Saturday, April 30, 2011

Instead of Blaming Vaccines for Seizures. They Falsely accuse the Parents of Shaken Baby Syndrome

One of the biggest cover-ups and injustices is vaccine-induced injuries. Parents are threatened and coerced by Doctors and Social services if the child does not get these shots. They are breaking the law they are told. The truth is there is no law requiring parents to vaccinate their child. This is one of the biggest frauds of the century were the parents is damned if they do by allowing their child to get shots knowing of the fatal side effects. The Parents are damned if they do not if they do not know their rights and risk social workers removing the children from their custody for child neglect because the parents did not vaccinate the child.

Another reason the parents can be damned if they don't is if they parent submits and gives the child their vaccines as recommended by the state, The side effects can be deadly or have permanent damage to the health of the child for the rest of their life. When the child is experiencing a side effects of the vaccines hours after getting the shot. The parent will be blamed for something they never did instead of blaming it on the vaccine. One of those possible deadly side effects is going into seizures after the child being inoculated. Medical staff will falsely accuse the parent of shaken baby syndrome as the cause of the seizure instead of the vaccines.

Usually these infants went into seizures hours after getting vaccines. Doctors will blame shaken baby syndrome for the cause knowing full and well the vaccine caused the seizures. Falsely accusing parents of shaking their baby as the cause is their way to shift blame away from vaccines because the Doctor can be sued if the truth came out he knew this could happen when vaccines are injected into the child. Shaken Baby syndrome I believe is a fabricated accusation to deflect blame away from the vaccines being the cause.

 Many prosecutors and police officers arrested and imprisoned people for shaken baby syndrome without any clear evidence and the possible cause of the vaccines being the blame is left out as evidence. This is one of the biggest injustices were innocent people are serving jail time to cover up the vaccines being the cause using shaken baby syndrome as charged.  The evidence is mounting against this shaken syndrome accusation as a cover up of vaccines being the cause. This could be one of the biggest scandals of the century that can destroy the government’s and big Pharmaceutical companies credibility all together.

This country has a problem. When our government fails to protect people from the reckless actions of the pharmaceutical companies. When congress passes laws shielding these mega corporations from any liability were parents could not sue them for damages caused to their children taking these shots. Instead of holding the drug companies accountable for these additives, they put in the vaccines that cause seizures and even death to children. They fabricate shaken baby syndrome when a child goes into a seizure hours after taking the shots. This is how they cover up and shift blame away from these vaccine makers being culpable using the myth of shaken baby syndrome.

We no longer have people of courage and character-holding office today that will do what is right. Police and prosecutors are so quick to convict people using shaken baby syndrome to get an extra notch in their belt or get on the front page of the newspaper hoping for good publicity. Over zealous prosecutors and detectives, looking for brownie points is not justice at all. What ever happened to doing what is right? If a person done, no wrong is found out. Why pursue prosecuting if they know a person is innocent?

This country is at a fork in the road where it will be either them or us. The these shot defines the real meaning of the government-corporation fascism complex. Government does the bidding of who will pad their wallet at the expense of the innocent. Seeing how the drug companies collude with government covering up the real side effects and long-term damage done by these vaccines. What has been done to children harmed by these shots and the parents in prison for a crime they never committed is a clear injustice. They day of reckoning will come for the government and the pharmaceutical companies if they do not change their ways soon.



  1. The way to dissolve the the pharmaceutical industry is to not support them. Their vaccines are more dangerous then the illnesses they claim to treat. There are many cures for disease and it's not, at all, costly. There is no profit in a cure. Do your research. Dr. Hulda Clark would be a good start. That's the source of the best methodology that I've found but there are many others. If there game is money, don't give them any!

  2. Corporate Profits Uber Alles!

  3. Canada has dropped the ball on this issue, even though Dr. William Scott of Ontario pioneered the research which exposed the fraud of 'shaken baby syndrom' a decade ago. Recently, there have been charges against fathers in two provinces of Canada - Quebec and Newfoundland. The news media refuse to inform the public. Those employed by the giant Canadian pharmaceutical companies, and the sold-out doctors who propagate their lies, are getting away with murder.

  4. It was Dr. Donald W. Scott. William Scott is his son and co-author. Sorry for the mix-up in the names. Both father and son are still active in Ontario, Canada; elderly Dr. Donald W. Scott is now in a retirement home with his wife. He fought the good fight for many years.

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