Friday, December 31, 2010

'No Refusal" DUI Blood Test Goes Nationwide funded on Federal Grant Money

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

The Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution Fourth Article of the Bill of Rights

          I really am coming to the conclusion that the States and M.A.D.D.(Mothers Against Drunk Driving) have taken the issue to use drunk driving too far as a way for the state to raise revenue or to take away our God given rights. This nationwide "No  Refusal" blood test violates the fourth amendment of the bill of rights because people should enjoy the right to be secure in their persons from unreasonable searches and seizures. That means "hands off my blood"
         The no refusal weekend is funded by Federal Grant money from the National Highway Transportation Safety Board to fund no refusal weekends. Even the Austin Police gets federal Grant Money for taking blood on the side of the road with rubber stamp warrants from a judge who stay up all night who just sign a warrant without seeing the accused.
         The issue of drunk driving is chasing away business from downtown night clubs and bars from what little patronage they can get in this stagnant economy. I hear from countless people who used to have a beer and drink after work now stay away from many downtown areas because the police have become a predatory force preying on anyone for revenue.
          The issue of Drunk Driving has went way too far. Carrie Lightner left her own organization she founded called Mother Against Drunk Driving because the direction the organization it was taking. She wanted no part of it. I have a problem with "No refusal Weekends"because in Houston Texas is a sanctuary city. How many drunk illegal aliens who have been caught above the legal limit will be allowed to pass through the checkpoints without taking a blood test. If any illegal alien is jabbed with a needle. We will hear cries from the Mexican government for racism.Yes Texas has a high rate of Alcoholic related traffic fatalities. I wonder how many of the percentage is illegal aliens compared to American Citizens.
           I think it is time we throw the book at the system. If anyone is accused of driving drunk and the person knows they are not impaired. Exercise the right to a trial by jury and not be at the mercy of a judge who has a business on the side running a Drug and Alcohol School were he sends people to as a punishment. It think it is time to expose the DUI/DWI scam to a jury of our peers. If they just use a video tape. It will be really obvious the state does not meet the burden of proof. I think it is time to use the jury box as a veto against Law Enforcement abusing the system using an emotional issue of Drunk Driving to squeeze revenue out of the people.
            I do not trust these crime labs either. If any of you think all crime labs are like the C.S.I. TV Show. I have ocean front property in Round Rock Texas I want to sell you.Crime labs in Texas have been known to botch evidence to get a guilty conviction and the chain of evidence I find very highly questionable with handling blood samples.
           If they were really serious about stopping drunk drivers. The National Highway Transportation Safety Board would work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement to start deporting illegal alien Drunk Drivers. We hear nothing on this concern. I say tonight this News Years Eve. Stay home or if at a party.Sleep over or have a place to stay close by. Take a cab or have a designated driver if you decide to go out. Lets make all Drunk Driving stops be all Illegal Aliens. Maybe the police will wake up and see the scam. When seeing they are not allowed to jab them with a needle but have to take ours. They might have second thoughts.
            These no refusal blood test needs to be challenged. The burden of proof lies with the state to justify probable cause if you are drunk or not. Just because they refuse a breathalyzer test because the calibration is out of whack to make everyone guilty if they blow into it will now force us to have our blood drawn without a warrant not knowing the chain of evidence procedure were the risk of samples being tampered is there. Just remember to repeat and say to the officer if they do take your blood for no reason"I do not consent". We must not allow the system to use Drunk Driving as a way to take our liberties and rights away.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Constructive Criticism of Alex Jones

         I am not going to trash Alex Jones for his success as a radio broadcaster. He has much success is waking up the world and bringing vital information to counter the globalist. I know Alex made many personal sacrifices and took a lot of persecution when people refused to listen to the truth. He has took many personal risk. I can not take away the fact that he has been vindicated for what he has been saying for years.
         Were I am critical is I know the countless hours in research and studying the way of the Globalist and the Eugenicist  plans for the world.Sometimes I think your mind get too sucked into the darkness of the tyrants. When you get behind the microphone it shows.When you digress and freak out behind the microphone. Th effect on the audience can be very detrimental to the efforts of many trying to defeat the New World Order too. If you know your responsibility is very difficult to fathom.
           I remember you tell the Story of Lt. Gen.Chester Pulley many times. When one of his soldiers said "we are surrounded". The commander said "good we can shoot in all directions"He never said surrender and give up. No the officers leadership resonated with his soldiers under his command.Alex .Sometimes you act like we should just give up and because they will do this or that is in the tone of your voice. It can be very counter productive when we allow the enemies writings and publications jump inside our heads and wreak havoc.Sometimes I think is helping the other side more than ours with his piss poor attitude. At least Mark Koernke does not whine and complain. He never talks about what they other side will do to us. He talks about what we should do to them. Alex take your defeatist attitude someplace else if you can not keep a cool head behind the microphone.At least let Mark fill in if you can not keep your cool.
            Alex Let me share a story when I was really young. When I was 11 years old and my family moved to Florida from New Jersey.As a family we had very hard times financially in the early months. We were faced with eviction and I really thought we be homeless on the streets. There was very little food. I really thought we as a family would go hungry and homeless. I would hear for the real estate company and the Sheriff department would bring out an eviction notice. I recall my father saying "I have only eighty cents to our name". My parents told me and my two brothers we are going nowhere,We are not moving,we will not live on the streets and everything will work out for the best. We are working hard and will get the bills paid. In the face of all the odds. My parents never panicked and reacted. There attitude through the worst of times gave the family a true sense stability were we made it though.
            Alex all I can say is do not let the worst nature of the elite live inside your head rent free.Sometimes the real solutions is just building confidence on success and encouraging fighting the good fight in the infowar when all seem lost. I am not saying smile and say everything is fine. We all know it is bad.I will not deny it.Sometimes I think you ought to take more callers to let them encourage and strengthen you than digress.Sometimes when we take the cotton out of our ears and out them in our mouth.Then your rejuvenated and recharged if we let the audience be our teacher.
            Alex . You are having a psych ops done on you too. All I am saying is we need to have our own psychological operations done on the elite. They are trying to get us to fold our cards when we are holding a royal flush thinking they have four aces and two kings in there hands when they really have nothing. Please do not let them get a foothold in your mind. If you give their words power with a defeatist attitude They will win.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The County Sheriff verses S-510(The Food Safety Modernization Act)

           It is plain as day Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid used every procedural manipulation and trick to pass the Food Safety Modernization Act. All the rules were broken to ram the legislation through both houses. You have to see who the winners and losers are when the bill becomes law. I hope the county Sheriff realizes he will not be able to have a slice Mrs Nelson's homemade apple pie anymore at the county fair. Mrs Nelson who picked the apples from her yard to make the pie now is a criminal under S-510.
           If we want our food supply to be kept safe and free to sell our crops at the farmers market.We must get all our Sheriff on board standing with the small family farms,ranchers and hone gardeners. The sheriff has the power and authority to throw the FDA and the USDA out of his county to prevent these agencies from shutting these farms down. To make sure farmers markets still can allow people to buy and sell. The home gardeners be free from harassment by the Federal Goon Squads.
            Many county Sheriff Departments are feeling the squeeze of revenue and man power to carry out the basic mission. The solution is not asking for a hand out from the Federal Government. It is deputizing  the local citizenry properly trained in arrest powers and department procedures.Who can act under the authority of the Sheriffs office to act in restraining federal encroachment whether being the IRS,BATFE, and other Federal Alphabet soup agencies. Our Sheriff needs no more partnerships with the Federal government for a hand out. The sheriff needs to look to the people who elected him to help him stand in the gap against tyranny.
             Richard Mack said that gun control will be were the Sheriffs draw the line against the Federal Government. I have to disagree with it slightly. I believe it will be when the Federal government enforces the Food Safety Modernization Act. Because more important than guns is the food supply.When Deputies come to the realization they will not be able to buy fresh eggs from the local chicken farmer or that pint of unpasteurized honey from the beekeeper. They will be draw the line against the FDA and USDA.
             Not only do we need our Sheriff to protect the food supply and production in his county. We need to go to our county commissioners.We need to pass ordinances banning GMO crops in the county. Banning BGH injections in the Dairy cows. Lets give the choice to the ranchers and farmers the option not vaccinate their livestock. Local politics has the real power more than the Federal bureaucracy to be the solution.
              This is the time we need to look to our county sheriff not only to protect and safeguard our freedoms. It comes down to survival and keeping good order in the county when all hell breaks loose nationwide. This should be the year the sheriff looks to his own people and not Washington DC to help him and stand  in the gap as guardians of liberty.

People of New York CIty Just Tired of Being Snowed By Mayor Bloomberg. Not So Much the Snow

            If you look at how New York City has been taxed everyone into oblivion and people losing their property rights. A rude Police Department hunting for revenue. A person can not smoke in peace without the tobacco Nazis being in their face. People do not have the right to own a gun. The city is mess thanks to the political machine and the unions.
            I do not think the anger of the people has nothing to do with the streets not being snowplowed. It has nothing to do with the subway system being brought to a halt. I really believe this anger has been building among the people over the years. The lack of response of the city to plow the roads and get the subway system moving again was just the trigger. With all the high taxes paid to the city.The city can not plow the roads. People are not getting any service for their tax dollars at work.
            When mayor Bloomberg taxed business and people at high rates on every little thing. As a man who was born in the city when NYPD was one of the worlds best agencies.It is sad I can not visit the city of my birth because I can not afford to stay there. A city that is so expensive to live in. It is where people are stopped and frisked without a search warrant.I think the people of New York City are fed up with the unresponsive government and being abused by the system.This latest lack of action was the straw that broke the camels back.I bet you that all the people who work on Wall Street have their roads plowed while everyone is stranded. Those people who work for Goldman Sachs can not miss a day robbing the nations.
            When unemployment is high. People are short on money. The people in the city seemed to get poorer while the city bow before Wall Street and robs the substance of the people. I just think the people are tired of being snowed by Mayor Bloomberg. I am glad to be living in Texas today and not in the Big Apple.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Support Your County Sheriff:There Might Be a Constitutional Standoff If DHS will use TSA on the Streets.

           We can all see big sister Janet Napolitano who is the Secretary of Homeland Security has big plans to bring what they do in the airports out on the streets of America into Shopping Malls,Bus Stations,Hotels and on the Streets. A direct violation of the 9th and 10th Amendments of the US Constitution. It is time to let our local governments know we do not want them to have anymore special so called partnerships with the Federal Government through Homeland Security. Second We need to see visit our County Sheriffs as a group or personally ask to meet them one on one. Let them know that in the Landmark Supreme Court Decision Printz,Mack vs. Brady Bill were Sheriff Richard Mack won the case. In Sheriff Mack latest Book"The County Sheriff America's Last hope" The Sheriff will learn President Barrack Obama and the DHS Secretary can not tell the elected peace officer what to do. The Sheriff has the Authority to kick them out of the county.
            When the DHS starts to roll out on the streets of America.We need a constitutional standoff were the sheriff draws the boundary at the county line and says to the federal government "not in my county We never asked for you and we do not need you". If your county Sheriff makes the stand against Big Sister and BHO. We must be ready to support the county sheriff in every way we can even if the Sheriff has to arrest the feds violating the law.The support of the people in his county will be important. Our Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer in the county. He answers to us and not the federal government. Support your county Sheriff when he makes the stand. The White House and Homeland Security thinks they are a Law onto themselves.How can we stop a bunch of power freaks? It will have to come from the Sheriff to stop this insane power grab to preserve our liberties. We better support  and pray for the Sheriff when they do Stand Up and dig there heels in.

Young Men Might Soon Feel The Draft Getting Their Drivers License in Texas. Bill Proposed in Texas House Will Automaticly Register Applicant for Selective Service when Getting Drivers License If Bill Becomes Law.

          Does any remember the controversy over the Motor Voter law were anyone can register to vote when  getting a drivers license at the agency that issues them. In a state like Texas many illegal aliens are able to register to vote because many of them have drivers licenses. The Motor Voter Law has been connected to a lot of voter fraud with people who should not be on the voter rolls.
          Now there is legislation proposed and filed in the Texas State Legislator. Texas House Bill 80 drafted and Filed by Representative Daniel Flynn. Any male between 18 and 26 if they have not registered with Selective Service. When they renew their License or State Issued Identification will be registered for Selective Service under bill if becomes law. Renewing Drivers License and State ID automatically gives the State consent to register the person for selective service without the applicants knowledge if they have not registered. I can see the Illegal Aliens being registered for Selective Service which I am not comfortable with at all and lawsuits over religious exemptions.because many will not want to drafted to fight illegal and unconstitutional wars.
           Many in Congress have proposed bringing back the draft. Now it might be a reality because the passage repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell allowing homosexuals to serve openly in the Armed forces. This will cause a mass exodus of qualified personal leaving the military under protest and a draft might be the only option to maintain a fighting force to keep these wars going if the Pentagon can not maintain recruiting goals as a consequence of repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell policy allowing Homosexuals to serve in the Military.
           This bill must not pass. The Department of Defense should not be able to use this Texas proposed law as another avenue for conscription of fill the ranks to fight illegal undeclared wars. Our Military should remain an all volunteer force because it draws off the strength of the nation to defend its freedom. Young people should not be forced or register for selective service without their knowledge as a condition when getting or renewing their drivers license just to drive a car. This bill must not pass.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Two House Bills in Texas Can Expand The Snitch Network For Big Sister's DHS

              "If you see something say something" we hear Secretary Janet Napolitano speak on big screen TVs in Wal Mart Nationwide. Spy on you neighbor if you see guns,drugs and anything suspicious. Now being an accused bully or a bad driver will now be the job of Homeland Security if two Texas Bills become law. I can see the Department of Homeland Security expanding its operations to stop bullying and bad driving as a threat to national security using these two Texas Bills becomes law.
              House bill 101 if becomes law would set up a hot line for impaired drivers can easily expand to turning in people doing rolling stops at stop signs or jay walking.The Federal Government might like it so much. The TSA might be knocking at your door or name might be put on a No Drive list so someone can not be insured to drive a car with no traffic tickets. Just like No fly,No Buy.All without due process.
              The next drafted piece of legislation is Texas House Bill 130 that would set up an anti bully hot line. I can see school yard bullies turn in the ones who dare stand up to them being taken out of the way so they can dominate the play ground. We have seen what tattletale networks do. Look at Child Abuse Hot lines have done more harm than good in protecting children. Many busybodies called these hot lines just as a method of retaliation because there names will never be revealed where the accused can confront them. CPS has been a nightmare for many innocent families because these toll free numbers make it so easy to retaliate with impunity.
              Can you picture at Wal Mart with big sis on the TV monitor saying if you see something say if you see bullying or someone running a red light,a litter bug or a child being abused  call homeland security because they might be working for Osama Been Dead Awhile Bin Laden. Lets make sure these bills never become law.I tell you this because I am the Lone Star Watch Dog. I say any tattletale hot-line is a nightmare waiting to happen if not stopped. If DHS takes over stopping bullying and bad drivers.This will make a nightmare turn into a living hell.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

FOX news Alert :DHS Issues a Terror Alert. Your Thermos is a Terrorist Weapon

          Now your Thermos is a terror weapon. No intelligence or any concrete evidence to substantiate such a threat exist that Al Quaida using a Coleman thermoses as a weapon of mass destruction   Yes your insulated beverage container is now a potential weapon of mass destruction. That was just announced on a Fox News Alert. Watch out that 7-11 coffee mug might be a weapon soon. That is the new terror alert, Now I should be scared of a man using a thermos for coffee might be working Al Quaida. This agency I can tell they are brain storming finding new creative imaginary threats desperately trying to justify there existence. What is next?A child's Teddy bear or a little girls Barbie Doll might be a weapon too? What such absurdity we are seeing before our eyes by a bunch of petty tyrants.
          It is really getting ridicules. One day is the ink in printer cartridges, before that shampoo bottles and mother's breast milk. Just to think when recalling reading not long ago about a Plane full of soldiers coming back from deployment overseas.One soldier gets his nail clippers confiscated because it could be used as a weapon. These soldiers had M-16 rifles. Even though no one had no ammunition. The soldiers can still use the butt of the rifle as a weapon.Were is the common sense?
          Whet we really have to stress is that when the TSA and DHS try to justify there existence with all these exaggerated terrorist alerts and fake terror threats. The more they talk and do. It is more obvious they need to be dismantled and eliminated. The only threat to the safety,security and freedom of the people is the DHS and TSA. When they tyrannize the people in airports and put peace activist on Terror watch list means one thing.They need to go.Issuing a terror alerts that our thermos is now a potential terror weapon says the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Administration is the problem and not the solution to our liberty and security. When they do more harm than good that means it is time to pull the plug. It is time to put Homeland Security back in the hands of the States and the people.


The Real Spirit of Christmas Can Not Be Stolen

              Today is the day we celebrate the birth of our savior. It is not about material gifts or about how much you spent buying presents for all you know. Many families today around this great nation will not have a Christmas as we know it. They are eating in homeless shelters and soup kitchens just to get there kids a decent meal. The ruling elites have stole all but our hope. The Oligarchs robbed everything and want our dignity.
               This is the time we have our own personal jubilee toward our fellow man.We are being tested as a people in how will we respond. Will we still show charity and mercy to lift up your neighbor back on their feet? Will our hearts grow cold void of any compassion? There are people in high places who want us to be at each others throats for a moral of food. To fight with one another for the basic provisions. These mad men want chaos and calamity in the streets. They want the imploding of our economy bring out the worse in us so they can mop up what is left of civilization as we know it to conquer for themselves.
                Just remember our Lord sits at the right hand of the Father reigning supreme above all of us. His hand is unstoppable against those who hate his creation. The enemy is not hunger. It is not the lack of money. It is us if we allow our worst nature to govern our lives. This is the time we ought to pray for our fellow man and ask for God's justice be done to those who brought this about. Never say never saying these ruling elite will never be brought to justice. We have not because we ask not.
                Today is the day we should forgive those who have wrong us and forgive any debts to us. If we as a people just do that. We find God's favor because if is by forgiving we are forgiven  showing mercy than asking for it. It is by giving we shall receive. It is not something as a gift we can hold but it is what is unseen that money can not buy is the biggest blessing of all that shines inside of us is the true Christmas spirit that can not be stolen.

Friday, December 24, 2010

It is not About Nuclear Threats. It is About Who WIll Control the Currency

             Around the holiday we are hearing all about saber rattling around the world. We have the high tensions between North and South Korea. We have Israel using us to start a war with Iran. We hear about toppling Hugo Chavez because of his Marxist views and oppression. Russia is made to look like the bad guy as a threat to world peace. Our government is trying to start up the cold war and the arms race between the Untied States and the Russian Federation.
             All of the superficial issues of these countries being a nuclear threat is not the Issue. Saddam Hussien's  weapons of mass destruction was why the United State overthrown the Iraqi leader. None of this was the real issue.The Iraqi President would not play ball with the Bankers. The Republic of Georgia attack on the Russian Federation was an Israeli operation to start a world war so the banks can loan countries money to get them in debt to the bankers financing both sides.The United States Military are now mercenaries for the ruling banking families and corporations. The reason why all the taunting of starting wars around the globe? It is about the bankers in Europe wanting a monopoly of all the nations currencies. Bankers will use wars and invasions to take control of the nations. Russia in the cross heirs of the International Banking Elite.
             The Russian Ruble is a stable currency issued by the treasury interest free to the people through a state owned central bank. The country has no debt to the bankers. Russia is the wild card in the geo political scene. My concern for Russia is there relationship with China on trade.Cheap low quality goods from the Chinese using low wage slave labor will undermine the manufacturing industry in the Russian Federation.This is not good for long term economic strength of the nation.China bled the Untied States of its wealth and manufacturing jobs.What they did to us.They will do to Russia.The Chinese will betray Russia. Russia going into the membership of the world trade organization(WTO). The WTO is an unelected body that can use trade as way to force Russia into bringing back the privately owned central bank to issue the currency putting a choke hold on the economy in Russia.The WTO always ruled in favor of China on trade.Even when they cheated nations in unfair trade practices. The WTO will use the power of trade to either cripple the Russian economy if they do not allow the Bankers the control over the ruble. It is my opinion the Russian Federation stay out of the WTO because if Russian does not comply with the WTO directives. The nation can find itself being destabilized from within using the divide and conquer on the population so the bankers can bring there political hacks to do the will of the bankers. Russia does not need to return to futile serfdom.
              The real battle on the world stage is who will control the money supply around the world? Who will issue the nations currency. Will it be the Bankers or the governments control the worlds money supply. All these superficial reasons of Nuclear enrichment or harboring terrorist is just fabrications for the public. If the people really found out the bankers in Europe want to seize control of all nations currencies as a way to control the governments.The people will revolt saying "off with their heads".
              There is nothing to like about North Korea,Iran and Venezuela. The truth is Russia is allied with them not because they are tyrants.That is not the issue. It is to have a United Front against the Bankers. Those countries internal affairs are not the business of the United States or Israel. People in those nations have the right to alter or abolish there own form of government as of they see fit. If they like the form of government. It is not America's business to force its will upon other nations.
            The third President of the Untied States Thomas Jefferson  said of Prophetic statement Americans and Europe are experiencing today with the central bankers:

             I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing
armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of
their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until
their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing
power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly

              The father of our Country ,The hero General of the War of Independence against the British Crown ,and our first President George Washington warned us to stay out of foreign entanglements in his Farewell Address . Prime Minister Vladimir Putin ought to heed to George Washington's warning. Russia should withdraw from the United Nations.The UN is a creature of the Rockefeller Family. The same family through Chase Manhattan Bank funded the Bolshevik overthrow of the Russian Czar and brought in Communism. My prayer while the Bankers try to consolidate power.They be defeated and the world has a jubilee.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Austin Woman Thrown to Floor and Arrested for Refusing Pat Down at Airport

              People must be really felt up with holiday cheer when the TSA agents were singing Christmas Carols at LAX. What a joke. Now we have to congratulate  the TSA agents and Austin police department for keeping us safe from a 56 year old woman who has a pace maker and was a rape victim. She said no to being touched on the breast and just because she refused. Those two Austin Police Officers slammed her to the floor and dragged her across the terminal.  How shameless these people are gets to me. What part of No I do not consent to being touched they do not understand? For those Austin PD officers who are sworn to uphold the Texas and United States Constitution.Those two Officers need to attend Sheriff Mack's class to learn about the oath they took. The scary part is they might mess with the wrong grandmother,wife,daughter or mother. The one person can set off a chain reaction nationwide where people who see the government is no longer responsive to their grievances and will take it into their own hands to stop this long train of abuses when the system fails.
              I do not feel safer for the TSA not allowing this woman to fly because she refused a pat down.Now when I go out to Houston to travel by airplane. I am not worrying about Muslims with box cutters trying to hijack a plane to fly into a building. I am more concerned about government agents with a petty power trip violating my personal dignity and privacy.I just want to be left alone and fly in peace to my destination.
              I am not for violence. It is coming to the point where people will say enough is enough. Somebody is going to be the folk hero real soon pushing back against this tyrannical nonsense. As an example. It could be some burly fat guy in a uniform put his hand up the Man's wife's or Daughter's skirt after the husband said "no". He just reacts with a fist flying defending the honor of his family. It could be a man who elderly mother who was shocked by a Tazer for no reason than unable to stand up getting out of a wheelchair as the agent ordered. They will never know what lady will be the wrong one to mess with till it is too late. When this does happen. All the PR spin and rationalization will not work anymore because the public will see through it all as an excuse to dominate and impose their will on the population under the banner of we must fight those terrorist and nothing to do with our safety.
             Sooner or late these TSA agents and Police Officers involved aiding and abetting in breaking the law that violates human dignity will face the consequences because they more cared about a paycheck and petty power trips more than doing what is right.

We Need A Constituional Standoff To Flex the Muscle of State Rights

             The audacity of the Obama administration moving in making its move in the State of Texas. The President with one of his tyrannical arms called the EPA  announced they are taking over green house gas permits because Texas refuses to comply with the new EPA rules that come into effect Jan 2, 2011. This is the time for Texans to either S*%T or get off the pot. Do you stay under the stranglehold of Washington DC or do we break free and be an independent nation. For anyone to say Texas ought to stay in the union has to be out of there minds.This Federal Government is like a milestone tied around our necks dragging us to the bottom of the sea.If we do not cut the rope and break free from Washington.We will be dragged to the bottom of the sea and Texas will be just a memory.
               On January 11, 2011. The 82nd State Legislator will be in session. We can not afford for them to conduct the affairs of the state doing business as usual. We have the EPA trying to shut down our refineries. USDA with the FDA through the Food Safety and Modernization Act will wipe out our agriculture industry operated by mostly small family farms and ranches. Texas as we know it will cease to exist if the people we voted into office do not do their job. It is time the state legislators do there job erecting barriers against Federal encroachment or declare independence as a true act of nullification . I like to know were do they come up with reducing heat trapping gases as a basis issuing greenhouse gas permits?These insane socialist buffoons have not walked outside lately or read the weathermen reports of the coldest winters on record. They are still relying on fraudulent data that was discredited. This is not about reducing green house gases. It is about the federal government trying to break the will of Texas.
             We need a constitutional standoff with the Federal government. They are out of control . This present administration knows no boundaries as far as the rule of law is concerned.Some state governor has to throw his foot down and say that is enough.Will it be Slick Rick? We did not send Governor Rick Perry back for a third term and elected State Legislators to go along to get along with the Federal government. We elected them to look out for our interest in the state. To make sure the people of the state can remain productive and commerce is unrestricted within the state. I can careless if what we want makes Washington DC upset. If that makes our state office holders we voted for upset because they do not get invited anymore to cocktail parties by high powered lobbyist and professional career politicians in Washington DC.So be it. I do not care because they work for us not for them

Remembering the Battle of Trenton on Christmas Eve

            As we celebrate the birth of our savior in the little town of Bethlehem. The man who would help shape our western civilization. George Washington who was encamped on the other side of the Delaware river  made a bold move in the war of independence as one of many battles that gave birth to our republic. This was a turning point in the war against the British Crown.
            It is hard for me to fathom the hardships those soldiers marching through the harshest winter conditions. Crossing the Delaware River to Trenton New Jersey. It was recorded by many accounts of soldiers that there were bloody footprints in the snow for the cause of liberty. Many would die being left on the side of the trail trying to make the march through the night battling the elements of nature.
            On December 25 1776.George Washington and his army attacked the Hessian forces by surprise. This was a major victory in the war of independence and a boost to moral among the continental army. This is one battle we should be reminded of on a cold Christmas eve. Not only we should remember the birth of our Savior. We should remember the sacrifices of the continental soldiers who gave all that night in Trenton who gave us the gift of freedom.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This is the Time Not to Be a Scrooge Just Because the Grinch Stole Christmas

             We all heard or read the story of the Christmas Carol by the British Author Charles Dickens that is one of the best classic pieces of literature ever published. The story was about Ebeneezer Scrooge who was a greedy old man who cared nothing about humanity and forgot about the true meaning of Christmas. He was visited by ghost to reflect on his past, the true gravity of his present state and who lies before him if he does not repent.
              Just because we have Scrooges and Grinches  throwing people out of their homes,and looting the wealth of the nation. The very people who care nothing about human dignity and can careless of a single mother with four children frozen to death on the street or how many families fight for survival sleeping in their car trying not to see their kids go to sleep hungry. Just because they are Scrooges and Grinches who are trying to break our will as a people to submit to serfdom for a hot meal. We are better people than that and we have no excuse to act like the stingy greedy misers just because oligarchs are falling victim to trickle down greed deception.
              What really would make a difference and bring hope to our nation. To send a message to the Grinches and Scrooges.The ones on Wall Street and own the Big Banks who stole Christmas. That message is our spirit is far from broken and no matter how much they try to break our will. We will show that we can find it in our hearts with little money we may have will not stand in the way of helping our neighbor. We ought forgive the debts owed to us to give the person a clean slate. To send a message that the human spirit will triumph always in the face of adversity.
               In the Dr. Sues show the Grinch that stole Christmas. When the Grinch took everything that was part of Christmas  including the Holiday turkey out of the small village. No matter how much the Grinch tried to do to break the will of the small village. The holiday spirit in the people prevailed no matter what was stolen. Just because Wall Street and the Bankers stole the Christmas as we known it in years past. As the people of this once great republic can still send the message that no mater how much they stole from us. They can not take our spirit and our concern for our fellow man from us. Good always triumphs over evil and that hard times will not ruin our Christmas. To give rather than receive. To forgive than be forgiven .To help than ask for help. To be thankful we can still be charitable in a time of need to our fellow countrymen. It is in that we find blessing as a people again. Actions like this can be more than a kick in the gut to the Elite psychologically than losing a trillion Dollars in the NASDAQ.

Who Elected The FCC to Take Over the Intenet?

          I would like to know. Who elected these bureaucrats to vote on taking over the internet. The FCC is an agency that is not elected by the people. Where is the outcry from congress? Do you accept this move to grab power that does not belong to them? Well I hope there will be lawsuits coming forward. I do not want someone like Eric Holder to play Judge ,Jury and Executioner to shut down websites without a court order.
          We never elected to FCC, We never gave them any authority to take control of the Internet. It has nothing to do with cyber safety. It has more to do with controlling the information that goes out in the public. They losing a fight they can only win is by rigging the game.We must not allow them to take over the world wide web. The FCC we never elected. If the FCC has this much power outside public accountability. Then we must not allow them to go one step further in controlling the flow of information on the internet that is the last bastion of free speech on earth.
           I see this backfiring on the US government because it shows there disregard for freedom of speech and how hell bent on power they have become.They see the internet as a stumbling block to grab ultimate authority to control the information wars. It is a war there are losing and want to change the rules to rig the game so they are always on the winning side. We have to step up and stop them in their tracks. If we accept this power grab. The fight will be so much more tougher. The consequences of inaction to allow this attack on freedom will have a far reaching impact more than we think unless we draw the line in the sand. This time push back if they dare step across the line.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It is Not There Internet to Control

           The  Federal Government has lost all credibility. The lame duck Congress and the President has the lowest approval rating in history. They can not tell a good lie. The old establishment mainstream media can no long suppress information from getting out. The alternate media is running circles around the political and media establishment. They are getting there rear ends kicked. The FCC move to take control of the internet might be the straw to break the camels back.They can not win in a fair fight in the arena of ideas. So they try to chill our free speech by threatening us with being labeled domestic extremist if we protest the war and question the governments official story of 9-11.
           The Department of Homeland Security harassing Anti War activist and 911 Truth groups They are trying to silence free speech. Now the FCC moves to control the internet. the criminals in government can not win in a fair fight and does not intend to play fair either. So attacking the internet to silence opposition. They can not get away covering up information.They can not win when they have no control over information. What I have to say to President Obama and the FCC chairmen. The internet is not yours to control. You will lose if you dare try. You will be defeated if dare touch the internet.Controlling the internet now will not work anymore. The horse left the barn long ago. Chicago Mafia Politics will lose to Texas Justice. Your not in Chicago anymore

The Federal Reserve Backs Down After Public Outrage Over Privet Banks Order to Remove All Forms of Christianity From All Branches

         After public pressure nationwide against the Federal Reserve Bank telling a privet Bank in Perkins Oklahoma to remove everything this is Christian or about Christmas has backed down. It still shows we still have to power to make change and stand our ground. This has maybe been a victory for us. Just do not go back to sleep yet.
         Count on them coming back and trying this somewhere else to another privet bank or other financial institution with the same tactics. It may not be crosses or pins this time. The may order that the American flags be taken down not to offend the illegal immigrants. The fed could order many privet business and institutions be mandated to make changes in company policies and other internal functions to bog everything down with burdensome regulation. If they can not shut them down right away. They will sure put them out of business complying with red tape in the bureaucracy
        They will be back doing with something different under the Banking Reform Bill that makes the Federal Reserve Bank a financial dictatorship in total control of the economy. They may not order crosses removed. But may mandate a Muslim prayer closet be constructed pointing towered Mecca at a bank even though no one who practices Islam is employed with them. They could demand a 501(C)3 Church hire homosexuals and Satan Worshipers.
         The Federal Reserve will be back again trying this somewhere else.They may not attack religious freedom.They will try another means attacking freedom from another angle to accomplish the same goal .They will not back down and go away that easily. They will be back letting everyone know who is the boss if we like it or not.

Federal Reserve Bank Orders Oklahoma Bank to Remove All Symbols of Christian Faith. Now Who is Next?

          What right does a privately owned bank. Not a government agency have the jurisdiction to tell another privet owned bank to remove all vestiges of Christianity from this bank. That is what has happened in Perkins Oklahoma. They were ordered to remove anything that said Merry Christmas and Bible verse of the day.Employees could not wear any crosses or pins resembling the Christian faith.
           Now I say who is next? Under the new banking reform law that passed congress and signed into law this year.Is this part of the new Financial dictatorship of the Federal Reserve telling the country who is the boss?Who are the winners and losers in this new economy? Will they tell me who has a mortgage I can not have home bible studies and have to take down any crosses in my Home since they hold the bank note. If I run a business selling lamps.I have a cross and a painting of Jesus preaching in the sermon on the mount.Will I have to remove the expression of my faith from my place of business by the order of this new economic dictator called the Federal Reserve Bank?This Central Bank which congress turned over its constitutional authority to.
           These Bankers have thrown people out of there homes,they have looted our nation and they robbed the dignity of the common person. Now they want to take away the faith of many people.There religious freedom they cling to. They want to rob the people of any hope. Today they go after a bank. Tomorrow what privet business will they attack next? Telling them they can not have any form of Christianity. We must stop them here. If we allow them to tell banks what to do.Who will they go after next?

Friday, December 17, 2010

Texas Bill Introduced Will Make Specialty License Plates for Freemasons

          Can you imagine if you were in an accident or going through a checkpoint. Your personal effects in the car are thrown off the road. You notice some cars passing through the check point has a expired registration sticker and inspection sticker. The Department of Public Safety State Troopers wave him through. Why because they have those specialty plates saying he is a mason.

          You were a victim in a hit and run accident. The driver was intoxicated and driving like a maniac. The police stop them and see they have that masonic plate on their car. They take the driver home and tell you the victim we could not find the car that fits the description.Never mind that owner who owns the auto body shop might a fellow mason to make that car good as new in no time.

           Texas House Bill 180 introduced and filed by Texas State Representative Sid Miller can make specialty license plates for Texas Masons. I have real reservations with this bill because many people in government are Freemasons. It does not matter if it is a Police officer or the County Judge. Those masonic oaths obligate them to come to the aid of another. That even means waving through a fellow mason with expired stickers while us poor suckers get the shaft.

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           I have nothing against the Freemasons. There are great people who were Masons who made Texas a republic. In this day and age the Order has been used to cover up corruption in the system and to deny justice. I say we say no to specialty plates for Masons because of this.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Texas Senate Resolution Calls for a Constitutional Convention

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The Texas State Legislator convenes next month January 11,2011. If we are not careful little bills like this can slip under the radar without a word. We are all frustrated with Washington and the out of control spending more than it takes in. We can not get spending under control until we deal with the Federal Reserve System printing money out of thin air. The Federal Reserve Bank has to be abolished.
              Texas Senate Joint Resolution 10 calls for a Constitutional Convention to propose a Balanced Budget Amendment to be amended to the US Constitution. This is no more than a Trojan horse to make changes the globalist to use to take away the right to free speech,religion and the the right to keep and bear arms. We do not need a Con Con. Do not be deceived by the need for convention to propose a balanced budget amendment.
               Instead of bills like these. What we want to as Texans.We must learn it all starts with the states We need to pressure our state legislators to investigate the validity of the 16th and 17th Amendments of the US Constitution.Was it ratified? Was the Texas State Legislator in session in 1913?Was there a vote to ratify these amendments on the floor in the State house or Senate in Austin?I think we need to find out what amendments were legally ratified. The question of even the 14th amendment during Reconstruction after the war of northern aggression being illegally ratified since Texas had no representation to call a vote for ratification.  They had no legislator to call into session because of Federal occupation of Texas.
               We need to undue the damage on a state level first with the 16th amendment creating the crippling income tax.The 17th amendment taking away the States government's representation in US congress making our US Senators being sold to the highest bidder beholden special interest or high powered lobbyist out of reach of the State legislators.
               We do not need a Constitutional Convention to propose a Balanced Budget Amendment.It is a Trojan Horse by the globalist to make changes to our Constitution were there is no Bill of Rights. Do not be fooled by a Balanced Budget Amendment  is a cure all to fiscal recklessness coming out of Washington DC. It is when we repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and return to a honest sound monetary policy. Than such a proposal becomes irrelevant.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Watching Texas Politics Statewide

              I am glad to announce that today I started a new blog on the next Texas 82nd  session of the Texas Legislator. I will be looking at the bills coming forward introduced and filed. The Lone Star State is entering a cross roads. The people of Texas must make some really hard choices on which direction to go.
               Washington DC is on a hell bent path to seize control of every aspect of our lives to break our will as Texans. Do we go along with nullification or succession? Nullification may not work because there is a lawless element that disregards our Constitution and the rule of law. They  do not acknowledge state rights or sovereignty. They only understand they want more power and less liberty for the people.
                My hope for the blog is to not make the next Texas legislative session business as usual . We as Texans will not tolerate the status quo in how things are done. It may have worked in the past. We have to say not today. not never. My hope is the we can hold there feet to the fire to do what is right for Texas. That is why I started this blog.I hope you enjoy my writing and will be happy to read your comments if you love me or not.
                 As Texans. Lets lift our heads and stand as freemen as Gods made us to be. As Texans we either be free or at the mercy of tyrants. It is all up to us.