Wednesday, April 20, 2011

FBI and BATFE Raids in Southeat Texas..The Feds Are Not Telling Why

                Anyone with a brain today can see something smells to high heaven. I have to conclude when I hear about a federal raid on TV were the FBI and BATFE are in town. From what I know and have heard about the abuses of these two agencies. Are they there for real criminals or are they looking for a reason to attack political enemies. Washington has been known to use the force of Federal Law enforcement agencies to silence or discredit their opposition.
               Last weekend in Southeast Texas.The BATFE and the FBI brought armored vehicles and a lot of firepower to Vidor Texas The Federal government is not saying why they raided the premises. All that was reported was the FBI and BATFE agents were loading items into bins. No one knows why and  the Feds are not talking.Sounds very suspicious.
                The people of Texas ought to know why the Feds were in Orange County Texas. The only jurisdiction the Federal Law enforcement authorities have jurisdiction is felonies on the high seas, counterfeiting and treason. For alleged gun violations and any other unconstitutional law. Does the sheriff know why? If it was illegal what the feds were doing. Why did he stop them? If the Federal government is there on a fishing expedition looking for something to justify them coming out and raiding the property. They better have a good reason. I do not believe anymore what the Federal government says anymore.

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  1. If anyone wants to know the REAL reason why they were in Vidor and SETX , write . He will explain EVERYTHING.