Thursday, April 28, 2011

Before Anyone From California Decides to Move To Texas. You Need to Learn Texas 101.Leave Your Politics on the Left Coast.

                   I experienced this living in Florida when droves of people from the Northeast of the country moved to Florida. People from Massachusetts,New York and New Jersey moving to the sunshine state. Now after these people voted in parasites to the point that it became next to impossible to live. Taxes are high and the cost of living is through the roof. They send people like Chuck Shumer,Chris Dodd and John Kerry to Washington. They vote for the most leftist people. Instead of changing the bums in office. They flee to a different state. Now Florida is turning into the northeast with the same oppressive laws they fled from. Now Florida is a cesspool of political correctness. The southern culture has been eroded from Florida,Thanks to the North easterners.
                 Why I live in Texas?I love freedom and the life of being left alone. I like the simple small town attitude. Texas has a very low cost of living and has industry that sets us apart from the rest of the country. I love seeing oil wells and like my right to keep and bear arms.Texas is great because most of the time we are left alone and we are no nonsense people.Why try to fix what is not broken I say. If it works. Leave it alone. Seeing how people from the north east people messed up Florida. I had to leave because I do not like the immorality and the attitude. There was no more of a place to raise a family anymore. There is no place in Florida I can call home anymore because the northeastern culture and politics made the sunshine state unrecognizable.
                To all you in California. Before you ever decide to come to Texas. If you complain about the high  taxes and the real high cost of living. Have you been sending people like Barbara Boxer or Diane Feinstien back to Washington every election?Did you vote for Jerry Brown? Have you been voting for liberals in all state and local offices because you think carbon is a bad thing? Do you hate guns,?Do you want to ban trans fat in foods and most of all we should tax the rich? If that is what a Californian believes and want to move to Texas. They must be schooled on Texas 101 because Texans are not going to let left coasters ruin Texas like they did California.They are screwing up the Pacific Northwest,They screwing up Idaho and Montana.I think Arizona does not want these people either with the politics and culture permeating the communities.
                 So you folks fleeing to Texas from California. Leave your politics in the left coast. Why we have a low cost of living because there is not as much government intervention,taxes and regulations. We do not have carbon taxes and restrictive environmental laws hampering business. If Texas look like a pleasant place to live.There is a reason why. It is because we are doing something right and California is doing something wrong.So before you ram down our throats what screwed up California to the point it can be considered inhabitable. Listen and learn before you try to change Texas into what California is today.We must be doing something right or Texas would not be the place to be.


  1. I think I love you! I am a CA to TX transplant, circa 2007. Best thing I ever did.

  2. Amen. Thanks. I'd love for you to expound on this with maybe a series of articles, citing other examples. Did you ever think of running for Governor of Texas? Might ought to consider it.

  3. NobodysaysBOO:
    STAY HOME the TEXAS you romantase is LONG DEAD!
    HOMELESS, jobless,HOPELESS and POVERTY faces you here!

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