Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Texas Bill Would Allow Sheriffs to Drop off Illegal Immigrants At Congressional Offices If ICE Will Not Pick Them Up

           This is a bold bill hoping to get Congress to act on securing the border and enforcing immigration laws. A bill in the Texas Legislator they are very serious about passing. Many county Sheriff in rural Texas have many illegal immigrants eating up resources in the local county lockup. ICE will not come and pick them up when local law enforcement call up the Federal government to take them into US government custody.
           Texas State Rep. Lois Kolkhorst filed a bill in the Texas legislator to allow county Sheriffs to drop off Illegal immigrants at US Representatives offices or US Senatorial offices hoping then ICE will come for them hoping to place them in federal custody finally. This is very bold piece of legislation. I say it should go further. I say take these illegal aliens in State custody and bring them to these congress critters homes in gated communities and let them camp out on the lawns if they love these illegal immigrants so much.
           The unsecured southern border with Mexico are depleting the resources of local jurisdictions with incarceration to social welfare programs in Texas. The State budget is in a 25 billion dollar shortfall. I can almost bet a good chunk of that short fall is the illegal aliens eating up the state' s resources. Maybe if this is done. Maybe the US representatives  who are sent to Washington DC will see what they have bestowed upon the people and might finally act to enforce the immigration laws and secure the border.
           It is not fair county Sheriffs and local governments should not have to suffer because the Federal government does not want to act to enforce immigration laws or secure the border with Mexico. Many of these illegal aliens have committed crimes and pose a danger to the community. Many are drunk drivers,home invaders and sex offenders. Many Sheriffs are frustrated because they can not get the Federal government to fulfill it obligation the constitution delegates. The local sheriffs do not want these people released back into the communities to commit more crimes. They want to ICE to take them. I think dropping off illegal aliens at the US representative or the US senator's. If ICE is ignoring calls from the county Sheriffs and can not get them to do their job. Maybe a phone call from a congressmen to take them into custody will do the trick.

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  1. But the illegals are an excellent source of real cheap labor, eh? The large transnational corporations benefit. Soon, though, you can have Canadian troops on your doorstep! Ain't it grand livin' in these United Snakes, er, States?