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Max Keiser: Banks Are Dead!

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How Barrack Obama Avoids Prison (

How a Ron Paul Supporter Should Deal with Junk Mail from Mitt Romney and the RNC

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Is Obama Dangerous to the People and to his Master's. Will He Give Up Power?

It is a very dangerous time between now and Election Day. Right now, we see Obama's support base erode inside the party and among black Americans. Obama has been good puppet for carrying out his masters wishes implementing the agenda. He has been bad also because he has awoken up many people to his real plan for America. The elites have decided as reported at the Bilderburger meeting to throw Obama under the bus. We are seeing the left in the media and in politics turning against Obama and promoting Romney.

President Obama is now a law unto himself instead of going through congress passing legislation. He is just signing executive orders bypassing Congress. He is giving himself power he does not have and it has really awoken the sleeping giant in America and around the world. His advisers said he needs an Oklahoma City or a 9-11 to be reelected because the people have no faith in his leadership anymore. He takes expensive and lavish vacations at our expense while millions of American is out of work. I think Obama is mad that the establishment has turned on him and looking to replace him with Mitt Romney to continue the agenda since there is not a dimes worth of difference between the two. Nothing changes, the same policies just a different face and rhetoric.

President Obama might feel hurt and betrayed not wanting to give up the presidency since now he is a dictator. Congress has not challenged him on the executive orders and the wars being launched without congressional approval. He might feel emboldened to pull off a false flag, crash the economy or stage a crisis under PD-51 and his latest executive order National Defense Resource Preparedness to cancel the November elections to take complete control of the infrastructure. If the congress is not resisting, what is stopping him going further.

He could use the NDAA, the Military commissions act and the John Warner Defense Authorization Bill to arrest members of congress, even his globalist handlers, to arrest activist and media figures. He could order the Military to go take over state capitals and arrest governors who will not play ball with him and his seizing control of the country. He can use the drones to attack anyone who stands in his way. If he feels dissed by his masters who put him power, he might pull this off because Obama and his czars he appointed might not want to giver up power.

Obama might be a monster the elites have created they might not be able to control anymore. The masters may tell him he will not be reelected. His attitude he might to do some thing major to stop the elections to avoid a humiliating defeat at the polls this November. He dissed the elites before with killing the Keystone Pipeline something Pastor Lindsey Williams reported in a radio interview. He really ticked off the establishment stopping this job-creating pipeline. He can diss the elite again by not stepping down and declaring himself Dictator for life because he does not want to give up power to the other puppet leader Romney.

I have a feeling he has become more dangerous because he might fear losing the power he has accumulated. Obama might pull a fast one where the globalist and Obama might be chased out of America because I do know the American people will not tolerate Obama being president for life and many will this as an opportunity to remove the traitors from our mist. The American people are now armed to the teeth.

How do I come to this conclusion? Well Obama is an arrogant narcissist who is now very dangerous assuming power he does not have under the Constitution. In his mind, he did what he was told by his masters, so now thinks he deserves another term as President. He gave amnesty to million of Illegal aliens to help secure the vote to reelect him with a stroke of a pen It is very possible he will do what it takes to stay in power if it is causing riots, doing everything possible to destabilize the nation to declare Martial law. All this so he can invoke the executive orders he signed and the ones by past presidents. He is a dangerous man now we have to be ready for what he tries to pull on us.

It is very unpredictable what he will do in the coming months, he may do what his masters want and step down for his Caucasian clone to finish the agenda. The other is dissing the globalist masters by taking over everything canceling the elections. We have to be ready for both. The good thing is, if he does declare himself dictator for life. We will have a real revolution. I just hope it is peaceful.

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Woman’s Survival Garden Destroyed By Tulsa Authorities

"To the Contrary Notwithstanding" "the Right of the people to Keep and Bear Amrs Shall Not Be Infringed" The UN Small Arms Treaty is Unconstituional.

We are in the battle for not only the survival of our natural rights and the republic, which it stands. We are now entering the phase of fighting for our very survival to exist as human beings. Tyrants like to declare themselves Gods of this earth holding the power of life and death in their hands. The purpose of the Constitution is to limit the government's power over the states and the individual. Now we have an out of control Chief executive in the White House looking for a way to disarm the American people with the UN Small arms treaty.

One of the safeguards to ensure we are protected from a tyrannical government is the second amendment in the Bill of Rights. These amendments were adopted by congress to assure the remaining colonies who refused to ratify the Constitution; they wanted provisions to restrain the power of the Federal government. Ever since the ratification of the US Constitution, our liberties have been attacked from the beginning. The Anti Federalist has written their objections about the flaws in the US Constitution, explaining how over time how the government will go bad. Reading what they said, it has happened.

The Constitution gives the President the power to make treaties with the advice and consent of the Senate. In Article 2, section 2:

 The president, by and with the consent of the senate, is to make treaties provided two thirds of the Senators present concur...

In Article 6, Section 2 that can be a loose cannon trampling over our liberties as stated:

all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land, and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the constitution or laws of any state to the contrary notwithstanding.

What is more of an abomination to our representative form of government is the 16th and 17th amendments that were declared ratified but was not, According the Book " The Law That Never Was" . The author traveled nationwide searching the archives in various states. Three fourths never ratified the proposed amendments. The 17th is the worst of both in my opinion because the US Senators were appointed by the State legislature before 1913. Now senators are elected by popular vote of the people and not by the State Legislatures. The US Senator was an ambassador of the State government sent to a neutral place called Washington DC, which was considered a foreign territory. The 17th amendment took away the state government's representation in Washington DC. US Senators today are now beholden to special interest and not the people of their respective states. This why our right to keep and bear arms is being threatened because of the disconnect between the US Senators and the people

The writer of Anti Federalist number 75 has seen this perfect storm allowing the President and the Senate in on ratifying treaties leaving the House of Representatives out of the loop. The writer says so eloquently:

 And from this power of making treaties, the house of representatives, which has the best chance of possessing virtue, and public confidence, is entirely excluded. Indeed, I see nothing to hinder the president and senate, at a convenient crisis, to declare themselves hereditary and supreme, and the lower house altogether useless, and to abolish what shadow of the state constitutions remain by this power alone; and as the president and senate have all that influence which arises from the creating and appointing of all offices and officers, who can doubt but at a proper occasion they will succeed in such an attempt?

That is profound to hear, how many international agreements do we hear about that are carried out that have not been ratified by the Senate and the people' house is left outside the loop any recourse? The writer of the Anti Federalist 75 continues saying:

And who can doubt but that men will arise who will attempt it? Will the doing so be a more flagrant breach of trust, or a greater degree of violence and perfidy, than has already been practiced in order to introduce the proposed plan? . . . Of the same kind, and full as inconsistent and dangerous, is the first clause of the second article, compared with the second clause of the second section. We first find the president fully and absolutely vested with the executive power, and presently we find the most important and most influential portion of the executive power - e.g., the appointment of all officers - vested in the senate, with whom the president only acts as a nominating member. It is on this account that I have said above, that the greatest degree of virtue may be expected in the house of representatives; for if any considerable part of the executive power be joined with the legislature, it will as surely corrupt that branch with which it is combined, as poison will the human body. Therefore, though the small house of representatives will consist of the natural aristocracy of the country, as well as the senate, yet not being dangerously combined with the executive branch, it has not such certain influential inducements to corruption. . .

The flaw in the treaty making process under our present day constitution leaves the ratification of treaties to the Senate and the President, the people's house is left out not having any say. Two thirds of both houses and the Senate should be able to ratify a treaty, not just the Senate. In a way we are beyond that. Obama could by the executive pen say the treaty is ratified without two thirds concurring in the Senate.

There is another term ignored in the Constitution, they all see treaties being law of the land and say that is it regardless of what the legal document really says. They ignore four words of "to the contrary notwithstanding" meaning the treaty cannot violate our bill of rights or our representative form of government. So shall not be infringed means the UN Small Arms Treaty should be defeated because it withstands our Bill of Rights. It takes away a right secured by the second amendment if we allow it.

The right to self-defense, to keep and bear arms is a natural right that is God given. Just because Obama and Hillary Clinton agreed to this treaty that is unconstitutional at its worst. Ratified or not, let them try to enforce it here. We are the final check on tyranny if we are armed. This treaty takes away the final check on government power if we allow them to get away with it. It is up to us to be the final authority, or be slaves. It is our choice or exists at the mercy of tyrants. Jesus said, "Blessed are the Peacemakers". The UN small arms treaty is not a peacemaker, My Colt 45 on my hip is the real peacemaker necessary for the security of a free state. What do you think?

Rand Paul or Not, The Revolution is ours to WIn

After watching Ron Paul latest video, the overall message I got was it is ours to win if we want it bad enough. We have to value personal liberty, to have a free country for our children and our grandchildren. It is ours to win. The establishment has been use to winning with no effort and never having to put up a fight. What it shows me they do not know how to go by the rules when they are applied. It will be a very interesting convention this August in Florida.

Why do I believe the delegates must prevail is because the polls have shown with the independents. Ron Paul is the only person who can beat Obama. Mitt Romney cannot beat Obama no matter how much they try to skew the polls. I do not think 70 percent of the people in Texas and 60 percent in Ron Paul's 14th District really voted for Romney. I have not seen one Romney Poster or bumper sticker in the Lone Star State. Romney is just an illusion wagged in our faces. To see conservative Republican voters getting excited voting for Mitt Romney is like a person with a bad case of hemorrhoids going to see the proctologist to get an anal exam with a rubber glove.

I do not think it is political suicide for the delegates to take over the convention and nominate Ron Paul as the Republican nominee. There is plenty of evidence of voter fraud at the state party level all the way to the RNC to prove Ron Paul has been cheated. Mitt Romney being seen at the Bilderburger Meeting proved the fix was in to push for Romney. Sen. Rand Paul endorsing Romney was a bonehead move on his part that caused a rift in the movement. This action by Rand may have kicked the movement in the gut knocking the wind out of many people, but did not stop it. There is so much to lose if we stop now after all many people have done to advance the cause of liberty.

All we have to today to work towards making an impact at the convention in August in Tampa. The over all message from the Texas congressmen is that we hold the fate of the republic in our hands. If we want him the White House, it is up to us to make it happen. There have been many interesting things that have transpired with the delegates taking the RNC to court. The delegates want to select a candidate based on their own conscience who is best to beat Obama and lead the nation out of this economic crisis and tyranny. They do not want to be bound to vote for Mitt Romney who is just as the same as Obama.

We have the moral high ground and we have no choice but to move forward. We have no place to retreat and maybe no mid term election in 2014 beyond November 2012. While we can still travel freely, while we can still speak out and do activism. We have to make the best of what we have. We have no choice but to win. Failure is not an option anymore to chose, the luxury is gone. It is either we are free or we will be slaves. Ron Paul or the republic is gone. We have no choice; it is ours to win if we want it bad enough.

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Can Aristocrats and the Money Junkies Make Themselves Extinct by their Own Greed?

History has shown that when certain trends happen, it replaces something else that is in existence.  Thanks for the creation of the internet; many possibilities now exist to accomplish things 20 years ago would be out of reach. Back in the age of the when the first bible was published. The sliding printing press made it possible to publish books cheap for all people to afford to share knowledge instead of being limited.

People can publish and sell their own books online by the personal computer.  People can create their own documentaries with video technology and publish to a website for public view. Technology is breaking the stranglehold of the controlled media. The old ways of doing things of publishing and reporting the news is making the old publishers with the dinosaur media obsolete. The monopoly of control has started to end.

Musicians use to have to go into a studio to play their own music and find a record label top sign them. Now bands can produce their own music and put it out online by YouTube or sell it by MP3 on Amazon. The old way of going through a record company and a recording studio was the way musicians tried to do in the past almost makes the recording industry almost obsolete. The personal computer and the internet changed the dynamics that will not make the world the same. What channels people used to go through to publish, record has to now compete with the individual. Like pay phone competing with cell phones.

Now we talk about the old aristocracy. The old merchant class and the bankers enjoyed the cloak of secrecy. They had the luxury of their plans not being made known. They were able to control the issuance of the currency with impunity. The old aristocracy, which the banking families are not above the trends of being obsolete in a changing world. The veil of concealing themselves from scrutiny of the people is now ending.

Now the international banking cartel has been blown wide open. People see how the con games of the bankers work. They see how they start wars. The people are aware of the political puppets working for them. The people see now how they create a false debt out of nothing and how they enslave people by fraud. Just like the book publishing companies, the old news media and the recording industry. Thanks to technology, people do not need them anymore. Technology has spurred individual intuitive.

The world is finding out we do not need these private central bankers anymore and the fractional reserve banking trick. People are seeing what money really is and how important having a gold or silver backed currency makes life better. The old aristocracy that ruled by debt enslavement and compound interest may now be going extinct because people will find out we do not need central bankers to survive. People can do fine without them with a simple monetary system that can be exchanged with other currencies without the manipulation behind the scenes of the past.

The Rothschild, Rockefeller and all the other ruling families that got away with crimes against humanity with wars, mass murder by eugenics and famines might go the way of the dinosaurs. When the fraud they committed is revealed and when people know what real money is and how these central bankers impoverished many people. We can start seeing the old banking aristocracy be no more. The new aristocracy with be the individual. The old aristocratic order will be outdated like the horse and buggy. 

With a worldwide banking collapse, we can see the old order of the aristocracy fall along with it. The world is always changing and nothing stays the same. We just have to shout loud and clear. We do not need anymore central bankers. Once the world finds out these Banksters are not needed anymore and been the problem all along, they will fall along with their useless fiat paper money. We never needed the bankers all along. It has been an illusion that has ended.

Father Kills Rapist Sexualy Assaulting Daughter

Chuck Baldwin's Warning to Ron Paul

Is Ron Paul Surrounded by the Wrong People?

I do not question Ron Paul's integrity as a congressmen and his consistent stances going against the status quo. When his son who is the junior Senator from Kentucky endorsed Mitt Romney. Many in the patriot movement felt like they just got the wind knocked out of them when Rand Paul endorsed Mitt Romney. The former Massachusetts governor is a sell out and has shown to govern much like Bill Clinton.

I just have the impression I sensed for a long time that there is neo con operatives inside the Ron Paul Campaign and the Campaign for liberty. All the indication show they have shifted from endorsing libertarian ideas now supporting neo conservative candidates with an ideology alien to our constitution. I do think it is Ron Paul completely. I believe he is surrounded by the wrong people working to sabotage and undermine all he has worked for serving as a member of Congress.

One of the things Ron Paul should done in the beginning of both times he ran for President to vet his top advisers and screen all the staff working the campaign.  There is a concerted effort by the political establishment to derail and bog down the momentum of the Ron Paul campaign. We have been focused on the media blackout and the lack of time speaking in the debates. We failed to look at the internal workings inside the Campaign for Liberty and his Presidential Campaign.

I have noticed this kind of sabotage with the Iowa caucus when a face book message came out after the head of the Rom Paul campaign said on national TV we need volunteers to come to Iowa to watch the polls. At hack in his campaign office told the willing volunteers to stay out of Iowa we have it all taken care of on Ron Paul's Facebook page. There are Republican party plants dispatched to undermine the Ron Paul campaign.

There is even reports from listeners from the Alex Jones show who were giving to Ron Paul campaign when he had his money bombs. I was hearing the people taking the donations were making snide comments to the donors who are part of Alex Jone's audience. There are operatives trying to drive a wedge between Ron Pail and his support base. The campaign is highjacked by the neo cons. Jesse Benton is public enemy number one.

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Carol Paul Speaks about Rands Endorsement of Romney and Ron Paul 6-13-12

All Political Power comes from the Barrel of a Gun

I have to thank God for the Founders for recognizing the right to keep and bear arms. It was put there for a very good reason. The right for a person to defend himself and his family is his right to life and the rights of his family to exist as a free people. Criminals have always conspired and plotted to take from those who worked hard for themselves without making the honest effort. The author of the Bill of Rights recognized the right to own guns is a natural right and not a government granted privilege. Tyrants and freemen know guns in the hands of the people is the equalizer and preserving a balance of power protecting the people from the government's abuse of power.

Criminals and control freaks always gravitate towards government positions. In Soviet Russia, NAZI Germany and other tyrannical regimes emptied out the prisons and put criminals in charge of the Police and shock troops. In this process, while the criminal class takes over government. They turn on the propaganda machines to demonize gun ownership in the name of gang violence and for the children's safety. They will use every means to con us into turning in our firearms for some bogus reason. Today, the public is no longer suckered by the gun control mantra no matter what sob story the put out in the mainstream media machine.

With the creation of the Internet, having access to history not taught to us in the Classroom of the Public Fool system. We have learned what happens when the governments disarm the people. We have seen Stalin's red terror and Cambodia’s killing fields. We have witnessed what happens with gun control in New York City Washington DC and Chicago when no one has the right to own guns. Government corruption and crime is worse in these places because when guns are outlawed from the law-abiding citizen. Only the outlaws have the guns who do not obey the law. Places where gun ownership is encouraged, crime is low and corruption in government is not as bad.

This week was good for the right to self-defense. First in the State of Indiana that had a major victory keeping state power in check. When the State Supreme court ruled which resulted in a pubic backlash. The court ruled the police can unlawfully enter a person's home with no probable cause with a search warrant and the owner has no right to defend himself or herself against illegal entry by Law enforcement. The Indiana state legislature passed a bill and the Governor signed it into law declaring the people have a right to defend themselves when the police act outside the law.

The second thing that makes it a good week for the right to self-defense was a man came to the aid of his daughter. The father heard the cries of his daughter being molested by an illegal alien. The father did not use a gun, but killed the predator with his own hands. The people in the town say the father has done right. The Sheriff will not even press charges. I just wish this father was at the airport were to TSA molest passengers with impunity. We could have used him to strangle one of these perverts in the TSA. He would definitely become an American hero over night. The moral right to defend ones family using lethal force with a gun or bare hands is respected.

Mao Tsa Tung was right about one thing" All Political power comes out of the barrel of the gun". This Chinese dictator who murdered millions did have a monopoly on deadly force to show his political power while the people were left defenseless. In American this truth still hold true not the way the tyrants want it. This means the people and not the government still hold the power over total government control. The right to keep and bear arms is a balance of power between the people and the government.

The power of the people using force might be necessary to put government in check when we see the White House through the regulatory process bypassing congress to shut down small family farms, raiding roadside fruit and vegetable stands, fine farmers thousands of dollars for hay dust, raiding raw milk dealers and organic food stores, roadside TSA checkpoints groping motorist doing illegal searches on the side of the road, Agenda 21 shutting down all forms of production nesseary to sustain a community with the baisc needs and nesesities, drones eavesdropping on people’s yards and farms without warrants, when the Obama starts to implement the National Defense Resource Preparedness to seize private property and when the President sends out the Military to starts arresting activist and patriots without charge, with no right to the writ of Habeas Corpus to challenge being detained or a trial for an undermined period.

The American people in the past demonstrated that power in the past. The first was the battle of Lexington and Concord and the war of Independence. The Shays rebellion and the Whiskey rebellion when the government tried to tax the people to pay for war reparations to the British for a conflict we won. The Battle of Athens Tennessee  in 1946 was about taking back the elections from the political class trying to commit voter fraud when their power was in jeopardy. Those examples in our young history says political power when push comes to shove will come from the barrel of the gun when the people take up arms to correct an injustice by a hostile take over or the show of force

When push comes to shove, the American people will say enough of this tyranny. Political power will come from a barrel of a gun and the US government will find out the people know they outgun them I guess about 200 to 1. This is why the right to keep and bear arms is necessary to the security for a free state.  When tyranny tries to rear its ugly head to oppress the people. The consent of the governed will come for the barrel of a gun if the government does not back off.

Citizen militias are forming in massive numbers nationwide that is outside the government's control. Firearms and ammunition sales are at a record number as never seen before. In the surveys, why people are purchasing guns is distrust of the government.

We will see the guns in the hands of the people represent a balance of power serving as a great equalizer between tyranny and being free. The founders who write the second amendment knew that when the second amendment will be necessary is when they try to come for the guns by force. I believe there are a large number of people ready when it happens to defend themselves and their families. Political power does come from the barrel of a gun. The people are ready to show that political power with force soon if there in no intervention by peaceful means.

The people will send message one way of the other by possessing arms, the people will have the political power. The government may again fear the people when they are staring down the barrel of a gun. The political power the authoritarians do not want us to have. This is why the right to keep and bear arms is necessary for the security of a free state because political power the people have does come from a barrel of a gun regardless if they fire a shot or not.

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Putin's Challange to Preserve Russia From Banker Intrusion

The people of Russia voted overwhelmingly to place Vladimir Putin back into the President office for six more years. This is something the western European Banking oligarchs do not want. While the west says, the KGB is back in the Kremlin. What the media does not tell us and knowing from first hand account from many people in Russia told me was" Putin brought stability to Russia, prior to Putin becoming President. We lived in fear what kind of government we would wake up to because the many factions fighting inside Russia because the economic uncertainty under the Yeltsin years.

When President Putin was sworn into office for a third term. He started the unpopular task that the western press decried as human rights violations. In actuality, it is not, Putin started arresting the Oligarchs and Bankers working for the Rothschild and the Rockefeller clan. The people who were plundering the Russian people through their agents with fraud and deceit. The Russian Federation is a wild card in the Globalist agenda because they are outside the International Banking control.

We hear of Putin trying to curb protesters stifling free speech by raiding the homes of the leaders organizing the protest. What I hear for some people who are witness on the ground they do not tell the press. These protesters are disrupting business, attacking the Police and destroying property. These protest are funded by George Soros and other globalist foundations trying the start a color revolution like in Egypt. It is hard to say if they are agents being provocateurs to either demonize Putin on the international stage for banning public demonstrations or the police trying to demonize the protesting. It is hard to say who the blame is. There is no question that international globalist foundations are making plans to destabilize Russia with color revolutions to attempt to overthrow the Russian government.

The Last Bilderburger meeting last May in 2012, Three Russians were invited to attend the meeting with the world's most wealthy and powerful. They are desperate to bring Russia under their control because President Putin is not a puppet leader. He is pro Russia and pro Russian sovereignty. Russia for all its corruption and faults they may have, they are not under the Oligarchs control completely, which drives the globalist crazy.

They want to checkmate Russia because they pose a threat to the bankers. Russia has prevented a war with Iran and holding fast in Syria. If Russia can prevent the war of aggression by NATO for the bankers to avert destruction. The economic collapse of Europe will not have the distraction of a war to divert people's attention away from the looting the oligarchs want to do in the EU. Everyone's eyes are now looking past the puppet leaders staring right at the real power ruling behind the curtain.

President Putin right now has to take some bold actions even if they are unpopular to find the operatives being the agents of the international banking cartel trying to circumvent the Russian Federation. He has to arrest them, there is a difference demonstrating for redressing grievance to implement reforms and working to overthrow the government for foreign interest to plunder the nation to set up a feudalistic system that impoverishes the people. These organizers are committing treason and sedition against the Russian people and the country trying to put the Russian citizen under debt slavery or back to serfdom. This is why Putin must be bold.

The Banking Cartel will try to take Putin's life to get him out of the way if they can pull it off. This is why he needs to issue Letter of Marque and Reprisals against the Bankers and those pulling the strings out outside of Russia trying to overthrow the government. If he does not deal with the problem, he will be menaced by these Robber Barons until they have control of Russia. Seeing these three people invited to Bilderburger who are from Russia. They are serious trying takeover Russia. Putin better show he will push back, if he does not. He will have a problem bigger then he can solve. These Bankers are ruthless, Putin needs to more ruthless, or Russia falls. Putin needs to be a leader doing what is unpopular now taking a little heat then see Russia live in a hell on Earth for one century. Putin, Kick some banker ass, take no prisoners and giver them no quarter.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Texas, Time to Secede or Be Ruled By Globalist Puppets in Both Poltical Parties.

This election is a joke. There is no evidence to say the elections are fair, accurate or have any credibility. Texas cannot afford another four  years under Obama or Romney. If Obama wins a second term, we will get more of the same and worse. If Romney wins, there will be no difference in policy either. He is for gun control and socialized medicine. Romney is a vanilla ice version of Obama. There is not a dimes worth of difference between the two candidates. So what should Texas do to ensure its own survival to maintain her economic and cultural heritage?

First things Texans should do, that is recall Governor Rick Perry and Lt Governor David Dewhurst to remove both from office. They both talk a good talk, saying they will not allow Washington DC to interfere in the business of Texas; their lack of actions on the behalf of Texans speaks louder then words. They both are derelict in their duties and have behind the scenes have killed bills that were good for Texans siding with special interest.

They were silent during the rolling blackouts in February 2011 allowing the EPA to shut off our coal power plants on the coldest day of winter. Both were silent and out to lunch.

They have failed to send law enforcement officers to the Airport and enforce existing state law prohibiting TSA for touching people in private areas against their will. Lt Gov Dewhurst twisted the State Senators arms on the Senate Floor with a Rep from Obama's DOJ to kill the bill after the House voted overwhelmingly in favor. Gov Perry waited the last minute to put the bill back on the agenda of the special session making it impossible to pass due to lack of time left in the session. Both these men coordinated behind the scenes to kill this legislation that would have been a major victory for state's rights.

They have allowed the EPA to come into Texas and shut down coal power plants without any law to justify the actions.

They have no stood up for the Texas oil industry when Obama was on contempt of court not allowing offshore drilling.

They have stood silent while Obama came in and took over the permit process for refineries and power plants that was reserved for Texas only.

They violated the Logan Act. Rick Perry attending Bilderberg meeting in Istanbul Turkey in 2006, David Dewhurst attended Bretton Woods II in 2011 meeting behind closed doors with George Soros talking about economic policy in secrecy.

Gov Rick Perry and Lt Gov David Dewhurst both work for the same foreign banks Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney bow to and take orders from the same oligarchs. Texas cannot have this anymore if she is going to survive.

These two will stand in the way allowing Texans to vote on shall we be a part of the Untied States or secede from the union? If Texas does secede, we cannot have these men in power because they will make sure we are beholden to the UN and a private central bank.

If Barrack Obama wins, a second term or Mitt Romney is the 45th President. First, we cannot have Perry and Dewhurst in power to thwart the will of Texans. They will go along with the same globalist agenda regardless who is in the White House.

I see secession being the only choice now facing Texas now if freedom is going to survive and her dignity kept in tact. We cannot allow to be governed by a false choice that was chosen by the ruling oligarchs and not Texans themselves. Mitt Romney is not a dimes worth of difference than Obama. They are both stand for things Texas is against in their true beliefs. Texas does not want Obamacare. Romney and Obama both endorse Socialized medicine. They both are for gun control. Romney signed the assault weapons ban in 2004. The both are pro abortion. They both are for carbon taxes and banker bailouts.

President Obama if he wins a second term will use the pen to sign executive orders bypassing congress to implement gun control and agenda 21. Texas needs a governor and a Lt Gov who will govern as the President of the Senate who can set the agenda for the state to erect barriers against illegal Federal encroachments. If the Federal government does not respect the state's right to govern as they see fit. We can secede by a vote of the state legislature or a direct election with a simple up and down vote,

Texas is in a unique position to make her own way to be a state or be a republic once more. Sam Houston prophesied" Texas will again lift its head, and stand among the nations" That time is coming soon where Texas will have to make a choice or fade into history under the globalist dictatorship. It is all in God's hands for now.

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12 Reasons Why We Are Not Bound to the Rules of Civility Dealing With Tyrants Who Show Us No Respect

What is the point being nice anymore to people who do not value liberty and human dignity. Why are we the ones who have to compromise and give up something? The other side does not concede or give up anything. They try to make us feel like the bad people because we say no to any form of tyranny over a problem they created and freedom had nothing to do with the real cause. The other side’s failure is what causes the crisis in the first place not following the law.

Why be respectful, reasonable and compromise our freedoms and our future anymore. They never liked us to begin with, they never will like us no matter what we do and never will keep their word to us when it comes time for them to deliver. We are stabbed in the back. So why show them anymore respect? They do not deserve it nor are we required anymore to give it. We cannot no longer be nice. We need to start bringing canes to political events like those that the founders once did.

There is no sense being nice and civil anymore when they do not play by the same rules they expect us to follow nor stand for the will of the people. There is no sense showing anymore respect in either party over the following:

1. When they steal elections from Ron Paul and candidates who are really for the people with the Diebold voting machines? They are now our adversary because they committed a high crime by carrying out voter fraud. Why show any common decency to cheaters?

2. Why be nice when we win by the rules and the call in the thug police to arrest people and beat up delegates? They expect us to be graceful when we lose, but think when they lose they roll out the thugs to beat us into submission when the rule do not work in their favor.

3. Why be nice to a group of people who are silent on the TSA groping our crotches?

4. Why act civilized, when they are sending us into wars against nations not a threat or attacked us. What is so civilized about wars of aggression?

5. They do not deserve our respect when congress acts like a potted plant while the President breaks the law of the land declaring the UN has to powers to make war when it is our children that might go fight them.

6. Why should we be calm about when they plan on taxing us into oblivion with Obamacare and Carbon taxes?

7. Why show the establishment any respect when they sold out to the money junkies and special interest that want to steal our freedoms and attack our economic liberty.

8. Why show them any reverence as public servants and political party officials when they do not show any respect to our Constitution and our Bill of Rights?

9. Why act civilized to appease a group of people that want to oppress us?

10. Why concede to their anointed candidate Mitt Romney who is no different from Obama? They both wined and dined with George Soros. They both are for gun control; they are both for socialized Healthcare. They are both for open borders, the NAU, the UN and cap and trade.

11. Why cooperate with hacks who work for Wall Street to allow another false choice on the November ballot?

12. Why should we show any common decency to a group of people who are for the Patriot act, the NDAA, TSA on the highways and highway checkpoints?

For Ron Paul delegates and true conservatives who are for the Constitution and limited government. Do not accept their false choices to you nor accept their man to be the presumed nominee. They are now our adversary and our enemy. Take no prisoners, nor give any quarter to these traitors acting like patriots. There is no shame in having a hostile take over of the GOP when the republic is in deep trouble.

We do not have a monetary crisis. We do not have a economic crisis. We do not even have a constitutional crisis. We have a leadership crisis because the people in power do not respect the rule of law and fair play. They do not uphold the constitution or respect the law. At this point, there is no sense in playing by there rules when the deck is stacked against us every time.

The Republican Party needs a hostile takeover, not for Ron Paul or his son Rand either. They blew it bowing to the dark side thinking it will give them a long-term political advantage. We should still takeover the GOP leadership dealing with them head on. They are not just our opponents. They are our adversaries now. I do not care if Ron Paul gets left behind and we give the nomination to someone who never ask for it, nor ever thought about it and does not want to job. But if asked will go and serve because the people asked them. We give the nomination to the person who will uphold the Constitution and restore the rule of law.

Why be nice to these people? Why care what the establishment press thinks about us anymore? They sold us out long ago, neither do they care what we think. If they are not dealt with, they will steal our freedoms and have us confined in FEMA camps being led to the slaughter. What they plan for us is not nice, nor is it civilized or humane. They show no respect to no one. So why should we care either? Hell with the rules of civility they can always use against us. There is no shame in being angry any more when we have been burned many times with empty promises with Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barrack Obama. They promised us change would come. The only change we have now is the coins in our pockets after the taxes and hyperinflation.

After being lied to so many times that, change is coming. There is no sense being nice when their policies they plan on us nothing is civilized at all about it. SO why care about them when they never cared about us. No more Mr. Nice Guys. Any more thoughts you can add.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ron Paul's last Campaign Update Does Not Up. His Last Email on June 6 2012

I wanted you to get an update from me personally, since we have some great news!

Due to the smart planning of our campaign and the hard work and diligence of supporters like you, we stand to send nearly 200 bound delegates to the Republican National Convention in Tampa. This number shatters the predictions of the pundits and talking heads and shows the seriousness of our movement.

What's more, we will send several hundred additional supporters to Tampa who, while bound to Romney, believe in our ideas of liberty, constitutional government, and a common-sense foreign policy.

When it is all said and done, we will likely have as many as 500 supporters as delegates on the Convention floor.  That is just over 20 percent!

And while this total is not enough to win the nomination, it puts us in a tremendous position to grow our movement and shape the future of the GOP!

I hope every one of you continues the fight we have advanced so well this year.  I hope you will finish your local and state conventions, and, if you were selected as a national delegate, that you will head to Tampa in August to force the Republican Party to listen to the voice of liberty.

We have never had this kind of opportunity.  There will be hundreds of your fellow supporters in Tampa who will be ready and willing to push the Republican Party back to its limited government, liberty roots.

There are many issues to fight for in Tampa.  Also, candidates like Justin Amash, Kurt Bills, and Thomas Massie need your support as we move into the fall.  Across the country, supporters of liberty have won local office and leadership positions in the GOP, and we need to keep working.

Our delegates’ presence must be felt both in Tampa and in years to come. 

Stand up for what we believe in.  Be respectful.  And let the establishment know that we are the future of the Party and of the country.

Our Revolution is just getting started.  You'll be hearing plenty from me as we approach Tampa and the fall elections.  You'll also be hearing of important developments on Audit the Fed and Campaign for Liberty.

I hope you'll continue to stand with me as we go forward.  Our Revolution could not have come this far without you.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Oath keepers Treating Americans Like an Occupied Enemy Nation

Rand Paul Making A Deal WIth the Devil Will Bear No Fruit.

The freedom movement is now up to us. What Rand Paul declared on Sean Hannidy’s show was a knife in the back not to his father, but to the millions of supporters who put their blood, sweat, and tears into the cause of freedom. What was Rand Paul thinking throwing his support behind Romney? What did he gain in the advance of liberty? In hindsight, it will bare no fruit preserving this great republic. Every time a person compromises thinking they will get what they want in a deal made always will get the shaft.

What was Rand's motivation backing Romney? I do not think it was for malicious intent. I think it was a very bad judgment he made that will come back to bite him right now and down the road. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. The junior Kentucky Senator extending an olive branch trying to please the pro Israel lobby, voting for wars and backing Mitt Romney will come back to haunt him. Has he learned that making a compromise only prolongs the establishment's reign. They will still hate Rand and his father after it was all said and done. Sen. Henry Clay who was proclaimed as the Great Compromiser actually prolonged slavery in the southern states. Compromising does not do any good. The great heroes in American history never compromised.

The 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence never compromised prolonging the kings reign on the colonies

Close to 200 men died at the Alamo did not compromise with the Mexican Army when they had the chance to vacate the old Spanish mission.

President Andrew Jackson did not compromise with the Second Bank of the United States even with numerous attempts to take his life. He did not concede to the bankers, he shut them down.

There is no such thing thinking making a deal with the devil without a consequence. For Rand to think the establishment will concede certain things for his support for Mitt Romney is really a bad move. The neo cons will not like him any better for what he did. This was an attempt to derail the freedom movement and slow down the momentum. Rand was bluffed by the party hacks over an illusion. Why back a man who is winning by voter fraud who stole the victory away from his father? The will of the people is not behind the GOP's choice, so why tow the party line. He will get a rude awakening when he compromised. He prolonged the abuses and injuries on the American people. He will not make any friends on either side. The neo cons will not like him any better. He really screwed up.

Making a deal with the devil is no deal at all because Satan never keeps his end of the bargain. Rand compromising, the hacks will have him kicked the curd by the Republican Party after he has been used for their purposes and no longer needed. He will not be welcomed back by those who supported him because this endorsement has alienated his support base backing a candidate who stands for everything that is destroying us.

People are fed up with leaders compromising and caving into the establishment when it was not necessary. People will not forget what Rand did. I will not forget it either.

Future 'VP?' Rand Paul Comprimized by NWO Puppets Robama aka Obomney? Time4Real 3rd Party?

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Real Power Restoring Liberty is with the Government Closest to Us, It is Not Putting All Our Faith in Ron Paul

Hearing Sen. Rand Paul endorse Mitt Romney on Sean Hannidy tells me they are throwing in the towel. Just because they are given into the lies to the dark side conceding to a sell out who deserves nothing. Our success is not determined by who is in the White House. It is not there we take back our liberties with who is the next President. The real power is not in Washington DC, It is not in the two dominate Political Parties. We been deceived too long by over looking our state and local governments thinking everything is solved in Washington DC.

We have allowed the real power to be displaced putting into the hands not delegated by the Constitution to a distant power not familiar to the people. The real authority is much closer to us then in a distant Washington DC. Government cannot be out of our reach as it was in the past. I know many people are feeling discouraged with Sen. Rand Paul the son of the Liberty Icon Congressman Ron Paul endorsing the reincarnated Benedict Arnold candidate former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

The fight for freedom is not over. We should never put all our eggs in one basket or all our faith in one person. That is not where the real power is or where it really resides. Washington will never see the error of its ways violating our Bill of Rights. Do not even bother trying to change Washington, the distant out of touch city. We are better off changing the government that is closest to us.

We need to start putting people in City Councils, County Commissioners, Sheriffs, Mayors, State Legislators and Governors who will obey the will of the people. People who will uphold the Constitution of the nation and the state they reside in. This is the place where we can hold our elected servants accountable when they co-opt with Homeland Security or sign onto Agenda 21. This is where we can go back to paper ballots, being rid of the Diebold Voting Machines so we can have honest elections. The government closest to us is where the real power is. We must rebuild from the ground up and not the top down.

Do not risk everything on one endeavor counting on Rand and Ron Paul to save the nation. They are human, they will fail us always intentional or not. It will not come from the top down. It will have to happen from the ground up at the grassroots level. We cannot bring fundamental change from the top down as we are led to believe all these years. The march of liberty still moves on with or without Ron Paul, Instead of trying to fix things at the top. We need to rebuild from the ground up rebuilding our community cohesiveness, from there we can put people in who have integrity into local post and who are responsive to the people.

I just think we have to refocus our energy and our efforts to our city, county and state governments. At this point, it is madness trying to fix things at the top. We have a better chance changing our local government, which are closer to us rebuilding the greatness of our nation from our hometowns then try to fix a broken political machine beyond repair so far away. Whether we have freedom and liberty does not come from who is in the White House. It will only happen changing the politics closest to home. Do you agree?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Should Mitt Romney Be Disqualified for Violating the Logan Act Twice?

When will the lawlessness end with the ruling class? If we wait until the government enforces the laws, do not hold your breath waiting for something to happen. It is up to us to uphold the laws of the land and correct these injustices. Mitt Romney meeting with foreign powers in secret violate the law of the land. The former Massachusetts governor meeting in secret with foreign governments in secret to talk about policy without the consent or knowledge of Congress is against the law.

This is not the first time Mitt Romney violated the Logan act. He did it before in July 2011. He violated this law before meeting with George Soros's Bretton Woods two conferences along with the Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst. He is running for US Senator in the Lone Star State. George Soros is another robber baron wanted in many countries for his fraud and deceit. Mr. Soros also attended this annual Bilderburger Conference. I wonder what laws he has broken or talked about breaking.

The truth is any candidate that attended the Bilderburger Meeting the violated the Logan Act should be disqualified. The two people Mitt Romney and David Dewhurst who attended a meeting with George Soros who is the same man who runs Media Matters that is not only the propaganda arm for the Obama White House, they are also going after people who are exposing the real power behind the puppet leaders and stooges. I wonder if Media Matters was behind Freedom Watch being yanked off the air because Judge Andrew Napolitano was getting real close to the truth of whom the real power brokers are.

This further shows establishment Republicans Mitt Romney and David Dewhurst are no different the Obama. The same special interest funds both sides. With Mitt Romney, attending the last Bilderburger group who also rubbed shoulders with George Soros at Bretton Woods two conferences last summer. This information needs to be taken to the republican convention so the delegates know we no longer can afford either Romney or Obama another four years. We cannot afford a stooge for the bankers occupying the White House.

Romney and Obama are no different. The only difference is their skin color. They both are for the individual mandate to buy Health insurance by the force of government. Romney singed the Health insurance Mandate in Massachusetts that Obama modeled his health care bill after.  They both are for Gun control, Romney is 2004 signed the assault weapons ban Massachusetts. They both are for banker bailouts. Both are for the Patriot act, none is interested in abolishing the TSA or rolling back their intrusive power. Romney said he would sign the NDAA just as Obama did on New Years Eve. They both are for Carbon taxes. They both are not interested in cutting spending or shrinking the size of government. The both are for less personal freedom and bigger government being more intrusive in our lives.

What was whispered in the ears at the Bilderburger meeting must be shouted from the rooftops. Romney like Obama should be disqualified from running for office since they met in secret with foreign powers violating the Logan act. This knowledge must be taken to the convention in Tampa. Romney must be exposed for what he is. He is a sell out to foreign powers outside the US.

Mitt Romney is not a conservative, He certainly is not a libertarian or a Constitutionalists. He is a Benedict Arnold incarnate. He is no different then Obama. Let us call a spade a spade, now the jig is up, the rigged game is exposed, now we have the knowledge. Now it is time to steal these false victories away from the establishment, take action to make sure Romney does not get any more free rides to Tampa.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bearing Arms is More then Just a Human Right,Gun Ownership Is A God Given Right and Duty to Preserve a Free State.

The Chinese General calling private gun ownership is a human rights violation. How is it a human rights violation for people to have the right to self-defense? To protect themselves from criminals and tyrants trying steal kill and destroy innocence. Despots and tyrants do not have a right to commit crimes against humanity. Therefore, the American person protecting themselves from tyrants like the Chinese is a human rights violation in this Chinese General's mind. The reality is tyrants are just criminals using the force of government to victimize the people. Talking about human rights violations of the Chinese, they are no angels either. Mao Tsa Tung murdered millions of people who did not resist them. The Communist in China disarmed the people before they brought terror on the people.

A least with my right to keep and bear arms is preserving my God given liberties or as they say my human rights:

I still have the right to worship God to the dictates of my conscience. I do not have soldiers and secret police raiding peaceful with my creator.

I still have my right to life, the right to be left alone and my right to speak freely.

I want to keep and secure a Free State. Private gun ownership is keeping a red terror just like what happened in Russia right after the Bolshevik take over of the Russian government. Before the Checkist or Checka was able to inflict mass murder on the population with little resistance. They had to disarm the people first so they had no means of defense against a hot tyranny hell bent on murder.

So what is a human rights violation, people's right to self-defense from a criminal government or licking the boots of the thug soldiers being at their mercy?  As long, I retain my right to keep and bear arms, tyrants will not hold the keys of life and death over us. Being deprived life and the basic human dignity is the most egregious violation of Human rights.

Forced abortions and a one-child policy have not come to America yet which is a human rights violation denying the right couple to procreate. I wonder how gun in the hand of the common person a human rights violation.

I am not saying American is perfect, we are guilty of Human rights violations with torture and denying the right of due process under the NDAA. What is keeping the government going completely hot with a terror or any foreign force from invading us by keeping arms in the hands of the people? It is our right to keep and bear arms that is the power restraining the tyrants murdering us.

That Chinese General is a coward who cannot stand the idea standing against a freeman armed resisting his advance. There is a reason why the remake of the Movie of Red Dawn was kept from being shown in Theaters. Because it would revive the reason for why we have the right to keep and bear arms. Even Admiral Yamamoto said" If we invade the United States, there would be a gun behind every bladed of grass"

The logic behind that statement says the common people owning firearms is a human rights violation is the sign of desperation trying to demonize the second Amendment. Human rights violations are committed because people are being denied the right to self-defense by despotic governments, not by people bearing arms protecting themselves.

I say more guns in the hands of the people; we will have more liberty and less crime. Do you agree?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bob Chapman's Obituary Pubished

 There is no rumor, it is not an athlete that has the same name that died. The Bob Chapman we know is really dead. Here is his obituary, His funeral and burial are this week, People living in Florida, should attend services and give family our condolences.

America lost a Great man.

Robert "Bob" John Chapman, age 76, of Winter Haven, FL (formally of Mexico) died Monday, June 4, 2012 due to pancreatic cancer. He was born October 16, 1935 in Boston, MA the son of John Chapman and Ruth Donley Chapman. Bob was a veteran of the US Army, a writer of a news letter discussing finances and economics and a regular radio commentator discussing politics as well as economics and finances. Most of his working life he served as a stock broker.

Bob is survived by his wife, of 47 years, Judith "Judy" Dabrowski Chapman, son: Robert Michael Chapman, daughter: Jenifer Gillotti and her husband Matt, sisters: Dorothy Trecker and Joan Lotz and 4 grandchildren.
Committal services are Wednesday, June 6, 2012 at 1:00pm at Glen Abbey Memorial Gardens, Auburndale, FL.
Condolences may be sent to the family clicking This Link

Thank You Bob Chapmen" We Are Now Breathing Down Their Necks"

I just got off the phone with the call screener at Republic Broadcasting Network. He has confirmed at 12:15 Am or Pm. I do not know. Bob Chapman who wrote for the International Forecaster went to meet his maker in the air. Yes, it is true, Bob Chapman died. Bob Chapman passed away on June 4 2012 by complications to pancreatic cancer.He was a frequent guest on various radio shows giving insight into the working of the New World Order. Now since Bob is now part of history. Now we have many more Mr. Chapman's to take his place further "Breathing down the New Word Order's Neck" Bob Chapman's mission will not die with him. We will continue what he has started as the bible says in John 12:24 in the words of Jesus:

Verily, verily, I say unto you, except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.  John 12:24 KJV

We have seen his seeds he planted bringing forth fruit at the last Bilderburger meeting with a mass protest and the mainstream media finally starting to cover the once secret event.  Journalist who stood silent for years are now finally breaking ranks, they are now reporting about the elite’s secret meeting.

It started with a handful relentless people many decades before carrying the torch of truth to a few willing ears willing to hear multiplying the numbers over the years. Bob Chapman being one of those men who was forced to leave the US under the threat of death still reported the truth and never stopped exposing the New World Order regardless of the hardships and circumstances he has endured.

I can picture now the elites cheering Bob Chapman is dead that he will no longer menace them exposing the plan for world domination. The truth is Bob's passing only multiplied the numbers to carry on his work. Bob not only reported on his predictions in Geo Economic and Political events. He has done so much more.

He has encouraged people to think for themselves, verify what Bob said on the air. His listeners and subscribers do their own homework and research. These are the people who will carry on Bob's work to the end.

We are now seeing the beginning of the end seeing the reign of the Ruling Elites lording over nations with private central banking starting to break free from Debt slavery. If it were not for men like Bob Chapman, there would not be a mass gathering in Chantilly Virginia exposing the globalist agenda.

Now it is up to us to continue his work, we will miss Bob, just remember a part him lives in us carrying on the fight defeating the Globalist. It is our duty to make sure Bob and many others before him work was not done in vain. We will reap the fruits of the seeds they have sown, never forget these men like Bob Chapman. Let history remember their work and sacrifice so we all may live free. Just as long "We keep breathing down their necks” We will win, just do not forget Bob and those who came before him who planted the seeds. We owe them a debt we can never repay. To Bob as the Lord will say at the gates of heaven” Well done, good and faithful servant”

'Russia, China won't be duped over Syria'

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Has the Establishment Over played Their Hand Cheating Ron Paul?

There is a time to advance and a time to back off even for the corrupt. Even some corrupt officials have some discipline not to rock the boat either to keep the gravy train going. Even some crooked politicians I knew growing up made a lot of money knew better not to push people's buttons too much. I am not for corruption in government at all. I am just saying even corruption has to rely on people to produce to sustain their operation. They know better not to kill the goose that lay the golden eggs. They know their limits or they are crushed if they push too far.

The people who are attending the Bilderburger meetings are raving lunatics who feel they have no limits and they can get away with anything, including murder. They feel invincible and untouchable never to be accountable for their crimes. The super wealthy in high places in their criminality has trickled down to the lower minions doing their bidding. Now the people in government and the politicians are now thinking nothing will happen to them no matter what they do. It can be high treason and sedition violating the Logan Act. They feel they will not be convicted or have to answer to the people. Have the table finally turned against them?

We all know the RNC is not full of patriots, the Globalist, Mitt Romney, controls them and Barrack Obama are both controlled by the same powers behind the curtain. Mitt Romney is as far as it seems getting a free ride by the media. Ron Paul is a thorn in their side. Ron Paul has won many primaries and caucuses. The State Republican establishments have cheated him. They openly admit regardless if Ron Paul wins, they will not give him the victory. They will cheat and openly admit it not caring what the people think. They always say," Pride comes before the fall"

I am not ready to count my chickens before they hatch, I am not ready to give the victory to Mitt Romney being the nominee until the convention in Tampa convenes this August. I am not ready to allow the establishment to have their way ;there is so much work we can do to frustrate the other side denying them what they want. Mitt Romney and the Establishment have the media illusion. They do not have the grassroots behind them. They do not have the numbers and most of the republican voters who are stuck in Limbaugh Land stayed home because there is no excitement in Mitt being a candidate. We have the numbers to break the illusion and the monopoly on the rigged system.

Never underestimate people who are committed to see Ron Paul as the nominee. I firmly believe the year 2012 will be the year of the American people will have a clear choice to return to a constitutional form of government or a big government that steal freedoms away from the people and taxes people out of the labors. I do not believe we will have a false choice this November. I believe the committed Ron Paul people will not accept "no" for an answer when they try to pull dirty tricks or change the rules in the middle of the game to get a desired result.

The Bilderburger and their establishment puppets are on the ropes. Their meeting's agenda has been exposed and people seen their plans. It is going to be hard for them to try to implement what they want. What was whispered in ears in secret are shouted from the rooftops. Their sin has found them out with the light of truth has been exposed. We all know Gov. Romney and sitting Governor Mitch Daniels are the presumed GOP ticket by the ruling elite. Now since this is exposed with the light of truth. We run with the information to use this against the enemies of freedom.

It is not August yet in Tampa. The Establishment, which now is a term used in the media, which was never used before until recently regardless if they are establishment Republicans, or Democrats. They are both being exposed as working for the same special interest and the same agenda. They are in trouble more then they will reveal to us. They are scared for a good reason because there is a good chance they might lose. The march for freedom if gaining momentum faster then the other side can keep up. No weapon they are using against us is prospering. They have over played their hand openly cheating Ron Paul, now this August they might be rewarded being ousted out of the leadership. It is not August yet.  What are we doing today  working today to defeat Romney and the political establishment. I am not ready to hand victory over to a bunch of cheats. We have not begun to fight. I believe fresh sunlight will finally shine down revealing all for the people to see. No better place to see this happen then in Florida, the Sunshine State

10 Reasons Why Rep. Allen West is a RINO, not a defender of the Constituion; Neither a Real Tea Party Candidate.

What is so great about Allen West? He talks a lot and gets people all excited for nothing. To me his actions speak louder then his words. He is no defender,nor a champion of the constitution. So why so much hype about him? I know he is a war veteran and I do not question his service at all. But today I do question his ability and judgment to govern as a congressmen. There is nothing he has done to show me he is a real patriot or a defender of personal liberty. Nevertheless, He has shown just to be a neo con playing a patriot. This person's rhetoric and actions are two different things. Do not listen what Allen West says. We all should be watching what he does.

I do not buy into the phony attacks on Allen West as they do on World Net Daily and Newsmax as away to keep people in the left right, Democrat and Republican or Liberal Conservative paradigm diverting people's attention away from the real power brokers. That is the Bankers sitting offshore who taken over our government by fraud. He is not a Tea Party Candidate. The original Tea Party was not founded by Sara Palin and Michelle Bachman. It was founded by Congressmen Paul. Allen West is no Ron Paul by a long shot.

Here is Why Rep. Allen West of Florida is No conservative or defender of the Constitution:

1. He is a war monger. For someone who claims to oppose Obama, Why did he say on the House Floor the President needs more war powers to keep America safe? He is for congress abrogating their war making powers to the President to decide for himself.

2. Allen West is for supporting Israel's wars, he is brought and paid for by AIPAC.

3. He is for war with Iran.  A War with Iran will destroy our economy.

4. He voted for the NDAA authorizing the US Military to arrest American citizens with no charges brought up and shipped to GITMO without a trial or a lawyer destroying our Bill of Rights. He helped destroy the right to Habeas Corpus and Posse Comitatus Act keeping the Military from civilian alw enforcement on American citizens .

5. He voted for CISPA. That means censoring and destroying the Internet. Say good bye to free speech on the internet.

6. He is for an extension for the Patriot Act and the most draconian provisions that take away our rights to privacy.

7. He voted for raising the debt ceiling.That is putting further in debt.

8. He is for the Banker and Wall Street Bailouts. He received campaign donations from intuitions that benefited from receiving in the TARP bailouts.

9. He is for bloated Military spending to enrich the Military Industrial Complex

10. He publicly convicts George Zimmerman before he has his day in court. 
What about allowing the justice system working out the facts. A true statesmen would withhold judgement in a criminal trial.

This man is not a conservative, nor is he a hero of the Tea Party movement. He is not a real patriot. People are saying Romney should pick him to be his running mate for the VP slot. I am sorry to all you people who think Adam West can save the republic. He does not have the credentials being a conservative nor a libertarian. He is a mouthpiece for the powerful Israeli lobby and for the bankers getting government bailouts who work on Wall Street.

I hate to rain down on someone's parade. Rep Allen West maybe a decent man, but he is ignorant of the Constitution and the real founders intent. He works for the globalist and is controlled by the same people who control Nancy Pelosi when you look at who contributed to both of their campaigns. People like Allen West is why this nation is in trouble. When they say conservative and not the constituion, He can never bring up the Constitution because Rep. West has lost the credibility to ever to bring it up to go back to this founding document because his voting record.

This is why we hear of " We must return to our founding principles" instead of saying" Let go back to basics by going back to the Constitution" The reason is, if they brought up the Constitution as being their guild, People might read it the Constitution and find out their voting records of these phony politicians does not measure up to the founding document. The truth always hurts in the beginning, but it always sets us free in the end if we accept it.


Friday, June 1, 2012

Seven Reasons Why Russian Soldiers Now Inside the US Should Stand Down and Go Home.

It is an honor to wear the uniform of the country born in to preserve the cultural integrity and dignity of the people. A soldier must answer to his conscience on what is right and what is wrong. He must realize that what he does right or wrong carrying out orders from his command will come back on them many fold. Everyone has the free will to do good or evil. Every soldier has the responsibility to verify what information is given to them is correct or lies.

If Russian soldiers are here to murder Americans and go after the guns wearing US uniforms and using weapons issued to the American military. They have to determine whom are they doing the bidding of.  What is the end game and what do they get out of it. The consequences are going to be deadly if they carry out immoral orders to murder innocent people because they are told to do so. In the eyes of our Creator, murder is murder, there is no such thing as "I was just following orders". What about the very people asking them to carry immoral orders out and who they really are in charge? How do they really think of them? I will answer them.

Here are seven reasons why Russian Soldiers should disobey the orders to go after the American people's guns and murder Americans. Why they should not be cannon fodder for the bankers and tyrants.

1. Their duty is to Russia first preserving the culture and the people. To preserve Russia's national sovereignty for generations to come. Coming to America to take them down does not benefit Russia at all. It is the Russian soldier's moral obligation to defend Russia and to protect the people from foreign armies from invasion. Not to serve under any other flag or colors for immoral reasons.

2. The American people are well armed that exceed 100 times the size of the Russian, and Chinese armies combined. There will be a gun behind every blade of grass. Chances are they will not make out alive. American people will become brutal savages and hunt them down once they find out they are Russian and they murdered mothers and children too. The Russian soldier who attacks the American people regardless if they are women, men or children attacks his own family also will not be allowed to go unscathed.

Gun sales are up here in record numbers that outnumber the ranks in the Russian Army many times over

Remember what happened in Afghanistan, the Soviet Army could not conquer an armed Afghan people.

3. The remaining soldiers who will survive, chances are will not make it home alive. They might be killed in a helicopter crash or a plane crash. The soldiers will know too much and the system cannot afford them being alive to talk about what really happened. Remember what happened to Seal Team Six. Russian airborne troops should be reminded of what their first real duty is to and what their real moral obligations are… They are expendable to the globalist.

If they survive that, the soldier might face a Nuremberg style trial "I was just following orders" will not be a strong defense against any war crime charges.

If they get lucky not delivered to a court to face war crimes allegations in a tribunal. They might not return to Russia with honor, the faces of all they murdered will haunt them to their dying day. That is not the way to live out the rest of their days with blood on their hands haunting their conscience.

4.  The people who want these Russian soldiers to murder Americans are the same people who were behind the Red Terror after the Bolshevik takeover. The very people asking these Russian soldiers to murder the American people financed Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky to killed tens of millions of their own people by firing squads and famines.

5. The very people who are agents of the Rothschild and Rockefeller interest, President Putin threw them out of Russia are the ones dispatching these Russian solders under the UN/NORTHCOM command to carry out an Eugenics policy who wants to wipe out 90 plus percent of the world's population. That means even the Russian people they want to kill also.

After 70 years under communist rule the Russian government is now paying people to have children because the eugenics policies by the oligarchs. Now they want Russian soldiers to oppress the American people who financed the murder of their own people during the Red Terror and the Stalin's purges .

6. It is a divide and conquer game to get Americans to hate Russia and Russians to hate Americans. The Bankers and globalist want Russia and America at war with each other while they sit back and see us try to kill each other. Russia and America where once strong allies before 1913 way before the Federal Reserve Bank came into existence funding both sides of the conflict.

7. If the globalist succeed in murdering tens of millions of Americans taking this once good republic down. Russia is next in the sites of the very oligarchs who sit on Wall Street and the City of London. The very terror they plan to use on the American population will come back to Russia 10 fold. It could be the Russian soldier’s family that will fall prey to the Eugenics plan. It could be their wife, mother, sister, daughter, mother, brother, father or son. Think of the long term consequences following immoral orders on any people might bring back on them and their own people.

It is my prayer and hope that Russian soldiers will think for themselves individually and collectively of what they are being told. It is my objective to encourage them to do what is right and what is moral. I want them to know the truth before they are given the orders to oppress the people to decide beforehand to do well or do evil.

There is no honor in following immoral orders, which is the moment they cease being a soldier and now is a war criminal if they murder unarmed innocent people. This is not good for them or for the glory of Russia. American soldiers who are returning from Iraq and Afghanistan who carried out immoral and illegal orders are messed up in the head because the faces of the innocent people they were ordered to kill haunts their memory. Why, because they did something that had no honor by killing innocent people wherever they are in the world.

Russia is a great country because the people are good. Be a good Russian and stand for what is good for Mother Russia even it means saying “no” commands that are wrong. A good solder is not remembered for following orders without question. A good soldier is a man who questions authority when morality is in question when it goes against his conscience.  He carries out his duty by his conscience even when he stands alone. The man who stands by what is good and honorable demonstrating the true character of the nation they represent. A good soldier knows there is a higher duty then pleasing the people above him. History will remember him as what makes Russia great because they did well by his own people and in the eyes of our Creator who reigns supreme over us all.

This is a notice, to every soldier who wears the uniform serving under any flag in the world. There is a higher duty we are accountable to that is above politics and borders. Our duty is always to our Lord first before all else. Do not forget that. We all have the choice to do good or evil. Just following orders will not be an excuse. Remember the glory of Russia resides in her people. Bring no dishonor to her people or her flag nor taint her national character. There is no victory or honor in oppression. It does not benefit Russia, this only helps the bankers who carried out the Red Terror decades before in their own homeland. Do not dishonor Russia like American Soldiers dishonored my flag and my nation for what they did in Iraq and Afghanistan.

There are no winners doing the will of the bankers hiding in the shadows. I hope the Russian soldiers here keep that in mind. If they love Russia, they will do what is good in the eyes of God.

To the People Attending Bilderburger Meetings,Our Rights and Constitution are not Negotiable.

There is a reason why the soldiers in the Continental army had the battle cry" No king but King Jesus!" The reason why is because the people saw our Creator, through the teachings of the bible taught that God is the source of our rights, not the discretion of man. They have seen King George III as illegitimate to govern them when he ignored the Magna Carta. The Declaration of independence is deeply rooted in the Magna Carta. It was not act treason to sign such a document. The King was the traitor and the founders knew it. They seen freedom is not negotiable, they tried all peaceful means possible. There pleas were where responded with repeated injuries. The final solution was secession from England because liberty was nothing to compromise anymore. Liberty or death, they rather die then be slave to the King and the Bank of England.

What we were dealing with back in the day of the war of Independence and what we are dealing with today is the same people. The same bloodline from the very decedents that waged wars on us back in 1776.These very people think the average person is stupid and unable to think for themselves. They think they know better then us. They are narcissist, who thinks they are Gods on this earth who know better then us what to do.

Nothing has changed today then as it was in 1776. The King and the Bank of England thought they knew better then the people on what was best for us. Once we threw off the shackles of the King and the Bank of England being free from British rule. When freedom unleashed the individual, this nation prospered. We produced more wealth and prosperity then any nation in history. Government did not make this happen; it was personal freedom and economic liberty that made this nation great.

When a person is free from heavy taxation and burdensome regulation that restrict productivity, great things happen, the sky is the limit on what a person can do when they are given the freedom from government interference in every facet in their lives. This is a threat to the bankers and the ruling oligarchs. A free nation is much better then being under the rulers of control freaks. When the individual proved he could make choices better then a bureaucrat can. It is a threat to the control freaks.

Now these ruling elites and their puppet politicians are meeting in Chantilly Virginia. Regardless of who is there meeting in secret scheming to bring this nation down and how to take away our liberties. Our freedoms are not up for negotiation. The American people will be the final check on power in government. It will get ugly because many of these people in government and ruling elite have been insulated from real life in America. This will be their demise.

As these oligarchs scheme and plot trying to implement gun control, agenda 21 and carbon taxes. Still our rights are non-negotiable. Our source of our rights comes from our Creator. Our rights to eat healthy food, to grow our own crops, the right to be left alone, to worship God according to the dictates of our conscience are not subject to another man to decide. Not to be harassed by government agents working for the Bankers to eat out our substance and deprive the people the fruits of their labors. This is the year of no compromise. We are not retreating from evil just to let tyranny overrun us.

No man who is wealthy with his ill-gotten riches by fraud and deceit cannot conquer the human spirit in the end. The will to survive to see their decedents live on in a free society is a much powerful force then bullets and bombs. We must be the no compromise people who will not surrender our rights for some food and security. There is no sense being reasonable with these people coming to an agreement. Our God given rights, our Constitution are non negotiable.

They are exposed now more then ever thanks to the Alternative media and citizen journalist. People know what these people are about, criminals and tyrants. This is why we must defeat them and bring them down as the people of Iceland did. The people of Iceland did not reason with the Bankers and Politicians because liberty is non-negotiable. We have to moral high ground now, we do not need to compromise anymore because freedom is everything.