Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Texans Warmed Again of More Rolling Blackouts Because Another Arctic Blast Forecasted in Texes

              Texas might have to freeze again tonight as another arctic blast blows across the lone star state. The ERCOT said more rolling blackouts might be needed to avoid overload of the power grid. The people of Texas are advised to conserve electricity during peak hours to avoid these rolling blackouts. This is hogwash and hope Texans get mad.
               There is no reason for these rolling blackouts. Last week Alex Jones reported why these rolling blackouts too place last week in the morning hours on February 2,2011 were White House tried to smear Prison Planet for exposing the EPA Greenhouse regulation scam.
               Texans should not tolerate this nonsense.We have enough Power plants in Texas that can more to provide to meet the demand for severe cold weather conditions. The White House would rather see Texans freeze to stop those greenhouse gases getting into the air than make sure the people have adequate electricity to meet to brave the cold.
                If this nonsense keeps up were Texans have to live in the dark and freeze to stop global warming.There will be hell to pay. The people are demanding federal encroachments stop in Texas. They are tired of hearing the politicians say we are working on it. They want action.
                Texas does not suffer from an energy crisis. It suffers from a leadership crisis. We have people in the State Government from the state legislator to the Governor's mansion who can put a stop to this out of control Federal government without stepping into Federal Court. The State has the legal ammunition and the law on their side to take action to stop the EPA in their tracks without passing a law. The time for talk among politicians about states right must stop. The people of Texas demand results and do not want to hear anymore political rhetoric. They want results because actions speak louder than words.

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  1. Wow.

    I wonder if they will cut off power to the natural gas pipeline pumping stations again. Taos NM just got everything relit late last night. I bet residents here would just love another cold week without their heat, stoves or showers.