Thursday, June 30, 2011

Not Letting Government Fear Mongering Rob Us of Our Common Sense.

            I remember how people were scared after the attacks on September 11th. Over many years, good people on a quest to reveal with credible sources and research by tenacious patriots seeking the truth to expose false flag terror is a real threat to liberty to a people. The evidence has been proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and in Shanksville Pennsylvania was a false flag attack by our government to instill fear in the people to advance an agenda. The only half-truth that day that was spoken by President Bush was Freedom was attacked. It was not by Muslims living in caves so we are scared of people wearing turbans as they portrayed . It was done by our own government creating a major event with loss of life to scare people into accepting a solution under normal circumstances would not even consider ever allowing to happen. Government induced fear by false flag events to steal our liberties in the name of national security fighting a perceived enemy is the formula they use to advance an agenda.

            People were afraid of Muslims because they might be with Al Quada. They might attack us was the talking points of the day. The mass hysteria and paranoia that if Muslims talked in a group in a mosque or at the park, they are plotting an attack, and we better be very afraid of them.  The whole propaganda machine was selling fear that we need to surrender our rights for safety. This has created a tyrannical nightmare strangling our own freedoms and liberties in the name of the war on terror. It is time we think for ourselves and decide what is best for us. Never put what we can do for ourselves in the hands of a distant government out of fear of a perceived threat fictional or not.

            All dictators used fear of staged events like burning of the Reichstag all the way to the attack to the Oklahoma City bombing to demonize political enemies so the people will fear the opposition.This willl give the government the excuse to abuse a group of people as enemies of the state. The State of Texas might have fallen short restraining the TSA at the airports groping travelers as a condition to travel. It seems fear tactics are not working anymore with the people. It just works for politicians who want to be reelected. We can start to see major Airports starting to opt out of TSA screening passengers due to the pressure of tourist industry to do something to spur the local economies. When we see the government power is under a threat from the state of Texas because they are getting ready to assert state’s rights. We can see these staged events like with the Shoe bomber were people could take off their shoes. Not to forget the Underwear Bomber who was allowed to board a plane without a visa or passport to justify placing the full body scanners in all the airports. The government is using fear tactics to justify taking our freedoms to protect us as they say always. They might stage an event of a rectal bomber exploding in an airport to justify the groping when it really starts coming under fire like never before. A false flag event will be used to silence the opposition to groping can go on with a rectal exam. The sky is the limit of what lengths they will go to hold onto power.

              We now see Mayor Bloomberg using Adam Pearlman as a poster child for gun control saying Al Quada is going to gun shows and will massacre innocent people as a fear tactic. If it does happen where a false flag results in deaths in a public place or soft targets where many people gather at once. They will use the firefighter carrying wounded children out as they did during the Oklahoma City bombing to try to scare the public tugging at people’s emotions blaming the second Amendment for this tragedy.Id they stage an event in Chicago or New York were gun control has disarmed the people. This will further show gun control is a failure because people armed with a CCW could have stopped the attack before it started if people were allowed to defend themselves.

               We must remember never let fear rob us of our common sense to think things through; always ask questions and be skeptical . Never give into government-induced fear of the boogeyman will come and get us if we do not surrender our freedoms so they can protect us. I have a feeling they will try to use fear to attack liberty to justify checkpoints and further invasions of our privacy. As the days, go by. The war on terror is now the biggest hoax and a blank check to attack our way of life as the people see today. I am worn out on fear now to the point of being numb to it. I am to the point now I do not get scared at a phantom enemy anymore and starting to ask questions about what is real and true compared to the official story. Never let fear steal commons sense anymore. It is still legal to think.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Who Will Step Forward With Articles of Impeachment Against Obama?

               It seems like we have a tyrannical dictator in the White House who knows no boundaries concerning the rule of law and the restraints to his office as the Constitution outlines. The US congress to look the other way or to shrink from their duties cannot wait until the 2012 election. Action Congress must take now to pull the plug on the White House before he sends in the Army to shut down the Legislative branch and the Courts in the government so he can hold onto power.

               The President I believe is a fraud. I do not know what his real name is. He has a social security number that says he is using the identity of a deceased person who existed long ago on the east coast and not from Hawaii. This has nothing to do with a birth certificate or not.The President is trying so hard to cover up his past because it will expose him as a complete fraud. If Obama says was born in Hawaii as the President claims to be his birthplace. He lived in Indonesia and renounced his citizenship to the United States to qualify to enroll in schools in that country. Where are his naturalization or repatriation records? Where are his legal records of his name change from Barry Seotoro to Barrack Obama? What about his college records, transcripts and financial aid records? Never mind saying he is born in Kenya. He has enough skeletons in the closet that makes him ineligible to hold office as it is.

              We have him committing our forces and putting our nation in harms way starting wars in Pakistan, Yemen and Libya without the approval of Congress. Now we have become an imperial empire bent on conquest for the Bankers and Israel. He is writing law by regulatory process and executive power without passing laws through Congress. He is in contempt of court ignoring the ruling from the Judges. He is still implementing his Healthcare law regardless being ruled unconstitutional. He will not allow oil rigs back in operation after a Judge lifted the moratorium after the deep water horizon disaster in the gulf. He is out of control with no regard for the will of the people or the laws of the United States. He needs to have constitutional restraints placed back on the President and remove from office by the impeachment process before he destroys this nation.

              Who will be the congressional representatives to bring forward articles of impeachment? It is getting to the point Congress cannot pick and choose their battles with the White House anymore. They have a problem when the President usurps power from the legislative branch. President Lincoln jailed the whole Maryland Legislature so they could not vote on secession before the war of northern aggression. This battle has to be waged in congress to restore the balance of power between all three branches of government.. The Congress cannot look the other way on something and take on others. The Legislative branch of government must do its constitutional duty reigning in power of the President. Therefore, who will step forward and do what is right for America or we will perish. Not only is the nation at risk but congress as an institution is in peril too because Obama will try to dissolve the Congress if it keeps him in power. Self preservation of the congress under constitutional rule needs to be the agenda. The more they delay the more powerful the Dictator with become if left unchecked. Good men in Congress cannot sit idle and do nothing anymore. It is not about Politics. It is about our survival.

The absence of Leadership in the Lone Star State,Just Political Obstructionist and Opportunist. A Leadership Crisis in Texas.

               The State of Texas is in crises. It is not a TSA crisis or an EPA crisis. These two agencies have been the ball and chain dragging Texas down. We have a leadership crisis. When will Politicians figure out there is nothing good that comes caving into the adversary. Why did they cave in? Where is their spine or backbone? It is truth a coward dies a 1000 deaths. Caving in will kill the soul of Texas if we do not stand up to bullies. We are Texans and not Washington's subjects for dehumanization by mindless Federal goons.

               If I was Speaker of the House or the President of the Senate carrying out my duties working for the people of Texas. I would have called over the DPS officers and ordered these Federal people to be escorted off the capital grounds, and further instructions not to allow them back on the premises to interfere with the Legislature. Under Texas law, they are a foreign power. I know they will not because they do not want to make the Feds mad. Well the news is Washington DC hates Texas. They do not care if they get us mad or hurt Texas. Why should we care what they think if they do not care about what we think?

                I send a message to the State Legislator. Do not cave in or compromise. That will only make your final resting place in a mass grave when they are through using you being their useful idiots. Do not accept less then freedom. Do not accept a watered down bill that has no effect. We need a constitutional standoff with Washington DC. You have the people's support if you do what is right. This fight is our fight too. We fight with you. We need good moral leaders and not professional politicians in the State Legislature. We sent people to the Legislature to stand up for Texas because we have nothing in common with Washington DC. We cleaned out congress because the people have nothing in common with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barrack Obama.

                We need leadership in Texas. True leadership never buckles under pressure from a bunch of unpopular sleaze balls in the White House. Gov Rick Perry shows no leadership. He does not want to take on the Feds or they will not let him run for President. That is not leadership. That is playing politics thinking compromise will be better for his Political career than standing up to tyrants. If Gov. Perry took on the feds and defeated them, that would be a big boost for him politically. If he did run for President and seems like he intends to do so. He would be a folk hero and a household name. Demonstrating leadership making the stand for Texas would make him unstoppable with political capital at his disposal.

                 Seeing the leadership in Texas caving in to Federal pressure, watering down the bill that has no effect as desired by the people show no moral fortitude in our state leaders. The true absence of principle and out of touch with the people is the trait of career politicians‘.  We do not want people in office to compromise and make deals behind the scenes. The people of Texas made their voices loud and clear we wanted to criminalize the illegal acts of the TSA. To derail the will of the people by Gov. Rick Perry, Joe Straus and David Dewhurst shows the arrogance of the political establishment. They are not leaders, but the gatekeepers and obstructionist to progress in the Lone Star State.

                I pray for a miracle the House makes the bold stand and passes the strong TSA bill forcing the hand of the political hacks out in the open. They need to be called out working with Washington and not for the people of Texas. We need leadership that will stand up for Texas and it people. We need the house to be strong and keep passing the strong bill that has teeth until the Senate votes on record. If the Senate is, there to get along and go along for the sake it will help them politically to gain favor of big money lobbyist. They will pay the price. We want them on record voting up and down finally. We need leadership in Texas. That is our crisis. The lack of Leadership when good people do nothing will always make things worse. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain if we have strong leadership instead of politicians and cowards.


Monday, June 27, 2011

People in Illinois Town of Peoria Live In Fear of Racist Mob. Where is the White House Investigating Hate Crimes?

             The very double standard is here where Black Mobs are terrorizing the White Citizens in Peoria Illinois. This mob was claiming they want to kill Whitey and get back at them for centuries of oppression crap. Where are Homeland Security and the FBI going to investigate for Hate crimes? They are going after patriot groups for using very mild terms taking about taking back the country. Many people who are Tea Party are not using racial slurs and still being subject to harassment for possible hate crimes by the Federal government for using far less derogatory statements.

             If the tea party groups went around a town threatening law abiding black citizens. There would be non stop news coverage using the opportunity to demonize the opposition. There would be calls to charge people with hate crimes for making such threats unless your a black group. Then the rules change based on the color of a persons skin. We see the double standard out in the open. So how do the police deal with the problem? They tell people to lock themselves in their homes because they are short on manpower or are they out writing tickets doing creative revenue generation. People seem to feel unsafe even sitting on their porches. I wonder what would happen if the Police acted started to jail some people and put really did their job protecting the law-abiding people. Would the Rev. Al Sharpton and the Rev. Jesse Jackson come to Peoria to demonize the Police for being racist?

             It is sad the people of Illinois live in a corrupt state where politics and corruption are inseparable. When people have to depend on the Police to protect them and are without defense. They are not doing that well either. I believe this mob did not happen in a vacuum. I believe this is being an operation by Federal hacks so people in Peoria will cry for the solution they would not otherwise accept. That is Martial law. I am not saying that is the agenda. All I am saying it would not surprise me if that was the end game sending in the National Guard having a Police State as the solution.

             The State of Illinois reeks of gun control where people cannot defend themselves and because of these strict laws. The people have a right to defend themselves. With this, flash mob-making threats to kill the white people. Having the use of arms would be a great deterrent. The City of Peoria is a great example when gun control is in place and the people have to resort to depend on the system to protect them.  It is just very egregious the White House and the Justice Department are not in Peoria doing Hate Crime investigations for these black flash mobs threatening white people. Only if the Tea party was out in force making the same threats. Then we will see the heavy hand of government clamping down on free speech. Hypocrisy out in the open in Illinois for all to see. Welcome to Illinois or more like Obamaland. The land of the corrupt and home of the depraved.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

We are sick and tired of the RINOs games and dirty tricks in the Texas Legislature.

                It has become apparent the Gov Rick Perry, David Dewhurst and Joe Straus love Texans tolerating groping and their dignity violated at the airports. These people need to resign and just go straight to Washington DC and never return to Texas. We do no need them. They are obstructionist and sell outs. They love tyranny just as much as Big sister in homeland security. Gov Perry should just resign and go run for President on the Democratic side since he does not embrace the actual Republican Party platform that is going back to the Constitution. David Dewhurst needs go back to the CIA playing spy games. Speaker of the House Joe Straus should just resign and move to Washington DC to Join Obama's cabinet. No RINOs should claim to be something they are not. The three men need to get out of Texas's way or else they will be accountable in a not so nice way. Eventually angry Texans might run them all out of Texas with pitchforks if they keep playing all these games. They have very little choice but to pass the bill.

                 Cut the crap with the parliamentary dirty tricks and backrooms deals. Bring the bill to a vote. We can all tell Gov Rick Perry does not really support the bill. If he did all of the above. The Governor would have put the bill on the agenda for the special session when he called it. Why wait so late in the special session to place bill on the agenda? It is because Rick Perry does not want the Anti TSA bill law either. He is colluding with Speaker Joe Straus to make the bill die by manipulating the rules and procedure of the House. They are claiming to do one thing while behind the scenes stabbing Texans in the back is ending.

                 When the Tea Party voted in the latest crop of candidates, even Rick Perry rode the bandwagon to cover up his true agenda. The people of Texas were expecting results from these people. Not just talk with no action to back it up. Three men who supposed to look out for the interest of Texans are failing to discharge their duties as the office demands as their responsibility under the state Constitution dictates. The men who fought for Texas independence are rolling over in their graves right now. We owe to these warriors for laid down their lives, fortunes and sacred honor who threw out Santa Anna and his army for being thugs.

                  Tonight when I go to sleep and lay my head down. I pray the Ghost of Sam Houston keeps the governor awake at night until he does what is right for Texas. I hope Jim Bowie haunts Speaker the House Joe Straus playing with all the knives in the house. The Ghost of Davy Crockett haunts the Lt Governor aiming his muskets at him all night playing mind games. I hope all the men who died at the Alamo haunts all the state lawmakers until they do what is right for Texas. I know that is not going to happen. If it did happen that might call in Ghost hunters and make it a major TV event. They will use the haunting as a way to get public sympathy. These early Texans would not have put up with the Mexican Army groping their wives sand children. Even the Mexican Army knew better than to mess with people's wives and children. If they rose from the grave today, they would be calling for many people to hang from the nearest tree. They will not tolerate the games they are playing in Texas today.

                   This latest dirty trick by the leadership in both chambers in the Texas State Legislature and the Governors mansion should be the last straw. If Governor Perry had anything to do with not allowing this bill to pass. His chance for him to be President is over. He will go the way of David Dewhurst with his hands in the cookie jar trying to kill the bill earlier. I am sick and tired of their tricks playing with the minds of Texas. I see many Texans have had enough of the games too. They demand results and not another excuse why it was defeated wishing better next time in two years. We had better give them hell and these people will make Texas hell for all of us.




Is Texas the Tipping Point Against Federal Tyranny if They Prevail over the TSA?

            I can see the Federal Government are up to their dirty tricks in the Texas state Senate trying to block the anti TSA bill that prohibits agents from sticking their hands down people's pants as a condition to travel on an Airplane. The Federal government making threats of no flights in or out of Texas will be the consequences if the bill passes becoming law. The Senate cannot dodge the will of the people and think we will forget them.They will find out the hard way. The Federal government is acting out of desperation to hold onto power over the states.

              I have a very strong indication that the stakes are very high if the Feds do not try to stop the Texas Legislature from passing a law against the TSA sticking hands down people's pants. This can be the beginning of the end of Federal encroachment into the states. The first domino to fall if Texas prevails  seeing a chain of events following if this legislation passes. This puts TSA agenda in jeopardy rolling out taking control over the states. This issue is not limited to airports. It is about jurisdiction over the states is the real battleground that is at stake..

              If Texas wins over the Federal government regardless of the threats was coming from the White House and the Justice Department threatening economic sanctions. The TSA rolling out on the streets with checkpoints on interstates and State highways is in peril. Because a win for the Lone Star State is, a big boost is really shifting momentum for State rights and Sovereignty movements against tyranny. It will be hard for the TSA to justify being in theme parks, sporting events, shopping malls and any major function when there is no justification for their presence to be there. The unpopularity of the TSA will further be their demise if Texas prevails.

             The Federal government is not making threats to keep Texas in line. They are making threats because the stakes are high and they will lose more than scanning people naked bodies to feeling up passengers. The authorities in the White House know if there is a victory over the TSA on the state level. This could be the shift of momentum to start pushing back. The truth is we are winning and the Federal government is trying to derail any effort to advance state rights.

             The TSA is so unpopular and there is a backlash against his rogue agency. They are the face of government oppression and tyranny. We are breathing down their necks and they are trying to break our will not to take on the Federal government. The people of Texas must say no to dirty politics and threats from Washington DC. The Federal government is not prepared to deal with a chain reaction of states to follow Texas putting the TSA back in the box if Texas prevails.

             We Texans must not allow our State Senators and Legislators to cower to threats from the Federal government. We share the risk and the consequences that come out of Washington DC if we put an end to TSA groping Texans at the airports. Texas has nothing to lose standing up to tyrants. Let them try to suspend flights over Texas. It will only strengthen our resolve. For the State Senators who want to please the Feds and vote no against TSA groping. We will be happy to put you all on a Grey Hound bus with a one-way ticket to Washington DC since most of you want to go there anyway. Just stay there and not come back to Texas ever. They either do their job to uphold the Texas and Federal Constitutions as they swore to in an oath or get out of our way if they are ashamed to stand up for the Lone Star State.

              The Tipping point is close were the momentum is in our favor against the authoritarian forces if we push all the way and go the distance. A victory in Texas against the TSA is the chain reaction needed that the other side can no longer control .We have nothing to lose. The Federal government has everything to lose if they are defeated.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

More Dirty Politics Trying to Block Anti TSA Groping Bill in Texas.

               These RINOs in the Texas Legislature think they can get away with blocking the will of the people and have political cover is over. They cannot save their face and ass at the same time anymore. Texas Speaker of the House is now blocking the will of the people of Texas as always. I wonder if he is running interference for the Obama White House now. Last month the Lt Governor who is also the President of the State Senate killed the TSA bill that would have prohibited people from being illegally touched as a condition to board an airplane reinforcing already existing state law.

                 Too bad Speaker of the House Joe Straus who lives in San Antonio which is driving distance from Austin does not have to deal with the groping like other Texas State legislators had to endure to return to their districts. This latest move by the Speaker of the House has Washington DC's and the Republican establishment’s fingerprints all over it so Gov. Perry can have wiggle room to squeeze him out of political pressure to pass this anti TSA bill. The Speaker wants to make the anti TSA groping bill from being an actual law that would arrest TSA workers for illegally touching to a non-binding resolution watering down the bill that has no legal effect. Another ploy the Speaker commented on was the Anti TSA bill was just a publicity stunt and there is no the support to pass the bill. That is a slap in the face to most Texans who want to TSA‘s authority restrained. It seems the leadership in the state legislature is trying to run out the clock on the special session so they can use as an excuse saying there was no time to pass the bill. That is hogwash trying to pull the wool over Texans eyes. The governor can keep the legislature in session as long he sees necessary to pass anti TSA. If the Governor supports the bill and says he will sign it into law. Lets put his money were his mouth is and the session going until the bill is passed.

                  Has the Speaker of the House Straus learned what happened to Lt David Dewhurst when he tried to kill the bill? The Lt. Gov is politically in hot water for being a political hack for the US Justice Department. For Rep. Straus to not allow the bill to come to the floor for a vote because he says it is a publicity stunt and a flawed bill now wants to have a resolution instead tells me he is the water carrier for the Obama White house too. Ramifications that are far more serious can happen if this bill becomes law that will have a ripple effect sending shock waves nationwide. This bill becoming the law of Texas will be a major boost for the State rights and Sovereignty movement. The momentum of the states against the over reaching Obama White House would have shifted in the people's favor against tyranny.

                  The political shenanigans of dismissing the house members early on Friday so the bill can not be voted on saying there is no legislative business was a cheap shot ,Saying the bill is flawed piece of legislation and a publicity stunt so they can water down the bill to just a non binding resolution shows the other side is desperate. This is all rhetoric by the establishment politicians to break the will of Texans to discourage pushing back against tyrants. People in Austin like Joe Straus, Lt Gov Dewhurst and Governor Perry do not care about Texans. They care about the Status Quo and power. These people have sold their souls and sell out the people of Texas always for power.

                   The Special session in the Legislature ends this Wednesday. We better burn up the phones lines and give them hell. I am sick and tired of people like Joe Straus playing games with the lives of Texans. This man is not fit to serve as dogcatcher.  A recall election petition needs to be in motion to remove him from office. We cannot tolerate people with this kind of character making decisions that affect our lives anymore. I have to wonder was the timing of Gov Rick Perry waiting so long to put back on the legislative agenda the Anti TSA bill in the special session was collusion with Joe Strauss to defeat the bill.

                    People who say they are Texans who say one thing and do another are working hard to make this bill not a law because there are serious ramifications they see that do not work in the favor of the political establishment. We better cowboy up with spurs on our boots and give Speaker Joe Straus a swift kick out of Austin for good. We are not playing games anymore with dirty scumbag politicians in Texas anymore.

Call Speaker of the House Joe Straus   (512) 463-1000 to bring bill to the floor for a full vote.

Call Lt Gov David Dewhurst at   512 463-0001  Once passed the House on fast track for passage in the Senate.
Call Governor Perry to keep the Legislature in session till the TSA bill passes 
512) 463-2000 out of state callers (512) 463-1782

Lets Give them Hell if they Mess with Texas!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Texas Lawmakers to Vote Again Tomorrow on Anti TSA Groping Bill "Obama Come and Take it"

               It is about time Governor Rick Perry added the Anti TSA bill after demands from the people nationwide and in the state of Texas. This puts Rick Perry in a very tough spot politically since his actions say he is running for president. The last time the Anti TSA bill HB-1937 was about to be voted on in the state Senate. The Justice department with Senator Kirk Watson and Lt Gov. David Dewhurst went around the floor of the Senate twisting arms and making threats that air traffic over Texas would stop if this bill becomes law. If the Lt Gov was involved,then we know Gov Perry gave his blessing to the Lt Gov to sabotage the legislation before there was a vote.

              Now they are making threats again to Texas if the legislature passes this bill and becomes law.They will take legal action in court and no air travel over Texas. I mean the ultimatum of no flights coning in or out of Texas if Texans will not allow a bunch of mindless goons to touch our private areas a police officer is not authorized to search.There is a vote scheduled in the Texas state legislature in a special session on June 24,2001.Will this be Obama's and Big Sister's Waterloo? If the Justice department goes ahead and pursues with legal action to override State law.This might be the TSA's watershed moment that is the beginning of the end.

               I never seen an Administration so brazen in the the face of the American people. How Tyrants took over societies using culture will not succeed here.This is not Russia,This is no communist China and Castro's Cuba. This is Texas.If push comes to shove. There are plenty of cowboys with boots, cattle prods and branding irons to chase the TSA out of Texas for good.  Texas will lead the way for freedom once more. So please call the State Legislature in Texas and show support.

Home Security System Being Promoted By Comcast Can Be a Trojan Horse for Big Brother?

              My jaw dropped when I seen a service now being offered to customers who subscribe to Comcast. This new technology is being extended as a special promotion to Comcast costumers in the Houston area. The new service now being promoted is Xfinity. It shows a state of the art home monitoring with cameras around the house and sensors keeping track of energy usage. All this from the touch of someone’s Iphone or lap top computer. Xfinity alerts the parents when kids come home and can see if they are behaving. This may sound good because technology makes all this possible, with remote access a person can dim lights and turn off appliances not in use. All this through a cable TV company that is well known household name nationwide. Technology can be a two edged sword that can have good use and can be a nightmare too.

              I have some real reservations about this Xfinity service by Comcast. Why, it is because if I can access my home to see what is going on in my house while I am away. So can other people. With all the abuse going on in government wiretapping phones without warrants and the patriot act with the sneak and peek. The government will love Xfinity because they can access at random people's homes to see what is going on. There is many privacy issues concerning civil liberties about Xfinity. Who else will have access without me knowing? I do not want some pervert watching my woman undress with this type of technology. If they can turn on Laptops computers of Students by the school at will from a remote location. They can turn on Xfinity without our knowledge too to spy on us at will too without us knowing.

             Former Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtz wanted cameras in all homes. Is Xfinity a way by default for the local police to gain access to people's homes? Can you imagine someone is counting cash at the kitchen table after they sold a car? The Police see this just checking random homes. Because people are counting money they are now suspect dealing in drugs. Next thing happens there is a SWAT raid in the dark of night. Xfinity is a Trojan horse to a full surveillance society grid where cameras are not only on the streets. Now there is a way cameras will be in all homes in the name of home security and energy efficiency  is the goal. The perfect Trojan horse.

            For people who want to have a secure home just need to use common sense securing a home. What Comcast offers is a Trojan horse the Police State can use to abuse and invade people's privacy. These telecom companies like Comcast never stand up for the rights and privacy of the customers. They just roll over and do what the government says without a court order. I rather have a 20th century security system where I lock my doors and my neighbors who I trust keep watch while I am away. Why pay stranger to be our prying eyes when I never ask for it?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Double Standard Lying to Congress. Major League Baseballs use of Steroids and BATF Operation Gun-Walker Scandal

             While we hear all the fanfare of Congressman Issa exposing and demanding answers from the BATF Operation Gun-walker scandal. When it was found out the head of the BATF lied to congress. He might have to step down was the news because he was not honest with congress. There are no calls for his indictment to be a trial on the charges or pay a heavy fine. The possibility of incarceration was never the topic in the press, not even a peep from all the networks. It seems the powerful always protect themselves. I find there is a big double standard here when it comes to people in government who lie before congress and the private citizen when they are dishonest before the same governing body.

              I remember hearing on the news constantly about steroid use in in Major League Baseball. The seriousness of Major League Baseball Players using steroids was worse than our troops using torture in the war on Terror. It should be an outrage, but not for congress to deal with. I wonder how many Louisville slugger bats these steroid induced players hitting home runs broke. When it was obvious that Roger Clemons and Barry Bonds were lying before congress. An outrage demanded swift justice as the media portrays. They were calling for jail time and indictments. Never mind the torture of Iraqis and bombing children in the Middle East. Steroid use in baseball was the major issue.

              When Acting Director Melson of the BATF is said to resign after being caught lying to congress. I do not hear any calls for him to be under arrest and indicted for lying before congress. There is no call or being serious about the rule of law unless you are a private citizen breaking the same law before congress. The same treatment as another baseball player Tejada facing jail time for using steroids also caught to lying before congress. There is hypocrisy here in how government treats its own and how the private citizen is treated committing perjury before congress.

              There is a big difference between the operation Gun Walker and Steroid use in Major League Baseball. Steroid use in baseball, the players done more harm to themselves and broke a few a Louisville Sluggers by sports enhancing drugs. Their actions did not hurt the fans or anyone else. The athletes only hurt themselves. It should have not been a waste of the taxpayer’s money to drag people before congress. A very small matter not relevant that should have been the jurisdiction of Major League Baseball to deal with and not the US Congress because there are more pressing issues than steroids in baseball. Operation Gun Walker is much worse.

              The sad truths unlike Professional baseball athletes have made some bad choices that can influence some players in lowers leagues does have a negative effect. The fact is the actions of the BATF done far more harm to many innocent Mexican people south of the border and the family of the murdered border patrol agent. For all the people in the justice department to the BATF straight to the White House who are called before the subcommittee to testify under oath. They all should all face prison time for lying before congress. There should not be a double standard in how people in government and private citizens get different treatment when they commit perjury. The law should apply to all with no respecter of persons. Maybe if Congress starts to jail people in the Obama White House for committing perjury. Maybe the President will realize no one is above the law.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rick Perry! You Are No Ron Paul!

              If anyone thinks, Gov. Rick Perry can to save us from Obama’s heavy hand from the White House being the 45th president. They are dreaming and I have ocean front property in Amarillo I want to sell you. In 2009 when Gov. Perry was giving speeches at Tea Party events about how he will not tolerate Washington's heavy hand in Texas. His speeches are just empty words that ring hollow. His book "Fed up" is just empty words that have no meaning. He only told people what they wanted to hear to seduce the voters. The Governor for 10 years,his words and actions do not line up at all.

             There is a reason the call Gov Perry slick Rick is because he is a good speaker and can look the public in the eye and lie through his teeth. This man is not a constitutionalists, he is not a vanguard for freedom, or stands up for Texas. Gov. Perry sold his soul and Texas for political power. He is a big government Rockefeller blue Blood Country club Republican. He may talk like Ron Paul and claim to be just like Ron Paul. He is no Ron Paul. He does not even come close to the good Doctor.

             Congressman Ron Paul may not be the most eloquent speaker, or the best dressed. His hair might not be perfect.All I can say his actions speak louder than his words. He has consistently stood for sound money and the constitution. He has returned what has not used to the treasury allocated to his offices and staffing needs. For the governor with a straight face to share the stage with Ron Paul will be interesting to see. I see for the last couple of years. Rick Perry has dropped the ball for Texas intentionally many times. Congressman Ron Paul's message is now getting much airtime and now dominates the tea party grass roots inside the GOP. I do not think Rick the RINO will have the same luck as the neo cons had in the past.

             The latest ploy was when Perry and his partner Lt Gov Dewhurst in playing dirty politics tried to do in secret kill the bill in the state senate prohibiting the Federal TSA from groping people at the airport. If the bill had passed by overwhelming majorities in both chambers in the legislature would make legislation veto proof, leaving the Gov Perry any wiggle room to please his party bosses. The bill would have been veto proof. The Governor and the Lt Governor played this political cat and mouse game where they tried to kill the legislation and have political cover. Well thanks to the outcry statewide in Texas. Their dirty tricks are now public knowledge throughout Texas. Now they cannot have it both ways like they used to do.

              Now I hope the Texas Tea party destroys Perry politically as they did to Rudy Giuliani by dogging him on selling out paid roads in Texas to a Spanish company and to force young girls to take a vaccine that is dangerous by cited experts to cause injury. Governor Perry has sold out Texas so many times and is not a hardcore patriot. If you believe Governor Perry will save us from Obama? I have to say you are wrong. Obama and Perry are dancing to the same puppet masters who rule in the shadows. This says there is no difference. It is like having a choice of the Dixie mafia or the Chicago mob to rule over us.

             Slick Rick, you are no Ron Paul. You can talk like him and sound like him. You will never be him. Ron Paul has a record of accomplishment that is the best. Therefore, go ahead Rick and run for the White House. This is not politics as usual as years past. The battleground has changed and you are using an out of date playbook that does not work anymore. I think the republican establishment will be in for a rude awakening when Rick Perry is exposed.


Friday, June 17, 2011

If Congress Wins in Court Against Obama's War in Libya. What is Next When the President Ignores the Courts?

            I have to say I am very frightened how President Obama violates the rule of law in the War Powers act. This President's actions pose a danger to our freedoms at home and destroys our image abroad starting wars not consulting Congress. One of the saddest times in our history where one of our patriot heroes we celebrate his moral courage killing the second bank of the United States. That man is Andrew Jackson. Old Hickory made a blemish in our history with the Trail of Tears. President Andrew Jackson violated the treaty of the Cherokee Indians forcing them west off their land moving to Oklahoma. The Cherokees won in the Supreme Court because it was a violation of the treaty. Still President Jackson still removed the Indians from the Land knowing no one could enforce the court ruling. A very bad precedent future presidents can reference to defy congress and the courts.
            Since Jan. 2009 when Barrack Hussein Obama was sworn in as President to be our 44th President He has violated his oath since day one. Since President Obama is violating the War Powers Resolution invading Libya calling it everything but a war. The President has failed to report to congress about military action in Libya. Now Congress has filed suit against the President because he bypassed consulting Congress.  A major legal precedent on July 25, 1973 in Federal Court ruled against President Nixon. A Federal Judge ruled the secret Cambodian bombings is declared unconstitutional. This secret bombing of Cambodia caused Congress to pass the War Powers Act of 1973 because Richard Nixon abusing his war powers. The secret Cambodian war one of the offenses in the articles of impeachment against President Nixon was proposed.
              My concern is the past Presidents defying congress and the courts is nothing new. This gave Presidents in the past to thumb their nose at congress and the courts starting with Abe Lincoln. It did not just start with President Obama. President Clinton and Janet Reno violated the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals removing Elian Gonzalez from his uncle’s home in Miami in the year 2000. President George W. Bush is no angel either. He ignored numerous Federal Judge Rulings that the Patriot Act is unconstitutional. He has ignored court orders against violating the right of Habeas Corpus. President Obama is ignoring court orders to resume offshore drilling in the gulf and still moving forward with his Health Care Law that was by a Judge’s ruling to be unconstitutional. Regardless what the courts are ruling, Obama is still is moving forward to implement it.
            Now we have a precarious situation here. The President is ignoring Congress and the Courts like his predecessors did .Why because Congress has failed to keep the President in check on his war making powers and executive authority. The Courts do not enforce its rulings. The lawsuit filed by congress is a good start. I hope Congress wins the lawsuit where the courts rules against Obama’s war in Libya. How will Congress and Courts enforce the ruling to stop the war? Will they start Impeachment proceedings to attempt to remove the President from office? Will the Congress invoke the powers of the 25th Amendment declaring he is incapable of discharging his duties of the office? The President's mental condition and state of mind is putting this nation in great danger starting wars worldwide. Only an insane person would start wars with nations without provocation. If President Obama is not in his right mind launching World War III.  The 25th Amendment needs to be a consideration to save the nation from destruction that put us all in great danger as a nation.
            It is now crunch time for Congress. They do not have the luxury of picking and choosing their own battles anymore. The reason why the President is out of control is because Congress lets the President and his predecessors get away with it for so long. The Congress can refuse the raise the Debt ceiling so the Military must scale back operations not in our national interest. The Presidents fitness to hold office has to raise into question of his mental abilities since he is bringing this nation to self-destruction.  Congress must act not just filing a lawsuit. Call all the commanders of the Pentagon before congress to testify why they are following illegal orders starting wars not declared by Congress? The Members of Congress must call cabinet members to testify of the President’s mental fitness to hold office. Congress must act in their Constitutional duty before this nation falls into great peril. This is not about politics. It is about the survival of our great republic that is in peril. It is about drastic actions because we are not safe unless we act. It is do or be done in by a lawless dictator wannabe if his power is unchecked. God help us all.


TSA Worker Arrested In Houston,Texas for Theft. (Not Only Get Out of my Pants,Stay out of my Luggage ,and out of my life too!)

              It was announced that Governor Rick Perry finally placed HB-1937 back into the agenda of the special session in the State Legislature, It took a lot of pressure from the people to get this bill back as a priority after it was kept from coming to the full senate for a vote due to the efforts of the Lt Governor to defeat the legislation. I thank my fellow Texans for putting the heat on the Governor to do the right thing.

              The TSA must have limitations respecting the sovereignty of Texas. We have a tenth amendment, which is a means to restrain the Federal government from encroaching on the states. It is a good start that Texas is taking the lead trying to pass legislation to prohibit the touching and groping of passengers as a condition to travel on an airplane. This bill if becomes law would enforced state law already in place that touching people in intimate areas against a persons will a felony. This would allow TSA workers to be under arrest for breaking state law already on the books.

              In Houston Texas, a TSA officer is arrest for theft for stealing from passengers. The TSA has plans to roll out on the streets of America. The almost were about to conduct security groping students at a High School prom in New Mexico. There are numerous arrests from TSA around the county of theft from luggage. The TSA even takes infants into custody away from the Mother for setting off the metal detectors because the clip the pacifier. The lack of common sense and dignity is egregious with the TSA. They are over reaching into areas that have nothing to do with Airline safety. Now the TSA ask travelers about personal finances and marriage. No Air traveler is should not have to tolerate questions by people who are not sworn officers about matters having nothing to do with aviation safety. A Federal Judge ruled the TSA searches are going beyond permissible violating the Fourth Amendment.  Texas needs to be the tip of the spear pushing back against the TSA.

           I am happy we have people in the State House like Rep. David Simpson who authored HB-1937. The people of Texas are making headway telling the Federal government, that Texans have a legal right to be secure in their persons. The right not to be touched or groping against our will without probable cause. It is good this bill does have fangs. Nevertheless, I want Texas to have a stronger bill that has shark teeth. Not only prohibiting the touching of people genitals as the original bill prohibits. I would like to see it being illegal the body scanners and keeping their hands out of our luggage. Texans want no more evasive questions asking about our intimate personal lives that have nothing to do with airline safety or stopping terrorism. Texans have a right to be secure in their papers and personal effects from unreasonable searches and seizures too. We have a right to be left alone in our thoughts too when traveling.

           We Texans have a unique opportunity to push back against this lawless and rogue agency breaking law and violating our God given rights. The right to travel is being secure in our persons, effects and papers. We need to make this bill stronger that puts TSA within reasonable limitations respecting our liberties not being subjected to unreasonable polices that are a infringement on our rights. The Message to the TSA and the White House is when they come to Texas. They play by our rules. Texans will send the message not to mess with Texas drawing the line in the sand one more time.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Government's war on freedom, common sense and dignity..

              I lived in Florida most of my life before moving to Texas. I lived in Pasco County Florida for most of my time in Florida. The people who live in Pasco County know all to well the motto of the system that is “Come here on vacation, leave on probation and come back on a violation.” We joke about it all the time because it is a known fact. The truth is a person will be better off committing a felony in Pasco County because they will not make money in the state prison system. They get a light punishment with waivers on fines and probation fees. They will get a light sentence with a reduced charge bumping down from a felony to a misdemeanor so they can serve weekends in jail and community service. They do make money off misdemeanors keeping people locked up in the county jail. They receive more leniency than a person driving without a license is. Driving on a suspended or no license, Florida throws the book at the person with the max sentence. There is no profit in protecting the citizens. That is just one county I use as an example of how far we have fallen.

             We are seeing the anti panhandling ordinance is almost law in Pasco County. The City of Tampa Florida now is looking into passing the same anti panhandling law too. I would see people hold up signs saying "will work for food". Some people I notice have a Ford Explorer parked around the corner doing this scam. There are swindle artist making it hard for the people who really need help. I admit that for sure. First, I would like to say, I am not for anti panhandling laws. It is the public sidewalk. This is something we have to tolerate in a free society. The people have the power to say "no" to give or not to give. It is the discretion of the person to decide. I understand there is an obligation to keep away panhandlers who are disrupting patrons of a business establishment. I understand the business protecting their clients. Under the easement rules in Property laws, they can tell the homeless to leave within the law without infringing on people's rights.

                 I do not believe the government has the authority to pass ordinances banning people asking for money. There is a price to maintain our personal liberties. I wonder what is next. It would not surprise me to see another ordinance being in the works criminalizing giving money to a panhandler. Being generous might be a violation soon. Will the politicians find out there is no money fining the homeless? It is a possibility they will go after the person who can afford to give. In these politicians minds, if a decent person can spare a dollar for a homeless man. Therefore, a good samaritan can spare a few more dollars for revenue enhancement. Another fraud Politicians can use to squeeze more money out of the producers of society.

               In Orlando Florida, the Police keep arresting people for feeding the homeless. These city politicians might see a backlash with unintended consequences to follow. These politicians do not think through these ordinances before passing not foreseeing the long-term ramifications. They just react to people complaining about the problem. People who complain about panhandling and feeding the homeless in a city park have to understand for few simple things. If we want to live a free society and retain our liberties, there is a price. We have to tolerate things we do not like. When we allow local governments to attack freedom not allowing people to panhandle is the camel’s nose under the tent. I get annoyed when a drunk wants a dollar to buy a quart of Night-train. I do not like seeing drunks begging for money to support their vice either. I live with it and tolerate it.

              We have seen these city ordinances infringing on private property rights with smoking bans in Restaurants and Bars. If we want to keep our freedoms, we have to tolerate the things we do not like. If a person has to tolerate second hand smoke and the homeless to preserve basic freedoms, which is the price of liberty is accepting the good with the bad. We cannot have our cake and eat it too. We must retrace our steps and we will see when we assaulted the freedoms of others, ours is attacked today. This is the reason why we will not have the right to prune our trees in our yards by some city ordinance because of long-term consequences. The reason is that people cheered the smoking ban years before without thinking of long-term effects that will follow. Once people support attacking private property rights of other people, in time politicians will attack their rights as homeowners in the name of your safety.

               Does anyone remember when Tampa passed an ordinance against lap dancing? The dancer had to be a distance away from the client so they could no up close and personal interaction in the name of public health. Only such lunacy can come from city government.  Where did the city of Tampa find the authority to interfere with two consenting adults? Do you know how much money was costing on sting operations looking for people violating the lap dance ordinance? It was madness. A lap dancer and the person who pays to for the service is a personal matter, not the city of Tampa to interfere in an agreement between the dancer and the client. It does not harm me or infringe on my rights. What happens in a topless bar is none of my business. It is none of the city's business in what goes on between two consenting adults in a topless bar, just as long their behavior does not bring harm to an innocent person. Thank goodness, the law was repealed years later. If that law was still in effect. Where would the city of Tampa go after next interfering in the choices people make that is non-criminal?

             I have to wonder. If the people are under arrest for feeding the homeless and people down on their luck asking for help are being cited with fines. If the group the feeds the homeless finds a place outside the city park to serve people in an area where no one is bothered. Will the police send in undercover officers to see if the soup kitchen is clean and they have a permit? Can we see Law Enforcement waste resources doing undercover operations looking for panhandlers using marked bills to entrap people? The homeless will not have to ask for money. There will be undercover police will offering money. When the homeless accepts it. They will be under arrest for panhandling by entrapment. I would not put it past police to use such tactics since the homeless person can not afford a good lawyer. Never mind the person's house being invaded down the street. There is no revenue in protecting a person's life, liberty and property.

            We have to conclude. We cannot blame these politicians and Homeowners association for everything. We have to blame ourselves too. We pushed these smoking bans and law against panhandling with good intentions. We complained to the homeowners association because we did not like the color of a mailbox. We never gave it any thought what the long-term effects would be. We never thought about how future politicians and bureaucrats would use this precedent as an excuse to pass ordinances that are more draconian. We allowed them with our consent. When we complain about homeless eating in the park and panhandlers because we do not like it. Remember we just attacked our own freedoms assaulting theirs. It will not be long before city government or Homeowners associations will change zoning laws. When a person invites the homeless into their home to have meal with a bible study, rent out a spare bedroom and grow their own garden to keep themselves fed. It might be against the zoning laws because someone complained and the politician cowered to pressure.

         It is very hard for me to complain about things. I mind my own business. I do not care if a person has a garden in the backyard or wants to put in a special type of mailbox up on the curb. Live and let live. Some panhandlers can be a minor nuisance at times. I really do not mind homeless being fed in the park, just as long they do not interfere with everyone's right to enjoy the park too. The homeless being an eyesore to the annoyance of beggars on the streets is not the issue. We can whine about second hand smoke at a restaurant or the bars. If you do not like it, go somewhere else that is a non-smoking establishment. Nobody forced you to breathe second hand smoke. Just because a person may not like what our neighbor does inside their homes or backyards. What ever a person does not like, grin and bear it. It does not mean it should be against the law. If we attack the rights of the homeless, panhandlers, smokers and businesses because we do not like it. As a result, we attack our own rights.

           You cannot justify your reasoning anymore. I will tell you why. I do not care if a person is an illegal alien, the immigrant, the homeless, a smoker, mentally ill, handicapped, the Good Samaritan, rich, poor and middle class. Rights are God given. We have no right to take them away because we feel they are less deserving. If we attack the rights of certain people who consider the lower denominator in our society because of status or quality of life. We attack our rights too. If your attitude is, still go after these people because you may feel they are not worth basic human dignity and God given rights. Then you not worthy these precious liberties either.



Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Arizona Police Officer Execute Man For Telling Them They Needed A Warrant TheyDidThis

VERITAS 6464: Operation Empire State Rebellion a call for civil ...

VERITAS 6464: Operation Empire State Rebellion a call for civil ...: "'This video from Anonymous calls for a civil disobedience action to begin on June 14th Flag Day to end only with the resignation of Ben Bern..."

What a Democratic Congress Did to Nixon During Watergate,Republicans Should use on Obama.

                During the Watergate scandal when Nixon was involved in a cover up with the break in inside Democrat headquarters during reelection. President Nixon has done many egregious things attacking freedom of speech and the rest of our liberties with executive orders. When Nixon was under investigation over a cover up under a congressional scrutiny, it is front-page news. I do not remember much about Watergate. I was very young. I only remember Captain Kangaroo and Romper Room.

               Doing a little research, I though about it. I see parallels with Watergate and the Present day Lawless President Obama. Back during the Watergate scandal, the Democrats controlled Congress with a Republican in the White House. Today we have a Democrat in the White House and Republicans in the House and Democrats holding a slight majority in the Senate. We have a corrupt White House,the time is now to teach the Democrats that history is a two edged sword. Even Hillary Clinton ,who helped in the investigation in Congress when the scandal broke should be worth noting.

             President Nixon was looking for distractions and diversions from Watergate. He was looking to start wars and bomb political conventions as false flag events to start wars or to demonize groups of people. President Nixon was a ruthless man desperate to silence his political enemies. It was rumor that Congress told the Top ranking commanders in the military not to obey Nixon’s order to attack or start wars to distract the public using the military. Congress did its job stopping the corrupt Nixon administration-playing wag the dog. Our country was very close to being a civil war in the early 1970s according to declassified documents
“Operation Garden Plot” and” Operation Cable splice“. This all because of the corruption of the Nixon White House caused a major division inside the Military and many circles of power.

             I will say it again and now what the Democrats used during Watergate can be an option to use against Obama. That is telling top commanders not to follow any orders of attack a nation unless attacked. The Military should have it made clear no attacks without their approval. The President is neck deep in corruption with operation gunrunner and passing out waivers to his cronies so they do not have to participate in Obamacare to name a few. The Economy is tanking and his approval ratings are in the sewer. He is using our military to save his political hind end putting our nation at risk on the world stage. He is abusing power using the force of government to go after his political enemies. This administration is abusing power doing unlawful power grabs he has no power to do so under the Constitution. He is making tricky dick look like a Boy Scout.

             It is time this congress makes its move to neutralize the President. He is using his seat as chairperson on the Security Council in the UN to send our forces to Libya and not consulting congress. He is claiming the authority of the United Nations as his claim to commit our troops to attack a sovereign nation who is no threat to us. Congress needs to start hearings to draft articles of impeachment and tell the military commanders in the Pentagon to stand down and pull out. No more military presence in the Black sea or drone attacks as acts of war on sovereign nations in the name of stopping terror. No more orders to attack other nations without congressional approval with the threat of funding being cut off from defense if they follow an illegal order. If congress does not do its job and neutralize this White House, provoking wars around the world for Israel,bankers ,and mega corporations. The President will use PD-51 to dissolve congress making them useless.

               This congress has no choice, but to act now to be that vital check on executive power. If they do not use what the Constitution delegates to them to do keeping the Presidents power in their legal limits. If they fail, the congress will have to apologize to the Nixon administration because they are letting the Obama White House get away with is the very same thing they condemned Tricky Dick for. It is time our congress take back their constitutional duty to put Obama back in the box before he destroys this great republic.


Preacher Who Said the World Would End Made Millions Fleecing the Flock

                When will people learn to discern the phony from the genuine? To send money to a distant preacher who deceived the people saying the world would end. I went after Benny Hinn and other TV preachers for their lavish lifestyles living other than a righteous lifestyle. Jimmy Swaggert and Jim Bakker in the 1980s should have made a skeptic of many people. As a Christian, I have to say and admit. I fell for the fleecing of Robert Tilton 25 years ago with Gods economy get rich scheme for a short time, if we send our money to his ministry.I will receive one hundred fold of blessings. He is no different than a corrupt a stock broker instead of using the Wall street Journal,he uses the Bible saying we will get high returns if we give our money to him.

                 Today, I see the church as no earthly good and useless. We see these mega churches and international ministries saying they feed the hungry. I have to be skeptical. I was upset hearing about how this Preacher of the Family Radio Network made millions of dollars from followers donating to him. Why do people believe it is God's command to send this man money? It is sad too many people are very weak minded who cannot see the phoniness of people suckering them out of money. This radio network has assets over 104 million dollars. According to IRS filings publicly on record if, anyone cares looks it up if his followers just take the time. This radio network received $18.3 million in donations If these people would read their Bible, they will find out not to be deceived. I have no pity for them, because they should know better. If they want to give and be generous to a good cause, there are far better ways that do make a world of a difference in our own communities.

                We have people hungry living on the streets in need of shelter. This economy has taken a toll on millions of families and children. People homeless who never foreseen themselves before in this dire situation  ,now live on the streets surviving day to day. I say keep charity local as much as possible for the people in our towns who need assistance so they can get it. Keep our money local when we shop, even in charity. Keep your earnings in the community. If Christians really want to experience, true blessings from above and see their money at work? Give to the people who have need in their own communities like soup kitchens and food banks. Not to some distant preacher in Oakland California where we cannot see if our money is serving a good use wisely or is there squandering. It is a big waste of money.

                The $18.3 million could help people in the communities to assist those who need a helping hand and not a hand out. If a single mom, who works and is barely make enough to feed, shelter and clothe her children. If this mother needs new tires or car repairs so this mom can keep working so she can provide for herself and her family. It is money well spent. Jesus even said "if we done unto the least of these we done it unto him". It seems the Christians today are not the salt of the earth anymore. They are into subsidizing the Pharisees like TBN and all these TV preachers. This is why are country has lost its moral compass because they are deceived by the preacher who said the world would end. They believe every word said without a challenge.

                I remember the movie with George Burns and John Denver called "Oh God". When God told John Denver to go to this specific preacher and tell him to shut up because he is giving the Creator a bad name preaching garbage. Hearing about Harold Camping having a stroke is probably divine intervention because he is making God look bad. Please do not waste your money on these ordained con artists. If you want to give to change the world, it starts in the community we live in first. Help those here in our own backyard. Not someone’s back pocket  1000 away saying “Praise the Lord!".

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Stop Making the World's Elite and the Money Junkies Equal to God. They are Just a Bunch of Delusional and Depraved Lunatics

I can only listen to a very few Patriot shows because of a very good reason. If anyone read the book of Proverbs 23:7 Bible quote" As a man thinketh, so is he ".  I get so fed up with people who say they have to fight the New World Order whose mind is sucked in the what the elites say on paper. I mean they make these people out to be equal to God himself being all knowing and powerful.  I am getting sick of these people saying how they are going to shut down the web, track, and trace us. I do not accept the people who are the world Elites will have their way. I am sick and tired of this defeatist attitude about what they are going to do to us.

            What really I get sick of is people saying, "Ron Paul has no chance of winning" A self fulfilling prophesy if you are not the one willing to get off the couch and canvas going to door to door. If we believe Rep. Ron Paul has no chance of winning, then he will not win. If we believe, he will win. He might have a fighting chance. I am sick and tired of hearing "they" will not let him win. This "They this" or "they that" is a complete cop out. They will keep stealing elections as long we let them get away with it. Corruption will stay in place if we believe they will roll out their plan to dominate. If we believe, they will get away with it. Then they will get away with it. We will speak our own slavery into existence. It is not up the Elites of the world what kind of leader we will have. It is up to us to put the man in power we want. Therefore, if we think they control all and we cannot have a say. They will get away with it every time. If we are not willing to put up a good fight and work hard. Then we will get the leader and the corrupt government we deserve.

              I do not accept this scientific overlay and dictatorship one bit. Put up all the cameras on every street corner with all the facial recognition software to track and trace people. They can poison the food; add the fluoride and all the drugs in the water supply. They can do all the studies on human psychology. The elites do not hold too many wild cards. They will fail trying to prop this corporate world government up. They are arrogant and overconfident. Their narcissism will be their demise. These people are not God and will never be. It is time we see them as hell spawn and scum. Their power is an illusion and they not invincible like superman being bulletproof. They can be defeated. They put their pants on one leg at a time like the rest of us and die as all humans do.

            I truly believe in my heart that this will fail very soon. The Elites are depraved lunatics who never had to make their own bed. Dress themselves or even wipe their own tush. They never had to fight for survival and worry about the next meal. They are not too bright and pathetic in their own illusion. I believe there is a God in heaven that is one-step ahead of these people just giving enough rope to hang themselves in good time. These people will self-destruct and be destroying themselves by their own moral rot and delusion from within. This is why their New World Order will fail before it starts.




Monday, June 13, 2011

Can William Travis and Sam Houston Be Labeled Domestic Terrorist Now?

                I have to laugh and at the same time be concerned about how our law enforcement has become so stupid and so duped by all the brainwashing coming out of Washington DC. Considering that the Texas County Sheriffs office who bought the DHS lies hook line and sinker that patriotic people are the terror threat. If they really believe that to be true, Then the whole Texas army who fought for independence from Mexico and their armies can be considered domestic terrorists just based on a false belief. All the defenders who were killed defending the Alamo must be rolling over in their graves after this county Sheriff issued a terror warning against those who believe in the same principles early Texans fought and died for.

              Do we now label the Texas hero Sam Houston a domestic terrorist because he dared to stand up to the Military dictator who terrorized the people of Texas? How dare Sam Houston stand up to the Mexican Government, and how dare he oppose the oppressive hand of General Santa Anna. If Sam Houston were alive today, he would be spied upon by the FEMA fusion centers and put on a no fly, no gun buy list. These people in Law enforcement are unaware they are expendable cannon fodder to be used by the Feds. The tyrants need the local police cooperation to carry out their tyranny on the people. We have to snap these police out of their brainwashed stupor and back into reality. These people in uniform have much more to lose than we do, if the police do not come to their senses real quick then I fear for them.

              We have to demonstrate absurdity by being absurd. That means making posters and stapling them all around Bandera County, I mean making posters with pictures of Sam Houston and William Travis with writing on the bottom saying "Classified as Domestic Terrorists by the DHS and Bandera County Sheriff". The Feds are trying to strike terror into the hearts of the Law Enforcement officers to fear what is normal and good. The Federal government wants to put a wedge between the people and the local police. I do not have anything against people in uniform; they already have a tough job dealing with the ugly characters in society. They have no reason to fear the good Americans trying to make Texas and America a great place to live, they have more to fear from the government they take their orders from than the people DHS labels as the enemy.

              Perhaps revealing the absurdity of what the DHS and the Bandera Sheriff calls  domestic terrorists, using Texas heroes as an example might knock some common sense back into the rank and file of the Sheriffs dept, that the DHS has no credibility regarding this claim. If we can get Law enforcement to think for them selves, being very skeptical as to the Feds claim that good patriotic people who love America and Apple pie are ready to kill them is in reality a farce. Then they will know not to accept such nonsense, maybe then they will find the fortitude they need to say "No" unbelieving of the bad advice from the Federal government that is just more brain washing, maybe when the DHS sends out these ridiculously absurd alerts demonizing the normal as suspicious; like having a home bible study group. Then I hope our sworn peace officers will think it through like rational people, take that alert, crumble it up and toss it in the waste basket.

Why the Sovereign Citizen Movement is Feared. My Opinion of a Sheriff Issuing a Terror Alert.

           The first thing I will say very clearly to the people of Bandera County; The next election that rolls around when the Sheriff is up for reelection and must face the voters again, waste no time throwing his ass out of office! The county sheriffs in the Lone Star State are constitutional offices provided for in the Texas Constitution, the people elect the sheriff to secure and protect the constitutional rights of the people in his county, and he is the chief Law Enforcement officer of his county. There is no one higher than the county Sheriff, the President of the United States cannot tell the county sheriff what to do, and He only answers to the people who elect the Sheriff to hold office.

            Recently the Bandera County Sheriffs Office issued a domestic terrorist warning after the death of a Bexar County sheriff’s deputy died in a Shootout; there is no evidence that this slain deputy’s death is linked to violence in the Sovereign Citizens Movement. Therefore, I see this terrorist warning not as a report by the Sheriffs office alone. This alert was not being issued in a vacuum, the FBI, ADL, SPLC and the DHS,
 I believe might be the force behind the scenes pushing the Sheriffs office to issue these alerts based on no solid evidence to substantiate the claim. The death of this deputy is tragic and my condolences go out to his family. This sad incident should not be a reason or a tool to go after a group of people who are true patriots.

             Why is the Sovereign Citizens Movement viewed as such a threat? The reason is that these people in the movement are actually reading the law and doing their homework. They know the law better than the Police and many Lawyers. While many Law Enforcement Agencies eat up these lies handed down from these Federal agencies and the ADL like a hog going back to the feeding trough willingly every time without thought. The Sovereign Citizens Movement is countering the disinformation and exposing the fraud brought upon the people.

              The Bandera Sheriffs office showed its true colors, indicating that they are a prostitute for Federal Money and will sell out the liberties and freedom of the people who elected the Sheriff to office. The reason why there are so many abuses by the Police in non-violent encounters with law-abiding people is because the influence of the Federal government in their jurisdiction. If the sworn peace officers and local police really listen to the people, they will find out we have nothing to fear from the sovereign citizens allegedly committing acts of terror, we the people have much more fear of our own government attacking us. If the Police and Sheriffs just followed the law and upheld their oaths. There would be no reason for a sovereign citizen movement.

                This shows an act of desperation by the government to discredit the patriots because their time is running short. They know they will fall, they are just trying to prolong that day of reckoning. To use the Texas County Sheriffs as a mouthpiece for the Federal government shows they are losing control, they have no credulity and people have no confidence in the leaders anymore because they are ignoring laws or breaking laws all together. When Sheriffs offices or local Police issue such warnings without giving much thought about the validity of claims, laugh at them because they do not live in the real world and will not take time to see if it is true as the Feds claim about people who want to restore the republic. Just laugh at them, when the time comes it will be the Feds who stab them in the back. The Federal agents pretending to be their friends will deceive them, giving them advice to ignore the warnings from the Patriots might be their downfall. Once the Feds are finished using these local goon police officers, they will throw these dumb cops to the curb, unlike the sovereign citizen who has everyone’s best interest at heart, and also for the police officers if they take the time to listen with an open mind so that they can make a better-informed decision. We are American first before we are anything else.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

CIty Council Demanding Keys Private COmmercial Property Be Handed Over to Authorities For Our Own Safety As Always or too abuse Power?.

Ordinance #2740( An unfunded city-wide mandate) was passed with a resounding 6 to 1 vote, and it allows for the citizens of Cedar Falls to forcefully give the government keys to their comercial properties through universal 'lock boxes'. The intent of the program is to provide increased safety and protection to personal, private property which include businesses, apartments and some rental houses-- which by the way-- comes at the expense of furthering wayward erosion of fundamental constitutional rights.

How The Government is using the Constitution to Violate the Constitution

                 I am happy the US Constitution is easy to understand in a way the common person can decipher without all the confusing legal terms and jargon. When we look at how Congress over reaches its jurisdiction, passing legislation to trample over our rights; They passed laws against regular light bulbs, the Congress bans high flow toilets and wants us to use low flow toilets. They keep passing laws violating our rights in the Constitution by using the Constitution. Where in the Constitution does Congress get these implied rights? When I say implied, I mean addressing issues not written in the Constitution specifically, or the founding document is silent on certain issues. In some politician's mind that is justification to trample all over our rights under implied authority in the Constitution.

               The President has signed a series of executive orders over the years bypassing proposing legislation to Congress and going around the law giving him self implied powers they claim are in the Constitution without accountability. The latest I can remember that makes the President assume the role as dictator enacting PD-51 .Where does the Chief Executive’s claim under implied authority in the Constitution reside? What part of the Constitution does the President not have to be accountable for and show Congress this document? The tyrants and authoritarians will use one part of the Constitution to destroy another part of this document. It is like the dog eating his own tail.

                What justification does Congress have to trample on the Bill of Rights? They use the commerce clause. When the Constitution with the approval by the states, Congress is delegated the authority to regulate commerce between the states. The word regulate has a different meaning today than it did back in 1789, In the early days regulate meant keep regular and free flowing, and unrestricted. Today that very word has changed in its meaning and now is defined as to restrict, restrain, and control commerce. This has created an economic climate with draconian laws putting an undue burden on the people and small business with regulations that are counterproductive.

                 The congress has used the commerce clause to go after our rights to keep and bear arms, to justify this freedom killing war on drugs that now makes growing Hemp illegal, and to attack private property rights. They claim the constitutionality of Obamacare where they say under the commerce clause that they have the legal authority to take over the healthcare system. We are now under duress to pay for a health care plan against our will or face jail time. They used this commerce clause to get into every facet of our lives attacking our property rights and state sovereignty. Now we pay high prices at the pump and pay high electric bills because the states cannot use their own natural resources and allow the free market to work. This clause in the Constitution enables them to prohibit States drilling for oil and building refineries so we can have cheap gas. This clause is being applied to pervert the meaning out of proper context and wreak havoc on our freedoms and the economy. The commerce clause in our Constitution is the justification as a means to destroy the Bill of Rights in the very same document.

                   The time for congress using this clause as a loophole to trample our rights and economic freedoms must sooner or later come to an end. It is an excuse to restrict our right to have local farmers markets and have our own home garden to grow our own food. It is the reason to attack the sales of raw milk and health food stores. This loophole must close so congress cannot manipulate the meaning of the clause. The commerce clause is used to attack our privacy, monitoring our finances, and infringing on our privacy to spend our money as we see fit. This loophole of the commerce clause has allowed giant mega corporations to use the force of government to shut down their competition creating the rise of monopolies.

                   The TSA or as others call this rogue agency the Transportation and Security Administration uses the supremacy clause of the Constitution as their sole authority. This perversion of the Constitution to violate the people’s fourth amendment rights subjecting people to unreasonable searches and seizures, they claim the right to grope airline travelers and trample over states rights. They threatened Texas if they passed a law that will prohibit the illegal touching of passengers as a condition to travel in the name of regulating interstate commerce and the supremacy clause. They use a very weak argument to justify the violation of people's rights, another example of using the Constitution to violate the Constitution.

                    The FCC, known as the Federal Communications Commission, uses the claim of regulating interstate commerce as an excuse to seize the airwaves and the internet. They assumed the control of licensing of radio stations and TV stations under regulating commerce. This agency has attacked micro radio stations and instituted the Fairness Doctrine during the Nixon era as a way to silence his critics by controlling the airwaves in the name of regulating interstate commerce. This is the very perversion of the law that was used to attack the first amendment as a way to stop political speech. Now under regulating interstate commerce. The FCC wants to take over the internet to shut down websites that oppose the government using copyright laws, Hate crimes, cyber security laws, and cyber-bullying as a means to an end of free speech. A very useful political weapon now being used to destroy their political enemies and violating freedom of speech in the name of regulating interstate commerce.

                   The courts use the separation of Church and State that is not in the Constitution and the establishment clause in the first amendment that was supposed to protect freedom of speech and religion. Now the courts pervert the law to restrict a person’s right to freedom of expression, restricting how people worship, speak, and assemble to redress grievances. There is nothing in the Bill of Rights that say's people have the right not to be offended. This perversion of the law has made it almost impossible for us to govern ourselves because people in power are undermining the Constitution to suit an agenda.

                    To wrap up my sole opinion of what I am observing: The Constitution is still a great and relevant document that can restore our republic, if the document is not perverted to suit a political agenda. The Bill of Rights is the other part of the Constitution to restrain Government's power over the people. When the Government uses the commerce clause in one part of the Constitution to violate another part, it is a perversion of the supreme law. We know politicians are perverting the Constitution, ignoring the one section and using another text in the same legal document to trample over the people's rights, using what suits the power hungry politicians seeking to wield power over the population.

                    Until our congress and courts read the Constitution as a whole, and write laws in agreement with all of the founding document. If the law is not in agreement with the whole Constitution because it uses sections under broad definitions beyond original intent and ignores the Bill of Rights. Then it is our duty to call it out as perverting the law of the land. We can not allow politicians to use the commerce clause or the supremacy clause to restrict the right of the people to keep and bear arms and ignore the second amendment that is written very clearly saying; "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed". We cannot tolerate anymore perverting of the Constitution to violate people's rights. We cannot allow Congress to pervert the commerce clause and ignore the Bill of Rights at the same time.

                      If the law is not in agreement with the Constitution as a whole, with serious contradictions that can be a court challenge because it usurps the Bill of Rights. Then this bad law is null and void meaning invalid. That is if the courts read the Constitution as a whole. However, we cannot wait on the courts to say it either. It is up to the States and the people to nullify when they abuse power in the name of regulating interstate commerce. If we do not act and push back against people who pervert our Constitution that usurps our God given liberties, then we deserve what we get. The Federal Government will keep violating the Bill of Rights in the name of regulating commerce. It is time to send a message to the government that they cannot have it both ways, perverting our Constitution to violate it and get away with it.