Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Congress Saying No to Extending the Patriot Act Will Not Restore Our Freedoms

                 I wonder where the audacity to ignore the law of the land and the ruling of the courts comes from?This present Administration sees themselves as a law unto themselves.I see it does not matter if the patriot act is extended or not. This present man sitting in the oval office is ruling by decree through the various bureaucracies in the alphabet soup agencies. If he can not get the congress to act. Stroke of  the pen in executive orders making it law of the land.
                 The IRS is monitoring credit card transactions and bank accounts in real time when there is no law. The EPA took over the issuing permits for Power Plants and Refineries with no legal precedent enforcing Cap and Trade without congress's passage through the EPA by decrees. He is still implementing his health care law despite the courts ruling the law is unconstitutional. He is through his Justice Department is seizing domain names and shutting down websites violating due process of law without a court order.
                  The previous President Bush before him passed the Patriot act in 2001. More than one judge ruled the act unconstitutional violating the right to habeas corpus to illegal spying on the American people without a court order. Still President Bush ignored the rulings of the court anyway with impunity. If congress votes not to extend the Patriot Act. It does not mean we are out of the woods yet. We have a President ignoring laws and Court rulings. If he can not get the Patriot Act Renewed. The President by a stroke of a pen extend it by decree.
                    Now this is the time were we need all checks and balances of our Constitution to be put in force as a check on power in the White House. It is time for Congress and the Courts to act putting teeth into its actions that is more written on a piece of paper showing they will not tolerate anymore breaking laws and ignoring the rulings. The States need to start erecting barriers against this lawless President letting him know his office does have limitations.States are sovereign and need to draw the line in the sand. Under the Constitution He can only enforce the laws passed by congress. He can not create law by the stroke of the pen if he can not get his way in the legislative branch. He does it anyway without any opposition or challenge from Congress or the Courts. Now is the time for leaders in our States and in Congress to stop being passive. Now do you see why that the renewal or not of the Patriot act really will not make a difference if we have an out of control lawless President?
                    The People sent a new Congress to Washington with a mandate to keep the President in check on his abuse of power. I do not think the American people cares if it gets ugly or not between Congress and the White House. As long the people they send to Washington do their job and follow through on what they promised is all that matters.

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