Sunday, April 17, 2011

Who The Goverment Defines As The Rich. No More Class Warfare Lies Will Work This Time.

                Many years ago when I recall a friend very close to me having to pay through the nose to the IRS. She had no Mercedes in the driveway or a mansion.She had no fine clothes and did not eat steak every night. She lives in New York City.She is barely making it because the property taxes and all the expenses living in the big apple. According to the IRS. She made too much money for a single person. I just wonder. How can the government can make that determination who makes too much money or not. She made about $100,000 a year. In New York City. People are barely making it on that income when you add in the all the taxes and expenses.It is really not that much.
              Who the government defines as the rich are not those money addicts on Wall Street or the Rockefeller who have tax free foundations so they can evade paying any taxes.The rich as the government sees are people who still go on modest mini vacations, buy durable goods,eat at Restaurants and pay for services to keep people working. The government tax system punishes success and rewards failure.This attitude permeates out in society were the productive are attacked and the lazy are rewarded. The hardest working employees are attacked by the lazy co-workers. Everything that is good and productive is attacked and mediocrity is the standard.
                The government who defines the rich are not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination. But successful people who do auto detailing and cut peoples yards.They may have an online business or have a hot dog stand. They are our neighbors and our friends. When the government is looking for a scapegoat for all its ills.Do not buy into the lie that it is the middle class or the producers not paying their fair share. Do not fall for the class warfare trick attacking the people who produce and work hard. We need to point our fingers back at the politicians and social engineers for all the blame for attacking the institutions and people who make this country great. We need call the money addicts on Wall Street and the Federal Reserve as the cause of an impoverished people. Not the people who invest and take risk who live among us.The very people who will hire us are the ones the government will demonize to shift blame away from their failed policies.
                So when the US government says blame the rich for not paying their fair share wanting us to turn on each other blaming the producers on Main Street and not the Robber Barons on Wall Street so they can divide and conquer us.The real rich and wealthy who are to blame are ones on Wall Street who killed Main Street. Lets not fall for the Class Warfare lie again.


  1. Well said! The leeches' time is coming... to an end.

  2. There is no SEC. The Illuminate wants it all. The president is a robot. Congress=mewlers. Flush them all, ASAP.

  3. Can we approach military installation gates as demonstrators and citizens of peaceful intent and dialog, because we all know that is what is scaring the fuck out of us; will they shoot abuelita, grandma, sister, hermano, aunt, tio, and the peaceful resistance, yes?; si? I'm not afraid of John Corny, Rick Parrot, Kay Bailout or any of these traitors, it's the folks with OUR(US AMERICAN CITIZEN ONLY; NO DUALS) weapons that perplex me. We should face it head on and get it over with; it's the elephant in the room you know? It's time to make them give back OUR programs and national items and it will be the military that decides how.

    Aaron Bell

    Phucking Tired! Can you imagine our troops?