Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Voters Beware Of The Real Donald Trump.He is another False Hope

               If we are going to have a leader of the free world. This person must be above reproach. Nobody is  perfect or flawless. Then there is the sleaze and the slime balls. Donald Trump maybe a business man and a billionaire. He is all over the media about the President's eligibility running his mouth. I have to remind you. His T.V. show the Apprentice is on NBC. NBC is owned by General Electric. Is there a hidden agenda behind his sudden emergence in the public spotlight as a possible contender. GE has a lot of bad press lately with the earthquakes in Japan and all the faulty nuclear reactors. All the back room deal having an monopoly over power plants in the Untied States. Donald Trumps is just a side show and diversion.
               The real Donald trump is knee deep in Wall Street corruption. He is portraying himself as a likable money addict or junkie. Take your pick. This a man who has casinos were the games are rigged. He has had many wives. He has went through as many wives like Elizabeth Taylor had many husbands. I am weary about a wealthy man getting into politics. Our Congress can qualify as the almost billionaires club.Wealthy people got our country into this mess. I do not trust them to find our way out of it.
               The real Donald Trump is for national health care and has many leftist leanings. He is not for property rights. Mr. Trump has used to power of Eminent Domain forcing people out of their homes so he can build his casinos instead of paying fair market value. Many of Mr Trumps positions are not what this country needs. When he talks about ending the Federal Reserve System so we can go back to sound money again. I might give him my time to listen to him.When he starts talking about reigning in Wall Street corruption I might consider a little bit. When we hear him talk about bringing back the real Glass Steagall Act of 1933.Not a watered down version with loop holes. Tigers can jump through in a three ring circus. Than I might consider it. So far we are hearing about the birth certificate and none of his positions were he really stands is not known
               Donald Trump has a very checkered past that many should question. He is pandering to populist politics. People are hurting.Many Americans desperate for relief and answers.People know this country is going in the wrong direction. Just because the Mr Trumps is telling people what they want to hear.This does not mean he is for real.I have a feeling he being used for a hidden agenda. So far in my life.Eloquence and ,flattery and being a good speaker never qualified being a good leader.
               If Donald Trump ever decided to run for President. Before people pull that lever for him. Learn about who he is and what he was part of in the past. He is not a man above reproach. He is good in front of the camera. I do not think he is the man to lead a nation. Donald is a false hope we have to be aware of. I rather stick to Ron Paul. He has been consistent and proven to lead. The establishment has put out their front runners for many years only to burn the voters. We need real leadership and it is not Donald Trump.


  1. You forgot to mention he is a WARMONGERING, PRO-ISRAEL, lying slimeball.

  2. What I see when I look at Donald Trump is a cronic bragart who is obviously covering up for a little dick.

  3. Are there any billionaires who aren't sleazy slimeballs?

  4. Trump is a straw man, intended to give the complicit media an endless supply of 7/24 infantile sound bites, removing air time for the only candidate that might save this woeful country. Yes I'm speaking about Ron Paul

  5. Just as soon as Ron Paul has been eliminated from the pack, Trump will purposefully self-destruct, and make way for the NWO choice, someone like the odious Mit Romney.

    Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama-Romney - meet the new boss, same as the old boss

  6. For sure Trump is just a clown to draw media attention like a rodeo clown draws the bull's attention away from the downed cowboy. The GOP will kill Ron Paul before they run him. Hopefully by running another turd like Romney it will wake enough people up to vote third party? I know, unlikely, Americans will keep voting Rep/Dem until they're dead and buried, but I can hope (no, not that hope).

  7. I have my reservations about Trump,


    You Say:

    "I am weary about a wealthy man getting into politics. Our Congress can qualify as the almost billionaires club. Wealthy people got our country into this mess. I do not trust them to find our way out of it."

    Michael J Volz, says : Poor men like Mr Boner can be bought way too cheaply!!!!!!!!!!

    Even a couple scuzzy whores may be their price, not Spitzer's $40,000 a night whores!


  8. They wouldn't force these idiots into peoples lives if the interest wasn't so high.
    An American verison: "Fox News North" has started up in Canada. Ol' Harper couldn't make it anymore obvious that even a country like Canada can be overthrown.
    The point is they've turned the world mostly into a stupid soap opera.
    We all need to tack a giant step back and see where this show is headed. Death camps, anyone?

    William G.

  9. Trump housed 2 of the 9/11 terrorists and has enough money to keep it quiet. MADCOWPRODdotcom