Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Propganda Lesson Plans for teachers to Talk About Sept 11th Attacks in Schools

            When I was watching the local news talking about to approach the anniversary of the September 11 Attacks. There seems to be a lot of grand standing trying to regurgitate to propaganda of Al Quaida is going to get us. The news broadcast set up a link on the website for School teachers literature for lesson plans if they want to talk about the attacks on 9-11. So, I decided to take a look at the lesson plans. The lessons were prepared by Pearson Online Learning Exchange. So now I have to be a little suspicious of what the teachers plan is telling how to teach our children.

             When I looked at the PDF for students from grades 6-12 grades. Just reading and glancing over this piece of literature. I had the impression they wanted to students to remember Sept 11,2001 to mean we will have to live with less freedom to stay safe. We will have to turn in our neighbors if they do something that might be suspicious. We have to be felt up and searched at the airports. Our bank records and our personal email will have to be searched and scrutinized. The student were told we will be in endless wars looking for the phantom enemy living in caves. Also, our privacy will have to be invaded by tapping our phones and online activity; the age of privacy is over because of Osama Bin Laden is out there.My impression of this literature prepared as a guideline for teachers of what they should be telling the students is very frightening. The message sent is we will have to be less free and committed to endless wars because of this day in infamy.

              If there are any school teachers out there with a head on their shoulders, Sept 11th should be taught as  America's Reichstag event and not our Pearl Harbor. It should be a lesson on how government will stage events on a grand scale to tell the people they must surrender their freedoms and the government needs more power to keep the people safe. The lesson of 9-11 is that we should never surrender our freedoms for safety and never trust the government;always be skeptical of what they say or do.

              As a parent myself, it is my responsibility to teach my kids of what Sept 11 really is about and the lessons of history about false flag events staged by the government to grab more power away from the people. When we teach our children about Sept 11th. It will not be to tell them we must be less free or we have to groped at the airport to stay safe. This should be a lesson in how our government used this event to advance tyranny and what we must do to teach them the principles how to take back the power. Please do not leave it to the teachers to tell your children about 9-11. This is our job.

10 Words We Should Fear When FEMA Comes to Town" I am from the Government, I'm Here To Help You"

          Thank God hurricane Irene has passed without major damage or loss of life. I have to remind my readers we are not out of the woods yet. We are in Hurricane Season until Nov 1. We are going into the time of the season were the tropic really flare up. We will see tropical systems form near the Yucatan peninsula and off the coast of western Africa.  This is the time we need to reevaluate, Do we need FEMA's help or do we take care of it ourselves getting things back to normal after the storm?

          I remember 25 years ago when Hurricane Elena in 1985 was sitting off the coast of Florida. I was 18 years old. I was very close and familiar to the county political system. I knew the Sheriff and most of the county commissioners at the time. I sat in with my parents when they attended the public meetings discussing hurricane preparedness and resources if the storm ever hit. Fortunately Hurricane Elana never hit us, the storm went north and hit the Florida panhandle. There was no talk of needing FEMA's help. They had the jail and prison labor ready along with volunteers lined up ready to start to clean up after the storm. Local government was all that was needed to coordinate with the cooperation of neighboring counties and municipalities was all that was needed. We did not need the Federal government for anything.

           Now they talk of FEMA overseeing every natural disaster from a tornado to flooding. We see President Obama and the Head of Homeland Security Napolitano in what they call command central or command and control for a photo opportunity. FEMA has been more hindered than been a help to people. They were the biggest cause of the aftermath after Hurricane Katrina. They have blocked relief organizations from entering the city and cut communication lines the police and first responders us. People were stranded at the Super Dome and the Convention Center for days before any help arrived. FEMA was not there to help, but create chaos and mayhem as an excuse to bring in Martial law and Federal control. New Orleans was an example of the failure of a city that becomes Federalized.

          Many people say and reveal to us that FEMA is the secret government that answers to the National Security Council and Homeland Security. The agency activities are very highly questionable and can be a threat to the health and safety to the American people. They have not helped the people of New Orleans. When first responders were taking gun fire from gangs trying to rescue storm victims. Did they go after them. Nope they did not. The Police chief NOPD by the order of FEMA confiscated the guns from law abiding people in high and dry wealthy areas instead while the thugs ran free with no resistance who were starting all the trouble. FEMA has been reported in the Midwest kicking in doors after the people have been ordered to evacuate and taking the firearms.

         We are better off without FEMA coming in to help us. Disaster response is a local and a state issue; not the jurisdiction of FEMA. We are all supposed to be prepared. It is not the responsibility of anyone else to feed us and shelter us. That is something up to us to do. They more we can take care of ourselves, the less we need the government to help. All those people in New Orleans waiting for the government to rescue them had a very rude awakening finding out they have failed them miserably. Self reliance and personal responsibility is the right choice to make. If a community can take care of itself and rebuild after a disaster. The less they need the government. SO when FEMA comes to town and says"I am from the US Government. I am Here to Help" We can say"Thanks, but no thanks we don't need you"

Bureaucracies Gone Wild are Coming to Harass us and Eat of our Substance

             It seems every day there is something new and more outrageous than last week coming out of this White House or the Alphabet Soup agencies. They operate without any law passed by congress, or if congress hears about it; they do nothing about it. The follow directives from executive orders signed by the President making law out of thin air with the stroke of a pen just like the Federal Reserve prints money out of thin air. At this point in our history where corruption reigns supreme in the highest levels of government, the sky is the limit unless restraint comes from the people.

             We used to hear about an occasional raid by the IRS and the FBI stopping an illegal Mafia operation in the news. Now we hear about raids on roadside fruit and vegetable stands; shutting down the farmers market, they are going after people who like raw milk. The attack those who sell natural remedies for healing known ailments instead of using conventional modern medicine seeking an alternative remedy. Federal Firearms licensed Dealers are being subject to harassment for every little reason. The EPA is out in force to make sure our utility rates go up by creating an artificial scarcity producing electricity and small family farms are being shut down for the most obscure reasons that have nothing to do with farming.

            The real economy is under attack like never before buy a White House that hates a free people. The do not want a free market and competition anywhere whatsoever. We see Gibson Guitars being raided because it is one of the few companies that produce a quality product employing American craftsmen and not made by Chinese slave labor. We went from a free market economy to crony capitalism or more like mercantilism where companies on the inside get favorable treatment over those not in the good graces to the government. The Corporations have merged with the government to wipe out all competition to concentrate the wealth into the hands of the few.

            Now everyone is a terrorist who dares question or speak out against the President and his policies. You can attend an anti war rally and get a visit by the FBI. If you want to have the President impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors, we will get a knock from the secret service. Now free speech is now criminal and standing up for the Bill of rights might be an act of terrorism. We are on no fly list or no gun buy list without a chance to confront our accusers in a court of law. Nothing is safe anymore from this government and we have all become fair game. This is the very thing our ancestors fought the British crown over because this abuse of power.

            The only remedy will come from we the people. Congress will not act and the courts go along with the government. If we wait for the government to protect us from the government, do not hold your breath waiting for that to happen. Short of a bloody conflict or a standoff between the people and the jackboot thugs that is close to happening. It will have to come from the states standing up and our county Sheriffs putting their foot down when the Feds come to town. Once we take back first our cities and counties to erect a barrier from unlawful encroachments and incursions. Than we can take, back the states from the globalist. If we do not and allow them to break our will to stand up and not be afraid. then the consequence is we will have a Federal government gone wild without any resistance standing in the way. Now as these agencies start getting more in our face. We will have no choice but to push back or we will become slaves plain and simple.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Man Shoots Robber in a Wal Mart, Charged With Murder

 MetroNews Talkline

The Prosecuting Attorney in Logan County says he wants to be careful what he says publicly about a case involving a Logan man who allegedly shot and killed the man who robbed him.
It happened earlier this week at the Logan Wal-Mart.
"At this time, we're still gathering information, statements and whatever else they can come up with, evidence and I really don't want to comment at all," Prosecuting Attorney John Bennett said on Thursday's MetroNews Talkline.
Logan Police say David Abbot, 37, from Chapmanville had taken money from Jesus Canul, 26, of Logan (pictured above right) who had just cashed his paycheck at Wal-Mart.
Abbot threatened Canul with a sharp object, possibly scissors, during that robbery.
Once he took off with the money in the parking lot, reports indicate Canul, who has a concealed weapon permit, pulled out a gun and allegedly shot Abbot in the head.  Abbot died at the Logan County Medical Center.
Canul claims he was acting in self defense, but Bennett says there are clear legal definitions for that.
"If and when it ever gets to a grand jury, the judge would instruct them specifically on the law of self defense in this state."  He says he has seen cases like this one before now.
"The facts are always somewhat different but, in many respects, quite similar."
At this point, Canul is facing murder charges.

Fight Back Against an Economic Attack, Buy Gibson Guitars and thier Products

             I am a proud owner of two Gibson Guitars. I won a Gibson Les Paul autographed by Ace Freely of Kiss, the year1978 at a raffle in New Jersey and a Gibson SG model singed by Angus Young of AC/DC being the 77th caller into a radio station in 1985. I own a Fender Telecaster and a BC Rich too. They all have the same wood on the fret board all made in the USA before our jobs were outsourced to China. All handmade with Fine American craftsmanship. Gibson Guitars is a reminder of what can make this country great again if we are willing to put up a fight to keep their doors open and people working.

              Not many of you maybe cannot afford a Les Paul or a Gibson SG guitar to support this company in need of support. Gibson sells more than just Guitars. You can buy T-shirts and baseball caps to show your support keeping jobs in America. We should be saying thank you to Gibson Guitars, despite with all the burdensome regulations that are costly to operate here in the states. They could have went to China or Mexico to keep cost down with cheap labor. Gibson chose to keep the jobs here to keep Americans working. Lets show our support for them for staying here and not outsourcing overseas like many companies did when it got too costly.

             This Government raid on Gibson Guitars is our government attacking one of the last bastions of American craftsmanship. This is crony capitalism by a gangster government out of control. Gibson donated to the GOP and not to the Democrats. Since Gibson did not kiss the ring of the Chicago mob boss in the oval office. So the Department of Justice selectively enforces a foreign law outside the jurisdiction of the United States trying to shut down competition in favor of a guitar maker who donated to Obama. This is just not bureaucratic nonsense we hear about. This is extortion, racketeering and abuse of power coming out of the White House attacking the real economy in favor of his donors. This is another reason why we need to impeach Obama in light of this raid on Gibson Guitars. Abuse of power, plain and simple.

            How we can support Gibson to show we are with them is if you cannot afford a guitar? Like I said before. Buy T-shirts and ball caps. If they sell jackets and duffel bags. Buy them too, even if they sell boxer short and ladies panties. Purchase it and show we are behind them,that is what will win in the end. It will be we the people having the victor . We have to send a message to this out of control government that they are on the losing side. Lets keep America working .support Gibson Guitars. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

I call for a Labor Day Lemonade Stand Protest Nationwide. It Will Only Cost a Dime of Your Time

            It is time we push back against tyranny with civil disobedience than sitting there and taking it. We have to send a message we as a people will not tolerate anymore of this Police State attacking our way of life. We will not put up with city governments passing ordinances banning lemonade stands and yard sales. They work for us , we do not work for them. When I read about lemonade stand and yard sales being raided by the local police because they did not get a permit has me really frosted up in arms. When do we need permission to do what we been free to do before?

           This is why Ron Paul is gaining ground and momentum in the Presidential race because of the loss of freedom. The message is resonating with the people because Dr Paul says the things that reflect the reality of this sad state of our nation. While people are trying to keep a roof over their heads by selling their excess belongings,or washing and waxing cars. The only people standing in the way is the power freaks in government with these stupid permits and licenses just to do business. It seems the government is out to cut off people at the knees when there is the slightest indication of being financially independent. The government is there to smash any hope of that ever happening.Seeing that woman with cancer being told she cannot sell her belongings to pay for treatment really has me upset. It is time we tell the city governments where to go if they pull such nonsense taking away the ability of a person to live.

           So how do we respond to all this madness? I am calling on Labor Day Weekend is we have Lemonade Stands sea to shining sea in every town nationwide. Set up yard sales. This is a time to make a statement to the political class that we will not tolerate our freedoms being attacked by some stupid ordinance.  I would like to see more than one Lemonade stands and Yard Sales in one town. I would like to see numerous in one city to make a statement that the people are tired of the politicians making these ordinances restricting our ability to make a living. City governments main purpose is to protect life,liberty and property. Not pass laws attacking freedom. Life is giving us politicians that are lemons. So lets make lemonade. To send a message in solidarity is this. We do not need the government's permission anymore to sell a glass of lemonade.

Questions We Should Ask Gov. Perry The Corporate Media Will Not Ask.

            With all the praise from the main stream media calling Gov Rick Perry the GOP frontrunner needs to be vetted further. They are calling the Texas Governor a wonderful Christians and the new Ronald Reagan. He is sounding much like Congressman Ron Paul who is the other Texan who has been consistent while the Texas governor is flip flopping on the issues. The truth is Rick Perry's rhetoric does not line up with his record as governor. I will not go into him being Mr NAFTA super highway or the gardisil Governor. That is getting worn out right now as I see it. I think we need to ask question concerning the here and now. He is still the sitting governor who can still do things to help the people of Texas.

           Since the news media will not ask the right questions and nobody will vet the governor. He is still an unknown to many people outside of Texas. Right now Texas is facing a crisis or the governor seems to be AWOL when the Texans needed leadership the most,instead he was promoting his book"Fed Up". Certainly by his actions, not his words. He is not "Fed Up". So I feel since the corporate media will not ask these questions. Anyone with a video camera needs to confront the Texas governor and ask these questions since no one in the mainstream media will not dare ask. We of the new media will do the job the main stream media will not do. That is vetting the Texas Governor.

Here is some of the questions we should ask him:

    1)     The Texas Governor needs to be asked about  why has not been fighting to EPA? The President through the EPA took over the Green House Gas permits to refineries and coal power plants. The Federal Government has no legal authority under the laws passed by congress to do it. Texas now faces having rolling blackout because the lack of capacity to produce electricity because the EPA is shutting down coal power plants. Texas had the means to meet the high demand in the past and sell electricity to neighboring states before Obama took office. Texans face utility rate increases because the Obama administration is enforcing cap and trade by executive order bypassing congress. Why will he not take action to block the EPA?

  2)         Why is he not using existing law in the state to shut down the full body scanners in all the major airports in Texas? Texas has laws to regulate X- rays equipment. Why is he not instructing the state agencies who oversee all this radiological machines to test these machines and shut down these machines as a public health threat. TSA workers are now are getting cancer as a result of these machines. Why has the governor instructed law enforcement to use child porn laws to arrest TSA agents who scan minors under 18 being forced into these body scanners as a condition to travel?

  3) Why has the governor stood up and told the Federal Government to go to hell when they threatened to make Texas a no fly zone when they tried to pass the anti TSA groping bill that would have make it a criminal offense for agent to touch people in places against their will. Also ask the governor why he doesn't instruct Law enforcement in Texas to arrest TSA agents under existing laws on the books?

  4) Why did he wait until the last minute to put the anti TSA groping bill so late into the special session?

           The truth is, Governor Rick Perry has not stood up for Texas at all. For all you neo conned suckers out there. Think about this long and hard. If he is not willing to stand up for Texas against a out of control President when the law is on his side. Then how can he stand up for America or Americans in the White House? It is time we in the alternative media ask him the hard questions the corporate media will not go near. This is why our media that use to be a watchdog media has now become a lapdog media because they will not vet the candidate. So we in the alternative media will. If we Do not hold Rick Perry accountable, then who will? So it is up to us.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Camp FEMA: American Lockdown - FULL MOVIE

Remember, The Salvation Army Has Been there For the People While the Red Cross has their Hand Out Asking for Money Pretending to Care

               In March of 1993 when I lived on the central Gulf Coast of Florida, We had what was called the No name Storm that rolled in from the Gulf of Mexico. With that storm came a wall of water that flooded all the home on the west side of US 19. After being rescued by a canoe of concerned citizens taking me to dry land were other victims of the flood were congregating. On a short notice, guess who was there? It was not the Red Cross. It was the Salvation Army with warm blankets and a hot cup of coffee.

                So if you see the Former Presidents Bush 41 and 43 parading aside Bill Clinton telling us to give to the Red Cross, Please give the the Salivation Army instead. The Red Cross only seeks to pad their accounts with billions of dollars while only chum change goes to were it is needed the most. The Salvation Army has been relentless trying to get into New Orleans after Karina hit only to be blocked by FEMA. Wherever a natural disaster has struck whether it be an F5 tornado, floods or hurricanes. They always responded at a short notice ready to help. They are one of the few charities in these very rough times trying to provide food and shelter to the new homeless people affected by this economy. They have not turned a person away in need I know.

                 Do not give to those charities by email saying it is to aid the victims of Hurricane Irene as I write is going up the coastline. If you want to help the people affected by this storm, please give to the Salvation Army not only to help, but to make a statement that the Red Cross cannot be trusted anymore with people's hard earned money. We know the Salvation Army is mobilizing right now ready to help the people in need in the areas affected the most by Hurricane Irene.

                  It is time we take care of our own and not the world, do you agree?

Texas Warn Residents Warned of Rolling Blackouts this Weekend in Record Heat Temperatures in the Forecast.

              Here we go again, I wonder were Gov Rick Perry is now when we are having record hot temperatures in the weather forecast this weekend? He is too busy running for President telling how he is fed up with Washington DC while Obama's new EPA rules shutting down coal power plants in Texas. This might cause us to have rolling blackouts. ERCOT has sent out a notice of possible rolling blackouts between 3pm and 7pm this weekend. We are told to cut back on power usage since the high demand this weekend.

               Texas has record hot temperatures before and never had any rolling blackouts. Texas always has always met the high demand of electricity on days of record of hot temperatures. So what is the difference today compared to years past? It is the EPA through Obama's implementing Cap and Trade bypassing congress forcing coal power plants to shut down because the draconian regulations making it so costly to operate. There is no reason for rolling blackouts. Texas in the past has been able to provide Electricity to the neighboring states and now we do not have that capacity anymore to meet the demand.

               If there is anyone to blame, it is Governor Rick Perry for his lack of leadership, he will tell us the words we want to hear if it will suit him for the moment. On the other hand will not do a damn thing to stand up for Texas. He was AWOL last winter when we had rolling blackouts on record cold days. If I were the governor of Texas. I would have those power plants surrounded by law enforcement blocking the EPA or the Feds access. We need a Constitution standoff to show the nation who is really on the right side of the law, exposing the EPA for what it really is, the very agency that stands in the way.

               So if we have rolling blackouts this weekend with elderly and sick people dying because of record heat temperatures, blame Gov Perry's lack of leadership which really tells me he is really not fed up with Washington. Have you realized by now he does not mean what he says and always does the opposite.He could have acted to stop these rolling blackouts, but he didn't. These possible rolling blackout I hope will come back to haunt slick Rick, showing the voters he is a phony and fake. Ron Paul for President.

Al Gore Says We Have To Stop Eating Meat or Cut Back To Save the Earth, Pass the Steak Sause Please

              I bet anyone out there that right after Al Gore said we should stop eating meat to stop global warming; he went home and had a New York Strip Steak for dinner. This same person tells us we should stop using so much electricity in our homes while his big mansions use many Kilowatts to power a subdivision. What a hypocrite AL Gore is. He says we have to cut down on using fossil fuels and he owns Occidental Petroleum in Venezuela. This global warming fad trying to use a guilt trip about our carbon footprints is a fraud to squeeze more money out of us.

               Sorry Al, People have been eating beef way before you came into this world. Cows have been grazing in the fields releasing flatulence into the air for thousands of years now. If your figures are so true, than you would have not be born because your carbon footprint would be too much, because of all the one child policies. I mean AL you drive those gas guzzling SUVs and limos. Your homes use more electricity in a month than what I use in 10 years. You tell us to cut down on eating meat, and you can have prime rib and 12 oz steaks every night. I do not believe you will cut down on eating meat, but you will tell us to do it. Al, you are a phony limousine liberal.

              The global warming fraud is not about saving the earth. It is about using environmentalism to attack the free markets and normal human activity with no fireplaces and barbeques. They want to use the carbon footprint fraud to attack our way of life. They want us to get out of our cars and rely on public transportation and to freeze to death if necessary to save the earth because we cannot light up the fireplace. This is an attack on humanity plain and simple. These control freaks hate a free people. This global warming swindle of carbon taxes is on its last legs after all the scientific data was either fabrication or manipulation to sell as a fraud.

                I tell everyone today, go out, buy lots of meat, and get a nice juicy steak tonight. Make a YouTube video and tell Al Gore we will not cut down on eating meat. We will fire up our barbeque grills or pits spewing carbon into the air cooking those juicy steaks, hamburgers and roasting a pig. Whatever makes your mouth water. They do want us to cut down on our consumption of meat because if we lack protein, our minds are more susceptible to be brainwashed compared to have a protein diet with meat where we can think for ourselves. Most of these religious cults take protein out of the diets, so the followers are easier to manage and control.  Just keep that in mind why they want us to cut down on meat to break our will by the lack of protein in our diets. This is how they want to control us. Cutting down on eating meat like in most totalitarian regimes was a way to control people.

                We can see the carbon taxes President Obama is implementing through the EPA and the other alphabet soup agencies by executive orders bypassing congress will try to make buying meat expensive forcing us to cut down. AL Gore saying we have to cut down on eating meat might be a pretext to high carbon taxes on meat in the name of saving the earth hoping the lack of protein in the people's diets; a dictator might be able to control the masses. We need to keep eating meat despite what the political ruling class says and keep protein in our diets. This government is trying to break our will anyway they can if they will enact measures to change our diets were we will lack protein to think clearly.

                The good thing is Al Gore's lack of credibility makes it easy to discredit him now for all the fraud he is trying to pull on us with this save the earth swindle. He will tell us to use public transportation to cut down on our carbon footprints. Conserve electricity and now cut down on eating meat. Al Gore tells us do as I say and not as I do. He will not cut back on his fossil fuel usage with the gas guzzling limos and SUVs; he will not cut back on his electric consumption with all his mansions or stop eating meat on a daily basis. However, we all should change our habits according to his will to change except him. I will not stop eating meat, nor will I cut back either, so pass the steak sauce please.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Barring Sept 11 victims familes and First Responders From Ground Zero During the 10 Year Anniversary is Despicable

              This government gets more arrogant as the years go by. When will the breaking point will come when people say enough is enough with these arrogant politicians wrapping themselves in the flag praising the first respondent's heroics after the twin towers collapsed on Sept 11th. The truth is the EPA lied to the first responders working ground zero recovering bodies in the rubble saying the air is safe to breath. They were praised and given accolades for their dedication and bravery. Now reality is setting in about what really is going on is so ruthless to see what is happening.

                Years later these very first responders that shook hands with Mayor Rudy Guliani and President Bush for a fine job digging out their own fallen from the rubble from ground zero. Now after breathing all that air full of asbestos and other harmful particles, they are now starting to have health problems as a result of working ground zero. Now since it will cost the government money to treat these first responders at ground zero. I have to give credit to the 911 truth movement for raising money doing numerous fund raisers to help these people get treatment and helping with living expenses because the government turned their back on them. Many have died with the families of these first responders are now left behind to pick up the pieces and carry on the fight for their deceased loved ones.

                The people who lost the most on that day who were firefighters and police of New York City. They are now seeing that the official story the government is regurgitating is a farce. The American people do not believe the government no more about what the real official story is. The families of those affected the most want answers and all they get is lies. We starting to see the US government starting to turn on the people and kick them to the curb after they been used for propaganda purposes. They toss them aside like garbage. Now 911 victims with their families and the first responders are now Persona Non Grata at ground zero while President Obama and President Bush pat themselves on the backs on what a wonderful job the first responders done when they stabbed them in the backs this whole time.

                Now since Congress passed legislation to fund treatment for the first responders after a public outcry demanding they get the care they deserve. Not so fast getting your hopes up. Now for these first responders to get health care paid for by the US government. They have to have their names run through a terrorist database to make sure they are not with Al Quada. If their name is on the list, there is no due process of a court of law to confront  your accuser. What about the victims of 911. How many of them are now on the no fly list now for speaking out, I have to wonder about that too.  Now I would be pissed too to see the government so brazen and arrogant using Sept 11th is advance a police state and kicking the people who are the real heroes, not the phony grand standers looking for press time. These politicians are so shameless, that is what makes them such good liars. Do you agree?

                 I hope the grandstanding that will be used to celebrate the anniversary is the twin towers falling down. I hope this is a day to be a moment of shame for those who were behind the attacks and a day of vindication for those who were hurt the most by this day. Sept 11 like the JFK assassination will not rest or go away until justice is done, or may the heaven fall.

Gun Rights Suspended under A State of Emergency in North Carolina?

              If you think the government wants to confiscate guns so they can keep us safe better understand history real fast. Does anyone remember what happened after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. First responders were being shot at by gangs bringing medicine and aid to people who need it. So how does FEMA and the New Orleans PD respond? They went to the high and dry areas and took the guns from non violent people who had food and water stocked up who done nothing wrong. They never went after the gangs causing problem for first responders trying to help people who need help.

              Now it is 2011 and Hurricane Irene is going to hit the coast of North Carolina and I know the governor declared a state of Emergency along with President Obama signing his order preemptively too. Under North Carolina law, gun rights are suspended and a person cannot buy a gun, sell, buy ammunition or even transporting a firearm in a personal vehicle during a declared state of emergency.  This law infringes on the right of people to keep and bear arms when government resources will be stretched really thin. Police and other first responders will be busy with more serious matters if North Carolina takes a direct hit from Hurricane Irene. We can see many power outages and looting going on. Many homes will be robbed trying to get away with people's valuables or taking gas powered generators. The best tool for keeping law and order is the people's right to keep and bear arms when police are cannot be there.

             North Carolina residents beware when FEMA comes to town, they are not coming to give you a cup of hot coffee or warm blankets. They will be trying to get your guns. FEMA has been caught in the mid west breaking into homes looking for firearms after the town has been ordered evacuate after the flood in Cedar Rapids Iowa. The federal government wants us disarmed and will use every excuse to go after our guns. I do not care what the laws says. People in North Carolina, take your guns with you and store them with a trusted relative or friend outside the area of being impacted. Do not leave them behind so FEMA with the local police going along with them will not kick down your door and look for your guns without your consent.

             We can see Obama and the gun grabbers try to use North Carolina as a laboratory just like the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to see if they can get away with taking the guns after a hurricane. I just hope the people are more vigilant and more alert to what FEMA will do. Have your video cameras ready to record FEMA creating havoc. We can see FEMA try to make things worse cutting communication lines and turning away relief supplies just like in New Orleans. If they can create a break down in law and order. They can use that as an excuse to go after the guns. They will set up checkpoints looking for firearms in cars violating the fourth amendment in a state of Emergency.

              The government is not here to help us. They are on a mission to bring chaos to the east coast like they did in New Orleans if they can get away with it. Secure your firearms and have a video camera ready to document everything you notice as suspicious. The government does not want to keep us safe, they want to make thing worse if they can. Remember Katrina and be on watch. Let them not take away our right to keep and bear arms when it is needed the most. If we do, we are in real trouble. NEVER SURRENDER YOUR FREEDOMS FOR SECURITY BECAUSE YOU WILL GET NEITHER IF YOU DO.

My Experience with the Red Cross Concerning Sept 11, 2001

              When I lived in Florida in a small apartment in downtown Bradenton with my first son just over a year old at the time. We were all very upset what happened on September 11, 2001 with the twin towers collapsing and the Pentagon being hit, cannot forget flight 93 going down in Shanksville, Pa. We were all very angry and upset being in a state of shock. Like it or not,life goes on and it does not change the weather.

               Not even a week later, Tropical Storm or Hurricane Gabriel hit the western gulf coast of Florida. A giant oak tree fell on the side my house making my home condemned by the city inspector.I went to the Red Cross for help and assistance finding temporary shelter. We were given a piece of paper from the Red Cross to find an apartment on a voucher for one months rent until my home was fixed. The problem was many landlords wanted a year lease with first months rent, last months rent and security deposit. They would not accept the voucher because the Red Cross burned them in the past. It was impossible to find temporary housing. When I managed to find some type of housing. It was a hole in the wall Hotel costing $150 a week that the red cross would not help pay for. Therefore, I had to pay for out of pocket. Well the good news is I did manage without the Red Cross helping. It may not have been easy, but I manged after all.

                What really had me upset from what I heard was the Red Cross in Lower Manhattan were cutting checks to people for $10,000 or more for people displaced because the dust from the towers got in their apartments.  People who live near the WTC did not need the Red Cross because many people could afford to stay somewhere else without hurting their wallets. I never got such treatment in Florida living paycheck to paycheck like the residents living near ground zero did. How the red cross mishandled the funds for Sept 11 is still in question.  There has been a lot of speculation in how the American Red Cross used those funds that was supposed to go to the victims of Sept 11, never went to were it is supposed to go.

               For me, I will never give to the Red Cross and rather keep my charities local. Reading about how the red cross funds groups to attack our right to keep and bear arms and other groups who want to see the destruction of this nation. I am not saying all the red cross is bad. They have went in to inspect the POW camps and does watch Gitmo the best they can. I do not have a problem with the International Red Cross, but I do have a problem with the American red cross. Not the people who volunteer on the ground trying to do some good and help people. But the upper administrative leadership who mismanage the funds my beef is with.

              I cannot anymore with a clear conscience give to the red cross. The only organization I do trust that is nationwide is the Salivation Army who does  much good for people in distress. In these economic times please take time and give to your local charities or the Salvation Army. For me, not one penny I will give to the American Red Cross. Well the good news is I did manage without the Red Cross helping me. It may not have been easy for me at the time. But I managed to keep a roof over my head and feed my first born son. Sometimes life's lessons come when times are hard and not when times are good. How do you see it?

School Teachers Do have a Right to Free Speech Too.

               Reading about a Florida teacher suspended for writing anti gay comments on Facebook should not have the headline "Did Teacher Cross a line on Facebook?". The right headline should be "Does the employer or the government cross a line invading privacy of Employees on Facebook?". Regardless if the teacher written about anti gay, anti war or anti Obama on his Facebook wall is his right to free expression . What a person does on his own time is none of the employers or school business or employers. The teacher should not be suspended for his free speech for saying something on his personal time.

                Even though Facebook is a public social network for all to see. People do have a right to keep what goes on at work and what goes not in their personal life is none of anyone' s else's business. If a person's personal life spills over in the workplace causing moral problems than that is an entirely different matter. It is a double standard when I read about teachers on their personal time pushing global warming in the classroom and in their personal lives. Why are these teachers not suspended because their go green point of views will offend some students who fathers are rough necks working the oil fields in Texas. Regardless if teachers are being politically correct telling us to go green or expressing their opinion about  being against gay marriage on Facebook. All speech is to be protected and not selectively singled out because it is not politically correct.

                No one has any right to monitor a person's personal life because they may work for the school district or any employer. Just because they get hired by the government or any perspective employer, these people do not surrender their rights because of that. There is nothing in the Constitution about the right of not to be offended. If someone's feelings were hurt by what a teacher says on his private Facebook page. It does not amount to any wrong doing at all. Everyone has a right to free speech and free expression. This is political correctness gone amok I am happy they teacher was reinstated back to work after being suspended.

                 It is really becoming very obvious that employers want to control their employee's personal life by checking out their Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter accounts. They even check these social network accounts of perspective employees too as a condition to be hired. However, regardless in the age of the internet were everything is public. The right to a persons right to speak freely has to be respected no matter how much an employer may disagree. Even the ones that work for the government too. Everyone has the right to free speech and expression in what they do on their personal time as long it does not spill over when they are on the job. If someone is offended by what a person says on the social networks on their personal time, That is the persons problem if it offends them for them to deal with it. No matter what the person says because someone has their feelings hurt, they should not be punished for what they think. It is free speech if we like it or not.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Man Arrested By Homeland Security for Standing on Fourth Amendment Rights

Breaking the Spell of the Propaganda Machine over our Minds

               This is a war declared on humanity,before they can take us by force . They need to condition our minds to give up so they break our will before the first shot is fired. Even though the population is so dumbed down with meaningless concerns of what is going on with Lindsey Lohan and who Will Smith is dating. They have the hype of a NFL player signing a multimillion dollar contract. We have to accept this bunch of mind numb people will exist and never will go away who are sucked in to this nonsense. They are not the problem like we think,it is us.

               What I am talking about is us in the Patriot movement who do get brainwashed studying the other side way too much. I see Alex Jones being brainwashed reading too many white papers from the government. Alex shows the defeatist attitude on the radio creating a self fulfilling prophesy saying the Elites will do this or do that because it written on paper that is no more than ink on paper giving the New World Order's Agenda  power by just repeating their word and believing them,. The truth is if we stare into the abyss too long,it will stare back at us. I heard Devvy Kid saying Ron Paul can't win. Alex Jones says Rick Perry will be the next President before the first ballot is cast. These people have been too much reading the other side believing they are all powerful complaining having no faith in humanity because of the people who refuse to listen. Who cares about the people who will not wake up. What about the ones who are awake?

               Sometimes I have to turn off the Alex Jones show because I feel alienated because he dwells on all that is wrong and does not build confidence in the ranks to push back. This is why I rather listen to his show when he has guest on because they seem to have a life being not so much brainwashed under the spell of the elites reading too much into them. Many of us are past hearing the bad news everyday, we are ready to take counter measures. We know the other side wants to hurt us bad. Hearing Alex Jones say this when it has not started is speaking it into existence. Words do have power to inspire or discourage.

               If we are going to defeat the New World Order. We are going to have use words to have power. This goes for every activist who broadcast, we have worked many years gathering information educating the people. It is time we have to change gears now. Yes we have to be honest about the severity of the situation our republic faces. We also have to realize why the other side is winning is by the power of words to break our will. Sometimes our words do help the other side by just saying it will happen before it happens. It is time we change the words we use or we will lose. Most of the operations used against us is more psychological operations more than military. They are playing minds games with us. Sometimes we encourage this by repeating their words believing they have the power over us to do it. We give the New World Order power by our own words. Many times we become more of our own worst enemy than the New World Order is.

              If we are going to have victory to defeat the New World Order. We have to admit we have been conditioned by the other side's propaganda too. This is war of the mind before it goes to the streets. By the power of our words we can have a peaceful revolution or a blood bath. Some of the best figures in history who had major victories did not look at the odds of what is against them as a stumbling block. They believed in what they were doing what is right saying "no" to the ruling class. We do not have the luxury of being defeatist anymore. We all know what the New World Order's plans are. Now it is the time we start changing how we think and speak. Because what scares the other side is not so much gun and bullets. It is the attitude of the people being fearless because they have no power of our minds. If we have to stop believing they will win. They have no power over us. If we keep saying Ron Paul cannot win and Rick Perry will be the next President. Then we will get what we deserve when we had a chance to turn it around. Words do mean things and do have power over the mind. We better start being mindful of our words that hold the power of life and death. Do you agree?

Is War with Syria, Libya and Yemen Also About Keeping Russia from Settling Up Navel Bases in these Countries?

             The possible conflict with Syria maybe a two-fold plan in a way for Israel for punishing the Russian government for recognizing the Palestinian state. Israel does not want to share a border with the Palestinians  and to keep Russia from using an old cold war naval base at a port in Tartus Syria. The Russian Federation plans a naval base in Syria by 2012. That can be in jeopardy placing a forward base for Mediterranean operations for Russia's navel forces. Russia is also not a part of the European-banking cartel too, which has the oligarchs very upset. However, I see mainly is Israel using American forces as a proxy force to keep Russia out since they are favoring a Palestinian state.

             For those who are so in love with Israel with deep affection more than your fellow countrymen because some preachers with the blessing of the ADL told you had to bless Israel without question or God will hate you and strike you dead if you don't. If Israel is this victim state fighting for survival everyday from those evil Muslims. Then why do they threaten their neighbors constantly with military force? These Muslim nations are not the threat to anyone. It is Israel that is the threat to us all  Please look up the attack of the USS Liberty online using any search engine you want. You will see how Israeli jets bombed the ship trying to sink the vessel to the bottom to the sea, to try to draw us into a war with Egypt. Then we have Sept 11,2001 were it was Israeli operatives arrested on that day being behind the attacks and not those evil Muslims. The state of Israel took part in this false flag attack on our soil to benefit the Jewish state, drawing the United States into wars we found out after the fact were based a fabricated intelligence to sell to the public. If all you Christians love Israel so much, pack your stuff, and move there. You will find out really fast this Jewish state does not like to receive Christians with loving open arms to live among them, But they will take our money instead, just not us. Israel is the problem with the Middle East and not the victim.

            Syria is a concern just as much as Libya is because the planning of a Russian naval base on Syrian shores might be too close to comfort for Israeli government to deal with.If these countries want Russian to have a base there. It is not Israels business to interfere in the affairs of other nations. Israel is very upset at the Russian Federation recognizing the right of the Palestinian state with the right to self-rule and Hamas as the government the people elected. Rejecting the puppet leader the Israeli wants to rule over the people in the West Bank and the Gaza strip. We all know the Israeli lobby has our congress by the short hairs when they say, "jump". The useful idiots in congress say" how high?" Israel will try to draw us into a war with Russia if it suits their needs at our expense. The Israeli and American advisers were behind the Georgian forces trying to invade the Russian borders almost drawing us into a war with the Russian Federation. Israel will not hesitate to drag us in another war and not even shed a tear for our children making the sacrifices fighting their wars and could care less if we get to into a war with Russia if it does Israel good and we deal with the losses.

                      Beating the war drums going into Syria has nothing to do with human rights violations or humanitarian concerns. I believe Israel does not want that Russian naval base in Syria.  Russia will not be able to have a strong presence in the Mediterranean Sea if the Syrian government is to topple by Israel and the United States using force, if these bases are to be in Syria as Russian plans to establish. This could frustrate the Jewish state’s policy of aggression. I am really concerned this could draw us into a world war with Russia which I see our American forces are in no condition to confront them because of multiple conflicts and deployments our soldiers endured has taken a toll on them. Russia is not the enemy, it is Israel and the bankers using our forces to do their dirty work.

           You look at all the nation we are attacking also which is to not only get the gold and loot the wealth of the nation by overthrowing the government. Russia was planning to have naval bases in these countries. They also have plans in Yemen and Libya too to set up Navy bases. Would having these Russian Naval Bases put a damper on the globalist plans? Russia setting up basis could have been a threat on their plans of domination of Africa and the Middles East with a Russian naval presence. Could it be that Israel does not want Russian influence messing up their plans of being a bully in the middle east when there is a country that will stand up to this rogue state. That country is Russia. Do you find it coincidental that the countries we are attacking with drones under the guise of human rights violations, killing terrorist to loot the wealth and natural resources? These are the very same nations Russia has in the planning stage to set up naval bases too I think it is needed for Russia to establish a middles east and Mediterranean presence to be a deterrence against this imperial NATO empire gone mad. Thank God for Russia being the disciplined power trying to keep the peace in the world.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Quantitative Easing is Good for the Money Junkies and it is Quantitative Squeezing is Bad for us Because We Pay for it with Inflation

              In today's economy, What is good for Wall Street and the Big Central Banks is bad for us. Uncle Ben has the presses going at warp speed printing out money to give to the big banks to prop up these Zombie institutions who are too big to fail in their own mind. This has not done well for the people of the United States who have to pay for it with higher prices on everything. I rather the Federal Reserve raise interest rates than print more money to keep inflation in check.

             Now we are waiting for the Federal Reserve Chairmen to announce QE3 trying to flood the economy with money they say. All the money is going to is Wall Street and the Bankers. The Bankers offshore will benefit the most more than the people will. The people who work will be the ones getting screwed while the money junkies will get the loot. QE3 is nothing more than stealing the wealth from the people by inflation which is a hidden tax were people lose the purchasing power in what they earn and save.

              In the early founding of this country. Debasing the currency is a federal crime punishable by death by the Coinage Act of 1792. How the Federal Reserve Bank can control booms and bust in the economy by inflating and deflating the dollar which is debasing the currency. Do the people responsible for our failed monetary policy saying we will just print more money will solve the problem will get the death penalty? Not they will not because the Federal Reserve is a legalized counterfeit operation that can away with it. If we print our own money in the basement we go to jail.

              Flooding the economy with worthless dollars will not work fixing the economy. It is when we reform our monetary system by getting rid of this private central bank. Once the dollar is back on solid ground backed by gold or silver. We will recover. There will be no more bailouts,QE1, QE2 and soon to be QE3. The government will not be able to spend more than it takes in. The government will have no choice but to balance its budget.

              So when you hear Ben Bernake announce from Jackson Hole announcing QE3. We will know he just dug us a deeper hole we cannot get out of. QU3 will mean two things. The acceleration of our demise will come two ways; a collapse like the old Soviet Union or a bloody revolution in the streets. This is why the Federal reserve needs to be abolished and a new provision in our Constitution saying NO MORE PRIVATE CENTRAL BANKS issuing our currency

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

NATO in Libya Means The North AtlanticTreaty Alliance Needs to Be dissolved

               The Cold War is over and the Warsaw Pact dissolved, not so with NATO. The North Atlantic Treaty Alliance was an agreement that if the old Soviet Union attacked any country in western Europe. All the countries in the treaty pact would come to their aid. Now with the threat gone of the Soviet Union. What is NATO role supposed to be now? Well looking back, the alliance should have been dissolved too along with the old Warsaw Pact that was with the Soviet Union and the satellite countries in eastern Europe.

                Our first President George Washington in his farewell address was right on saying we need to avoid entangling alliances. That means NATO and the United Nations we need to pull out of. This alliance has out served it usefulness and it legitimacy has to brought into question since no more threats exist since the cold war. Libya never threatened any country in NATO. Libya never attacked any country in Europe? SO why is NATO is attacking Libya. Now NATO is now a Pirate pact full of bandits looking to steal the gold from Libya and to make sure the European Bankers have no competition that threatens their control over the money supply.

                Looking back how well NATO did in the Balkan States of Kosovo and Serbia has left the country in worse shape than before they came in.  This conflict was not threatening the borders of other countries and there was no ethnic cleansing as they claim there was. So all you people stuck in the cold war. Tell me, what is a good reason to keep NATO? What purpose does it serve besides bombing innocent civilians in Libya and trying to unseat a sitting government? It has no purpose and need to be dissolved as soon as possible or it can be a threat to the sovereignty of other nations the Bankers do not like.

               NATO is a cold war relic that needs to die along with the Warsaw Pact did. The Soviet threat no longer exist anymore. So what should NATO's role in a post cold war era? NATO should have been dissolved instead of dropping bombs on countries that have not attacked us. If Ron Paul becomes President, I hope he pulls us out of NATO and the UN. These entangling alliances have proven to more of a threat to us than a help. When NATO forces are attacking Libya. they did not threaten any of the countries in the treaty, Instead of being an alliance to come to the aid to countries being attacked by a rogue nation, They are doing the dirty work for the bankers trying to steal the gold from the nation. That means it is time for this alliance to dissolve wit the rest of what is left with the cold war.

Our Untiliy Rate Hikes Are A Result of Ignoring Anti Trust Laws and R.I.C.O. Statues.

              I have to wonder were is in the Constitution that a major campaign donor to Obama's election can write the rules for coal companies, while the author of the regulations exempts themselves from complying. That is General Electric, which is becoming a monopoly using the force and power of the government to shut down the competition. We may start to see rate hikes and rolling blackouts from a artificial scarcity created by the EPA's draconian rules.

              Anti trust laws are supposed to prevent monopolies. The Sherman Anti Trust act was supposed to stop the Harriman Railroad from dominating the rail lines and the Rockefeller from controlling the oil industry shutting out any competition. Monopolies are ruthless and evil.They are corporations are without a soul or any honor whatsoever. When there is competition, there is honesty in the marketplace, When there is monopolies, there is enslavement and impoverishment with no hope.  When California had their rolling blackouts and the rate hikes. Enron executives were laughing at the crisis they have created. They have created artificial scarcity with a state run monopoly thanks to the politicians giving favors to one group of people over another.

              If the states and the people are going to push back these monopolies. They cannot just file under the 9th and 10th amendment violations. They need to use anti trust laws and the provisions of the(R.I.C.O) Racketeering Influence Corrupt Organization Act as a strategy. in the Constitution that prohibits the executive branch of the government of having implied powers will not work. They need to use the R.I.C.O. laws on a state level against General Electric, The White House, and the EPA.  This White House needs to be challenged by all peaceful measures necessary to stop them in their tracks. The State Attorney Generals and the People need to stop going into Federal Court. They need to use the state courts passing injunctions against the EPA, GE and the White House when they overreach. If we do not act, we are on the road being serfs. What the White House ,General Electric and the EPA are involved in is racketeering. That is how Monopolies are formed is by racketeering with collusion of Corporations and Government powers.

             These Monopolies have to be challenged. Not just General Electric. Monsanto and Tyson chicken needs to be sent to court under anti trust and R.I.C.O laws along with the Obama Administration. The 9th and 10th Amendment will not cut it in court. This needs to be done at a state level, they should not waste time and resources going into Federal court. If we do not challenge this corporate fascist government and push back every way possible. Then we are condemned to economic serfdom. If we do class action anti trust and R.I.C.O lawsuits nationwide of citizens and all who is affected because the force of government is used to shut down competition in favor of the a giant corporations who give generously to politicians. We might have a fighting chance pushing them back. These people are not invincible,they can be beat if we are relentless against them. If we do nothing, we get all  of what we deserve.

             We have a White House that is for the Wall Street Bankers and the Corporate Robber Barons. If he does not get his way with Congress, he uses executive Fiat issuing directives outside of law he has no legal authority to do. We know that. We know Congress is not doing their job, it is up to us to act. This is why I say Anti Trust and R.I.C.O laws might be an option I am not saying this may be the silver bullet to stop the Government Corporate Monopolies coming out of the White House. I am just saying if we file thousands of lawsuits using R.I.C.O. and Anti trust laws. We might be able to slow down this corporate fascist government being bogged down in courts, in return we can buy some time. We might be able to slay the corporate monster with a thousand cuts if we go this route. These conglomerates being drained of resources with legal cost fighting thousands of cases on multiple fronts might be our best option then trying defeat them head on. We can beat them by just bogging them down with legal cost in the courts. Spreading them thin all over the country might do the trick. What is your solution? Before you criticize least I am thinking.What about you?



Monday, August 22, 2011

The Dark Side of Rick Perry Altering the Constituion No One Talks About. A Constituional Coverntion. Another Slick Rick Trojan Horse?

               It is so hard today to really trust anything coming from Politicians today because somehow no matter how good it sounds on the surface. We always get screwed in the end. We are sick and tired of all the gimmicks and broken promises. When it comes to Rick Perry taking about the Constitution and  Freedom. All I can say is look out. He has something up his sleeve. The Texas Governor is not a sincere candidate. He is duplicitous and deceiving that would make Bill Clinton look like a boy scout. He is nothing more than a Trojan horse wrapped in the American flag and the Bible with globalism hidden on the inside.

             When I read about Gov. Perry talk about altering the Constitution by amending a balanced Budget Amendment, An Amendment to outlaw abortion,, Also make marriage between and man and a woman be an amendment too. He also talked about changing the Constitution with elimination the lifetime tenure of Federal judges and overriding a bad Supreme court decision with a two thirds vote in both houses of congress. It was nice too to hear about repealing the 16th and 17th amendments too elimination the income tax along with the IRS and restoring the power of the State Legislature appointing our US Senators ,instead of by direct elections. All sounds fine and dandy to make us all feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

            Now here is the down side that can be a threat to our liberties and our Republican form of government. For a few years now, the states many corrupt politicians have been calling for a con-con or what is called a constitutional convention.  If a convention is called, if the number of states recommend for any reason to amend the Constitution. Once a convention is called, it is fair game to change the constitution to a document the people never wanted.If the Constitution is going to be amended, Let it be with two thirds vote in both houses and sent to the states to ratify or not. Calling a convention is a dangerous way to change the Constitution. Once a convention is called, who knows how they will change the founding document. I know the Bill of Rights would not exist if few corrupt tyrannical politicians have their way.

            If Gov. Perry wants to alter the Constitution if he becomes President. If a con-con is called under how Slick Rick says he wants the Constitution to change under his proposals repealing the 16th Amendment or amending a balanced Budget amendment. The convention might be repealing the 1st 2nd Amendments too or all the Bill of Rights too while a convention is in session, Maybe all the 50 nation states borders might be erased breaking the country up into regions. Do not be fooled by slick Rick saying he wants to change or alter the Constitution. Regardless if it is a Balanced Budget Amendment or banning Gay Marriage. It might be a Trojan Horse to scrap the Constitution altogether for a Constitution we never wanted.

            When a known Globalist like Rick Perry who we call Slick Rick is calling for changing the Constitution, If any of the States call for a con con for a Balanced Budget Amendment after the public sediment of congress caving into the President so he can borrow another 2.4 trillion. We have to say no. Once a convention is called, our liberties are in peril. When Governor Perry Talks, You better listen, or we are all screwed. Even when he says he wants to alter the Constitution. I just wonder how would he really wants to alter it I have to question.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Children defy police in Washington, purchase lemonade at Capitol

Gov. Rick Perry, the Phony Copycat Constitutionalists.

             I had to laugh seeing a Yahoo Article saying Rick Perry wants to change the constitution by altering it. He talks about repealing the 16th amendment and eliminating the IRS. Everyone would like that. He even talks about repealing the 17th Amendment too changing the direct elections for US Senators back in the hands of the State Legislators to select who will represent the state government in Washington DC. The News media sounds like it is something new and radical as if it was never was an idea before. The mainstream media is fawning over this. Do not be fooled.

              Congressman Ron Paul called for ending the IRS immediately and replacing it with nothing in his 2008 campaign. Dr Paul also submitted legislation repealing the 16th amendment too without any support from his colleagues. He has filed a bill repealing the 17th amendment of the US Constitution too. Ron Paul is way ahead of the curve. The Texas Governor is a Johnny come lately when it comes to the Constitution. While Rick Perry and the Lt Gov moved to kill the anti groping TSA bill in the State Legislature. Ron Paul Submitted a bill to stop this practice of the TSA after public outrage demanded action. Rick Perry called the Federal Reserve Printing money treacherous and almost treason. He has not called for ending the Federal Reserve or auditing the central bank. He cannot fool me. Rick Perry is the Bankers and Globalist darling.

            The only things I have not heard Ron Paul talk about that Rick Perry proposed, I do have to admit is a good idea is eliminating the lifetime tenure of judges and congress overriding bad supreme court decisions by two thirds vote of both houses of congress. The balanced budget amendment, the anti gay Marriage amendment and outlaw abortion are all just gimmicks to woo the social conservatives to vote for Perry. In reality it is to call a constitutional convention were our rights are at risk of being lost. Do not get your hope up about slick Rick preaching the Constitution. The truth is why we cannot trust Gov. Perry to uphold the US Constitution when he has not upheld the Texas Constitution and state law.

           He has not shown any leadership in Texas. He has layed down, allowed the Obama administration without any legal authority take over the greenhouse permits for power plants and refineries. This was a function of the State government. This White House is ramming cap and trade down Texans throat not allowing coal power plants coming online or shutting them down without any legal right to do so. Texans in an outrage experiencing those rolling blackouts last winter on one of the coldest days on record in the state of Texas making everyone freeze. Rick Perry was nowhere to be found and off the radar. The Texas governor was AWOL when the state needed leadership.He is a good BS artist who is all talk and no action. The Governor very easily can give an order instructing all Constable Deputies, police officers, State Troopers and Sheriff Deputies to arrest TSA agents for breaking state laws groping Air travelers. He could have instructed Prosecutors to charge the TSA agents with the maximum of what the law allows. He could have used radiological laws regulating x-ray machines to shut down the full body scanners in all the major airports in Texas. Rick Perry will not defend Texas or Texans when it is his duty to do so.So how can he defend America if he will not defend Texas?

          To hear the Texas Governor talk about the Constitution and Freedom is so asinine; He is a fraud and a counterfeit patriot. He is a Ron Paul copycat trying to steal the message for his own gain and not for the good of the country. Slick Rick using Ron Paul’s rhetoric, I do not think the governor believes what he says. He just out getting votes trying to neutralize Ron Paul. Do not be fooled with Governor Rick Perry talking about altering the Constitution. This is all a smoke screen to call a constitutional convention to take away all our rights replacing our old Constitution for something we never asked for. Do not be fooled by Slick Rick. He is a phony and a fake. Ron Paul is the real deal who has proven himself to be true to his beliefs in word and deed. Use your head and watch what Rick does and not so much what he says. Then you will see why he should not be the President.

From the Salem Witch Trials to the War on Terror. We Still Have Not Learned Our Lesson From History.

              Back in the day in early New England was one of the worst miscarriages in justice recorded in our History next to slavery. Trials where many people were under the sentence of death accused of witchcraft with no proof really were out of fabricated fear. The right of due process under the Magna Carta was flipped on its head over hysteria of the devil is under your bed and hiding in these closets because these ladies might be witches casting spells and hexes on the town folks. Does this sound with all the familiar hype and hysteria they use to go after terrorist today? Look at how they determined guilt of innocence, false witnesses were used, specter evidence claiming the victims were seeing a ghost no one seen or dog eating witch-cake that was flour and urine. If the dog got sick, the accused is found guilty being a witch or practicing witchcraft. It was getting so bad seeing the injustices being too egregious; the Massachusetts Royal Governor had to intervene. It was rumored these witch trials was a smoke screen that arose out of land disputes and political opposition.

              The Bill of Rights was not something written in a vacuum brainstorming around the table These original ten articles were based on historical knowledge and facts because the abuses of the king and from the biblical principles as the cornerstone. If you look at the Salem Witch trails, the rules of evidence was just beliefs based on superstition more than facts. The convicted had their property seized and wealth stolen. It was a witch-hunt to stir a hysterical frenzy like sharks going to where blood is in the water. This is one of the most tarnished marks on our history were religious leaders brought a tyranny on the people of Salem in the name of the war on Satan to rid the devil from their mist. In reality they were doing evil themselves denying basic due process rights to the accused with questionable rules of evidence and the accused having no jury of their peers. One good thing about the history of this country is that we do correct our injustices. Not all we have been able to correct all of them yet, I know in time justice will serve the better.

              Now we fast-forward to now over 300 years later and nothing has changed. From Salem Witch trials to the era a Joseph McCarthy were people were facing many accusations of being a communist using the findings of guilt by association.this was the basis of being guilty has destroyed many innocent people's reputation to now the War on Terror were Al Quada is everywhere suspending the right to Habeas Corpus and no trail by jury. The people accused go before a tribunal like the people accused of being a witch in Salem went before a panel of magistrates with no real recourse to put up a vigorous defense. We still have not learned our lesson from history. After Sept 11 2001, we seen this mass hysteria if some wore rags on their heads. They must be a terrorist. If they were Arab, they are a terrorist with Osama Bin Laden. Al Quada is everywhere. We have no fly list were people are denied the right to travel with no judge, no jury, no due process under the law and the accused has no way to confront accuser. If we decide to travel by airplane, we are all suspects guilty until proven innocent now being subject to groping humiliating travelers daily. To make matters worst, we are now under the eye of behavior monitors in the Airports looking for signs someone might be a terrorist of they raise an eyebrow the wrong way. 

               Even back during the witch scare in Salem to now in this exaggerating age of terrorist everywhere so we scare easily like those evil witches had the people in hysteria in 1692, you see nothing has changed were tyrants use fear to dominate people. People in early Salem were filing allegations against people being witches sounds like the "If you see something, Say something" campaign by Homeland Security turning everyone into spies on our neighbors. Now the hype is a fabrication that if you are a patriot, for the Constitution, Pro Gun, wants to abolish the Federal Reserve and being for Ron Paul or Bob Barr. You might be a terrorist. The act of exercising free speech opposing Barrack Obama's agenda is a terrorist threat. The President is getting ready to stage a false flag attack orchestrated and coordinated by government assets. If he succeeds, he will call for a witch-hunt blaming the Patriots calling for their arrest because they are responsible for the attacks.

               We have failed to learn from history, Every time the government fabricates an enemy to attack our freedoms; many innocent people get hurt and suffer. Many innocent people died because of abuse of power in the name of God and the war against the devil early in Salem's history. This is why we have the Bill of Rights in our Constitution was to restrain government abuse. We seen how the government abused its power during the Salem Witch trails and now how our government today abuses its power in the name of the war on terror. Nothing changes and always stays the same. They just use a different enemy to justify their overreach of power saying they want to keep us safe from an imaginary enemy. If we do not learn from our history, we are doomed to repeat it as it was during the Salem Witch trails.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Secession and Predictability

by Russell D. Longcore

One of the greatest benefits that can come from secession is predictability. No one ever talks about this, and even I haven’t mentioned it before. But predictability will be a welcome recompense to the state that secedes and designs its new government correctly.

Eventually, the American government will collapse, either from (a) the rejection of the dollar as world reserve currency, or (b) the collapse of the world bond market, or (c) hyperinflation. Either of the first two would be sudden and catastrophic…the third would be drawn out and catastrophic. The time frame of the Federal Government collapse is not predictable, but the surety of the event is.

The collapse will bring economic chaos, riots and burned cities, and rampant crime. Starvation and disease will kill millions across America…most severe in the places where populations are most dense. Shortly thereafter, pro-secession citizens, survivalists, and contrite politicians will finally begin to see the practicality and efficacy of secession. At that point it will be obvious to all that Washington has no answers, and that the regulation, taxation and overt fascism that emanated from DC actually CAUSED the grand America experiment to end after only 230-plus years. But do not blame Washington entirely…DC is a mirror held up to show the reflection of a nation that wanted something for nothing.

States will secede from the Union and become brand new nations. I predict that the first to secede will be Texas. After that, it’s anyone’s guess.

Those responsible for the New Texas nation will likely call a constitutional convention and rewrite the Texas Constitution to better serve a sovereign nation in the early part of the 21st century. And those doing the rewriting should be made mindful of the importance of predictability in their new nation.

The most crucial predictability will be found in the method of taxation chosen by the new nation and the type of money the new nation creates.

Since 2008, when the Bush bailouts and Federal stimulus packages began occurring, the American economy has been in a severe recession. Washington has been writing laws and spending money wildly, writhing like a monster in a fire. America’s business class has noticed, and they see a Federal Government that will enact a law or a tax today that may be repealed or superceded tomorrow. A business cannot afford to ignore the unpredictability of business regulation or the business tax code. They see Washington react, not act. And Washington’s reactions are ALWAYS wrong, because the reactions are founded in a philosophy that government is the answer. In a situation in which a business cannot reasonably plan for the future, the business will exhibit hesitancy and reticence in all it does.

Think about it. If you own a business, and you don’t know how the Obama Health Care law or a new EPA or OSHA regulation is going to affect your business, would you take a chance on hiring new people when there is so much unknown that could ruin your business? If you price your product competitively, but the inflation rate increases from 5% annually to 5% a month…how do you stay in business? How do you protect your profit margin? How do you make plans for a month from now, much less make plans for 12 months from now?

It is no different for individuals. Unpredictability causes chaos. Wages have lagged behind inflation for 40 years. All of us that saved money for retirement have seen inflation eat out our substance, and have watched the markets tumble, drastically shrinking our retirement money. It is impossible for the average person to save and invest enough money in this present uncertain economy to have a comfortable retirement…with or without Social Security. But the same question about inflation affects the individual; how do you budget your income and expenses when inflation jumps from 5% annually to 5% a month…or 5% a week?

The most profound source of future predictability will be found in a monetary system built around gold and silver. Why? Because gold/silver money prevents government from spending more then they take in. Period. “Hard currency” eliminates inflation. Do you understand what I’m saying here? All of us that are 80 years old and younger have lived our entire lives under a government monetary system that includes inflation. Inflation has been as familiar to us as oxygen. We have lived our lives hearing about the inflation rate…some years high, some years low…but never nonexistent. We have never experienced a money that does not lose value over time. When we consider a return on an investment, we always subtract the inflation rate from the gross return to find the net return. In a nation without inflation, the gross return IS the return on investment.

What would you do if you knew that the money you saved this year would have the same value in 20 – 30 - 40 years? Answer…the amount you had to save for retirement would be considerably less than in the American economy now. For the average citizen, that would mean more cash available today that is not being deferred until “tomorrow.” More cash today means a higher standard of living. Anybody out there against a higher standard of living?

Want to know the REAL reason the world stock markets are fluctuating wildly? There is one reason. The world reserve currency is the US Dollar, and its value is entirely unpredictable.

The next big source of predictability is taxation. A state that becomes a new nation must stop thinking like the serf state it was, and begin to think thoughts of independence and sovereignty. I have written extensively about taxation, and I am promoting the national sales tax as THE ONLY SOURCE of tax revenue for the new nation. Set the tax rate in the constitution at 10% on all transactions. No more property taxes, ad valorem taxes, tariffs, excise taxes…no other taxes of any kind. No subsidies, no exemptions for ANYONE. The tax revenue will flow into the nation’s treasury, and the new nation can pay for ALL government programs… city, county, township, police, fire, militia, courts, etc… the national treasury pays for it all. Of course, this would also require the new nation to drastically slash the services it provided in order to live within its means.

Finally, as the new nation crafts new laws, it should keep the principle of predictability in mind. When individuals and businesses can plan for the future knowing that the money will not lose value, that taxation is not going to increase, or that regulations are not going to restrict their individual liberty and property rights, they will enjoy a predictability that none of us living have ever known or experienced. Don't ever underestimate the importance that predictability could have in your life.

Secession is the Hope For Mankind. Who will be first?

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2011, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Rick Perry Tries to Get Out of Ticket - Texas State Trooper Dashcam

Ron Paul Should Stay Away From Gov. Perry's Rumors of Adultry. This Could be a Set up

            As I am listening to the Alex Jones show talking about Rick Perry's extramarital affairs as an alleged bisexual. If the these accusations are true or not. The Ron Paul campaign should stay away from using it as a campaign tactic questioning the Governor's personal life. If the truth comes out by people coming forward, let it not be associated with the Ron Paul campaign. The Congressmen would show some class by not using Rick Perry's shortcomings to get votes.

            I am not defending Rick Perry or condemning him when there is no proof he was involved in any affairs outside his marriage. He will have to live with himself and his own shortcomings when it comes to his own personal demons. If the truth comes out, let it be from people who are not Ron Paul people digging up this kind of dirt. Let it be the alternative news media and investigative journalist that will bring this story to light. The Ron Paul campaign should stay away from this like the plague.

             This could be the Rick Perry camp and Karl Rove trying to set up the congressmen using people claiming to be Ron Paul supporters in reality are political hacks for the Neo Cons. This scandal candidates should stay away from,especially Ron Paul. If the scandal breaks the story in the press. Let the Governor be accountable answering to the press or the alternative media. Ron Paul and the supporters who are working hard to secure his nomination should distance themselves from this scandal.

               I smell a rat in the mist to try to demonize Ron Paul supporters if they use this issue as a campaign issue. The Congressmen is winning the debate sticking to the issues that are important. The governors personal life has no bearing on what is going on today. If the story does come to light as being true to the fact, not based on hearsay evidence based on unsubstantiated rumors. Regardless Ron Paul should keep it to himself and only wish the governor well healing his marriage if found to be true and decline answering any further questions of the matter.

                 What I will say is if the Governor cannot be loyal to his wife, how can I expect him to be loyal to his oath? This is a scandal that should be for the press to go after and Ron Paul supporter stay away from this matter. This could be a set up by Carl Rove. Remember these people are crafty and cunning. Regardless if Rick Perry is a playboy governor cheating on his wife or not. Little political side shows like this can be used to demonize people who support Ron Paul. So I say to the congressmen, to his staff and supporters. Do not go there. It might be a Carl Rove set up.

                 We all would like to defeat Rick Perry, no question about that. But we have to take the high moral ground. Stooping low to a level of playing dirty only hurts our cause. We need to avoid slandering a sitting governor when there is nothing to back it up. Just because a guest on Alex Jones says it. It does not mean it is true. We have to be skeptical of everything we see or hear. Just because it sounds like a good way to defeat Rick Perry because rumors says he is not a loyal husband. We have to be on guard because we might be led into a trap set up by the neo con hacks. These people are professionals who do play dirty. Always be skeptical regardless of the source or we can be screwed. Do not underestimate Carl Rove, It would not surprise me if he is behind all this in an attempt to make the Tea Party and other patriots look bad.

                The establishment inside the Republican party is working hard to discredit Ron Paul and his supporters. We should not be dragged into the mud. We are beating Perry on the issues, There is no need to attack his personal life. That is between his wife and him and keep it there. We are not about playing dirty politics, we are better men and we should act as such. If we don't we are no better than them. That is when we lose our credibility. Think about it.