Saturday, April 23, 2011

George Soros Needs to Be Indicted and Arrested on a State Level

              Why are we in such a mess? Why are people who are stealing the country's wealth right out from under our feet not held accountable? Monopolies are enthroned swallowing up competition. We are forced to pay a debt to the offshore bankers that the people never consented to. A farmer can go to jail for minor errors in paperwork. Gun dealers are harassed for non criminal mistakes. There is so much fraud and deceit in our government. political contributions keep the true white collar criminals out of jail.
               We can not trust Eric Holder and the Obama Administration to uphold the rule of law anymore. We can not count on the states anymore either to stand up for the people against fraud brought on by the government in Washington. Where do we go from here before many people resort to an armed confrontation.What option do we have left. We tried calling our Congress critters and Senators.That has failed. We looked to our states to avert the the coming storms. Our leadership have failed us on every level.They have us sold out for morsels from Washington DC. What is our remedy before a shooting war starts on the streets of America.
                 Starting with Texans. We need to go back to our local Grand Juries seeking an indictment and arrest. We have to be relentless and not allow local DA to obstruct our access. Who do we start with.This needs to be done in every county in Texas..First is Texas Lt Governor David Dewhurst for violating the Logan Act.He was in a meeting with a foreign agent forming policy with out the people's consent at Bretton Woods with George Soros. This man is seeking destroying the dollar seeking to bring American to it knees. The Lt Governor has no business being there if he is going to be one of the few enabling this fraud be brought upon Texas destroying the dollar. The Lt Governor took an oath to preserve a republican form of government. His attendance to Bretton woods show he is conspiring to undermine it.
                  Second we indict George Soros for fraud and the act of sedition undermining the Constitution and the our Republican form of government. George Soros has warrants out for his arrest in many countries. He must be brought to justice. He must be stopped and exposed. He is scum and evil. These people must not be allowed to walk free one more day. If he does not face justice in this life. He will face the judgment seat in heaven before he get his just reward. Justice has to be put back in our hands and not put in the hands of politicians again.
To the Grammar NAZIS.Before you criticize my use of words.CLICK HERE


  1. good piece,all very true,also true is the fact thatTEXAS harbors and protects MANY mass murder perps,just in Dallas alone you have the BUSHIES on mass!

  2. My first response didn't go. I really try to be fair. Realman2020 is WNL about the absolute need to get the ball rolling against America's worst problems.
    An appeal to the lowest common denominator [bells and whistles, kitties, food, packs of doberman pischers taking down tackling dummies with (Place convicted defendants' names here.)masks on] may create amongst loyal Americans who work hard and deserve an on-line audience, a sense of commradre and recreation satisfying to the point that they can cowboy up to the job of taking back their country.
    I recently peaked at over 59,000,000 listings on the Yahoo! search engine, and I hope this message will help. Too many Americans and Israelis believe they are perfect and safe. They don't think twice about behaving like pigs and really need to look in the mirror. Just because a person can murder does not mean they should. This is elementary to most, but it has become American foreign policy.

  3. Oh yeah, almost forgot. Look at the older pictures of the scars all over the back of Obama's head. This is from either 4 very angry people with shovels or most of the brain surgeons in the CIA/NSA. Obama is not the main problem. The CIA sealed his education, employment, health, and birth certificate records. Not a judge as is the usual case with private nongermaine issues. The CIA has no legal power to do this. Biden and Hillary should be in therapy. Not the White House.

  4. What a silly and ridiculous "article".
    you offer zero evidence as to why Soros should be arrested. Saying he is an "evil man" doesn't cut it. Give me the evidence please. If you have it. He has warrants out for his arrest in many countries? Really? Where did you hear that, on Glen Beck?
    USA is in a big great mess cuz the military-industrial complex has been stealing public money starting with WWII. All the imaginary enemies: The Nazies, Soviet Union, the commies, Ali Queda, etc are there to make people like Macdonald-Douglas and Locker-Martin rich. Of course people like you NEVER get it. And now that it's cheaper to pay a Chinese a dollar a day than to pay unions, all he jobs are gone. But hell, that's "capitalism" and "free market", right? So what are you bitching about? That you can't make money in the new "global economy"? Hell, that's nobody's fault but yours, ain't it?

  5. Lonestar - it ain't just Soreass - there's a whole network of elitists to dismantle before the US can all itself 'Land of the Free' again - if ever!

    @petkov - do you honestly want the real evidence? Doesn't sound like it to me but here goes:-

    And that is just the beginning - for those needing more detail before they act could try reading
    John Coleman - Conspirators Hierarchy


    Political Ponerology

  6. I went to: "", and here is what it says as relating to Soros.

    "ICG's George Soros would then go on to fund Egyptian NGOs working to rewrite the Egyptian constitution after front-man ElBaradei succeeded in removing Hosni Mubarak. This Soros-funded constitution and the resulting servile stooge government it would create represents the ICG "resolving" the crisis their own ElBaradei helped create."

    That is ALL it says. How is that in any way PROOF that he should be arrested?

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