Texas legislation. He manages to bog down and sit on bills already passed the state house in a floor vote that are pro liberty.He is obstructing legislation going to the Senate. Now he is bogging down Obamacare trying to keep it coming to the floor for a vote. This bill was drafted by Rep. Leo Burmen that would arrest government agents trying to enforce the Federal Health care mandates.Rep Joe Strauss needs to be removed from the speaker position. Him and  few more sell outs or traitors who needs to be removed from office forever barred holding any elected position.
             The tea party has been neo conned on the federal level and state level. Just because there is an (R)next to their name does not mean they are for our interest.When I see an (R) next to Joe Strauss's name. I see reprobate,retread,retard and most of all RINO. Not a person preserving a republican form of government in Texas. People of Texas need to take some drastic action against people in plain view giving aid and comfort to tyrants in Washington.Starting with Joe Strauss. He needs to be recalled and not wait till 2012 election. The people have to start making examples of politicians who sell out the people who they are supposed to represent.

To the Grammar NAZIS.Before you criticize my use of words.CLICK HERE


  1. This is what happens when NeoCons like Strauss or Eric Cantor assume increasing control in the Republican Party. About the only use these people have for true conservatives is when conservatives voice unquestioning support of Israel.They have no other conservative values whatsoever.

    Strauss is the type of leader that appears when Republicans drop their guard and naively start believing that NeoCons have any sort of loyalty whatsoever for this country. They don't and they are more than willing to send your children off to fight Israel's wars in the Mideast while their own children remain safely at home.

  2. All the while they spew blasphemy and hatred to Jesus on Passover or every day for that matter.

  3. In my visits to Texas, I find the people are wonderful folks, but the government does not reflect the people. As Texans are prone to act, we need them to act now. You know where this man lives, bring it to his door. Until we act unified, we stay divided. Most Texans do not take shit, that's for sure. Most states including Iowa, where I reside are full of people who wait for others to act and follow, its why Grassley-Israel puppet keeps his job. Its also why I am considering moving to TX. God bless TX...

    Semper Fi

  4. Another Illuminati minion that needs this exposure. It is about time we say no more and mean it. Perry is no better, much less Dewhurst, either they are out of touch, or are just puppets of their master.

  5. Samuel Adams would have already strung em up!