Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Texas Under Siege Today Like It Was 175 Years Ago at the Alamo

            Today is the 175th anniversary when the Alamo came under siege by the Mexican army under the command of General Santa Anna who was putting down rebellion in North Mexico which is modern day Texas today. When Col. Travis seen the enemy forces encircling the fortress around them. While he had time. He sent dispatches asking for assistance from other Texas Militia units come to the aid to help the defend the Alamo. The early Texans were outnumbered by overwhelming numbers in the Mexican army.
             Col Travis and Jim Bowie who was the commander too did not appease Gen. Santa Anna. They did not try to make a deals with the commanders. There was no bipartisan or the phony spirit of coming together.They stood their ground even though the defenders of the Alamo knew they would die defending the fortress. They did not compromise. They wanted freedom and independence. They stood on principle even when on March 6th they payed for it with their very lives This gave birth to the battle cry"Remember the Alamo"
              Today on February 23rd 2011. 175 years later. Texas is again under siege by an out of control Federal government. The EPA is taking over the energy sector in the name of stopping global warming and carbon credits. The Texas economy is held hostage by a toxic currency called the Federal Reserve note. The people of Texas are getting frustrated because the state legislator is trying to conduct business as usual like nothing is wrong in Texas. The State government will get a rude awakening real soon that they better deliver and not just talk about state sovereignty. From all the fellow Texans I talk to. They want action. They want no negotiations with the federal government to come to an understanding whether it be gun control or the EPA. No making deals so Washington stop dogging them.People are fed up with the state legislator trying to appease the powers the be in Washington.They want the Federal government thrown out of Texas if they are not conducting what is lawful and constitutional in the state.
             The Texas State constitution and the United States constitution was written in a way the common person can read and understand. It does not take an Ivy league Law Degree to interpret its meaning. The people of Texas are running out of patience with the State legislators saying we are looking into all legal options. Both Constitutions give the remedy and the people want the state government to get a backbone to act. If one third of the states stood up and started arresting government agents for breaking laws whether it be the EPA trying to block the State extracting its own natural resources. If the states form their own banks and come up with a currency backed by gold and silver. Paying $5 at the gas pump and hyperinflation can be avoided when the dollar collapses.
              There is a lesson the state legislators in Austin can learn from the defenders at the Alamo. The people who defended the fort did not try to talk there way out of a tight spot with a Military dictator and compromise. Because they knew in the long run they would be enslaved if they kept compromising. They dealt with the situation head on and stood their ground. That stance on March  6th 1836. Those early Texans payed with their lives fighting to the death. Their sacrifice for the cause of freedom inspired the Texas army to victory.


  1. Gov Rick Perry who attended bilterberger was behind the burning of the governors mansion and not anarchists as is being claimed by US Govt.He did this to stop the 911 truth movement from lining the streets near the mansion where they had been distributing DVDs. Perry made sure he would be out of the country when the fire started. august5movement dot com

  2. It's Santa Ana, not Santa Anna.

  3. The Alamo was never hollywood interpretation it was 1836 reality. Santa Anna's mistake was that 2,500 troops were never enough to squish an idea. The endless run towards freedom. Who is today's Santa Anna? Who restricts freedom in the name of peace and security? Texas should be a sovereign state with a state bank run by the people. Limited to avoid the worse political corruption and free enough to help a simple cowboy take his small herd to markets.

  4. I like what is said(kinda), but this is an incredibly difficult read. Please re-write this, so I can post a link.

  5. well help make corrections and help with suggestions my email is I will give you consent to alter it and give you credit. I will re-post it

  6. I'm sorry to have to say this, because I have great respect for the personal courage of those lads at the Alamo.

    But they weren't exactly fighting for freedom.
    They were fighting for the freedom to own slaves.

    Slavery had been outlawed in Mexico.
    Americans -- many from southern slave states -- were allowed to immigrate and then they decided they wanted to have the land for themselves so they could extend slavery into the new territory.

    So you can salute the courage of those Alamo defenders -- as I can salute the courage of any person, friend or foe -- but we ought not to pretend it was about "freedom" in any but the most cynical sense.

    Had to be said.

    Liberty & Justice


  7. Not that it makes any difference to ignorant folks like this writer but... 175 years ago Texas belonged to Mexico and the occupants of the Alamo were illegally trespassing on a sovereign nations territory. But then again… one can not reason with ignorance. You can wave your frigging little plastic flags made in China all you want, but your destruction is at hand.

  8. I agree with your article, but I would advise you to have someone review your articles before posting. There are quite a few grammatical errors and they detract from the message you are trying to communicate. Thanks for your site and best wishes.

  9. To Spartacus Jones,
    The flag they flew at the Alamo was a Mexican flag with the numbers 1824 on it. This referred to the constitution of 1824 which dictator Santa Ana had overthrown, and that was what they were fighting to restore. It did not allow for slavery. They did not know that the convention at Washington-On-The-Brazos had voted for independence.

    Anonymous Mexican,
    The Mexican government claimed much but controlled little. They let the Americans in because they had been unable to defeat the Comanches or Apaches and wanted the Anglos to do it for them. Extant Mexican govt. documents show that they then intended to kick them out. Then as now, Mexican plans to conquer Texas will fail. How did you like that Dream Act? Like the composition of the new Texas Legislature? Enjoy, it will only get better.

  10. Texas should use the 10th Amendment all she can. She will need it. It and the rest of the Constitution have been overthrown by an illegally ratified Amendment, the 14th. Fireworks are in the air. But, please, no more talk of secession. That is completely out of the question. We are a Country , not a compact of petulant sisters who will bolt as soon as they get angry.
    Lets close that border with Mexico, repeal the Immigration Act of 1965 and restore our liberty under the Constitution. Make this a real battle for Liberty and the Constitution.

  11. NobodysaysBOO says : I am a citizen of the REPUBLIC of TEXAS !
    The Mexicans have WON!
    Sam Houston drove the scum mex out for ten years then because he did NOT KILL that little prick mexican ana he GAVE AWAY THE REPUBLIC, to a MUCH WORSE DICTATOR the USA!

  12. NobodysaysBOO says: PS there were NEVER any slaves ,espically BLACKS in south TEXAS only a few whites held as slaves BY THE STINKIN INDINs!
    The blacks did cotton in NORTH Texas after the civil war. There were NEVER any BLACK COWBOYS EITHER!

  13. ..I just love this blog. Thanks Realman, and I hope to Jesus you keep posting away...