Monday, February 21, 2011

Right To Carry a Gun on College Campus Might Be Law in Texas Soon.

            To dispel some of the myths about firearms. I was watching the local Fox Affiliate out of Houston interview student about how they felt about students and staff on college campuses would feel. To debunk the anti gun fears. When we hear about the massacre in Libby's Cafe to the Virginia Tech shootings. We hear the cries to take all guns away from the bad guys by punishing the law abiding. With Federal laws like the gun free zones have not protected students but has put children in a more vulnerable position to gun violence because criminals do not care about gun laws. That means they will ignore gun free school zones too.
             The Texas Senate just passed a bill out of committee to go to the floor for a vote making it one more step closer towards becoming law were college students and staff will be able to to have a conceal and carry for a handgun on campus. If they pass a background check and take a safety course as a requirement also. Many attacks on mostly female students in their dorms and walking at night on University campuses are a result of not allowing students to protect themselves. With all the Campus Police equipped with surveillance cameras all over campus. None of them have never stopped or deterred a crime on campus.
              When the Police are minutes away.Seconds count in what happens if a student is attacked.Will they have the means to defend themselves or become another victim after the fact when the Police arrive. The right to carry on College campuses is a common sense solution to deter crime on campuses in Texas. I have no worries or fears that Texas A&M will become the OK Corral because people on campuses are armed. For the so called victim of Virginia Tech shootings was a result of depriving student to right to arm themselves on campus. Those gun restrictions did not stop the shooter. It only stopped the students from defending themselves. When there is more guns in the hands of the people. There is always less crime. When people are denied the right to keep and bear arms. Crime flourishes and no one is no safer.
              Students on College Campuses will be more safer. When pupils are empowered with the right to be armed and know they do not have to be a victim again as it was in the past.


  1. Judging by your grammar you never went to college, so I'm assuming this is all hearsay. Give every kid a gun and they'll soon be blowing the crap out of each other all over the place. Kids are hot-blooded - it comes with the territory.

  2. How about sticking to facts instead of launching ad hominem attacks. Grammar won't save your life, gun grabber.

  3. Ad hominem attacks are the refuge of the ignorant. Try making a real argument, if you want to argue against something. "Kids are hot-blooded" doesn't sound like a very compelling argument to me. Why not try citing some anecdotal examples to support your theory?

  4. Maybe there should be a minimum age and a competency test, but kids need not be passive victims anymore. If you tell me Texas cops are different, fine, but the VA Tech cops cowered behind walls and cars. There is no other word for it. Yes, it's a nasty word, but it is what they did. They can call it "Department Policy" and put on a stern face and use a low pitch voice while they say it, but it is still cowardice. Cowards. If the shoe fits...
    -Richard Carpenter
    Downingtown, PA

  5. When I was in Junior High School and High School. I was with a School rod and gun club that did shooting competitions. I carried my rifle in the halls at school and locked it in my trunk too. To say kids are hot blooded is hogwash. Bring back gun clubs in Middle Schools and High Schools

  6. I'm confused. Isn't a gun a standard fashion
    accessory in Texas? To be serious, when I was a
    kid every 15 year old got a gun for his birthday
    and this was in a New England state. When I was
    in college we had a skeet range out behind the
    dorm. The rule was you had to break your shotgun
    before carrying it back into the building and to
    your room. Seemed perfectly reasonable.

  7. Last September, while the U.T. shooter was firing several rounds, most of the U.T. security was on the other side of the campus, per a police officer I know. Fortunately, the shooter did not target other people. But it only takes a few seconds for many people to be killed and the police cannot be everywhere, nor do we want them to be.

    At the Columbine and Virginia Tech shootings, the police waited outside for a long period of time while the shooting inside continued. In both cases they were ordered by Federal law enforcement not to go in immediately in force. After each of these shootings, new gun laws were passed by Congress (Never waste a good crisis?) You cannot necessarily depend on a quick reaction by police in this situation.

    Opponents dire predictions of the consequences of granting concealed handgun licenses have not materialized. Nationally, CHL holders are 1/6th as likely as non-holders to commit a crime, and the crimes they do commit are usually misdemeanors.

    Mass shooters rarely target police stations, gun shops or gun ranges; they typically attack undefended areas. The result of CHLs carrying on campus will simply be a much lower likelihood of a mass shooting, and perhaps a lower incidence of serious crime, at no expense to the colleges or state.

    And Anonymous, if you had a decent argument you wouldn't need the ad hominem attacks.

  8. oklahoma is voteing on same bill. also an open carry bill.when i was in high scool every truck in the lot had a wepon in a gun rack in the back glass .no one ever shot in our school.

  9. An armed society is a polite society,& furthemore it is a FREE SOCIETY!

  10. I have seen some 21 year old guys act older then some 30 year old men, age dosen't have anything to do with packing heat. However, when your carrying a lot of money because the school ATM machines are the only place you can get cash. It can get mighty lonely walking a half mile to your car in the back parking lot without anything to carry to protect yourself with.