Thursday, February 10, 2011

Media Tells a Half Truth About Possible Link Between Diet Sodas and Strokes Among Younger People

             It does not surprise me the news media omit a vital piece of information. Not to mention that Coke and Pepsi do buy advertising space on many of these TV stations. There has been a study that young people drinking diet sodas  have been having strokes and heart disease in higher rates. They fail to mention of vital fact they seem to avoid talking about what is put into these diet soft drinks.
             What is left out reported is an ingredient called aspartame that has been linked to many health problems. So why are they keeping it from the public? Because if the truth ever got out. Coke and Pepsi would be getting sued. We think years ago going after the tobacco companies was bad. It will look like small claims court compared to all the liability cases that can arise over aspartame. These companies can never claim ignorance not knowing the health risk to aspartame. There was plenty of studies with sufficient data to prove aspartame is dangerous
              This information has been suppressed or watered down in the mainstream media. For years the alternative media has not been silent about it.The truth about aspartame needs to go mainstream. Than we can start to push state by state banning aspartame if we can make this public knowledge that this ingredient is banned in European countries. It is time it get banned here too. The age of ignorance is over. If we can expose the truth about aspartame like we are winning with the vaccines. This is an unique opportunity we need to take hold of if we want to be rid of aspartame.

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  1. Jct: Time for the aspartame generation to pay for piper. Fooled into poisoning themselves, lucky for the soft drink companies, dead men tell no lawsuits.