Saturday, February 12, 2011

How Should We Deal With Egypt? Do Nothing!

             Seeing the fall of Egyptian President. This just shows our foreign policy is a disaster around the world. Our hard earned tax money for almost 30 years has propped up this tyrannical dictator. Now that he is gone and left the nation fearing his enraged population beheading him. I am hearing the talking heads on the cable news networks about what the policy of the United States Government's should be towards Egypt now. I say it should be is do nothing.Leave them be. Live and let live.
             The only policy move we should have with Egypt is recognizing the new government the Egyptian people decide to have. The only policy and public statement that should only be declared is the new Egyptian government is a sovereign nation free to make treaties,trade and form alliances.We have no business getting into their internal affairs in how they govern. If they decide to have an Islamic republic or a secular government. That is none of our business.The right of the people of Egypt to self govern as they see fit is not our affair to stick our nose into.
             Congressman Ron Paul was right about the consequences of our foreign policy has a had on the nations of the world . Our Soldiers do not need to involved in Israel's fights and conflicts with Egypt. Let those two nations resolve their own differences.We should stay out of it. Our empire is crumbling because we are spread thin around the world bullying other nations. We have a southern border wide open.We do not need to be securing and defending other nation's borders. They need to secure our own.We need to stay out of the internal affairs of other nations. Egypt is prime example of our intrusive foreign policy is coming home to roost.


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