Monday, April 25, 2011

Turn Off Your Cell Phone in Protest of Government Tracking and Tracing us

              I do not have a cell phone anymore.I do not need one and will not contract for one.Why? Because all this track and trace technology mandated by the federal government.Cell phone carriers and manufacturers will never stand up for the rights of the customer.To protect the privacy of their clients is a company's firt duty. People get outraged when they find cameras in the bathrooms at school, Principles and administrators hacking students laptops watching what students are doing no their own time. If I put listening devices in someone's home listening to private conversations. I go to jail. If a hotel had hidden cameras watching and listening to their guest in their rooms withpout consent.The owner go to jail.
              Why when it is the federal government should be any different when it gets in our personal space? They should be going to jail too. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Congress violated their oath passing the law to allow this. Government agencies do not acknowledge they are restrained by the bill of rights. We the people have a right to be left alone and to be secure in our persons from unreasonable searches and seizures. The justification of Police and Federal agents is so brazen saying"we need to know what everyone is doing and where they are going at all times for your safety." With this type of technology in the wrong hands is ripe for abuse getting into people's personal space tracking a tracing people without cause.Right now it is in the wrong hands.
                Let me give you an example that happened to a friend in Florida.She brought a car with all the electronic gadgets including a breathalyzer built in with On-Star device too.She had one glass of wine at a promotion party for a co worker in the office.When she tried to start the car. The breathalyzer would not allow the car to turn over the engine to start. On Star called the local Police and she was charged with a DUI with out even the parking lot. Her keys in the ignition was justification enough to arrest her even though she never was able to drive out of the parking lot.So much for technology.
                I will find this very hard to do for many people because they are so use to their gadgets. If they realize how much in their personal space the government is in by use of these mobile communication devices.If we tell them.Still many people will rationalize saying to themselves "if I am doing nothing wrong. I have nothing to hide".I hope people wake up soon to this. We need a day or a week people just shut off their cell phones,pull out the battery.let the Iphone run out of battery juice,Do not allow goverment access. If a good number of people just turned off their cell phones. This will make the control grid go dark making a statement to the government to get out of our conversations and out of our life. Is there anyway to protest. Tell me I am open for ideas.



  1. Start making it stink for them in the medias, they will be forced to come to the table, but with out real solutions for us; only stupid jibberish to distract us from the truth. Their answers never add up to our experiences. We will then see the writing verified on the wall...

  2. Turning them off is not good enough. There is a way to stop this out-of-control government.
    It needs to be controlled. It needs to be restrained. It needs to be handcuffed.
    Guess who the controllers, restrainers and handcuffers are?
    So let's do it!!!

    There ARE more of us.

  3. That and don't FLY! Put TSA out of work

  4. Take the battery(ies) out when you're not using it. Re-engage your battery(ies) long enough to check your voice mail box only twice a day, and then remove the battery(ies). Return calls on your landline, using a scrambled coder/decoder.

    Our lives are geared to NOT becoming dependent on cell phones, iPhones, etc.

    Cars; NEVER install a breathlyzer, and remove the shut-down chip. If you have an older car pre-computer ignition, keep it and use it sparingly. Convert to LPG (as we have in Aussie / New Zealand) or diesel which does not use an on-board computer.

    Unplug your PC / laptop modems at the phone line when you are not using then. Get anti-virus / anti-spyware, but be aware that feds still get in and fourth parties can plant evidence on your PC / laptop.

    TSA will move out to other modes of transport, ie rail truck stops, bus depots, etc. The goal here is to vote for Ron Paul 2012 so that this Gestapo organization can be shut-down, and it's officers criminally charged.

  5. Don't forget the internet is another way to track us! To keep them in the dark, at least once a month, delete all cookies!

  6. From day one I have refused to get an Air Miles card (I don't want my shopping preferences turning up in somebody's database). I will not have a cell phone for the reasons listed in this blog. I encrypt emails wherever possible, because only my recipient is entitled to know what I'm saying. I stay away from any website that wants private information to register (so I'm not on facebook or sites of that ilk), or claims the right to use some of my information in their "privacy" or "terms or use" agreement(s). I quit using all Microsoft and Google software & search engines (prefer scroogle & Ixquick). Owing to their recent attempted intrusions into my privacy, I will soon be dumping Apple's OS as well and going completely to Linux & open source software.

    Your privacy is your right; NEVER surrender it and where possible, prosecute those who would violate it. Most important of all, don't just click the "I agree" button to make things easy. Chances are, you never even read what you are giving away, and it's plenty!

  7. Turning a phone off is not enough. You must take out the battery or you can still be tracked and listened to.

  8. Love reading this and the responses. I wish there were more of "us" that are against this privacy invasion. I feel like I'm the only one in my state that thinks this has gotten way out of hand. Most people I speak with think "well, if you're not doing anything wrong what does it matter?" I guess some people don't get the concept of privacy.