Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It is Time to Destroy These Diebold Machines or They will Destroy us.

                I think it ism time for a hostile takeover of the election system. These diebold machines cannot be trusted anymore. It is time to go back to paper ballots. We must not allow the establishment to steal the election anymore. The elections belong to the people, not to the party hacks. I am not one who likes to vandalize goverment property. The truth is we never consented to these voting machines and the elections cannot be trusted to be accurate anymore.

               The people who benefit from these voting machines are the ones destroying our nation. We do not need a foreign corporation counting the votes. I am quite comfortable with paper ballots because they can be counted in the open. There is a paper trail for public inspection. These diebold machines have no transparency in the counting of the votes. The same company who make ATM machine that will print a receipts after you get your money out. Why not for the voting machines so people can verify their vote? I will not condemn vandalism if people have to resort to it.

                Think about it. The TSA vandalize our laptops computers, They kick in our doors and destroy our property for not reason even when they have the wrong house. The goverment is not afraid to steal and destroy our property. The goverment does not care if they burn our homes, kill us or destroy things of sentimental value. These diebold voting machines need to be destroyed and rendered useless before our constitutions is completely useless and our rights are no more.

               I do not care if people pour their Starbucks coffee, juice or drink on these voting machines rendering them useless or a ball ping or sledge hammer smashing them in pieces. Force them to go to paper ballots hand counting them. I have no trouble seeing primary elections postponed because all the electronic voting machines are now useless. These machines violate most state constitutions and state election laws. It is time we take back our voting system before they use this fraudulent system against us.

              We will never get the candidate we want if we allow the party hacks to rig the vote with these machines. They are overthrowing the country by stealing the elections. It is treason to rig an election giving aid and comfort to criminals in goverment. We cannot no longer hesitate sitting on our hands. peaceful or not. A hostile takeover of the elections must happen. If we do not. Diebold will cause America to die. We need to put a monkey wrench into the machine somehow and someway. Do you agree?

John Mellencamp - Rain On The Scarecrow

To the Voters of Florida , Why Ron Paul?

                 As a Texas who use to live in Florida. I had to leave the state because there so much a tyranny now. Florida will now reap what they sow unless they vote for the Constitution instead of being practical of the one who sounds like a winner. If you all vote for Newt, Mitt and Rick. You will get more of the same. Florida to me is a disgrace to live in.  Just because they say they are Republican and Conservative does not mean squat at all. The Florida legislature is a joke and the governor is a no different the late Lawton Chiles.

                 I lived in Pasco county most of my life. I lived out in California for six years being in the Army and the next three years enjoying living in Lake Arrowhead. When I returned to Florida, it was like the twilight zone. California before the nut cases really took power when the Governor was Pete Wilson. It was a nice place to be and we had a lot of freedom. The courts seemed fair, followed procure and made sure the accused had every remedy available. Florida turned into the Soviet Union when I came home.

                 In Florida, the Department of Children and Families remove children from innocent families thirty-five percent over the national average. In these DCF family courts the accused parent has no due process. The courts are so corrupt here, The Judge will throw the book at a person for driving on a suspended license they never knew was suspended in the first place. In Florida it is better to be charged with a felony then a so called mild misdemeanor because normal behavior that brings no harm to others is not a crime is now criminal. THE STATE PUNISHES THE LAW ABIDING MORE THEN THE LAW BREAKERS. All for Federal money.

                 I know I hear many people in Florida getting concerned seeing all these toys the police departments around the state are getting.Seeing tanks and other goodies from the Department of Defense, Drones and all this grant money to watch us in our home. Florida is famous for taking a handouts from the Federal goverment for anything. Now Florida is so corrupt like a banana republic. Police are bounty hunters now. They will arrest a couple for a verbal argument and turn the kids over to CPS and get paid by the Federal government to do this. They get money for checkpoints on the highways to keeping children in foster care. The Federal incentives keep families from reuniting and encourages adoption instead.

                The war on drugs and terror corrupted Law Enforcement were they can bypass the bill of rights as they see fit. The confiscate people homes, money and belongings for no reason without charge supposedly stopping those drug dealers. They search cars and homes without warrants by Homeland Security grants. All this paid with Federal dollars.

                  The reason why Florida is a police State is because they are on the Federal tit for a long time. The State legislature will not do anything defending a person's freedom or they lose Federal if they do. If they were really conservative, DCF would be reduced big time. Instead they have more power now.

                If you want to keep this Police State going in Florida, Vote for Newt, Mitt and Rick. If you want to starve the State of Florida were they cannot get anymore funding for the illegal law enforcement adventures. Then vote for Ron Paul if you want Florida to be a free state again. If you want to keep the status quo were the system walks all over people for Federal money. Then Newt, Mitt and Rick is your choice.

               If you want to see your tourism start to go up again were people visit Disney World and the beaches. Ron Paul will curtail the TSA and eliminate it all together. The TSA is hurting tourism all over with their groping techniques and full body scanners. Newt, Mitt and Rick will go further having us all fly naked with shock bracelets with an anal and vaginal exam before boarding on first class. These three will not change nothing at all. The TSA has hurt tourism in Florida, These men will not get rid of the TSA. Ron Paul will.

               The war on Terror is a hoax, the war on drugs is a failure. The TSA has not caught one terrorist, The best choice is Ron Paul and not the others. He will make Florida the real Sunshine state again. We cannot afford another RINO. Vote your conscience, not what the news tells you. Starve the tyrannical beast in Florida. Ron Paul for President.

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

To Ron Paul Supporters:These Are Times That Try Men's Souls

It seems we are becoming our own worst enemies. Out attitude is marred in defeatism thinking our opponents are invincible and untouchable. We even hear from people on our own side say we cannot win and they will have their way if we like or not. A very self-fulfilling prophesy speaking our own defeat into existence. As the Proverb of Solomon 23:7 says “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he”. If that is going to be your attitude, then we will live under the bondage we deserve because we lack faith in ourselves to make genuine change.

            This is not the time to feel discouraged because Ron Paul is not being treated fair and stealing votes away from him. It is time not throw our hands up in frustration giving up because the press does not give him fair media coverage or does not give him time in the debates. I am getting sick and tired of people saying” They will not let Ron Paul win" or" They control everything" I am getting sick and tired of people giving over the field to the enemy when they have not put up a fight. I am tired of the defeatist attitude we have.

             The reason why they are doing it is that we are allowing them to get away with it. We are not going the distance pushing back. We are not doing anything. I give credit to the Continental Army who fought for us to have the greatest nation on earth beating the most powerful military force and defeated them. They did walking through the snow. The soldiers endured hardships battling the elements of nature with great resolve. Many men sacrificed their own creature comforts of home to have a free nation. They fought to win, settling for nothing less.

              We can no longer waste our energy and time talking about chem trails, vaccines, the surveillance society, the TSA to the point of digressing people into being depressed feeling hopeless. These are all just symptoms of a corrupt government. We have to start dealing with the problem taking the field away from the enemy. I am tired of empty victories. I want real victories taking the levers of power away from the despots. The reason why it is so hard is because we make it hard, I am sick of people saying that will not work when it has never been tried. The years of the info war is over and now we have to engage being in their face taking away that sense of security and invincibility being untouchable for so long.

              It is time we occupy the supervisors of elections, TV media outlets, Secretary of States and the GOP Leadership in the states when election fraud is obvious. It is time to stop being a doormat for the establishment allowing them to deny our leader we want. We cannot care about what people think or what the police will do. We have to do what is right now or be in bondage. Flood the party headquarters with phone calls, post comments on the media stories of voter fraud when it is evident. It is time to overwhelm them every way possible to take away their sense of being invincible and being untouchable.  It is time to put fear in the hearts of the establishment taking away that sense of control.

               We are tested and being tried. We have a fork in the road. We can go two directions. We can allow them to get away with their cheating or we can push back taking the field away from them. We have no choice but to push back and regain lost ground. We have been too passive. Civil disobedience and mass protesting occupying the party state headquarters and local party offices to local media outlets. It is time to show we are not backing down.

               The Mitt and Newt Illusion is starting to fade fast with the exchange of rhetoric. They are telling Ron Paul to drop out of the race. If he did not have the numbers, then why has what Ron Paul been talking about is now part of the debate. It is because the Republican Establishment is beginning to flounder propping up three losers the voters have no confidence in at all. Why are they starting to mention Gov Mitch Daniels as a possible candidate in a brokered convention? It is because Ron Paul will be the last man standing once all the others will be politically destroyed. All eyes will be on the Texas congressional representatives. Mitch Daniels is the anti Ron Paul because the other candidates do not energize the grassroots like Ron Paul.

               Look at the facts. Rick Santorum does not have the money or the organization to for a long campaign. Newt and Mitt have to pay people to show up at rallies for a media illusion, canvas door to door for them and make phone calls to voters. They have no real grassroots organization as Ron Paul does. Florida is the fourth state in the Primary election with 46 states to go. Rick Santorum will not last beyond Florida. Newt and Mitt illusion of using Super PAC commercials and the media coverage will not go the distance. These two are for Obamacare and carbon taxes. They are Obama in a different color skin.

               The establishment is floundering coming close to the day of reckoning when the real truth comes out of the GOP plans to suppress any Ron Paul victory is exposed. I have a strong feeling and my hope of party insiders being disgusted with the inside corruption will come forward exposing this. If Mitt and Newt were the sure thing, the establishment can have confidence in to go all the way to the convention keeping Ron Paul out of the picture. They would not be floating Gov, Mitch Daniels name out there as a trial balloon as a possible candidate to be the nominee. They are running out of stunt dummies to counter Ron Paul.

               We must not be discouraged by what we are seeing. It is very disheartening seeing the good Texas congressional representatives being cheated and ignored. With the fake poll numbers and stolen elections, trying to break our will is what they want to do. We must not allow this to happen. The facade is so close to falling apart. They cannot keep propping up these losers as they use to. This is why they are trying to get Ron Paul to drop out because when the illusion collapses where is no confidence in Rick, Newt, and Mitt among the voters. When this happens, the establishment would want a globalist as Mitch Daniels fills the void. They do not want Ron Paul being the last man standing when all the other candidates implode on themselves.

                Let your hearts not be troubled. Ron Paul has a strategy he is confident in that is a winner. He sees the internal polling numbers and he is not discouraged whatsoever. He knows the other candidates will fall to the wayside soon by their own egos and disingenuous rhetoric. We are still early in the race. Ron Paul is the only man who can beat Obama. 100 years from now in the history books will reveal. Ron Paul will be considered an American hero because not only because what he stands for. It because he has withstood the odds, the persecution and kept true to his principles against the insurmountable obstacles prevailing against the establishment. We are so close to shattering the media and the establishment's grand illusion. Be optimistic and call their bluff because the Ron Paul revolution is here to stay not going quietly into the night, but prevailing restoring the republic.

The Establishment is Walking on Thin Ice Ignoring and Cheating Ron Paul.

                 We are seeing the beginning of the end of the Republican Establishment thanks to Congressmen Ron Paul candidacy and other libertarian minded people running for lower offices. How long can the establishment steal votes away from Ron Paul with impunity. How long can they support the three candidates Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney bucking the trend of the grassroots? How long will this charade of a staged this mudslinging match between Newt and Mitt go on ignoring the issues and Ron Paul?

                 The truth is the Republican establishment is walking on very shaky ground unaware how the ground has shifted underneath their feet. The other three candidates besides Ron Paul offer no solution to what plagues this nation. They want more wars and stealing our freedom. They have no interest in shrinking the size of goverment or cutting spending. The other neo con candidates have no plan to bring our troops home from bases overseas not even rethinking our foreign policy. The other candidates trying to co-opt Ron Paul talking points of this Texas Congressmen because Ron Paul is shifting the debate.

                We do not need no more counterfeit patriots or conservatives as our leaders.  Newt, Rick and Mitt will do all the same things Obama is doing, just in a different rhetoric.Stealing votes away from Ron Paul will not work for long. The fraud will be exposed stealing elections away from the people will boomerang back on the establishment. We do not need the mainstream media because we have the alternative citizen press to report the facts. We push hard enough exposing the election fraud, we will force the mainstream dinosaur press to cover it just to stay relevant and to maintain what little credibility they have left. They will throw the Republican establishment overboard for their own survival.

               2012 is a make or break year for freedom and our national survival. The Republican establishment is working overtime to keep Ron Paul off the Radar by not allowing him time to speak in the debates, Using Mitt and Newt's phony feud of mudslinging of past dealings to distract us from the real issues Ron Paul is talking about and stealing elections.This will fizzle out and the candidates will have to start talking about things of substance that really will expose that all the other three candidates except Ron Paul espouse the very policies Obama has already implemented. The mudslinging between Mitt and Newt will get old like watching the Jerry Springer Show. When the hype is gone, reality will set in showing Mitt, Newt and Rick are more of the same will be obvious. They have nothing to offer, just gimmicks to get votes and no solutions.

              The beginning of the end of big goverment conservatives has started. Ron Paul's word will get out and resonate with the people. He is the only one with reals cuts in spending and stopping this insane costly foreign policy. He is the only one who will shut down the TSA and Homeland security that threatens our freedom and bring back honest sound money without a Federal Reserve Bank. He is the only one proposing abolishing the income tax instead of the others using class warfare in their tax plans.

               The Republican establishment ignores Ron Paul at their own peril. To ignore Ron Paul and not show any respect to him is suicide of the GOP. If he has no support. Then why is the other candidates trying to steal Ron Paul's talking points of the Federal Reserve and freedom. Ron Paul support is being suppressed by the Diebold Machines. They are trying to break the will of his support by stealing votes and ignoring him. Like a beach ball being pushed underwater. That ball will come to the surface no matter how much the person tries to keep it underwater. The ball will come to the top with great force. The same thing with Ron Paul and his supporters. The truth is both parties and the media establishment is trying to stave off a populist backlash coming.

               The Republican establishment is walking on thin ice using fake polls and pulling out all stop trying the break the will of the Ron Paul movement. Webster Tarpley is another political hack that has to be questioned by Alex Jones because he is saying the only way Ron Paul can win if he abandons his libertarian principles. Webster Tarpley is distorting Ron Paul message. Ron Paul is not going to destroy Social Security, Ron Paul wants to cut overseas spending of Military adventures, foreign aid,  close all the bases overseas and place it in social security and Medicare so the agencies can meet its commitments.

                Ron Paul is the only candidate that will beat Obama. The others will bare very little difference in policy and principle. These are times that try men's souls. We must not be discouraged, we must not live in defeat. We must not allow the establishment to have their way. We cannot be idle anymore complaining about it. The Media and the political establishment is trying to break our will by suppressing Ron Paul or ignoring him. We are winning, it is time. It is a bluff when they tell Ron Paul to drop out because if he stay in, there will be blow back if he stay in the race. So let your heart not be troubled, the illusion is beginning to collapse. So do not feel discouraged we are winning. Victory is our if we want it bad more then they do. It is time to push back and no more be pushed around by these political hacks. Do you agree? Lets no let the hack puah us around no more. Ron Paul or bust.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Vote Scam - The Stealing of America's Elections

Constitutional Sheriffs to Meet in Las Vagas to Discuss Standing Against Federal Tyranny

             For a long time until about 10 years ago. The FBI had to ask the county Sheriffs permission before they can come into the county. When the siege on the Branch Davidian community came under attack by Federal Forces. The county Sheriff after the fact died with regret not intervening on the behalf of the Branch Davidians when he had the legal authority to stop the ATF and the FBI from killing the followers of David Koresh. What happened in Waco Texas could have been stopped if the county Sheriff interposed himself between the religious community and the Federal goverment.

             Since 1988, we have seen the Federal goverment become more brazen attacking the American people through agencies like the ATF and the FBI. The siege at Ruby Ridge and the Branch Davidian community was a wake up call on how the Federal goverment was becoming more tyrannical over the people. The people tried in 1994 with the Republican revolution hoping the stand in the gap between Bill Clinton abusing his power in the office and the people. That was a disappointment because nothing has changed. In 2010, the tea party movement elected a majority o republicans again to stand in the gap between Obama's power grabs. Nothing has changed and all congress did was give him more power to arrest American citizens without due process. The tea Party republicans have been a major disappointment. So what is the remedy the people have left?

            Sheriff Richard Mack who is a former Sheriff in Arizona in a landmark Supreme Court Decision Prinz, Mack vs Brady Bill that was a victory of state rights defeating the Clinton Administration's anti gun agenda that restored State's rights and the affirmed the power of the county Sheriff. In the ruling Justice Scalia affirmed the President of the United States cannot tel the county sheriff what to do. With the passage of the NDAA and new regulations to make all American criminal on the Federal level with everyday mundane thing we do everyday. So who can stop this Federal abuse of power on the people?

Peace Officers Uniting to End State and Federal Tyranny. Las Vegas, NV, Jan 29-31, 2012 - 200 Sheriffs from across the country will be brought together in a convention to reveal to them the powers and rights of their constitutional duties and oaths of office. Many high profile people will be there discussing.

    Bill of Rights Training from Michael Badnarik
    Presentation on the Second Amendment from Larry Pratt
    Presentation on the Tenth Amendment and state sovereignty
    Presentation on the threat of Agenda 21 to state sovereignty
    Presentation on Continental Congress 2009’s Articles of Freedom
    County Sheriff Success Stories on Enforcing the Bill of Rights
    Presentation on formation of a Sheriff’s Posse
    Joint Declaration notifying specific federal agencies about specific violations that county sheriffs will no longer tolerate in their counties. 

            This conference might have a ripple effect nationwide where the county sheriffs start standing up against Federal tyranny. Surrounding counties might catch on and follow suit emulating the sheriff who is standing up to the Federal goverment. The county Sheriff is not a political subdivision subordinate to carry out corrupt edicts of the President. The Sheriff is elected by the people accountable to them only. He does not answer to the President, nor the governor. He is accountable only to the voters.

             Every time the County Sheriff stood up to the Federal goverment. The bureaucrats backed down knowing they have no legal authority to come into the county under the color of law to tyrannize the people. How we will take back our republic is from the ground up and not from the top down. Yes, lets get Ron Paul elected. We also have to start from our local and state goverment starting with the county sheriff. If we can carry a good majority of local governments and county sheriffs saying no to Federal tyranny. We will get our freedom back and our republic restored.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Newt Gingrich. The Republican Establishment's False Flag Candidate Posing as the Phony Maverick

              Newt Gingrich is no more anti establishment then he is anti adultery. To say the establishment is afraid of the former speaker of the house sounds very fishy to me. If Newt was so anti establishment, the leadership would not be stealing votes away from Ron Paul. The feud between Romney and Gingrich is all scripted like watching pro wrestling on TV. This supposed mudslinging is all just a distraction to keep Ron Paul out of the picture from getting any exposure in the news.

              This all a mind game the Republican Establishment is playing tit for tat with the voters with a bunch of meaningless controversy about tax returns and Swiss bank accounts.  Newt and Mitt are all part of the club, Both neo conservative who will start a war. They both will continue the Obama agenda and nothing will change if one of them is elected President. To say Newt is scaring the establishment is asinine on its head. Newt is part of the inside club, Ron Paul is the one they are trying to him by creating this phony rhetoric between Mitt and Newt going.

              This is nothing new having this phony rhetoric or controversy. The authors of the Federal Reserve Act who were the heads of the big banks came out in opposition to the bill as a psy-op to make the public think it was for the people so the public would be for the bill. In this case, putting the talking points out there that Newt is dangerous and he is bad for the republican party, the political establishment. The conservative, neo-cons and the RINOs area ll against Gingrich. Newt's antics are done by design to distract us away from Ron Paul with a phony feud between the former Governor or Speaker of the house.

              The Republican establishment is not scared of Newt. They fear Ron Paul in power, not Newt. There is no difference between Mitt, Newt or Obama. They will all continue slide into globalism. Newt is the republican stunt dummy posing as the anti establishment candidate. He is the phony political false flag posing as the maverick politician to divert attention away from Ron Paul and his message.The truth is Newt is no more a pro Constitutionalists then his for marital fidelity with his wife. Newt and Mitt are in a phony mudslinging match that is a false flag keeping media attention off Ron Paul the real anti establishment candidate.

             Do you agree that this exchange of political rhetoric between Newt and Mitt is no more real then Alice in Wonderland. It all about using this controversy so Ron Paul message is overshadowed by the phony mudslinging. It is staged because they fear Ron Paul, not Newt because the Texas congressmen is the only real anti establishment man in the field, This will not last for long. I still see Ron Paul as the last man standing when the convention comes to Tampa. What do you think? Newt is the Establishment's false flag maverick pretending to be against establishment fighting Mitt because they fear Ron Paul plain and simple.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

What Does NDAA, The Enemy Expatriation Act, SOPA, PIPA and Diebold Voting Machines Have in Common?

             You are all thinking what does all these laws and proposed pieces of legislation have in common. I can tell you, The US goverment is corrupt from inside and out. They want to run our lives so they can rob and pillage our lives. Send  us to wars and under constant surveillance. The truth is the goverment cannot lie with impunity anymore. They cannot get away with thier game with us anymore. They cannot afford to lose, they are scared of defeat and a victory of the people.

              The reason why they are passing these laws like the NDAA and proposing bills of SOPA, PIPA, The Enemy Expatriation act is saying they cannot win by the rules. They have to change the rules to win and have to the upper advantage over the opposition. They see the need to try to change the rules because the Constitution is a stumbling block before them. So they are looking for ways around the Bill of Rights just to win. To them, the rules of the game only applies to us the peasants, not to them.

              The NDAA and the Enemy Expatriation Act is just an end run around the Bill of Rights to incarcerate someone without trial, instead of building a case with witnesses and evidence following the procedure of due process. The Constitution would require them to play by the rules they do not want to go by. SOPA and PIPA is for quashing free speech in the name of stopping online piracy. Using protecting copyrighted materiel as a Trojan horse to attack political dissent. The Diebold machines are for cheating because they do not know how to play fair.

                The Constitution was put in place to keep power in check of the politicians. The Bill of Right was written telling congress these right are hands off and never to be politicized to play politics with. The only option for them is to thumb thier nose at the people saying they do not care about our rights. All these laws and bill with the electronic voting machines have in common is without them. They cannot win on a level field. The only way they can win is to change the rules to insulate them for the people and defy the rule of law.

               No one is above the law, not even congress who passed these or bill or support draconian bills to shield themselves from the people. It will not work and they will have to answer to the people from the ballot box or in a court of law. They cannot win playing by the rules to keep their power. If they did, they be out of office long ago.

Patriots: We Need A Real Victory to be a Gamechanger

                 Most us have seen a boxing match, the fighter usually peppers his opponent with jabs to the face wearing him down to the point he throws to blow knocking the fighter out or stunning him where he cannot gain his footing or momentum. For a long time we been peppered by the globalist, We have been worn down fighting this bill or blocking this legislation. Many of us are getting fatigued fighting attacks on every angle coming at us at once. The other side has the momentum where they are positioning themselves to strike the blow to all of us to stun us or knock us out.

                For a long time, our victories and successes have been blocking bad proposals becoming law. I do not see it as a victory at all. All we did was slow them down. But they keep advancing forward. Maybe not as fast as they want. But they keep moving forward. We are getting tired having to fight congress and the president stopping bad legislation becoming law. We are starting to become fatigued, confused and bewildered. The attitude of defeatism with the feeling of hopelessness can wear on us. Our opponent is breaking our will not to fight back. We cannot have low moral anymore thinking we cannot win.

             What we need is a major victory on our side. A victory is not just stopping or blocking a bad agenda. It is striking a heavy blow to them where they have the wind taken out of them. Then they do catch their breath and regain their footing they are not only on the defensive because the momentum has shifted. Not only they are on the defensive, being stunned they are trying to stay on their feet. We need a big victory now to shift the momentum. If we do not, we are only lying to ourselves thinking blocking or slowing them down is winning. It is not. Winning is taking the field back from the enemies of freedom.

            We are not going to get a real victory as long we have hot aired long winded hot heads behind the microphone complaining about the people in a trance who are not awake. We will never win as long we stay in the problem and just talk about the problem by dragging the audience down by either scaring the hell of people or depressing them. This is why many people are sitting on their hands holding back. They know the problem and want to act. But do not know what to do.We have plenty of good assets and strengths we need to start using. We have more then enough. We will once win once we get rid off of our bad habit thinking we cannot change thing because of the people in charge. That make us more our own worst enemy then Obama can be. We need a victory now or we will never have a chance like this ever in our life time.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rush Limbaugh is Wrong Again About Ron Paul

                  I I use to be a listener of Rush Limbaugh. I use to be a big fan of his show. I read his book "The Way things Ought to Be" and "See I told you So". The Rush Limbaugh 20 years ago does not resemble the man today. Rush endorsed Pat Buchanan for President against incumbent George H. W Bush in a primary challenge in 1992. Pat is a non interventionist in foreign policy and anti establishment very close to Ron Paul's stances. Now Rush is an establishment whore for the neo cons. Rush is no Conservative, he is just a carbon copy of William F. Buckley. He is the water carrier for the Republican establishment. The Rush back 20 years ago talked of freedom and liberty. Now he is for us losing our freedoms in the name of the war on terror and the war on drugs. Now he says Ron Paul sounds like an Islamic Terrorist because he opposes the wars and the patriot act. Well Rush Ron Paul is not an Islamic Terrorist. Woe to Rush Limbaugh who calls good evil and evil good.Ron Paul is not a Islamic terrorist for the following reasons he opposed.

- When he voted against all the wars and opposes us going into Iran.

- When he talks about the high suicide rate among Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans.

- When he opposes the TSA groping and unreasonable searches.

- Opposes Guantanamo Bay detention without due process and right of Habeas Corpus.

- Opposes Military detaining Americans without due process under the NDAA.

- Stands for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

- Opposes the Patriot Act.

- Opposes over 900 Military bases in 130 countries and wants our troops to come home to secure our own borders.

- Supports diplomacy over economic sanctions against sovereign nations.

- Opposes meddling into the internal affairs of other nations.

- opposes foreign entanglements like with the UN, NATO, WTO, NAFTA and GATT.

- Opposed Bailouts  to the Bankers, Wall Street and a Select few Corporations.

- Opposes the Federal Reserve Bank and FIAT currency. Want to return the dollar to the gold standard.

- Wants to abolish the Federal Reserve and IRS. Replace the Income tax with nothing.

- Opposes Homeland Security.

              I can go on for longer why they might think Ron Paul is with Al Quaida. The truth is Ron Paul is about American as apple pie.  Rush Limbaugh is about as American as Ivan the Terrible.  The Texas congressmen is a threat. Not to the safety and security to this nation or the people. Ron Paul is a threat to the establishment and the status quo. The Military industrial complex and the big banks will have their money train cut off. If Rush really supports the troops like he says he does. Just for thought. Ron Paul receives more financial donations from active duty personal, veterans and retired military than all the other candidates combined. So Rush before you accuse Ron Paul being a terrorist, remember the troops support Ron Paul and not your man.

             Rush, Free Speech should be celebrated if you agree with it or not. Not demonized or criminalized.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Infowar is Over! Now It is Time to Take Back the Republic.

               I just had to shut off another Patriot Talk Show Host. He is just like Beck, Limbaugh, Hannidy and Savage. He is a check valve diverted back to the left. An election has been stolen in South Carolina. Instead of talking about the fraud committed in the Palmetto State. He talks about useless things we have no control over unless we take control of the system by peaceful means or by force. The infowar only goes so far until real action must be taken. Even the other side gets inoculated to being exposed were people get numb of all the corruption. The infowar is over, now is the time for action. Not useless rhetoric that is a waste of airtime.

               It is a waste of time taking about technocracies and mind control. It is a waste of time taking about chem trails and the mega banks in control. The solution is very simple and quick. What are we waiting for? I will not hold my breath waiting for a majority to give us their blessing and approval. I definitely will not waste my time talking about the brain dead people not awake. I will not waste my time complaining about them watching sports as their life style. If they are not going to listen, shake the dust off your feet and move on. For me, who cares about them. How I came to being awake was on my own. When people get burned more and more. They either will come around and listen or they will refuse. I cannot worry about them if they will not take heed.

              Alex, Stop wasting your time with a bunch of useless rhetoric of back burner issues that cannot be solved unless we go after the root of the problem. Those issues are only symptoms corruption gone wild in goverment. The people in power, the corrupt and the people are getting numb to the infowar. It will stagnate real soon if the people are not motivated to take action with their feet ready to engage. It is time we start storming, not just protesting the injustices. It is time to correct the malfeasance of those in power demonstrated over the years.

              In the Ukraine and in Iceland. The people did not wage an infowar where the corrupt walked out peacefully. That would be impossible playing by the corrupt rules. They physically take action to correct the injustices. They stormed the banks ,halls of goverment and not only demanded action. They got justice. Bankers and politicians went to jail. The mega-banks and the corrupt elite will continue to abuse us no matter how many info-bombs are thrown at them exposing their crimes. Wasting time on the flicker rate of the TV hypnotizing people and fluoride in the water. It is a back burner issue that can not be dealt with unless the root of the problem is taken out of power. My gut tells me Alex he is leading his audience down a rabbit hole and not in the right direction.

             Alex, While you are working 18 hours a day as you say. At least I have time to look at things from the outside in. There comes a point where the other side and your audience will become numb and the other side will become immune to the info bombs that we may throw. It will not go the distance unless we have a victory. General George Washington did not cross the Delaware river to pass out flyers about how bad King George III is. His army suffered many defeats and were barely being fed. The moral was low. They needed a victory, The soldiers marched through the snow with bloody footprints for our liberty. They went the distance necessary to win. When the continental Army defeated the Hessian Army. It was a much needed victory to boost the moral in a decisive battle that changed the course of the war.

             It is useless wasting too much time how the media lies to us and how the goverment propaganda machine works.There is no sense wasting too much time on eugenics. There is no point talking about mind control and all the other stuff they do to track and trace us. They are back burner issues that cannot be taken care off until we go to the root of the problem. You can complain about what the TSA does all day. No matter how much is being exposed of this out of control goverment. It is not stopping them. The infowar is over, now we have to put our beliefs into action.

             I am not talking about using force of arms to do this. I am talking about storming the mega banks. The halls of goverment. Arresting the traitors and demanding these corrupt scumbags be put on trial. It is talking about converging on the place where they count the votes on a local and state level making those vote counts no more a secret. It is time we find the bankers and place them under a citizen arrest. The other side are no longer afraid of the infowar because they know the radio host saying this will never call on people to make a bold stand to actually do something because he is afraid of being labeled a terrorist.

             We better learn from the people of Iceland and how they took back their country. If they followed our way to win. They be in a famine now starving to death in the winter. They were not afraid to storm the goverment buildings and the banks making arrest. Everything involves risk. We cannot worry about the words"What if" or "If Only". That is what is holding us back because one host is so worried about the people in a trance watching Dancing with the Stars are not with him yet and the flicker rate on the TV. It is time to concentrate on those who are awake and motivated to act. To waste time with back burner issues and those who do not care is a waste of time. It is time to start brush fires in the minds of the people to not only get mad, also to just do it and take back the republic. The infowar is over, now we need a big victory now or we will be bewildered in defeat.

The Gerald Celente Lexicon

            After listening to countless interviews of Trends Research Institutes own forecaster. I believe the people who just hear him for the first time should understand what he is saying. He talks with street language and common sense that confounds the intellectual elites. Love him or hate him. He makes a few distinct terms that characterizes the people in the news who are screwing up the nation and the world. Here are a few terms and their definitions so you can understand Gerald when he does a TV or Radio interview. These terms are his trademark. I hope I can define them right.

Presstitutes - A media whore who will sacrifice the truth just to gain favor with the media and goverment establishment so they can get invited to as many cocktail parties in Washington and New York hosted by the elite.

The White Shoe Boys- Those people who never had to tied their shoes or work a hard days work in their lives. They live in their own delusion think they can run our lives better then we can. These people could careless about the common person or if their action cause harm to people because they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

The Money Junkies- Only cares about making all the money they can with no regard for the common person's well being.

Political Atheist- Does not believe what both parties say not matter how right they are because the democrats or republicans do not believe in what they say either.

Democrats- From No Taxation without representation to Taxation without hesitation. Never turned down an Welfare program, bailout or war they did not like.

Republicans- No different then the Democrat Party. Taxation without hesitation. Did not turn down a big goverment scheme, corporate welfare handout or war they did not like.

Stock Broker- You are broker now before this snake oil con man took your money. 

The Two Party Political system- No difference, both equally worthless.

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange- The Chicago Mafia Enterprise.

Washington DC- The Gambino Crime Family.

Wall Street- The Genovese Crime Family.

I hope this helps you understand this trends forecaster much better so you can keep up with his straight talk with common sense. You will have to understand his terminology so you are never left in the dark. It is so easy to learn, even a high school drop out, and a working person can understand. Do not get caught off guard. If you went to an Ivy league college and still cannot grasp it like the White Shoe Boys. Then you are too smart for your own good if you are in meltdown trying to understand Gerald Celente.

The Battle of Athens,Tennessee in 1946 Was About Stopping Election Fraud

 Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."


I know I written earlier blogs about the battle of Athens Tennessee being about the second amendment of people taking up arms against a corrupt goverment. I think there is some chain of events that have led up to this battle between a corrupt goverment and the battle hardened veterans returning from World War II. What happened in Athens with the events leading up to the armed confrontation has to be told, The battle of Athens is what I call a hostile takeover when peace solutions have been exhausted.

As a people today we tolerate too much abuses by the police today.  Back in 1946, the returning GIs did not tolerate it for long. They all ran for office with the promise of no more political corruption and an honest elections in the county. They endure police abuses of keeping people in jail unjustly to brutality and election fraud. The police preyed on GIs with heavy fines and harassment. As an Athens Veteran said:

 There were several beer joints and honky-tonks around Athens; we were pretty wild; we started having trouble with the law enforcement at that time because they started making a habit of picking up GIs and fining them heavily for most anything—they were kind of making a racket out of it. After long hard years of service—most of us were hard-core veterans of World War II—we were used to drinking our liquor and our beer without being molested. When these things happened, the GIs got madder—the more GIs they arrested, the more they beat up, the madder we got …[1]

The more the system abused the constitutional rights of the GIs. The more determined they were to take over the goverment by running for office to stop the corruption in the local goverment. These GIs did not want what they fought against to be the form goverment they should live under as another GI said:

The principles that we fought for in this past war do not exist in McMinn County. We fought for democracy because we believe in democracy but not the form we live under in this county.

This resulted in a standoff between the veterans and the Sheriff and other corrupt politicians. This is what I call a hostile take over of the election when the political machine will not allow the will of the people to be spoken and use fraud to stay in power. The outcome was the people won and the people involved were stripped naked and sent to the edge of town told never to come back. The GIs took over policing the communities until a new sheriff was elected.  The State goverment of Tennessee recognized the hostile takeover by the GIs as lawful.

This is a warning from history. It is getting to the point where these diebold electronic voting machines are not there to assure the accuracy of the election. These machines were used for vote fraud. When the system denies the will of the people their voice at the ballot box and see no peaceful solution because the people in power control the results. A hostile take over of the elections might be the final solution for our national survival.

 What happened in Athens in 1946 should be a reminder to those who are conspiring to steal an election away from a worthy candidate the people wants. I am not calling for violence. All I am saying when people are pushed into a corner by a corrupt system and denies the consent of the governed their voice who they want to serve them in public office keeping the corrupt status quo in place. Do not be surprised if you are stormed by the angry mobs of people doing a hostile take over. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. It has been a warning to us. But the same applies to the tyrants too that history might be repeating itself again not working in their favor. History repeats itself. The battle of Athens not only celebrates the reason of the right to keep and bear arms. It was about the people taking back the election from a corrupt system that were going to deny the people a voice. The use of arms was the difference between victory and defeat. The battle of Athens was about stopping election fraud.

The Israel First Christian Right Values Voters are more a Threat to Freedom then the Leftist.

             I can say one good thing is I never attended church because they all are a bunch of spiritual whores the very opposite from Jesse Jackson who is the poverty pimps. The Christian right has the sin pimps. While one touts racism and does not care to see the problem solved. They like to keep things the way they are with race relations and sometimes will do things to make it worse. They use these examples of racial injustices to advance big government policies like affirmative action ,racial quotas. and hate crime laws with the ADL pulling the strings behind the scenes.

           On the religious right we have anti gay marriage and pro life. They preach we must support Israel and we need these wars to kill the unrighteous Muslims and those who do not believe in our version of theology. The Religious right does not care about over turning Roe V. Wade or stopping Gay marriage. Keeping the issue alive to keep these religious leaders in power asking for donations while doing nothing. Both the Religious right and the Christian left all have a large following of people who will follow these sell outs without question. The both pull for the force of goverment to enforce their version of morality.

            The Christian right is far more dangerous, a threat to the freedom of this nation then Jesse Jackson's and Al Sharpton's Followers can do. These are the people that thinks the force of goverment should enforce morality.We should never legislate morality. It has never worked in results. It creates more problems. There has always been a backlash when goverment enforces morality. Look at some of the Blue laws in certain states to see legislating morality does not work. It often creates rebellion. e.g. the war on drug and prohibition.

             The religious right showed itself to be no different concerning values and still exalts the person in reproach to be their leader. Newt and Jesse are no different. The both had adultery issues and were involved in corruption. Still people that follow them give them a pass and wonder why nothing has changed. For the Christian right to talk about morality and family values as their high standard judging a candidate. They pay attention to what they say and not what they do. This is the spiritual blind spot they lack discernment in.

              It is has predicted fascism will come to American with a bible in one hand and the American flag in the other supporting Israel sending our children into battle. We are well on our way with these wars and the Christians saying bomb the non Christian nations in the name stopping those evil terrorist. As a result our liberties are stolen at home in the name of fighting a war on terror. We are in danger of a Christian theocracy with a tyranny killing ion the name of God and arresting people because of heresy against the state using the Bible to tyrannize the people who dare speak against Israel and the Holocaust . This election can be us going out of the frying pan into the fire if the religious right has their way. 

              They are far more dangerous then communist, far more harder to defeat then Fabian Socialist and harder to detect because it wrapped in holy garb. It appeals to people's good nature sounding reasonable not paying attention to who the messenger is.This is the strong delusion the Christian right has fallen under that they will believe a lie because they fail to see for themselves and trust their leaders to tell them what to think and hear. I pray these preachers get exposed for what they are. They are no different then Jesse Jackson.The Rev. Jackson wants to sit at the table of power in the democrat party. So does the religious right want the sit at the kings table for power inside the GOP. I learned to beware of preachers seeking power in a political party. History has shown in the name of God much blood was shed when religious doctrine was enforced by the power of the state. This is what makes the Christian right more dangerous then the religious left.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Could We See a Hostile Takeover of our Elections to Stop the Vote Fraud?

                The GOP will not allow Ron Paul to win. Who the hell these hacks think they are. They are not the Republican party. The people are the Party, they choose the candidate. Not the leadership. How much more fraud will there be before we stop it? Will we live life staring down a barrel of a gun? These vote riggers are committing treason by overthrowing our form of government denying the will of the people at the ballot box.

                Besides, who in their right mind who claims to be conservative will vote for an adulterer and who is for carbon taxes. It is time we say no more of the establishment denying the people their candidate. It is time we arrest the party leadership for treason. It is time we tell the foreign corporations in charge of counting the votes on a one way ticket back to the country they came from. I am not calling for destruction to property or violence. But I think it is time we put fear in the hearts of the establishment and stop trying to win playing by their rules.

               I would not be surprised if people walk in with mini hammers and destroy the computer voting machines forcing them to use paper ballots. People are tired of being cheated out of a voice. Do not be surprised if a tax revolt arises because the elections cannot be trusted to be fair and very accurate. Then the government can be considered no more legitimate to pay taxes to for wars, bailouts and our own enslavement. The establishment is about to see some severe unintended consequences for cheating elections. It will not be pretty because many people have almost lost everything because politicians in bed with the Bankers, the Military Industrial complex and Wall Street will lose it.

             Election reform might not come pretty. There might not be a political solution to bring election reform. Election reform might be achieved in a not so pretty way. We can see some incidents of these voting machines being destroyed before election day forcing them to go to paper ballots. We can see some voting headquarters being stormed by people, to take over the vote count. We can see people taking the bull by the horns taking back the elections. We can see a lot of hostile takeovers nationwide. I think it is getting to the breaking point we cannot afford to have another election stolen from the people to benefit a few.

              This years election is do or die. It is we do take back our country peacefully or we die by the hand of tyrants because we did not act when we should. I would not surprise me that starting with the voting system we can see a hostile take over of the elections if peaceful means has resulted in along train of abuses. There is a point this fraud has to be stopped Those people responsible for rigging the election no matter how low and high in goverment they are. The day will come the justice system will make an example out of those cheaters sending a message that not to mess with the elections or pay dearly.

               The primary elections are still in the early stage. There are 47 more states to go. What was done in Iowa giving the victory to Rick Santorum who had no money or organization to gather maggots to a dead carcass tells me there was much fraud involved. New Hampshire allowed dead people to vote. The more the fraud is shown trying to break the will of the people denying the people their leader. There will be a tipping point that may result in a hostile takeover of the voting system to preserve this republic. People will be left with no choice. I still pray for a peaceful revolution when it seems it might turn violent because the establishment forgot who they are really supposed to serve.

               South Carolina might be the beginning of that tipping point where diebold machines will be in the dumpsters beyond repair and the local print shop will be printing paper ballots on short notice. People are being pushed into the corner like a rat. This is the year the push back starts with the elections. I just pray it is peaceful.

Read About :

The Battle of Athens Was About Election Fraud and a Police State.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Why Rick Santorum Annoys Me.

                Watch this former Pennsylvania one term Senator in the debates last night tell me he is less then a statesmen. I believe the Iowa victory is a hollow one because he did not have the organization or the numbers to have a following to go to the polls on his behalf. Now I see his head and ego is beginning to swell. Like Newt, Mitt and Perry. They own egos will cancel them out. There was so many mischaracterization the former Senator made says real soon making such outrageous claims will cause him to be chewed up, spit out and walked all over. He is getting very cocky and over confident with a win in Iowa that I believe is not so.

               I am not a fan of Gingrich and Romney at all. But I do have to commend them for not stooping to the former Senator's level, maintaining some decorum in their tone how they respond to his attacks. Santorum twisting the facts about all the candidates will come back to haunt him real soon. He has not shown himself to act like a statesmen in these debates. He is cocky incapable of faking any humility or having any class. If he is going to challenge a person's record, he cannot tell half truths or twist the facts. He is going to get eaten alive in the end because of it.

               What really galls me is he said Ron Paul is not pro life like Rick Santorum is because Ron Paul believes abortion is a state's rights issue that should be outside the reach of Federal jurisdiction. Ron Paul delivered over 4000 babies and never performed an abortion as a Medical Doctor. The loser Senator also accused Ron Paul being anti gun because he voted against Federal tort reform because tort law is a state issue and not under Federal jurisdiction. This is how Rick Santorum try to label Ron Paul as anti gun and a pro choice republican by trying to twist the facts about the Texas congressmen voting record in congress.

                This is what annoys me about Rick Santorum, even the other candidates are starting to show respect to Ron Paul except Rick Santorum who is attacking everyone record twisting their records and trying to manipulate the voters to think he is the only Conservative when his record is not above reproach at all. He has a dismal record as a Senator.

                  The former Senators cocky attitude twisting everyone's record will come back to bite him in the end. With this kind off conduct in the debates sniping attacking his opponents with no basis and fact to back it up shows he will not last too long in this race either. He has plenty of dirt in his record as a congressmen and Senator that shows him lacking in Conservative credentials. He shows no respect for his opponents. Even Newt and Mitt show some respect to Ron Paul no how much they disagree with him. They acknowledge he is a force to be reckoned with. Rick Santorum does not show any respect to any of his opponents. That is what annoys me about Rick Santorum.

Why Values Voters in South Carolina Should Vote for Ron Paul.

                One of things that scares me most about Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum is their desire to legislate morality falling into the deception that out law immorality with bring our nation back to its christian roots. it is very dangerous to use the force of goverment to impose morality no matter how good intentions are. It can backfire. The last thing the founders wanted was us serving a monarchy or a religious theocracy. Ron Paul understands it is goverment policy that has encouraged destructive behavior, not individual liberty.

                True liberty is not the freedom to do what we want, but to be free to do as we ought as long we bring no harm to persons or property. One of the biggest sources of our moral decline in America is the central banking system printing dishonest money. With the Federal Reserve Printing money to fund the government. The welfare state has rewarded the wrong behavior discouraging marriage and promotes single motherhood, The tax system punishes success, it penalizes marriage and two parents have to work to maintain a household. In the past we had full time mothers at home tending the to the needs of the children while the Husband's wage was able sustain a family.

                  You cannot fear individual liberty,or  worry about people making the wrong choices you many not agree with. People will have to learn from their own mistakes. I am not one to use drugs or abuse them. Most of the time people only hurt themselves and not others when they smoke pot. We cannot use the force of goverment to save us from ourselves. They tried this during prohibition in the 1920s and the 1930s. It was a miserable failure, it encouraged more consumption of liquor then prevented it. It created a criminal empire that has caused countless deaths due to street wars. The war on drugs today, we are reaping the same results as it was with Prohibition. You can't  have the goverment legislate morality for you. If chose the goverment to enforce morality we will be goverment by tyrants. The reverse is free govern ourselves to do as we ought to do without the nanny state looking over our shoulders.

                 It is wrong to enforce morality using the force of goverment. Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich will try to legislate morality using the force of government. Personal freedom means responsibility. We cannot worry about people making the wrong choices.That means if people use drugs, they will have to accept responsibility for their actions without the goverment to help them when they suffer the consequences. Personal freedom means responsibility. Having restored freedom to our lives means we are more free to worship God as we see fit and pursue our ambitions without government interference. It is also meaning allowing people to make bad and good choices. That is the beauty of personal freedom being free to take risk to fail or succeed without a government safety net or trying to save us from ourselves.

                South Carolina was the first state to secede from the union preserving state sovereignty when Lincoln was elected President. The state back then knew something about federal Power grabs. The state revolted against unfair tariffs in the 1830s. The state threatened to secede way before the civil war. They did not like Federal power coming in trying to tell them what to do. Now the new Boeing Plant cannot put people to work because of Federal intrusion and cannot tap into their natural resources because of the EPA.

               The only moral vote to cast is for Ron Paul, Big government politicians like Newt, Gingrich and Romney believe Washington can govern from the top down believing it can eliminate risk and believes they can prevent us making bad choices has been a failure. South Carolina can govern itself better from Columbia then from the beltway. Ron Paul believes it. You should to. Your ancestors fled a king who was the head of the Church of England who legislated morality by the King's decree. A Santorum or a Gingrich like the British kings who will use the force of goverment to enforce morality through the 501C3 churches. Where a pastor cannot preach on the morality of politics and the issues of today because the IRS is prohibiting the free exercise of religion thereof thru this phony tax exempt status. It is time we put a man in office who will remove the goverment from the places of worship so they can serve God to the dictates of their own conscience. Not by decree of the IRS.

               So to South Caroline, how would your ancestors vote? Would it be politicians bringing home the money from Washington with strings attached or will it be the man that will leave the Palmetto state alone free to self govern? History speaks louder saying there is only one candidate who is best for South Carolina because he will leave the state alone free to govern itself. A hint, it is not the former Speaker of the House, a former Governor or a former Senator. He is only one who still is a sitting member of the House of Representatives. Any Questions?               

EMAIL ALERT Gun Owners of America: Federal Court Supports Illegal Obama Multiple Sales Regs

Gun Owners of America

First, the good news: Fox News is reporting that due to an amazing outpouring of opposition, the vote on the so-called anti-piracy legislation -- which could muzzle websites like GOA’s -- has been postponed. Thank you all for your activism … and please stay tuned to further updates on this issue.
Now for the bad news: You know what they say about Friday the 13th.
Well, this past Friday, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia issued a setback to gun owners. The issue involved a lawsuit challenging Barack Obama’s illegal multiple sales regulations. [NSSF v. Jones, Acting Director, BATFE.]
Through those regulations, Obama has demanded, by regulatory fiat, that firearms licensees in four southwestern states report multiple sales of certain long guns to the federal government.  
In upholding this action, Judge Rosemary Collyer -– a Bush appointee! –- ignored the Constitution, the Supreme Court’s decision in the Heller case, and the clear language of federal law.
Of course, this once again underscores the danger of putting all our eggs in the “court basket.” It’s not a bad idea to challenge unconstitutional measures in the courts, but it’s problematic if we look to them as being the ultimate defenders of our gun rights. Clearly, they are not.
Among other things, Judge Collyer ignored the obvious language of the 1986 McClure-Volkmer Act, which prohibits the ATF from demanding any information on gun owners other than information explicitly allowed by statute.
Specifically, the section states: “Such [licensees] shall not be required to submit to the Attorney General reports and information with respect to such records and the contents thereof, except as expressly required by this section.” (18 U.S.C. 923(g)(1))
Paragraph (g)(5) allows the Attorney General to demand information by issuing a “demand letter,” but participants in the drafting of McClure-Volkmer affirm that this was not intended to trump the paragraph (1) limitation, in order to statutorily mandate reporting requirements.
To interpret paragraph (g)(5), as Obama and Attorney General Holder have interpreted it, is to say that there are NO limits on the information the Attorney General can demand -– up to and including every 4473 in the country.
In opening this door, Collyer cited much narrower decisions in the Fourth and the liberal Ninth Circuit, but expanded them beyond any judicial precedent. Citing a test that looked at whether the ATF’s action constituted a “clear error of judgment” or was “arbitrary or capricious,” Collyer gave all of the benefit of the doubt to Obama -– and none to the Second Amendment, which wasn’t even considered in her 21-page opinion.
The decision will presumably be appealed to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals -– a supposedly “conservative” circuit that nevertheless upheld ObamaCare.  
But the larger issue is this: Congress can block these regulations by simply cutting off the money to implement them. Last fall, we demanded that the House include such a prohibition in its giant money bill. But congressional leaders ignored the Second Amendment community on this and a variety of other pro-gun issues, including defunding ObamaCare.
It is late in the game. But there is still an opportunity to prohibit funding for the multiple sales regulations on the annual Department of Justice Appropriations bill and the “continuing resolution” which will inevitably follow around September 30.
True, a lot of damage will have been done by that point. But we cannot allow to stand the precedent that the Attorney General can seize any and all gun-related information, simply by saying he wants it.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why Gov. Perry Failed and Why Ron Paul is Winning

                The Texas governor Rick Perry is the longest standing governor in the states history. For all those years, he has nothing positive to show forth to show his leadership. The issues that over shadowed him with the NAFTA Superhighway signing over every road paid for by tax dollars to convert to toll roads paying fees to a foreign corporation. Not to mention the forced vaccine shots to teenage girls. Working for Al Gore and being for Hillery-care really did not not do him in entirely. Appealing to Christians did not gain any traction either.

                Gov Perry had some really bad advisers in his campaign. Gov Perry was in a unique place compared to the other candidates. He was the only sitting governor in the Republican field running for President. He was in the position not just to make speeches on the road. He had the bully pulpit in Texas to demonstrate leadership, Ron Paul is just a congressmen, Newt, Mitt and Rick Santorum once held office. Gov Perry could have demonstrated he could beat Obama by taking on the out of control president defending the sovereignty of Texas right now stopping these power grabs. Regardless if it was the EPA, DHS, TSA, FDA or the USDA. He could have shown he could beat Obama by pushing back against this Federal overreach in Texas. Instead he just complained about the violation of state's rights and did not nothing to assert Texas's sovereignty right to self govern. He would have been a lot more competitive with bigger poll numbers if he was able to shown leadership beating. Rick Perry was the only candidate to beat Obama now and did not have to wait until Nov. 2012. Slick Rick is a career politician. Gov. Perry is all hat, no cattle.

              The reason why Rep. Ron Paul is gaining and winning is because even though he is going between Washington, Texas and Campaigning on the road. He is still submitting legislation to remove the unconstitutional provisions in the NDAA. He proposed bill to stop the groping and full body scanners at the airports. Ron Paul is a man who walks his talk. He has been consistent for years while the other politicians in the Republican field are flip flopping and trying to copy Ron Paul.Since they are all disingenuous and shallow. It has not worked. Ron Paul has demonstrated principled leadership not just talking about the problems this nation faces. He is trying to do something about it as a congressmen.

              Rick Perry failed because he was playing with an old failed playbook that has worked with the neo cons and phony conservatives in the past. In 2012, the dynamics have changed in the minds of the voters . Appealing to the anti gay marriage crowd singing praises to God pandering the evangelical crowd does not show any appeal anymore especially when he mentions Israel and more wars by sending troops back into Iraq. The old Neo con playbook where they can dodge the loss of personal freedoms and the Federal reserve system the past does not cut it anymore. It is now obsolete like 8-track tapes  People are awake now and know what the problem is. The art of pandering in the past is gone.

                I am glad Rick Perry dropped out of the race. If he cannot govern Texas and stand up for the sovereignty of the Lone Star state against an out of control President. He sure would not stand up for America against an out of control UN trying to usurp our God given rights if he was President.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Looking For Work.

A doctor from  Israel  says: "In  Israel  , the medicine is so advanced that we cut off a man's testicles, we put them into another man, and in 6 weeks he is looking for work."

The German doctor comments: "That's nothing, in  Germany  , we take part of the brain out of a person, we put it into another person's head, and in 4 weeks he is looking for work."

A Russian doctor says: "That's nothing either. In  Russia , we take out half of the heart from a person, we put it into another person's chest, and in 2 weeks he is looking for work."

The U.S. Doctor answers immediately: "That's nothing my colleagues, you are way behind us....in the USA, about 3 years ago, we grabbed a person from Chicago with no brains, no heart, and no balls....we made him President of the United States, and now...the whole country is looking for work."

Bill Kristol, Please Retire From Politics, You Might Be Making the Actor Billy Crystal Look Bad

               I do not care about the actor Billy Crystal's politics. I do not care if he is independent democrat or conservative. it is his right to freely associate with whoever he wants and believe as he sees fit. All I know, he is a good actor and enjoyed his movies. I remember seeing him get his start in acting with the 70s TV show"Soap". I see him in movies City Slickers, Mr Saturday Night and playing in Monsters Inc. I have always loved watching his movies. He is one of those actors that has kept quiet about his politics. When I hear Bruce Springsteen on the radio. I have to shut it off. Billy Crystal I never felt the need to turn off the TV or change the channel watching a good movie he is in.

               The Political commentator William(Bill) Kristol and the Actor Bill Crystal look very similar in appearance. But they are totally two different people not related. For the dumb down population who cannot tell the difference. The actor and the neo con hack are not the same. Billy Crystal is an actor who made some really good movies. I do not care about his personal politics. If he wants to go public about what he believes in. That is his choice. it is just when people hear of Bill Kristol pretending to be a patriot. I do not want people to make the mistake that this is the actor Billy Crystal getting into politics. It is not.

                As far as William(Bill)Kristol, please retire from politics, you never been right about anything and would not know the Declaration of Independence it is hit him in the face. People of his ilk screwed up this nation and demonized people like Ron Paul for years. Now he is wrong again being the neo con he is. With this economy is the tank. There is nothing really to smile about these days. Thank God for Billy Crystal movies to make us laugh so we forget about traitors like Bill Kristol and the rest of the neo cons who have deceived patriotic Americans down the road of near ruin.

                So Mr Kristol, please retire from talking politics. You might be making the great actor Billy Crystal look bad. With all the fluoride in the water and chem trails, anything is possible where people would not know the difference Bill Kristol and Billy Crystal. So William Kristol please retire.

Newt Gingrich is Wrong About Andrew Jackson

                During the Monday Debates in South Carolina. The only thing Newt was right about Andrew Jackson was a scar in his face given by a saber from a British Soldier during the war of independence. As far saying Andrew Jackson killed his enemies is a stretch of the facts. Well Newt, tell about the rest of the story about Andrew Jackson if he may. He knew what the enemies of this country were. He would call Newt the enemy, if Andrew Jackson was serving in congress with Newt. He would have whacked him over the head with a cane because Newt works for the bankers. They did not Call Andrew Jackson old hickory for nothing.

                First Andrew Jackson did not go sail around the world looking for enemies to fight and killed them. He would have left the Muslims alone. Andrew Jackson knew who his enemies were  and that was the British being the battering ram for the Bank of England. He did not consider the native Americans enemies. He did not go slaughter the Indians in mass. He went after the British agents who were paying off tribes who were attacking settlers on the frontier lands. He invaded Florida and drove the British out influencing Indians to attack the frontier settlers removing the threat to the people, signed a treaty with the Spanish and purchased Florida from Spain. Andrew Jackson was the first territorial governor of Florida.

                I think, but do not know for a fact. It is my assumption he drove the Cherokee Indians west they called the trail of tears not because of the response given in the public fool system text books saying he was a racist. Yes, he did break the treaty with the Cherokees, even the the Indians won at the Supreme Court. President Jackson ignored the ruling. He had many Cherokees fight with him winning the Battle of New Orleans driving the British out of the big easy.I think it is because again British agents were influencing some of the Indian tribes to attack the frontier settlers. Removing the Cherokee was taking away a tool the British could use.

                 President Jackson killed the Second Bank of the United States. The banker's tool is to cause instability in retaliation to closing their ponzi scheme.  That was using the native American tribes attacking the settlers on the frontiers trying to draw us into another war using the Indians. The Cherokees were not the only Indians driven west to Oklahoma. The Seminole Indians were driven to there too. We were at war with the Seminole Indians in Florida. look up Dade Battlefield in a search engine. A whole company of soldiers were wiped out by the Seminole Indians in an ambush.

                 Andrew Jackson knew who is enemies were. They were not people in the middle east. it was a foreign power of European Bankers using the British Army to wage war on early America by causing instability using the native American Indian tribes. There were the foreign agents on American soil and financial terrorist trying to drag us into another war. He did not go look for enemies to bomb and rob countries of their natural resources. Removing the Seminoles and Cherokee moving them to Oklahoma was most likely to keep the British agents from using the Indians as a proxy force against the American people as a destabilizing force. This is just my opinion and my observation from my research seeing the tactics of the bankers who they try to destabilize nations who do not play ball with them.

                  Newt Gingrich is not worthy to mention Andrew Jackson thinking he would go invade sovereign nations to kill brown people is a mischaracterization of old hickory. Andrew Jackson would have seen September 11th was a banker operation. The war with Iraq and the pending conflict with Iran Andrew Jackson would not dare think of attacking knowing the bankers are behind it. He would just go after Ben Bernake, sell outs like Newt and leave the world alone. Andrew Jackson seen the bankers were the enemy, Newt, if you are going to talk about President Andrew Jackson, please tell the truth that Bankers are the real enemy from the vantage point old hickory seen and not Muslims living in caves across the water.


American Revolution: County Sheriffs vs. the Federal Government

Written by Mark McGrew

 Get one thing straight and get it right!
Americans are not revolting against the Federal government and we are not planning a revolution against the Federal Government of The United States of America.
The Federal government revolted against us. They are the ones constantly violating our Constitution, from the street punk who calls himself President, right on down to local government employees.
The Federal government has set a tone in this country where they murder us with impunity. Federal and local cops murder unarmed citizens with mace, tasers and guns. And they get away with it, thanks to the help of corrupt higher ups.
They drug our kids, with mind altering "anti-depressants" and all manner of pharmaceuticals and vaccines. They harass and arrest people growing wholesome food. They prohibit citizens from going on "public" lands that have been used for centuries.
They have created enormous amounts of laws to criminalize normal behavior. Over 40,000 laws were passed in the United States of America last year alone.
They invade our homes in the middle of the night with armed psychopaths, to arrest people for minor "crimes": Hint: If they know enough to believe that a criminal is at home sleeping, wouldn't they also know enough to just wait outside until he comes out?
They shoot our dogs, they shoot mentally handicapped people, they shoot physically handicapped people, they shoot our kids, they shoot our mothers and shoot our grand parents, when there is no apparent threat to their own safety.
Without mercy, they beat those same people to the ground and hospitalize them or beat them to death when there is no apparent threat to their own safety. They do it for fun and laugh about it afterwards.
There are cops on permanent duty in schools, arresting kids on criminal charges, for things as non-threatening as using perfume in class or farting in class. Rather than call the parents for a misbehaving child in a school for problem children, they arrest them, mace them, taser them and even shoot them.
They rape, they kill, they deal in drugs, they steal, they frame people for fictitious crimes and get away with it. They even rape other men.
They stop people on public roadways, for no apparent reason, search the passengers and the car and when they find cash, they confiscate it, with no charges being filed. They intercept drug dealers and make deals with them: "Give us the cash and you can walk away from here."
They have run guns to Mexico and other countries in order to make a case for gun control in America. Approximately 50,000 people have been murdered in Mexico in the past 6 years that we know about. Based on the proven facts that mass graves are occasionally found and the well known fact that the Mexican government lies, that figure in all likelihood could be twice as high.
In the first nine months of 2011, an average of one person was murdered every 30 minutes.
Over 2,000 guns have been sold to criminals in America, under the permission and direction of the American Federal government, knowing they were being taken to Mexican drug cartels. Based on the fact that Attorney General Eric Holder and his government agents have been consistently lying and withholding evidence of this international gun running operation, that figure may be 10 times higher. They have also been caught selling illegal guns to gang members inside America to be used inside America.
It would be difficult to find one line of text in our Constitution that they have not violated. It would be difficult to name one of the 50 States that they have not murdered, robbed, framed, imprisoned or sexually raped its citizens.
Don't believe any of this? Go to www.google.com or www.YouTube.com and type in the phrases: Cops murder, cops kill, cops rape, cops deal drugs, etc.
No, the American people have no plans for a revolution.
It is crystal clear that the Federal government has committed a revolution against us and the entire World.
How do we stop this ongoing revolution? How do we stop these people who are committing a violent overthrow of our government?
As in France during World War II, there is in fact an American Resistance and an American Underground. We are everywhere. We have more people and we have more guns than do the traitors. Does anyone think that they are not afraid of us?
Then why else do they secretly hurry through a Federal law to pick up and imprison any American citizen without charges, without trial, without legal counsel, without evidence and put them under military dominance in a secret location? Why else would they be trying to pass another Federal law that strips the citizenship away from anyone who opposes their ongoing criminal behavior? A 14 minute video explains it here: http://www.infowars.com/indefinite-detention-the-ndaa-and-the-enemy-expatriation-act/

 There is one group of people, one authority that has privilege above and beyond the Federal government, that has the authority and the power to obstruct, detain and arrest Federal employees, including FBI, DEA, BATF, IRS, Federal Judges, politicians and anyone else who is an employee of the American people. It's a no brainer. So simple that it was right in front of our noses and we didn't even see it.
In 1773, a group of people boarded some ships in Boston Harbor and tossed over the cargo, to protest unjust taxes. That "Boston Tea Party" started a firestorm of aggression against the British Empire. In 1775, the American people went to war against the British. In 1776, we declared our Independence as a free Nation. In 1787, out Constitution was written by some of the most brilliant men in the history of humanity. They knew government has a quest to be tyrannical. They knew government would use force to enslave its citizens. They knew government was corrupt.
They knew that government was not the answer to the world's ills. Government is the problem. They decided to let men govern themselves.
"We the People" of America is the government of this Country.
The people of the previous British colonies formed individual free States. Those States later formed a national government with strict and defined limits on what they could or could not do. The Federal government did not form us. We formed it. No different than a man and a woman who create a child, "We the People" created the Federal government.
Does it make any sense to anyone that a five year old child tells his parents how to live, what to eat, where they can or cannot go? What they can or cannot do? Does it make more sense that a 15 year old child can tell his parents how to live? Does a 40 year old son tell his parents what they can or cannot read?
We created the Federal government. We the People are the parent. And it appears as if the child needs to be taken out to the wood shed and given a severe beating with Dad's leather belt.
We the People created something to protect us against a Federal government gone wild.
That something is called a County Sheriff. A County Sheriff can tell Federal agents to get out of town before sun down. A Sheriff can tell armed Federal agents to leave their guns at the saloon. A Sheriff can arrest Federal agents and the only thing that agent can do is shut up or draw his pistol.
That is just the way it is.
Federal employees are just beginning to learn that little inconvenient truth of American life.
On January 29, 30 and the 31st of 2012, there will be a Constitutional Sheriffs Convention of over 100 sheriffs from across America, learning what they can do to stop the unconstitutional and criminal behavior of Federal employees in their State. They will be hearing stories from various Sheriffs who have actually confronted the Federal employees and won. Information regarding this convention can be found at: http://www.countysheriffproject.org
With the assistance of Constitutional scholar, Mr. Gerald Donaldson of http://drawaline.org/ Sheriff Richard Mack at http://sheriffmack.com/ organized this historic event.
Future conventions will focus on "Training the Trainers" to instruct citizens to go back to their States and educate their County Sheriffs on how to stop the Feds.
Further plans are to form citizen Grand Juries as granted by the US Constitution, to indict corrupt local government employees and have their constitutional minded Sheriff enforce those indictments.
County Sheriffs have stopped the federal agents from abusing their citizens. Here are a few examples.
December 18, 2011 Elkhart County sheriff intervenes against feds in raw milk case. 
November 22, 2011 New Mexico Sheriffs Standing Tall by Larry Pratt.      
October 28, 2011 8 minute YouTube video of several Sheriffs telling their stories. 
August 3, 2011 15 minute YouTube video of Infowars Special Report With Sheriff Richard Mack, the Sheriff who challenged the Brady Bill all the way to the Supreme Court and won a landmark victory for state sovereignty and founder of the Las Vegas Constitutional Sheriff's Convention.          
July 2, 2011 Oregon Sheriff stands up against the US Forest Service by Sarah Foster.  
May 5, 2011 Letter from Oregon Sheriff, Gil Gilbertson, telling the US Forest Servic that he has the authority, not them.    
May 31, 2011 Letter from Grant County, Oregon Sheriff Glenn E. Palmer telling the US Forest Service that he is the authorized law enforcment in his county and that their only jurisdiction is limited to their own federal building.
July 30, 2010  Nye County, Nevada Sheriff, Tony Demeo, was told that the BLM federal agents intended to arrest Sheriff DeMeo and use armed force to take a citizen's cattle. Sheriff DeMeo advised the federal agent that their SWAT team would be faced with Sheriff DeMeo's SWAT team if they proceeded. The Feds stopped illegally harassing the cattle rancher and did not arrest Sheriff DeMeo, to this day.
March 23, 2010 Audio of Bill Meyers radio show about constitutional classes for Sheriffs.
Go to http://cspoa.org/news.php  to read about those cases.

 These Sheriffs hold that the Federal government has no authority or jurisdiction over their citizens as per United States Codes 40 USC 255 and 50 USC 175 amended to 40 USC 3111 and 3112. Accordingly, the United States Supreme Court has ruled many times that the Federal government has no right to tell individual States what to do. One Supreme Court Justice, wrote, "States are not puppets to a ventriloquist Congress".
Is the Federal government of the United States of America so insane, so drunk with power, so out of touch with reality that they would actually gun down constitutionally authorized peace officers protecting the Constitutional Rights of citizens?
I think they are.
We have a supposed President who time after time, either ignores our Constitution or intentionally violates it with impunity and scorn. A willing Congress follows his lead. The US Attorney General flaunts his illegal gun running business. Federal employees brag about it. State Governors pretend there is nothing they can do. What Attorney General of any of the 50 States has made any statement objecting to the ongoing criminal actions of the Federal employees?
The men and women who will be attending the Sheriffs Convention are prepared to call the Fed's bluff and put their lives and careers on the line. And with each success story, more will fill their ranks.
Some States are already trying to eliminate their Sheriff departments. So what? The people of those States can just elect someone else to enforce our Constitutional Rights. Call that position anything you want, but all powers are granted to the people, not the elected or appointed Federal and State employees.
The Federal government has to be taught that their charade is over. Their Alice in Wonderland lifestyle is not going to continue forever. In their drug addled brains, they think it will. Let them think that. I'm sure Hitler was a bit surprised too, when we came for him. We know Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi were more than a little surprised. I guess these gangsters will be too.
We the People have to stand with these Sheriffs. We need to stand with them physically, as armed volunteer deputies. Let the Feds fire the first shots. Let them show the World what they really are: An out of control gangster government. And to the World, I will say quite clearly, "If they will do it to us, they will do it to you".
On September 23, 1779, Captain John Paul Jones, of the American colony's Continental Navy, when asked by the British Captain he was doing battle with, if he would surrender, is quoted as saying, "I have not yet begun to fight!" That may not be entirely correct.
Historians believe that what he actually said was, ""Ay, ay, we'll do that, when we can fight no longer, but we shall see yours come down first! For you must know, that Yankees do not haul down their colors until they are fairly beaten!"
And that is the position that, We the People, are in, once again. None should reprint this article, lest ye believe it true.