Friday, April 22, 2011

Teen Girl 16 Charged With Raping Boy.Something is Wrong With The Culture

                I have to speak my mind about how ladies from 30 years ago and now has changed radically. Thanks to pop culture and the feminist ideology has contributed to the decline in feminine attitudes among ladies. We have seen the rise in female sexual predators as School teachers seducing the male and female students.There is a rise in female sexual predators who will drug males and to have their way sexually. We only hear about males using the date rape drug roofies drugging females. We never hear too much about this trend females raping males.Female sexual predators are on the rise
                With the rise of the divorce rates and the lack of male role models. The lack of fundamental morality has complicated the problems. There is also the chemicals added to the food and water that has feminized men were they have turned into wussies. These added chemicals also hyper-feminized girls that does make them very aggressive sexually.That can also be a contributing factor too.
                The truth is if males molest a minor teen or rapes a woman. They are demonized as they should be.When a female does the same.They will make excuses that she has emotional problems and there is a push for public sympathy to go easy on the accused woman.There is a double standard of unequal justice. Both genders should be punished with the maximum the law allows.
                A 16 year old teen girl is charged with rape of a male forcing sex a knife point. Is this an isolated incident or does it happen more often than reported?. If this is a crime that goes unreported.It is because of the shame of a male reporting such an act to the police. Is this crime a symptom of a deeper underlying problem in society with many contributing factors that does make it a perfect storm between the genders. Should this girl get sympathy?Do you think she be made an example that no one is above the law and will be punished harshly for a sexual crime?
                As men and ladies. We need to go back to the fundamentals of what good societies were built on and need to throw out the feminist ideology out of the culture. It all starts with us as people and not waiting on a leader to articulate everything we believe.The reason why society is falling apart is because we have been waiting for someone to be the leader instead of being the leader ourselves. It all starts being leader of the home.Men show love to your wife and children leading by example for others to follow. It is not the responsibility for the public schools and government to correct this problem. It starts with ourselves and in our communities working from the bottom up setting the standards of good morals. This 16 year old girls might have a different life and made better choices if we as parents did what was right raising ladies to be ladies and men to be men. We can not blame the feminist or the culture. We are to blame because we did nothing to stop it.


  1. OK, realman,

    I like what you have to say enough that I am sometimes willing to wade through your abysmal use of written language.

    In this article you said, " It starts being leader of the home loving your wives and children..." First: without the word "with" being inserted between "starts" and "being" then you are saying that "It" is the leader. Second: you are saying it is important to love your wives. How many wives should I have? And you have said that "It" is loving your wives and children. I hope you are doing something there besides looking through the window. You are promoting this as good moral behavior?

    You have chosen the written word to express yourself. Consider, because you are a gentleman, learning how to use it so that other people may easily understand what you wish to say. A gentleman would do nothing less.

    Lastly, gentlemen are very adroit at using firearms, because gentlemen understand that there comes a time when gentility is not what's called for. They use well the appropriate weapon for the situation they happen to be in.

  2. You're confused, realman (what a says a lot right there!) You are mixing two entirely different crimes, violent rape and statutory rape, and acting as if they are all one category of crime. But even when combining them together, both acts are extremely rare when a female is the offender, and one of the crimes does not involve violence or drugs in any way.

    It's a fact that one in three women in her lifetime will be raped, almost always by a male. One in three! Those are scary statistics and they are accurate.

    But reverse the roles and the statistics drop to such an infantissamle amount that they are not even reported. They occur so rarely that no statistics exist! The fact is that females commit only 2% of all sex crimes in this country, and with few exceptions they are crimes against children, usually their own. And yet you believe that society needs restructuring over female crimes of violence against men, when NINETY EIGHT PERCENT OF ALL SEX CRIMES ARE COMMITTED BY MEN? I'd say that if society needs any restructuring, it's to fix that problem, not the other way around.

    There is no "trend"! The real facts are that if you as a male fear being raped, you need to fear other men almost exclusively. The chances of a violent rape against you by a woman are statistically insignificant.

    You also address men being afraid to report a rape by a woman. You cannot seriously think that such a problem is solely the domain of men, can you? It is currently estimated that around 80% of female rape victims do not report the crime out of shame.

    It appears that you have some real issues with women achieving power in general. Suggesting societal restructuring to prevent crimes so rare that statistics do not even exist for them is absurd. Instead, you should be looking at the real source of violent rape in this country that is committed almost exclusively by males against both females and males and suggesting restructuring society for THAT problem! But I'm betting that such a concept didn't even occur to you! You seem to want to blame all the ills on society because women won't do as they are told any longer.

    You've taken one isolated incident regarding a teen girl ALLEGEDLY raping a teen male and made it seem like that act is causing the collapse of society.

    Your article is poorly, if at all researched, and your grammar is atrocious! Going back only 30 years to compare female behavior 'now & then' is also way off. Thirty years ago, pop culture was firmly entrenched and MTV was there too! I was graduating from university with a minor in Women's Studies. That's right, I'm not just a feminist, I'm a credentialed feminist with a B.A.! By 1981, the original grass roots, bra burning feminist movement was on its way out and a new brand of feminist was moving in. I'm more old school.

    So between your lack if any real info beyond poorly written whining and your desire to use the ALLEGED act of a MINOR as some sort of call to make an example out of her before there has even been a trial, your article is just ridiculous. Women are not going to go back to the way things were in the fifties!

    Sorry, dude.