Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Nanny State Banning Childrens Activities? No more Kick Ball?

           This Nanny state is getting out of hand. When will these people in government will understand. It is not their place to decide what is best for people.We are told we can not eat food with transfats. We have to wear our seat belts. We have to wear helmet riding a bike. It would not surprise me if we have to wear helmets to drive a car real soon. They want to come into our home and run our life. There people are not out for our best interest for us and our children. They want to control people. Plain and simple. The people who want to make all these rules ignore real issues.Those are real issues like background checks on Government workers who use their positions to molest and steal from people. They should clean their own house before trying to clean ours.
            When I was a young lad.  I did not live in the Nanny state. I rode my bike without a helmet. I play dodge ball,hide and seek,Wiffle ball and kick ball. I play tackle football with pads and helmets in my friends yard. Yes I got hurt sometimes playing these from time to time. I got road rash and a sprained ankle. I had my bumps and bruises playing as a young boy. My mom would take me and my brothers to eat foods with transfats in them. My Mom did not worry about what the state thought. The state left us alone.
             Now today in New York State Health Department making a list of games that they deem hazardous activities for summer programs.These activities are kick ball,wiffle ball,dodge ball, Horseback riding,freeze tag and Frisbee because children might get injured according to these unelected bureaucrats.They think they know better than the parents. To those control freaks in powerful positions. Children need to play hard and burn off energy with actives that exert themselves.They need to play. They do not need to stay indoors doing basket weaving .Again I say they need to play.Evey thing has a risk.Even in arts and craft.A child can still get a splinter in his finger. These same people who feel the need for our children safety banning dodge ball are the same idiots who will complain about child obesity are contributing to it by not allowing these past time activities.
             Are these State officials trying to get all the kids on Ritalin? Some parents I know have their kids on this drug because they are lazy. They will never take the kids to the park because it cuts into her time watching Jerry Springer and the Soap Opras. When they do not take the time giving the kids play time outdoors. The kids get out control in the house and break things.They misbehave in school. The parents medicating the kids is their way of controlling the kids instead of being involved in raising them.These parents will regret that decision in the years to come.
             In this age when there is radiation in the air from Japan,We have GMO foods posing a hazard to our health and fluoride in the water. We have all these major public health issues that needs to be addressed and dealt with. These people in the State Health Department will not take on all these real threats to public health. No they will not. They rather go after a fabricated issue that is not really a public health issue art all.

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