Sunday, February 20, 2011

Texas Attorney General Investigating Google for Anti Trust Violations

            Texas Attorney General is investigating Google for anti trust violations manipulating search engine data. Greg Abbott the Texas AG is demanding documents. Certain companies were paying to get top spot in search engine results in alleged anti competitive practices. When British Petroleum had the deep water horizon disaster.The energy giant purchased keywords from Google to control the flow of information released to the public for damage control using the words"Oil Spill"
            Google is no stranger from being investigated. They are being criminally charged for driving vans and cars in neighborhoods stealing people wireless data illegally in Europe. This Internet giant has been involved in activities violating people privacy online.
            Now there are many multi state investigations in Google's activities stealing encrypted data and invading people privacy. There are many illegal practices Google is being investigated for. I think the Texas AG should be looking into more than just anti competitive practices. He should be looking into the data mining Google collects like recording IP addresses and spy software that raises serious privacy issues.
            The Multi National Internet Giant seeks to take control of the web censoring free speech and manipulating search engine results shutting out alternative media through anti competitive practices. The Texas AG I hope expands his investigation into other illegal activities Google is doing in Texas. Right now Google is a threat to the free internet and personal privacy as we know it. The several states like Texas and nations abroad can put an end to many practices keeping the Internet free



  1. That's why I LOVE TEXAS!!! Everyone in TEXAS stands up for what is right. You can say what you want about any other state but TEXAS is real.

  2. Not to mention Google and Facebook met behind closed doors last week. In light of the Egyptian fiasco,(involving Google and Facebook) I suggest they are angling for an internet kill switch that will be more efficient than the Egyptian effort. Zuckerberg? Hmmm

  3. Google and Facebook met with Obama