Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gas Drive Offs and Store Robberies Rising Again.Time to Allow Employees with A CCW Bring Their Guns To Work

            I worked for a convenience store for many years and when I moved to Texas a little under a year. No matter were I go.We would hear from upper management about all those gas drive offs when the price was spiking with no end in sight of ever coming down. How these store chains cover from the loses of gas drive offs is pass it on to the consumer who plays by the rules. The management will demand its employees cut down on the theft of gasoline when there is very little these cashiers can do about it.
           The truth is many in upper management are afraid of making customers mad and inconveniencing them. Having to prepay before pumping gas in their minds will lose their business and go somewhere else. It is just a common sense solution with the rise in drive offs to protect the inventory is go to prepay instead of pumping first then going in to pay.  Many of these companies have no resistance policies and all they can do is call the police after the fact.Many Counties and Municipalities law enforcement agencies refuse anymore to respond to gas drive offs because it a preventable crime.
            There has been a rise in robberies too at these convenience stores.Especially the major chains because they do not allow employees who have a conceal and carry permits or open carry to bring there handgun to work. Also keeping too much cash in the till during late hours.Working as a cashier in a Stop and Rob store is more a dangerous job than being a cop.Because the Police officer is armed. Employers should allow their employees to come to work armed if they take a safety course and sign a few legal wavers for liability purposes. They should have legislation passed into law that would allow workers in high risk jobs who have CCW be allowed to open carry on the job.There should be immunity from any liability for the employer and employee who used his firearm to prevent a crime or defending himself.They should be allowed to bring them on the job to protect the store and the person's life.
            In the case of gas drive offs and store robberies. It is common sense sense solutions that will deter crimes like these from happening. It may not be fool proof. But it is a strong deterrent for the criminals.Ask a person who is in prison for robbery. If he knows the workers are armed. Chances are he would not take that risk.That is what most likely statement a convict will tell you. Let common sense prevail for once instead of another Police State measure that does not work because they do more harm then good.

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