Saturday, July 30, 2011

Is Obama Trying to Create Order Out of Chaos with the Debt Crisis?

In my lifetime, I never have seen such an administration more outrageous than yesterday hearing what comes out in the news. It seems only to get worse as days go by. What really angers me last week is old news already, do you agree? Then something new gets me upset about that is more bizarre than the last. This all happens when we thought it could not get any worse. This debt crisis is a creation by design when it does not have to be, when August 2 comes around not raising the debt ceiling. I will look outside and see if the sky has not fallen. Life goes on.


We now have seen a President who plays dirty when he has all but lost the political fight. This man cares nothing about the laws of the United State or the Constitution. When he addressed the nation using scare tactics of not sending out Social Security checks and paying the Military is congress is not raising the debt ceiling, the government can still make its obligations sending out the checks, paying out armed forces and most of all paying the bondholders who own our debt. We hear the President trying to hold a group of people hostage to get what he wants. Obama wants to borrow this nation more into debt for his bosses, the bankers.


I have been hearing reports of the Military deploying units around the country for possible civil unrest because people not having their welfare checks, food stamps and other social services. I can see him cutting off these services to create chaos to justify Martial law and a police state crack down on dissidents to further control the population. We all know the slogan of the Obama administration” Never let a good crisis go to waste". If the President can create chaos and civil unrest with rioting crying out for Obama to stop the violence by an unpopular solution, otherwise the people will not accept as long the pain stops this President inflicted on the country in the first place, and not congress he will point his fingers at as the problem. We can see Obama blaming his opposition for the burning of US cities. The tea party members in congress who did not vote to raise the debt limit will be the blame, being the scapegoat for this crisis.


Thanks to the Internet and the alternative media. I do not believe the President will get away with causing civil unrest and blaming congress for the crisis. Without a debt ceiling, no entitlement do not have to be cut off, the military can be paid and social security checks can still go out. There is enough money coming in to meet its obligations whether it is constitutional and unconstitutional. We have the revenue coming in every month. The President is abusing the power of his office to create an unnecessary crisis for political gain. As long as the alternative media keeps moving, forward fearless and relentless in the face of a tyrant. We will take back out republic from this imperial President and be free for the Bankers. We cannot let this opportunity to pass by either when we are winning the info war while the President is losing the public relations war on the debt crisis.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Can Eugenics Rear Its Ugly Head if Debt Ceiling is not Raised as Payback Against the People?

I will admit it straight out of the gate. I have a deep hatred for communist and socialist because they are dangerous. They are mentally ill people who need to be on lockdown in a padded cell three miles underground whimpering ,far from doing harm to the people. They are dangerous if we believe their rhetoric. The policies they will use is a weapon against the people. They want us to know who is boss. It does not matter is it is food and resources. I can see saying since we the people will not allow tax increases or the debt ceiling increasing. We can hear the Tyrant say,” We cannot afford to take care of Grandmas health care anymore and she has to die to save money.” These people are narcissistic to the point they think they are Gods holding the power of life and death in their hands.

The mother of my children has a brother who is autistic and severely mentally handicapped. He is a ward of the state that gets a social security disability to take care of him. I am concerned for him because his sister has no say in her bothers care when she tried to stop him getting flu shots. What about the people, who are retarded, have severe handicaps, which rely on government disability to live, and survive to meet basic needs. Many totalitarian regimes have killed off the disabled and the infirm because they want us to see as a drain on society and an unnecessary burden to justify murder. This is why they are starting up death panels so the elderly and the disabled can die as an excuse so the government can pay for the bankers and fund Israel. It has nothing to do with saving money. This is so evil no matter how humane they may make it sound to sell to the public as a way to save social security and Medicare. We must not fall for that lie of bioethics from the mouths of eugenicists that this is our only solution to solve our debt problem, social security and Medicare. Killing off people is not the answer

I lived about 25 miles from were Terry Schiavo was starved to death by order of a probate judge. What was so appalling why I left Florida was one among many other reasons is the people's lack of moral conviction. They all were falling for the lie that she is a vegetable whose quality of life was not worth saving. Her life had no value to many people because it cost money to take care of her. If we are going to claim to be a moral and just society as we say we are. We must be willing to stand up and defend those who cannot defend or speak for themselves when they are in danger of murder by people who want to play God deciding who lives or dies in our government.

This lie calling the elderly and the disabled useless eaters by the elite is such hypocrisy. Most of these elderly people were the builders of our society and contributed to their retirement for many years being responsible. The politicians and bankers never produced anything. The government and the robber barons are the real useless eaters of our society; they steal the hard work and substance of the American people so the money junkies can squander it. To say they have to kill off the disabled and the elderly to pay of this debt, save social security ,Medicare ,fund the wars for Israel and to bailout the Wall Street fat cats is pure ruthlessness. We must be a moral and just society again. The people who cannot speak or defend themselves being the most vulnerable must not be the ones to sacrifice their life to pay the price for Washington’s recklessness and Israel's wars. If we are going to be the society that makes a country great again. We must start adhering to those principles and values again or we lose. We must not allow this happen.

Is Bush Lying About Sept 11 Again When He First Heard the News We Are Being Attacked?

On that day Sept 11, 2001 when President Bush was in Sarasota Florida at Booker Elementary School reading to a room full of students. I find it very hard to believe we were really under attack. I lived in Bradenton Florida and worked at the 7-11 on 57th avenue and US 41. When I look back hearing deputies from the Sarasota County Sheriffs office told me at the time of that day coming off duty getting fuel or coffee ,there was the standard security motorcade escorting the President to Air Force one. Even to these deputies something did not seem right about it. I have no real confirmation to prove it. That is my first hand accounts from these deputies in how security was so lax to ensure the safety of the President on that day.

We hear when the President's Chief of Staff Andrew Card told the President after the second plane hit the tower that saying we were under attack. You can tell the fix was in already because the secret service did not take the President right away out of danger. The secret service's job is the President's safety. Does anyone question why the children at Booker Elementary School who are sitting ducks if this were a real attack? If we were really under attack by real terrorist as it is the news to be the official story. Would the President's slow reaction put the children in harms way? That is so many questions we must be asking because it has gone so long being unanswered. Why was the President slow to move and respond when the secret service under a real attack would have grabbed the President once the news broke we are under a terrorist attack. If I were the President and a possible target putting everyone around me in danger, especially children, I leave as fast I can to be a moving target. The last thing I want to do is place innocent people in harms way, especially children in a dangerous situation.

To use the excuse I did not wan to cause a panic and wanted to stay calm is a farce. When Andrew Card broke the news whispering in the President’s ear of the news of we are under attack. The President could have ordered at least scramble the fighters to seal the airspace around New York and Washington DC while making a graceful exit out of the school without causing a stir. Waiting 30 minutes to leave to respond to an attack does not add up at all in my mind. If the Children were in any real danger from Osama Bin Laden trying to kill George W. Bush because he is a high profile public figure. Remaining calm excuse does not add up. Waiting 30 minutes is too much time being a big target with children says the fix was in and that Sept 11th was an inside job.

I do not care how former President Bush tries to explain away why he waited 30 minutes to respond to the attacks on Sept 11th. Sorry Mr. President, You story does not add up which means the jig is up. 911 is an inside job. The pet goat story does not fool me.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rep. Ron Paul vs. Gov. Rick Perry Separating the Phony Texan from The Real Texan

In my mind, there is only one clear choice to choose to be President. There is the one that talks about freedom and liberty, but his actions do not reflect it. There is the other man who speaks the same ideas ,the very principles that made this country great, this very public servant has done everything within his power to advance the cause of preserving and defending the Constitution. The record of both Texans speaks for themselves in not so much words, it is seen in their actions as public figures. One man sold out for power, the other stuck true to his principles for many years regardless when there was no public support at the time.

Gov Rick Perry was stopped from signing over our roads to a Spanish company Cintra. This same man signed an executive order to force young girls to take a deadly vaccine Gardasil, which the findings prove to be dangerous and fatal. This same phony conservative is a big government politician who justification of job creation was expanding the size of state government compared to the private sector. This is a man who covered up the Texas Youth commission scandal, has praised the sheriff and CPS seizing all those children without cause in a private Mormon religious community in 2008? He has done nothing to secure the border. He has been behind killing legislation to ban sanctuary cities and the anti TSA groping bill. He is a man you cannot trust a word he says to be true. Remember Gov Rick Perry took George W Bush's place. Slick Rick is a protégé of Karl Rove and part of the neoconservative cult. Gov Perry is no more conservative than FDR. He attended Builderberg in 2007 as a chosen one to run for president for a reason. He will sell out his own mother for power. Not to mention I almost forgot to bring up is Newt Gingrich written the forward page in Rick's book "Fed Up" and Anti gun authoritarian who was former Mayor of New York city Rudolph Giuliani was the Governor's chief fundraiser for reelection. If you see the losers, he associates with are internationalist. They are globalist losers just like Al Gore who the governor was at one time his campaign chairperson in 1988.

Then we have Congressman Ron Paul. For many years, he has been the lone voice in the wilderness exposing the Federal Reserve Bank, sound money policies and the sticking to the constitution as a guild post on how to govern. He has submitted legislation and opposed big government spending. He had the nickname Dr. No in congress. He has from the very beginning the only person in the Republican Party opposed the Iraq war. He is famous speech called neoconned has come a true prophesy. He is the only man who asked the hard and tough questions to the Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on his reckless monetary policy. The bill calling the auditing the Federal Reserve Bank has finally after many failed attempts never making out of committee for a vote on the floor and passes the house with an overwhelming majority. Congressman Paul submitted a bill to stop the full body scanners and groping by the TSA. While many congressional representatives expressed halfhearted outrage at the TSA, Ron Paul took action and drafted legislation to stop the abuses by the TSA. For all the years, Ron Paul tireless efforts of educating the people all these years are paying off. He might be President despite all the dirty tricks in the Republican Party and the media.

We have two Texans here; one has an accent and native born. He does not govern as a true Texan, but talks like one. Then we have a Medical Doctor and Congressman who moved to Texas from Pennsylvania. He was not Texas born, but he lives the spirit of the Alamo like a true Texan. He has stuck by the constitution and his oath. Gov Perry has done nothing for Texas. If you evangelical Christians believe Rick Perry is going to save you from Barrack Obama, just like you said George W. Bush would save you from the evil slick Willie. Do not hold your breath. Rick Perry may talk like Ron Paul, but he is no Ron Paul.The Texas Governor does not come nowhere near close to being him.

Rick Perry talks as a good used car salesmen saying you have a good deal with him not telling you he sold you a lemon. He has betrayed Texans so many times with a forked tongue. Rick Perry is a globalist wrapping himself in the American flag. Seeing Rick Perry pander to the Christian right says one thing that Ron Paul warned us about. Fascism will come to America with the American flag in one hand and the bible in the other. Can slick Rick pull it off using God's name in vain to get votes?

Rep. Paul may not be the most eloquent and articulate speaker. It would not hurt him at all to stop being a nice person once in while and be a little vicious at the podium calling out the sells outs. Civility does not always wins the hearts of the people, but strong moral conviction, and righteous indignation does will garner the votes needed regardless of the Diebold voting machines try to do.

We can see we have one real Texan and one that is as phony Texan as a three-dollar bill. I say the voters of Texas give Gov Rick the boot in the ass and Ron Paul the red carpet. One has done his job to the best of his ability and the other has abused his office. Which Texan will Texas and America choose? We must not let the globalist win with a phony over the genuine.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The War on Terror Has Finally Lost all Credibility?

We are approaching the 10-year anniversary of September 11, 2001. We have to look back at who stands to gain from all this? Who profited and used the event to enrich themselves? I can tell you after all these years. The people of the Middle East who were the targets did not gain anything. They have been the victims of a preemptive interventionist foreign policy that has been the official policy by the Bush Administration. The people who stood to gain for all this was not the American people and definitely not the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen and Pakistan. Humanity was on the losing end of the stick in a post 9-11 world.

Back in October of 2001, with people’s fears on the point of anxiety looking for answers to secure the republic. The congress was given the Patriot Act to vote on saying we need it now. There was no time to read the bill or to debate the legislation. The congress formed the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security. All this was supposed to keep us safe, as we were being hearing in government talking points to believe. We were to believe this would not endanger our liberties and the Constitution would not be a concern. We went into Afghanistan and Iraq under the auspices of getting Al Qaeda and Saddam's weapons of mass destruction. We find out after the fact Osama Bin Laden has been dead for 10 years and Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction. The only weapons that can be seen in Iraq was our soldiers torturing innocent people and terrorizing the families by kicking doors down in the dark of night.

This War on Terror was a farce from the start. This war has a faceless enemy, no exit strategy, and no way can we declare victory. We can see this phony war on terrorism was a smoke screen for the Military Industrial complex to go fight wars for Israel, for the bankers and the authoritarian politicians who want our freedoms in the name keeping us safe from those evil terrorist. We see how KBR the subsidiary of Halliburton profited immensely off the war in Iraq. We see the rise of fusion centers and the militarization of the police accelerate. We see the humiliation of passengers at the Airports by the TSA that now declares breast bombs and rectal bombs a threat to air travel; they grope people, all this is a nightmare just to board a plane.

Now we have to question all this nonsense and our government policies like never before. When we see an old lady being forced to take off a diaper, a young boy being felt up and a former governor being forced through unnecessary measure that really do not make anyone any safer before 9-11-01. All this to fly on a airplane. We have to start speaking out saying” is this all necessary?" People see Sept 11 as an inside job now and the justification for all this Police State measures have to be a call into question the nature of such measures being policy. Our foreign policy of starting undeclared wars has to see a resistance. There is no substantiated evidence to prove breast bombs as implants in a woman, that liquids might be explosives and most of all that white people are the new Al Qaeda threat. Why are the US Marshals becoming the National Police Force? We have local Police and Sheriffs to secure their counties. There is no reason for a national Police force to fight terrorism.

We have to conclude that the War on Terror was a ruse to get us to go along with the President based on fear. We allowed our fears to cloud our ability to use common sense to see things for what they are. We see today. We are almost bankrupt as a nation. These wars are draining the purse. We now see that this faceless undeclared War on Terror has its gun sights set on us. We are now the threat to the establishment ,we are losing our homes and jobs at a record pace. The Federal government now aid and abets the criminal activity of the bankers to screw us over out of house and home. The Federal government is now the threat to our safety and well-being. We see them as a threat to our life liberty and property. In the name of fighting the terrorist, they have become the terrorist that attacks freedom daily. They are the people that hate our freedoms and despise us. That is our own US Government who is the threat to us.

When we see the swine, flu scare and to the underwear bomber, name a fabricated crisis. All these incidents and so-called crisis trying to scare the people into submission. The government's answer is a jackbooted thug with a MP-5 pointing at us. When draconian measures with tyranny as the solutions to their answer to everything. I see the agenda to dominate and tyrannize us using every crisis made up or real to justify the end game. When we see the solutions is more tyranny and fewer freedoms. What they say are threats are this group of people and that movement. It says they have no more credibility anymore to justify this phony war on terror anymore. Now it is time to call them out on it or we live our day with a boot on our face if we chose to do nothing. We are winning and they are losing because their lies are coming home to roost.

 If you beleive brown people living in caves in Tora Bora are out to get us. You are living an illusion. The war on Terror is a war against us if you ignore it or not.

Is Obama Using the Plunge Protection Team for Financial Terrorism ,the other Political Weapon to Raise Debt Ceiling?

                I remember back in Oct 2008 with the TARP bailout, when the House of Representatives first time around voted overwhelmingly no on this legislation. The markets plunged many points the next day. There was no logical reason for the markets to fall so quick in one day. I can see the plunge protection team was probably involved and manipulating the stock market to scare congress and the people to give the President what he wants.


                The Plunge Protection Team is a working group by Executive Order 12631 signed in March 18, 1988 by President Ronald Reagan. The working group was an idea after the Black Monday Stock Market crash on Oct 19, 1987. This working group consists of the Secretary of the Treasury, The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank, The SEC, and Commodity Futures and trading commission. We look at today in the year 2011. It is not 1988 anymore. We can see how this working group can be a means as a political weapon to get congress to vote a certain way.


                 We can see back in 2008, then Secretary Henry Paulson using the plunge protection team to inflict financial terrorism threatening to destroy people's 401ks, IRAs and investments. The people did not want the TARP; we can see how the plunge protection team might have been used as a political tool to pass the bailout to the Robber Barons. The 2008 TARP bailout was a blank check, within days trillions of dollars disappeared from the treasury. This legislation signed this country onto covering loses of Wall Street obligating this country to the 1.5 quadrillion derivatives debt, something the American people did not owe. The Plunge protection team and the threat of Martial law were the weapons used to pass TARP.


                 We have the debt ceiling crisis now in 2011, President Obama is predicting a financial Armageddon saying gloom and doom will happen if the debt ceiling gets no increase. Can we see the Secretary of the Treasury, once the Head of the Federal Reserve Bank in New York Timothy Geithner use the plunge protection team to manipulate the markets? Can this working group be used as a political weapon to get congress and the American people to comply with President's plan of raising taxes and increasing the debt limit? The President has threatened not to send checks to Social Security recipients, stop Medicare payments and not pay the Military from one direction. Then use of the plunge protection team crashing the stock market from another direction of attack. In addition, to incite fear if congress does not raise the debt ceiling, there will be a financial meltdown and the sky will fall rhetoric. It is plain use of fear mongering again as a means for the President to have his way not popular with the people.


                This plunge protection team needs to be dismantled. The Federal government should not be involved in the markets at all using taxpayer money. The formation of the Plunge protection team might have been well intended in the beginning to prevent a market crash of Black Monday in 1987 from happeneing again. Now the White House can use this group as a political weapon at the Presidents disposal to inflict financial terrorism on the nation using this group for the very purpose to crash the markets. The very purpose this group was supposed to prevent is now used to inflict now. This tool at the President's hand must be stripped away using the plunge protection team manipulating the markets. Let the markets fall, this working group should not exist any longer to prop up the zombie markets on Wall Street. So when we seen the markets falling as we are seeing right now. It might be the plunge protection team playing dirty as a weapon against us, so the President gets his way. We must expose the plunge team so it can never be used for political purposes again.



Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ideology and Compromise: Mutually Exclusive Concepts

By Russell D. Longcore

The debt ceiling issue in Washington is shining a glaring spotlight on the behavior and philosophies of Congress and the President. Unfortunately, none of what we can see in that bright light is good for America. My thesis here is that ideology and compromise are mutually exclusive…or at least, they SHOULD be mutually exclusive. If you will compromise your ideology, then it’s not an ideology.

President Obama has been begging for compromise with Republicans for two weeks now. And whatever shape that eventually takes, the Republicans will give him the compromise he seeks.

First, let’s define terms:

“Ideology”: a set of ideas that constitutes one's goals, expectations, and actions. An ideology can be thought of as a way of looking at things (a worldview). (courtesy Wikipedia)

“Ideologue”: An adherent of an ideology, especially one who is uncompromising and dogmatic. (The Google Dictionary)

Individual with strong philosophical leanings. Generally unwilling to budge to compromise or work with others with differing views. (

Let me offer an example of ideologues on both sides of an issue – Abortion. Those individuals on both sides of the abortion issue are characteristically unwilling to compromise their positions. One side holds to the sanctity of unborn human life, and one side does not. One side fights to protect unborn human life, and the other side fights to eliminate unborn human life at the whim of the mother. As you have seen over the last 40 years, both sides are dogmatic. The “anti-abortion” ideologues march against abortion, and harass abortion clinics and their employees. The “anti-abortion” ideologues even occasionally have members that will murder a doctor that performs abortions. The “pro-abortion” side does not employ such tactics, yet are as strident in their beliefs as their foes. But for the most part, there is no middle ground upon which both sides can agree. It’s life or death.

Another example would be Christianity. Many Christians would choose death over the renunciation of their faith. That dedication to Christ gets lots of people murdered around the world even today. That’s an ideology.

This article is not about the abortion issue or religion, but these examples are given simply to show that strong ideology is still possible…just apparently not in Washington.

Patrick Henry said, “I know not what course others may take. As for me, give me liberty or give me death.” That’s strict adherence to an ideology. Imagine Henry saying, “We can work with King George. If we just give in on this point and that point, we colonies can continue as British citizens. These taxes and regulations aren’t so bad that we have to revolt.”

There is a big difference between Republicans, Democrats and ideologues. The former is simply a political party affiliation. Ideology is not one’s chosen party…it is one’s core beliefs. Even “Conservative” and “Liberal” are not ideologies, since they are nearly impossible to define and share too many ideas in common. Dare anyone say that politicians that are willing to compromise truly have core beliefs? What would the issues be that, for the politician, are not subject to compromise?

Can you imagine the Republicans refusing to compromise on a balanced budget, even if their refusal to budge pushed the Federal government into default? Can you imagine the Republican leadership coming before the cameras and microphones of the world and saying, “There will be no new higher debt ceiling. There will be NO COMPROMISE by Republicans. There will be either a balanced budget or Washington shuts down until the Democrats and the President agree.”

Shouldn’t one core belief for both sides be to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States?” Words to that effect are in their oath of office. That would at least demonstrate that the politicians had honesty and lawfulness as a core belief. But we know that is not the case.

With the definitions I’ve proffered, I submit to you that there are very few true ideologues in Washington. DC is filled with Quisling pragmatists, compromisers and traitors.

Are you familiar with the term “Quisling?” It is named after the Norwegian Vidkun Quisling, who assisted Nazi Germany as it conquered his own country so that he could rule the collaborationist Norwegian government himself. The name even sounds oily and slithery. Being described as “Quisling” is to be accused of the worst kind of treason and selling out for personal gain.

What better term than “Quisling” describes politicians?

Dear God…give us some ideologues as we leave the United States of America through secession. The very act of secession is an act of no compromise. The very act of secession is an act of no compromise. Only ideologues will promote secession, and the ideologues will eventually win.

Secession is the hope for mankind. Who will be first?

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2011, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Texas beer joint sues church

Laugh A Little.

            In a small Texas town, (Mt. Vernon ) Drummond's bar began construction on a new building to increase their business.. The local Baptist church started a campaign to block the bar from opening with petitions and prayers. Work progressed right up till the week before opening when lightning struck the bar and it burned to the ground. The church folks were rather smug in their outlook after that, until the bar owner sued the church on the grounds that the church was ultimately responsible for the demise of his building, either through direct or indirect actions or means.

            The church vehemently denied all responsibility or any connection to the building's demise in its reply to the court. As the case made its way into court, the judge looked over the paperwork. At the hearing he commented, "I don't know how I'm going to decide this, but as it appears from the paperwork, we have a bar owner who believes in the power of prayer, and an entire church congregation that does not."

The Money Junkies Want Police and Fire Fighter Pension Funds,Not Just Half, But all of it.

            Let me just say this and let it stick in your brain. The Robber Barons want all the pension funds and not just half. They are saying half for now to sucker the Police and Firefighters into surrendering half; not knowing the end game is to take it all. Just trust the government with your pension fund to keep it safe, just like they did with social security trust fund. This is like appointing Al Capone to run the reform the Organized crime unit in the FBI. Never trust your pensions to Wall Street or the US Government. That is like asking the Homeland Security to protect our freedoms from big government.


           The government is has been looking for a reason to steal the pension funds and to rob the nation if it wealth. The US Government has been looking for a reason to steal the countries pension funds to only if we are lucky get crumbs left on the table after the money junkies go an on spending binge. The US government has been taking away from the Federal Pension fund, diverting to other spending programs. No matter what the government say about our pension funds. They are not entitlement program, just like social security. People contributed into the system all their lives with years of hard work and playing by the rules.


            I can remember how many times I watch a cop shows were a high ranking Police official and city council members goes to jail tinkering with the city pension fund. I just wonder how many politicians will go to jail for raiding Social Security trust fund? Will the banks on Wall Street and the Federal government go to jail stealing the people's pension funds to cover the Robber Barons loses? Eventually the party will be over for the money junkies on Wall Street and the Central Bankers.


           Before you allow the government takes half of anyone’s pension fund to give to another. Take it all out and put it into gold and silver. An asset you can hold into your hand and it is not at the mercy of thieves holding an official title. They do not want half of the pension funds. They want it all from you. Not just the firefighter or police, it will not stop with them. They want everyone's money. We have politicians and Robber barons who believe your lifetime, your labor and you substance belong to them. These people never produced a thing in their lives; they know how to steal fro other who made a life for themselves. Get you money far away from them as fast as you can. Put it in gold and silver assets you can hold on your person and not in the hands of people who will steal, it is your money and not theirs. Pull your money out and let them know it does not belong to them.




The Only White People That are the Real Threat Work for the US Government

                    I can see were this is going. They are seeking to demonize white people who are middle class and just want to be left alone. These people do not want to go out of their way to mess with someone else. He just minds his own business and goes about his daily routine going to work or picking up aluminum cans because he ran out of unemployment benefits, the truth is he does not scare me at all. He is just very upset as anyone else because it cost more to eat and to live. Soon it will cost an arm and a leg just to breathe because all those carbon taxes. We are seeing a pack of criminals calling their victims the bad people. Do not fall for this DHS fabricated threat.

                   The only threat coming from white people with blond hair and blue eye, are the ones working for the government. They are the TSA that humiliates grandma at the Airport with a cavity search our on full view. They are the IRS agents who will make up something to rob you of all your substance. They are the EPA agents who will arrest you for putting dirt in a wet spot on your property because this Bureaucrat says it is a wetland because a rainstorm left a puddle. The work for the FBI doing sneaks and peeks without search warrants issued by a judge, they work for the ATF running guns into Mexico and harass people at gun shows. They are the judges that legislate from the bench ignoring the constitution. They are the congress people and Senators who do not read the bills before they vote on them. They are the politicians who are brought and paid for by the bankers to steal homes the banks do not own. They are the local police who will write a tickets for going the speed limit, arrest you for a DUI drinking apple juice and tazer you for jaywalking. Why fear Joe six pack?

                  The terror attacks in Oslo Norway and the DHS saying white people are the new terrorist threat shows they are desperate. Without provocateurs from the government to stage attacks, they will start to really see their power slip away from them. The patriot act will not have any justification to be law, the TSA using the excuse of the underwear bomber as a reason groping people and the full body scanners is starting to become irrelevant when there is no real threat to be concerned with. The wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan and Libya will be seen for what they really are. These conflicts being undeclared wars are for conquest to enrich corporations and bankers to loot the nations of their natural resources. The people are looking past the puppet rulers, right at the bankers being in charge behind the scenes. Seeing them, as they really are, the very people responsible for the wars, poverty and instability around the world.

                  The bankers are in real trouble and their agenda putting many countries under IMF receivership is in jeopardy of not happening. People are getting upset seeing their life savings and what they work for all their lives being taken away for the benefit of the few. The people in Europe and in America see the banks want us to do with less while we pay our taxes to them. The reason why I ask, if you are curious to know. So we can be their slaves for their entertainment .Without false flag terror, they do not have a chance getting anything they want. Without demonizing a group of people to blame for all the problems. They have not a prayer. The Fighters and the Police are being told hand over half of your pension funds or get none. People are losing their homes to banks that do not hold the deed. It cost double to fill up the car to commute to work. People are upset and speaking out against the White House who rammed through a health care bill the people did not want and bailing out Banks who made bad choices. Everyone has a right to be mad.

                 The government just said that the American people are terrorist because they do not like what Obama is doing, this is frustrating the White House and Globalist. Therefore, he classified his political enemies as terrorist who oppose him. The people who are pro second amendment, pro constitution, who support Ron Paul and Bob Barr are not potential terrorist. What is freedom is now suspicion to them. They want to send a chilling effect to be silent and not dare question the US Government's actions. If we do, we are a potential terrorist. This is the time we get louder and not go silent.If we do shut our mouths,the real terrorist win.

                 The truth, the establishment will try to pull a false flag event to blame it on Obama’s political enemies because they gain nothing sitting idle, having a false flag event benefits the government, not the people. Free speech and our liberties are the threat to them. Please do not feel guilty being white and do not feel guilty wanting to stay free. The only white people we need to watch live on Wall Street and in our Government.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

WIn Big At Home Without Going to Las Vegas

          You seen the commercial,"what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" Also what happens at home stays at home too. The Internet has opened many opportunities ,were we can shop from home,watch movies, find a date and even gamble online. You can wager from horse and dog races and even bet on a Texas hold-em poker. The Internet has brought many things possible without leaving our homes.

           The best thing about the Internet is also, we have many choices to choose from to do online wagering. To name a few sites you can check out.They offer links to the most popular sites and vital information before you wager one penny. Please visit Poker Sites USA where you can see about playing this famous card game. There is even Online Casinos for USA Players. Casinos have not just one game to choose from,there are many. The last but not least is the Best US Poker Sites. the choices are plenty as infinitum. Not one site has a monopoly on poker or online gambling. But it good to know where to go before you make a bet.

            For me, I get my little thrill gambling here and there. Not too often, I am not obsessed with it. I do frequent the online casino sites often and found these sites to have a variety of choices to take youe pick from. I play once in awhile because even on these websites. We are all encouraged to please gamble responsibly


Fear Not A Dollar Collapse,Why Lament a Failed System Based on Fraud

                  I can hear about the economic survivalist and the doom and gloomers talk about the chaos that will happen when the dollar fully implodes. We hear about the blood in the street will flow with riots nationwide. I am not saying things will be easy for us at all. If we prepare using common sense with food, guns and ammunition stored ready for use. It is when we talk to our neighbors and discuss what lies ahead agreeing on looking out for each other. We talk in our city councils about an alternative monetary system with light manufacturing and production on the local level. We will thrive under the worst of conditions.


                When the old Soviet Union collapsed, people were not dancing about freedom and liberty in the streets. There was very little food and not much natural resources to go around. People cut strips of newspaper for use as toilet tissue. Those old New York Times newspapers are good for something at least if we cannot rely on the publication to be truthful. Some people I talked with who lived through the collapse of the Soviet Union made things to barter and trade for food or other necessities. It was a very hard time for the Russian people, there was some instability in certain areas and some places had no service like running water and electricity. Many Russian people survived under trying circumstances when they realized the state was no longer going to provide for them and they were on their own. The only people who did not make it were the people waiting on the Kremlin to take care of them.


                Just as communism was a system based on fraud, so is the monetary system set up by the Federal Reserve Bank. The only mistake is the Russian made was keeping most of the old Soviet structure in place. They could have done better choosing their own form of government. When the dollar implodes, we will have a chance to make a choice on what form of government we want to live under, what will it be? It can be a republican form of government or carpetbagger governments run by the bankers bringing us back into debt. Soon will be the 20th anniversary of the Soviet Union being no more. Boris Yeltsin allowed the robber barons to loot the wealth of the Russian Federation making the ruble worthless in 1998 bringing instability. Vladimir Putin threw out the carpetbaggers and brought stability to Russia. Russia's economy is thriving now.


               Seeing the collapse of the old Soviet Union says we have nothing to fear. The Russian people made the best with what they had; there was starvation and some unstable areas in the country. The truth is no matter what happens, life goes on and it is not the end of the world. I talked to people who lived in the city and in the country. Many did very well under the conditions they were dealt with. We can do it too if we learn not to fear the future, we just have to be ready.

The People of Quartzite Have to Be the New Leaders or Nothing Will Change.

               I am so frustrated seeing what is going on in Quartzite Arizona. The only few people sticking their neck out to confront the corruption are the Mayor Ed Foster and a couple of local citizens. So far, Gov Jan Brewer has not intervened, The State Police is investigating with no arrest, and The Sheriff will do nothing about it. The Arizona AG is just stalling. What is there to investigate? On the YouTube, video shows the Police Chief committing the crime of Official oppression depriving a person's rights under the color of law in a city council meeting. Why are the people waiting for the State to act? What about the people in Quartzite taking it into their own hands for once and take away the reigns of power away from these despots.


               I am not saying an armed revolt at this time. I am saying going before Grand Juries and getting indictments against all in the city government involved, including the Police Chief. I just believe the State and the County is dragging their feet hoping we will forget about all that happened so the corrupt machine stays in place in Quartzite. They will drag it out far enough when they announce the findings of the investigation as concluding of no wrongdoing when the people are mad at something else moving onto the next scandal. The only way the injustices will have correction, it has to come from the people of Quartzite only. I see the state government of Arizona and the County just dragging their feet stonewalling and stalling. The people in power always protect themselves in corruption investigations. I do not see the Arizona state government coming to the rescue for the people.


                 The only way thing will change if the people of Quartzite become their own leaders and take the first step taking back lost ground taken away from them the last few decades. I am not calling for an armed revolt or using firearms doing a hostile takeover. On August 2, 2011 which is days away. That day will be the 55th year anniversary of the battle of Athens Tennessee in 1946. The returning veterans of World War II had to take back the county using the force of arms facing the very same corruption the city of Quartzite is facing. They did not wait for the governor or anyone from the state government to come to their aid to grant justice. They took the matters into their own hands. If enough people in these little cities get angry at the corruption and tyranny taking, back the system by any means necessary from a corrupt political class. We might have a chance to take back the republic one city at a time.


                 The people have to take bold action to make a stand in Quartzite to restore a civil government that serves the people. The same corrupt people will be hanging around to pillage and rob the people another day. We cannot afford to let this small political establishment hang around anymore. The people of this Arizona city must keep pushing for the removal of these corrupt officials using every remedy necessary before the last resort of force of arms. The people of Quartzite have to be ready to be the new leaders ready to govern the city if they want their town back. That means filling in the void holding office once the crook are gone.They cannot afford to have the same losers responsible for causing the mess to hang around one more day to make choices for Quartzite they do not want. Come on people step forward. The people need leaders, not politicians. Do not count on the Calvery with Jan Brewer coming over the hill to save you. The people of Quartzite,you are on your own.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Texas Governor Plans to Attend Prayer Event, Rick Perry is no more Christian than Anton Levey

                I can say with a clear conscience. I never wasted my vote on Rick Perry, I would not even vote for him to be dogcatcher. The Texas governor is snake oil salesperson who knows how to give a motivating speech. I just do not believe a word he says. Even if he is telling us, we need to pray to Jesus. I would like to know which Jesus the Governor is talking about. What the Texas governor says is does are two different things. So far, he has not shown himself to be "Fed Up" with the Federal government as his book title says. He is a consummate politician telling people what they want to hear for the votes and governs the opposite.

              I have nothing against Governor Perry leading a prayer event being phony or sincere. It is his right under the first amendment to hold an event. Even though he is the governor of Texas, which makes him a public figure always in the spotlight. He still has the right to freedom of religion, to worship God to the dictates of his own conscience. I just question his motives about what is behind him leading a prayer event. We are waiting to see if he will run for President. I just see him positioning himself to pander to the evangelical voters. He has been saying lately that we need to pray to Jesus. I question his reasons to make such a statement all of sudden.

              I will believe Gov Perry's is a true Christian when he leads the prayer event in Houston is he confesses to the following sin against Texas: His cover of the Texas Youth Commission Scandal, He comes clean about taking money from Merck to force young girls to take vaccine that can bring harm to them, selling out to the NAFTA super highway, and tells us he really attended the Builderberg meeting in Istanbul Turkey. I will be shocked if he publicly repents in public of his sins against the people of Texas repenting of all the corruption of the past. I might believe him. On the other hand, people are so docile because of fluoride in the drinking water. He can confess to multiple extramarital affairs and admit to torching the governor’s mansion. No one would get mad and still vote for him saying” Praise the Lord".

             He is also pandering to AIPAC to seek their blessing to put Israel first and American last so we keep fighting war for Israel and to keep the aid coming to them. He should have the Zionist entourage with him at this prayer event praying for Israel, that we should bless them at the expense that we should have to starve for the phony Jewish State. So when there is the Pro Israel Zionist love fest in Houston. Remember Rick Perry is no more Christian than Anton Levey is and no more loyal to one-woman man than Will Chamberlain was. If he were a true Christian, he would be denouncing the persecution of Christians by the Israeli army in the West Bank and the Gaza strip. He would have blasted Israel for jailing people who preach about Jesus because their indifference towards Christianity. Standing up for Human rights and religious freedom, what a hypocrite he is.

             So all you holier than thou people out there holding your Bibles sitting on the pews in church. Before you decide to vote for Gov Perry for president in the primaries. Gov Perry is a disingenuous, egregious and a phony. He has done nothing to back up his words. He makes a good speech, this it. Before you say "hallelujah, God Bless Rick Perry, He our man" If you look at what he has done. His actions speak louder than his words. That tells me, he is not a God fearing man, just a fake using the Lord's name in vain to get your vote.




We Need States to Start Criminal Anti Trust Investigations Against General Electric,The EPA and the White House. Or We will Have More Rolling Blackouts.

              The worst thing any government and people can do is place all power into a few hands. The EPA needs to be kicked out of the States. This agency is now the enforcement arm for monopolies. They write the rules exempting themselves for the very laws they want enacted. Monopolies happen when there is Government collusion and intervention into the free market system. That is when regulations and laws are in place exempting a few favored interests using the force of government shutting down their competition.


               One of the major corporations is General Electric we have to look real close at with an open mind. GE sits on the President Obama's economic council. They have helped write the cap and trade rules. Since now, the congress will not pass this draconian law. President Obama is enacting cap and trade by executive orders shutting down coal power plants making it is so expensive to comply with the carbon limits on emissions imposed on facilities not owned by General Electric. While GE is exempt for the rules, they can start charging higher electric rates once all the competition is eliminated on the production on electricity. ENRON did the same thing 10 years ago in California with rolling blackouts charging the costumers high rate on electricity producing less power. Once GE has control over all electric production around the country. They will use rolling blackouts charging higher rates for producing less electricity creating an artificial scarcity just as ENRON did in California.


                Earlier this year in Texas, the EPA imposed rolling blackouts in Texas being one of the coldest days of this year. Texas was forced to have rolling blackouts so these power plants did not exceed their carbon limits or face high fines. Texas was forced to buy electricity from Mexico to meet the demand during that cold day. Guess who owns all those coal power plants in Mexico? General Electric benefited from those rolling blackouts in Texas because the EPA was shutting down coal plants in Texas and not allowing the Coal Plant to come online in Corpus Christi Texas. The EPA using cap and trade rules without an act of congress, which created an artificial scarcity in Texas to shut down or restrict GE’s competition from producing power to meet the demand of Texans on the day. Forcing Texas to buy electricity from Mexico from coal plants owned by General Electric. Does this sound like a monopoly with the help of the White House willing to use anti competitive practices to help GE?


             Yesterday, a heat wave in Detroit Michigan being one of the hottest days of this summer on record. The people are experiencing rolling blackouts as the excuse the demand for electricity of people running their air conditioners. I do not think it is system stress causing these rolling blackouts. DTE is being forced to shut down power randomly to stay within carbon limits or be fined creating again an artificial scarcity. There is no reason for rolling blackouts anywhere no matter how hot or how cold it may get outside. The EPA, General Electric and the Obama Administration will start holding people hostage with rolling blackouts as a method of control to let them know who is in charge even when they have the means to produce all the electricity needed. This is criminal what I see is going on. Which state will stand up to the White House and the EPA colluding with General Electric engaging in anti competitive practices? GE using the force of government to shut down competitors to have total control over the production of electricity with no competition to challenge them.

              The states need to stand up to the Obama White House and the EPA being an agent for GE. What is being done is criminal to the people of Detroit and was done to Texas last winter. If the states were serious and get a little backbone, they need to throw the EPA out of the state. Attorney Generals need to start investigating the criminality coming out of Washington DC, the White House and General Electric. Arrest need to be made and indictments by grand juries need to be in motion. I just hope if the people and the state governments have to will to push back against this dictator in the White House. I hope before the Obama White House becomes a monopoly with no checks on power from the Congress and the Courts. I say, this because what he is doing through the EPA is criminal when GE influence has caused a monopoly giving them an unfair advantage over the competitors is not good business, it is robbery. Competition is not a sin; it is just honesty in the free markets.

Is the False Flag Terror Card Getting Harder to Play?

              Ever since Sept 11, 2001, there is been overwhelming evidence that it was a government sponsored operation for the purpose of new wars and a domestic police state. If we look at who benefits and who does not. You can see the Military industrial complex has reaped much profit ever since that day the towers collapsed. Adolf Hitler burned the Reichstag for putting an oppressive Police State in place. In both events, the government used a group of people to demonize as the problem to take away their rights of due process. We used the Muslims and Germany used the Jews.


              The Federal government is behind the mission to bomb the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City bombing to attack its own Federal Building to go after the militia movement and conservative talk radio. The White House was very quick to point fingers at his opposition as the ones responsible for the attack. At the time Bill Clinton was in trouble politically and the new congress stalled much of his agenda. He needed an event for the people to have restored confidence in his leadership. President George W. Bush was becoming very unpopular too and the American people had no faith in his leadership. Then the attacks on 9-11-01 happen and his approval numbers move up. False flag terror was a very convenient tool used by government when the people become discontent with government. This was a method used for the people to rally around an unpopular government.


               With the age of the Internet and the rise of the alternative media as a new source of news the people are now reading. This combination has exposed these false flag government sponsored terrorism. During the London 7-7 bombings, these explosions happened during a drill using the exact same scenario. When 9-11 happened, there was a drill going on at the same time of the very same type of event where planes were hijacked, crashed into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. Even on this day, NORAD is to stand down and with many Air Force bases surrounding Washington DC. They never scrambled fighter jets to protect the air space over the nation’s capital. Flight 77 is able to hit the Pentagon without any resistance from fighter jets. Both events did not happen by incompetence, it happened by design for political reasons. If you still believe Osama Bin Laden did this from a cave in Afghanistan, then I have ocean front beach property in Wyoming I want to sell you.


               Yesterday in Oslo Norway, there was an explosion and a shooting calling it a terrorist attack claiming people with blond hair and blue eyes people were responsible for the attack. There was drill going on in Oslo the night before and at the same place where the shooting happened.there was a pro Palestinian rally prior. What was the reason behind these attacks? I say it is because the bankers of Western Europe want to implode Europe's economy and put in place getting countries to sign onto a debt the people in Europe do not owe. The Bankers now are being the frauds they are. The people are watching them and these Bankers are pushing governments to sign onto Austerity measures giving money to the Banks while the people are impoverished living in slavery. These attacks serve as a diversion for an unpopular government to convince the people to rally behind their hated leaders going after the evil doers while signing away the wealth of a nation to the Robber Barons.


                The false flag terror card is getting harder to play. Police have been exposed being provocateurs trying to demonize peaceful protesters. In every attack in government-sponsored terrorism, there is the same pattern of it just being a drill when it is found out later. How does the government benefit? The underwear bomber was allowed on the plane by orders from high-level government officials. The reason is so they can put the Full Body scanners in the major Airports. Also, to put Airline Passengers through an intrusive groping by the TSA as a condition to board a plane. The more false flag terror is exposed, the harder for the government to act when everyone is watching. The alternative media have been on this for a long time asking the questions that need to asked, finding the answers no one in the mainstream media will look at. The government is losing and just about to lose another card to play, that is false flag terror.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Apollo 13, Failure is not an Option.Seeing NASA at its best.


          I was very young when Apollo 13 had its mishap in space. Those days of seeing the world on the edge of its seat the whole time hoping the Astronauts will return safely to earth under the worst conditions when systems failed. There was a threat due to an explosion that caused life support and power to be limited putting the lives of the men aboard the craft in peril. The people in mission control in Johnson Space Center worked around the clock to bring these men home safely. To read about a group of determined men who did not give up no matter what.


            I took a tour of Johnson Space Center and seen the old mission control room where the missions to the moon were conducted. I can imagine seeing Gene Kranz who was in charge of mission control saying to the people under him” Failure is not an option". These people were the best and brightest of our nation with limited resources guided the crippled craft back to Earth safely. Failure is not an option in their minds. Where are these people today? I met Gene Kranz for a few minutes touring the Space Center in Houston. These men made NASA a success because their hard work not to fail.


           Seeing the sunset of the Space Shuttle program with the landing of Atlantis shows our nation in decline because President Obama cares more about funding the money junkies than our space program. We as a nation are in a fork in the road of what direction we should go. The truth is we have a dictator wannabe and greedy bankers. We have a little tiny country called Israel that has our preachers and politicians wrapped around their finger. This is destroying out nation. We have to have an attitude of "failure is not an option" if we are going to save the republic. We need that kind of motivation that was demonstrated in Mission Control bringing back Apollo 13 safely. We have to come to terms again when saving our republic and reversing course as a nation. "Failure is not an option". Do you agree?

Romans 13, The Government Taking The Bible Out of Context.

              For all you church goers who occupy a pew every Sunday morning and attend religiously for Wednesday night Bible study at your 501C3 place of worship. The preacher talks about Corinthians 13 and the Sermon on the Mount as a way saying we are to be loving and caring. There is nothing wrong with it. Hearing things you want to hear, not hearing what we ought to be hearing has put us on a slippery slide as a society. The Preacher never talks about Jesus driving the moneychangers (The Bankers) out of the Temple. Please how this so-called man confronted corruption in the religious leadership and in the Roman government evading arrest. Preacher make him look like a hippie pacifist more than a moral leader who stood against corruption.

              Many wars have been fought in the name of God twisting the scripture and tyranny in the name of righteousness murdered many innocent people. Every heard of the Spanish Inquisition and the Muslim crusades? Many politicians claiming to be Christian have used the word of God to oppress people and Kings used the claim of divine right to rule the people as chattel property is because of the will of God was a major justification. Ignorance is exploited to justify doing wrong because to people do not know better. It is easy to twist the bible to suit one’s purpose.

               Now we back before World War II and the rise of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin used a chapter out of the Bible to get people to submit to do the immoral crimes against humanity. They used Romans 13 to convince people to comply with a tyrant saying all government is of God. This misinterpretation has been responsible for much innocent blood being shed in the name of a master race. Now there is a program using the same text out of the Bible called the clergy response teams to use the preachers to tell people to submit to tyranny because it is from God. Turn in your guns, go the FEMA camps Snitch on your neighbors, and surrender your rights because the Bible tells us to do it.

               The truth is when the apostle Paul wrote the Book of Romans. Who ruled Rome at the time? Nero Caesar was one of the most immoral leaders at the time. A very depraved ruler who was involved in the most deviant behavior to make whore blush and a thief seem righteous. If Nero is, correct about Romans 13. Does than mean if a couple gets married to a wife that is a virgin and the Romans decree was the Roman empower has to be her first to have sex with before the husband. Is that of God? Suppose it is law, a roman soldier can rape a man wife or Daughter at will. Is that being obedient to God not to resist to defend you family‘s honor?? Not it is not lawful to allow such an act by decree. The people on Lexington and Concord facing the British could not be fooled with a twisted interpretation of Romans 13. They knew better what it meant and no matter what the King said did not matter.

                Thomas Jefferson quoted saying” Resistance to Tyranny is Obedience to God". Submitting to tyrants is not obedience at all and just cowardly to go along than make a stand. If you believe Obama says remember Romans 13 through the clergy response team. You are an idiot worthy of a permanent vacation to the FEMA camp and your firearms given away since now the government will protect you because you do not need guns for protection anymore. The government will take care of you. Do not be deceived. Do your homework please. You will see that Romans 13 does not mean submit to an immoral government. It meant submit to the leadership of the Church for moral direction and advice. Not the Roman government

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Has City Hall Declared War on the People?

             We are seeing corruption at every level of government as never before in our history. The blatant arrogance of our local officials to ignore the law, even to the point the state and federal constitution they will violate to suit their agenda. We have seen city council members mayors collude with developers to steal property abusing the eminent domain laws so they can build a golf course and county club in its place. That is not exactly what I call public use. These local governments are no more than just political whores selling out to the highest bidder for a hand out, just do what the person writing the check tells them to do. Never mind if it is legal or not, just as long it is money for their coffers

            We are seeing a bunch of petty little despots on power trips passing ordinances that are anti business and anti private property. The will send out the building code inspector to harass people who make noise about what they are doing. Government agencies bypassing the legislature in their respective states are lobbying city councils and mayors to take federal grant money as a condition receiving these funds.The city has to violate people's rights and existing laws with the state. They are implementing anti gun laws and the United Nations agenda 21 in return taking federal dollars. Under most city charters and state laws, they are very strict on how the city government should function. The city politicians cannot accept money outside the jurisdiction, only tax dollars through local taxes. Even take money in politcal contributions from ouside the city or state too.

              What we see in Gould Arkansas and in Quartzite Arizona is not an isolated incident at all. These mini tyrannies exist all across America. This is where the city police play the enforcement arm for the corrupt city government to protect the system from the people. The Police are there to serve and protect the corrupt system. They exist for revenue through taxation though citation to enhance the city coffers budget. The State will not intervene and some county sheriffs are in collusion with the corruption. The people have petitioned only to follow with repeated abuses and usurpations for speaking out against the corruption. The state will not intervene when such constitutional violations happen. The people are running out of options to reform the system. An armed revolt might be the only option left on the table when all peaceful and lawful remedies have been exhausted.

               The truth is somewhere in this country. I see the citizens ready to take matters into their own hands in a hostile takeover of a corrupt city government to see what crimes were actually committed against them. Some can be peaceful and some will be an armed resistance to take back their local government. This is why the founders put the second amendment in Bill of Rights amended to our Constitution. It was not meant for deer and duck hunting. Sporting purposes has nothing to do with gun ownership. If you go along with that argument, you will lose. The right to keep and bear arms is in the US Constitution and many State constitutions for a specific purpose. The reason is because when all lawful remedies have been exhausted to bring a peaceful solution to grave injustices. The right to keep and bear arms is a tool of last resort to remove corruption and tyranny from government. When the municipality no longer serves the people, but has become a destructive force against the citizens. The right to take back local government by force of arms is the right of the people.

             If we start seeing this happen where the people in one-city stands up, many more will follow restoring order in city hall when all peaceful remedies do not work anymore. This arrogance can bring a result no one in the Federal government wants. Their plans for tyranny are over for them. If the people take, back their cities and counties from these corrupt groups of people. It is over for the New World Order.

If White People Are Terrorist. What About the Federal Run KKK and Neo Nazi Provocateurs?

              Has anyone heard of Hal Turner? He was classified as a White Supremacist only to find out he was on the federal payroll all along as a tool to demonize the lawful opposition. Now being almost horrified reading about the Department of Homeland Security playing the race card saying white people with blue eyes are now the terrorist threat. What we have to realize it is not the White people that are a threat to the power structure that seeks to enslave us to a tyranny. They are just the new scapegoat. It is anyone who thinks and asks questions that are the threats. It does not matter if a person is white, black or Asian. We are the entire enemy to the government being the hired gun for the bankers to suppress the population.

              The government is getting ready to stage a false flag attack to justify clamping down on the population saying the constitution is the cause for these attacks. Freedom is bad because it stands in the way getting those evil terrorist.To play the race card is a cop out because the TSA groping people at the airports, they are planning on moving on our streets has no more justification for such measures when there is no real threat. They are running out of excuses to tyrannize the people. They cannot rationalize wire tapping our phones and Internet activity. They cannot justify using tyranny anymore. The government is growing desperate to hold onto power. The Congress and the President have a low approval rating. The Department of Homeland Security and the TSA's very existence is now being called into question by many people, because they are now the problem and not the solution to national security. A nuesense people can live without.

              The white person being the perceived threat is another diversion from the bankers looking to steal from the nation. They need us looking the other way fighting with each other in a tactic to divide and conquer while the Bankers fully implode us economically. Most White Americans are the producers in American society. They are the ones who pay taxes, keeps the economy moving paying for goods and services. They are upset at the government; seeing what they are doing to this nation, They are sick and tired of seeing their savings dwindled by inflation and high taxes stealing thier earnings. I believe this supposed to have a chilling effect on white America to stay quiet and not speak up for fear of being labeled a terrorist. If there is false flag attack, will they blame White Americans for the attack? Will they use the false guilt of the past to feel ashamed of oppsing Obama because he is white. To speak up we might be a racist or a terrorist. For an event that might happen in the future. They will try to send a chill in the white population not to speak up or question the emperor playing on people's false guilt.

               It is been documented that most Klu Klux Klan and White Supremacist organizations have been operated by undercover Federal agents. The Federal government has been caught in staging public events trying to inflame racial tensions, if you notice when police are the barrier between angry blacks protesting their presence at a rally. The Police are not protecting those blacks from the evil racist. Those Police are protecting possible federal agents staging a rally hoping to anger blacks enough to attack, so the Police can justify more police state powers. This possible threat from white Americans is the new phantom threat to national security according to Homeland security. It seems the threat of brown people living in caves is no longer the threat, now it is Whitey, who lost his home, job and living in his car; that just ran out of unemployment benefits is now the threat.

                Now people, please start to use common sense and not capitulate to fear induced by the government. Please use your life experience and use your best judgment. What the Police are being trained to look for should have us up in arms. What they are being trained to look for is daily normal everyday activity is now suspicious. Do you remember that when the DHS issued a warning that people with maps in their car with a sleeping bag and camping equipment might be a terrorist? They have declared gun owners, private property activist, anti United Nations groups, citizens who want our border secured, people who want our immigration laws enforced; deporting all illegal aliens, people against undeclared wars, returning veterans from the Middle East, Ron Paul supporters, Bob Barr followers, states rights advocates, people for their children in home school, parental rights, people for the US Constitution and believe in the Declaration of Independence. To me this type of training Police are being instructed to look for defies all common sense to criminalize freedom and the institutions that made our nation great.

                This is an act of desperation trying to silence the majority of the opposition from speaking out or they will be declared a terrorist, the majority are white Americans who are speaking their mind are those who have every right to be angry. They are seeing what most what they worked for all their lives being stolen from them by the money junkies. It is American to dissent and be skeptical no matter what color skin they are. We must not be scared to speak our minds because DHS says that we might be a potential terrorist because we are upset. No matter what color or race we are, we are all enemies of the state who wants us to be subjugated. Some are useful idiots who will do what the government says and the rest of us are the opposition not willing to budge. No one is safe at all even if you are not on the list yet. Therefore, before the government tries to scare us again with this propaganda, Use your head and think for yourself while it is still legal.


Freshman Congressman Dig Your Heels in ,You Have a Traitor Among You. His Name is John Boehner

               One of the first things the freshmen class in the House of Representatives should understand is. Making deal with the President will not profit you anything but a one term in the congress. Speaker of the House John Boehner has the boss as Barrack Obama. The reason why this country is in so much trouble is compromise and throwing principle out the window. This is the time for any compromise whatsoever. This is the time to hold true and not cave in.

              This nation cannot afford to raise the debt ceiling. We all know John Boehner is going around and twisting the arms of the freshman class to conform to the party. He wants everyone to go along with an increase in the debt ceiling. The people have spoken last the election of no more borrowing. The government borrowing has eroded the value of our wages and earning. It has taken away our purchasing power when we shop at the local market. Just face the facts. John Boehner is no more Conservative than Nancy Pelosi is. He talks like a conservative but govern the same, as a globalist will.

               Without raising the debt ceiling, there is no more corporate welfare for the robber barons on Wall Street and in the Major Central Banks. President Obama cannot have a defeat in his own mind. One major loss could shift the momentum against the White House walking over the Constitution. Do not allow the Speaker of the House to twist your arms to vote against what you believe. You do not work for him. You work for us. Who cares what the Republican leadership wants. They have been the problem all along holding back this great republic from turning back the downward slide.

               John Boehner is the traitor among you. He is not doing anything to reign in the out of control White House. He is not stopping the assault on our freedoms. He is doing nothing for us. He is working for the same bosses that control the White House. He is not a leader but a gatekeeper for the Bankers and the ruling elite hiding in the shadows. Vote no on raising the debt limit and tell John Boehner that you do not work for him, that you work for the people back home.


The Truth About the Abortion Issue Republicans and Democrats Will Not Tell You

               I am pro life to say for the record. I do not approve of abortion under any circumstance. There are many alternativces like adoption and advances in Medical science has took almost removed the danger to a woman giving birth to a child. If we are going to be a just and moral society, we proclaim to be waving our flags saying” God Bless America!”.To me it is empty rhetoric if there is not action to back it up. We as a people have to stand up for those who cannot speak or defend themselves. If we do not back it up,it is just words that ring hollow. What I despise is both parties using the abortion issue as a political football to say who is righteous from the Christian conservative end; at the same time the pro choice crowd says a woman has a right to choose. This is a political football used to pander to the base of both parties. The Declaration of Independence states we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Abortion infringes on a person’s right to life.

                I have been observing how both sides do things. The Christian side will pass laws knowing it will be struck down in court. They will keep doing this saying to their loyal sheep” We have done what we could, but the courts keep striking us down." The other side said, "We will keep fighting for a woman's right to choose". I am sick of seeing this phony political mudslinging going back and forth never talking about the real core issue behind the nonsense. They keep saying if Roe vs. Wade is overturned at the US Supreme Court. There will be back ally abortions because no more access to have a safe abortion. They attack nominee for US circuit Court Judgeship and the candidate who might be a justices to sit on the US Supreme Court. It makes a good fundraiser for both sides when these events happen. Abortion is a good diversion tactic the Bankers and Money Junkies will use to steal the wealth from this nation.

                  What they do not tell you about Roe vs. Wade has to be told. If Roe vs. Wade was overturned tomorrow. Abortion would not be outlawed on bit. The practice would continue regardless if the court decision were there or not. The only thing that would change is the states will determine if abortion will be legal or not. The several states will decide the limitations on abortion. The issue of abortion would be removed from Federal jurisdiction pretty much. The issue of abortion is a 9th and 10th amendment issue and has nothing to do with a Woman's right to choose. Roe vs. Wade was a Federal power grab taking away power from the states to decide on the issue. Let the states and the people determine the moral standards on abortion. Abortion is a states rights issue, just as slavery was. Congress very easily could have removed jurisdiction from the lower Federal circuit courts on the abortion issue and even school prayer issues. Congress does have the power to decide the jurisdiction of the lower courts except the US Supreme Court. Congress created the lower courts; the can also determines its jurisdiction. The Constitution gives the congress that power.

              The truth is as I see it. The Religious freedom issues and the Abortion issues could have been stopped without Federal circuit court intervention. Even the Gay marriage issue. No issues, both sides want to solve one bit. They like these issues to deceive their followers to keep as an election issue. They never want to say these issues belong to the states to decide. Roe vs. Wade is just another political football for this phony political infighting just to divert the voters away from the Wall Street money junkies and the Bankers stealing out nation blind through the income tax or inflation. I am not so caught up with a candidate if pro life or not. I just wonder if they are for or against the bankers is the real issue. Because these Robber Barons are the at the core of every aiment we are dealing with today. Abortion is just a diversion they use while they steal us blind.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It is Time to Break Up The Corporate Monopoly Government Partnerships. No More Corporate Fascism

              My fellow readers let us all face facts. The Bankers and Corporate America has taken over our government. Our Representative Republic no more exists, as we know it. The Robber Barons give the orders to our Congress and the President on what to do. If they do not do it, there is hell to pay. The biggest corporate government partnership is the Federal Reserve Bank. This private central bank controls the issuance of the currency using the force of government to wipe out any competition with any form of alternative currencies. President John F, Kennedy was assassinated because he dared issuing silver notes interest free for the people's benefit competing with the Federal Reserve fiat paper money. The Federal Reserve Bank and the Federal government are involved in anti competitive practices no allowing the people a choice what they use as a means of exchange for goods and services.

              Whatever you want to call it or name it as you see it. The Oil Cartel, The Banking Cartel, The Diamond Cartel, the Pharmaceutical Cartel, The Medical Cartel and soon to be the food Cartel all seek to use the force of government to attack their competition . John D Rockefeller stated that competition is a sin. Monopolies do not happen in a vacuum. These corporate monsters arise with government intervention and help. Why I am saying this to you? It is because all these corporations now write the legislation and lobby congress to pass it into law. They write these laws in a specific way where the laws do not apply to them and shut down their competition. They have lawyers in the US Justice Department to make sure no anti trust litigation ever becomes known exposing their anti competitive practices.

               One of the biggest examples I can point out illustrating a corporation and government partnership. In that, alliance between government and Multinational Corporation is a match made in hell. We can see how a major corporation is using the force of government to destroy their competition. The company General Electric, the giant conglomerate that sits on President Obama's economic council. One of the Benefits GE has is using the connection they have with government to ban tungsten light bulbs to force consumers to buy very hazardous florescent light bulbs. Through Cap and Trade regulations, General Electric helped to write so they can have control over electricity production. President Obama is using the arm EPA being GE's hired gun are shutting down coal fire plants for exceeding carbon emissions rules GE is exempt from. This is to implement policies. To create an artificial scarcity so they can jack up the prices because there is no competition to challenge them. Therefore, denying the people a choice.

                 Not only just General Electric using the force of government to shut down their competitors,  this is a corporate giant creating a giant monopoly on electric production with no free market to set the price. Big Agribusiness and Pharmaceutical industries are going after alternative medicines and dietary supplements. They are lobbying cities to ban home gardens. They are approaching states to use SWAT teams to go after organic food co-ops, Amish farmers selling raw milk and local farmers markets. They are working hard to shut down the family farms because they are a threat to their monopoly they are trying to build to control the whole market with no competition. We have seen Wal Mart coming into small towns promising to have a positive effect on the community. In reality this super retailer using unfair trade policies and anti competitive practices, the truth is Wal Mart helped write the rules ,so they undercut local small merchants for the purpose to shut down their competition. These Monopoly men helped kill Main Street to enrich the Wall Street money junkies and the Bankers.

                 The only way we will be able to take back our republic is to break the government partnership with these corporations. I would suggest cities and counties pressure their Attorney Generals to start anti trust litigation .We have to stop shopping at these retail giants, supporting our local small business instead for our goods and services. We are paying a high cost for low prices. We are having a corporate fascist dictatorship forced upon us where we are denied the choice what goods and services we want because we are forced to buy from a few select companies. As a consumer and a citizen who likes many choices to chose from. It is time we break the stranglehold of the corporate fascist using the force of government to gain the upper advantage over the competition. The government belongs to us; our elected servant serves the people, and not the corporatist. Corporatism must end or our republic will perish.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Will Obama Use Dirty Tricks to Inflict Pain on Americans ,if He does not Get his Way?

?              To ignore this President and see how low he will go to get his way. A man who cannot accept defeat or live with a loss getting what he wants. This is a man in desperation. His popularity is at an all time low. He defied public opinion on Obamacare and the war on Libya ramming it down our throats. The American people are saying no to raise the debt ceiling and tax increases. The Congress is not budging either. This could be a blow to his agenda if the will of the people prevails and takes away Obama's credit card to run up more debt.

               He has thrown everything at us to scare people saying gloom and doom. He said he would stop Medicare payments and stop sending social security checks out to scare people to submit to his spending binge. He made the threats of not being able to pay the Military if the government shut down because they ran out of money designating our Armed force non essential personal when is are required in the Constitution to provided for the defense of the nation. On raising the debt ceiling and tax increases. The President is a cornered rat with egg on his face with a phony poll about 80% percent favor other people paying higher taxes as a way to exploit class envy.

               What really has me worried is how he can play the Illegal aliens and the people dependent on the system against us. If the fight to raise the debt ceiling becomes a political dogfight were the tea party people staying true to their commitment to stop the spending and borrowing are standing in Obama's way. I can see the President using more methods that are coercive to persuade these people to change their minds. The President can further cut off unemployment benefits, food stamps. WIC and AFDC turning a group of people into a political weapon against the producers in society using class warfare tactics. He can use these means to inflict pain on America as a punishment for not seeing things his way.

               I can see him inciting the blacks and the illegal aliens to go after the productive people and the person who is trying to play by the rules. The President will say it is our fault they are not getting their government handout because we are not willing to pay our fair share and refuse to raise the debt ceiling to pay for the welfare state. I can see the President using the illegal alien population in these major sanctuary cities to shut down of even riot because most of them receive welfare assistance of some form for the federal government. Americans will be demonized and made to feel guilty for not paying enough.We will be considered heartless about the poor starving because there is no food stamps. We will be blamed for the riots and the dead as a result of our selfishness. The President will make it our fault because we refuse to allow Obama to have his way to borrow and spend to oblivion. We characterized being too stingy and not willing to share in the sacrifice. Do not be surprised if the Mexican government weighs in trying to convince congress to raise the debt ceiling to pay for their people's welfare benefits.

              This President will play dirty using the population that is most dependent on the government as a political weapon against the middle class or the producers of society still making a living. He is running out of political ammunition playing the fear game using ultimatums to scare people not getting their social security check becoming homless. This President will inflict pain on us if we do not let him have his way. He will play the poor dependency class and the illegal aliens against the productive people as the scapegoat for them not getting their government handout. With the sight cities burning on the News, with people crying for the rioting to stop because the violence is so bad. We can see the clamp down on the population using the rioting as a precursor for a more oppressive police state. The actual declaration of Martial Law to restore order in the cities with FEMA at the helm. The President might be one-step ahead, so we must be on guard.

              I just hope the President will bow to the will of the people and accept defeat. If the President is going to use tactics to incite a segment of people to riot because he is saying there is no money for entitlements to send out because Congress will not allow him to borrow money anymore, which is a lie. I hope people drive him out of office for crimes trying to use one group of people to attack another for political reasons. The audacity to resort to allowing innocent people to be hurt and killed by an angry mob for political reasons is a crime. We cannot underestimate this President to use every trick in the book to hold onto power. If he is going to make the cities burn for his gain as a means to an end. We must be one-step ahead of him before he even tries to pull such a stunt. Do not underestimate Obama. He does not play fair. In his mind, the end justifies the means. So expect him to play dirty if he is a sore loser.